Trust - Revision by Caribbean Fire

Sally McDonald is not who anyone thinks. Her life is filled with secrets. Some she doesn't even know about. But when Storm Monsello sees the terrified girl one night, he never expects how much her secrets would reveal the dark actions of the people he trusted the most.  

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Coincidence by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Hello everyone,

Some of you may remember this story and for some it is new. This is a re-write of the original. I am posting the re-write but not all the chapters since the original was illegally posted to the sites without my permission. In spite of that happening, I am taking a chance again.

For the people who remember the original story, I am asking for the feedback in the following way:-

Critical reviews ONLY! What do you like, don’t like, ways it can be improved and such. Spelling errors I don’t really care about as those can be fixed later on. Plot and character development and story content are most important to me. If you have detail critiques, please send them by email. In the subject line and title it as such: Chapter 1 – Critical Review. The reason why I’m asking for this is because I want to see what my critical readers are seeing. Remember this is only a re-write of the original. I’m not deviating from the original story but there will be some changes.


Please do not send me emails telling me you don’t like the names of the characters, the story and such because I won’t respond.  It means nothing to me. Don’t read it if you don’t like it; it really is that simple. Thanks. J


The rush of adrenaline flooded the veins of the rider as he molded himself more to the bike. The bright street light illuminated the road clearly as he ripped around the corner at about 90mph. The bike dipped, almost merging with the asphalt but years of riding had honed his skill and dexterity. He easily brought the bike out of the turn only to increase the speed as he flew thought the intersection, merely milliseconds before the stop light turned red. Feeling the adrenaline high he was on begin to dissipate, Storm began to decrease his speed. Another stop light was ahead but he was in no hurry to reach it. He wanted to cruise all the way home but the bike that flew past him had no such designs. Slowing down further, he observed the other biker, waiting to see if he would stop at the light.

The biker stopped. The street light at the corner of the road highlighted both the biker and the bike. Storm watched as the biker took off his helmet and long black hair fell down his back. Quickly glancing behind him, he became a she with an exotic profile. Her bike was blue; a Suzuki 1000 but before he could smile at her appreciation for Suzuki, she suddenly wrapped her hair around her hand and stuffed it back into her helmet before taking off, running the light. Immediately, flashing red and blue lights came on and Storm glanced back, as the police car passed him picking up speed. His gut clenched and bile rose like a geyser in his stomach. He had a bad feeling about this chase and took off in pursuit. In what seemed like a matter of seconds, he passed the squad car but the rider was pushing hard, trying to get to the highway. She slowed to take the corner but not enough and was almost separated from her bike. Storm immediate slowed in front of the squad car forcing the cop to slow down before signaling for the officer to pull over.

The officer slammed the car door angrily. “What the hell are you doing? This is official police matter. Show me your license and registration now!” he demanded as Storm got off his bike.

“I am ADA Storm Monsello,” Storm introduced himself reaching for his wallet. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to pursue that biker anymore. She was almost seriously hurt during that chase. Why are you after her? What did she do?”

The officer cursed under his breath. ‘Fuck! Fucking interfering prick.’ He turned away knowing he had to get his emotions under control immediately. There was no way he was going to let some ADA report him to Internal Affairs for investigation. The girl was his and he was going to have her. Turning back to the car he realized he stopped in a dark area which obscured him nicely.

“She ran a light but I’ll let her go. Just don’t like reckless law breakers. Well, you have a nice night now and be careful.”

The answer didn’t sit well with Storm. “What is your name?” he asked but the officer hurriedly got into his car without answering. Storm shrugged, thinking the officer just didn’t hear the question and was just trying to make his quota.

Parting ways, Storm resumed cruising on is Suzuki Hayabusa as his mind replayed the night’s activities. Her bike was dark blue with light blue and neon yellow streaks. There was a dent on the left panel and he wondered how it got there. At home, he put his helmet on the kitchen counter and got a glass of water as he checked his phone for missed calls. There were two and both were from Audrey whom couldn’t seem to take the hint that he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. Putting the phone down, he went to take a shower. As Storm lay in bed, his thought about this plans for the next day but his mind drifted to the biker. He wondered if she made it home safely. He wondered if he would see her again.


Sally MacDonald hurriedly parked her bike at the back of the building and looked around carefully as she took off her helmet. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she hastily ascended the stairs to her apartment. After entering, she ran to the window and carefully moved the blinds, looking for any suspicious cars driving by, mainly police vehicles. The sudden knock at the door startled her but she moved towards it cautiously. Looking through the peephole she saw her neighbor Paul from the floor above. Opening the door, she went to the couch and sat, finally releasing the breath she’d been holding since the time of the chase.

“What happened to you?” Paul asked casually as he entered.

“Lock it please,” Sally replied as she closed her eyes and rested her head on the back of the couch.  

Paul did as she asked and moved to sit beside her taking note of her behavior. “What happened?” he asked again, this time with more concern.

Sally took a deep breath before opening her eyes and beginning to speak. “Roger fired me because I wanted to leave early again tonight.”

“What! That prick fired you?”

“Yeah, and when I left, some guy started following me.”

“Wait what do you mean some guy was following you? Do you know who he is? Did you call the police? You have to…”

“I didn’t call the police. I rode home as fast as I could.”

“Sally, you have to call the police and report Roger to the authorities.  He can’t get away with this. You know the only reason he fired you is because you wouldn’t strip in that shithole he calls a strip club. I don’t know why you were working there anyway.”

Sally looked over at Paul, “Because it was convenient for school and the tips helped with my expensive ass text books.”

“You should have gotten financial aid…”

“I’m not going through this again, it’s done.”

Paul sighed noting the ending of the conversation. When she got like this, she shut down. Once again he thought about that tone she could take instantly, a commanding tone that left no room for discussion. She didn’t use it often but it was always there just below the surface.

Sally’s phone rang and she casually reached for it.

“Hi Rhonda, what’s up?”

“Hey Sal, nothing much? What’s going on?”

“I’m here.”

“Hey I have a favor to ask. What are you doing tomorrow morning? What time to you have classes?”

“It’s my late day, why?”  

“Can you do one of my jobs for me tomorrow? It’s real easy. The guy is nice and he likes his sheets changed every two days or so. Put the plates in the dishwasher if there’s any in the sink and tidy up his bathroom. He lives alone and it’ll only take about an hour or so. Pays thirty bucks. Wha-da ya say? Use the money for a book or something.”

“I don’t need any more books. I’ll do it and you can keep the money. Text me the address.”

“Thanks Sal, you’re the best.”

“Why can’t you do it?”

“I have a new house to work and it’s larger and paying more so I’m hoping I’ll get it but I don’t want to lose this since it’s so easy.”

“Okay, I hope you get it. Let me know.”

“Will do…bye.”


“Was that Rhonda?” Paul asked.

“Yeah…she wants me to help her out tomorrow,” Sally answered, “what do you have to eat?”

“Nothing but we can order pizza if you like.”

“Naw…don’t feel like that. I want something with more substance. I should have some leftovers if you wanna share.”

“Of course.”


“Good morning sis. You’re up early,” Storm answered his first call of the day. He was returning home to get the case files he left in his home office.  

“Morning, this is your reminder about dinner tonight. I’m making one of your favorites, and your whore is not invited,” replied Ayasha Monsello.  

“Are you ever going to let me forget it? I forgot once…”


Storm sighed knowing he’d lost again. “I’ll be there; six o’clock and I didn’t forget your dinner to have sex with her.”

“You did it once and that was enough.”

“Ayasha let it go. It wasn’t her.”

“Storm be grateful I’m your sister so your forgiveness is practically guaranteed.”

Storm smiled deciding not to argue in the face of his good fortunes. “I’ll see you at six tonight Ayasha.”

“Six o’clock,” she replied much too sweetly for Storm’s liking.

As Storm pulled in his driveway, he wondered if he would ever meet a woman Ayasha would approve of. Yes, she loved him but she was so over protective and although he knew why, he still wondered. She was so aggressively against Audrey that she didn’t want them in the same room together. He knew it was because Audrey was his mother’s choice for him but no matter how much he tried to tell her that Audrey meant nothing to him, Ayasha never failed to voice her negative opinion of her. He tolerated it because he agreed, Audrey was a gold-digger and not the woman he had any intention of spending his life with.

He was about to open his front door when he heard a scream that seemed to come from his house. Suddenly the door was pushed open and an object crashed into him sending him flying, gratefully onto the front lawn. But in the mad dash to get away, the body on top of him scrambled to gain footing and kneed him in the groin.

“Fucking hell,” Storm yelled as he pushed the person from him and grabbed between his legs. He glanced over and saw it was a woman who was looking back at the door while she tried to gain her footing again to take off. When she did, he quickly reached above him and grabbed her ankle to successfully stop her escape.

“No, no, let me go…let me go,” she screamed and pleaded as she kept looking back into the house through the open door.

“Who are you?” Storm asked though clenched teeth as his groin continued to throb.

“Let me go,” she screamed franticly again as she tried to kick his hand from her ankle.

Storm grabbed her other ankle and dragged her back to him and she began to scream and struggle harder. It was then that he realized it wasn’t him she was afraid of but something else. Following her frightened gaze, he looked back into his house and saw a huge boa constrictor slithering to the front door. He quickly released her, got up and pulled her along with him as they both ran across the street. They watched as the snake made no special move towards them but slithered around the lawn, mostly staying in the sunny areas.

Storm turned to the frightened woman cowering behind him to really look at her for the first time. “Who are you and what were you doing in my house?”

Sally looked up at him for the first time but kept looking back to where the snake was. She glanced back at him and that’s when he truly noticed how terrified she really was. She was shaking like a leaf in high wind.

“Hey,” he said gently, “it’s all the way over there and cannot hurt you. I won’t let it, I promise. Now you have to tell me who you are.”

Before Sally could answer, they heard the siren of the police cars that stopped alongside the lawn. Storm looked back at her and assessed her profile. He frowned thinking it was so familiar.  

“You triggered my alarm. Who are you?” he asked again.

“I…I…I…Rhon [swallowing hard]…Rhonda asked me…me to come…come for her today.”

He was extremely displeased hearing that but kept it to himself. “Okay, what is your name?”

“Hey man, you okay?” Mike Griffin a detective and personal friend of Storm asked.

“Yeah…I want to know how that thing got in my house.”

“Animal control is coming to get it. Are you hurt? Is she hurt?” Mike asked noticing the girl still cowering behind Storm.

Storm looked at her again and tried to bring her forward but she wouldn’t budge. She was backing away from him. “It’s okay. It’s not going to hurt you,” he said but her fear was too great and not ebbing anytime soon he could tell. He turned to Mike, “Mike, kill that thing.”

“Storm you know I can’t do that.”

Suddenly an officer came outside with a large cage and yelled, “It seems it got out of this. Is this your pet?”

Both Storm and Mike looked at each other and immediately knew who the snake’s owner was. Storm could feel his blood begin to boil.

“You have until I go inside to get my gun. If it’s on my lawn when I come out, I’m killing it.”

“Don’t fuckin’ blame you,” Mike replied before addressing the officer, “Are you afraid of snakes?”

“No sir...been handling them all my life.”

“Good…put it back in that cage before he kills it.”

“Yes sir, will do,” and the officer proceeded to gather up the large constrictor.

Remembering the girl, Storm turned to address her again only to find her gone. Suddenly he heard her bike start and then she was riding away.

“Wait! Wait!” he yelled as he ran to stop her but she couldn’t hear. It was then that he noticed the colors and dent on the bike. She was the same girl from last night.         

“Who was that?” Mike asked.

“Don’t know. She was subbing for my regular housekeeper but I never got her name. Shit!”



End Notes:

Thanks for reading. Have a great week! 

A Chance Meeting by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Thanks for the reviews and the emails. I apprecaite your feedback. 


                Sally MacDonald pulled the ponytail holder from her hair and tried to release some of the tension in her scalp. She was at the library unable to concentrate on any of the study material for her upcoming test. Last night was much more frightening than she wanted to admit. The cop almost caught her. Hurrying to leave, she dropped her bike on the huge rock in the dirt parking lot. Now it was dented and she had to take it to Tricks. Questions would be asked and Tricks would try and take it from her. But she needed it now more than ever. It was easier to maneuver through tight spaces and weave in and out of traffic when necessary. If she took it to another shop, he would hear and all hell would break loose. She was so close and yet so very far. She had to hold out a little bit longer. After that she would deal with the cop permanently.

Sighing she looked up at the guy walking by her table with a dark blue backpack and immediately began thinking about blue eyes. As terrified as she was of the snake, the homeowner’s blue eyes also gave her a fright. A deep clear crystal blue that she felt could see her deepest secret…the ones she was determined to hide at all cost. When he pull her behind him to protect her from the snake, for a moment she felt safe…that was until he looked at her. The fear she felt then was different and far more intense than anything she’d ever felt before. So she fled from both him and the snake. ‘I need a vacation,’ Sally thought and knew the perfect place to go only she couldn’t leave. Final exams were a few weeks away and then getting and completing an internship. ‘Just a little bit longer and then we’re home free.”


Her name was Sally…Sally MacDonald Storm thought silently as he drove home from dinner with Ayasha. Somehow the name didn’t seem like her. He pictured her having a sexy name to go with her exotic features. Rhonda and Sally were best friends. Sally attended the local university studying to become a medical tech scientist. Rhonda was trying to get other work which was why Sally was covering for her. He also found out Kevin had convinced Rhonda that he had given permission to leave his pet boa there while he was working on days he had to take the animal to the vet. Storm had quietly made a mental note to speak with Kevin about it.

Rhonda had profusely apologized and Storm had insisted on meeting Sally formally. Rhonda, grateful that she wasn’t being fired happily agreed. Storm had hired Rhonda directly from the housekeeping agency that she used to work for when they closed. She came by Mondays through Thursdays to change the sheets every two days, make the bed daily, and to pack and unpack the dishwasher.

His phone rang and Storm answered distractedly. “Yes.”

“Hi baby,” said the voice on the other end.

“Audrey,” Storm replied dryly wishing he’d looked at the caller ID.

“Where have you been? I’ve been calling you for the last few days. Did you get any of my messages?”

“What is it?”

“How about a late dinner?”

“I’ve already eaten.”

“But I haven’t.”

“Audrey I’m busy, what do you want?” he asked again annoyed.

“I want to spend time with you. Why didn’t you ask me to dinner? Are you seeing someone else?”

“Audrey, lose my number, now.”

“Storm! Storm...” but there was nothing. He had disconnected the call.


“Shit!” Audrey screamed knowing she had messed up.

She had always been able to manipulate other men into relationships but not Storm. He proved far more elusive. The one time she showed up at his house uninvited, he became angry and only calmed when he verified that it was his mother who gave her his address.  The two times they were together was once at her apartment and the other at a party they both attended separately.

Her one goal was to become Mrs. Storm Monsello. And even though she knew Ayasha hated her that was in no way going to stop her from being mistress of his mansion, and having full access to his bank accounts. To say Storm could keep her a lifestyle she could only dream of was an understatement. Her parent’s wealth paled in comparison to his. Based on her research, he was worth more than five hundred million dollars. She had to have sex with him again, this time without a condom. He would never turn his back on his child or the mother. ‘He would have to marry me then.’ But Storm meticulously wore condoms and always checked for leaks. He even went as far as to flush the used prophylactic down the toilet himself. Regardless, she had to do something.


About a month later

Sally ran up the stairs of the Waves and Stars Open Bar and Grill. She was late for work due to her constant editing of a finished paper that wasn’t due for another two days. Jack, the owner was busy clearing some beer bottles from one of the table.

“I’m sorry Jack. I was editing my paper,” she said grabbing two towels and the bucket of soapy water from behind the bar to begin washing off the tables.

“That’s okay kid. I knew it had something to do with school. How is the studying coming along?”

“Great if I could get some sleep.”

“You won’t do good on your exams if you don’t rest.”

“I will. Go finish your paper work. I’ll be finished out here by the time you’re done.”

“Sure you don’t need the help?”

“No, go.”

“Oh, by the way, someone left their keys. They’re in my office.”  

“Okay but they probably got a ride from someone.”


When Jack left, Sally plugged her iPod into the two mini speakers on the bar counter. They were loud enough for her to hear comfortably while working but not to block out the sound of the beach. She danced and sang as she cleaned off the tables. Dumping the dirty bucket of water, she stopped by Hot Mouth, Jack’s slick talking parrot. Hot Mouth was bobbing his head to the music when Sally began speaking to him.

“So Mouth, how do I get this cop to stop stalking me?”

“Behind you! Behind you!” screech the parrot.

Sally looked around quickly and dropped the towel.

“Hi. I left my…you’re the girl who was at my house,” Storm said recognizing Sally immediately.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sally lied before turning and yelling for Jack.

“Yes, you are. You’re name is Sally.” He took a step but stopped when he noticed she quickly moved behind the nearest table.

“Hey there young man, can I help you?” Jack asked.

Storm watched as Sally then moved to the bar. “Yes, I left my keys. It’s a wolf key ring.” While speaking with Jack, Storm kept glancing at Sally from the corner of his eye.

“Yes, I have them. They are in my office. Sally can you get them for me please, they are on the desk.”

Sally closed her eyes and when she opened them it was to see Storm looking at her smiling at Jack’s confirmation of her name.

“I’ll be right back.”

“So how did you enjoy yourself? I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.”

“No, you haven’t and I enjoyed myself. This is a quaint place you’ve got here. Very relaxing,” Storm said looking around as they waited for Sally’s return.   

“Good. How did you hear about us? Maybe I can do some advertising in that area to boost some business.”

“Actually some guys from work were speaking about this place last week so I decided to tag along tonight. Your advertising was free…word of mouth, the best kind.”

Jack laughed, “You’re right about that.”

“Here they are Jack,” Sally said handing him the keys but she stay behind Jack which didn’t go unnoticed by Storm.

“Here they are. Be careful next time young man.”

“Thanks, I will. By the way, my name is Storm,” and he offered Jack his hand.

“Oh yes, Jack, owner,” Jack replied shaking Storm’s hand.

Storm also offered her his hand but she took a step back and said, “Hi,” instead.

“Okay…hi,” Storm reciprocated lowering his hand. “Well I’ll be going now,” he said to Jack, “Good night and thanks again.” He looked directly at Sally before turning and leaving.  

As soon as Storm left, Jack turned to Sally, “Do you know him?”

“Not really. I saw him at a job I was helping Rhonda with a few weeks ago.”


Storm watched as Sally carefully looked up and down the street two to three times before putting on her helmet and getting on her bike. He waited for her to turn down the road before following her. He heard what she said to the parrot. She was been stalked by a cop and his gut instinct told him it was the cop from that night. ‘That’s why she ran the light,’ and now more than ever, he wanted to know how her bike got damaged. He had a feeling it was from her trying to get away that night. He felt anger. He should have gotten the squad number or the very least the officer’s name and badge number. Why did he just dismiss the incident? He knew better.  

This time he was able to fully appreciate her curves which were all in the right places. Small breast, tiny waist, wide hips and long well shaped legs encased in skinny jeans that fit perfectly. Once again her hair was in a bun and he wanted to run his fingers through the mass to feel how soft the stands were. The poor lighting couldn’t hide the flawlessness of her skin or its glowing walnut color. Her lips were full but not too pouty and he wanted to feel for himself if they were as soft as they looked.

Sally pulled into a local fast food restaurant and Storm parked in the darkest area of the parking lot so he could continue watching her. He wrote down her plate number and saw how she looked around often, wary and cautious of her surroundings. After getting her food, he followed her to her apartment. He lingered long enough to notice she didn’t park her bike in the front of the building but in the back. When he felt she was safely inside, he left.

As Storm drove home, he wondered how he could help Sally. Even though there was no confirmation to what she said, his gut instincts told him he had to help. The fear in her eyes was real. The first thing he had to do is gain her trust and he had a feeling it was going to be quiet an undertaking.



Almost three weeks later

Mike looked at the criminal report of Rhonda Pitcher, Storm’s daily housekeeper. He met her the day after the boa incident at Storm’s house when she showed up for work. Storm had been angry about her giving someone else access to his house without permission but had let her off the hook because she said Sally was her best friend. Now Mike’s gut instincts told him that housekeeping wasn’t the only work Rhonda was looking for.   

Mike knocked on Storm’s office door. The other lawyer he was working with quickly opened the door and said hello before existing.

“Hey Mike, what’s up?”

“I need you…”

“Detective Griffin!” a young officer called out stopping Mike from entering Storm’s office.

“Yeah…oh hey Charlie. What’s up?” Mike asked keeping the door open.

“You know that bike plate number you asked me to look up?” When Mike acknowledged, Charlie continued, “Well it belongings to a guy named Bobby Chin and he has several other vehicles registered under his name. Here’s the info on him.”

“Thanks Charlie.”

“Anytime Detective Griffin; if you need me to help out, I’m here.”

“Thanks again Charlie,” Mike said before entering Storm’s office and closing the door behind him.

Mike dropped the reports in front of Storm before taking a seat in front of his desk. He could never understand how Storm was able to keeps his office clutter free when most of the other lawyers’ office looked like a war zone.

“What’s going on?” Storm asked looking at the report. “Wait, is this my house keeper?”

“Yes and she is the common factor in the string of breakins’ we’ve been having lately.”

Storm looked up immediately, “What?”

“Yes, also her friend Sally, her bike is registered to someone by the name of Bobby Chin.”

“A husband or boyfriend or even father maybe?

“No but I think I know him.”

“Know him how?”

“I think I may have gone to school with him before my parents moved away. I’ll have to check to see if it’s the same person. Also the address is not valid. The properties around that area were demolished years ago when the state and city were purchasing properties to do road expansion and area rejuvenation projects. If there was a property there, the address was never changed.”

“But why? Why keep an old address that doesn’t exist?”

“Hiding something.”

“Or from someone?”

“You don’t have her phone number?”

“I’m trying to get it.”

“You know…”
“You and I both want to know how the system never caught that the address was no longer valid.” Mike sighed and leaned back into the chair. “I…you said she said the cop was stalking her.”

“Yeah…that’s what she told the parrot. She said it because she was alone…or thought she was.”

“Yeah…there’s more going on here.”

“Yes, I agree. When she went to get food, she was always looking around…wary, tense. I don’t think she was making it up Mike. I think that cop really is stalking her.”

“Storm, I can’t just go on what you heard. He may have noticed this also and is trying to figure out what’s going on.”

“Yeah…there’s that too,” but Storm didn’t believe it. There was something in the way Sally behaved that leading him to believe she was in danger. “Keep me posted.” Mike nodded and got up to leave. “Hey am I firing my house keeper?”

“I want to tell you yes, but I can’t. She hasn’t done anything illegal at your house and we need to keep an eye on her.”

“Am I now a part of the investigation?”

“No, I’ll talk to the captain but Sally is.” 

A Chip In The Armor by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Everyone, thank you so much for reading. I hope you will continue to do so and remember please send me any critical reviews you have for the story and the characters. Have a great week! 


                Office Terry Eastman looked at the object of his obsession and smiled. She picked up an item from the stand and looked it over before putting it back. ‘Her eyes are so beautiful,’ he thought but sneered when she smiled at the vendor before walking away. ‘Bitch!  She smiles at him all cute and shit but when I try talkin’ to her she treats me like shit.’

Officer Eastman felt the anger he tried so hard to keep away come back with a vengeance. For weeks now he had been furious at Roger and it had taken all his strength not beat him within an inch of his life. The club was the one place he was guaranteed to be in her presence. He found out weeks ago that her bike was registered to someone named Bobby Chin but the address was an empty lot. His plan that night was to pull her over and make up some bullshit reason to arrest her. She was going to beg for her freedom, promising to do anything and then she was going to be his. ‘But that fucking ADA had to put his nose where it didn’t belong. I almost had you,’ Officer Eastman smiled to himself. ‘I want to fuck you so bad. I’m gonna fuck you so hard. You’re gonna scream so loud…’ He adjusted himself as he watched her slowly eat her fruit. Her smile was peaceful and relaxed. Even from that distance her eyes sparkled in the sunlight. As she strolled down the street looking at all the wares being sold, he silently screamed, ‘Look at me! Why do you have to be such a bitch to me?’ and was about to intercept her when he saw the patrol office. Unwilling to risk her screaming and bringing any attention to him, Office Eastman turned back into the alley and hid, and watched as she passed by enjoying her outing. ‘One day,’ he vowed to himself, ‘one day.’



About two weeks later…

                “Storm I don’t know how she’s doing it but she has to be involved,” Mike said before taking a bite of his sandwich.

                Both men were in Storm’s office having lunch and discussing a few cases.

                “My gut instinct tells me she’s hiding something but it has nothing to do with the robberies,” Storm said before taking a bite of his sandwich also.  

                “I don’t know what to tell you man. I know she gets good grades in school but she’s paying for school without loans; everything paid for cash.”

                “Tips, a second job, a benevolent benefactor…I don’t know but something or someone has this girl spooked.” Someone knocked at the door and Storm bade them entry.

                “Hey guys what’s up?” Kevin said entering.

                “Hey Kev, what’s going on man?” Mike asked as Kevin took the chair beside him.

                “Hey what’s up?” Storm asked also.

                “I got the information you wanted me to pull from the servers on those two cases. With the Albert case, the kid sent the email. Here’s the report on that,” Kevin handed Mike the report. “On the robbery case, your girl…let’s see…yeah, Sally MacDonald wasn’t there. On the evenings of the last three robberies, she was at the library and I can understand why.” Storm and Mike both looked at each other before Kevin began to elaborate. “She studies all the time. She has a 4.0 GPA and most of her classes are honors. The surveillance from the library showed that she took a call during the time of one of the robberies which lasted about fifteen minutes. It looked like she was reading notes to the person on the line. I tried pulling the cell number but nothing is registered in her name. I’m going to need the actual number.”

                “Do you know it?” Mike asked Storm.

                “No but give me some time. I’ll try and get it from Rhonda.”

                “The sooner I get it the faster I can begin working on getting her record.”

                “So what are you guys doing tonight?” Mike asked.

                “Going to have dinner and hang with Brad for a bit,” Storm replied.

                “That sound like a plan. I may join you,” said Mike.

                “It’s gonna be an indoor night for me. I have some work I need to complete for two new clients,” Kevin said.  

                “Your little business is growing,” Storm said to Kevin.

                “Yeah…I think it is. But this going legit is really hard…too much fuckin’ paperwork and shit.”

                “Yeah you got that right,” Mike replied as they all laughed.



                After dinner with Brad, Storm had a strong yearning to see Sally. He had so many unanswered questions such as why didn’t she report the cop? Why was the bike registered to someone else? As he climbed the stairs of the Waves and Stars he saw her laughing with her co-workers. All the tables were cleared which meant they were finished for the night.

                “Hey man, we’re closed,” Ricky one of the bartenders said.

                Storm looked at him then Sally. The smile on her face faded and her eyes became guarded. “Yeah, I know. I’m here to speak with Sally. It’s private.”

                Everyone looked at Sally as she addressed Storm directly. “We have nothing to speak about.”

                “Please, I need to speak with you about the incident at my house. It’s important.”

                “Sally, do you want...” Ricky tied to ask.

                “No…I’ll be fine. You guys go ahead. I’ll catch up soon.”

                “Are you sure? We don’t mind waiting,” another co-worker said.

                “No, I’m fine. Thanks. I’ll catch up.”

                After everyone left Storm moved to stand by the bar.  

                “What do you want? I thought this was all taken care of?”

                “I want to know if you could house sit for me next weekend?”


                “I want to know if…”

“I heard what you said, I want to know why?”

“I have to go out of town and I was trying to find Rhonda but she’s not answering her phone, so I was wondering if you could do it instead. I know its short notice…”

                “Did you leave a message?”

                “I need an immediate answer…”

                “Don’t you have any family or friends you can ask?”

                “Yes, but they are not available.” Storm sighed. “I’m sorry to ask on such short notice but I would prefer paying someone that way they are responsible and won’t forget to do the things I ask…”

                “Things like what? Are you leaving for a month of two?”
                “No…I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone but it should be longer than a week.”

                “Leave a message on Rhonda’s voice mail. She’ll call you back. I have to go.”

                “I’ll pay for all your expenses…”

                “Rhonda would appreciate your generosity. I have to go.”

                “Okay…if you see Rhonda, please tell her that I’m looking for her.” Sally nodded, “good night.”

                “Good night.”

Storm watched as Sally looked behind her several times to make sure she wasn’t being followed before speeding away. He moved to stand at the bar because she kept her eyes trained on the stairs. He was right, something or someone had this girl spooked and it made her wary of everyone. Not even the offer of having all her expenses paid made her consider his offer. He only hoped Rhonda wouldn’t return his missed calls until he could figure out a way to get Sally’s number.

Knowing she would meet-up with her co-workers to avoid any questions or suspicions, Storm decided to wait at her apartment instead of going home immediately.  He left shortly after she got home and he was satisfied she hadn’t been followed.  



A few days later…

Storm looked at the woman in front of him and tried to remember what she was talking about. He wanted to leave but good manners decreed that he stay a few minutes longer. He was tired from lack of sleep. The constant blabbering from his date last night had left him with a splitting headache. It was reactions like this that made him want to give up on dating. Honestly, he wanted to settle down but every woman he dated lately made him feel crowded. That feeling now had him avoiding parties and some friends in relationships who felt the need to play matchmaker. Some of his male friends would think he was an idiot if they knew how many advances he avoided or turned down. If some of those friends knew how many of those advances came from either their girlfriends or wives, they would never speak with him again.  

                Tall, muscular body with classic black hair, a ruddy complexion and deep blue eyes were some of the physical features Storm boasted. His vast funds also seemed to attract some unsavory females who wanted a permanent attachment to his name and wealth. Ayasha was like his personal watch dog. Knowing what lengths some women would go to be connected with his family, she openly voiced her opinion or objections easily. He wanted to walk into his house and be greeted by the woman who loved him, not servants. He wanted to hear his children screaming with laughter as they ran through the house causing mayhem. But as his dating pool got smaller and smaller, the bodies of gold diggers grew larger and larger, and he was beginning to lose hope.

                Storm looked behind the woman speaking to him and saw the aid ‘accidentally’ dropped the folder. She picked it up by giving him a good view of her backside. He sighed, ‘Where is the challenge?’ He could easily fuck her in the bathroom if he wanted. The woman finally stopped speaking and he took the opportunity to end their conversation. He didn’t allow her look of disappointment to prevent him for turning away. He and Mike where at the local university, last minute replacements for a workshop on careers in law enforcement. They were standing by the stairs discussing their departure when from the corner of his eye, Storm saw something moving rapidly and turned to see Sally running up the stairs full speed.

                “Play along now,” Storm said to Mike taking note of the curious look on Mike’s face but unable to explain. “Yeah, I have to go out of town next week for an abuse case. Wished the woman had reported the guy sooner before it reached this point. My only problem now is finding someone to housesit. My sister’s going out of town and I’m suppose to be taking care of her dog.”

                “Sorry man you know I would do it if I wasn’t going away also but my mother will kill me if I miss this trip. Wish I knew someone who could help.”  Mike saw Sally stop behind Storm and while she seemed to be looking around, he knew she was also listening to the conversation.

                “I’ll figure something out. But thanks for considering.”

                Mike watched as Sally looked at Storm before quietly moving away to the other side of the stairs. She moved along the hall looking for a room and knocked on the door when she located it. A man in a lab coat and another in a suit came to the door and they all began to speak. Storm turned slightly also to watch the exchange and noticed how the man in the lab coat showed a deep fondness for Sally. The man in the suit left shortly afterwards and the professor spoke with Sally. She smiled and shook her professor’s hand profusely.

                “I think I need a have a talk with that professor about your Sally,” Mike said.

                “I think so also.”



                Mike left when Sally’s meeting broke apart and the professor walked Sally to the stairs.

                “Sally you’ve worked hard for this so study for the final. The best grade gets to interview for the internship and I have every confidence that you’re going to get one of the positions.”

                “Thank you so much Dr. Marin. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

                “My pleasure Sally, you deserve it. So find somewhere quiet and go over everything.”

                “I will. I’ll rent a hotel room and stay there all weekend long so I’m not distracted by anything. I’ll even turn my phone off if I need to.”

                Dr. Marin laughed, “Now you don’t have to go that far…just make sure you’re not distracted and get lots of rest before the exam.”

                “I will.  Thanks again Dr. Marin. I appreciate it.”

Storm watched as Sally stood in the same spot after the professor left and seemed to do a silent prayer. She seemed worried but the conversation sounded like things were in her favor.

“Congratulations,” he said and she turned around sharply.

“For what?”

“It sounded as if you got something you really wanted,” he shrugged.

“Not yet, working on it.” For some reason she didn’t want to leave, “Did you get in contact with Rhonda?”

“No, it seems she now has an aversion to returning messages. She also didn’t show up for work yesterday. Do you know if there’s something wrong?”

“No. The last time I heard from her, everything was okay.”

“You don’t see her daily?”

“No. My schedule for school is very…if I see her, I’ll tell her you’re looking for her.”

“Yes, please do. I’m getting a bit worried about her.”

“Okay,” Sally said before turning to walk away.

“Oh wait, I’ll give you my number and you can call me when you hear from her.”

 “No thank you. I’ll tell her to call you immediately. You should hear from her today.”

“Okay, thanks again and I wish you the best. By the way, what are you studying?”

“Good bye. Have a nice day also.”


Storm watched as she left the same way she came, running. 

A Plan is Made by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Hello everyone. I was asked why I did not want reviews and I will answer that question here. 

It is not that I do not want reviews. I appreciate and welcome them all. As an amateur writer, I am currently focused on improving my writing. I ask for critical reviews to better learn if I am telling a story a reader would be interested. 

If I do not get a review, I do not take it that my readers do not like the story but that they understand what has been written. I instead look at read count. Does my readers like what they are reading? The critical reviews I ask for is to better help me improve on areas that may need improving. By all means, leave as many reviews as you like. I read and appreciate them all. 

Thank you. 


                As soon as she was out of the library Sally called Rhonda. ‘Why isn’t she going to work now?’ Sally wondered but all she got was Rhonda’s voicemail. Deciding to forego leaving a message, Sally sat on the bench under the nearby tree and tried to remember what Rhonda had told her about her new job. After a few minutes of contemplation, she decided to return to lab. Getting up, her phone rang.

                “Rhonda, where have you been?”

                “Hanging out, what’s going on?”

                “That guy Storm has been looking for you. He still wants you to house sit for him. And why have you not been to work? What’s going on with you? ”

                “Oh really? When?”

                “I think this weekend and don’t change the subject, why are you not going to work. He said  you haven’t been there this week.”

                “I had some other jobs to do that were paying more money but I can’t do it for him. I have something planned.”

                “What do you mean? What’s going on?”

                “I’m going away for the weekend. Hey can you do it for me? Please?”

                “No Rhonda, he wants you.”

                “I know but he won’t mind if you do it. He knows you’re my best friend.”

                “Rhonda this is a paying job. Put off the weekend trip until next week and just do job. You need the money.”

                “Why do you think I need the money? Just because I borrowed money from you?”

“Cut the shit Rhonda and do the job.”

                Rhonda sighed, “Fine, I’ll call him.”

                “Good. I’m leaving school now. Are you coming home tonight?”

                “I’m gonna try. Later.”



                Storm looked at his phone and answered a bit disappointed but eager to hear what Rhonda had to say.  “Hi Rhonda, how are you doing?”

                “Hi Mr. Monsello, I’m sorry I didn’t come by the other day I wasn’t feeling well. I hope you got my message?”

                “Yes, I did. Are you feeling better?”

                “Yes, yes I am. Sally said you were looking for me? I didn’t get your messages.”

                “Yes, I was hoping you would house sit for me this weekend…”

                “Sorry, I can’t. I’m working out of town this weekend. It was planned a while ago but Sally can do it if you don’t mind.”

                Storm sat up in his chair, “No, no, not at all. Do you think she would?”

                “Yeah, she will. I’ll send her a text message to let her know you’ll contact her.”

                “I don’t have her number Rhonda…”

                “Oh…I’ll give her yours then if that’s okay.”

                “Yes, that’s fine. Please tell her that I’m expecting her call.”

                “Okay, thanks Mr. Monsello.”

                “Have a good day and be well Rhonda.”

                Storm smiled, this worked out better than he planned.



                “You told him WHAT?” Sally asked as she listened to Rhonda explain that she’d promised her out to the house sitting job.

                “Sally, you’re always looking for a quiet place to study and this way you can do that for the whole weekend and get paid too. You have it made on this job,” Rhonda justified.

                “That’s not the bloody point Rhonda. You had not right to tell him I’ll do this without asking me first. I don’t him or that house and I have to study this weekend.”

                “Why don’t you like him? Did he do something to you? Are you still afraid of the snake? It’s not there anymore…it was only a one time…”

                “There’s no reason why you can’t do this yourself. Why are you always doing shit like this?”

                “What shit Sally? I made plans already and I can’t break them. Furthermore, I thought you would like the peace to study. You say you study best when there is no one around which is why you go away sometimes. So what’s the big deal now? I was only trying to help because you helped me out.”

                Sally knew Rhonda was right. She had said more than once that she preferred studying in quiet places. It was one of the reasons why she spent so much time at the library. “Are you going away with someone?”

                “Why?” When Rhonda didn’t hear an answer but instead heard Sally sigh, she replied, “yes.”

‘Usual.’ Sally thought but said instead, “Who is he?”

“No one you know but you’ll meet him soon, I promise. Please Sally do this for me, please.”

                ‘God why am I torturing myself like this?’ After a few moments of silent, Sally relented. “Fine. Are you sure he’s trustworthy?”

                “Yes, Storm’s really nice and down to earth. He’s not going to be there so you’ll have the full run of the house…and I’m sure you can use the pool to go swimming as much as you like. “


                “Great…thank you so much Sal. You’re the best. I’ll text you his number so you can call him for the details.”


Sally was having a bad feeling about this all together.



                When Storm didn’t get the call from Sally the next day he decided to visit her at work. Mike and Kevin were informed about the plan and surveillance equipment authorized for his house to monitor Sally’s activities. All he had to do now was get her unknowing participation in solving the string of robberies. It was late but the Waves and Stars still had a few patrons enjoying themselves. Storm sat at an empty table in the back and shortly after a pretty blond waitress came over to greet him. He ordered a beer but when he asked for Sally, her expression changed to one of disappointment before she turned and walked away. Sally appeared soon after, serving another table before making her way to his with his beer.

                ‘Don’t look at him, don’t look at him.’  “Hi,” Sally said as she stood by his table looking anywhere but him.

“Hi,” Storm said standing up. He held out his hand to formally introduce himself. “We’ve haven’t been formally introduced…Storm Monsello.”

