Luna and the Sun by jessie
Summary: Charlie takes a well deserved summer break and goes to visit her friend Kim in Hawaii. During her stay, she meets a bunch of funny and interesting people and one in particular is not just funny or interesting, he's also devastatingly handsome... This is the story of their summer.
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Chapter 1 by jessie






‘Come on dude, Alice will kick your ass if you don't make it to her party before midnight.'


‘Relax man, she knows me.'  


‘Yeah that's the issue, and I promised her I would drag you there if I had to and she is surprisingly strong for a chick.'

Shawn looked worried and was clearly nervous they wouldn't be there on time. He rubbed his left arm subconsciously and Bodi laughed; his sister's trademark punch had not been lost on Shawn.


‘Alice really has you whipped my man,' replied Jaxon, who had been dozing on the beach. ‘


'Naah man, Alice does whatever I tell her to do.'


Bodi looked at his friend and arched his eyebrow.  

‘O really.' 

Shawn knew when to shut up and nudged Jaxon with his feet to get up. He yawned lazily, got up and rubbed his closely shaven head.


‘Come on, drop me off at mine so I can shower and we're off.'


The three friends grabbed their stuff and made their way to the car park. On the way, they were stopped several times by friends, acquaintances and those who simply wanted to be seen in their presence.  

It wasn't hard to figure out why; they were all athletic, tall with bronzed skin and model like features.


Shawn, whose body resembled that of an American football player rather than that of a surfer, was huge. How he actually managed to fit on a surfboard was quite special and he was amazingly good at it. His caramel coloured eyes were gentle and friendly and before he had hooked up with Alice, he had been quite the ladies man.


Jaxon had light blond hair that he had usually pinned on top of his head; at least he used to have before he had chopped most of it off in his famous spur-of-the-moment-attitude that was. Jaxon was laid back, almost lazy and never stressed about anything. He was always late and meeting up with him meant adding up another two hours. Therefore, no one who really knew Jaxon ever bothered to commit to a time. Jaxon would simply stroll down when he felt fit and that was that. For some strange reason, he could get away with it. He never got into any trouble and if he did, he simply didn't care.


It was hard to say which of the three boys was more handsome but Bodi was truly something else. He too had tanned skin, although his was not simply tanned but almost golden like. Those who had the pleasure to touch his skin, really feel his skin, would testify that it was also smooth and soft. He had symmetrical features, a straight row of natural white teeth that often could be seen as he always smiled.


When Bodi was born, his parents struggled to find a fitting name for him and for the first few days of his young life, the beautiful baby boy went through life as ‘little man'. But that all came to an end when the young boy had his first taste of the sea absolutely loved it. When it was time to go home, his mother attempted to get out of the water and her son, usually very calm and placid, cried as if the world had come to an end.

His father muttered: ‘He's a natural in the water, almost like an embodiment of the water. And that was how he had gotten his name; Bodi, the embodiment of the sea.


‘Alice will kill me.' Shawn muttered as they drove off.


‘Whipped man, whipped.' Jaxon pitched in from the backseat.


Three hours later, at 00.45, the boys had picked up another friend and finally drove up to the party.



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