Luna and the Sun by jessie
Summary: Charlie takes a well deserved summer break and goes to visit her friend Kim in Hawaii. During her stay, she meets a bunch of funny and interesting people and one in particular is not just funny or interesting, he's also devastatingly handsome... This is the story of their summer.
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1. Chapter 1 by jessie

2. Chapter 2 by jessie

3. Chapter 3 by jessie

4. Chapter 4 by jessie

Chapter 1 by jessie






‘Come on dude, Alice will kick your ass if you don't make it to her party before midnight.'


‘Relax man, she knows me.'  


‘Yeah that's the issue, and I promised her I would drag you there if I had to and she is surprisingly strong for a chick.'

Shawn looked worried and was clearly nervous they wouldn't be there on time. He rubbed his left arm subconsciously and Bodi laughed; his sister's trademark punch had not been lost on Shawn.


‘Alice really has you whipped my man,' replied Jaxon, who had been dozing on the beach. ‘


'Naah man, Alice does whatever I tell her to do.'


Bodi looked at his friend and arched his eyebrow.  

‘O really.' 

Shawn knew when to shut up and nudged Jaxon with his feet to get up. He yawned lazily, got up and rubbed his closely shaven head.


‘Come on, drop me off at mine so I can shower and we're off.'


The three friends grabbed their stuff and made their way to the car park. On the way, they were stopped several times by friends, acquaintances and those who simply wanted to be seen in their presence.  

It wasn't hard to figure out why; they were all athletic, tall with bronzed skin and model like features.


Shawn, whose body resembled that of an American football player rather than that of a surfer, was huge. How he actually managed to fit on a surfboard was quite special and he was amazingly good at it. His caramel coloured eyes were gentle and friendly and before he had hooked up with Alice, he had been quite the ladies man.


Jaxon had light blond hair that he had usually pinned on top of his head; at least he used to have before he had chopped most of it off in his famous spur-of-the-moment-attitude that was. Jaxon was laid back, almost lazy and never stressed about anything. He was always late and meeting up with him meant adding up another two hours. Therefore, no one who really knew Jaxon ever bothered to commit to a time. Jaxon would simply stroll down when he felt fit and that was that. For some strange reason, he could get away with it. He never got into any trouble and if he did, he simply didn't care.


It was hard to say which of the three boys was more handsome but Bodi was truly something else. He too had tanned skin, although his was not simply tanned but almost golden like. Those who had the pleasure to touch his skin, really feel his skin, would testify that it was also smooth and soft. He had symmetrical features, a straight row of natural white teeth that often could be seen as he always smiled.


When Bodi was born, his parents struggled to find a fitting name for him and for the first few days of his young life, the beautiful baby boy went through life as ‘little man'. But that all came to an end when the young boy had his first taste of the sea absolutely loved it. When it was time to go home, his mother attempted to get out of the water and her son, usually very calm and placid, cried as if the world had come to an end.

His father muttered: ‘He's a natural in the water, almost like an embodiment of the water. And that was how he had gotten his name; Bodi, the embodiment of the sea.


‘Alice will kill me.' Shawn muttered as they drove off.


‘Whipped man, whipped.' Jaxon pitched in from the backseat.


Three hours later, at 00.45, the boys had picked up another friend and finally drove up to the party.



Chapter 2 by jessie
Bodie wasn't really in a party mood, but Alice would never let him live it down if he didn't show his face for at least a few hours. So, he had showered, eaten something and changed into some baggy jeans and a white tshirt.


With the engine barely turned off, Shawn jumped out of the car in search for his girlfriend.

Charlie quietly walked through the crowded house in search for her friend Kim. She was fresh from the plane, arrived only hours before from a flight from New York.

She and Kim had been friends since they had both been in diapers and lost touch for a while when Kim had moved to Hawaii. Now, that friendship had been rekindled and Charlie had used a well deserved holiday to come and visit her friend. She wasn't entirely sure how long she would stay so she had booked an open return just in case things between her and Kim would feel odd. But the minute they had seen eachother, things had been as familiar as always.

Kim had dragged her to some house party so Charlie could meet people and get an air of Hawaiian nightlife.