                She looked at him sharply before turning away and looking back at him slightly. “Sally MacDonald,” she introduced herself before taking the hand he offered.

                “How are you doing?” Storm asked looking at her but also looking around.

                “Fine thanks. I’m busy right now. Can you give me a few minutes until my break?”          

“Yes, sure…that’s fine.”

About ten minutes later Sally returned, “May I?” she asked indicating to sit.

                “Oh yes, please do.”

                “Okay, I’ve never done this before so you will have to tell me what you need done while you’re gone. And so that we’re clear, I’m not cleaning your house.”

                Storm laughed, “I didn’t want you to but I do expect you to clean up after yourself.” She nodded but relaxed only marginally. “My sister is going out of town and she’s leaving her dog at my place. His name is Benji. He’s a cute little Shih Tzu, very friendly. He’ll want you to play with him and then he ignores you for the rest of the day missing her. I go through it all the time with him. I am planning on leaving on Thursday and return possibly Sunday.”

                “Oh, I work on the weekends. I’m sorry I’ll let Rhonda know.” She noticed the bartender was trying to get her attention. “I have to get back to work.”

                “You can go to work and come back. Benji will be fine for a few hours. I’ll wait until you’re finished so we can talk more.”

                Storm watched as she went from table to table, shared a funny text messages with her co-workers but didn’t take any calls. She didn’t return to his table until after the last patron left.   

                “I’m sorry for the wait but it’s going to be at least another hour before I’m finished.” Just then her stomach growled and Sally looked away embarrassed.

                “Have you had dinner?”Storm asked.

                “I’ll get something when I leave.”

                “Is the kitchen closed?”

                “Yes. We can discuss this another time.”

                Storm smiled. “How about we have dinner and discuss the arrangements?”

“No, thank you.”

“Sally, I would like to get this finalized and I wouldn’t mind eating also.”

                “I’m sorry, you didn’t have to wait on me. You can go get something to eat, I’ll be here for a while still,” but her stomach growled again.

“Sally come on…what do you like? Italian, Chinese, Greek, Spanish…how about Italian?”

                Sally thought about it and finally relented. “Okay.”

                “Do you like seafood? Shrimp, scallops, calamari?”

                “Yes…anything’s fine.”

                “Do you like liver?”

                Sally made a face, “No.”

                “Then don’t say anything. What do you want?”

                “Seafood is fine, garlic herb sauce please. And just let me know how much.”

                Storm laughed, “I’ll be right back.”

                “You know somewhere that’s open right now?”

                “Yes, I know a very good restaurant that is open right now. Finish up here and I’ll be back in about an hour.”



                 Sally dove under the water and her mind when to a state of blissfulness. ‘Everyday should feel like this,’ she thought as she pushed herself to remain under a little longer. She couldn’t resist the pull of the ocean especially when she had not been swimming in such a long time. Her tensed body had practically begged for the release. Surfacing, she floated on top of the water as the waves crashed gently against the shore. The peacefulness could make the most habitual isonomic want to sleep. Sighing, she turned and swam back to shore. By her estimates, she had a short time to get dressed before Storm returned with their food.

                As she dried her hair, she couldn’t help looking out on the ocean, wishing she was someplace else; another time, another place…home. Getting dressed, she pulled on a dry t-shirt and a pair of light sweatpants. Grabbing her bag, she wrapped her wet hair in a bun as she made her way back to the restaurant. Crossing the street, she noticed the lone body leaning against a car holding a bag. Unexpectedly, the aroma of the food hit her nostrils and her mouth watered instantly. She wanted to know the restaurant where it was purchased.

                “Your hair would probably dry faster if you let it out,” Storm said when she was close.

                “I don’t ride with it out.”

                Storm stored the comment in the back of his mind remembering the first time he saw her riding. “You’re not riding now.”

                “It’ll dry.”

                “Where do you want to sit?”

                “Upstairs if that’s okay with you.”

                “Jack won’t mind?”

                “No. He’s not like that.”

                “Lead the way.”

                They sat and Storm opened the containers. Calamari, steamed clams, seafood scampi and linguini for them both and garlic rolls. In her opinion, he had gotten a feast for them both.  

                “I can’t eat all this. How much do I owe you?”

                “Let’s put the price thing to rest shall we. You will never pay for food when you’re with me. I offered, I purchase, you eat. It’s done, let’s eat.” When she didn’t pick up her fork, “There are no onions in your pasta and I will ask for one thing. I didn’t know what you like to drink, so what are you having?”


                “Good…same here. Do you mind? I didn’t get any.”

                “Yeah…no problem. Excuse me.” Sally turned back, “Any particular brand?”

                “Whatever you’re having.”

                “I like…okay.”



Sally stared at her bedroom ceiling in the darkness, trying to wrap her mind around what she was feeling. Every time she saw Storm she felt as if the air was suddenly stripped from her lungs. Her palms got sweaty and it became extremely difficult to keep her focus. She felt like a silly high school girl and was afraid to say anything that could may him think she was complete nit-wit. Being in his vicinity made her feel self-conscious about how she looked even what she wore. Several times she caught herself wondering if the dark blue anything she wore matched the color of his eyes. Lately it’s been the dampness between her legs whenever she thought about him, especially at nights. But tonight was far worse. This was the first time they had spent any significant time together and if it wasn’t for her hunger, she probably wouldn’t have eaten a bite of the food. She was so nervous that she thought he could hear her heart beats and kept making quick glances at him throughout the night.

He was beautiful if one could call a man that, simply beautiful. He had the darkest black hair that if it wasn’t for its high gloss, could have been missed easily in the dead of the night. For a man, his skin was flawless and smooth, tanned which showed up his olive complexion and gave him a soft glow. She wondered how it felt to the touch. His lips were full and made her think about kissing. But it was his eyes that scared her because they looked so trusting. A deep blue bordered by long thick lashes that would make any woman including herself want to do a lash transplant. They protected perfectly set eyes that were framed by thick beautifully, perfectly aligned arched eyebrows that made her want to ask him if he got them waxed. His arms and legs were strong, his body lean and toned, and displayed their excellence in his simple movements. There wasn’t a single part of him that she didn’t admire. And it was because of the opportunity to sit with him this night that she knew it truly was a fantasy. She would complete the job not because she needed the money, but because if she was going to be honest with herself, she would get to indulge in the fantasy a few moments longer.



                Storm could have called or text Mike and or Kevin with Sally’s number but instead, he held on to it like prized trophy he wanted to keep to himself. She was beautiful, extremely so with skin that glowed in the moon light. Thinking about what he knew about her so far, Storm smiled as he drove home. She rode a motorcycle and was an ardent student who was greatly admired by her professors. She loves calamari, seafood pasta and drinks lots of water.  She was a loyal friend, loves swimming and was fearless. Fearless, yes that’s what he would call a woman who went swimming in the middle of the night. His smile got bigger as he remembered her coming out of the sea like Venus coming out of her shell. It had been a battle of wills between his mind and body to either stay put and watch or go and kiss her. His mind wanted to watch and record how she moved while his hands wanted to touch the body in motion. He wished she had let her hair down and while nothing could distract from her beauty, his more imaginative images of her hair spread across his pillow would have taken on more detailed specifications.

 She had agreed to the job…one hundred and forty dollars a day for the next three days. And it didn’t matter if he came home early, she would receive the agreed upon amount in cash. He laughed at the hard bargain she thought she drove. Little did she know he would have gladly paid her asking amount of a hundred and sixty dollars. He couldn’t wait for this weekend.                




End Notes:

Thank you once again for reading. Have a great weekend! YEAH! :)

Time Together by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Sorry for the late posting. Working on house, volunteering and no internet for a while. Thanks for the reviews and reading. Much appreciated. 


                Someone was banging at the door again and Sally was tempted to call the police. Benji kept running to and fro snarling. Getting frustrated she walked to the door and looked out the key hole to see a woman sneering. Again Benji barked angrily.

                “I know someone is there. Let me in,” the door banger demanded.

                Sally ignored the request and soon after heard the car drive off again, hopefully for good this time. Less than fifteen minutes later, she heard the door opening and Benji ran to it excitedly.

                “Hi Benji, hi sweetheart…I missed you. Did you miss Mommy?”

                The happy little dog jumped around excitedly and licked the hand of the beautiful woman who picked him up.  

                “Hello,” Ayasha said surprised. “Who are you?”

                “Hello, I’m Sally, the house sitter.”

                “Storm hired a house sitter? That’s a first for him.”

                “Are you Ayasha?”

                Before Ayasha could answer, the door opened again and in walked Audrey. “I hope you know that’s called breaking and entering…” Ayasha said angrily.

                “I didn’t break in, the door was open. Where’s Storm?”

                “Get out!”

“Not until I see Storm.”

“I said get the fuck out bef…”

“I’m not leaving until I see St…”

                “You are such a pathetic dumb bitch. My brother doesn’t want to se…”

“We’re together whether you like it or not Ayasha so get used…”

                Ayasha laughed hard. “Are you crazy?”


                “Are you crazy? Never mind…you are crazy. You may want to forget but my brother told me he told you to leave him the fuck alone.”

                “He never said that…”

                Sally moved behind Ayasha which brought both women’s attention to her immediately. Ayasha spoke first, “Get out of his house. You’re making his girlfriend uncomfortable.”

                “What?” Audrey said looking between Sally and Ayasha. “He doesn’t have a girlfriend. We’re working things out.”

                “No, you’re trying to bury your fangs into my bother…”

                “I’m his girlfriend and I’m not going to let you keep us a part. You’re such a bitch and Storm would never be seen with someone like her.” Audrey gave Sally a look of contempt, “You’re going to…”           “You are a psychotic, delusional, warped low-life bitch and I’m done with you. Get out before I have you forcefully removed.”

                Audrey visibly tensed. She knew Ayasha was daring enough to call the police and they would listen to her. Storm would defend Ayasha but she and her family would be disgraced. She decided to hit somewhere else. “Tell me something,” she addressed Sally, “do you know of their brother and sister special affection?”
                Sally who felt insulted by what the skinny blond had said replied sweetly, “No I didn’t know,” and turning to Ayasha continued, “but I would love to join next time, if you don’t mind the company.”

                Ayasha smiled at Sally. “No not at all. We were going to invite you.”

                “Invitation accepted.”

                Audrey stared at both women as they returned her stare, everyone silent. Seeing that she had lost this battle Audrey huffed, turned and stomped away, angrily slamming the door behind her.  Ayasha immediately began to laugh as Sally tried to apologize.

                “You’re sorry? For what?” Ayasha asked.

                “I shouldn’t have gotten involved…”

                “I got you involved. Storm won’t be angry and if he is, I’ll deal with him.” Ayasha sighed, “Thank you for not believing that…”

                “It’s none of my business.”

                Ayasha’s phone beeped notifying her of a text message which read: Leave. Come to Mike’s now!

                “Well I have to get going. Thanks for watching Benji.”

                “It was my pleasure. He was a well behaved dog and he missed you.”

                “Yeah…he’s my baby. Say thank you and goodbye to Sally, Benji,” and the happy little dog barked and jumped around.

                “You’re welcome Benji and you were wonderful company,” Sally replied smiling.


                Kevin opened the Mike’s apartment door and allowed Ayasha in. She greeted  both him and Mike before addressing Storm.

                “Hey guys. You look great. What’s going on?”

                “You’re still looking fine as ever. So when you gonna leave that bum for me?” Kevin flirted.

                Storm grunted and Ayasha smiled. “Sorry but I sorta love that bum but who knows maybe I’ll change my mind one of these days.”

                “You know where I’ll be,” Kevin said.

                “Okay so what’s going on?” Ayasha asked finally addressing her brother.

                “Sally is under surveillance. Nice argument there sis…”

                “Your whore asked for it,” then Ayasha smiled, “and Sally handled her nicely also.”

                “Yes, we heard,” Mike said and the guys began to laugh.

                “Yasha…” Storm began.

                “You heard what she said?” Ayasha said in her defense.

                “Yes, and I will take care of it but stop calling her my whore.”

                “I hate the fact that you got involved with her in the first place.”

                “Ayasha, it was nothing. Let it go.”

                “Okay. So why are you watching Sally?”

                “Sorry babe but it’s confidential,” Mike answered.

                “Yeah…it’s nothing big.”

                Mike’s phone rang. “So why are you watching her from here?” Ayasha asked.

                “The main surveillance is going on elsewhere. This is just an additional feed,” Kevin answered.

                “I needed somewhere to stay and didn’t feel like a hotel or…” Storm answered.

                “You could have gone home for the weekend. I’m sure mother would have loved that,” Ayasha said.

                “Didn’t feel like it sis,” Storm said to her smart ass remark.
                “Okay thanks for letting me know. I’ll see you guys soon,” Mike said ending the call. To the others in the room he said, “I have to go.”

                “I’ll recheck to see if I missed anything,” Kevin said.

                “Thanks man,” Mike said to Kevin before turning to address Storm, “Storm thanks for letting us use your place.”

“Anytime,” Storm said to Mike and before turning to Kevin, “Can you get that stuff out of my house tonight? I’m going to dinner.”

“I’ll do my best but I can’t guarantee anything.”

“Thanks,” Storm said to Kevin before addressing Ayasha, “Sis, where are you off to now?”

“Home, do you want to come by. I’m ordering in,” Ayasha replied.

“No…I’m gonna wing it tonight. Thanks.”

                “Ayasha, see you soon babe,” Mike said.

                “Well your wish will come through if you attend my party next month.” She turned to Kevin, “Both of you are invited and both of you had better show up, no excuses. It’s going to be fun because it’s my party.”

                “Just let me know when babe, you know I’ll always make time for you,” Mike replied.

                “Yeah, me too especially when you leave that bum you’re dating…what is he again, a nurse or something?” Kevin joked.

                “He’s a doctor you idiot. Don’t get injured. I don’t want you to end up on his table especially if he knows you’re trying to steal his woman,” Mike said to Kevin.

                “It doesn’t matter, we’ll still be together,” Kevin said to Ayasha who laughed.

                Storm and Mike both shook their heads. “Delusional,” Mike said before walking away.



                Storm parked next to the car in his driveway. Walking behind it, he took down the plate number.  When he opened his front door, it was to see Sally dressed, ready to leave. For a brief moment, he imagined she was at the door to welcome him home. She looked beautiful and taller. Her hair was pinned up in a messy bun and for the first time, she was wearing makeup; a lip-gloss that made her lips look very wet and kissable. Her beautiful aqua blue shirt was breezy and airy and she paired it with skin tight dark blue jeans. Looking down he saw why she was taller today, she was wearing wedges that showed off her manicured toes. Deliberately blocking her path so she couldn’t leave, he inconspicuously forced her back into the foyer as he securely closed the door behind him. It also gave him a few moments to rein in his desire to kiss her.

                “Hello, how are you doing?”

                “Fine thanks. You’re back early.”

                “Yeah, I finished my business sooner than expected. Where’s Benji? He didn’t give you any problems did he?”

                “No, he didn’t. Your sister came by and got him not too long ago.”

                “Oh good. Thanks so much for watching him for me…”

                “You’re welcome.”

                After a moment of silence they both began to speak together.

                “Well I’ll…”

                “Where are…”

                Sally kept quiet and nodded for Storm to begin. “Where are you off to?”

                “Oh I was going to get dinner but since you’re back, I’ll leave instead.”

                “Did you order?”

                “No, I was just going to see what I wanted.”

                “Well give me a few and I’ll join you.”

                “No, that won’t be necessary. Thank you.  You have been very generous already.”

                “Sally, I’m hungry too and I wouldn’t mind the company.”

                “I’m not comfortable considering I’m temporarily working for you.”

                “Well your assignment ended when Ayasha picked up Benji so you’re no longer my employee. Wait here, I’ll be back in about five to ten minutes.”

                “Storm, I…”

                “By the way what were you going to get?”


“Which is?”

“You wouldn’t…what did you want to eat?”

“Jerk Chicken and I know a great little spot.”

“You eat Jerk Chicken?”

“Yes, why?”

“Nothing…” she smiled and Storm didn’t miss it.



                The owner of the restaurant greeted Storm happily and it was clear that he was a regular. Storm introduced Sally to Clive, a happy go lucky individual who obviously enjoyed what he did. They sat at booth and shortly after, Clive came by.

“So a weh yu fine dat preety girl?” Clive asked.

“Mi whan no mi self Clivey,” Clive’s wife Patrice said.

Storm laughed at the ribbing. It was the first time he had ever brought a woman there besides Ayasha. It was one of Ayasha’s favorite restaurants and why he didn’t tell her he was coming. He wanted this time with Sally.

“So I can’t be seen with a pretty girl?”

“A nu so me sey. Mi ask yu a whey yu fine ‘re,” Clive replied.

Looking at Sally and her joy at his expense, Storm answered, “She ran into me.” Sally looked away shyly, her smile diminishing a bit. She looked up at Clive who was smiling at her and then at Storm. “Her beauty knocked me over, literally.”

She was stunned by the compliment.  

“What yu name?” Patrice asked Sally.

“What part of the island are you from?” Sally asked in return.    

“St. Ann’s. Where yu from?”

“Sally, Kingston but then again, everyone’s from Kingston.”

“True dat.”

“Do you ever go back?”

“When me can get a cheap flight.”

Even though her question was meant to sound casual, Storm detected the under tone of longing and wondered why she didn’t return for visits like he knew Clive and Patrice did. Maybe it was because she no longer had family on the island. According to the report Mike had pulled on her, she was an orphan.

“What yu want sweetheart?” Patrice asked Sally before turning to Storm, “Mi already know what yu want.”

“What if I want something different tonight?”

“Yu already have something different tonight and yu a enjoy it already,” Patrice replied to Storm who laughed. “Whey you want babe? Arda anyting.”

Sally laughed, “I’ll take an order of jerk chicken…oh wait, do you have fried fish?”

“Of course. You want bammy or festival wid dit?”

“Bammy please. Thank you.”

“I’ll have a fried fish also and make my chicken order a large one.”

“Alright. Whey you want fi drink?” Patrice asked Sally.

“A bottle of water please.”

“Dat it?”

“Yes, that will be fine. Thank you.”

“Me know, yu want fruit punch.”

“You love me.”

“No try fi take whey mi wife. Yu ‘ave yu own woman,” Clive said to Storm who laughed out loud again.

Sally was stuffed. The food was so good that she almost couldn’t stop eating. The fried fish came with steamed vegetables and Storm had jerk chicken with rice and peas. He made her try a piece of his chicken and she was definitely coming back for more. Clive and Patrice also kept the jokes coming. It was a very quaint restaurant, not very large which made it very cozy and enjoyable. No one wanted to leave or so it seemed, but there was a steady stream of patrons who couldn’t wait to get their food. Now they were walking among some shops with Storm lightly holding Sally’s hand after she gave up her many attempts to pull her hand free.  

                “So what exactly are you studying?”

                “For now it’s biology focusing on microbiology.”  

                “Very nice. I never had a feel for the sciences. My Aunt Mary does though. She was a pediatric nurse and she loved it. How much longer do you have?”

                “I have these exams then hopefully I’ll get accepted by one of the hospitals for an internship as a tech. At least that way, I can steady support myself as I further my degree.”

                “Which schools are you looking at?”

                “I’m still looking. I’m going over programs and their cost.”

                “Well there’s loans right?”

                “Yes, but I’ll still have to budget to see what I can afford.”

Storm noticed she didn’t give any information about her finances so he held back on the questions so she wouldn’t become suspicious.

“How did you find that place?” Sally asked.

“A very good friend of mine, a paralegal I worked with at the DA’s office. We were working on a case late one night and she ordered us dinner from there. I’ve been hooked ever since. I go there a few times a month. I love the atmosphere and Clive and Patrice are sweet and funny, hardworking. They make everyone feel comfortable.”

Sally took notice of how he spoke about his friends.



Storm laid in bed looking up at the ceiling wondering what time today Sally would leave. Last night was one of the best dates he’d ever had. He observed how much she enjoyed her meal, spoke with Clive and Patrice and relaxed in the little restaurant. Not wanting to part from her company, he insisted that she spend the night, averting to the time of night for traveling alone. Currently she was in a bedroom down the hall but he wanted her beside him in his bed. Getting up, he pulled on pajama pants, washed up and made his way to the kitchen to begin breakfast. At the very least, he was going to feed her.

Breakfast was finished and Sally still had not made an appearance so Storm when to see if she was up. Knocking on the door, he heard her yelled, “Enter.” Text book, notes and pictures lay scattered on the bed. Walking over, he picked up a few of the pictures and marveled at the various microbes depicted. Sally came out of the bathroom wearing a blue t-shirt and grey sweatpants. ‘Adorable,’ Storm thought as she threw the towel over her shoulder.

“I made breakfast. You were studying?”

“Good morning. Yeah, I was looking at the pictures of some slides. Thanks for breakfast but I’m gonna leave now. I’ve imposed long enough.”

“You’re not imposing but you should eat if you’re planning on studying more. I have some cases to review. You can stay and study if you like. It’s nice and quiet.” 

“Thanks but I really should get going.”

“Sally, come have breakfast and then make your decision after that.”




Sally was sitting around the dining table trying to concentrate on what she was studying but it was almost futile. Try as she might, she couldn’t get last night or breakfast this morning out of her head. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, bacon and toast with juice. The warm day accommodated them eating out on the patio.

“When is your exam?”

“Tuesday but I also have a paper that’s due.”

“How much more before it’s completed?”

“It’s finished but I want to edit it again.”

                “Again? Are you always this much of a perfectionist?”

                “I’m not a perfectionist,” but when she looked up at Storm and saw that one raised left eyebrow, she smiled and looked away knowing he wasn’t buying anything she was saying. “I want it to be right.”

                He smiled. “Come on let’s get you back to studying.”

                “Thanks for breakfast but…”

                “Sally, by the time you pack up, get home, unpack and get settled again to begin studying, you’d have lost your momentum. Stay and study. I have some work to finish in the office anyway.”

                “Are you sure I won’t be disturbing you?”

                “Help me with the dishes please?”

                “Yes, of course.”

It was two hours later and she didn’t remember what she read thirty minutes ago. Try as she might, she couldn’t hide the truth behind her distraction…she wanted to kiss him. She wanted to kiss Storm and didn’t know how.








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Have a great weekend guy. 

Turn by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Sorry this was late posting. Thanks for your comments and reviews.


Storm put down the file he was reading and looked back at his computer screen. Running his hand over his face, he took a deep breath and released it. It was stupid but he wanted to go out there and watch her study. He felt like a school boy with his first crush. Sighing in defeat, he got up and went to get something, anything so he could talk with her again, hear her laugh. She was still sitting at the table but instead of reading, she was staring out the glass door. She seemed confused and distracted.

“Hey are you okay?” Storm asked which startled Sally. “I didn’t mean to startle you. Do you want something to eat? You’ve been at it for a while now. Want to take a break?”

“Yeah, I probably should take a break but I’m going to get my things…”

“Why do you want to leave so badly? Do I make you that uncomfortable?”

“Why do you want me to stay?” Sally asked softly.

“Because I enjoy your company.”

“You don’t…”
“I’m trying to get to know you but you keep trying to run away. Stay, have lunch with me.”



                Storm convinced Sally to stay for dinner. She was wearing jeans again with her wedges and a simple white t-shirt. They were standing by the door having just returned from dinner.

                “Well, I’m going to get my things. Thanks for a very nice day and evening.”

                “Thank you for joining me.”

                Sally smiled and walked away. Storm stood at the door trying to think of a way to convince her to stay longer, but when she returned quickly, he realized she had packed before they left for dinner. Coming to the door, she stopped in front of him.

                “Well thanks again for the job and everything. Have a nice week.”

                “Thanks for watching Benji and for spending the day. We should do this again sometime. I like hanging out with you.”

                Sally smiled happily. “Thank you, it was nice.”

                Storm bent to her and her soft, clean scent engulfed him. His lips gently touched her cheek and lingered a bit longer than it should as he relished the feel of her skin. Lifting his head just a margin, he looked in her wide eye stare and slowly lowered his lips until they gently pressed against hers. She didn’t pull away from him and he cupped her face, deepening the kiss. Her lips were very soft and he savored the fresh taste of her. Hearing her release the breath she was holding, he knew he had both won and loss. Some of her barriers were down but he had lost the battle to control himself. He wanted her, badly.

                She pulled away, breaking the kiss. Storm looked down and saw her rapidly beating pulse.

                “I have to go,” she said hurriedly and picked up her bag, opened the door and left.

                Storm reached for her hand, “Sally,”

                “Have a nice night.” She pulled her hand free and left.

                As Storm looked at the closed door, he remembered a particular moment he watched on the surveillance feed. Benji had curled up next to her on the couch while she studied and when she felt asleep he stayed curled beside her. The only other person he did that with was Ayasha.


                The week went by in a daze because all Sally could think of was the kiss. She wanted to feel it again. His lips were firm but soft and moved with such precision over hers. The experience was one she would never forget. He had sent her a text that night wanting to know if she got home safely to which she had replied. But over the last few days he sent her more text messages. She kept her answers short, telling herself nothing could come of it anyways. The kiss was only a fluke. It would never happen again. It was time for her to let go of the fantasy.  

Sally continued to stare at the ocean, something she’d been doing entirely too much since the day she left Storm’s. Turning around abruptly, she didn’t expect to face Storm’s hard muscled chest. She almost fell backwards, but he reached out in time to grab her arms, steading her.

“You don’t have to fall at my feet to show me how happy you are to see me,” Storm said smiling. “What are you doing here?”
“I sent you a message asking if you wanted to catch a movie or something but you didn’t reply. Busy?”

Sally looked away guilty. She had received the text message and wanted to go but was too afraid to reply. “Yeah…I’m busy but thanks for the invite.”

“What night are you not busy?”

“I’m busy every night. Sorry.” Sally tried to walk away but Storm held on to her arm.

“No movie, late dinner, this Saturday.”

“I can’t…”

“I’ll pick you up at about ten.” Storm turned and walked away.

“No place is opened at that hour.”

“Let me worry about that. Be ready at that time.”

Sally didn’t have to work that night.


Sally glanced at the speedometer…120mph, ‘And there’s still room…’ she said to herself as she pushed herself to go faster. Try as she might, she couldn’t come up with a good reason to get out of the date this Saturday. She bent into the corner and came out smoothly like she knew she would. Being on this stretch of road without any cops or other bikers was what she needed. She had to find a way out of this fantasy in her head. It was becoming an obsession if it wasn’t already.

She got to the four way stop and stopped. Sitting up on the bike, she took deep breaths as the readied herself for another pounding session. But suddenly another bike stopped next to her. She looked over and the biker and bike seem to be one; clothes and bike color almost the same. He looked over at her and nodded. She knew her bike was not match for the Ducati 1098s but if she was going to get her ass kicked it might as well be by the best, she thought. She nodded and revved her bike. The other biker did the same also.

They took off and it didn’t take long for him to pass her but he kept dropping back his speed to stay by her side mostly. She rode hard, taking her bike past 140mph but she knew it was still no match for the monster beside her. Soon she would be able to purchase the bike she wanted but loyalty forbade her to rid herself of her trusty companion. She smiled at the thought and glanced over to the rider who was beside her. He looked at her, nodded and then took off. He bent into the curve smoothly, melting, bike and rider becoming one. She smiled, it was a beautiful sight.

The rider was waiting for her at the stop sign. Pulling up next to him, she took off her helmet and turned, shocked to see Storm staring back at her.

“You ride?” she asked.

“So do you and very well too. I don’t meet a lot of women who can ride at that speed.”


                “Want to go again?”

                “I love riding but I’ll pass on the humiliation.”

                “No racing just riding. Come on, ride with me.”

                “I have to go.”

                “Why? You just got here.”              

                “Good night…be safe.”

                “Don’t bail on me this Saturday.”



Dinner was at an elegant restaurant and at nine instead of ten. She was dressed in an ivory linen dress with two inch heels. Her hair was wrapped in a bun and once again her only make-up was her lip-gloss. The square bodice of the dress showed off the top of her cleavage and the cut of the dress synched her waist and flared off her hip to hint at her hour glass figure. They were walking in the garden area of the plaza where they just dined. Storm kept the conversation going while she wondered what she was doing there with him.

“How was your exam this past week?”

“We didn’t take it so now I have three next week.”

“That’s a lot. How do you feel about them?”

“I feel good. I’ll be fine.”

“Good. Did you turn your paper in as of yet?”

“Yeah, this week.”

“What grade do you think you’ll...Sally, Sally what’s wrong?” Storm asked when he turned to see why she had stopped.

“I…I need to sit, please.”

“Yes, of course,” Storm said as he brought her to a bench. “Are you okay? Do you want me to call the ambulance?”

“No, no…I’m fine. I just need to rest for a moment.” After a few minutes, “I think I had too much wine.”

“I didn’t know…you didn’t say…”
                “No, I wanted to try it and it was delicious. I just have to get used to it.” But the dizziness remained.


Sally’s head felt a little heavy as she very slowly opened her eyes. She didn’t want to move from the very comfortable bed but on wobbly legs, made her way to the bathroom. Realizing it wasn’t her bathroom, she looked down at herself and noticed also that the clothes she was wearing wasn’t hers either, even though she was still wearing her bra and underwear. ‘Who’s t-shirt is this? She quietly made her way to the bedroom door but stopped at the door to look at Storm sleeping in the bed. ‘Did I sleep with him?’

As Sally turned to leave she heard, “Where are you going?” and turned around as Storm sat up and turned on the light next to him. Sacred, she looked down at herself trying to think of something to say. He got out of bed and stood before her.  “How are you feeling?”

“How did I get here?”

“You mean in my room, in my bed?” She nodded. “You had a bit too much wine. When I brought you back, I helped you undress, put you in my shirt and bed. Nothing happened besides you slept. How do you feel?”

“Better thanks.”

“Good. Now come back to bed.”

“I’ll sleep in the other room…”


Sally looked away then back at Storm. She couldn’t explain it but the need to touch him was strong and frightful. Not wanting to begin something she couldn’t control, she turned to walk away but Storm held her hand and brought her back to him.

“I won’t hurt you,” he said moving her hair behind her ear.

His fingers gently moved along her jaw to her chin where he tilted her head up as his lip descended to hers. Tenderly his lips moved against hers and the heat she felt the last time they kissed was back instantly. His tongue sought entrance beyond her lips and she granted it slowly, knowing she didn’t have the ability to deny him. He wrapped his arms around her securing her to him as he walked her backwards. They broke apart when the back of her legs hit the bed and she grabbed on to him for support. He began kissing her again but it was all too much too fast and she pushed him away causing him to take a step back. She was flustered, confused and the look in his eyes were hungry. He demanded control over her mind and body and she was close to giving it to him. She tried to move past him but he held her arms not allowing her to pass.

“Sally, I’m very attracted to you,” Storm said gently waiting for her response.

She gasped, “What? I have to go,” she said and tried to move past him again.

His hands cupped her face gently, “I won’t hurt you.”

Sally looked away. “Please, I have to go.”

“Why?” He kissed her cheek.

“I can’t...I don’t…”

“Sally I want to make love to you, do you want to with me?”

“I…I’m not as…as experienced,” she whispered.

Storm smiled and tilted her face to him, “Good, don’t think, feel.”

His kiss began gently then intensified when he felt her hands move up his arms and rest on his shoulders. His hands moved up, dragging both the t-shirt and her body temperature along its upward path. The kiss ended temporarily for Storm to remove the shirt but when Sally covered herself, he pulled her to him and kissed her hungrily, plundering her mouth with more force and directness than before.

He moved her hands to his back and his muscles jumped where her fingers touched. She hurriedly tried to remove her hand thinking she had hurt him somehow, but Storm tightened his arms round her like a band, restraining her from leaving their circle. She pulled back from the kiss to look up at him, “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Pearly white teeth smiled down at her as Storm tilted her face up. “You’re sorry for being beautiful? I’ve never heard anyone apologize for that before.” A shy smile played at her lips as she looked down. “I didn’t think so. Touch me.”

She looked back at him and the fear that had just left with his compliment came back with his order. Taking a deep breath, Sally moved her shaking hands inch by inch up his torso to his shoulders. She kept her gaze on her moving hands and inhaled a quick breath when he cover her hands with his and moved them around his neck. Her fingers knotted themselves in the hairs at the back of his head and when he kissed her again she tightened her hold on him, crushing her breast into his chest.

She didn’t know he had moved her to lie down until her back touched the bed and he covered her with his body. Keeping the bulk of his weight from her, he kissed down her body making her arch into him. Guided by her natural instinct to respond to him, Sally’s moans came effortlessly and her muscles quiver and jumped where his lips touched. The heat between her legs built and they moved a part of their own accord to allow him to settle in-between.  He reached her mound and placed a gentle kiss on top as his hands roamed up and down her legs, kissing along her inner thighs. Sally grabbed his hair not sure if she wanted him to stop or continue and her stomach quiver again as he made is way up her body and taking a breast in his mouth, licking and sucking on each nipple as he tried to make her forget the world around her.

He moved to her side without breaking the kiss while his hand moved down her body to stop at her heat. She gasped when his finger touched her swollen clit and closed her legs on his hand. He moved over her, maneuvering her on her back again and forced her head back into the pillow as he deepened the kiss. She tugged at the hand between her legs but it didn’t move. Relaxing again, her legs opened slightly and it was all he needed, his finger tip moved along the receptive outer engorged lips of her pussy. Her grip on his wrist tightened but his fingers didn’t stop and gradually her acceptance grew until slowly one finger began to enter her heat.

She took a deep breath as his finger began to move slowly in and out and he took a hard nipple into his mouth. He withdrew his finger and made a slow journey to her tiny button. Her entire body shook as he alternated between entering and withdrawing and touching her little button. The sensations grew until they felt overwhelming. Then she couldn’t breathe. Everything intensified and she pushed at his hand, terrified of what was coming.

“No. Stop,” she pleaded.

“Yes…yes,” he said as he continued to rub her clit gently.

She tried pushing at his shoulder but it was unmovable. His finger gently entered her again and again. He kissed her deeply as her body tightened further, preparing for an impact she had never felt before. She turned away from him, breaking the kiss.

“What? No…”

“Breathe sweetheart, breathe. Let it go,” he whispered in her ear. “Don’t fight it, Sally. Let it go.”

Upon his command, she stopped fighting and it burst upon her. Her eyes closed and she screamed while she grabbed his wrist and held it as her legs clamped closed. Her back and neck arched as she tried to breathe through the intense sensation rushing through her body like liquid heat. Her eyes opened and she looked up at him startled as she gasped for air and closed her eyes again.

“That’s it baby, yes, let it go. Breathe baby breathe.”

A while later, she opened her eyes again but she kept seeing what she thought were stars. Her breathing had not come back to normal but she no longer felt like she was suffocating. The tension that had knotted her body had eased a bit living a languid feeling in its place. He kissed her and she got lost in the taste of him as he settled between her legs. She didn’t see him put the condom on but she did feel his hands move to her junction as he placed himself at her opening. He gently entered her and her body opened for him. She looked up at him when he stopped thinking he was fully in her and took several breaths as she stared back at him.

“Open your legs wider,” he whispered in her ear. She obeyed. “Hold on to me tighter.”

 She gripped his shoulders stronger as he kissed her again and this time surged into her in one solid thrust. Her body tightened at his massiveness and she tried to twist away from him but his kiss was unbreakable, and he swallowed down her moan even as he held himself still, giving her time to adjust. He withdrew and reentered slowly and her body tensed as the new sensation washed over her. Steadily his thrusts increased as she gripped him tighter. His lips moved along her collar to her breast to suck her nipple into his mouth and flick his tongue over it until she cried out, before moving to the other. He kissed her again, deeply and the feeling he created intensified and spread through her body.

She heard his voice again in her ear as she struggled for control. “Breathe baby breathe,” and again she tried to breathe normally. “Let it go…don’t fight it baby.”


“Sally, don’t fight it.”

Her walls clamped down on him hard as he pushed in. His head was bent to her neck as she screamed and dug her nails into his shoulders. She heard his heavy breathing and felt his body go ridged. It was a many minutes later before she was able to open her eyes and take a labored breath. They looked at each other and Storm kissed her before gently withdrawing from her. Immediately she felt the loss. She didn’t see when Storm remove the used condom and threw it in the trash. She didn’t when he left the bed and got a towel to clean her up. But when he came back to bed and gathered her in his arms, she was asleep before her head hit his chest.



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Runaway Confessions by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Sorry for this being late. Starting my own business, looking for employment, voluteering and family. It takes a toll...thanks for your patience. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe Holiday to all.


                He was waking up alone again and for the life of him, Storm Monsello couldn’t understand why it was still bothering him. Since Sally’s quiet, unannounced departure Monday morning he had been unable to shake the feeling of being used. It was an alien feeling since he much preferred women who weren’t clingy. The rules he and Brad had acquired, developed and perfected over the years, never accounted for such emotions. But now here he was feeling used and he didn’t know if a girl leaving of her own accord should conjured such sentiments. As Storm thought about Sally, he could help but think about their night together. His instincts were right, Sally was a virgin and he now selfishly wanted to be the only recipient of un-orchestrated touches and actions. He wanted to be her only instructor.   

Finally getting out of bed, he made his way to the shower. The water stung his shoulders where she had embedded her nails for an orgasm that had intensified his a hundred times more. Storm smiled when he remembered how her body responded to his touch, how it felt to see and feel her experience her first two orgasms. His cock had reached heaven and waking up to her next day had felt simply perfect. He took extra care getting dress, planning how he was going to surprise her for lunch. Tying his navy blue silk tie against his light blue shirt, Storm once again thought back to how deeply he had slept where he didn’t hear her leave. It still left him in awe since he was normally a light sleeper.


                Officer Eastman walked among the bikes in the parking area, searching for Sally’s but it wasn’t there. According the stripper, this was the school Sally attended and the bike was the only mode of transportation he had ever seen her use. But both since she left the club, no one had seen or spoken with her. Also, the number Roger had for her had been disconnect month prior. Feeling angry and frustrated, Office Eastman got in his car and left, not wanting to arouse the suspicions of the officers stationed on campus. He was so occupied with his thoughts that he didn’t see Storm driving into the school.



                Waiting by the stop sign to turn into the visitors’ parking lot, Storm didn’t expect to see Sally walking toward the bus stop. Having gotten her schedule from Kevin, he was going to wait by her class room until she left, but as he waited for a car to pass, he saw her turn and greeted a guy with a hug and kiss. A fierce jealousy ignited in him that he had to forcefully stamp down. He wanted no other man touching her. Turning, he looked into his rearview mirror to see her hug and kiss the guy again as they both went their separate ways.

                He turned the car around when he saw her sit at the bus stop and pulled alongside. “Good morning.” He could tell she was surprised to see him but still replied in kind. “Do you mind if we talked for bit?”

