Reviews For Velvet Kisses
Title: Chapter 1

I love this couple! Why can't we now access any chapter after 1 in this particular story? I had just finished reading chapter 13 and was moving on to 14 when it loops back to the advisory warning and when you click continue it goes right back to chapter 1. 

Reviewer: BossLady Signed [Report This]
Date: December 19 2016 05:05 am

Title: Chapter 18

Love these two so much!!!

Reviewer: Michmom2 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 04 2016 08:15 pm

Title: Chapter 2

Sheesh.....So much to deal with as far as their families are concerned. Dane's mother can go to hell because she literally has no reason to dislike Jeneda, but I can obviously understand why it is that Jeneda's parents don't like Dane. I do have several problems with how both of them are handling their parents' behavior. Dane needs to tell his bitch of a mother to start treating Jeneda with respect, and Jeneda shouldn't care about what anybody else thinks about her relationship with Dane. I don't understand her. She's a grown woman. Not only that, but she was more than aware of how everybody would feel about her choice to be with Dane. So why act surprised and practically beg for her parents' acceptance knowing that it wasn't going to happen. And for her to tell her father that he'll "always come first"......seriously? lol I had to agree with her dad lol. You can't be serious. Not only have her actions said otherwise, but how can anybody other than your children come before your spouse, or in this case your soon-to-be spouse? smh Both of them need to get it together.

Reviewer: guest Anonymous [Report This]
Date: January 13 2016 05:42 pm

Title: Chapter 18

Yes, that was beautiful! Dane and Jeneda had been through so much and they made it. Riley is walking and talking much better.  Awesome sauce!!

Reviewer: pmgayles Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 25 2015 03:05 pm

Title: Chapter 1

Great sequel to the first story, I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to read what else you have in store for us!!!

Reviewer: kinkyncurly Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 24 2015 03:49 pm

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