‘There you are', Kim said and hugged her friend.

‘Come on, I want you to meet some people.'




Charlie apologised when she bumped into something solid and spilled her drink. She looked up and suddenly felt giddy.

The guy in front of her was blond, big and golden; with god like features and Charlie wondered if she was jetlagged. Charlie never really went for the blond types, but he looked as if he just stepped out of some magazine.

The 'God' grabbed her by her arms to steady her and smiled. He told her not to worry and asked if she was ok. Before Charlie could nod, he was pulled away by two equally large boys she shook her head and looked for another drink.


Bodi couldn't wait to get away from his friends to look for the beautiful girl who had spilled her drink over him. He had noticed her immediately, even before he had actually seen her. Somehow, he had felt her presence; there was something different in the air that night and Bodi, always very perceptive, had felt a vibe he had never experienced before. So, he went to search for the reason of his warm, happy feeling only to bump into Her.


She stood out, not because she looked different, but simply because she was unearthly beautiful and Bodi wanted to know more about her.


Charlie and Bodie didnt see on another again until much later, when she sat outside on the stairs hugging her knees into her chest. She was startled when she heard a deep, warm voice and he chuckled.

'I suppose it's my time to apologise,' he smiled.

'That's ok,' Charlie replied.

'May I join you?'

'Sure, go ahead.'

The blond boy sat down next to her and extended his hand.

 ‘I'm Bodi.'  ‘Charlie'.

'And how are you finding Hawaii so far Charlie?'

‘Very sunny,' she replied and Bodi laughed, flashing his beautiful smile.

‘I suppose that's a very good way to put it. 'Is it not sunny where you're from then? Ow it is, but this is different.'

Two hours later, they were still chatting away and Bodi made a mental note to thank his sister for forcing him to come to her party tonight.



Chapter 3 by jessie
“Girl, some things never change, what have you forgotten now?”

“Nothing, I just came to pick you up it’s time to show you around remember?”

For a moment, Charlie was stunned. Instead of Kim, who had been running late for work, she was looking at the handsome face of the Golden Boy she had been chatting with the night before.

Although she had really enjoyed his company, she had not expected to see him so soon after.
She wasn’t surprised he knew where Kim lived, her friend had explained how small that particular community was and how easy it was to run into people.

Bodi grinned at her, holding up a bag of sweets in his right hand and a blanket in his other.

“These are the ones I told you about, he said cheerfully. I bet you won’t be able to resist them.”

For some reason, Charlie felt like making up some sort of excuse but something in his eyes prevented that.

It seemed he knew she was about to protest because he said:

“Come on, I’ll have you back before 7.”

“Ok, one moment, I’ll just leave a note for Kim.”


“What. Why are you looking at me like that.”

Charlie squinted and shielded her eyes from the sun in an attempt to look Bodi in the eyes. He had been filling her in about the history of the community while feeding her the infamous ‘Sunny Sizzlers’.

His full, pink stained lips (as a result of too many ‘Sizzlers’) had now curled up into a full-blown smile as he continued to look at her.

“Come here, you have sugar all over your face, I guess that means you like the sweets, don’t you?”

“I do not.” Charlie said in response to his first observation.

“And I guess there all right.”

Bodi snorted, “all right? You nearly bit my finger off trying to take the last ‘Sizzler’.”
And yes, you do.”

Charlie shrugged and felt embarrassed. Although Bodi was very easy to be around, she needed to remind herself she should not be so frank with him.
She generally kept herself to herself.
Too much drama in the past and too much self-doubt in the present could do that to a person.

With the back of her hand, she wiped over her mouth and hoped she had no stray sweet bits spread over her face.

“Close your eyes.” Suddenly, she felt Bodi’s warm ‘Sizzling’ - smelling breath, tickling her face.

It was a gesture so unexpected and intimate it made Charlie jump. If Bodi noticed, he didn’t comment on it.

Instead, he said: “Don’t mope, I’ll buy you another pack and you can have the red ones. I know you have a thing for those,” he grinned before winking at her.