                “No, I can’t right now.”

                “Where’s your bike?”

                “In the shop…you’re in the bus area. You need to move before the bus gets here.”

                “I’ll take you where you need to go. Come on.”

                “No thank you. The bus should be here in less than five minutes. Have a nice day.”

                Storm got out of the car. “Sally, I would really like to speak with you. Please get in the car,” he asked nicely. Picking up her backpack which was beside her on the bench, he opened the car door and waited for her to move.  

                “You can say what you have to say right here.”

                “As you pointed out the bus will be here shortly and what I have to say will take longer than five minutes. Come on.”

                They were driving in silence for a few minutes before Storm asked, “What exam did you have today?”


                “How was it?”

                “Why are you here?”

                “I wanted to see you.”

                “Why? Don’t you work?”

                Storm laughed, “Yes, I do. I had to see a client about five minutes away from here and I wanted to see you. Would you like to have lunch?”

                Sally turned and looked at him squarely. “Lunch? Are you kidding? And you want me to believe that you had a client to see that’s close by here? My school? Come on…really?”

                “Sally I did have a client to see that is less than five minutes away from here. Could I have pushed off doing the interview today? Yes, but she wanted it done as soon as possible and I thought lunch would be a great idea. Why are you being so defensive?”

                Sally looked out her window. Suddenly the car turned off the road and into the back parking lot of a Seven-Eleven.

                “Where are we going?”

                “Lunch if you would say yes.”

                “No. I’m busy. I told you that already. What do you want?”

                Storm parked the car and turned to her. “Why did you leave the other morning without letting me know? It was rather rude…”

                “You came to find out why I left? I had to get to school as you well know. Don’t tell me, something came up missing and I’m the main suspect.”

                “What?” Storm smiled thinking she was joking. “Nothing went missing but you should have told me you were leaving.”

                “Why?” When Storm didn’t answer immediately she continued, “Why should I have told you I was leaving? What great insight would you have gained with that information?”

                “Well I think it was rather rude after the weekend we had…”
                Sally laughed. “This is such bullshit.” She looked out the window before turning to address him directly. “You are so full of shit. How many women have you left without a backward glance? How many of them? Can you remember? I left because I had to get to class. I had an exam but even though you know the answer, it’s not good enough because you didn’t get to kick me out. I left of my own accord and that pisses you off.” She looked away again out the window.

                “I’m not pissed that you left for school…”

                She turned to face him again. “Bullshit…you are. What did you want me to do, beg you to let me stay? I’m not your skinny ass ex who’s claiming you to the world. I’m not going to sit by the door pinning after you like some childish school girl. We had sex. It was a mistake. It’s done…”

                “A mistake? Making love was a mistake to you?”

                “YES! Yes it was a mistake and I will live with it. Now leave me alone.”

                Sally grabbed her bag and slammed the door as she left. Storm sat looking at her for all of five seconds before he got out just as angry.  Reaching her, he grabbed her arm and swung her around to face him.

                “What do you want? Leave me alone. Go back to your…”

                “SHUT UP!” he yelled and repeated when she tried to speak again. “SHUT UP!” He was pissed. “What happened between us was not a mistake. It wasn’t. I know for a fact that that was the first time you had orgasms like the ones I gave you. If I wanted Audrey, I would be with her not standing here listening to this crap coming out of your mouth. And if I thought you were one of those girls who pinned after a man, I wouldn’t be here either. You want to talk about bullshit? Let’s talk about yours. I came here to take you out to lunch. To talk, to get to know you better but you’ve got that stick  so far up your ass that you can’t get past the fact that you want that mistake to happen again but don’t know how to ask for it.”

                They both stared at each other breathing hard. There was nothing else but so much more to say. He saw the fear in her eyes…and the loneliness. He wanted to pull her in his arms and kiss her until all the anger she felt left and all that remained was the soft, plaint woman he’d made love to on Saturday night. He watched as she turned and walked away.



                Her bike wasn’t ready and now she was both angry and sad. She wanted to ride, needed the freedom her bike would give her to clear her head. At that moment, it was her one wish, to have a clear head especially about Storm. She was now one of those girls…the ones who sat around day dreaming about a guy as if he was the miracle to all of life ailments, the unattainable fantasy.  She didn’t have time to entertain fantasies. She had planned her life out to precision and deviations could not be entertained. Storm Monsello was just that, a deviation. A tall, drop dead gorgeous, divinely made, blue eyed, black hair, not a flaw on his body, knows how to kiss, and how to bring a woman’s body alive deviation.

                The tenderness between her legs had eased, replaced by wanting. Masturbating was never something she had indulged in before but since Storm, she found herself trying to ease the needful want more often. He was right she had never had orgasms like the ones he gave her because she had never been with anyone before. She had tried but the guy wasn’t very experienced. Storm was her first and she was terrified. She wanted to kiss him so badly and if he had wanted to, she would have gone back to his place and made love to him. During class and even in her exam, she found herself touching her lips as if she could still feel his against hers.

                Their make out session on Sunday had left them both wanting but as much as they wanted to, Storm decided forego sex stating that he knew she was tender. How did he know that? Was he that experienced? How many women had he been with? Maybe it was because making love to her was a horrible experience for him. ‘But he came to take you out to lunch. He said he didn’t want Audrey,’ her conscience voiced. She was so confused. How could he have read her so easily to know that she wanted to make love to him again?

Sally got her bag and left her apartment. After eating dinner she walked along the beach since she didn’t feel like going home. Sitting on a bench looking out at the ocean, she thought about how the next few months of her life had to unfold. She was so close and nothing was going to stop her from her goal. Contact with Storm had to end. None of the feelings he invoked could be allowed to take root or they could deviate her from her path. But if she was going to be truly honest with herself, she would have to admit that the scariest thing about being was Storm wasn’t just the need he produced, it was how safe he made her feel. Sleeping in his arms had been one of the most peacefully night’s rests she had had in years and safety she knew didn’t exist.



“Mr. Monsello, was there anything else I could get for you?” the young housekeeper asked in a surly voice.

 “No,” Storm replied as he took another sip of his coffee and continued looking out the sliding glass door.

“Would you like me to make you breakfast?”

“No thank you. You may leave now,” he replied again without looking back.

“Are you sure? I…”

He looked back. “I’m sure. Go.”

She was upset but he didn’t care. He wasn’t sleeping with the help no matter how little clothes she wore. While he wasn’t fussy or cared that the household staff that came to his house wearing a uniform, they were to be at least modestly covered. He would have to tell his assistant to get him someone else. ‘Not a problem I would have with Sally,’ he thought as his mind drifted back to her again. Sally was extremely independent…maybe too much so. He turned to look at the door when he heard it close and his mind began to replay his fantasy of Sally standing there to welcome him home. When had he become fanciful? He was never one to daydream, at least not about a woman; cars and bikes yes, but not women or at least not about one woman in particular. But here he was, fully dressed hours ahead of time for him to be at the office and he couldn’t stop remembering how she moved beneath him, what her hands felt like on his skin, how soft and sweet her skin felt and tasted. He remembered the look in her eyes as her body built to its ultimate peak and the tremors that shook her when she climaxed. He wanted to do that to her again and again. He wanted to feel that calm happiness with her again afterwards.

But she was right, he had never cared for any of the women he’d left behind after the night’s romp was over. His ringing phone broke him out of his trance and after seeing who was calling, he pressed ‘ignore’. Shelly was a fellow lawyer and they also enjoyed the benefits side of their relationship, and while he knew she never called this early unless it was about a case, he couldn’t seem to focus on anything else but a flawless, walnut coloured, silky skinned, curvaceous beauty who had the most beautiful clear brown eyes, the softest lips, and curly satin black hair. 



More than five weeks later…

[Greg] - Hey how were exams

[Sally] - They were ok…yours?

[Greg] - Alright…want to go out and celebrate this Friday night?

[Sally] - Let me see if I can get off work. Will let you know soon

[Greg]- Cool…chil

Sally immediately dialed Jack and requested Friday night off. One of the new changes she had made was to get out more. So far it proved to be the only remedy against thinking about Storm which had dropped considerably but had not been completely eliminated. Rhonda finally confessed that she no longer worked for Storm and in some way, she was happy.  

The aching need she also felt had ebbed but did come back with a vengeance one night when Storm and his friends had showed up at the bar. They left before seeing her but one look at him had made her body go back into the extreme need and she found herself trying to find release a few times that night and over the next few days. She took long bike rides where she pushed herself to go faster and faster all trying to escape what she was feeling. She must have picked up her phone, ready to hit the call button about fifty or so times since the day of their argument but didn’t. How could she tell him that he was right? That she wanted to feel him again, that she was afraid of being discarded like yesterday’s newspaper? How could she tell him that feeling safe was the most terrifying feeling in the world to her and that’s how he made her feel.



End Notes:

Thanks again for reading. 

One Small Deception by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:



Sally’s back was to Greg’s front as they danced. Her swaying hips and arms didn’t go unnoticed by Grey and a few other patrons of the club. The music was loud and the crowd was a mixture of college students and professionals. She was having a good time which was surprising even for her. Greg had gotten them both a drink which he had finished but not Sally. Before coming to the club, they had gone for dinner. The conversation was kept light. They mostly spoke about colleges and universities, and plans on furthering their respective professions.

They were taking a break and standing at the bar speaking with the bartender, a friend of Greg’s when Sally thought she heard her name. Looking around and not recognizing anyone, she dismissed it but heard her name again after a few more minutes. Looking around, she came face to face with Ayasha.

“Hey, what’s up?” Ayasha said pulling Sally into a hug.

“Hi…” Sally replied not sure what to do.

“I’m having some much needed party time with my fiancé and some close friends. What are you doing here?”

“I’m celebrating the end of exams with one of my lab partners. Greg,” Sally turned to him, “this is Ayasha, an acquaintance. Ayasha, this is Greg one of my lab partners.”

Both Greg and Ayasha shook hands.

“You both have to join us. We’re having such a wonderful time,” Ayasha invited.

“Yes, you are,” said one of the women with Ayasha.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sally these are friends of mine. Ladies introduce yourselves, I can’t see you all.”

The women laughed and introduced themselves to Sally and Greg.

“Thank you but we’re heading out soon,” Sally declined.

“Okay then but I’m having a party in about two weeks and I’m inviting you,” Ayasha said taking a sip of her drink.

“Thank you but no…” Sally tried to decline.

                Shaking her head from side to side, Ayasha refused to accept Sally’s answer. “You’re coming even if I have to stalk you. I want you there.”

                “Ayasha, thank you but I can’t. I’m sorry.”

                “Sally, may I speak with you in private please?”

                Sally looked at everyone including Greg hoping he would say something but he didn’t and she reluctantly went with Ayasha.

                “Ayasha, thank you for inviting me…”

                “What’s the real reason? Does this have to do with my brother?”

                Sally looked down before looking back up at Ayasha quickly, “No. Why would you think that?”

                “Did something happen between the two of you? Did you two get in an argument?”

                “No, I was working for you both…”

                “No you were working for my brother. Sally, I like you. I think you’re a nice person and I am inviting you to my party, not my brother, me. It’s going to be very nice, very elegant and you’ll have fun. I promise you. Please think about it, okay?”

                Realizing that Ayasha was not going to take ‘no’ for her final answer, Sally nodded.

                “Good,” Ayasha squealed and hugged her. Sally couldn’t help her smile. “By the way, I don’t invite acquaintances to my parties, only friends.”



Storm pushed her further into the pillow trying to muffle the noise the girl was making. She screamed again telling him to go faster, she was cumming and he wanted her to do so and now. He reached under and roughly fingered her clit bringing her to orgasm easily. He pulled out immediately and took off the used, empty condom and pulled up his pants.

“Baby that was great…wait where are you going?”

“Home,” was his dry, terse reply.

“Wait, I’ll come with you.”


He grabbed his jacket and walked away.

“I’ll call you…”

“No don’t.”


It has been like this with the last five girls he’d been with. Sometimes he was able to finish and other times he wanted to leave as soon as he began. This was one of those times. He wanted to get away from this one as fast as possible. Getting home in record time, he went immediately for the shower. Once again his mind went to the one female that seemed to have him in this permanent state of unsatisfied arousal. He grabbed his cock and began to massage it, trying to put the right amount of pressure to simulate what it felt like being inside her. He closed his eyes and saw her half closed eyes and remember the feel of her tight walls which seemed to flow over every ridge of his hard cock like liquid silk, conforming to it perfectly. He remembered her taunt face and how he told her to breathe to release her orgasm, and the clamp of her pussy holding on to him as she came, making him cum also. Storm rested his head on shower walls breathing heavy as the water sprayed down on his head and back and his ejaculate ran down the drain. It had been like this almost every day since the day of the argument with Sally. His only true release was by his hands replaying the first and only time they had been together like a broken recorder in his head. Even when he was with the other women, he thought of her to finish. He didn’t want to go out tonight but Ayasha would kill him if he stood her up again.



Storm read the text message from Mike as he entered the club. Standing on the second floor entry, he looked for the easiest way to Ayasha’s party with the least congestion. There were a good amount of patrons there tonight including the gathering Ayasha and Collin decided to have with their friends. As he descended the stairs, he scanned the people only to have his eyes land on the object of his obsession. It seemed as if she was walking to him until he noticed the guy holding her hand. They stopped to speak with someone and the guy pulled her in front of him and wrapped his arms around her. She glanced back at him smiling and laughing.

Her smile was beautiful and she looked happy. They began to move again and she passed him unseen. Doing nothing to alert her to his presence, he followed them outside. They were waiting for the valet when the guy pulled her to him and kissed her. Storm’s hands balled into a fist and his eyes burned blue fire into them both.



Office Eastman couldn’t believe his luck. Right here almost in front of him was the object of his obsession. He was about to get out of the car when he looked up and saw the ADA that pulled him over that night standing outside the door looking for someone…or was it her? Did he know her? Now he had to be extra careful. Eastman remained in the car and watched as the guy and Sally kissed. He grabbed the steering wheel tight. ‘That bitch,’ he thought. How many times did he try to be nice to her and she rebuffed him as if he was nothing but here she was kissing this guy like a slut.



Storm sat beside Mike and ordered a beer for himself. The pretty waitress came back and smiled nicely to him as she bent to give him both the beer and a very good view of her ample bosom. Storm took the beer and smiled. He was going to need several of those tonight.

“Hey man, are you okay?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, you seem out of it. Something on your mind?”

“Nope,” Storm replied and looked away signaling the waitress to bring him another beer. He practically drank the first one in two gulps.

“So what took you so long getting here?”

“Was trying to finish up something…didn’t work out.”

“Another woman you had to cut loose?”

“Something like that. Hey what are the women here like tonight?”

“A few good ones. Gonna try your luck?”

“I may,” Storm replied taking the beer. He winked at the waitress gave her one of his movie star smiles. She smiled and winked back at him.

He was on this third beer when Mike noticed how fast he was drinking. “Hey man you may want to take it easy on those. I don’t want to drive you home tonight. I’m trying to get lucky.”

“You won’t have to do that. I won’t interrupt your game.”

“You may not want to but I’m not going to let you drive if you can’t. I can get random pussy anytime.”

“Hey guys what’s up?” Ayasha said coming to sit between them.

“Hey beautiful, you’re having a great time tonight.”

“Yes, I am.”

“I’ll be back,” Storm said to them both as he left with the waitress.

Sighing Mike looked away. “What’s going on with him?” Ayasha asked.

“Not sure hun but he’s not in a good place tonight.”

“How many beers has he had?”

“Too many if you ask me. He doesn’t normally down three in a row but something’s eating at him and he won’t talk about it.” Sighing, Mike finished his beer. “I’ll go talk with him.”

“No, I’ll do it. I want you to stay and have some fun. I’ll be right back.”

“Yes ma’am. Let me know if you need any help.”

“I will.”

“Hey where are you going? What’s going on with Storm? He seems distracted,” Collin said pulling Ayasha into his arms.

She kissed him, “Don’t know but I’m going to go check on him. I’ll be right back.”

“Want me to come with?”

                “No...I’ll be fine. Be right back.”

                “Okay,” he kissed her again.



                He was trying to build up the desire to kiss the girl on the lips but couldn’t. He kissed her neck and tasted sweat, cigarettes and stale liquor mixed with cheap perfume. The combination made him want to gag. He wanted to feel soft silken skin. He wanted to explore why her skin was so soft. Why did it smell like a perfect day outside; crisp, clean, bright? Why did he want to feel her arch into him as he took her nipple into his mouth instead of the breast being forced on him? He pulled back from the girl but she kept coming at him, kissing his neck and making those fake moaning sounds. He put his hands on her arms to push her away slightly. He needed to breathe and as much as they were outside on the balcony, he felt stifled.

                “Hey Storm, what are you doing out here?” Ayasha asked.

The girl looked at Ayasha with venom in her eyes but Storm was happy for the distraction even thought he was unable to smile.  

                “Just getting some air. Did you need something?”

                “Leave,” Ayasha ordered the girl clinging on to Storm’s arm.

                “Who do you…”
                “Leave us. I need to speak with my sister,” Storm ordered.

                Feeling affronted, the girl left realizing these two were used to giving orders and they were obeyed. It didn’t stop her from giving Ayasha a nasty cut of her eye when she passed by but Ayasha laughed thinking she was silly.

                “What’s going on?” Ayasha asked moving to stand by Storm who was leaning against the rail looking out at the road and vehicles passing by.

                “Nothing…is everything okay with you?”

                “Yeah, fine. I’m having fun. I just wished you would also.”

                Storm sighed and looked over at Ayasha, “I am having fun. I just have case on my mind.”

                Ayasha knew when her brother was lying and he was now. He hardly ever worried about a case. After a few moments of silence, she spoke again. “Guess who I saw here tonight?” At the shug of his shoulders, she continued, “Sally.” Storm visibly tensed. His fingers balled themselves into a fist before he released them just as quickly but not soon enough that Ayasha missed it. “I invited her to my party but she said she would think about it. Do you have her address so I can send her a formal invitation?”


                “Okay then do you mind taking one to…”
                He stood up straight and looked at Ayasha before looking back at the cars. “If she wants to attend, she’ll do so but I’m not going to ask her for you.”

                “Storm I don’t need you to ask her for me.  In case you forgot to listen, I asked her already. My only problem is if she wants to come, she doesn’t have the address and I forgot to get her number so I could text it to her. Can you give me her number?”

                “I don’t have it on me,” he lied. “I’ll find it and get it to you.”

                “Or you can just give her my address. Either way, I want her to have the option.”

                “I’ll see what I can do.”

                But as Storm stared out into the night he wondered what Sally was doing at that very moment. Was the guy kissing her goodnight? Was he making love to her right now? Was she arching into his kisses the way she did his? Every thought, the memory of she and the guy kissing was like someone taking a knife to his insides and chopping them up in little pieces. He wanted to stop thinking about her. He wanted to touch her again.



                “Hey man I’m sorry the bar is closed,” Richie the bartender said to Storm as he leaned against the railing at the top of the stairs.

It was a week after he’d seen her at the club and he was there to give Sally Ayasha’s address. For some reason he didn’t want Ayasha to know that something had happened between him and Sally, which was completely different since he didn’t care one way or another if she knew about any of the women he’d slept with in the past. So here he was after being properly yelled at by Ayasha, giving Sally the address to his Aunt’s home where Ayasha would be hosting her party. The one where only Sally McDonald dared to tell Ayasha Monsello who was spoilt and used to getting her way, ‘no’ at attending.

                “Yes, I know. I…”

                “Oh, hello there young man,” Jack said coming over to greet Storm.

                “Hello Jack. Nice to see you again,” Storm said meeting Jack half way.

                “I didn’t see you here tonight. Did you leave something again?”

                Storm laughed, his eyes landing on Sally who had moved to a far off table. “No, not this time. I came to see Sally.” He looked from Jack to Sally then back to Jack again.

                “I’m busy,” Sally said when Jack looked at her and they both watched as she turned her back and began clearing another table.

                “It will only take a few minutes,” Storm said to Jack. Hoping he wouldn’t mind but not caring if he did.

                “Sure, take all the time you need,” Jack said before turning to Sally who had stopped to look at Jack upon hearing that. “Sally that can wait.”

                Storm realized he had an advocate in Jack and decided to test his support. He addressed Jack with one of his more disarming smiles, “My sister is having a big party next Saturday and she invited Sally.”

“That’s wonderful,” Jack said turning to look at Sally.

“Yes it is but Sally says she has to work and I’m here to give her the address incase she’s able to get the night off.” Storm paused for the dramatic effect and it worked, Jack looked back at Sally again who was beginning to turn a different color if the limited lighting could be trusted. “It’s a big deal when my sister throws these parties. She’s over the moon and she invites everyone and I must say they are lots of fun.”

                “Sally, why didn’t you tell me you needed the night off? You know I would have given it to you,” Jack said.

                Sally who stood there looking at Storm wide eyed, wondered how no one else could see the fangs, snake like tongue and horns of the demon standing in their mist. He made it all seem so innocent, as if she was being difficult. “I was scheduled for work and I didn’t have enough time to request the time off.”

                “Oh? She told you about it more than a week ago and the party isn’t until this coming Saturday,” Storm said relishing backing her into a corner. He was almost certain he had Jack on his side and now he wanted her at that party.

                “That’s enough time for me rearranged the schedule and if I’m short staffed so what? It’s only one night,” Jack said addressing her concerns.

                Sally looked at Storm and through clenched teeth replied, “I had school, I forgot.”

                “Well that’s fine. You need to get out more and I think this party would be wonderful for you,” Jack said to her then turned to addressed Storm, “Does she have to get dressed up?”

                Storm laughed, he’d won. “Yes, the party is evening attire, no jeans and t-shirts.”

                “I don’t have anything to wear,” Sally said hoping she had just gotten out of going.

                “Sally, we can go shopping tomorrow if you like. I know some great stores we can check out,” Anna one of the waitress offered.

                Sally knew better than to take her up on that offer. Anna had gushed over Storm the last time he and his friends were there and Sally had not missed the narrowing of Anna’s eyes when she heard Storm say the invitation was from Ayasha. If Anna hoped to snag a tag-a-long invitation she was wishing in vein.

“Sorry but I can’t. I have a planned study group at the library tomorrow. I’ll do it sometime this week furthermore, I’m horrible at shopping and I won’t torture you like that.” To Storm she said, “I’ll see what I can do and I’ll let you know.”

                “Well I would have to know now since it is a catered party and all. She likes to know how many people will be on her guest list.” Storm hoped and prayed she didn’t say two because then he would just have to kill the guy she was bringing.


                “I’ll let her know,” and it took everything inside of him not to kiss her. He turned to Jack, “Thank you for giving her the night off. I will let my sister know how much it disrupted your business.”

                “Nonsense! Sally needs to go out more. No one should work every Friday and Saturday night.”

                Storm laughed, “I agree. Well then good night,” and then he turned to the bar and bade the rest of employees’ good night also.

                She was hiding her finances. That’s what his gut instincts told him as he sat in his car waiting for her to leave. She’d turned down the girl’s offer of assistance and he could only surmise she didn’t want anyone to know about the close to $70,000 she had tucked away in an account and the almost $2000 in her checking account. She also owed nothing on her one credit card that had a $7000 limit. Her credit was perfect but it seems she was deliberately staying off the radar.

He also couldn’t get over how she tried to decline the invite again. She consciously didn’t ask for the day off and if Ayasha had not insisted and annoyed him this week to get give her the address, she would have gotten away with it. She also didn’t ask him for the address which only meant she was planning on using that as a way out of the attending, but he knew how to get around that. More and more he wanted to know why Sally was determined to remain a recluse. It was more than the cop stalking her. She had enough money in the bank to leave so why wouldn’t she just go? He didn’t want her to but his gut wouldn’t let go that there was more than what everyone was seeing. She was hiding and it wasn’t because she was shy.


He gave her enough time to think she’d won but not too little time to find an outfit. On the Thursday, he sent her a text telling her the venue for the party changed last minute and she was to come to his house instead. She replied asking him for the time to show up. 

End Notes:

Thanks again. 

Runaway! Runaway! by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

I apologize for this being late but I've been very, very busy trying to get my business off the ground. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


                Sally put her raised hand down again for the fifth time. She had arrived more than ten minutes ago and was still trying to convince herself to knock on the door and announce herself. She was still trying to convince herself to attend the party. Not bothering to look for a dress, she thought she was home free until she received Storm’s text on Thursday and realized her window of escape had closed. Storm had manipulated the situation to his advantage. Oh how she wished she had both jobs right now to play one off the other and leave town unnoticed.

                Anna had also tried drilling her after Storm left the night he made the invitation known. She wanted to know how well Sally knew his sister to be invited to her party. But there was no way she was going to tell Anna that not only had she worked for Storm but had slept with him too. That was something she was trying to forget even if secretly she was happy to see him, and had fantasized that he was happy to see her also. She had to stop that…the fantasizing, and with that resolve, lifted her hand and knocked.

                After a few minutes, he opened the door. His hair was damp and he was buttoning the cuff of his white shirt. He was wearing dress slacks and polished black shoes.

“Hey you made it,” he said stepping aside to let her in.

“Hi, yeah, I did. I have a dress to wear. Do you mind if I change?”

“No, no, not at all. I’ll go finished getting dressed. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Sure,” she replied as she walked away thinking he should be an abomination, no man should be that good looking. Her heart was racing. She was going to be at a private social event with no way to leave on her own. She hoped this night went smoothly.


                Storm was standing in the foyer when he saw her coming towards him. She was gorgeous and while her make-up wasn’t done by a professional, it’s barely there look fit her perfectly. Her eye were done up with only black eyeliner and mascara, and a very shiny red lip gloss. He wanted to kiss her so badly. The royal blue color of her dress made her skin seem to shimmer while the cut enhanced her sensual curves. The caftan sleeves and deep cut bodice tapered into a form fitting silhouette stopping just below her knees. Black patent leather, peep toe pumps gave her legs an elongated look and he immediately thought about making love to her in them. Quickly turning, he adjusted himself without her seeing as he opened the door for them to leave.

                “We have to get going,” he said. “Do you have everything?”

                “Yes, I do. Are you sure this is not an inconvenience? Are we picking up your date along the way?”

                “No, it’s not an inconvenience. Let’s go, Ayasha wants me there early for some reason and if I arrive late, she’ll bitch at me for the whole night.”

                Storm felt his decision to drive was both the best and worst at the same time. If he was in the limo, his hands would be buried in her hair and her lip would been swollen from his kisses. But since he was driving, he had to keep his focus on the road instead of the gorgeous woman beside him whose delicate fragrance was keeping him in a semi-hard state. She had asked about his date but soon she would know she was his date. He was planning on spending the night getting to know her.  

                When they arrived at the house, Storm stopped the valet from opening Sally’s door. He opened it himself and with his hand at the small of her back began to lead her up steps of the house.   

                She looked around and Storm tried putting her at ease, “It’s okay. You’re with me tonight.”

                “What about your date?”

                “My date?” he asked as he read the text he just received.


                “Let’s go, Ayasha just text me again. She’s becoming an impatient worry-wart.”

                As soon as they walked through the door, Sally realized they were very early. No one was there which made Storm very suspicious as to why Ayasha had insisted that he arrive so early and be on time. He asked the doorman for is aunt and didn’t have to wait long as the she come through the double doors of the formal dining room to greet him.

                “Storm, ci siete. E 'possibile per visitare me senza un invito formale?”[1]

                He smiled and hugged her, “Zia Annetta, sei bellissima come al solito e tu sei ancora la mia zia preferita.”[2]            

“Sono il tuo unico zia ti diavolo. È padre sarebbe molto deluso dal modo di trattare la sua unica sorella.”[3]

                “Che sul senso di colpa un po 'troppo pesante non è vero zia Annetta?”[4]              

“Niente affatto se si otterrà me più visite da voi.[5] And who is this lovely young lady?” Annette asked finally addressing Sally.

                “This is Sally McDonald, my date,” he introduced. To Sally, “Sally this is my only beautiful aunt, Annetta Lenittio.”

                “Devil!” she said to Storm as she laughed and took Sally’s hand. “You are beautiful. It is a pleasure to have you here. Please do come in, come in,” Annetta said as she turned and ushered them into the waiting room.

                As they entered, a maid addressed Annetta, “Mrs. Lenittio? Your niece is asking for you and of her brother’s arrival.”

                “Ayasha has been patiently awaiting your arrival Storm. Go up and see her now.” When Storm looked back at Sally, Annetta continued, “I’ll look after your date. We’ll get to know each other. Vai avanti ora.”[6]

                “Okay Aunt Annetta, thanks.”

                “Now dear, where are you from,” Annetta said addressing Sally.



                Ayasha Monsello looked at herself again in the full length mirror and smiled sadly at her reflection. It was the happiest day of her life and she wanted her father to be there. It wasn’t that she didn’t love Storm, quite the opposite. He’d taken over being her protector and confidant after their father died but every girl needed her daddy on her big day; it was just how it was suppose to be. Her beautiful custom made Vera Wang dress was decorated with hand beaded Swarovski Crystals and seed pearls into a Native American Indian pattern. For jewels she wore the diamond earrings her father gave her for the sixteenth birthday. They were her favourite jewels from him. Iris her best friend fluffed out the back of her dress as they heard the knock on the door.

                “I’ll get it,” Iris said putting down the bouquet of flowers.

                “Thanks Iris.”

                “Hey Iris what’s going on?” Storm asked.

                “I’ll leave you two,” she said and exited the room as Storm entered.

                Storm looked back at Iris curiously since she was never one to mince words. Looking back at Ayasha, Storm stopped as the door closed behind him.

                “Ayasha what’s going on?”

                “What does it look like? I’m getting married and I want you to give me away…please.”

                “Yashy why didn’t you tell me? Why are you rushing into this?”

                “You’ve known about our engagement…”

                “Yes, but I was expecting an invitation and such, formally. Is Mom coming?”

                Ayasha looked down at her hands before she moved to the bed and sat. She motioned Storm to sit in the chair which he did. “No, I didn’t invite her.”


                “Storm this is my special day and I don’t want her to ruin it. Please try and understand, I want my day to be perfect and she and I have never really gotten along.”

                “I know that Ayasha but she is our mother. You can’t just cut her out of your life like she’s a friend you are no longer on terms with? Dad wouldn’t have wanted that.”

                “Dad would have been fine with it…”

                “No he wouldn’t …”

                “Yes he would. He and I spoke about it before he died and he told me to do what makes me happy. This makes me happy. I don’t want her here and you know she’s always hated me.” Ayasha got up and moved to the window.

                Storm sighed. Both women had been at odds with each other for as long as he could remember. “She doesn’t hate you Yashy. You’re both headstrong.”

                “No Storm, you’re her son she loves you.”

                “Yes she does and she loves you too…”
                “Storm I don’t want to argue about this. This is my day and I don’t want her here.”  

“Ayasha, this is a mistake. She’s your mother…” 

“No she isn’t. She’s your mother not mine!” Ayasha yelled and turned away. ‘I’m sorry Daddy,’ Ayasha said to herself.  

                Storm took her shoulders and turned her around to him. She wouldn’t look at him so he tilted her face to up to his. Her eyes had unshed tears before one spilled and she looked away. “When did you find out?”

                She looked at him then, “You know?”

                “Yes, I know. Dad told me before I left for college. He didn’t want anyone else telling me. When?”

                “After the argument when I was about ten. She told me she wasn’t my mother and never wanted to be. I asked Dad why she said that and that’s when he told me. I’m sorry Storm I never meant to keep…”

                Storm pulled her to him and held her tightly. She was his baby sister and it didn’t matter to him that they had different mothers. She was his father’s daughter and he loved her. She was the pain in the ass sister that would yell at him when she didn’t get her way but she would obey him in the end and cook him the best meal 20 minutes later. She wanted the best for him and would fight the world for him if he asked her to. “It doesn’t matter. You’re my baby sister and I’ll love and protect you forever. I only want you to be happy.”

                She hugged him back tightly, “I love you too Storm. I love you too. I only want you to be happy also.” She pulled back and looked into his eyes, “Dad asked me not to tell you. He didn’t want you hating him. Don’t hate him Storm.”

                “I can’t Ayasha. He’s my Dad and I love him. Stop crying, you’re going to ruin your make-up.”

                Ayasha smiled. “I don’t mind. I have one of the best make-up artist on hand to repair any damages.”

                “You don’t need it anyway. You’re beautiful just the way you are.”

                “I need you to walk me down the aisle. I want you to give me away.”

                “You don’t think I would allow anyone else do it now do you?”

                Ayasha smiled exuberantly. “No, no one can take your place.”

“I just have one thing to clarify…” Storm said and continued at Ayasha’s curious look, “You will continue to make me dinner right? Not because your married doesn’t mean I’m not longer going to be invited over for dinner on a regular basis, right?”

Ayasha laughed, “Do you always make deals with your stomach?”

“Only when you’re cooking. You know I love hanging with you.”

“Nothing’s going to change. There’s always a place at my table for you, always.”

“Get dressed. I’ll be waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs.”

“See you soon.”

Storm kissed her before he left.


The ceremony was simple and elegant. The groom wore a black tuxedo and was very dashing with his slicked back dark brown hair and twinkling light brown eyes. Everyone was happy eating, drinking, talking, laughing, dancing and just having a good time. Sally was seated in the second row with his friends on the bride’s side. She had now formally met Mike and Brad, Storm’s best friend along with Kevin a computer scientist who offered her unlimited bootleg movies anytime she wanted. Mike had promptly informed Kevin he would arrest him if sold her any. The guys laughed and ribbed each other and made her feel comfortable. What Sally found disturbing was the nasty looks she kept receiving from some of Ayasha’s friends who were at the club. She had not spoken with those girls there they were, glaring at her as if she had grown horns.

The most interesting person she met at the wedding however was Storm’s Uncle Gianni. He was a charming flirt who knew all too well that he was still very handsome for a man in his sixties. Upon their meeting, he kissed the back of her hand and took her away claiming since it was his house he had to seen with the prettiest woman there. His so called tour of the house was him giving her the ‘dirt’ on the people attending especially of the women whom he claimed still ‘wanted him for his body.’ She had no choice but to laugh at his antics and how much he teased his wife. It was easy to see that he was madly in love with her especially when he told Annetta he had finally found her replacement, Sally. Annetta had happily replied that she knew that Sally wouldn’t want an old man when she could have a young, gorgeously handsome and virile man like her nephew. That comment made Sally blush deeply and it was seen by both Annetta and Gianni.

After a few hours of socializing, Sally needed a break and walked to a far off section of the garden. Before she knew it, she was standing by a beautiful long stem white and yellow orchid bloom, in a secluded area. Taking in the intricate curves orchid petals, she genuinely was started at the voice close to her.  

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” the tall, handsome man said.

She had seen him a few times the evening and had made eye contact with her several times so far, however, she could have sworn he came with a date and therefore couldn’t understand why he was there speaking with her. “You didn’t frighten me. I was just admiring the flower.”

“It’s beautiful, just like the person admiring it.”

“Thank you.” She turned her back to him hoping he would leave her alone.

Instead he took the remaining steps towards her and Sally moved to another plant to put more distance between them. “I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner sometime.”

She looked back at him, “I don’t know who you are…”

“Yes, I’m sorry. My name is Derrick and you are?”

“Hi, you left without letting anyone know where you were. Are you okay?” Chad one of Storm’s friends asked.

Both Sally and Derrick turned and watch Chad descend the remaining steps towards them. “Yes, I am thank you.”

Chad turned to Derrick, “If you don’t mind, I need to have a word with her in private.”

“Yes, sure,” Derrick responded but handed Sally one of his business cards, “Call me anytime. I would love to finish our conversation. Good night.”

Sally took the business card and bade him good night also. She noticed how Chad watched Derrick until he was out of sight before closing the distance between them. He touched her elbow which made Sally feel very uncomfortable, as if she was being hunted. She wanted to escape.  

“You’re very beautiful,” Chad whispered to her.

“So is your wife,” Sally replied deciding make her position clear.

“Yes, she is but I would like to get you know you better.”

“I’m busy and I think you would be also with your wife. Please excuse me.” Sally made to move by him and he reached out and held her arm.

“I’m sure you and I can find the time…”

“Like she said Chad, she’s busy,” Storm said in a soft menacing tone when he noticed Chad holding on to her arm. Chad quickly released his hold and took a step back from Sally. Sally moved towards Storm and took the hand he held out toward her. “I think your wife is looking for you,” and they both watched as Chad visibly swallowed.

“Yes, thanks for letting me know,” he said to Storm and hurriedly returned to the reception.

“Are you okay?” Storm asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m going to leave now. Thank you.”

“How were you planning on leaving?”

“I’ll call a cab. I know your address…”

“The code for my alarm has been changed and you no longer have the keys so you would have to wait until I got home to get the rest of your things. Furthermore, I brought you and I will take you back home. Did he do or say anything inappropriate to you?”


But Storm noticed she didn’t look at him when she answered and it was upsetting him.  Chad had no boundaries and didn’t take his marriage vows seriously. His wife was friendly with Ayasha but they were not close. He didn’t care what Chad did but if he found him around Sally again he would not be as cordial.  

“Sally please tell me what he said to you. I know Chad. He’s an asshole…”   

“It was nothing. He just said we could make time for each other. I told him no.”

They both kept looking at each other and Storm couldn’t look at her anymore, he closed the distance between them as he pulled her to him and sealed their lip together. His tongue pushed past her lips to lick at her tongue. He held her face in his hand as he tilted her head to the side to taste more of her. She was like a drug he was finally getting to assuage his craving after months of being denied. He moaned when he felt her fingers grip his shirt and got lost further in her taste. Her smell blended perfectly with the scent of the orchids. He felt the back of her dress and knew exactly where her zipper was. He wanted to undress her right there in the garden and make love to her amongst the beautiful plants and flowers. He wanted…


He heard his name the second time it was called and looked up but kept his hands around Sally’s neck holding her to him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” Ayasha said feeling embarrassed that she had interrupted them.

Storm looked over Sally’s bent head to Ayasha and stopped her from leaving, “Wait, Ayasha…stop.” She did and glanced back before turning back to face him. “What is it?”

“I’m so sorry Storm…”

Storm smiled but not at Ayasha, at Sally whose face was red and flushed from embarrassment. He knew she was afraid to face Ayasha so he pulled her further into his arms despite her resistance. He knew she felt his actions were inappropriate and he smiled more. If only she knew all the inappropriate things he wanted to do to her right there in his Aunt’s garden at his sister’s wedding reception.

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry about Yashy. Did you need something?”

“I just wanted to make sure you were enjoying yourself.”

“Yes, I am, immensely.”

After a moment of silence and feeling it would be rude to ignore Sally, Ayasha asked, “Sally are you enjoying yourself also?”

