Bright Ōsaka Star by puertaobierta


Sara Richards lives in Ōsaka, Japan. She becomes embroiled in the drama and comedy of clashing cultures, traditional philosophies and modern ideas as she is reunited with the past. She struggles to navigate the tempestuous waters where East meets West and a love lost but not forgotten that may never be regained, while keeping her eye on the one point in the sky that can lead her the peace of dry land. Her Bright Ōsaka Star.


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Classification: Drabbles
Genre: Comedy , Drama, Family, Friendship, Inspirational, Romance
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Pairings: Male/Female
Warnings: Fluff, Original Characters, Sexual Content , Un-betaed , Work in Progress
Challenges: Spring Baby-Fic Challenge
Challenges: Spring Baby-Fic Challenge
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Chapters: 20 Completed: No Word count: 72940 Read: 80060 Published: April 05 2011 Updated: June 27 2012
Story Notes:

My submission for the Baby-Fic challenge. Even though its not really about the baby.

Actors & Actresses by puertaobierta
Author's Notes:

OMG! This was even harder than writing the story!

Anyway, here they are!

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End Notes:

I changed Yuki's photo because Daniel Henney is just the finest ass looking man in the whole fine ass world. He is my new obsession. 

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