Sunny Sizzlers were followed by swimming, swimming turned into sunbathing, sunbathing turned into shopping (which inverted turned back into Sizzlers) which then resulted into sightseeing.

That day, Charlie and Bodi covered everything they hadn’t discussed the night before.

And, Bodi kept his promise. He had her back by 7.

7am the next morning.
Chapter 4 by jessie
After Bodi had dropped off Charlie, she had rolled into bed without even bothering to shower. She was simply beat and she slept divine.

It had been one of those uninterrupted sleeps filled with lovely dreams which made her feel as if she owned the world.

A day full of walking and shenanigans had been followed by a full night of walking and shenanigans during which they visited a funfair which especially opened at night.

You see, Charlie had a thing for rollercoasters; they were her absolute favourite even though all her friends had grown out of them when they were 14 going on 15.

But not Charlie; a funfair was nothing to her without a rollercoaster and she had made full advantage of them that night.

When she finally woke up, her limbs ached in that satisfying way that you’d only have after spending an active day outside. It had been too long since she’d experience that, back home all she really did was work and when she didn’t; she was babysitting or simply spend her time in the safety and comfort of her home.

Charlie worked as a graphic designer for a magazine. In the 3 years she had been there, she had never really taken a day off nor called in sick.

Since she could basically work from anywhere with a laptop and a fast and stable internet connection, her boss had agreed to hire a freelancer for at least 3 months and should she wish she could stay another few weeks as long as she worked remotely.

Sometime late in the afternoon, Kim arrived home and was welcomed by a feast of fish, salad and freshly baked bread.
The girls settled outside and told each other about their days – or in Charlie’s case – her night. `

Hours later, the conversation had taken a trip down memory lane and Charlie and Kim were reminiscing about their school days.

The high school they had attended had been run by a Headmistress dubbed Trunchbull * and she left a lasting impression on every child who had known her.
There had been rules for everything.
How long bathrooms could be visited for, to the ‘Capped Pen Rule’.

“Do you remember what she used to say? How not putting caps back on pens was basically the reason why the school’s overhead costs were so high.”

“Remember? I still secretly cap each pen I come across.

Last week I held back after a meeting and … well you know.”

Charlie giggled, Kim was right and Trunchbull did have some odd rules. The one she had detested particularly had been the ‘Proper Name Rule’.

Not only did Trunchbull insist for all children to be called by their full names, she also demanded that they called each other by their ‘proper’ names during recess or any other leisurely activities for that matter.

Kim became Kimberley, Bea went by Beatrice and Eula reunited with Eulalia. For Charlie that meant that inside the school compounds (and even in a 5 mile radius if it was up to Trunchbull) she had to go by Charlotte.

The thing was that Charlie was actually named after Charlie Parker * and when she tried to explain that her name was indeed ‘just Charlie’, Trunchbull huffed and said ‘that’s ridiculous; I’m doing you a favour Charlotte’.

Kim then passed her a note which read ‘she might as well call you Umfufu’ *.

But Charlie, proud of her name and furious for being stripped off it said: ‘Ms Trunchbull, why don't you just do me like Kunta Kinte and chop off my foot?’

The school had never been so silent. Charlie was presented with everlasting detention and became a legend at their school.

Although the both girls had known each other and had been friends since they were babies, they virtually became inseparable after this as Kim set up an elaborate system to provide Charlie with a steady stream of sweets, comics and anything else to entertain her while in ‘lock up’.

The next few minutes were spent in joyous silence.

Each girl wrapped up in their own thoughts yet bound by mutual experiences.



“I’m really happy you came”.

Charlie smiled, “So am I Kimberly, so am I”.
End Notes:
Apologies for any errors.

*Headmistress Trunchbull is the protagonist from the Roald Dahl novel Matilda.
She terrorizes the children to such an extent that their loathing for her is only surpassed by fear.

*Charlie Parker was an American jazz saxophonist and composer.

*Umfufu. Eddie Murphy uses the name in his stand up show Raw.

*Kunte Kinte is a character from the critically acclaimed novel Roots by author Alex Haley.

Charlie quotes Will Smith from an episode of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air after he gets punished.
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