Sally, swallowed hard and squeezed her already closed eyes tighter at being addressed. She opened her eyes slowly and turned to Ayasha. “Yes, I am. Thank you for the invitation. Your wedding was lovely and your dress is absolutely beautiful. Thank you again for including me.”

“It was my pleasure. I’m so happy you made it. Thank you again for coming. Did you have dinner?”

“Yes, thank you, I did.”

“Hey, is this where the party is? I’ve been looking for you my beautiful wife,” Collin said, coming down the step and wrapping his arms around his wife’s waist and pulling her back against him.

“No, it’s not,” Ayasha said turning her face to him to get her kiss.

“Hello, my name is Collin and I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of being formally introduced,” he said coming down the steps to Sally.

“Yes, sorry about that. Sally, this is Collin the man who tamed my wild sister,” Storm said, “Collin, this is Sally, my date.”

“I don’t know about the taming part as I like my women a bit wild. She’s the wildest one that’s the reason why I settled with her,” Collin whispered as he shook Sally’s hand.

Sally laugh, “It’s nice to meet you and thank you also for the invite. It was a lovely ceremony.”

“Yes, that it was but then again everything my wife does is beautiful and has to be, look at her, she’s gorgeous herself.”

“Okay, that’s my queue to leave,” Storm said, “it’s getting a bit sappy in here now.”

“One day my friend it will be your turn.”

“But until that day, take care of my sister. I will hurt you.”

Collin laughed, “Don’t I know it.”

Storm shook Collin’s hand and held Sally’s hand as he made his way up the steps to Ayasha who he kissed goodbye. “You had better tell Aunt Annetta you’re leaving in person if not, it’s your funeral and I’m not postponing my honeymoon.”

Storm looked at Ayasha, “Abandoned already Yashy?”



“So are you enjoying yourself? And let me just say, you are the most beautiful woman in this place next to the bride that is,” Mike said as he flirted with Sally.

                “I’m sure I’m not the only female you’ve said that to so far tonight,” Sally replied.

                Mike laughed, “Ouch, you’re tough. But really all the men here are finding it difficult to keep their eyes off you. I may have to offer you police protection.”

“Do those lines really work on women?”

“Sometimes,” Mike replied bring the beer to his lips and winking at her before taking a sip.

Sally laughed out loud and both her and Mike bent their heads together laughing at the looks they got from some of the other people. Apparently they were having too much fun by themselves.

“You may need to get new ones,” Sally suggested.

“Okay we’ll see. Let me see if it works on that woman who’s been eyeing me for a while now.” Sally glanced over to see the woman Mike was referring to as he acknowledged her with a nod. “By the way, we just broke up. I’m sorry but you will have live without me.” He then hurriedly bent his head and whispered, “I’ll let you know how it went.”

Sally laughed and turned to lean on the bar as he walked away. She was drinking her water quietly when she heard, “So how did you and Storm meet?” Sally turned to the voice and saw a beautiful brunette looking at her. Her black sheath dress was low cut in the front and stopped above her knee.

“Through friends,” Sally replied taking another sip of her water.

“I’m one of his closest friends and I don’t know you. What friend introduced you?”

“The one you don’t know.”

“I’m Megan, and you are?”

“His friend. Excuse me.”

Sally made to walk away but Megan blocked her path. “You’re just an experiment you know.” Sally looked at Megan as she continued. “He does this every now and then, finds some girl he knows is different from what he’s used to and she’s the novelty for a month or two. Then she’s passed along to his friends when he is through and then never heard from again. He always comes back to what he knows. He’s just trying to get over is recent ex-girlfriend but it’s not the first time they’ve broken up and gotten back together so it’s only a matter of time. I wouldn’t invest too much into him.”

“Don’t tell me…you’re just trying to warn me so I don’t get my hopes up? From one woman to another? We women have to stick together especially with these men who just use us and discard us like a whim, right?”

“Yes, I’m only trying to help. I’m glad you see that.”

“So is it the friend that you’re desperately trying to help or yourself? I think you’re trying to help yourself. I mean if you can have him for yourself then why shouldn’t you but then again, he didn’t come here tonight with you now did he?”


“Hello Megan,” Storm said coming to stand by Sally. “Are you ready to leave?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Good, let’s go. Megan,” Storm said as he took Sally’s hand in his and led her away with Megan watching slack jawed.


                Sally looked out the passenger window as Storm drove to his house. A few times he tried to make small conversation but her answers were short. What Megan said was bothering her. It was her fear…that she was being used as a temporary distraction and she wanted Storm too much to stop herself from being used. She was so deep in thought that she didn’t realize he had arrived home. As soon as he closed his front door, he pulled her to him and kissed her soundly. She felt her back hit the wall and her hands got caught between their bodies. She tried to get some leverage but the way he was kissing her only fed her desire for him. His lips trailed to her ear and she to regain the restrain she lost during the kiss.

                “Storm…Storm, wait…stop.”

                “Why?” he asked as he continued to nibble at her neck. “You taste great.” He kissed her again and again Sally forgot why she wanted him to stop. He shrugged out of his jacket, letting it fall to the floor and reached behind for her dress zipper when she turned away from him, this time successfully.

                “Storm wait, please.”

                Storm stopped and looked at her noticing that she kept glancing at him and then looking away. “What’s wrong Sally? Are you ok?”

                “What is this?”

                “What is what?”

                “What is this? This that’s going on between us.  We don’t see each other for weeks…am I the novelty? Was that the introductory to your friends?”

                “What the hell are you talking about Sally? What novelty? I introduced to you to my friends because I wanted to.”

                She walked a few steps away from him. For some reason she felt cold and ran her hands along her arms. She turned back to him knowing that as much as she was afraid of the answer, she still had to ask the question. “Am I the first minority girl you have been with?”

                “What?” stunned Storm took a step towards her. “Sally, please start at the beginning and tell me what you’re talking about.”

                “You know what I’m talking about...”

                “No I don’t. What the hell kind of question is that. ‘Are you the first minority girl I’ve been with?’ I don’t date minority girls. I have date women of different cultures if that’s what you’re asking.”

                “We’re not dating…”

                “We would if you would let us date. I want to date you.”

                “Why, because I’m different from the rest?”

                “Rest? Rest of who?” Taking a deep breath and running his hand in his hair, Storm strived for patience. “Sally tell me what’s going on? What did you hear and from whom?”

                “Just tell me…”

                “Tell me Sally, now.”

                “Your friend or your sister’s friend Megan said…”

                “Okay, I’ve heard enough. God this is such bullshit.” Storm ran his hand in his hair again as he looked up at the ceiling, “She’s so fucking annoying. Sally, I don’t care what she told you, she’s lying…”

                “She’s lying because she told me about…”

                “She’s lying because she’s had a crush on me since the seventh grade and it’s fucking annoying.” He moved to stand in front of her and took her face in his hands, “Sally, she’s lying. She’s has been trying to go out with me for I don’t even know how many years now and I’m just not interested. I want to be with you.”

                “Until when?”


                “Until when? How long do you want to be with me for?”

                Frustrated, “Do I need a time table or a schedule to make you cum?”

                “Go to hell.” She tried to walk away but Storm held her arm.
                “Why do you keep running away like this? What was this, a comparison so you could make a final decision between me the other guy?”

                “What other guy? What are you talking about?”

                “The guy you were with at the club…when you saw Ayasha? Are you and he together now or were you trying to decide?”

                “You know about Greg? Wait how did you know…are you following me?”

                “No, I’m not,” but Storm turned away when he answered her before turning back to her, “I saw you at the club. Ayasha had invited everyone out that night. So are you with him now?”

                “If you’re asking me if I slept with him, I didn’t.”

                She turned again to leave and he caught her arm again. “Why do you keep running away from us?”

                “There is no us…”

                “There could be if you would let it. What are you so afraid of?”  

                “I’m not afraid.”

                “Yes, you are. You are terrified of anything more happening between us. Tell me you feel nothing when I kiss you. Tell me you don’t want to me to touch you. Tell me you don’t want to cum the way you did the last time. Tell me you don’t want feel what you felt when we were together. Tell me you don’t so I can tell you you’re lying. I want to feel you again Sally. You know I won’t hurt you but you keep running away from me. Stop running.”

                Sally looked at him shocked but scared. “I have to go.”

                Frustrated Storm yelled, “Fine! Go! Get the fuck out!” and turned his back to her.




[1] Storm, there you are. And is it possible to visit me without a formal invitation?


[2] Aunt Annette, you're beautiful as usual and you're still my favorite aunt.


[3] I'm your only aunt you devil. You father would be very disappointed in the way you treat his only sister.


[4] Laying on the guilt a bit too heavy Aunt Annetta?


[5] Not at all if it’ll get me more visits from you.


[6] Go on now.


End Notes:

Thanks again for reading. Have a great weekend. Also since I am behind on posting, I will be posting the next chapter soon after this. :)

Fighting A Lost Battle by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

As promised...thanks again for reading.


                Sally wheeled her bike to the end of the road and stopped. It would take less than a minute to change shoes, get on the bike and leave but she hesitated. Looking back, she also realized it would take less than five minute to tell him how she felt. ‘He could have gone with any of the girls there tonight but he took you as his date. He wanted you,’ her conscience remarked. Sighing, she turned back.



                Storm had his back to the door. He glanced back at it least twice already trying to convince himself that there were so many other women he could have at the snap of his fingers. ‘But those women would bend to you every whim but Sally won’t. Her life is separate from yours,’ his conscience piped in. He didn’t have any proof, but his gut instincts told him Sally wouldn’t change who she was just to appease him. He knew she was scared, scared and attracted to him, and he wanted her with him tonight. But Megan had to fuck up his plans with her childish school girl crush. ‘You should have had more patience with her.’ For the last two months, he had not stopped thinking about her. The desperate want to touch her again took over every rational thought.

“Fuck!” he muttered as he headed for the door. He was going to bring her back and they were going to talk about what happened between them.

As soon as Storm opened the door, he found his path blocked by Megan, wearing a long coat and smiling flirtatiously. She reached for him but Storm took two steps back which allowed her entry in the house. Megan then dropped her coat and stood in front of Storm naked, wearing only her strappy Jimmy Choo’s.

                “Meg…” Storm began but was cut off as she threw herself at him and began to kiss him.

Storm grabbed her arms and pushed her away from him only to look behind her at the open door to see Sally watching the entire scene.

                “Sally! Sally! Wait!” Storm yelled as Sally retreated into the night.

                He moved to go around Megan but she grabbed his arm. Storm pulled his arm up breaking her hold as he turned to her and yelled, “Get off me Megan and leave me alone,” then going after Sally.

                “Sally! Sally wait! Just hold on a sec,” he said catching up to her and reaching for her arm.

                She wrenched her arm from his grasp, “Leave me alone…”

                “Stop! Come back inside…”

                “I’m not coming anywhere near you or her. Go back to her…”

                “No…you came back. Don’t do…” getting frustrated, he grabbed her arm tightly and began pulling her back up the driveway.

                “Let me go! Let me go!” Sally yelled but Storm ignored her.

                Entering the house, he noticed that Megan was still standing in his foyer naked. Sally stopped squirming when she saw Megan and watched as Storm grabbed Megan’s arm, walked her to the door, shoved her out and slammed the door behind him. Turning back, Storm noticed Megan’s coat was still on the floor. Remembering that she was naked, he grabbed the coat, opened the door, threw it at her and slammed the door again. This time he locked it and set the alarm, all the while retaining his hold on Sally’s arm.

                “Storm, stop this,” Sally yelled as she struggled to get away from him.

She managed to get an arm free and turned to leave but Storm grabbed her around her waist. Lifting and carrying her to his bedroom, he dropped her on his bed where she began to struggle, hitting and kicking to be free.

“Stop it Sally,” Storm commanded but she wasn’t listening.

He tried to grab her hands but couldn’t get a grip so he flipped her on her stomach trapping her hands beneath her. But Sally got a hand free and elbowed him in the stomach. Storm grunted and moved back slightly. With the space, Sally turned over and raked her nails along his left peck.

“You bitch!” he yelled jumping back from her as she got up and backed away from him.

Seeing her look at the door for her escape, Storm very slowly walked to the door and slammed it shut then closed it with the electronic lock. Looking at the fear in her eyes, he barely acknowledged her as he walked to his bathroom. He heard when she went to the door, trying to get it open but the lock on his bedroom door was now in sync with the house alarm. It was an extra security feature he had ordered built into the system when it was being installed.

He came from the bathroom with strips of cloth. He tied one at each of the small post at the bottom of his bed and the third he tied at the middle of his headboard. He was shirtless and like a predator stalking a prey, he watched as Sally moved to the corner of the room, looking for another way to escape. Her dress was hanging off one shoulder and he looked at her as he undressed, the angry red scratches now plainly visible on his chest.  

“Come here Sally,” he said softly but kindness was not in his eyes.

“Storm, I’m sorry. Please let me go. Please.”

“Not tonight.”

                “Please…please let me go. I won’t say anything…”

                “I can’t, not tonight. Come here Sally.”

                He took a step towards her and she took one back just to be stopped by the wall at her back. She tired running past him but he easily caught her around her waist and lifted her off the ground. He moved her quickly to the bed where he tied her hands above her head. He tied one ankle to the post but when he reached for the other leg, she pulled it in closer to her body. He knew she was going to kick him so he followed her leg in but she kicked out sooner than he anticipated and the kick caught him dead center in his stomach. Angrily, Storm gripped her foot and pulled it to the other post, wrapping the tie around it twice. He crawled over her and began pushing her dress up then up her arms as far as it would go, keeping it wrapped around her already bound hands.  

                Storm looked down at her. Her bra was a deep décolletage black lace and stain and her breast looked simply divine in it. He told himself to buy her more just like it. Her underwear was a lace styled deep vee which only came up to the top of her pubis but covered most of her ass which gave her a sexy decant boudoir look. He cut away her bra and panties and she gasped. When she saw him looking at her, she looked at the ceiling.  

                Storm sat beside her on the bed trying to understand how he could be both calm and angry at the same time. He always had tight control over his emotions. He always knew how he felt, what he would do; but for the first time he didn’t. Sally never played by his rules and the only time she’d allowed him to see a side of her that wasn’t fully guarded was the one night they made love. He was overjoyed she had not been with the other guy but who was he kidding, he wouldn’t have let her go even if she had. Where he could have easily walked away from another woman, he couldn’t with her. His calm was because she was there and his anger was because he had to fight her to be there. Somehow he had to get her to realize they were worth taking a chance on…he wanted that chance.

                He turned to her and saw her looking at him but said nothing. Her breathing had calmed greatly but she kept a wary eye on him. He couldn’t blame her after all she was tied to his bed naked. Storm decided to rectify that and stood and dropped his underwear to the floor. Now they were both naked in his room and on his bed, just the way he wanted. He moved to stand at the foot of the bed and looked down at her. Her body was shaking slightly and she was trying to pull her legs together but to no avail. She was left open for his viewing pleasure and what a pleasure it was he thought. He bent down and kissed the top of her feet. A kiss so gentle it was almost as if it didn’t happen. He did it again and again moving slowly up her leg until he came to the junction of her thighs and moved up to kiss the hollow of her stomach to her breast. He teased and sucked a nipple in to his mouth and twirled his tongue around the hardness. He moved up to her neck and kissed along her jaw to her ear.

                “I want to taste you. You smell delicious,” he whispered softly in her ear.

                He heard her gasp and he smiled. He kissed her eyelids close and before kissing her other cheek, then her nose and then her chin before kissing along her jaw to her other ear.

                “I want to feel how soft you really are.”

                He felt her shiver and kissed her ear before taking the lobe into his mouth and sucking on it until she moaned. He began moving down her body again, this time along the opposite side he came up, along her ribs, and the indentation of her waist before moving to the inside and down her legs. He moved back to the junction of the legs, wrapped his arms underneath her legs and over her mound interlacing his fingers. He then rested his chin on the top of his interlaced finger and took a deep breath of her.

                He waited, knowing that curiosity would get the better of her and smiled when she looked down at him. He had won the first battle of wills. She looked away quickly. Her stomach quiver and she once again pulled on her restraints, testing their security. She was aroused and the heady smell of her was intoxicating. He unlaced his fingers and opened her to him. She was wet and slowly, with the tip of his tongue, Storm reached out and gathered a taste of her. Sweeter than he imagined she would be, he closed his eyes and savored her flavor. He didn’t miss the pull of her hips back from him as much as she could or the arch of her back at the feel of his tongue. Steadying her hips, he licked her again, this time much deeper than before.

                “Oh God, please…” Sally pleaded.

                Storm listened but continued his administration. He tasted her body as if it were a source of sustenance. He pulled her clit into this mouth and flicked the tip of his tongue on it over and over not allowing her desperately moving hips to dislodge him from his task. The more he tasted the more he wanted, feeling drugged and when she exploded he drank more of her, feeding on her nectar.

                Her quivering body calmed and he kissed her stomach moving upwards. Everywhere his lips touched her skin jumped as if shocked. When he kissed her chest, he could hear her rapidly beating heart. “Do you want to know how you taste?” he whispered in her ear as he pressed his erection into her stomach purposefully. When she looked up at him with dazed eyes, he knew the fight was all but gone from her. “You taste amazing…sweet and warm, like freshly made honey.” She swallowed heavily and her lips parted so she could breathe. “Here, taste,” he said right before he kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue against her teeth to gain access to her mouth.

She gasped and her soft lips molded to his perfectly. Just the feel of her tongue licking, sucking on his made him moan into her mouth and want to devour her more. He pushed himself on her, rubbing his hard member on the top of her mound, teasing her clit. He felt her hips tilt up to him, trying to make contact and he slowly rocked back and forth, getting her more aroused. Squeezing himself on her pubic bone he leaked out on her stomach before pulling back and aligning himself with her entrance. He buried himself to the hilt in one fluid thrust. ‘Perfect,’ his mind preened while his body felt like it was finally home.  He remained still, savoring the sensations flowing through his body while allowing the tension in her to subside.

She breathe out and he smiled against her lips and watched her as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in again. She gasped and pulled at the binds and he knew she felt the same intense feeling he had also. Over and over he teased her, pulling out slowly only to push back in hard, the feeling of moving inside her pushing and pulling him to the edge of bliss. But he wouldn’t go, not without her. He wanted to share the heaven he had found with her. He watched her struggle for breath as the sensations heightened and he himself didn’t know how much longer he would last.

Taking a shallow breath, she called out to him, “Storm.”

“Do you want me to stop?” but she just looked at him, her eyes desperately searching his if he would be so cruel. “Do you?” he asked again and he watched as she shook her head ‘no.’ He leaned into her, kissed her cheek before whispering in her ear, “You feel so fucking good.”  She moaned.

He kissed her again, ravenously, drinking from her lips, trying to quench his thirst and she returned his kiss just as ardently. His hardness moved inside her hard and dominant, forcefully as her contraction made him crush the sheets beneath his fingers. He plundered on through her orgasm with his head down to his chest and his eyes closed in a futile attempt to concentrate. He couldn’t look at her anymore as too many of his sense were focused on her: seeing, hearing, feeling; instead he closed his eyes and listened to her scream as her orgasm flowed through her. Watching her experience it was just too beautiful.

Her grip on him eased even as he slid in and out of her smoothly. She arched her back again, trying to pull her pelvis back in an attempt to escape him, but Storm drove into her harder, his body on a mission not to be alone in the frenzy. He kissed her neck and sucked on the skin there. She cried out to him and he felt her tighten again. This time he would join her.

“Storm…” she pleaded, “Please…please.”

A tear ran from her left eye into her hair and he understood how acute the feeling was because he was experiencing the same. Again she tugged at her binds hoping she could break the hold. But Storm rose above her and balancing his weight on his arms, bent his knees slightly for more leverage while looking into her glossy, pleading eyes. Dropping his head in the bend of her shoulder, he pushed into her over and over again, determined to bring them both to the release they both so desperately wanted and needed.

“You’re almost there sweetheart,” he whispered hearing her barely audible plea of his name. “Come with me baby. Come with me.”

And she did screaming his name as her body went taunt and contracted on him, holding on to him with everything in her. Storm pushed back in holding himself still and emptying himself inside her, screaming into her neck.

“Sally, fuck….ugh.”


It took some time for him gather the strength to roll from her. About ten minutes later he leaned over to try and pull the ties but they were now too tight so he took the knife and cut them from her wrist and ankle. Laying back he waited for her next move and smiled when she laid her head on his chest. He felt her relax when he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. 

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I Wanted You by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I really appreciate them and am happy you are enjoying reading the story.

I am a consultant so I am very busy right now trying to grow my business but besides that, I am also trying to work on a chapter that is going to lead into why Sally behaves the way she does. Therefore it is not that I do not have the next chapter written but more that I am working on a series of events where Storm will gather information about Sally that no one else knows about. I want the connection makes sense and that is where my focus is on at this time in the story.

Please accept my apology in advance for not posting chapters frequently. While I know it is a fantasy, I still like writing with a touch of possible reality.


                The ringing of his phone seemed so far away and Storm fought acknowledgement of any kind. Instead he took a deep breath and tightened his arm around Sally, securing her to his frame. He was almost asleep when his phone began ringing again however this time it was accompanied by banging on his door and consecutive rings of his doorbell. Storm rolled on his back gently as he tried not to disturb the sleeping woman beside him. He waited hoping the person would go away and after a few minutes of silence he turned back to Sally who was coming awake.

                “Good morning,” he whispered before bending to kiss her lips gently.

                “Good [door bell chimes] morning.” After he made no attempt to leave the bed she asked, “Are you going to get that?”

                “Nope,” he replied settling in a comfortable position.

                But the person at the door did it again, this time ringing the house phone, doorbell and banging on the door simultaneously.  

                “What the…Ugh!” he snapped, angrily getting out of bed. Someone was courting death.  He hurriedly pulled on his discarded pant and turned to Sally when he unlocked the bedroom door. “Do not leave that bed,” he ordered before leaving the room.

Reaching the front door, he took a deep breath before opening it. “What the hell...mother.”

Debora Monsello stood at the door.


Debora Monsello with her dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes stood at the door of her son’s home. With regular exercise of Pilates and intense aerobics, she maintain her size eight figure and didn’t look old enough to be the mother of the gorgeous 31 year old man standing in front of her at that moment. Every time she saw her son she thought he was the perfect combination of her and his father. He had his father’s eyes, an intense deep blue but her sensual mouth. While his black hair was a family trait from both sides, she wished he had gotten her dark brown. His height and built was definitely his father. There were many women vying for the spot of Mrs. Storm Monsello but she would have a say in that decision as he could not be allowed to marry just anyone. The woman he married had to be perfect and as his mother, it was her job to help him choose the correct wife for the position she would hold in his life.

“Good afternoon Storm. I hope I am not disturbing you,” she said entering the house and stopped only when she reached his living room. Looking around, she wondered when he was going to give up living in such simple dwellings.

                Knowing she didn’t care if she was disturbing him or not Storm decided not to address her comment. “Good afternoon Mother, how may I help you today? And you look lovely as usual.”

Debora dismissed his compliment with a flick of her wrist and got to the reason for her visit. “I heard your sister got married yesterday. Please tell me it is a joke, a bad joke, but a joke none the less.”

Storm sighed. He hated having to be the referee between his mother and his sister. He often wondered how his father did it, keeping them at bay from each other. “No mother, it isn’t a joke. Ayasha got married yesterday and before you begin, I did ask her to wait and invite you but she didn’t think you would want to attend anyway.”

“Whether I wanted to or not is not the point. She had no right to get married without my knowledge and Annette had no right to assisting her. Her behavior is inexcusable.”

“Mother, its Ayasha’s choice who she wants to invite to her wedding…”
                “I am her mother. I should have known and I should have been there.”

“No you’re not and that’s why she didn’t want you there.”

“No I’m not what?”

“You’re not her mother. You two have never gotten along and if you both would just…”

“What do you mean I’m not her mother? I am…”

“You can stop pretending, I know.”

Debora stared at Storm. After a quite a moment of pause she asked, “How did you find out? Did Annette tell you? That witch she was never…”

“Auntie Annette didn’t tell me. Dad did,”

“That’s a lie. You’re father gave me his word that he would never tell anyone.”

“Dad did tell me. I have no reason to lie about that. I’m his son,” Storm snapped.

Both mother and son stood staring at each other. The thin veil of civility barely covering and keeping the angry that brewed below the surface from erupting into a nasty fight.

Looking away, Debora wrung her hands before looking back at Storm. “So was there anything else your father told you? Any more secrets that I no longer have to keep?”

His mouth twitched but he replied, “No. That was it.”

“She should have still told me. I should have been there as the only other parental unit in the family. Annette is not her mother and you, you should have called me to let me know. You walked her…”

“No, she’s her Aunt and one that we are both close to. And yes, I did walk her down the aisle. I wasn’t going refuse my sister her one request on her special day especially when I’m the closest male relative she has. As the head of this family it was my duty to walk her down the aisle and further more Collin had already asked my permission for her hand and I gladly gave him my blessings.”

“As usual, she has you twisted around her fingers. You have never seen anything wrong with what she does. You and Antonio think she is a perfect angel…”

“God you really do hate her don’t you. You hate her so much you had to hurt her when she was only ten years old and you wonder why she doesn’t include you in her life?”

“I never did anything but try to be mother to her. Antonio spoiled her, both of you always defending her no matter what she did. When, when did I hurt her?”

“You don’t recall telling her she wasn’t your daughter when she was only ten years old?”
                Debora visibly bristled. “I do not recall any such incident but I do recall her being very rude on more than one occasion.”

“He spoilt me too you know. He spoilt both of us.”

“You’re different…”

“Why? Because I’m your son and she’s not yours biologically? It’s not Ayasha’s fault how she came about. She was just an innocent baby.”

“There’s nothing innocent about how she came to be.”

Debora looked away remembering the day she found out about Ayasha Monsello. She had overheard a conversation Antonio was having with his best friend, Henry Lister about divorcing her and confronted him about it. That’s when he told her he had found someone else and he was moving on with his life. But when Antonio when to the woman he now loved he found out she had died. The letter was sent by her parents who had become ill and were too weak to take care for the child she had, Antonio’s daughter, Ayasha. Ayasha’s mother had run away when she found out she was pregnant and that he was still married. He immediately wanted to move them home with him but they refused stating that they wanted to live the remainder of their lives with their people. They did however make him promise that Ayasha would learn her heritage, Cheyenne Indian. And so they met, the little girl to a father she never knew and a father to the daughter he always wanted but gave up hope of having. When he returned home, Storm had immediately loved her and it was only a matter of time before she began to idolize her big brother. The only person who didn’t like the little girl was Debora.

Debora not wanting to be separate from her son and from the life she had come to love, bargained with Antonio to stay on as wife in name only so she could be a mother to both children. She especially convinced him that every girl needed a mother in her life. Since he would have done anything for his children, Antonio agreed but Debora saw the way he would look at the picture of Ayasha’s mother with longing and regret and knew he wished he had been able to marry her. Her anger and hatred of Ayasha grew until that faithful day Storm had asked about. Ayasha and her had gotten into another one of their nasty battles and out of that anger, she told her she wasn’t and never wanted to be her mother. When Antonio came home that night and heard Ayasha crying, she wasn’t given the change to tell her side. Instead Antonio flew into a rage and threatened to destroy her family if she ever hurt any of his children again. It was then that he really told her how much he hated being married to her.

She knew he was ruthless enough to follow through with every word he spoke. He had threatened her that he would never allow her to see Storm again especially since he was the heir to a fortune worth more than 75 million dollars at the time. Since then, with lucrative business deals and firm growth, his inheritance was more than a billion dollars not including his own personal wealth. While Ayasha’s wealth was less than Storm’s, her fortune was also in the hundreds of millions. It was she Debora who was left to live off a set income and when she died, her portion of what was left to her would automatically go to Storm. Antonio had made it so that she couldn’t leave a penny to any member of her family. Storm was also cut off from her family. Even the house she lived in was Storm’s; a family home waiting for him to bring home his bride to begin the new generation of Monsellos. Now with the news of how honest Antonio had been with him, she wondered if he told Storm about his birth.

“Well I guess I should be happy that you at least approve of the man she’s married. I do hope she made the right choice.”

“Yes, she did. Collin loves her very much.”

“Well…” Debora said as she moved to the door but turned before she opened it. “I heard you and Audrey are no longer seeing each other? Why? She is a lovely girl and very interested in you. She comes from the right home and she would make…”

“Audrey is a slut and I won’t have anything to do with her.”

“Storm you cannot call her such names….”

“I can when it’s the truth. I won’t go to bed very night wondering if I’m taking care of another man’s child or better yet wondering what disease I caught this time.”

“But this girl you took to the wedding…”

“Is no one’s business but mine.” Trying to take the sting out of his words, his tone became softer, “I will call you to set up a time when we can have dinner. Until then mother, good day,” Storm said as he opened the door and bit his mother goodbye.


Storm took a deep breath and released it before turning to head back to his room. When he opened the door, it was to see Sally dressed waiting to leave.

“Where are you going? I told you not to leave that bed.” He was not going to spend the day alone and hoped he wouldn’t have to argue with her about it.

“I have to go home,” she replied as she tried passing him.

“Why? Stay spend the day.”

“I can’t but thanks.”

“Why can’t you stay?” Storm pulled her to him and began kissing her neck.

Sally took a deep breath, “I don’t have any underwear.”

Storm looked up at her immediately and smiled. “That’s a problem how?” She bit her bottom lip and looked away as she blushed. “Okay, give me five minutes to change,” he said as he kissed her quickly and moved away, “and change into your jeans.”


“Just do it. Go,” he ordered with a smile as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later they were at the mall having ridden there on one of his bikes. Storm had relished feeling her hold on to him as they rode. She was there to pick up underwear while he was trying to convince her she didn’t need any while she was with him. He noticed she was very conservative with her choice of dress including lingerie which surprised him. She preferred boyshorts and confessed to not owning a thong. He tried paying for the few items she picked up but she adamantly refused. Not wanting to argue, he relented. Afterwards they rode to a small restaurant where they ate, talked and laughed, and Storm noticed her guard came down a bit. She spoke about her friendship with Rhonda and Jack and his wife.

As soon as he closed the door, he began kissing and walking her to his bedroom, but she stopped him.

“Storm…Storm,” Sally whispered in between his kisses.

“Hmmm…” he kissed her neck and was lifting her t-shirt.

“Storm wait, please,” Sally asked as she stepped away from him.

He stopped noting the look on her face. “Sally…what’s wrong?”

She swallowed hard, “We need to talk.”

“Okay, I’m listening.”

She looked at him at bit scared, “Did you…you didn’t…did you use a…”

“No I didn’t.” He took her hand but when she wouldn’t move he looked back at her, “Come with me.”

“I think…”

“Come with me Sally.”

They went to his office and Storm opened a locked drawer from his desk and handed her a sheet of paper. She took it and read. It was his STD workup. He was negative for everything she could possibly think of.  

“I always use a condom.” She looked at him. “You’re the first in more than ten years.”

“You’re that precise?”

“I was.”


“Yes, until you.”

“I haven’t been tested since…I was negative the last time I was tested which was a few years ago. I’ll get tested again.”



“Why no condom with you?” when she nodded he continued, “I don’t know. I only know that I want to make love to you.” Storm began kissing her again. “Let’s go to my bedroom shall we?”


Sally smiled and followed along.

End Notes:

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for your amazing support. 

Watch Me, I'm Falling by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Thanks for reading and commenting everyone. Happy that you are enjoying the story. I am working on a chapter that is different from what was in the original story therefore it is taking up a bit of my time. Please be patient as my postings will be delayed.


 “Good morning. I could get used to this,” Storm said as he wrapped his arms around Sally who was scrambling eggs. He nuzzled her neck before kissing it gently.

                “Good morning,” Sally replied as she turned to him. Storm kissed her lips before she pulled back. “Don’t get used to it, I’m leaving today. Can you get the toast and orange juice please? Do you like coffee?”
                “Yes, why are you leaving?” Storm asked as he got two glasses and the orange juice from the refrigerator.

                “Well you have to make it yourself, I don’t know how and I live somewhere. Your neighbors are going to think I moved in.” Sally replied as she shared the eggs on the plates.

                “Why don’t you know how to make coffee?” Storm asked placing the orange juice and toast on the table.

                “I don’t drink it. Would you like a croissant?”

                “Yes, thank you and my neighbors don’t care and I don’t care what they think. Do you drink, tea?”
                “Not really and I know you don’t care but I do. I have to go home. I need a change of clothes anyway.” Sally turned to get the warmed croissants from the oven but Storm stopped her.

                “Do your laundry here and I would have purchased anything you wanted.”

                “I can buy my own clothes and do my laundry at my own place. Anyway, aren’t you going to work today?”

                Storm pulled Sally into his arms. “I’m taking the day off and I want you to spend it with me, please.”

                “We spent the day together yesterday.”

                “We got up after two…not exactly the whole day. Today would be a whole day.”

                “I have things to do.”

                “I’ll make you a deal. Leave when I leave for work tomorrow.”

                Taking a deep breath, she looked away before replying, “Deal.” He pulled her to him and kissed her gently.



                “Good morning,” Storm greeted Sally as she turned on her back. She had been sleeping on Storm’s chest where he placed her last night after they made love again.

                “Good morning.”

                “So how about movies all day?”

                “I have things to get done today, things that I put off yesterday.”

                “Okay, a deal’s a deal.” Storm nuzzled her neck and kissed her shoulder before moving up to her ear. “But you feel so good.”

                “Thank you.”

                Smiling, Storm watched Sally get out of bed and head for the bathroom. The images of her wrapped in his sheet had his mind drifting to how sexy she looked while having her orgasms. She returned wearing a tank top and shorts.

                “What are you smiling at?”

                “How good it would be if you join me in bed.”

                “I’m going to make breakfast. Do you want eggs?”



She was removing the sheets from the bed when Storm came in adjusting his tie. “Why are you doing that?” he asked.

                “I’m changing the sheets.”

                “I know but why? The housekeeper will do that.”

                “Its fine, I’m almost finished.”

                Storm walked over and stopped her. “No, that’s why I have a housekeeper. She does that, not you.” When Sally looked away, he changed the subject slightly, “Are you leaving now?”


                “What are you doing today?”

                “I have to see my foster brother. I need a favor.”

                “Anything I can help you with?”

                “No, but thanks.”

                “Okay. Let me know if I can help. Ready to go or do you want to stay a bit longer. You’re welcome to spend the day.”

                “I’m ready to go.”

                When they got to the garage, Storm kissed Sally before they parted ways but watching her leave, he felt her barriers go up again.



                Tricks was yelling at a mechanic when Sally pulled up to the garage. “Hey man, get off your damn phone and do your job.”           

“Are you in a bad mood?”

                “Hey Sal, what’s happening? Why are you here so early? No school today?”  Tricks asked as he hugged her.

                “I’m finished with classes. Now I’m just waiting to hear back about my internship. I need a favour please.”

                “Sure Sal, anything you know that. What’s up?”

                “I need a car…I was thinking an Acrua TL or the Infinite G35…but I don’t want a Honda please.”

                “The Acura is a Honda,”
                “You know what I mean. I don’t want an Accord.”

                “I know. So what’s sparked the change? Not that I mind. I’ve been dying to get you off that bike.”

                “I know…I think I’m gonna need something different if I get the internship.”

                Just then they both heard, “Hey, I’m looking for Tricks?”

                “Yeah he’s over there,” a man answered.

                When he came into view, “Mike?” “Sally?” everyone said at the same time.

                “What are you doing here?” Sally and Mike said at the same time.

                “You know Tricks?” they both said again at the same time.

                “Stop speaking both of you,” Tricks said, “you’re both making me dizzy.” They all laughed. “Okay Mike you go first.”

                “Sally how do you know Tricks?”

                “He’s my foster brother. How do you know Tricks?”

                “We went to school together before he moved away,” Tricks answered as he and Mike shook hands and greeted each other.

                “Yeah…how is your family?” Mike asked.

                “My parents are both dead now. My Mom died only about two years ago.”

                “Oh man, I’m sorry to hear about that. Your parents were really good people. And you ended up with Sally as you foster sister. Wow.”

                “How you do know Sally.”

                “I ah…met her though a friend.”

                “A friend of mine…I just met Mike this weekend at a wedding I attended.”

                “You attended a wedding? Who do you know got married?”

                Sally and Mike looked at each other. “A girlfriend of mine invited me to her wedding.”

                “Is this a friend from school?”

                “No. I don’t only have friends from school. I have other friends.”

                “Well anything is a step up from…”

                “Tricks stop, please.” Sally sighed. “Go ahead and talk with Mike. I’ll talk with you later.”

                “No, Sally. I’ll wait.”

                “Thanks Mike. No Sal, you wanted to talk about a getting a car. I’ll get you one. What price were you looking at?”

                “Let me know what is the best price you can get and I’ll let you know. I have to get going. I’ll talk with you later.”

                “Sal don’t go,” Tricks tried to get her to stay.

                “I’ll see you later Mike, take care.”

Mike and Tricks watched as Sally got on her bike and rode away. When she was out of sight Mike turned to Tricks, “Hey can we speak privately.”

                “Yeah…this way,” Tricks said as he led Mike to his office. “So Mike what’s up? Man it’s great to see you. What are you doing now?”

                “I’m a detective now and I’m doing good.”  Taking a deep breath, Mike continued, “Tricks, I knew you were Sally’s foster brother.”

                “What? Why did you…”

                “I had to. You need to sit down.”

                “What’s going on?”

                “I think Sally is getting involved into something that she possibly doesn’t know anything about.”

                “What? What’s going on Mike? Just tell me plain.”

                “We think Rhonda…”

                “That fucking bitch,” Tricks yelled as he stood up abruptly. He paced the little office a few times trying to get his temper down. “I knew that bitch wouldn’t stop until she dragged Sally into one of her shit.”

                “Tricks, calm down. That’s what I came to talk with you about. Why did you automatically assume Rhonda was pulling Sally into something?”

                “Mike that girl is always in trouble. She was my Ma’s foster kid too but we all tried. No matter how much we tried telling Sally to stay away from her, she keeps telling us she’s gonna change and we have to give her another chance. Fuck her an’ anymore chances. I’m done with that ho…all she wants is easy money and a sugar daddy. Sally’s always been smart enough not to get caught up in her crap until now. What the fuck has she done this time? I tell you Mike, I’ll kill her ma damn self if she fucks up Sal’s future. Sal’s a good girl and she’s only done right by that skank.”

                “Okay, now that I know how you really feel, help me keep tabs on both of them. I think Sally’s innocent…”

“You think? Mike, I know Sal’s innocent…”

“I’m pretty sure she is but I need solid proof, I must have solid proof. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what’s going on but I don’t know what she does know. I really need to know everything going on with Sal, I mean everything. I need her schedule but I can’t let her know.”

                “I’ll give you everything under one condition, keep her out of it. She’s a good girl Mike. Please you have to help her.”

                “Tricks, I’ll do my best. I promise.”

                “You’ll hear anything that I hear.”

                “Good now what type of car is she trying to get?”

                “I’m gonna look for an Infiniti…she’ll look good in that.”

                “Yeah, I agree. What is her favourite colour?”


                Storm sat at this desk after just finished putting away some files that were going into storage. He was actually in the process of closing some pending cases. While he enjoyed being an ADA it was time to move on. This job was his father’s idea; to hone his skills as a lawyer and his first loss was all it took. But now it was time to sharpen his skills in a different arena. He would assume his position as the managing partner at the firm he had inherited from his father and godfather, Henry Lister. But as he sat in his chair thinking about the upcoming changes he also thought about the changes that were happening now, in his personal life. Sally was definitely an unexpected but welcomed change in that area. Interlocking his fingers, he leaned back into his chair and remembered how having her with him over the weekend felt. The joy of touching her very soft skin, feeling her move beneath him, hearing her moans of pleasure were wonderful, but the best part was the comfort of feeling her beside him as they slept. It was why her barriers going up again had him a bit worried. He didn’t want to lose the progress he’d made so far. He wanted her to trust him because her trust was beginning to mean something to him.          


                Sally stopped at the door to her apartment and looked out to the street. For some reason she didn’t want to be at home but she had nowhere else to go. She decided to go upstairs to see Paul. Knocking at the door, she waited for Paul to answer knowing he was going to drill her about where she’d been for the last few days. But when the door opened, it wasn’t Paul who stared at her but a very good looking blond man wearing nothing but a very tight pair of underwear.

                “Yeah, what can I do for you honey?” he asked in a very feminine voice.

                “Oh hi, is Paul here?”

                “And who are you?”

                “I’m his friend Sally from downstairs.”

                “Oh yeah…well he’s sleeping. Want me to tell him you stopped by?”

                “Yeah…yes, if you don’t mind. That would be great. Thanks…have a great day.”

                “Same to you,” the man replied and closed the door as Sally turned away.

                She was walking down the stairs when her phone rang. Looking at the caller ID she first told herself to let it go to voicemail but she wanted to hear his voice so she answered.


                “Hello to you. What are you doing?” Storm asked.

                “I’m…nothing, just getting into my apartment.”

                “Have lunch with me.”

                “Sorry I can’t. I have some more errands to finish,” she said walking into her apartment.

                “You need to eat.”

“I’ll eat when I’m finished. I’m not hungry now.” She sat on her bed, “Aren’t you busy?”

Storm laughed, “Nothing that will prevent me from having lunch with you…okay then…have dinner with me.”

                “I’m having dinner with a friend already.”

                “Oh you have date that fast?”

                “He’s my friend from upstairs and I haven’t seen him in a while. I’m sorry I can’t.”

                “Okay. I’ll talk with you tonight.”


                She lay back on her bed and wondered why lied to Storm about dinner with Paul.



                “I saw her foster brother today,” Mike said as he walked into Storm’s office with the file Storm had requested.

                “Okay, who?”


                “You know who her foster brother is? When did you see him?”

                “Early this morning. I went to school with Tricks many years ago before my family moved away. His mother was Sally’s guardian. But get this, Rhonda was also a foster child but everyone loved Sally more.”


                “Apparently Rhonda is always in trouble. Tricks is going to keep me in the loop with anything he hears from Sally and he’s going to ask Jack to do the same.”

                “Wow! You got a lot done this morning but I wonder why she had to see him today?”

                “She’s getting a car.”

                “A car?”

                “Yeah.  Tricks gets cars from the auction. Which reminds me I need to speak with the guys in auction to see if I can get a heads up when the good stuff comes in.” ”

                “What type of car does she want?”

                “Tricks was thinking of an Infiniti G35 or G37. We both think she’ll look really hot in a G37 sport.”

                “Yeah, I think that would fit her nicely also.”


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Fighting Both Inside and Out by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Hello everyone and espeically to the person who left the review of the story posted on Lite...I am Honeyrider1517. Thanks so much for reading the story and noticing that it was posted there also. It was wonderful readers such as yourself who notified me of the orginal being stolen and posted to another site the first time it happened. I appreciate your honestly in letting me know.

Lite was the birth place of my online journey in story writing and posting, therefore, I resposted this re-write because so many people kept asking for the story. Please note that the only two places this story is posted is Literotica and here at the Chamber. If the story is seen posted to any other site, please let me know becuase it has been posted without my permission.

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Have a wonderful week. I hope you enjoy this chapter. 





                Sally was at work laughing with her co-workers when Rhonda came bounding up the stairs.

                “Hey girl. Hey everybody, what’s going on?” Rhonda asked.

                Some replied, others gave her a look of disapproval especially Nancy, Jack’s wife.            “Rhonda, where have you been? I haven’t seen or heard from you in weeks. I’ve been worried.” “I’m fine. I have a surprise for you,” Rhonda said happily as she bumped Sally on the shoulder.

                “Oh God, please don’t tell me you’re pregnant. Please don’t.”

                Rhonda laughed, “You’re funny sometimes. You know I don’t want to get no kid. That’s not it.”

                “You went back to school?” Sally asked optimistically.

                “That’s hard work Sally and we all know Rhonda doesn’t believe in doing an honest days’ work, isn’t that right Rhonda?” Nancy directed with false sweetness.

“Go to hell Nancy. I wasn’t talking with you. I work hard for your information.”

                “The only hard work you know is leeching.”

                “Nancy, it’s okay,” Sally said trying to prevent an explosion between the two. Nancy walked but Sally saw the flicker of pain that flashed across Rhonda’s face. “What did you want to show me?”

                 “Just forget it,” Rhonda said feeling rebuffed. She looked at Nancy. “She’s such a bitch. I haven’t done anything to that bitch to have her hate me.”

                “She doesn’t hate you. She actually wants the best for you.”

                “No she doesn’t Sally. She hates me, always have. I’m not a school person…whatever.”

                “Tell me what you wanted to show me.”

                “I got a new car.”

                “You got a new car? How? Where’d you get the money?”

                “I’m doing this new gig with Katie…”

                “Oh God this is worse than I thought. Please tell me no…Rhonda how can you have anything to do with her again?”

                “She’s changed this time. I swear…she’s not into that shit any…”

                “That’s bullshit and you know it. Katie doesn’t know what a hard day’s work is and she’s doing is using you like her pawn. What’s the gig this time?”

                “It’s cool and the money is easy…”

                “No good money is easy Rhonda. Why can’t you learn your lesson about this girl and move on from her.”

                “I’m not working with just her. She hooked me up with this guy…”

                “NO! The last guy she hooked you up with put you in the hospital for a week. You can’t trust anyone that she knows.”

                “That’s not gonna happen to me again Sally. This guy is different.”

                “Rhonda you know better than that. The guy…”

                “Sally the same thing can happen to you. Any guy you go out with can hit you the same way…”

                “No, they won’t…I won’t,” Storm said. He had been standing by the stairs listening to most of the conversation. When Jack was about to make everyone aware of his presence, he had motioned to him not to. He wanted to hear but couldn’t stay quiet after he saw the terrified look that came over Sally’s face. Looking at Sally, he emphasized, “I have never hit a woman and I never will either. I would hurt any man who puts a hand on my sister.”

                “What do you mean you won’t?” Rhonda asked Storm before looking at Sally.

“Rhond…” Sally began.

“Wait you’re seeing him? You said you didn’t like him. Wow! And you talk about the guys I go out with. You think because he has money he won’t hit you?”

                “Money doesn’t determine if a guy is going to be abusive. I have never been abusive to a woman and…”

                “All men hit. You may not have started on her yet…”

                “Rhonda not every guy is like that but the guys that Katie knows are only using you…”

                “And he’s not using you? How do you know he’s really interested in you and not trying to get back at some Barbie Doll he really wants? You think he’s really interested in slumming it with the help?” Rhonda asked. 

“Rhonda, I get that you’ve had some bad experiences but don’t imply that’s what’s happening between Sally and I. I don’t go out of my way to many anyone jealous and I’ve never slummed with anyone. Sally is the only woman I’m dating or interested in dating.” Storm sighed trying to keep his cool. “Rhonda, Sally cares about you…there are people who care about you. I’m here is you need help all you have to do is ask…”

                “Gosh, I wish everyone would just leave me alone. I can make my own decision. I’m not an idiot you know. I’m fuckin’ gone,” Rhonda yelled and turned to leave.

                “No wait!” Sally yelled and reached for her.

                “No Sal. I came here to share my news with you and all I get is attacked. I’m gone.”

                “No Rhonda, please don’t go. Tell me what you want to tell me…”

                “You know Sal sometimes I think you don’t want me to do anything for myself. You want everyone to keep praising you and when it comes to me you want me to always be asking you for shit. It’s the same thing Katie was say…”

                “Go to hell Rhonda. I’ve always supported you. I’ve always been there for you and wanted the best for you but I’m not going to kiss Katie’s ass for you and when she gets you into trouble again, don’t call me to bail you out. You’re nothing more than Katie’s pawn and you won’t see that she’ll sell you out the first chance she gets.”

“Yeah…whatever…she’s a real friend because at least she’s happy for me.”

“Find Rhonda she’s your friend…”

“Yeah she is,” Rhonda said as she turned to walk away.

“Rhonda, Sally really does care about you…” Storm said.

Rhonda rolled her eyes and said, “Yeah whatever,” and turned and left.

                “Well it’s about time you began seeing her for who she really is...”

“Nancy she’s not a bad person…”

“One day you’re going to have to let her go but I hope and pray it won’t be at the cost of your life.”

                “Nancy you’re never nice to her…”

                “Sal, nice can’t help her, the truth will. She had a perfectly good job here and she refused to show up to work. You go to school and show up every time you’re scheduled. Do you know the only time you’ve have missed work was the time you had strep? You know the reason why we put up with her and not call the cops? You! Jack and I and everyone here is proud of you but she…all she wants to is to leech off you and she’s not going to stop until you stop her or she sucks you dry. Storm it was nice meeting you. I’ve heard a lot about you from my husband.”

                Storm reached over and shook Nancy’s hand. “The pleasure was all mine.”

                “Don’t hurt her,” Nancy whispered.

                “No ma’am, I’ll do my best not to.”



                The rest of the night was silent, at least the only things said by anyone was about what needed to be done next. Storm helped Sally clean off some of the tables while keeping an eye on her also. Her mood was sad and she glanced at the stairs often. He knew she was hoping Rhonda would return but she wouldn’t. It would seem that many people had given up on Rhonda, everyone except Sally. Sally was still holding on to the friendship and he wondered if it was loyalty or obligation. It was time for them to leave and Storm walked her downstairs.

                “Good night. Thanks for stopping by,” Sally said as she turned away from Storm.

                “Spend the night with me,” Storm said as he turned her around to face him.

                “I can’t.”

                “Why, because of what Rhonda said?”  

                “No, I have something to do.”

                “At this hour of the night?” Sally looked at him. “You’re really worried about Rhonda aren’t you?” Sally looked away and he took that as a confirmation. “Is she in trouble?”

                “I don’t know…I have to go.” She pulled away from him and crossed the street. She sat on a bench looking out at the ocean. Storm followed. “You can leave, I’ll be fine.”

                “I don’t want to leave,” he said taking a seat beside her.

                “I don’t wanna talk.”

                “I know but I came here to see and talk with you and that’s what I’m going to do.”

                “What did you want to talk about?”

                “You and why you have been avoiding me.”

                “I’m not avoiding you. I’m right here.”

                “All this week you’ve come up with every excuse not to see me, why? Have I done something to offend you?”

                Sally looked down on her hands before looking to the opposite of where Storm sat. He was right, she was avoiding him but how does she explain to him that she can’t get involved with him and that he really should stay away from her for his own safety? She was in a no-win situation.

                “I’ve been busy and I’m sure you are. Also we spent a few days together, that’s cool.”

                “Yeah that was last week, this is this week and we have not spent any time together this week. We also didn’t see each other this past weekend. Why the barriers?”

“Why do you care?”

                “I think you heard me when I told Rhonda that I’m not seeing anyone else but you and I’m not. You’re the only woman I’m dating right now.”

                “Well you don’t have to do that…”

                “I know I don’t, I want to. So I’ll ask the awkward question, are you dating someone else besides me?”


                “Okay then why the barrier?”

                “Some things came up. I was trying to find Rhonda. I didn’t know where she was. This is the first time I’ve seen her in weeks.”

                “Why didn’t you tell me?”
                “Because it’s not your concern.”

                “Tell you what? I’m making anything that concerns you my concern.”

                “No. You can’t do that. Please just leave it be. She’s fine.”

                “No she’s not, you’re worried. Do you want me to ask Mike to try and find her?”

                “No, please don’t do that, please.”

                “Okay, I won’t.”


                “So are you ready to leave?”

                “I’ll go home soon.”

                “Come home with me.”


                “Because I want you to. Because we haven’t spent any time together since you left last Tuesday. Because you’re avoiding me and I want to know why?”

                “I told you things came up. I can’t.”

                “That’s not the reason Sally. Why are you avoiding me?”

                “It’s nothing,” she said and then got up to leave.

                Storm reached for her hand and held on to it as he stood also. “Why…”

                “I just can’t right now okay. I’ll see you next week.”

                “Why next week? Tell me what’s going on.”

                Sighing she whispered, “It’s that time of the month,” and looked away embarrassed.

                Storm smiled and pulled her into him. “You can’t see me because of your period?”

                “I have to go.”

                Storm held on to her and tilted her head up to him but even as he did that she still kept her eyes downcast. “Sally look at me.” When she didn’t comply, he asked again, “Sally look at me please.” She did. “I’ve had girlfriends before. I know about periods and such. Are you in any pain?”

                “Just a little…I have to go.”

                “I hope it’s to pack a bag to spend the night with me.”

                “No, I told you I can’t…”

                “And am telling you, you are. I want you to spend the night with me. Furthermore there’s something I need to talk with you about.”

                “What is it?”

                “I’ll talk with you when you reach to my place.”


                “Sally, you’ll feel better with me. Go get your things. I’ll be waiting for you.”

                “Why do you think I’ll feel better with you?”

                “Because you will.”



                Sally had just gotten out of a very long, hot shower and was leaving Storm’s bedroom.

                “Where are you going?”

                “To sleep in the other room.”

                “Sally get in this bed now,” Storm ordered as he pulled the covers back and put the legal brief he was reading on his bedside table.

                “Storm, I haven’t…”

                “Get into bed. I’m tired and I still need to speak with you,”

                Sighing she moved towards the bed.

                As soon as she was in bed she found herself on her back with Storm over her. “New rule, as long as you are in this house, unless I say otherwise, this is the only bedroom and shower available to you.  The others are now officially off limits. Understand Ms. MacDonald?”

                Sally smiled, “That’s silly.”

                “Good you’re smiling,” he said before he kissed her.

                Breaking the kiss, “Storm stop, please.” Storm stopped and looked down at her. “What did you want to talk to me about?” 

                “I’m going out of town for the next few days. I’m leaving tomorrow morning.”

                “So why did you have me come here just to have me leave early in the morning?”

                “I’m leaving in the morning, you’ll still be sleeping. Get some sleep, good night.” He kissed her goodnight and turned off the light. 

                The next morning when Sally got up, she looked around for Storm before remembering that he was out of town for a few days. She had slept through him leaving but for some reason her mind kept telling her that he had kissed her goodbye. She went to the kitchen to make breakfast and saw a note on the counter addressed to her. Picking it up, she read: Stay for as long as you want. Those are the keys for the front door. Spend next weekend with me please. Keep safe. Fondly Storm.

Sally smiled as picked up her phone to call Jack and ask for the full weekend off.



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Invitation Accepted by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

I was asked when  I first did the story, who I thought of as the characters, but when I began to look, I couldn't really picture the face of the people, so I never looked at it again. I will leave it up to my audience; whom do see as these characters for yourself? The next chapter as promised. Enjoy! 


                The seedy look of Sally’s former place of employment had her wondering why she worked there for as long as she had.  Maneuvering her way to the dressing room, she was greeted by some of the girls and shunned by others. Upon reaching the dressing room, Sally knocked before entering. Tracy, the girl she was specifically there to see, immediately came to her.    

                “This stuff looks nice,” Sally said as she looked around the dress.  

                “Yes, Roger thinks if he changes the décor people won’t remember they’re in a strip club and he’ll get more business. But we had to fight him to get some work done in here; that cheap ass. That idiot really expected us to get dressed in the dark. You’re lucky you no longer have to deal with his shit. I can’t wait to finish school and be done with this shit also. I want to put this part of my life behind me for good.” They both laughed. “Anyway, enough of me complaining, are you finished with school? I haven’t seen you around lately.”              

“I’m finished will all my classes. I’m just waiting to do my internship.”

                “You’re going to get it Sally. You’re way too smart not to. So anything new in your life? Are you seeing anyone?”

                Sally hesitated. She didn’t know what to call what was happening between her and Storm. “No…just hanging out mostly. Trying not to be such a homebody.” Both girls laughed. “So what I can I help you with today?”

                “Oh, yeah…thanks again. I’m having trouble with this bio stuff. The cell processes are giving me a hard time but the Kreb cycle is the one that is really screwing with me.”

                Sally laughed, “Yes that one definitely will. Okay tell me what you understand?”

                After about thirty minute of reviewing some material, Sally left the dressing room. She was on her way out the back after sneaking to the front to tell the bartender hello when she saw Officer Eastman coming out of one of the side rooms. The girl that followed him out looked incoherent and disheveled. Sally was turning away from him to run to the door when he lounged and caught her arm, dragging her back to him forcefully. He turned her immediately and pushed her back against the wall. The girl looked at him shocked before he shouted at her to leave them.

                “Fancy seeing you here bitch, you’re right where you belong and we’re gonna get to know each other better.”

                “Get off me you piece of shit, NOW!”

                Eastman pushed her into the wall harder causing her to wince in pain. His hand was at her throat trying to cut off her air supply but Sally kept twisting and turning trying to free her other hand which was trapped between their bodies.

                “You smell so good…I can’t wait to fuck you,” Eastman said.

He moved his hand from her throat to grab her jaw. Sally turned her face and pushed herself into the wall more as he came closed. The small space which was created was all she needed to pull her hand free and grab a fist full of his hair. She yanked his head back so fast and forcefully she almost snapped his neck.

Eastman stumbled back and almost fell but caught himself. He glared at her, angry and upset and she knew he was going to hurt her. Just as he took a step towards her and she reached for her phone to call for help, her phone rang. Storm had taken up the habit of calling her at least twice a day since he’d been away and she answered the call immediately.

“Hey there, where are you?” he asked hearing the noise in the background.

“Where are you…at home?” she said looking at Eastman. “Good I’ll be there in about ten minutes. If I’m not there by then, call the cops.”

“Home…call the…Sally where are you? SALLY? Where are you?” Storm yelled. “Dammit answer me.”

“I’m leaving now…right now. Ten minutes,” she said as she backed out of the club with Eastman looking at her but not saying a word.

He was seething, she could tell, the anger and hatred radiating off his body in waves of heat. He stood still, not moving as his eyes narrowed to slits. She reached the door and fumbled behind her for the knob.

“Sally stay where you are…hold on…do not get off the phone,” Storm ordered as he conference the call with Mike.

“Hey man…” Mike said answering the call.

“She’s in danger. Get her Mike, now…GET HER!”

“Storm, who, who’s in danger?”

“Sally are you there? Sally answer me,” Storm said.

“Yeah, I’m here but I have to get off to ride. I’ll be home soon. Mike, I’m gonna…”

“Sally are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“No not really. He just pushed me…”
                “What?” Storm yelled, “He put his hands on you? Mike…”

“Storm, please let me handle this. Sally you know the IHOP on University?”


“Get there in ten minutes. Don’t stop for anyone including cops. I’ll take care of it. Just get there and keep the phone on…I want to hear anything that happens to you. Storm, don’t disconnect the call. I want you on with her the entire time.”

“I will…just get her, please.”


“Storm I have put my helmet on to ride…he’s still inside…hold on.”

When she got to the IHOP, Sally looked around the parking lot for a few minutes just to make sure she wasn’t followed. Mike showed up a few minutes later.

“Okay young lady, tell me everything.”

“It’s nothing. I’m not going back there again so there’s nothing to tell. I went to see a friend that’s all.”

“Why…why did you have to see your ‘friend’ there?”

“She was working and she needed help with bio and I’m not exactly in school at this time so I went there to help her out and see a few people who were nice to me.”

“What’s the name of the place?”



“No…I’m not telling you.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re gonna go there asking questions and he’s not the only cop who goes there so no. I’m not telling you.”

“Fine tell me what’s been happening and from the beginning.”

“There’s nothing to tell Mike. It’s done…”

“Do I need to tell Tricks about what happened tonight?”

“No. He doesn’t know I was working there.”

“Yes, he does.”

“No he…”

“He knows. He told me he was happy you quit. Tricks knows more than you think but I don’t think he knows about the stalking so I’m wondering if I should enlighten him?”

“How do you know about that?”

“Storm told me.” And before she could ask, “The night he met you at Jack’s he heard you tell the bird, the parrot?” At her shocked expression he continued, “Yes, he heard what you said to the parrot and has been concerned about you since. Now tell me what happened now…every detail.”

“You’re being an asshole.” Sally looked out the window knowing she would have to tell Mike something to keep him quiet. She didn’t want Tricks knowing anything about what was going on. “Fine, it began a few months ago. He came into the club and with his friends and I was serving drinks because the regular waitress couldn’t make it…”

“Did you use to strip?”

“No, not every girl who works in a strip club is a stripper.”

“Sally, I wasn’t implying anything but most girls who work in a strip club are strippers.”

“Yeah, I know, but I wasn’t. I only cleaned tables. I didn’t get tipped like the rest of the girls. I got paid to clean the tables. That’s what I wanted. I was inconspicuous until he decided that he was going to grab me.”

“Come again?”

“I had to fill in for one of the waitress and I was clearing off tables and delivering drinks when he grabbed me and spilled the drinks all over me and himself and I got pissed and shoved him off me. I didn’t want him or anyone touching me and when he grabbed me again, I told him to fuck off. And then Roger fired me because I wouldn’t waitress or strip. I only went back to help out a friend who’s having problem with bio. She’s got one day to study for the test and it won’t happen again. I swear I’ll never go by there again. I swear.”

“Sally you have to report it to internal affairs.”

“No, I can’t…there’s no need for that.”

“Why not? Why are you so adamant about not reporting this guy? Did something else happen? Tell me Sally. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me everything.”

“Nothing, this is the last time he’s going to have contact with me. If it happens again, I’ll report it, I will. Now I’m hungry and I’m gonna go home.”

“No, you’re gonna get something to eat and then you’re coming home with me.”

“No I don’t need…”

“I said you’re coming home with me.” Mike looked around for the waitress and signaled her to come over. Suddenly his phone rang. He had forgotten about Storm.

“Hey man, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry I heard everything. We have to talk.”

“Yeah, I agree. She’s fine.”

“Good keep her close.”

“I will.” Mike handed the phone to Sally.

They were on their way to Mike’s apartment. Mike had followed Sally home to pack an overnight bag for her stay with him for the next day or so. While she was in her apartment getting her things he went outside to look around and speak with Storm and watch for anything suspicious.

“Where is she?” Storm asked as soon as he answered Mike’s call.

“She’s inside getting some stuff to spend the night.”

“Where? My place?”

“No. She’s gonna stay with me tonight at least.”

“Why? She can go to my place. It’s safe. The house is armed.”

“She’s gonna be fine. She’s safe but we need to talk about something else.”


“She still doesn’t want to report him.  She doesn’t want to give up any information on the club…nothing.”


“Nothing…something else has her scared. She’s hiding more than what we think and I don’t know where to begin to find out.”

“We have to find out what it is Mike.”

“I agree. I have to go. Later.”



 “Hello. Have dinner with me tonight,” Storm asked Sally as soon as she answered the phone. He arrived not too long ago and his first call was to his assistant telling her to expect him in the office shortly and the second was to Sally.

“I can’t, I’m working,” Sally replied.

“You don’t normally work on a Wednesday.”

“I do every now and then but I changed my schedule this week.”


“I wanted the weekend off.”

Storm smiled. She’d accepted his invitation for the weekend. “So do I take it then that you’re taking me up on my offer to come away with me for the weekend?”

“You’re not planning on killing me are you?”

Storm burst out laughing. “Not the type of death I had in mind for you or me.” He began laughing again and when he stopped, he asked, “So am I going to see you tomorrow night then? Come over after work tonight.”

“No. I can’t. I have some things I need to get done tomorrow and I’m working tomorrow night. Hey, hold on a sec please.”


“Hey Paul,” Sally said to her neighbor who just came into her apartment.

“Hey doll, where have you been? I’ve been trying to introduce you to my new lover for the longest…”

“Been busy but I did stop by the other day and if it’s the same person, cute. I need to ask you for a favour. Can you please watch my apartment for the weekend? I was trying to find Rhonda but she’s not answering my calls?”

“Who’d she jet off with this time?”

“Don’t know and quite frankly, don’t care. Would it be a bother?”

“You know nothing for you is a bother but where are you going?”

“Someone invited me on a trip for the weekend and I want to go.”

“Really…I’m intrigued. Do tell.”

“No. I’m not saying anymore.”
                “Sally I want details.”

“Thank you and good bye.”

“Okay, I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Later…thanks again. I appreciate it.” Back on the phone with Storm, “Are you still there?”

“Yeah…who was that?”
                “That was my very kind neighbor Paul. He’s going to watch my apartment while I’m gone.”

“That’s great. So about coming over tonight?”

Sally laughed.


Storm was sitting behind his desk looking over some files when Ayasha walked in. Looking up he smiled happily as she seemed to be glowing. Being married suited her nicely he thought to himself and once again that tiny bit of jealously that she had found her soul mate. He couldn’t have been happier for anyone one else the way he was for her.

“Sweetheart, when did you get back?” Storm asked coming around to see her.

“About two days ago but you were out of town. You didn’t tell me.”

“I left a message on your voicemail at home.”

“Oh haven’t check that one as of yet.”

“And you’ve been back for two days now? What have you been doing?”

Ayasha laughed and placed the lunch she brought for them both on the table in his office. “I’ve been busy unpacking and stuff. I also had to clear up some billing issues for the decoration for the wedding.”

“What issue? Send those bills to me. I want the accountant to make sure everyone is paid immediately.”

“No need to worry. I’ve taken care of everything.”

“How, you’re not paying for the wedding. I am.”

“No…I’ll pay for it. I have enough…”

“Ayasha, as your only male relative and the head of this family, I will take care of you wedding expenses. It is my responsibility. Get all the bills sent over to the accountant today if you can and make sure I have everything you’ve charged on your Amex also.” 

“Storm, I’ve already sent the bills for the American Express over to him. I was waiting for the corrections for the decorations before forwarding it to him to have it paid from my money.

“Well do you don’t have to take it out of your money because I have money for your wedding…”

“How much?”

“Not that you need to know the exact amount but a few million. And even if you exceeded what I had planned, I would still be able to cover it.”

“Yes, I am fully aware of that. You have done well with the accounts. But enough about my wedding, I want to hear about you and a certain young lady. And let me say, I like her.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Don’t play coy with me; Sally, that’s who I’m talking about. Do I need to ask what happened after that kiss?”

“Aren’t you hungry? I thought you came here to have lunch with me?”

“Yes, I did but that’s not going to stop me from asking you questions or being annoying until I get the answers. So what is the nature of your relationship with Sally now?”

“You’re married now I’m no longer your concern.” Storm took a large bite of his salad.

“You’re my bother. You’ll always be my concern. I promised Dad I would always take care of you and I intend to keep my promise until the day I die and I’m not planning on dying soon. I can’t anyway, I’m pregnant. So I have to live a litt…”

“Wait, wait a minute. Did you just say you’re pregnant?”

“Yes, I did. You’re going to be an uncle. Surprise!” Ayasha took a bite of her salad and smiled at the shocked look on his face.

Storm got up and pulled her into a hug. “I’m so happy for you sweetheart. Wow! Dad would have been so happy to be a grandfather. Wow! I’m gonna be an uncle. Uncle Storm.”

Ayasha laughed, “I’m happy because you are going to have diaper duties.”

“Come on sis, that’s why you have nannies. I’m gonna be too busy being the cool Uncle to do diapers.”

“Really? That’s your reason? Eat your salad.”

After a few minutes of them eating in silence, Ayasha broke the silence. “So what is happening between you and Sally.”

“We’re getting to know each other…wait a minute, how do you know you’re pregnant already if you just got back from your honeymoon? Ayasha, were you pregnant before?”

Ayasha looked away before looking back at Storm. “Yes, I was pregnant before I got married. Collin didn’t know and I wanted to surprise him on our honeymoon.”
                “Yeah, I’m sure he was surprised, wife and baby all at the same time.”

“He doesn’t mind. He’s happy Storm. Are you still happy for me?”

“Silly question Ayasha, of course I am. I can’t wait to meet my nephew.”

“It could be a girl.”

“Maybe but no matter what it is, I’ll love them with all my heart.”

“Yeah I know you will. Now don’t change the subject again. What’s going on between you and Sally and just for the record, I think you two make a beautiful couple.”

“You think so huh?”

“Yes, I do, now tell me.”


“We’re going away for the weekend.” And Storm braced himself for the teasing he knew was coming, especially after seeing the smile that lit Ayasha’s face. 

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Welcome To My Space by Caribbean Fire
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Thanks for the amazing comments. As a writer sometimes I wonder what kind of reaction my readers are getting from my story. I love the reveiws, they show how you, the reader view the characters. For me as a writer, the ability to create a response, means a lot. This is still an area of growth and developememt for me and I am so grateful that you take the time to write the reviews. They truly are a wonderful learning opportunity. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy this chapter. 

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My Drug by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

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                Sally awoke to the scent of freshly brewing coffee. Stretching her limbs, she quickly remembered she was naked on the couch were they had spent the night after making love again. Sitting up, she didn’t see or hear Storm anywhere. Looking out the open blinds behind her, she wondered if they were open last night, before dismissing the thought. The beach house was private and from what Storm told her, the property included the land in the back and the beach area itself. All the houses in this area had private beaches. She heard the back door open gently and soon Storm came into view carrying a bag which he placed on the counter.

                “Good morning, you’re up.”

                Sally smiled, “Good morning. Sorry I’m late getting up.”

                “You didn’t get up late. I got up early.” He came over and kissed her.

                She pulled away. “Excuse me. I’ll be right back.”

                “Hey you want to go swimming after breakfast?” Storm yelled to her.

                “Yeah, that’s fine,” Sally yelled back.

                A few minutes later she entered the kitchen wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. “What’s for breakfast?” Storm’s phone beeped then but he ignored it getting two plates from the cupboard. Sally said nothing only smiled. “Do you need help with anything?”

                “Yeah, could you wash the apples please?”

                “Sure,” she replied.

As she reached for the bag, her phone began to ring. She looked at Storm as he looked at her.

“Go on, get it. I’m sure they’re worried.”

“Hi Paul,” Sally said answering the call.

“Hey hun. How ya doing? Did that new guy of yours ravish you all night long? I hope you’re sore.”

Sally blushed. “What is it?”

“Ohhhh you don’t want to talk. Okay then. Well Rhonda came by wanting to know where you were but I didn’t tell her. There’s something going on with her. She was carrying all these boxes…”

“She’s moving out?”

“No hun, more like moving in.”

Just then Sally’s other line beeped. It was Rhonda calling.

“Hey Paul, that’s Rhonda on the other line. I’ll talk with you again when I know what’s going on.”

“Okay  hun, lemeknow.”

“I will. Bye and thanks again.” Sally answered Rhonda’s call, “Hey what’s going on?”

“Where are you?” Rhonda asked.

Sally looked up at Storm in time to see him put the apples he had cut into a bowl. He picked up the plates with the breakfast he purchased and took them to the table. Sally kept her eyes on him, “I’m with Storm,” she answered.

“You and him an item now?”

“No…it’s not like that.”

“Then what’s it like? Oh don’t tell me you are just with some guy just to have a little fun like the rest of us mortals? Not you miss prissy don’t let a man use you…”

“What do you want Rhonda?” Sally asked feeling down.

“Chill Sally, don’t get all upset over it. I was just kidding. I like that you’re having fun. I just didn’t think you and him, you know…he don’t look like the type who would mess around with us. I mean the guy hires someone to change his sheets every two days. He can be a bit snooty.”

“Yeah well it’s nothing serious…”

“Well I’m glad you’re getting out and getting laid, even if it’s with him. But I need a favour please.”

“What is it this time? How much and for what?”

“Sally you don’t have to be a bitch. Money isn’t the only reason why I call you. God Sally, I’m not trying to use you or anything.”

“I know that Rhonda…look I don’t want to argue. I’m sorry. What’s the favour?”
                “I’m helping a friend move and I ran out of space at my place so I want to store some of her stuff at your place.”

“It’s not for Katie is it? Don’t you dare put…”

“No its not. I wouldn’t even ask if it was for her Sally. I know how much you hate her. It’s for my friend at the salon. She’s moving back home in a few days and needs a place so store some of her things until she leaves.”

“Don’t leave anything blocking the door and don’t put anything in my bedroom. I mean it Rhonda.”

“Okay, okay…thanks Sal you’re the best.”

“Rhonda please have them out by the time I get back.”

“When are you coming back anyway?”

“In a day or so.”

                “Come on Sally, I need at least a few days, but I’ll do my best.”

                “Thank you. Take care.”

                Sally turned around to see Storm put his phone back on the counter top. “Was that Rhonda?” he asked.

                “Yeah, she’s helping a friend move and she’s storing some boxes in my place until I return.”

                “I’m happy you and her are on good terms again.”

                “She’s been a friend to me regardless of what anyone says. She’s always pushing me to do stuff; take more chances.”

                “Is being here with me one of those chances?”

“Yes, it is. I may still get killed and my body dumped somewhere but I’m taking the chance.”

Storm laughed out loud, an uproarious laughter and Sally began laughing also.

                “Let’s eat. I’m sure you’re starved.”


                They went swimming and it was the most fun either could remember having without family in the longest time. They both played and laughed like children; both remembering the idyllic days of childhood. Storm placed Sally on his shoulders and dropped her backwards into the sea for which she tried to pull his legs from under him under the water. At one point while they were treading water in the deep section, Sally looked out and asked Storm if it wouldn’t be nice to be on a boat in the middle of the ocean. He decided that their next trip away would be to the Caribbean on his yacht. But with the playing also came intimate moments of long sensual kisses both in the water and on the sandy shore. 

Sally was in the shower trying to get the sand from her person. Storm was also taking a shower in the other bathroom. As Sally stood in the shower, she thought about what Rhonda had said about Storm. Was he really that snooty and was it such a stretch for him to be with someone like her? When she told him last night that she missed him, she meant it. He was all she thought about for the short time they were a part, and she was so happy when he showed up at Jacks the day he returned. His unexpected visit made her want to spend the night with him.  

                This trip was also way out of the norm for her. She had given credit to Rhonda but in truth, the decision was all hers. Even though Rhonda messed up too much, she didn’t want him having a negative impression of her. After all if it wasn’t for her, they would never have met and probably the growing obsession he was becoming to her wouldn’t be. Two straight days of happiness so far, doing things she never thought she would have done. This was the closest she’d ever come to being her true self, almost but not completely. No matter what she couldn’t let her guard down completely. The one thing she had been putting off she had to do. She had dallied too long on it, something that she’d never done in the past. She had to know everything about everyone playing on her court at all times. It was how she knew how to survive. But it didn’t stop her from wondering what it would fell like to be open and honest with him. Her circumstance would never allow it and that meant she must keep the truth to herself and her guard up. But the fantasy was nice.

                Moving the soapy washcloth over her body, she imagined it was his hands, strong and sure as they touch every inch of her energized skin. She wanted to kiss him all the time, to taste him as his tongue moved passed the barrier of her lips to lick and coax hers from its hiding place. She wanted to feel his hands hold and caress her breast; to feel his lips and teeth hold on to her nipples, and flick the hard pebbled tips until they burned. She wanted his fingers to touch her wet core before he drove his hard cock into her over and over again. She wanted to know if this need for him would ever go away. She had hoped the time away from each other would have cooled her lust and want for him, but it had only increased. Brining her to the beach house only intensified the feeling, especially after making love to her both hard and heavy against the wall, and then so gently on the sofa. She didn’t want to be alone anymore.


                They were walking hand in hand, coming back from the market when they heard the thunder roll across the sky. Sally looked up at the darkened sky and before either could comment the skies open and rain came gushing down. Laughing, they both began running back to the house. But it was no use as they were both soaked in a matter of seconds. The lotion from Sally’s skin made her wet hands slipperier and her hand slipped from Storm’s hand easily. He stopped to look back at her and it was then that he noticed how soaked she was. Not paying attention, she bumped right into him. His hands same out to grab her as she reached out to grab him for support but their actions were uncoordinated and they both went down in a pile of tangled limbs. Upon hearing Sally’s joyful laughed Storm also began to laugh at their futile efforts to get back to the house dry. They stopped laughing and Storm kissed her hard as he knelt over her, his hands on both sides of her, one knee between her spread legs, the other outside of her hip, as she sat leaning back on her arms. She turned into the kiss, kissing him back just as hungrily.   

                His hand went under her tank top and moved over the skin on her stomach. Her felt her arch into him and he deepened the kiss. Her soaked bra was in the way and he got more impatience trying to get closer to her. He pulled down one side of her tank top and her bra, desperate to uncover her breast. She gasped and arched more, pushing her breast into his hands as he trailed a line of kisses along her neck to suck the exposed nipple into his mouth. Storm felt her hands grip his hair and pulled and he let her nipple slip out of his mouth. He kissed her again, hard before standing and pulling her up with him as they head to the house.

                He stripped them both in the shower, and knelt before her as he took her clit into his mouth. Sally leaned into the tiles for support as she held on to him and moaned at the exquisite feeling cursing through her body. Storm tasted more of her, placing one leg over his shoulder and opened her more to his demanding mouth. She grabbed his head tighter as she closed her eyes and saw nothing else.

                Sally was on her side on the bed, a pillow held tightly in her hands, and one foot on Storm’s shoulder as he moved inside her. He watched she tried to take deep breaths but seemed to fail each time. The feeling was intense, he knew it but this ravenous need to have her, to feel her on him was like a demon riding his back hard. He looked down where they were joined, watching as he entered and exited his haven; her soft, pliable flesh giving way to his hard, demanding muscle. And the look was so erotic that it almost brought him to climax. Sally screamed as her orgasm flowed through her.

                He turned her on her back and both of her legs were now on either side of his hips as he sat on his bent knees and pulled her on his hard cock again. Holding on to her hips he began to move again, pushing inside her over and over again. Her back was arched off the bed as the position gave her little leverage or ways to move. Looking up, she called out to him.

                “Yes, baby,” Storm replied, his head going back as he tried to think about anything else except how it felt being inside her tight pussy. “Yes baby, yes…yes…Sally.”

                “Storm…please,” she begged as she grabbed the sheets beneath her finger tips tightly in a fist.

                “Sì baby ...sei così fottutamente bello[i],” Storm whispered as he looked at her perfect body covered in a light sheen of perspiration and her pink pussy that seemed to glow with its vibrancy.

                He moved her so she was sitting on him and began to slowly guide her movements on him. She held his face and kissed him deep as he wrapped his hands around her back.

                “Storm,” she moaned as her head rolled backwards and she began to move harder on him.

                “Yes baby, that’s it. That’s it.”

                Storm sat fully on the bed and the roll of her hips caused a sweet friction which made him moan loudly. His hand held her ass as she moved on him, lifting her up and down over and over again. She was close.  He heard it in the way her breathing changed, becoming short gasp for air.

                “Storm…Storm…” she arched back pressing on him, grinding her hard button against him over and over as the feeling rose and she screamed.

                “Fuck baby, si sente così fottutamente bene[ii],” Storm said holding her hips as she rode out her orgasm.

                Her head dropped to his shoulder and her arms to her side. Storm kept them joined, as he showered gentle little kisses along her shoulders. He maneuvered her on her back with her legs draped over his as he knelt between her spread legs. He looked at her, open to him, her beautiful body perfectly created. Her skin was glowing and dewy and was far different from the sweat that ran down his body. He was still buried inside her and looked at where they were joined; his pale column of hard flesh joined to her soft brown and pink. In that moment he knew that that was the most erotic sight he had ever seen and ever wanted to see. He had found the most erotic person in world to him and he wanted her all for himself. He pushed in and out slowly and heard when she gasped. She was tender or getting that way but she had become his drug and he was fully addicted.

                “Storm, no more…I can’t…”

                “Sì, di più…[iii]I need to feel you again,” he said and ran his hand up along her stomach to between the valley of her breast to hold her neck. He leaned over her, “I need to feel your pussy coming on my cock again.”

                He continued to move, slowly building his speed and as soon as he felt her move beneath him, he knew she was ready again. Her body craved fulfillment just as his. He looked at her as she ran her hands up his arms and round his neck. She smiled and he kissed her hard as he slammed into her. She screamed but it was swallowed down by his moan as the tight feel of her swollen pussy stretch once again to accommodate him. Over and over, he plundered her body, pushing her beyond.       “Storm…Storm…”

                “Yes, baby, that’s it.”

                “Storm…”she pleaded again as slammed into her over and over again. She was left open to him and all she could do was feel.

                He felt her nails into his shoulders. “Your pussy feels so fucking good Sally. So tight…wet…hot…I could fuck you all day and night.”

                He held on to her shoulders tighter as his thrust became harder, faster and Sally held on to him even tighter as she exploded every nerve in her body on a sensory overload. He felt her nails drag down his arms and Storm held on to her tighter as he continued to thrust into her.

“FUCK!” he bellowed as his head went back and columns of muscles in his neck and shoulder strained against the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. His body stilled as he emptied himself, draining ever last drop of himself, gladly into her hot heavenly body.

He collapsed on her. His lungs burned from the breath he took. How long he laid on her he didn’t know but it was a long time before he moved. He pushed himself up to look at her. Her eyes were barely opened and her skin was flushed from her multiple orgasms. There was also a peaceful, languid smile on her face and to him she had never looked more beautiful.  

He didn’t want to move but he was heavy and probably crushing her. But she was so swollen that even in his semi hard stated, she felt snug around him.

When he tried to move she held on to him tightly. “No,” she said becoming alert. “Don’t…”

“I’m crushing you.”

“No, you’re fi…never mind, you…” she closed her eyes.

“I want to stay.” She smiled. “Are you sure I’m not crushing you?”

“Stay,” and she brought his lips to hers for a gentle kiss.

Storm rested on her again and felt when she took a deep contented breath before turning her head to side. In only a matter of minutes, she was fast asleep and he followed almost immediately on the softest human pillow he has ever known.


[i] Sì baby ...sei così fottutamente bello - Yeah baby ... you're so fucking beautiful

[ii] si sente così fottutamente bene - it feels so fucking good

[iii] Sì, di più… - Yes, more ...

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A Fearful Decision by Caribbean Fire


                Sally asked the store attendant to show her the beautiful necklace displayed on the bust.  Sapphires had always been one of her favourite stones and the design was simple and beautiful. Three diamonds attached in a row at the top seemed to hold dangling sapphires which showed off both the cut and luster of the stones.

Storm wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissed her neck and rested his chin on her shoulder.  “It’s nice,” he whispered.

                “Yes, it is.” She handed the necklace back to the attendant, “Thank you. It’s lovely.”

                She turned out of Storm’s arms but he held her hand. “Do you want it?”


                “The necklace?”

                Sally looked back at the necklace. “No…I was just admiring it.” She headed for the door.

                Storm and Sally were walking in town, looking at window displays, and admiring the peaceful little town. This was their last day and night at the beach house. They had stayed in all night and went swimming again that morning. After taking a nap, they decided to walk in town before having dinner.

                Storm glanced over at Sally whom he noticed kept her head down mostly as they walked. “Sally,” he stopped walking, “why didn’t you want the necklace?” he asked when she stopped and looked at him. “I would have bought it for you.”

                “I didn’t want it.  I was only looking.” She smiled before she resumed walking again.

                “I think you really liked it and I want to purchase it for you.”

                She stopped and turned to him again. “Why? I was only looking at it. There’s no reason for you to want to purchase it for me.”

“I want to buy it because I want to.”

“No you don’t. You think you have to give me something for being here with you…”

                “Stop before you say something you’re going to regret later.” Storm sighed. “Sally I wanted to purchase the necklace for you because I wanted to.”

                “But why? Do you always by necklaces for the women you sleep with?”

                “No but I have purchased jewelry for my girlfriends before.”

                “And I’m not your girlfriend so there’s no need to buy me anything.” She turned to begin walking again but his next words stopped her.

                “Then be my girlfriend.”

                “What?” She knew what he said but she wanted clarification.

                “I want you to be my girlfriend.”

                “Why? We’re just having fun…”

                He held her arms as he looked at her, “Sally, I don’t have unprotected sex with a woman who’s not on birth control just for fun.” When she tried to interrupt him, he continued, “And I don’t think a woman who waited this long to have sex is just having fun either. I want to be in a relationship with you. I want us to date exclusively.”

                Sally looked away knowing she had to say something but was at a loss of what to say. In her heart, she wanted to be in a relationship and with him it would be dream come true. But she couldn’t do it. She didn’t know the first thing about being in a relationship. She looked up into his deep blue eyes, ‘Too damn gorgeous, that’s your flaw,’ she thought as she turned away before turning back to face him.

                “Storm, no one is going…”

                “I didn’t ask you about anyone. I want to know if you want to date me exclusively.”

                “You mean like you don’t go out with other women and I can’t see anyone else?”

                “Yes, as in you don’t date anyone else except me. We go on dates together, that kind of stuff.”

                “But don’t you have other women who you go out with also?”

                “Not since I’ve begun seeing you and I’m not interested in seeing anyone else but you. Why are trying to find a reason to say no?”

                “I’m not…”

                “Yes, you are and I want to know why? What are you afraid of?”

                “I just don’t think people are going to…I’m not…I’d rather not be the girl for the moment…”

                “You’re still thinking about that crap Mandy said aren’t you?” Guilt was written on her face as she turned away from him but Storm stopped her. “You are the woman I want to date, no one else. Forget about what Mandy said and tell me what you want, what is in your heart. Do you want to spend time with me? Do you enjoy being with me?” When she remained silent, “answer me Sally, do you enjoy being with me?”

                “Yes,” she whispered.

                “In your heart Sally, would you date me exclusively?”

                After a brief moment of thinking she answered, “Yes,” she whispered.

                Storm heard her but decided to play with her a bit, “I’m sorry but I didn’t hear that. Please repeat a bit louder,”

                “Yes,” she said louder than before but still softly.

                “I’m sorry but I’m still not hearing you. Maybe it’s because of the noise from the restaurant. Please repeat again.”

                Sally looked around. The restaurant was not close and there wasn’t much noise where they were. He was making fun of her and it was confirmed when she saw the small smile playing on his lips. It made her happy that he was happy with her answer. She spoke in a normal tone, “Yes, I would like to be your girlfriend, if you want.”

                “Yes! Yes! I want,” he said as he lifted her up and swung her around laughing.

                He slowly slid her down the length of his body and Sally held on to his shoulders. She was laughing at how happy he was hearing her answer. She was happy giving it. He held her to him as his lips moved towards hers when she was eye level with him. Their lips met in a soft touch but then turned passionate. Sally moved her head to the side to better taste him, kissing him the way he had unknowingly taught her. She heard him moan when she licked at this tongue and she relished the feeling of being able to excite him. She pulled back, looking at him and returned his smile. He placed her on her feet and caressed her cheek. He quickly bent to kiss her again softly before taking her hand and beginning walking down the strip again.

                They came upon a snow cone vendor and Storm stopped to get a snow cone.

                “Two please,” he told the vendor.

                “No, none for me,” Sally interrupted when she heard his request.

                “You don’t want one?” When she shook her head in the negative he asked, “Why not? These are actually pretty good. Not overly sweet.”

                “I don’t eat them. I just don’t like them.”

                “Okay,” Storm said to her before turning to the vendor and placing his order for one. “Blue and green please.”

                They were walking along with Storm sipping on his cone when he asked, “Okay, tell me the story about the snow cones.”

                “What? There is no story. I just think they are too sweet so I don’t eat them.”

                “Okay so what do you like? Cakes? Or a special type of chocolate? Godiva’s?”


                “Yuk? Okay now I really want the story.”

                “There is no story. I just don’t like sweets. And I don’t understand that type of craving either.”

                “So you don’t crave sweets or chocolates during that time of the month?”

                “No I don’t. I only crave sleep.”

                “Okay you’re the first.” They walked for a bit more before he broke the silence. “Okay, I’ll tell you a secret about myself but you have to promise not to tell anyone.”

                Sally stopped to look at him, understanding the level of trust he must feel towards her to impart such information. “Okay I promise.”

                “I love snow cones.”

Sally looked on waiting for the information.

“That’s it. I love snow cones. My Dad loved them also and my grandmother used to say that’s where I got it from. Dad had a snow cone machine at the house where he and I and Ayasha used to make them and sit in front of the TV and watch either the game or movie or anything that caught our fancy. They are one of my weaknesses.”

                Sally looked on, waiting for him to say it was a joke but that never happened. Instead after a few minutes, she burst out laughing. Doubling over, she laughed so hard that when she finally stood up, she had to wipe the tears from her eyes. Storm looked on unfazed, eating his cone and Sally began laughing again.

                “Are you finished?” he asked after a few more minutes of her laughing.

                “Yes…yes almost.” Sally replied gasping for breath. She took a deep breath. “Okay, so let me get this straight. Your big secret, your untellable secret that can be used to blackmail you is that you love snow cones?”

                “Hmmmhmmm,” Storm replied.

                “I am so telling everyone,” Sally said as she turned to walk away.

                Storm grabbed her from behind, wrapping his arms around her and pulled her back towards him, “You promised,” he said kissing her neck.

                “Yeah, but that was before I knew what the secret was.” After few minutes, “You really love them that much?”

                “Yep, Dad and I love them.”

                “And Ayasha?”

                “Not as much as Dad and I. I think it s a guy thing.”

                After a while, Sally stopped and turned to Storm. “Storm, it may be out of place for me to ask this…”

“Just ask. I’ll answer if I can.”

                “It’s personal.”

                “Go ahead.”

                “Tell me about your Dad. What type of man was he?”

                Storm looked at her wide eyed before smiling, “What you do want to know?”

                “Anything you want to tell me.”

                Storm’s smile grew as he thought about his father and when he opened his mouth to speak, the words just seem to flow effortlessly. No one had ever asked him about his father and that made him happy.



                They made love again that night, softly. Storm caressed her body as if it was a prized treasure and Sally held on to him learning a new level of bliss attained at his hands. But she couldn’t sleep. He was sleeping soundly beside her but her decision to become his girlfriend, to follow her heart had her mind screaming about her irresponsibility with that decision. Storm was dangerous. His ability to make her do what she wanted instead of what she must was perilous. But that wasn’t the only thing she feared. Yes, he told her to forget what Mandy had said but what if some of what Mandy had said was true? Judging from the people who were at his sister’s wedding, she was very different from them and not only because of their obvious wealth.

                Sally grabbed Storm’s shirt and pulled it on as she left the house to sit on the beach. The waves crashed gently against the shore and it was tempting to take a swim but she knew she couldn’t swim away this problem or these thoughts. She was so close to her goal and she didn’t know if she could handle such a distraction. But her heart wanted to be with him, wanted to feel that happiness with him. She heard the sand shuffle behind her and looked back to see him coming towards her. She turned back around only to feel him sit behind her with his legs on either side as he pulled her back into his chest. Her back remained stiff and curved as he bent over her and kissed the top of her head before snuggling his head into the side of her neck. She breathed out and relaxed against him as they both looked out over the sea.

                “Do you want to tell me what you’re thinking?” Storm whispered after about ten minutes of silence.

                Sally sighed. “It’s nothing.”

                “One of the rules is that you have to talk to me.”

                “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

                “What’s not a good idea?” he had a very good idea what she was referring to.

                “Us being together. I don’t know what to do or not do.”

                “Well rule number one is that you and I talk things over with each other and the rest we make up as we go along.”

                “Can I ask you questions?”

                “Yes,” he said smiling.

                “Why did you and Audrey break-up?”

                Storm sighed. It wasn’t the question he wanted asked. “Audrey and I were never together.”


                “We were never together,” he stressed. “We had sex twice but we were never a couple. Once was at a party and the other was at her place. She told her friends that we were dating when we had never even been out on a date. The last time she called, before she showed up when you were housesitting, I told her never to contact me again. There was never a together to break apart.”After a few moments, “Why do you feel this way? Tell me the truth Sally.”

                “I don’t think I can fit into your world. I…”

                “I don’t want you to fit into my world. I want you to be yourself.”

                She turned to face him as much as she could from her position. “Storm, I don’t go shopping the way the women you’re used to, I can’t. I have school and rent. I work at a bar and my career is possibly going to be in a lab. I don’t know who the hottest designer is and I couldn’t even afford their clothes. I’ve never attended the types of parties I’m sure you’re used to attending. My friend and I hang out at IHop after work. I think you would be better off with someone…”

                “You’re wrong. That’s not the type of person I want to be with, I want you. Sally listen to me, I want the woman that has other responsibilities other than lunching with her friends. I don’t want someone using my name to advance her career. I don’t want to pay someone’s rent or to take them shopping every other day because they see me as a convenient ATM. I don’t want to go out to dinner every night or clubbing every weekend or to be shown off as a prize won at a county fair.”

                “No one thinks of you like. They just like being around you.”

                “No they do think of me like that…as if I’m a means to an end.” After a moment Storm asked in a soft tone, “Why do you like being around me?”

                “Because you’re kind to me and Rhonda.”

                “Believe me, it’s easy being kind to you. So you want to reconsider this notion that you can’t be my girlfriend?”

                She looked back at him, “Are you sure about this?”

                He kissed her, “Yes, very sure. Take the chance with me. It’s worth it.”

                She smiled, “I want something then.”

                He laughed, “Started already…what do you want?”

                “Can we stay here for just one more day? If you have to go back because of work, I under…”

                “Yes. Yes, we can stay.” He rocked her side to side and smiled broadly when she laughed and told him thanks.


                He held on to her as she kissed him back. She wanted him again and from the way he was kissing her, he wanted her just the same.

                “I have to go,” Sally said in between kisses.

                “Then leave,” Storm said as he brought her in again for another long sensual kiss.

                Sally opened the door and laughed when she pulled away from him. Storm laughed and went to the trunk to get her bag and walked her to her apartment.

                “Are you sure you don’t want to spend the night with me?”

                “I think we need the space. We’ve been with each other for the last few days.”

                “Is that your way of telling me that you’re getting bored with me already?”

                “No, it’s my way of saying you need to go home. Bye,” she said as she kissed him and then walked into her apartment.        



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Chance by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Hello everyone. Hope you enjoy! 



            Sally took the step two at a time to reach Paul’s apartment. She waited until Storm pulled away from the curb before leaving her apartment to tell her friend about her good news. She knocked on Paul’s door impatiently and when he didn’t answer the first time, she knocked again, harder. He threw the door open and she smiled at him.

            “Hey there stranger, what’s going on?” she asked.

            “You’re the stranger now. We no longer see or hear from you,” Paul replied turning from her but leaving the door open so she could enter.

            She did and closed the door behind her. “I know I’ve been busy and I just got back from my trip…”

            “I thought you were suppose to come back yesterday. We were looking for you.”

            “Who was looking for me and why?”

            “Well we were, you know your friends, the people who actually care about you.” Paul sat his sofa and grabbed a cigarette. 

            “Hey what’s wrong? Why are you snapping at me all of a sudden?”

“I’m not snapping…”

“Yes, you are. The first time I do something with someone other than you guys and you’re upset, why? When I spoke with you, you were happy for me or at least that’s how it seemed, so what changed almost overnight?”

            “I’m not upset. We don’t know this guy and if anything would have happened to you…, we care about you that’s all.”

            “Thanks for caring. I really appreciate it but I have to take a chance at some point in my life.” Sally sighed, “Come on, I don’t want to argue. Why are you in a bad mood and don’t tell me it’s because of me and Storm because it’s not. Did you have a shitty day at work today?” Just as Paul opened his mouth to speak, Sally spoke up again, “and by the way he’s not just some guy. He’s my boyfriend. We made it official this weekend. I’m dating him exclusively.”

            “What? You’re dating him exclusively? Why? What’s gotten into you?”

            “What do you mean Paul? I…I want to date him. I like him a lot…why…”

            “You don’t really know him? You don’t know anything about him but you’re ready to become his girlfriend over a weekend.”

            “Okay, you’re my friend and I understand that you care but don’t have the right to say that about someone that you don’t know and especially about my life. It’s fine that you go out with half the city but when I begin to date someone you get pissed about it and tell me that something’s wrong with me? Go to hell Paul.”

            Sally turned to walk away but Paul grabbed her hand. “I’m sorry. You’re right I’m being a dick and you don’t deserve that.” He took a deep breath and breathed it out. “I’m jealous because my lover and I broke up. I thought he would be the one or someone that I could have something with that wasn’t a one-night-stand but he turned out to be a real bitch. And here you come in glowing and happy about your new relationship and I’m jealous of you. I’m sorry.”

            She looked at him trying to see if he was being honest. When she was satisfied, she responded. “I accept you apology. And I’m sorry about your…”

            “Thank you.” After a moment of silence, “Well have you eaten? Are you hungry?”

            “Not yet but I will be.”

            “There’s a Closer marathon coming on in a few minutes if you want to watch with me?  We haven’t done that for a while now.”

            Sally smiled, “Yes that would be nice. What do you feel like, pizza?”

            “Sure if you don’t mind…”

            “No…that…” her phone rang at that time and when Sally saw who was calling she smiled, “Just a sec Paul,” she said to him before answering the call, “Hey there,”

            “Have dinner with me?” Storm asked as soon as Sally answered the phone.

            “No I can’t. I’m having dinner with my neighbor Paul, the guy who watched my apartment for me.”

            “I’m being ditched already? Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

            “Maybe…maybe we’ll see each other tomorrow.”

            “I’m reduced to maybe. As you boyfriend my answer should always be yes.”

            “That we’re gonna have to talk about.” Noting the look on Paul’s face, she ended her call with Storm. “We’ll talk later.”

            “I’m going to see Brad. Call me before bed.”




            Sally looked out at the ocean as she answered the call.


            “Hello, how are you doing?”

            “Well thank you. Do you have the information?”

            “Yes, I do. His name is Storm Antonio Niccolo Monsello and he is the son of the Antonio Storm Niccolo Mosello. He now owns the law firm that handled your case. Henry Lister was his Godfather. His personal worth is almost ten billion dollars not including what he inherited from his father with the firm. He speaks five languages fluently: English, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese, graduated top of his class and has several Juris Doctorate degrees. He’s considered amongst the best lawyers and his reputation keeps growing. His sister is Ayasha Monsello. She has some shares in the firm but he has controlling interest. He’s very good in case you were wondering about the safety of your transfer.”

            She knew he spoke Italian. She had heard him and his family communicate in the language. “Has he been informed as to who I am?”

            “No he has not. Would like me to make the introductions?”

            “No. It’s not time and there is still a ways to go.”

            “Only a few months.”

            “Yes, I’ll be prepared. Thank you for the information.”

            “Let me know if you need anything. Your information will remain confidential.”

            “Thank you.”


            As the woman walked to her car from a long day at work, her phone began to ring. She stopped when she saw the private number and after two rings the call ended. The phone rang again, showing a private number. This time it rang three times before stopping. The third call, she answered at the second ring.


            “It’s me.”

“Is something wrong?”

“She knows of him. I just gave her the information.”

Has she made the connection between her and his family?”

            “No, she was only looking for information.”

            “She never just looks for information.”

            “Should we tell him now?”

            “No we have to wait until it’s necessary.”

            “Has he taken over the firm yet?

            “He will as of this week. He was away this weekend. He’ll be in the office tomorrow.”

“She’s gearing up. This is the last year.”

“Yes, she’s calculating. She won’t make any sudden moves. No mistakes. We have to be ready.”

“Yes, we do. Let me know if anything changes.”

 “I will.”

The call ended.



           Storm opened the door happy to see Sally. She smiled but he noticed it didn’t reach her eyes. He wondered if she had gotten news about her internship and it had made her upset. He pulled her into the house and into his arms and kissed her. She pulled away from him and moved to the kitchen.

            “What’s wrong?” he asked as he joined her in the kitchen.

            “Nothing, just some things on my mind.”

            “Did you get news about your internship?”

            “No, not as of yet.”

            “Get some plates please. Do you want to go to the movies tonight or we can stay in.”

            “No I don’t feel like it.”

            “Okay. Well I’m inviting you to a party next week.”

            “What kind of party?”

            “Celebrating and fund raising party. It’s for my father and his partner Henry Lister.”

            “I don’t think I can make it. I have to work.”

            “I’m sure if you ask Jack he wouldn’t mind giving you the night off.” Storm came around to her and wrapped his arms around her. “I want you there with me. We’re together now and going to functions like this is one of the things we’re to do together.”

            “So what about the parties I want to attend. Do they count?”

            Storm looked at her form the side. She was tense in his arms. “Yes, they count. You just have to let me know when and what to wear and I’m there beside you.”

            “It’s not that easy. Not everything is that easy.”

            “Well this is. This party is to celebrate the legacy of my father and godfather and it’s also a fund raiser for students and single mothers who want to become paralegals and lawyers. It’s a good cause Sally and I want you there with me. I want to share this with you.”

            She moved out of his arms and began getting the knives and forks for their dinner. “Well I don’t think your mother would approve of me being there.”

            That surprised Storm because as far as he knew Sally and his mother had never met. “How would you know if she would approve of you being there? As far as I know you and my mother have never met.”

            “I heard what she said the day after Ayasha’s wedding, when she asked you about me or should I say the person you went to the wedding with.” Sally looked at the look on Storm’s face trying to remember what was said between both him and his mother that she may have overheard.

            “I didn’t say anything about you Sally. She doesn’t know anything about you.”

            “She said Audrey come from the right family. She’s not going to be happy seeing you show up with me.”

            He reached for her, pulling her into his arms. “Sally, I don’t care what she thinks. She’s my mother and you’re the woman I’m with. So what if she’s upset, she’ll have to get over it eventually.”

            Sally didn’t pull away immediately. “I don’t have anything to wear.”

            “Well you don’t have to worry about that. I got you a dress.”

            She pulled away from him and walked away before turning to look back at him. “Tell me you didn’t buy me a dress? You didn’t tell me about this even because you didn’t think I would be able to dress appropriately for the occasion?”

            “What? Where did that come from?” Suddenly Storm laughed, “Sweetheart I got the dress because I had forgotten to tell you about the party and unfair for me to ask you to get a dress on such short notice. It’s no big deal that I bought you the dress.”

            “You are so full of shit. You knew about this party. You said it yourself that this is a fund raiser held in honour of your father and godfather so how did you forget about it?”

            “I wasn’t too thrilled about attending before but I am now with you.”

            “Go to hell and take your dress with you. I’m not you mistress or some…” She grabbed her helmet and headed for the door.

            Storm grabbed her upper arm and turned her to him. “What is wrong with you? You know I don’t think you’re my mistress. You’re my…”

            “Get your hands off me now!” She wrenched her arm from his hand and slammed the door as she left.

            Ma che cazzo. Sally, tornare qui!”

            But she had already ridden off on her bike. Storm grabbed his car keys and tried to follow her, but it was impossible in the traffic and he lost her quickly. Instead he when to her apartment and waited for her but she never showed up. After about an hour of calling and receiving no reply he left.


He followed her home from work the next night and knew she saw him. She’d glanced back several times while riding and he didn’t hide the fact that he was driving behind her. He had also shown up at work at the end of her shift and waited for her to leave. Sitting in the car, he watched her get off the bike. She took a tentative step in his direction but seem to quickly change her mind. He looked on as she bent her head and went up the stairs.

Storm hit the steering wheel and willed himself to say in the car. He wouldn’t go to her. He wanted her to come to him and explain why she deliberately picked that fight. He knew that’s what she did but couldn’t understand why. Did she really feel that uncomfortable being with him? Did she really think he wasn’t serious or would change his mind about being with her? What did he have to do to make her understand she was his choice? Why couldn’t she understand he wanted to take this chance with her? He didn’t know what to do to convince her. All the other women he’d been with would have done everything they could to be by his side almost 24/7. Not Sally, she retained her independence and it was he who struggle with her freedom because he wanted her by his side all the time. He wanted her to be there to greet him when he came home. He wanted to have dinner with her every night.

While he loved his father and godfather, he was looking forward to showing up with a date on his arms. He wanted to enjoy going to the party with Sally. He didn’t want to deal with the flirting from women he was not interested in, or to be asked when he was planning on settling down. And he certainly didn’t want his mother trying to set him up with anyone. Although he loved his mother, he often felt she cared more about the image of the so called perfect women than someone who could and would actually love him. With his own personal money, his inheritance and the law firm, his wealth was in the billions. Only he didn’t feel like a commodity with Sally. With Sally he was just Storm, boyfriend to a girl who was as innocent as she had secrets.



The phone rang and the woman answered happily. “Hello my baby. When are you coming to see me again?”

“Hi, you sound great. I don’t know when I can. I’m still waiting to hear about finishing my degree.”

“You have not heard about your internship?”

“No not yet, but enough about me, what’s going on with you?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. You need to stop worrying about me. You have taken care of me long enough.”

“You’re the only family I have. I have to take care of you.”

“And I know you better than anyone else. What is on your mind Lina?”

After a brief moment Sally began to speak. “I got invited to party but I’m afraid to go.”

“Do you think anyone will recognize you?”

“I’m not sure. He said he would protect my identity.”

“Go Lina.”


“No, no but. Lina you cannot live in fear the rest of your life. You need to go out and meet people, meet someone, fall in love. You cannot live like this my baby.”

“I want to go…I mean I would like to go. It would be nice…”

“Who invited you?”

“A new friend I met.”

“Then you should go. Maybe you meet a nice guy and get married.”

Sally laughed, “That’s not going to happen. That’s not in the cards for me.”

“Yes, it is Lina. You need to allow it to be. Go to this party. Get dressed up. Have fun, dance, meet a nice guy and then come and see me and tell me all about it. I miss you my child.”

“I miss you too. I love you.”

“I love you too.”




Storm was coming out of his closet when he heard the chime of his door bell. He placed the diamond cufflinks into the cuffs of his dress shirt unhurriedly. The chime sounded again but he took his time putting on his shoes. Looking through the peephole, he couldn’t believe who was standing on the other side. His heart began to beat a little faster as he opened the door happier than pissed.


Sally looked up at him and swallowed hard. She didn’t know what to say but knew she had to say something. The dilemma she was in wasn’t easy. How did she protect herself and her family and still get what she wanted? When Storm stepped aside, she entered and turned around to face him.

“Hi,” she said softly and timidly.

“Hi,” he responded closing the door before motioning her to the kitchen.   

She moved ahead of him and turned to face him when they were at the counter. Memories of the last time she was there came back, the argument vivid in her mind. Her head was down when she began to speak.

 “This won’t take long…”

            His fingers when under her chin to tilt her face up to look at him. “Now I can hear you, continue.”

            “I’m sorry.”

            “For what exactly?”

            She swallowed hard. “I’m sorry for implying that you treat me like your mistress.”

            “You want to tell me the real reason you reacted that way.”

            She looked away and he turned her face back to him. “I’m afraid I won’t fit in and I felt uncomfortable with you buying me the dress. You’re always trying to buy me stuff and I don’t know how to feel about it…”

            “I buy…”

            “No wait, please let me finish.” She looked down at her fingers before looking back up and taking a deep breath before continuing. “You’re the first guy really to buy my anything, I mean dinner and you took me away for the weekend and I don’t know how to feel about it. I know you don’t treat me as your mistress, well I hope not but my father’s the only man who’s ever bought me clothes and well he doesn’t really count because he was my dad, and Tricks fixes my bike for free so…I don’t know…I’m terrified of anyone thinking I’m only with you because of your money. That really scares me and I know you have money. You’re a lawyer and that beach house isn’t cheap and neither is this house…not that I’m looking at that but…”

            Storm smiled and put a finger over her lips to stop her from speaking. He kissed her gently, “Thank you. I accept your apology and I’m sorry. I never thought about how you felt in all of this. I’ve never been with a woman who cared this much about the things that I bought her. I never thought any of it would make you uncomfortable and for that I am sorry.  I purchased that dress for you because I thought it would look beautiful on you. I want you by my side.”

            “You do? Even though we broke up?”

            “We broke up? When?”

            “When I left…”

            “We had an argument but I don’t recall either of us ending our relationship so Ms. MacDonald, you are still my girlfriend and I would like to formally invite you as my date, to a dinner party in memory of my father and godfather.”

            Sally smiled and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, “Yes, I would love to attend. Did you return the dress?”

            Storm kissed her again, “Come with me.” He took her into his bedroom and retrieved the box with the dress from his closet. “Hold on,” he picked up his phone and called Ayasha. “Hello sis, Sally and I need your help now.”

            “Sì, Storm che cosa avete bisogno.”



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Checkers by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

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To answer some questions, yes, more about Sally will be revealed as the chapters progress. Her story will take a different route than in the original versiion. Basically most of the characters will be more involved than in the prior version.

That being said, the writing is taking a bit longer because I want each chapter to be written as clearly as possible. However, I must admit, I have not been writing due to several projects that require my full attention. I do have a few chapters written but they need to be edited again before posting. 

On to the story...


                Sally tried to quiet her nervous stomach but nothing worked until she felt his hand squeeze hers. She looked up at him and returned his smile. His mother was cold on their introduction but his aunt and uncle were very welcoming. As the night continued and he introduced her to several of his associates, she relaxed. So far no one recognized her.


                Debora Monsello looked simply beautiful in her ivory Valentino gown. She was the perfect widower, greeting Antonio’s and Henry’s friends as they arrived. Storm also greeted the guests but with Sally by his side. Debora took keen interest in this, noticing how nervous Sally was, and wondered how Storm could bring someone who was so obviously out of place to such an event. Even more shocking to her, was hearing him introducing her as his girlfriend; someone he was actually in a relationship with. ‘Something had to be done,’ she fumed silently. ‘Audrey was much more fitting for him to be seen with.’

Brad and Mike arrived and Debora looked on with distain. She silently prayed that he would now improve his friends now that he would be taking over the firm. She found the ones he had now completely unacceptable, with Brad being the one she was most disappointed with. His new status required him to do so. She made a mental note to speak with some of his father’s longtime associates.

In many ways Storm was just like Antonio. Antonio had made a non-Italian Storm’s godfather and had an outside child with a woman who was not Italian. Like his father, Storm dated women from other cultures including an African girl for more than a year while in college. She had been ecstatic when that relationship ended.

Debora hated that Antonio was so accepting of other cultures. He made both children learn about each other’s culture, especially Storm, who spent time on the Native American Reservation with Ayasha during some summer and winter months. Deborah had felt that since Ayasha was an outside child and not full Italian, she should have been excluded but Antonio and Storm took her everywhere and included her into everything. If there was one thing she could have been happy for was that Ayasha wasn’t as dark as her mother had been.

Looking at Sally and the way he was holding her hand, Debora could not understand why after dating so many different women, he still insisted on such random dating? He should be thinking about settling down with the right Italian woman. ‘I’ll have to get him on that path. I am his mother and I know what’s best for him,’ Debora thought as she smiled, knowing the arrangements she had made for the night. But as she watched how he looked at Sally, fear crept into her heart and made it beat a bit faster. Storm looked at this girl the way his father used to look at the picture of Ayasha’s mother.



                Audrey looked on as Storm whispered something to Sally. Sally laughed and turned her face to his chest. His hand cupped the back of her head and he kissed her, intimately.

                ‘She’s the fucking house sitter. What the fuck is wrong with him?’

Audrey drained her glass of champagne and reached for another as the waiter passed by. She and her mother were invited by Storm’s mother and even thought Storm ignored her, all kept their eyes on him, watching his every move. Her mother had whispered to Audrey about Storm’s surprising behavior towards them all night. She had hoped Storm would want to be by her side, especially when he saw her in the dress she had picked out just to impress him.

Ayasha, Colin, Brad and Mike were all in a group speaking with Storm and his date. Audrey looked on, wondering if there would ever be a time when she would be included in that circle. When would Ayasha accept her instead of treating her like a low-class outcast? She was wealthy and they were from the same social class so why did Ayasha treat her as if she was a gold-digger from the streets Audrey wondered. Getting angry, she took her glass of wine and walked by the group, hoping Storm would notice her and invite her in. But when Audrey walked by she heard Storm introduce Sally to someone as his girlfriend.

‘He made her his girlfriend over me? I suck his dick and put up with his bitch of a sister and he makes that bitch his girlfriend? We’ll see about that. I’m not going to stop until I’m his wife. I’ll get him.’ She walked away from the group angry.



Sally looked around as she left the bathroom to make sure she was going the right way.  She was enjoying herself simply because no one had recognized her so far.

“You fucking slut. You’re nothing but a fucking low life gold digger. He’ll soon rea…” Audrey said behind Sally.

Sally turned to her startled but recovered almost instantly. “Good night Audrey,” and kept on walking.

“Don’t you walk away from me you bitch. He’ll come back to me. He wants me not some black whore he’ll get tired of soon.”

“He doesn’t want me but he asked me, the black whore to be his girlfriend…”

“He took you shopping and you think that makes you his girlfriend? Do you really think you’re the first girl he’s taken shopping? That’s a norm for him. You think you’re the first girl he’s taken to a fancy restaurant? He’s going to get tired of you…”

Sally tilted her head to the side as if contemplating something. “He never did that for you, did he? That’s why you’re pissed, that he may have done that for me but not for you, because he saw right through you. He knew you were only after his money.”

“I have money. I’m of his social class. I’m not some low life slut gold-digger like you…”

“Yes, you may have money but not as much as him…”

“I’m not the gold-digger here trying to worm my…”

“You think his money means something to me? I don’t need it. I’ve managed perfectly fine without so far and I’ll continue to do so,” Sally snapped back losing her temper.

“I’ve seen your type before…”
“Leave me alone Audrey. I know you and he were not a couple, he told me…”

Audrey visibly turned a nasty shade of red, “We were a couple. His mind was poisoned against me by his bitch sister and she’ll do the same to you. What the two of you don’t know is that he calls me all the time. He called me and told me he wanted to still see me…”

“Fine Audrey, he calls you, now leave me alone,” Sally said as she turned to walk away.

“You don’t believe me? Fine have it your way when he leaves you…”

“Sally there you are. I’ve been looking for you,” Storm said coming towards both women.

Sally turned to him and gave him a tentative smile. “I was using the restroom.”

Audrey turned to him, “What are you doing? Do you know how bringing her here has upset your mother? Do you know what people are saying about you and her? You’re putting your reputation in jeopardy. Don’t you care what people are saying?”

“No, I don’t and if someone has something to say, they can say it to me directly.”

“Why are you doing this? Being with her is going to ruin your reputation. I’m better for you. You and I look good together.  I suit you better…” 

“Audrey let’s settle this now. We slept together but it was never a relationship or going to be. I’m sorry if you mis-understood the nature of us being together the only two unfortunate times we were, however, I will not submit to your deliberate attempts at twisting the situation into something it was not or ever going to be. Thank you for attending. Please excuse my girlfriend and me.”

“Storm! Storm!” Audrey called out to him but he kept walking, holding Sally’s hand.



Storm pulled Sally into his arms as soon as he closed the door.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked after kissing her.

“Yes, I did. Thank you for inviting me.”

“Thank you for attending. I enjoyed having you there.”

This time, she made the first move and kissed him. Gently at first she licked at his lips and slowly moved her tongue beyond the barrier of his lips to seek his. When she felt his tongue, she softly licked it, coaxing it out of his mouth and into hers so she could suck on it gently. She moved her head to the side to deepen the kiss and hear him moan his approval. His hands were on the back of her dress pulling the zipper down and she wrapped her arms around his neck tighter.

 She walked to the bedroom and he followed, pulling his bow tie and removing this cufflinks in the process. He stood at the bedroom door and watched as she pushed the dress off her shoulders, past her waist and over her hips to pool at her feet. He walked to her as she stepped out of it and smiled. He was simply gorgeous, she thought and slowly began pulling the buttons of his shirt one by one until it lay open and pulled from his pants. After pushing the shirt from his body, she reached for his belt, unbuckled it and undid the zipper to his pants. Her hands moved up and over his body, getting reacquainted with the feel of his muscles and texture of his smooth skin.                   

He kept his arms at his sides allowing and enjoying her exploration. He watched her hands moved over his chest and felt his muscles come alive where she touched. She kissed his chest softly and he closed his eyes savoring the feel of her lips on his skin. She stretched up on her toes to kiss his neck and he pulled her into him tightly. Her fingers interlocked into his hair at the back of his neck as she pulled him down to her meet her lips. She slowly kissed him trying to mimic the way he kisses her. Her tongue moves across the barrier of his lips easily as he allows her to take the lead.

Sally licks at his tongue slowly, tasting him as she deepened the kiss and allowed her confidence to grow. She heard him moan and swallowed down the sound, encouraged to explore the freedom of her actions. Sally pulled back and looked at him as she unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor. Her panties followed next, she hooked her thumbs in the sides and slowly pushed them from her hips. Taking his hand, she pulled him to stand by the bed as she pushed his boxer briefs down his legs.

“Sit please,” she asked softly and he obliged.

She took off his sock and stood in front of him, apprehensive and Storm pulled her to him and kissed her as he pulled her on the bed. She pushed him on his back and straddled his body. Kissing him again, she felt his hands caress her back before burying themselves in her hair. Her lips moved along his jaw, down his neck, and over his chest to a hard nipple. She licked and sucked the hard pebble into is mouth, and he moaned with the pleasure.

“Hmm…babe, Sally.”

Her hand traveled over his stomach slowly with skimming touches that made Storm moaned, his head going to one side. Her hand moved by his hard member, but not touching and Storm felt himself move to try and make contact with her hand. Fingertips gently move over his smooth skin to this thigh as her lips trailed down his taunt stomach. Her hand traveled back up and gently wrapped around his hard member. She looked up at him and saw this eyes which looked like the deepest depths of lust. He breathe out a bit harshly and she smiled.

“Sally…” Storm called out, unsure of how much more he could take.

She rolled the condom on him and he moaned out of disappointment. He wanted to feel her. She looked up at him hesitantly; wanting reassurance.

He pulled her to him and whispered, “Ride me babe,” before kissing her deeply. She aligned herself with him and looked down. “No look at me,” he whispered harshly, and she did.

She lowered herself inch by blissful inch. He stretched her again and the feeling was so intense she disobeyed him and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again it was to see his hooded look, as his fingers dug into her hips. She began to move, guided by his hands, slowing pushing herself up until only the very tip of him remained inside her before sitting back down on him every so slowly. Again her eyes closed at the pleasure that flowed through her. She saw his breath hitch and she did it again, grounding her hips on him. She moved in sensual waves on him, pushing them both to paradise. Stretching over him, he reached up to meet her as he joined their lips together. The kiss was as sensual as the movements of their bodies. Storm spread his legs a bit wider which caused her ass to bounce on his legs. She sucked on his nipples again, making him moan deep in his chest at the feeling of her lips on his skin, and being buried so deeply inside her. They both sat up and he kneaded her breast before sucking on each.  

“You are so beautiful.”

Sally moaned as he kept at her breast and she kissed him harder than before. His hand moved down her body and held her ass.

She breathe deeply as the feeling got more intense. “Storm,” she called out to him.

“Sally you feel amazing.”

She continued to move on him at the same steady speed, every move bringing them both one step closer to pinnacle they both sought. Her breath became shorter, his became harder. She kept the same pace even as her nails dug into the skin of his chest and released. She felt his grip on her waist tighten and her head went back,

“Look at me Sally, look at me!” he commanded.

And she obeyed, as best she could. Her walls contracted, over and over and over, like the aftershocks of an earthquake. Her head when back and her eyes shut, blinded by the light behind her lids. His grip on her hips held her down forcefully as he pushed inside her, floating on the same wave of ecstasy she was on.

 Sally rolled her head forward and opened her eyes. The look of pure bliss and exhaustion etched on her face. Her breaths were raspy and when her eyes met Storm’s she read contentment in his. She bent down to gently kiss him before settling herself on his chest. His arm enveloped her and Sally smiled, glad she had made the decision to be with him. However short it was, she was going to enjoy her time with him.



Storm was in the garage getting some things together when he turned around and saw Sally standing at the door. She was barefooted and looking very sexy in his shirt from the night before. Her hair was in disarray giving her the perfect bedroom hair.

“Good morning. You didn’t wake me,” Sally said as he looked at her.

“Good afternoon, no I didn’t,” he said pulling her into his arms. “There was no need. How do you feel?”

“Okay, why?”

“We’ve been invited to a barbeque.” She looked indecisive. “It’s at Yashy’s and she’s not going to take ‘no’ for your answer. You’ll have fun, I promise.”

“I can’t,” and at the puzzled look on his face, she continued. “I have the interview for my internship tomorrow and I didn’t know Tricks went out of town so I can’t get the car, I have to ride my bike…”

“Wait, you got the interview for your internship? When did you find out?”


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well yesterday was your family’s night and well, it’s only the interview.”

“Sally, it’s not only the interview, you’re getting this internship. They won’t let someone as good as you slip through their fingers. Don’t sell yourself short. And you still should have told me, no matter how busy you think I am. I’ll make time for you.”

“You don’t have to do that. I can take care of myself.”

“Sally, we’re a couple now. We’re not by ourselves anymore.” He kissed her. “Go get ready. I’ll be in shortly. I have to put this stuff in the car.”



                “Sally you came. I’m so happy,” Ayasha greeted as she hugged Sally.

                “Thank you for having me,” Sally replied.  

                “Hey sweetheart, how are you feeling?” Storm asked Ayasha kissing her on the cheek.

                “The chicken and steaks are on the grill and some of the guys are out back.”

                “Why didn’t you order this made?” Storm asked. 

                “Because she’s stubborn,” Iris said coming into the kitchen.

                “No, I’m not. It’s not a barbeque if you get it sent in,” Ayasha replied to Iris’s comment.

                “Yes it would be but you just have to have everything your way. You’re not doing all the cooking today Yasha, I mean it,” Colin stated. “Storm can you help me get the beer from the garage?”

                “I agree Yashy, you’re resting today,” Storm said.

                “Well you guys can’t cook and I’m not eating burnt food.”

                “It’s not up for debate. You’re not doing the cooking,” Colin stated in finality.

                “Hi Sally, how are you doing? How did you enjoy the partly last night?” Iris asked.

                “Hi, it was nice,” Sally replied.

                “And how did you like Debora, Storm’s mother?” Iris asked.       

                “She’s nice,” Sally replied hesitantly.

                Ayasha laughed, “She got a barrage of dirty looks for both her and Audrey. If looks could kill, she would be dead the first two minutes of being there,” Ayasha said to Iris.

“Really now do tell,” said Iris.

“That’s not all you missed but what I want to know is how that argument between you and Audrey got started?” Ayasha asked Sally.

“You got into an argument with Audrey?” Iris asked.

“It was nothing,” Sally said feeling uncomfortable.

“Oh yes it was. She attached you but I didn’t hear all of it. I’m also curious about what Storm said to her,” Ayasha said looking at Sally.

“He explained the situation to her,” Sally answered.

“What did he see in her? He is much too handsome to be desperate for pussy and that’s what she is, a desperate fuck,” Iris said.

“Please don’t remind me. Please, please don’t remind me.”

“Excuse me, where’s your bathroom?” Sally asked.

“Oh, down the hall on your right,” Ayasha replied.

As soon as Sally was out of hearing range, “You should have seen Deb doing everything she could to push that slut on Storm. The bitch even placed her next to Storm for dinner, but my very smart brother,” Ayasha said proudly, “had the dinning arrangements changed, and put the succubus and it’s so called mother, at the back of the room,” Ayasha said laughing.

“You’re kidding!”

“No, it was so funny. The look on their face was priceless.”

“You know she’s not going to want to see her precious baby with someone who’s not Italian,” Iris said.

“That slut’s not Italian and Dad wouldn’t approve.”

“But she is white,” said Iris.

“Dad’s family has a strict rule against white trash,” replied Ayasha.

“I’m glad you like me but then again, I don’t like white trash either,” said Iris. “You know she’s going to put up a stink about Sally. There’s no way she’s going to accept her.”

“Well Storm’s with her.”

“Did you hear the argument?”

“No not all of it but I did hear when she told Sally that she was with Storm for the clothes that he buys her and called her a bitch.”

“She should talk. The only thing that gold-digger was interested in was his bank account and how much of it she could spend. But speaking of that, do we know anything about Sally?”

“She’s educated at least more than Audrey, but then again Audrey’s education is by being spit roasted or on her knees.”

“Did Storm hear her?”

“I don’t think he did,” replied Ayasha.

“Not to worry sis, I heard now,” Storm replied from the door, and both women turned around to face him shocked.

When he turned away, it was to see Sally standing in the door way from the hallway. She stared at him before looking at Ayasha and Iris.  

Storm walked over to Sally, “Come with me,” and he took her elbow and moved with her down the hall to a bedroom.

“Storm, I think I should go,” Sally said as soon as he closed the door.

“No…you’re going to tell me everything Audrey said to you last night.”

“She didn’t say any…”

“Don’t lie to me. I heard her tell you that I called her, and you know it’s not true but what else did she say to you?”

“Only that.”

Storm smirked and rolled his eyes. He took a deep breath and released it. Speaking slowly and distinctively he asked, “Do you want me to call Ayasha in here and ask her to tell me every single thing she heard?” Sally visibly swallowed trying to get the lump in her throat down. “Or do you want to tell me yourself, now.”

“She told me I was a gold digger and that I was after your money and that you still...” she looked away but Storm turned her back to look at him.

“Continue,” he urged.

“That you still wanted her,” Sally said softly.

“Do you believe her?”

“It doesn’t…”

“If you say it doesn’t matter, I’m going to take it that you’re not serious about being with me and that you’re just using me. Now answer me, do you believe her?”

“I don’t know.”

“What is your mind telling you?”

‘Run, he’s putting you in danger. This is a way out.’ But Sally answered with her heart instead, “That I shouldn’t believe her. That she’s angry she’s not with you.”

“You’re afraid of listening to your heart aren’t you?”

Sally looked up at him shocked, “How did you…”

“You’re too logical not to think with you mind. That answer came from your heart because you want this as much as I do. Do you believe her?”

Then after a while, “No, I don’t.”

“Why not?” he asked. He wanted to hear what she was thinking.

“Because she got into a similar argument with Ayasha that time when I house sat for you.”

He held her face and brought her in for a sensual kiss. She smiled but looked away when he ended the kiss.

“What is it?” Storm asked

“I…can you do something for me please?”


“I’m not comfortable with you buying me clothes…”

“Sally sometimes I attend parties like the one we attended yesterday and I would never want to put that type of expense on you considering that you are a working student. I think it’s only appropriate that I stand the bill for expenses that you would incur because of such events.”

“I would rather pay for my expenses myself and if I can’t afford it, I’ll just not attend. I’m not comfortable Storm. Please try and understand.”

“Okay, for you but only if you promise that if you need anything that is over your budget then you’ll let me so I can get it for you.”

“Storm I…”

“No that’s the only way. You tell me and we agree to the purchase together.”





                Storm was playing football with the guys as Sally watched him through a window in the kitchen. She should have been cutting the carrots, but watching Storm play, his muscles contacting and relaxing, was just too distracting. His skin glistened in the sunlight, wet with sweat which was also dripping from his hair. He got tackled to the ground but got up quickly, breathing heavily, his chest expanding with each breath. She stared at his powerful legs which supported his six foot three frame and memories of how they held her up as he thrust into her repeatedly came flooding back. He gave Brad a high five and his sinewy muscles made her think of safety. Once again she felt fear.

                “You look like you want to rape him,” Ayasha said softly behind her and laughed when Sally jumped and blushed.  

Ayasha took a plate to the patio and yelled, “Come and get it!”

                Sally and Iris each followed with a platter in each hand. Storm came over to Sally and kissed her on the neck.

                “Ewwwhh. You’re sweaty,” Sally complained softly.

                “Normally you don’t mind,” Storm whispered and laughed when she blushed. When Sally turned away, Storm pulled her back to him and kissed her fully on the lips. The kiss went on for a bit before Colin interrupted.

                “Okay, we get it, you’re in love. Can we eat now?”


                Everyone but Sally laughed. They sat and Storm helped to prepare her plate. Ayasha smiled happily. Her brother was very happy. Sally smiled shyly, trying to feel comfortable with what Colin said. Daily she was losing the battle against the spell Storm wove, inviting and tempting her to trust him. 

End Notes:

Once again, thank you for reading. There are significant changes from the original story in this and the upcoming chapters. Please let me know how you like the chances and you thoughts on how the story is developing. 

Don't work too hard on Labor Day unless it's working hard at having fun! :)

First and Last by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

My apology this is late...I hope you will enjoy. I will post the other chapter soon. 

                “Why aren’t you going home?” Sally asked.

                They had left the barbeque but instead of going to Storm’s home, he drove to her apartment.  

                “You’re taking my car to the interview tomorrow,” Storm said as he parked.

                “Storm, I told…”

                “Spend the next few days with me, please,” he asked turning to her. “I want to spend time with you and not just on the weekend.”

                “But that’s going to inconvenience you,” Sally argued back.

                “Let me worry about that.” He put his finger over her lips to stop her from speaking. “I want you to spend a few days with me. Take me to work before your interview and stop trying to come up with reasons to deny my offers other than you’re scared.”

Sally looked down at her hands. To her they were shaking but they didn’t seem to move. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, very. I’ll help you pack.”




                Sally came out of the bathroom wearing a navy blue pin-striped suit. The single breasted jacket and matching pencil skirt with a split in the back, stopped just above her knees. She paired it with a pair of round toe black pumps and a light blue shirt. Her hair was pulled back into a bun at the base of her neck and the only jewelry she wore were a pair of simple small hoops.

                Storm pulled her into in his arms as she passed by him. “You look sexy.”

                “I can’t wear this?” Sally asked worriedly.

                “You look beautiful. It’s a perfect business suit and you look ready for the interview. As a matter of fact, if I didn’t know you were going for an interview as a scientist, I would think you were interviewing for the position of Executive Director. “

                “You’re only saying that because we’re dating,” she said trying to turn away.

                “No, I’m not.  Stop being nervous, you’re going to be great. Now get your things. I don’t want you to be late.”

                Storm came out of the car and waited for Sally to get into the driver’s seat. “You’re going to be fine. Don’t worry.”

                She smiled. “Do…do you…I mean, if you’re…”

                Storm smiled, “Spit it out, just say it.”

                “I was wondering if you would like to, that’s if you have the time or want to…” she sighed, “do you…would you like to have lunch with me? I know you’re busy…”

                He laughed. “Stop…I would love to but I already have plans. Stop by anyway because I should be finished early.”

                “Okay, thanks again. Bye.”



                “Ayasha, were you sleeping?” Storm asked when Ayasha answered the phone.

                “Yes, this baby makes me sleep a lot. What’s up I’m awake.”

                “Do you think Sally would like drawers closer to the bathroom or the side of the bed she sleeps on?”

                Ayasha sat up immediately, becoming fully awake. “She’s moving in? You’re moving her in?”

                “No, but I want her to spend more time with me and it would be easier for her if she left some of her things there don’t you think.”

                “Yeah, if that’s what you want. She may want the drawers by her side of the bed. How many drawers are you talking about?”

                “I don’t know; three on that side of the room. What type of body washes do you think she would like?  She’s not a very overly floral person…I want to get her something nice so she can have bubble baths.”

                “Why don’t you take her to get the things that she likes?”

                “She going to give me a hard time if I do that but if it’s there already, then she’ll have to use them.”

                “Storm, Sally isn’t very fussy. I think it would be best if we went shopping with her to get the things that she needs.”

                “She’s going to refuse it.”


                “Because she doesn’t want me to buy anything for her.”


                “Because of what Audrey said. She doesn’t want anyone thinking that she’s with me for my money. Don’t worry about it sis, I’ll take her myself. She’s going to have to get used to me buying her things.”

                “Are you sure?”

                “Yeah, I am. How are you feeling today?”

                “Fine. This baby is growing so fast sometimes.”

                “Good, I’m glad to hear. Talk with you later. Go back to rest.”

                “Ok will do. Hope things works out for you.”

                Ayasha couldn’t wait to tell Iris about this.




                Sally looked around the lobby of the massive building as she waited for the security guard to let Storm know she was there.

                “Ms. MacDonald? He said you can come up now, twentieth floor. Just go straight down the hall to the elevators.”

                “Thank you,” Sally said and smiled as she slowly made her way to the elevators.

                She looked around when she got off the elevator and made her way down the hall. The building was immaculate, not a single thing out of place. The tall glass windows allowed the natural light to come through easily and illuminate the inside. She stood by an empty desk and waited because there was no one insight. She wasn’t sure if she had followed the directions correctly and was about to turn back when a door suddenly opened and Storm walked out.

                “You’re here. Good. Go inside and wait. I’ll be right in.”

                Storm walked to the elevator and his timing was perfect. As he reached, the doors opened. He took the lunch from the delivery person, and returned to his office. Once inside he placed the lunch on the table and closed his office door. Sally was looking around the very spacious office when Storm pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

                “So how did the interview go?” he asked.

                “Are you having lunch here? Sally countered.

                “Oh yes, and you’re my lunch date.”

                Sally smiled realizing that she had been tricked. “I wanted to take you to lunch to say thank you.”

“I know. But I already planned on having lunch with you today.”

Storm kissed her again, deeply while he pulled the buttons of her jacket. Her arms wrapped around him tightly as the cool breeze hit her back.

Sally pulled back, “Storm we can’t do this,” she whispered in a very worried voice. She felt someone would come through the door any minute.

“No one’s coming in. I told Dara to take an extended lunch and everyone else knows not to interrupt me. You and I will be having a very quiet intimate lunch.”

“Storm please, we can’t…” she tried to resist but Storm’s kisses were taking away her ability to fight.

“Yes, we can and we will.”

Storm sat her on his desk and pushed up her skirt. He reached for her underwear and pulled it off, leaving on her shoes. He lifted her off the desk and laughed as she grabbed on to him tightly. He carried her to the other side of his desk, and placed her to stand as he reached behind and unzipped her skirt. He pushed it from her hips to the floor. Her bra was next, and when she was finally naked, wearing only her shoes, he sat her back on the desk.

Storm pulled his tie and began to unbuttoning his shirt. He unzipped his pants but did not remove them. He pulled his tucked open shirt from his pants but kept it on. He kissed her again, kneading her breast and moaned into her mouth when he felt her hands move up his chest. His blood quickened as her hands wrapped themselves around his neck and she pulled herself closer to him. It was all he needed to continue as he pushed her to lie back on the desk.  

Looking down at her, lying naked on his desk, Storm couldn’t imagine a more erotic sight at that moment. She was his fantasy come true. It would have been the most difficult thing in the world to stop at that moment. He needed his fix of her. He opened her legs and sat in his chair and pulled it up to his desk. Putting her legs over his shoulder, he sucked her clit into his mouth. She arched off the desk and he held on her thighs to keep her down. She moaned out loud and Storm smiled at the intense feeling he knew she was feeling. He pushed his tongue into her and tasted her over and over. She burst on him, arching off the desk and Storm stood up and pulled her upright as he kissed her hard. Holding her legs open, he pushed in slowly at first and then stopped when he was fully embedded. He kissed her again, hard and frantic.

Storm pushed her to lie back and began to move, setting up a steady rhythm. He sucked on her nipples while gently caressing her breast, pulling them deeply into his mouth, one then the other. He kissed her stomach and she ran her fingers through his hair as she moaned his name out loud. Storm closed his eyes, his head falling back as the intense feeling of being inside her again began to make him feel powerless, an addict to her drug. His movements increased, thrusts becoming more demanding, as he pushed them both closer and closer to the edge.

He watched her eyes close as she arched off the desk again, and he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, as they both exploded together. They swallowed each other’s moans as he continued to pump the last of himself inside of her. Separating, they both rested their heads on each other’s shoulders trying to catch their breaths. After a few minutes, Storm pulled back and looked at Sally smiling. She looked at him then turned her face away.

Storm held her chin and turned her to face him again, “What’s wrong?” 

Sally tried to look away again, “Nothing. Do you have a bathroom near here?”

“Yes,” Storm replied, “right over there,” he said pointing to a door on the other side of this office.

“Thank you,” Sally said looking at Storm.

He moved, zipping up his pants and gathered her clothes, handing them to her. She hurriedly pulled on her skirt and the jacket before reaching for her bra and underwear and disappearing into the bathroom. Storm finished getting dressed and but kept off his jacket and unpacked the lunch. After a few minutes, Sally returned to the office. Storm immediately saw the worried look on her face and went to her.

“Sally, what’s wrong?”

She tried to smile, “It’s nothing.”

“Sally I can see it on your face. Please tell me what’s on your mind, please.”

Sally looked away, “I don’t want to get pregnant. We didn’t use any protection and…”
                “Baby, I’m sorry,” Storm said pulling her into his arms. “I truly am sorry Sally. I should have remembered. I agree, now is probably not the right time for us to get pregnant. Are you ovulating now?”

“No, not yet. I just don’t…”

“I understand. We’ll use protection from now on, or at least most of the times.” Storm kissed her and whispered against her lips, “I still need to feel you without any barriers. You feel so amazing.” Storm released her, “Lunch is on the table, I’ll be right back,” and he turned to the bathroom.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah sure,” Storm yelled back.

“How many times or is this something you do on a regular basis?”

“What?” Storm asked drying his hands on a towel.

“At the office.”

Storm moved to the table, “Lets eat.” Sally hesitated for a few seconds before moving but before she could sit in the chair, Storm pulled her to sit on his lap. “You’re the first and last. You’re the first for a lot of things. You’ll be the last for lots of things also.”

Sally smiled and fed him the lasagna

“What are you doing for the rest of the day?” Storm asked.

Sally’s phone rang. “Hey Tricks,” she answered. “Oh really? Thank you so much Tricks. Do you want me to come to you now? Are you back?” after a few moments, “okay, I’ll meet you at the shop in an hour or so. Bye and thanks so much.” Sally threw her hands in the air and yelled, “YES!”

“Good news?” Storm asked happy at her antics.

“Yes, Tricks found me a car and I can go see it. He’s driving back now with it.

“Wonderful, I’m happy you won’t be on the bike too much.”

“Why? The bike has been a good means of transportation for me. I enjoy riding.”

“I know that sweetheart but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about you.”

“Can you call me a cab please?”

“No, I’ll get the driver to take you there. I would but I have a client that’s flying in today that I need to see.”

“But I’m still here.”

“I didn’t say he was coming now. You’re going to finish having lunch with me and then you’re going to pick up your car and come by me. I want to see it.”

“Why? It’s a car.”

“No, it’s your car. Now finish eating.”


As soon as the car drove off with Sally, Storm text Mike.

Storm: She’s on her way to Tricks. Is everything working in the car?

Mike: Yes, the tracker is up and running.

Storm: Tell Tricks the car has to remain in the fictitious name for now. I don’t want that cop finding her.

Mike: Yes, I agree and he knows. What are we going to do about the money she gave for the purchase?

Storm: Put it in a safety deposit box if he can’t deposit it to an account. .

Mike: Ok

Storm: Good, see you this evening. Hey thanks again for your help.

Mike: Anytime.





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Friendship Torn by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Sorry this is late. Having some computer problems. Thanks for your patience and reviews. All will be revealed in due time but please let me know how you like this next few chapters are they are new to the orginal story line. 

                Sally was accepted into the internship program which changed her routine for work. She reduced her work schedule at Jack’s to only one night for the week. Being in a relationship with Storm also required some adjustment from her. She now had to call Storm when she arrived at work, left and when she got home. Most of the time, he tried to get her to spend the night with him but she mostly did that on the weekends when she wasn’t at the hospital or studying.

Jack had been worried about how she was going to financially support herself but she assured both he and his wife that she had saved for this time period, and she also had Tricks whom she could rely on but wouldn’t need to. Storm had also offered her assistance for which she had steadfastly declined. Storm had asked her once again about the cop which she shut down immediately.

Tonight they were all at Jack’s. The night was slow and Sally was taking off for the next three weeks to study and prepare for her first set of exams. Standing by the bar speaking with Paul, she didn’t notice when Storm arrived since her back was to the stairs. Storm signaled to Jack and his wife, and a few other people who saw him, not to let on that he had arrived. He walked up to Sally quietly and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back into his chest. She looked up at him started and he bent to kiss her. Looking up, he greeted the bartender and then Paul who Sally formally introduced then.

“Paul, this is Storm, Storm, this is Paul, my wonderful neighbor,”

Storm reached out his hand, which Paul took with some hesitation, “Nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you,” Storm said.

“Can’t say the same here. She talks about no one,” Paul replied.

“That’s not true,” Sally said to Paul smiling before she turned to look at Storm.

“You don’t talk about me?” he said kissing her again, “girlfriends are supposed to talk about their boyfriends.”

“I’ve mentioned you, several times,” Sally replied.

“Mentioned? Only mentioned? That’s all I am to you, a mention?” but Storm ruined his pretend disappointment by smiling at the shocked look on her face.

Sally looked at him not knowing what to say at first but then smiled when she realized he was teasing her.

“Oh hey Rhonda,” Paul said suddenly and everyone turned around immediately. But the smile on Sally’s face fell immediately when she saw who was accompanying Rhonda.

“Rhonda, how are you?” Sally asked.

“Yes, how are you doing?” Storm asked also. “We have not heard from you in the longest time.”

“I’ve been well, busy working. Sally, did you get into your internship program?”

“Yes, I sent you a text message.”

“Oh I changed phone. I have a new phone. Look,”

“There was nothing wrong with the old phone. Where have you been or do I need to ask?”

“Hi,” Katie said to Sally, rolling her eyes but when she looked at Storm, she smiled brightly.

“Hello, I’m Storm, Sally’s boyfriend,” Storm introduced himself.

“Boyfriend? When did this happen? You move fast girl,” Rhonda said.

“It’s not like that but don’t change the subject, where have you been?” Sally said.

“I told you, I’ve been working.”


“What are you, her mother?” Katie asked.

“I’m her friend which is more than I can say about you,” Sally replied to Katie.

“Bitch…” Katie replied.

“Sally, why are so mean to her? She’s my friend and she brought me here to see you. I came to tell you congratulations.”

“I thought you said you changed phones so you didn’t get my text message?” Sally replied.

“What’s with the third fucking degree? I’m not your child, don’t fucking question me. Why are you always like this now?” Rhonda said.

“Why? Because when you mess up, I have to bail you out…” Sally replied.

“What? I do things for you also Sally. You’re such a bitch. You think just because you have a degree that you’re better than me? Just because I don’t want to work some slave job, you think you can look down on me?” Rhonda yelled.

“I’ve never looked down on…” Sally said.

“…Yes you have. Ever since that time in the mall you wouldn’t hang out with us, me. You think you’re better than me and Rhonda…”

“…Rhonda and me,” Sally said looking at Katie directly. “But then again if you’d stayed in school and actually visited a class maybe you would have learnt that.”

“Fuck you bitch…” Katie said as she took a step towards Sally.

Storm and Paul got between the both of them.

“I didn’t move,” Sally said to both Paul and Storm.

“Hey, there is no need for this ladies. Let’s just put this all behind us and have a drink. I’m buying,” Storm said.

“Yes, I’ll take a drink,” Katie said smiling at Storm in a very flirtatious manner.

“Yeah sure,” Rhonda said conceding.

“No thank you,” Sally declined.

“Okay, Rhonda, why don’t you and Sally go and talk. I’ll keep the lovely Katie company,” Storm said and Sally looked at him shocked.

‘Did he just say she’s fucking lovely?’ Sally asked herself.

Sally walked away.

“See I can’t talk to her,” Rhonda said to Paul, Storm and Katie.

“She’s such a fucking bitch. I don’t know why you keep talking to…”

“Katie, shut up!” Paul said. “Rhonda, you know she cares about you, that’s why she gets so upset when she thinks you’re putting yourself back in danger.”

“Don’t tell me to shut up!” Katie said.

“If you don’t keep your voice down and stop with the cursing, I’m going to ask you both to leave,” Nancy said to Katie.

“I don’t need this shit…” Katie said.

“Hey, calm down,” Storm said to Katie. “Let have a drink. Why ruin a wonderful night with such beautiful company?” Storm addressed first Katie and then Rhonda.

Katie smiled at him and accepted his offer. Paul looked at Storm shocked and angry that he was so openly flirting with Katie.  

“Rhonda, go talk with Sally. I think she misses you,” Storm said.

“Yes, go talk with her. She’s been worried about you,” Paul said to her also.

Rhonda made her way over to Sally and sat across from her. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m fine,” Sally replied looking at the ocean.

“When was the last time you went swimming?”

“A few weeks ago. I don’t get to do much since I’m still studying.”

“Yeah, you need to take some time off and just hang. Sally why can’t you let it go. It was so long ago. She’s changed,”

“No she hasn’t but you can’t see it. She doesn’t care anything about you because if she did she’d want you to get the one thing no one can take from you, an education.”

“Sally why is everything for you about school? Not everyone is like you. We’re starting out own business…”

“Who’s she ripping off now?”

“God Sally why do you have to be such a bitch? You think you’re so much better than me and her that you have to put us down every time…”

“I’ve never put you down. I’ve tried to help you, but I’m done,” Sally said standing.

“Yeah, well you’re way of helping is by trying to control me. You think you’re so much better than me? You think just because you have your trust fund that you’re better than me? So I’m poor and I’m doing…”

“What trust fund?”

“I know about the money in trust for you. I saw the letter when it came to the house. Your rich daddy left it for you and you think that you’re better than the rest of us because of it.”

Sally laughed. “Thanks for making everything so clear. You don’t have to be concerned with me every butting into your life again. You are now free from me as I am with you. Goodbye.”

Sally walked away. “Sally! Sally!  Wait!” Rhonda yelled but Sally kept walking to the stairs. “Sally! I’m sorry!”

But Sally never looked back.



Someone was knocking at her door but Sally didn’t move from where she was on her bed. The words Rhonda spoke kept ringing in her head over and over again. She was not a friend because she had the trust fund. Sally laughed. She was being taken advantage of because of approximately $80,000. It wasn’t even enough to buy a house or an apartment but that’s what Rhonda had deemed as enough money to throwaway their friendship. Why couldn’t she see that Katie was not a good friend? But it didn’t matter, her friendship with Rhonda was over.

‘Why will they not stop banging on the door? If I don’t answer doesn’t it mean I don’t want to speak with anyone? Why is that so difficult to understand?’ Sally asked herself. She got out of bed and made it to the door but before she could answer she heard voices on the outside.

“Did she answer?” Storm asked Paul who had knocked on the door.

“No and I don’t hear her phone ringing which means she’s either turned it off or has it on silent. You can go I’ll take care of her.” Paul replied not looking at Storm.

“No, you can leave, I’ll see to her.”

Paul turned to Storm, “I don’t think she wants to speak with you at the moment. You are only going to upset her more.”

“How do you figure that?” Storm asked wanting to know why Paul seemed to dislike him so much.

“Let’s see, you were flirting with a girl Sally hates and you were taking pictures with her as if she was your girlfriend. Tell me something, are those pictures going to become your new wallpaper or are you going to play one girl off the other for your entertainment? Are you that bored with the girls you know that you have to come here, on our side of the tracks to get your kicks in? Is Katie to become the girl on the side when Sally isn’t available? Is Sally the current girl on the side? But not to worry, Katie will make herself available to you, no questions asked. Why don’t you just leave Sally alone?”

“My actions are not yours to interpret. This is between my girlfriend and me.”

“I’m her friend and you don’t know the first thing about making her happy.”  

“You think you can?”

“I can because I wouldn’t take anyone’s side but hers,” Paul said before turning away and walking to the stairs.

Sally very quietly made her way back to bed.



Storm looked on at the car ahead of him and sighed deeply again. He was on his way into work and Sally still had yet to return his messages, voice or text. He sent the picture of Katie to Mike along with her phone number but what Paul said had him worried. Did Sally think he was interested in Katie? ‘She can’t be that insecure,’ he said to himself but his doubt increased.

When he got to the office, Mike was waiting with his assistant Dara.

“Good morning Dara, what are my appointments today?” 

“You have two meetings, one with a client and the other with Malcolm to go over the case going to trial.”

“Thanks, if Sally calls, interrupt me. Thanks Dara.” He opened his door, “Mike,”

Mike followed him inside. “You don’t seem to have begun your morning on the good side of the bed.”

“Sally’s still not speaking with me. Did you get the pictures and phone number I gave you?”

“Yes, thanks man. But why is she upset?”

“She and Katie don’t get along and when I say ‘don’t get along’ I mean on the side of hate each other.”

“Wow, I never thought Sally would feel that way about anyone except that cop. How did you get the picture?”

“I took when we were at Jack’s. I got Rhonda and Sally to speak with each other privately so I could get close enough with Katie to take the picture and get her phone number but Sally saw and now she’s pissed. I want this case closed soon Mike. I don’t like putting my relationship with my girlfriend on the line. I want Sally out of this mess too. I hate lying to her like this.”

“Storm I understand how you feel…”

“No Mike you don’t. I’m lying to my girlfriend and using her to spy on her friends to keep her out of trouble. This situation is so fucked up. I hope she never finds out about it.”

“Storm, I will do my best. I’m sorry you’re going through this but remember this is going to benefit Sally in the end. Nothing’s going to happen to her. I just need to get something solid on Rhonda and Katie and it’s over.”

“Yeah Mike but how is Sally going to feel knowing that we did that to her friend?”

“She’s a big girl Storm and I have to do my job.”

Both men looked at each other thinking about how this could go wrong for everyone involved.




                Storm heard the knock at the door and tried to ignore it. He was on his way out and didn’t want to be delayed, but the person knocked again. Looking through the peephole, he was happy and shocked. He opened the door and bade the person entry. They both walked to the kitchen where he put his key on the counter top as the person turned around and faced him.

                “I’m sorry I didn’t know you were going out. I’ll speak with you another time,” Sally said.

                “I was coming to see you.”



                They both stared at each other. Sally looked around the kitchen before looking back at Storm. He watched her openly, waiting for her to say something, anything.

                After a few minutes of silence Sally asked in a soft voice, “Do you like her?”


                “You know who, Katie.”

                “I have a girlfriend.”

                “That doesn’t mean you don’t like her.”

                “You’re right it doesn’t. But I don’t want to answer your question.”

                “Why not?” Sally asked getting angry.

                “Because no matter how I answer it, you’re still going to have that doubt in the back of your head.”

                “What doubt?”

                “The thought that I’m going to cheat on you or that when I’m with you I’m thinking about her. That doubt, the one where no matter what I say, you going to listen to that voice in your head that is afraid of giving us a real chance.”

                Sally looked at him, getting angrier. He knew what she was thinking. She was looking for a way out so she wouldn’t get hurt. “That’s not it. If she is better for…”

                “She’s not and she’s not the one I want. I want the person I’m in a relationship with, you.”

                “Then why were you taking pictures of her? Why were you standing there talking with her having the time of your life?” she yelled.

                “Finally we get to the heart of your anger. You were talking with Rhonda. I wanted you to talk with Rhonda. From what Rhonda told me, you two are best friends but she doesn’t know what’s going on with you and you’re angry that she’s friends with Katie. I don’t know the reasons but you have to realize that Katie is no match for you.”

                “What do you mean?”

                “She’s jealous of you. She wants what you have. You are liked by everyone and Sally, that is a hard to witness. You’re the one who’s always on guard. They only get a glimpse into your world. She wants to the be the person that can pay her bills on time every month and not worry about where the money is coming from. Here’s the difference, you actually have a plan and yes, you’re trying to help Rhonda but she’s going to have to figure it out on her own. You can’t always be there to help her. She’s chosen her path and like it or not you’re just going to have to watch her go down it.”

                “I won’t leave her behind…”

                “I’m not saying you should but you can’t stop the friendship between her and Katie. If Rhonda wants the easy way out in life, she’s going to have to deal with the consequences and there’s nothing you can do about it. And to be honest, I don’t want you involved.”

                “You don’t…”

                “I didn’t say to stop being her friend but I don’t want you losing everything you’ve worked so hard for over Rhonda and Katie’s bullshit. As your boyfriend, I’m going to protect you anyway I can. ”

After a very long moment of silence, “Where are her pictures?” Sally asked softly.

                “I deleted them the same night. I only took them to keep her distracted so you and Rhonda could have some time alone. You two should probably go out to lunch and talk, really talk. It doesn’t seem you two have done that in a long time.”

                “She knows about…I’ll think about it.”

                “She knows about what?”

                “Nothing… she knows about us and I just don’t want to hear anything from her right now.”

                Storm moved to stand in front of her. He put his fingers under her chin and lifted her gaze to meet his. “Whenever you’re ready, just do it. Clear the air with her. You both deserve it.”

                “I’ll get going.”

                “No, you’ll stay and have dinner with me. We haven’t been together for three days.” Sally looked at him then looked away quickly. Storm turned her face back to him. “What’s wrong?”

                “Nothing,” she replied softly.

                “Your guard is always up.” She looked at him. “Sometimes you let it down and I get to see the real you. The person that wants this but in a moment’s notice, the mask is back in place; all the barriers go up again. Why? What are you so afraid of? Tell me please.” He saw the sadness in her eyes. “Tell me,” he requested again.

                “I’m afraid it’s not real,” she whispered.

                He tilted her chin up so their gaze could meet. “Touch me, I’m real.”

                She reached up and kissed him.

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Come Closer To Me by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. 

I would like to address the comment regarding the pace of the story. First of all, thanks for leaving the feedback. I appreciate hearing your point of view on the pace.

There are three main reasons why I do not update as often.

1. I am very busy with my business, trying to make it a success.

2. I had some personal matters to attend to.

3. When I began to do the re-write, I realized that in the original version, the characters and transitions were not fully developed. The back stories were not defined. This version of the story will take on a more detailed uncovering. Also, I just completed writing the chapter where Storm finally get the information about Sally, and for a lack of better words, I wanted it to make sense, even though it is a fantasy. That chapter by itself went through approximately seven to ten restarts before I got it complete when I was satisfied. 

For each chapter I write has a minimum of 2500 to over 3200 words, because I feel it is impossible to develop anything in the story under that amount of words. I, myself, will not read a story that has less than 2000 words per chapter. Therefore, I ask everyone who is reading the story for your opinion. Would you rather me extend the chapters by putting two together or try and update faster, such as twice for the month? I cannot guarantee it, but I will do my best to try for the second option. 

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Have a wonderful da! 



The blocked number showed on her phone before it went dead. The call came through again and again she did not pick up. On the third call, she accepted the call but said nothing.


“Someone is looking into her background. Have you heard anything?” asked the person on the line.


“No. Were they looking for something specific?” asked the person who answered.


“Nothing so far but the search is from law enforcement. Whoever is doing this is trying to do a deep search into her background. I have an alert on any information they retrieve.”


“No one can find out about the money. Her life would be in danger if they do?”


“Her life is already in danger. She’s very smart and not easily manipulated.


“Can she trust Storm?”


“Yes, I think she can. They haven’t met yet so he knows nothing of her.”


“Good. I’ll let you know if anything suspicious triggers on this end,”


“Yes, please do.”








“Someone is looking into your records,” said the woman on the phone.


“Do you know who and why?” Sally asked.


“No but I’ll find out what I can. Have you met anyone new recently?”


“Yes, a guy by the name of Mitch Brookman. He’s my study partner and he’s in my class. I sometime give him a ride home from lab.”


“You should have told me about him. Stay away until I have him checked out.”


“Thanks but it seems strange that someone is looking into me after all these years. The time seems a bit suspicious.”


“Yes, I understand. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about but I think it best to err on the side of caution.”


“Yes, I agree. Thank you. Please let me know what you find.”


“You are almost there. Just a few more months and you won’t have to hide anymore.”


“I don’t think there’ll ever be a day when that doesn’t happen. Thanks for your help and the heads up. I will let you know if anything suspicious happens.”








                “Hey how is the relationship between Sally and Rhonda,” Mike asked.


                “Don’t know if they’ve spoken since that night. Why?” Storm replied.


                “I need to find out if Sally knew where Rhonda was yesterday night. There was another robbery. The house was cleaned by her and Katie a two weeks prior.”


                “Do you think it’s a coincidence?”


                “No, I don’t. I think both Rhonda and Katie are robbing the houses. I just don’t think they are doing it by themselves. Someone else is helping them. “


                “I’ll ask Sally when I see her tonight.”


                “Thanks man, I appreciate it. We’ll catch up soon.”










                “Hey what are you doing for dinner?” Storm asked Sally.


                “I’m having it right now, well so to speak, why?” Sally replied.


                “Oh, I wanted to have dinner with you tonight.”


Suddenly Storm heard, “Mitch, do you want to sit outside? It’s not too hot.”  


“Who’s that? Who’s Mitch?” Storm asked.


“Oh my co-worker. Hey do you mind if we speak later? We’re getting something to eat while we go over some lab work and notes.” Sally took her bottle of water and walked to the table. “Thanks Mitch,” she said to her friend before returning to the call, “Storm?”


“Yes, you’re having dinner and studying? Why don’t you take the break and just have dinner with me? I’ll get you back in time.”


“Sorry Storm, I can’t, not tonight. I’ll try and stop by after work, okay?”


“How late are you working until?”


“Not sure but I’ll send you a text. Hey I have to go. Talk with you later.”


“Call me when you get home tonight.”


“Will do.”


                As Storm drove home, he thought about Mitch. Who was he? Where did he come from? Storm was experiencing another emotion he was unfamiliar with, ‘jealousy’. He was jealous that another man was spending more time with his girlfriend than him. He was jealous that he was getting to know her better…working, having dinner, sharing jokes, all the things he should be doing but couldn’t. He wanted her to have a successful career. He wanted her to complete her degree with honors. He was going to be there at her graduation to claim her to everyone. But with each mile of road his tires covered, his jealously was making it more and more difficult to see straight.








                “Hi, how are you doing?” Sally asked Rhonda when she answered the call.


                “Hey, what’s up?”


                “Are you still sleeping?”


                “Yeah, I got in not too long ago. What’s up?”


                “Haven’t seen or spoken with you in a while so just wanted to see how you’re doing.”




                “Okay,” Sally hesitated, “do you want to meet-up and have lunch sometime?”


                “Yeah sure, just tell me when. I’m going back to bed. Later.”


                “Yeah, sure…bye.”


                As Sally ended the call, she thought again about what Storm said about her and Rhonda. Could Katie really be jealous of her? To her, the thought was preposterous. To be jealous of someone, you have to want better for yourself and willing to work for it, not Katie. She believed the only way to get something was to steal it just like what she did so many years go.


                “Hey Sally, want to come to the mall with me and Katie?” Rhonda asked.


                “No, I have homework to do.” Sally replied.


                “What are you a teacher’s pet? You don’t really think they care if you do the work or not right? It’s not like they can fail you,” Katie replied.


                “Yes they can and I don’t want to fail any of my classes. Thanks but I’m going to finish this.”


                “Come on Sally. You always stay home doing homework. When was the last time you went anywhere with me? Please we won’t be long, just gonna look at some stuff.”


                Sally hesitated. She really wasn’t a fan of Rhonda’s new friend Katie and didn’t want to be anywhere near her. Something about the girl made Sally weary. She had ‘shifty eyes’ or so the old folks back home would say. But Rhonda was her friend, her only friend. “Okay but I can’t stay out long.”


                “We won’t. Don’t want to hear that hag’s mouth.”


                “That was rude Rhonda, she’s our guardian.”


                “She don’t give a shit about me. She only cares about the money she gets from the state for us.”


                “That’s not true. She gives you most of the money she gets as allowance.”  


                “How you know that?” Rhonda asked.


                “Yeah how do you know that?” Katie asked also.


                Sally wanted to slap Katie for butting in but she was wrong for saying anything about the allowance. “Just makes sense. I don’t think they give her much.”


                Sally knew it wasn’t much. She’d heard Mrs. Chin give the social worker a verbal breakdown of her budget. Most of what she received for Rhonda, she gave to her as incentive to stay in school and attend classes.  Only problem was it wasn’t working. The social worker was there because of Rhonda had too many days missing from school. The skipping Sally felt was connected to Rhonda’s newly found friend, Katie.


                “Yeah well it’s my money, I should get it all,” Rhonda said.


                Katie laughed, “I agree. Let’s go. You coming?” she asked Sally.


                “Yeah, I’ll come.”


                While at the mall, they went to several stores. Sally followed behind not paying too much attention until one of the last store they went into, the attendant told Rhonda and Katie their bags were not allowed in the dressing room. It was then that Sally noticed that both Rhonda and Katie’s bag looked at bit full from when they entered the mall. But before Sally could put the pieces together, Rhonda was yelling at her to run. She was grabbed by the store attendant and taken to security.


                It was a few days later after the police came to the house for Rhonda that she was told by Mrs. Chin that her name was never mentioned and that Rhonda was going to do community service. She was happy that they knew she had nothing to do with the ‘Rhonda and Katie’ shoplifting spree. After all she had been honest with the security guard, providing all the information they asked for.


                Rhonda was upset with her that she gave them their information and wouldn’t speak with her for long while. Instead Rhonda got closer to Katie while Sally made it a duty to stay away. She also never went back to the mall, thinking she was forever branded a thief by all the stores there. Sally knew it was Katie’s idea because she laughed about how silly Sally was standing there getting caught for a crime she didn’t commit. Sally wanted to take the chance and beat her to a pulp. At least it was something she would have done to deserve a criminal record. Rhonda on the other hand, thought it was great that she was only given community service. In Rhonda’s eyes, she and Katie were friends but Sally couldn’t shake the feeling that all Katie saw in Rhonda was a puppet.






                “Mr. Monsello, this is George from security and I have a Sally MacDonald here to see you.”


                “What? Send her up now please. Thanks George.”


                Storm was surprised. He and Sally had only spoken over the phone a few times last week. Each time he wanted to visit her apartment, she was exhausted from studying and working. He knew the first major test since beginning her internship was in a few days, and he wanted her to do well.


Meeting her at the elevator door, he drank in his fill of her. He couldn’t believe he missed her this much. “This is a pleasant surprise.”


“Am I disturbing you? I tried calling but it went to voicemail.”


“Dara is out for the day and I was in a meeting earlier. What are you doing here?” he asked closing this office door behind them.


“We haven’t been able to spend any time together so I wanted to see if you were available for lunch. I know you’re busy but I was hoping…”


“I’m happy you’re here. I was on my way to get a sandwich for lunch. What did you bring me?” Storm asked noticing the bag in her had.


“A sandwich,” Sally smiled, “it was all I could think of on such short notice.”


“It’s perfect.”


                They both sat and unwrapped their sandwiches, smiling happily at each other, and relishing the moment.


                Storm took a bite from his sub, “Mhhhh…you remembered. This is what I was going to get. Thank you.” Sally smiled as best she could with her mouth filled with the bite from her sub. “So how’s the internship going? You seem to be very busy; so busy that I can’t seem to spend any time with you.”


                “Yeah, I am busy. It’s a lot to remember and do. From the classifications to the procedures, and writing up the reports, logging the result, and then there’s always the rush ones, and the precautions…it’s just seems like it’s everything at once. And trying not make a mistake so you don’t get a bad report is difficult. It’s not like school where I could retake a lab on another day if I messed up. This is now and most of the time, there are no do overs.” She half laughed, “I want to sleep…it’s okay,” she said looking at him.


                “Can you come over tonight?” Storm asked noticing for the first time how really tired she was.


                “No can’t. We have training seminars tomorrow and I have a bunch of things to review…”


                “When can you? And I ask because I want you to rest, no interruptions.”


                “I’ll let you know.”






A few days later…


                “Hey what do I owe this surprise?” Storm asked Ayasha as she entered his office with lunch.


                “I haven’t seen you in a long time. I know you’re busy with the company but you still are my brother and I worry about you.”


                “You don’t have to do that. You have a baby on the way to worry about now. How is my niece or nephew?”


                “Doing well,” Ayasha said as she sat and began taking the food out of the bags.


                “Fantastic! What am I getting, a niece or nephew?”


                “Don’t know. Collin and I decided to be surprised. Do you mind?”


                “No, you know I’ll love either one.”


                “Yes, Uncle Storm you will.”


                “No, that doesn’t sound right, Uncle Storm…no, just Storm will do fine.”


                “Absolutely not, it’s either Uncle Storm or Uncle Tony, you choose but you’re uncle.”


                “Buy Yashy that just doesn’t sound cool enough.”


                “Be a cool as you want to as long as you change diapers.”


                “Nope, no can do. Cool uncles do not change diapers. That’s why you have nannies. I’m going to be too busy being the awesome uncle.”


                “That’s your excuse? You’re going to be the cool uncle?  It’s useless arguing with you. New topic, how’s Sally?”


                “She’s fine. She stopped by a few days ago.”


                “What do you mean she stopped by a few days ago? Aren’t you two still together?”


                “Yes we are but her internship is taking up much of her time. I don’t get to see her as often as I used to.”


                “You don’t seem very pleased about it.”


                “No, I’m not but what can I do. This is for her degree.”


                “Are you jealous?”


                “I miss her.”


                “I’m sure she misses a big bacteria like you also. I’m happy for you.”




                “Because you care, if you didn’t you wouldn’t miss her.”


                “Eat your lunch; you’re starving my niece or nephew.”


                But as Storm ate his lunch, he thought about what Ayasha said. Yes, he did care about Sally. When she came by for lunch, he realized he didn’t know much about what she was going through, only he didn’t know how to rectify that situation. Her place was much too small for the both of them and he had a feeling she wasn’t going to let me move in there. It didn’t stop him from wanting to be with her daily. It was a problem he had to find a solution since he had almost a year more of this to survive.






                He was going to surprise Sally by spending the night at her place. He couldn’t wait to see her face but as Storm pulled into his drive way he noticed her car was there. ‘She’s here, YES!’ his mind shouted joyously. Getting out he quickly hurried inside.


                “Sally, Sally,” he called out but received no reply.


                On the stove in the kitchen was a pot of boiling water. The pasta sauce was still warm but the box of pasta was unopened on the counter.


                “Sally, Sally,” he called out again but again received no reply.


                Making his way into his bedroom, he saw her curled on her side away from him on the bed. She was wearing white shorts and tank top. Kicking off his shoes, he spooned himself behind her and pulled her into his arms.


                He kissed her neck gently twice. “Sweetheart,” he said softy and she responded with a moan. “Sally, Sally,” and this time she opened her eyes barely.


                He saw her struggle to keep them open but she smiled, “Hey.”


“Are you okay?”


“Mmhhh…” and her eyes closed again. After a minute she tried opening them again but sleep was too overwhelming.


“Sleep…” he said and she smiled before doing as he said.


It was almost 8:30pm when Storm’s phone rang. “Hey sis, what’s up?”


“I just wanted to know if you had dinner. I thought you would have come by.”


“Yeah, I ate some left overs.”


“Okay, well come by tomorrow.”


“Will do, goodnight.”




He was going to watch TV or at least that was his intention. After all Sally was in his bedroom sleeping just like he wanted. But for the life of him, he didn’t want to be away from her. He thought about watching in bed but didn’t want to take the chance and disturb her. She had not moved much from the position he found her in which told him she was exhausted.


He decided on reading. Putting the case file on his bed side table, he looked at Sally again and smiled, remembering how it felt to pull into his driveway and see her car there. Coming in and finding that she was planning on preparing dinner for them both but was just too exhausted to finish, make him seriously think about getting a chef to prepare dinner for them both daily. It would be great coming home to a home cooked meal instead of always getting one from Yashy and or eating with Brad at the restaurant. Storm thought about it. Would having a chef make Sally come by more often?


Just as he was about to get into bed, Sally’s phone rang. He quickly reached over her to get it from her bedside table and answered it.


“Hello,” Storm said to the name he saw on the caller ID. His hands clenched the phone as he heard the voice respond.  


“Oh I’m sorry I must have the wrong number?” Mitch replied.


“Are you looking for Sally?”


“Ah…yes, is she there?”


“Yes, but she is sleeping. Do you want to leave a message?”


“Is this her boyfriend? “


“Yes, it is and you are?”


“Oh I’m Mitch, her co-worker and study partner. Sally was thinking that we should go back to the lab tonight, and study up some more on the sides but I guess she was a lot more tired than she thought. Just tell her I called but don’t wake her. I’m going to get some rest myself.”


“I will let her know you called.”


“Thanks man, good night.”




Storm thought about Mitch. He didn’t seem so bad. But he didn’t like that they were studying together. He had to meet this Mitch person if he was going to be around Sally. Having her phone in his hands, curiosity got the better of him. He clicked on her phone log to see if she had called Rhonda. She had but the conversation had only been about two minutes long. There was a call that was a few minutes long but he dismissed that as a telemarketer call since the number was out of state. Her text messages revealed nothing of importance. There was one to Rhonda asking her how she was doing but the most were to both him and Mitch. She telling him she was busy studying and her and Mitch texting back and forth about work, studying or what to have to eat.




“Good morning,” Storm said as he hugged Sally from behind in the bathroom.


“Good morning,” she replied turning around in his arms. “I’m sorry but I have to run. I’m late already.”


“Did you have breakfast as of yet?”


“No, I’ll grab a banana or something of the sort. Sorry about dinner last night. I’ll make it up to you.”


“Yes you will. Are you off this weekend?”


“Yes, I am,” Sally replied smiling.


“Good then you are spending it with me, only me, all of it. No interruptions, going out, nothing. We’re not even going to go out for dinner. I’m having everything delivered.”


“Why don’t we just cook dinner?”


“Well do whatever you want as long as you don’t leave this house. You’re going to get some meaningful rest.”


Sally smiled brightly, “ok,” she agreed.


“Good, I’ll talk with you later.” But Storm called to her as she left the bathroom, “Oh by the way, your co-worker Mitch called last night. I answered your phone because I didn’t want it to disturb you.”


“Oh that’s fine. Was he upset? I hope not. I told him I wanted to go back to the lab yesterday and study the slides once more. I probably inconvenience him. Thanks I’ll work it out with him.”


“He wasn’t mad. He understood you were tired. I think he was tired also and was probably happy you couldn’t go. How serious is this test?”


“Very, it’s one of the major ones.”


“Well then, study hard but not to the point of exhaustion. You need to rest the night before the test. When is it?”




“Come over and stay.”


“No, Mitch and I are doing last minute recaps and will probably be at the hospital late before going home.”


“Sally, I mean it; you have to rest before that exam. I think you should stay here. I won’t make you study.”


“I won’t, I’ll get some rest. Have to go, bye.”








“Dinner was great as usual Yashy,” Storm said as Ayasha began eating her slice of strawberry cheesecake.


“I don’t know what has gotten into me but I have to strawberries all the time.”


“You’re pregnant, there’s a baby inside of you,” Collin replied.


Ayasha gave him a look which made Storm laugh. “You left that one right open sis.”


“You’re suppose to defend me.”


“Yes, when you need defending.”


“So how are things going with you and Sally?” Collin asked.


“Things are going great. She’s busy with the internship but I did get a chance to see her last night.”


“Yeah, I understand how that can be. They put those techs through hell these days. I sometimes thing it’s best they get a doctorate with the stress they go through but I also understand why. They process some vital information and they have to be right. I’m happy she’s happy doing it. Tell her if she needs any help, let me know. I’ll do my best to assist her.”


“Thanks Collin, will do.” Storm turned to Ayasha, “By the way do you women like drawers that closer to your side of the bed or to the bathroom?”


“Our side of the bed, why?”


“Just thinking about which drawers I’m giving to Sally.”


“She’s moving in?”


“I haven’t asked but I want her to.” 

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Another Side by Caribbean Fire
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                “Come to New York.” It was the first thing Storm said to Sally as soon as she answered the phone.

                “What do you mean? When? Why?”

                Storm laughed. It was the reaction he knew he was going to get. Sally never did anything without questions or so it seemed. “I mean I want you here in New York with me, now today, this weekend.”

                “I’m not sure…”

                “Do you have to work this weekend?”


                “So it’s settled. I will email your flight information and I will have a car pick you up from my house.”

“I have to study…”

“Fine, I’ll allow you to bring one book but you will relax while you’re here. Sweetheart, the change will be good for you. Get you energized for next week.”

Sally thought about it, her weeks were getting both easier and harder at the same time. Easier because she was getting into a routine but harder because her work got more complicated.

                “I know how to relax; I don’t know, it’s so sudden.”

                “Don’t think, do it.”

                “I don’t have the money…”

                “Sally stop coming up with excuses. I want you here. I have to get back in. Look out for the itinerary.”

                Sally looked at the phone as if it were a strange object in her hand. Could she actually go to New York on a trip to see him? Honestly, she missed Storm. She didn’t think she would but she did and no amount of work in the lab could make her forget that he wasn’t here. She would get to see him but more than that, she would get to visit the city again. And with that, she was off to pack.




                The flight landed at JFK and having only a carry-on, Sally only had to make her way to the exit. She knew the name of the hotel where she would be staying with Storm, but what she didn’t expect was to see her name on a sign being held up by man in a black suit. Immediate she got afraid. Who was he and how did she know she would be there? She purposely didn’t send any emails telling anyone of her plans. Paul thought she was staying at Storm’s home. She walked over to him all the while looking for as many airport cameras as she could find to stay in view.

                “Hello, I’m Sally MacDonald, you are?”

                “Hello Ms. MacDonald. My name is Marcus and I’m your driver today. I’ve been instructed to take you to the hotel and anywhere else you may wish to go.”

                “My boyfriend is suppose to pick me up, where is he? Do you know who he is?”

                “Yes ma’am, I know Mr. Monsello. I drive him around when he’s in town also, when he’s not driving himself. Right this way ma’am and I’ll take your bag.”

                “Oh no, that’s fine, thank you.”

                Sally followed behind Marcus but kept looking around the airport lobby before exiting. Outside, Marcus walked them to a waiting black Lexus LS460 and she smiled as Marcus opened the door for her.

Once they were away from the airport, Marcus started a light conversation. “You must be very special to Mr. Monsello. I only pick up women from his family like his sister and her best friend or his assistant.”

                And with that comment, Sally smiled and released the breath she was holding. He knew Ayasha and Iris.  



She was sitting on the bed reading her text book when her phone notified her of a text message. Looking at it, she wasn’t surprised it was from Storm. He had sent her quite a few since her arrival but this one was different. He was telling her she had to wear a dinner dress for dinner tonight. Thinking she would spend most of her time either studying or walking around the city, she had not packed outfits for an upscale dinner and replied as such. His reply was swift, telling her the dresses were on their way. It seemed almost too perfect a timing when immediately there was a knock at the door. Answering, a short woman seemed too happy to see her.

“Oh hello, I’m Anna from the dress shop and Mr. Monsello said you are pick out a dinner dress for every nigh of your stay.”  All this was said as Anna rolled in a covered rack with dresses. “You are simply beautiful. I’m sure there’s something here for you. Let’s get started. He couldn’t tell me your shoe size but not to worry, I’ll have any shoe you like sent over as soon as we look at the pictures. Have you had your shower yet or do you want to try on the dresses and we’ll come back to do your hair and make-up?”

“Hello Anna and yes, I’ve had my shower but I don’t think I will need anyone to do my hair and make-up. What is all of this?”

“Oh Mr. Monsello said to give you anything you wanted. Let’s get started.”


“Mr. Monsello said I can’t take ‘no’ for your answer. You are to get a dress as dinner will be with his colleagues tonight.”

Sally sighed. She didn’t expect this and felt somewhat deceived. Anna was told to give her a dress for every night of her stay even though she was leaving on Sunday.

After choosing two dresses and shoes, Anna left. The dresses were on the bed when the door opened and in walked Storm.

“I see you got something,” he said coming to Sally and pulling her into his arms.

He kissed her, like a starved man. His lips pressed firmly on hers as his tongue got familiar once again with hers, sucking on it ever so gently. She sighed and wrapper her arms around his neck bringing him in closer and tighter as he deepened the kiss.

His phone vibrated and he ended the kiss to reply to the text message. He made a call and told the person he would be in a meeting for the next hour, all the while looking at Sally.

“How was your flight?”

“You didn’t tell me I had to attend dinner?”

“I know. I didn’t want you using it as an excuse not to come. Studying already?”

“I was going to go out but wanted to rest a bit first.”

“Good, we’ll go out tonight after dinner.  But now, I want you to get undressed,” he said as he pulled her t-shirt form over her head and reached for the waistband of her shorts.

“Storm, stop. You said you have a meeting to attend.”

“I do and I am, right now,” Storm replied.

Before Sally could say anything, he pushed her shorts to the floor with her underwear and moved her backwards until she was standing at the bed. His kisses were devouring and kept her in a state of submission. She kissed him back as she helped him removed his shirt but stopped at his pants. Storm looked at her and smiled as he removed his remaining clothes and crawled over her.

“Move back,” he said and she did, complying with is every wish, not breaking eye contact.

He sucked a hard pebbled nipple into his mouth and the heat made her skin feel as if it was on fire. She arched into him as he pulled the other into his mouth, all the time caressing her skin. His kisses trailed into the hallow valley of her stomach and curved flare of her hips. He opened her to him and Sally looked down as he looked up and licked the wetness from her. She closed her eyes and moaned, her head pushing back into the pillow. She tried to pull away but he anchored her, holding on to her legs as he licked the sweet nectar from her body. It didn’t take long for her to burst on him, screaming his name.

He knelt as he entered her, and Sally looked up at him through dazed eyes still feeling her orgasm flowing through her as another was building. His magnificent body a feast for her eyes as her lips cried out to him. The throbbing between her legs intensified and she wanted the sweet ache to continue forever. Sally felt his thrust increased as he pushed into her over and over again. His breath changed becoming harder just like hers. She had no desire to move and gladly took what he gave so freely, blissfulness.

On a gasp she heard her name, “Sally,” as he reached mindlessness.

She pushed him along, “Storm, yes, yes, yes…” she chanted as stars burst behind her lids and she felt Storm’s grip on her legs tighten to almost unbearable measures.

He collapsed on her breathing heavily. Looking at each other, they both began to laugh. He balanced on his arms over her and she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a long sensual kiss.

“Do you have to go back?” she asked.

“You want me to stay?”

“No it’s fine. I know you have to work.”

“That’s not what I asked you. Do you want me to stay?”

“You’re here on business not vacation. Get dressed.”

“If I leave this room without your answer, I’m going to go that meeting and telling everyone that I have to reschedule because my girlfriend wants to fuck my brains out.”  

“You wouldn’t dare?”

“If you don’t answer the question, that’s exactly what I’m going to say.”

“Fine but only if you promise to continue the negotiations that are scheduled. “

“Okay, fine,” Storm replied.

“Yes, I want you to stay,” she whispered.

“I want to stay too…” and as Storm looked at Sally he realized his feelings for her kept changing. He would prefer nothing more at the moment than blowing off the negotiations and walking around the city with her hand in hand. Getting out of bed, he picked up his phone and sent a text message to someone.  “What are you going to do before dinner?”

                “What time is dinner?”

                “7:30 pm. Can you be downstairs at about 7?”

                “Yes, but I’m going to grab something light to eat before then.”

                “Order room service…”

                “No thanks. It’s too expensive and most of the time, the food isn’t that great.”

                Storm walked over and sat on the bed by her.  “The food at this hotel is very good including room service. It’s why I choose it for us. And you are not to concern yourself with the cost of anything while you’re here. It’s been taken care of. I want you to enjoy yourself. Understood?” 

                “I’m not comfortable with that Storm…”

                “Sally, I don’t have time to argue with you over this and I really don’t want to. I asked you to come on this trip…”

                “But you’ve already bought me clothes…”

                “Yes, which you need for dinner. I haven’t given you anything you don’t need. You needed the break so you wouldn’t get burnt out from school and studying. You needed the clothes for dinner and you need food. Everything is a need,” he justified.

                “Why are you trying to take away my independence?” she asked softly.

                “I’m not. I give to you not because you demand or behave entitled to it, but because your independence gives me the freedom of enjoying giving to you of my own free will.”

                “I still want to go out and eat,” Sally said.

                “Tomorrow…I want us to spend the day together.”

                “Okay, room service.”

                Storm kissed her gently, pushing her back into the bed and relishing her arms wrapping themselves around him, holding him to her as she kissed him back. His phone beeped and after a few seconds, he ended the kiss. Looking down at her, he realized that for the first time he really did want to blow off work for a woman.

                “I have to get going,” he whispered against her lips.

                “Yeah, I know,” she replied and kissed him again.




                The royal blue, off the shoulder lace dress made her brown eyes sparkle and as Sally made her way into the dining room, all eyes seem to immediately divert to her. She stood at the door, looking for Storm. She felt like a specimen under a microscope. Failing to swallow the lump in her throat, she quickly realized her mouth was very dry, and immediately located the bar.

                ‘Run, run away now!’ she screamed to herself but as usual that other part, her so called conscience, ordered her to stay.  Ordering her feet to move, it took a moment before they seemed to obey her command, and she made a bee line to the bar. The bartender immediately acknowledged her and a few seconds later, asked for her choice in beverage.  

                “Water please,” Sally said barely over a whisper.

                “Everything’s free. You can have something stronger if you would like.”

                “No thank you. Water will be fine.”

                “Water it is,” he said and proceeded to fulfill her request.

                Sally looked behind her trying to see Storm but to no avail. When she turned back to get her order the bartender handed her both the water and a business card.

                “It’s from the guy at the end of the bar. He would like to have a drink with you.”

                “She declines,” Storm said taking the card from the bartender and ripping it into pieces.

                Sally looked up at him, “Where were you?”

                “Watching you or better yet, watching everyone react to you.” She looked away and took a sip of the water before glancing around at the people. Some were sitting at tables. “Have you eaten yet?”

                “No and you look beautiful. I like the choice. Come on.”

                Sally held on to his hand as he led them to their table. They were stopped a few times but only once did he introduce her to person he was speaking to. She wondered why but didn’t ask as he seemed eager to move them along. As soon as they reached the table he introduced her to everyone. Storm was busy speaking with his colleague but Sally noticed that one of the women smirked at her and the others conversed among themselves after saying hello. It was only the men who truly spoke and pulled her into the conversation they were having with Storm.

                “It’s a pleasure to see him finally attending a dinner with someone,” said the man sitting to her right.

                “Yes, it is,” said his wife. “We tried setting him up with someone but to no avail. He refused the dates. How are you enjoying our city so far?”

                “I haven’t been out as of yet but I have visited before. I am looking forward to going to out tomorrow,” Sally said looking over at Storm who was listening attentively.

                “I promised Sally we would spend tomorrow together and I’m looking forward to it so don’t call me for work,” Storm addressed his business partner.

                “I agree. Oh there are so many wonderful restaurants and things to do. No business tomorrow and I will make sure he doesn’t call and interrupt you two. Sally, Storm tells me you’re in school, what are you studying?”

                “Currently Microbiology and Medical Technologist and after that Pathology.”

                “Bravo! You can’t be counted amongst the numerous gold diggers who hangs around these men.”

                Sally swallowed hard and Storm struggled to keep a straight face. The other women at the table bristled and fumed at comment.

                “Let’s order dinner,” Storm’s business partner said to break up the immediate tension and everyone agreed.

                Dinner was more fun than she thought it would be as the conversation was light and jovial. Sally was in the bathroom taking a break from the conversation and the people. The women at the table were hostile, all except Storm’s business partner’s wife. She was the only one who spoke with her especially after Storm made it known that she was officially his girlfriend.

Sally was washing her hands when Jessica, one of the women from the table stumbled to the sink. Jessica looked a bit tipsy and remembering the nasty looks she gave her across the table, Sally decided it was best to not start a conversation. But when Sally looked at her in the mirror, she couldn’t help but notice how she kept adding make-up around her eyes and her jaw. It was then that Sally noticed the slight bruising and realized she was using the make-up to cover black and blue marks.

Jessica looked up and caught Sally looking at her in the mirror. “You think he won’t do the same to you?” she smirked.  “They are all the same. Their money hides them, protects them. The way he dotes all over you, smiling and kissing your hand and you think you’re something special because you managed to get him with your mousy ways. You manage to get the one guy every woman here wants but you won’t keep him for long. We all get passed around to whoever wants to fuck us anyhow they want. We are a part of the business deal. You’re not exclusive, you’re just new; bought and paid for by the trips and clothes and fancy dinners. The newness will wear off soon. Enjoy it while you can sweetheart.”

And with that, Jessica walked away leaving Sally wondering about the relationship she was in.



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The Friends You Keep by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

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I would like to address the last comment or review left...First, thank you for your insight. I appreciate the feedback. About my writing: My characters do not react based on how they look but how they feel which is why the physical descriptions are so limited. I have puposely written nothing so far in the story to have anyone feel sympathetic towards Sally. Please explain the time jumps you wrote about, as I don't recall having any. This story will not have flashbacks. Once again, thanks for the feedback. 


Storm noticed the change in Sally when she returned to the table. The smile that was on her face never reached her eyes. Jessica looked at Sally and smirked, but when Storm looked at her, she quickly lowered her eyes, and sobered. He did notice that Sally tried not making eye contact with Jessica or anyone else at the table including him. No matter how much he tried to pull her into the conversation, she seemed to retreat more. Getting back to their hotel room, he asked her again, what was wrong.

                “Nothing. I want to go home tomorrow.”



                “No. Not until you tell me what is wrong.” Storm sighed. He was getting frustrating. “Sally, you have to talk to me. I know something happened to you but I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me.”

                “Nothing happened. I just want to go home.”

                Sally sat on the bed looking down. Storm knelt before her. He took her hand in his and held them but when reached up to caress her cheek, she flinched.

                “Sally, what happened? Please sweetheart, tell me. I’m worrying now. Did Jessica say something to you in the bathroom?”

                “Why would you ask that?”

                “You began acting that way after you returned from the restroom. You were both in there together.”

                Sally tried moving away but Storm held her hands. “Sally don’t turn away from me, talk to me. Tell me what Jessica said to you. There’s something going on with her…”

                “I have to go,” Sally said as she tried to free her hands from Storm’s grip. Instead his grip tightened which immediately made her panic. “Let me go,” she demanded. “Let me go.” When he didn’t release her, she began to get hysterical. “Let me go!” she screamed.

                “Sally calm down. Sally stop!” Storm yelled back as she forced her way to standing.

                He released her hands and she moved toward the door. “I can’t…I can’t…I can’t do this.”

                “Sally, do what? Tell me right now what did she say to you?”

                Her eyes welled up with tears and she began to shake. Storm grabbed her and tried pulling her to him but she pushed back, fighting to get free. He let her go and she stood with her back against the door, terrified. He knew she wasn’t going to speak so he grabbed her hand, opened the door and pulled her out of the room towards the elevator.

                Jessica was staying with her boyfriend Richard the floor up from theirs. Storm wasted no time getting to this room and banged on the door.

                “Storm please, let me go,” Sally pleaded for the umpteenth time since he’d left the room but Storm was done listening and she now wondered how she was really going to escape.

                Richard opened the door, “Hey Storm,” he greeted with this shirt off but Storm noticed he looked as if he was on something. There was also specs of blood on his chest.

                “Richard, I need to speak with Jessica, now,” Storm said immediately.

                “You can’t she’s…” And at the moment, Storm heard a moan. He looked at Richard and pushed past him. “Hey, you can just fuckin’ come in here…get the fuck out!” Richard yelled.

                But Storm wasn’t listening and went to the bedroom calling for Jessica just to find her barely moving from the bed. Storm dropped Sally’s hand and went to look at Jessica. He gasped when he saw her bloody, swollen face. Looking back at Sally who stood by the door looking on, he ordered her to call the police. But Sally stood rooted. Storm picked up Jessica and brought her to the sofa. “Sally, call the police. Get an ambulance here now!” he yelled but Sally couldn’t move. “Sally! Sally!” Storm yelled but he realized she was in in shock.

                “Jessica, look at me sweetheart, can you open your eyes?” Storm asked.

                He could see Jessica was crying. Richard came over and grabbed Storm by the arm, but Storm was much stronger and pushed him off him so hard he tripped backwards over the other couch. “You fucking asshole. How could you do this to her? How? What could she have done to deserve you beating her like this?” Storm retrieved his phone from his pocket and called the police. “Sally, I need you to get some ice, please Sally, I need you to get some ice.” Sally looked at Richard where he was on the ground trying to get up. “Sally sweetheart, don’t look at him. I need your help to take care of her. Get me some ice from the bar please.”

                Sally looked away and moved to get the ice.

                “You think you’re her knight in shining armor? She’s never going to leave me. She loves the beating and the fucking. Why don’t I break in your bitch for you? She’s black, the marks won’t show.”

                Sally was walking toward Storm when she stopped suddenly. Storm glanced behind him to notice that Richard had stood up and was now moving toward him where he knelt beside Jessica. He stood and when Richard was in range, balled his fist and punched Richard so hard, he sent him flying over the couch again.

“Sally, bring me the ice please,” and she obeyed.

Sally watched as he placed the ice on Jessica’s cheek and eyes and the girl winced when the wounds were touched. The police and ambulance arrived shortly afterwards.



Storm was lying on the couch. The night’s activities had left his mind a muddled mess. Sally stayed away from him like the plague, but now he knew reason for her behavior. She still was not speaking, and had not said a word to him since they returned to the hotel room. She had gone to bed about thirty minutes ago, but he knew she wasn’t sleeping. She was tense, and watched the door like a hawk, watching to see when he would come in. The one time that he did, she pushed herself so far back into the bed that he thought it would get implanted into the wall.

His girlfriend was terrified of him and he didn’t know what to do about it. He knew telling her he wouldn’t hurt her like that would mean nothing at the moment. How could he make her understand that what they both saw tonight was just as terrifying for him as it had been for her? He had to find a way out of any business with Richard. He wanted nothing to do with someone like that. Jessica was taken to the hospital, and so far she had a slight concussion, two cracked and one broken rib. Apparently this had not been the first time he had hit her. Storm didn’t want to think. His body was weary, exhausted. But suddenly he heard Sally screaming and rushed to her side.

“NO! NO! NO!” Sally screamed over and over and over again.

“Sally, Sally, wake up sweetheart,” he said but her hands were up trying to defend herself from the attacker in her dream. “Sally, sweetheart, wake up, no one’s going to hurt you. I’m here.”

Sally woke up and immediately backed away from Storm, “No!” she yelled again but Storm went to her, pulling her into his arms and holding her even as she fought to be free.

“Sally sweetheart, it’s me. Shhh…baby, Sally…I’m here. No one’s going to hurt you. I’m here, sweetheart, I’m here. It’s okay, it’s only a dream. Shhh….baby,” Storm said over and over as he smooth her hair and rocked her back and forth in his arms.

When she had calmed a bit, he pulled back to look at her. She looked up at him and looked away. Storm went and got a glass of water for her.

She took a sip. “Drink it all,” Storm ordered softly and she did.

He took the glass from her and placed it on the bedside table, got into bed with her and pulled her into his arms. When she tried to pull away, he held her tighter until she stopped fighting.

After about ten minutes, with Sally relaxed beside him, Storm spoke, “You saw the bruises tonight when you both were in the restroom didn’t you?”

“Are you asking me so you can know how to defend him?” Sally asked in a soft tensed voice.

Storm tilted her head so he could look in her eyes. “If I was going to defend him, I wouldn’t have called the police. You saw the bruises didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Sally replied softly.

“Is that what scared you?”



“She said you were all protected because of the money. She said I was bought and paid for with the trip and clothes; that we were a part of the business deals; that you would pass me around…”

“Oh God sweetheart,” Storm sighed as he held Sally tighter. “God what has he been doing to her?”

Storm pulled away from Sally and turned to face her. He held her face in his hands. “Sally look at me. Look at me,” he repeated and she complied. “I have never hit a woman and I will never hit you. I don’t know what has been going on and I didn’t know this was happening. I did look at her and some of the women there as gold diggers so I never paid any attention to them or who they were with but I did think Richard and her were in a relationship. You are not a part of any deal. You are only my girlfriend and I will never share you with anyone. My relationship with you is both monogamous and exclusive. I need you to believe that Sally, I need you to believe that about me. My job pays very well. I can afford to pay for this hotel room but I would never use that to commit a crime and get away with it and what he did to her was a crime. That will never happen to you Sally, never.”



“Did you know,” Storm asked Iris as soon as she closed the door to her office.

“Did I know what?” Iris asked knowing exactly what Storm was talking about.

“Did you know Richard was beating Jessica like that? Iris you know all the happenings…”

“Do you think I have time to keep up with that shit? I run a corporation. I have employees and business deals that require my full attention so the last thing I have time for is some little girl who wants to play house with an abusive prick.”

“Iris how could you know and not tell anyone? How could you not call the police?”

“Do you know how many times people have tried to help Jessica? Do you? Do you think you’re the first?” At Storm’s stunned look Iris continued. “Yeah, we spoke with her, Ayasha and I both begged her to leave. Ayasha even went as far as offering you to help her legally to get him to stay away from her but she said she wouldn’t leave. Said she wasn’t going back to being poor. That she wasn’t going to give up the shopping and trips and fancy dinners, the lifestyle. Then when I heard the rumors, I asked.”

“Rumors? What rumors?”

“The rumor that she is shared and used to close deals with many clients but apparently there’s been one person she’s been waiting to close a deal with,” Iris said turning back to her desk.

“Who has she been waiting on Iris?”

Iris turned and smiled at Storm, “Why you.”

“What did you say?”

“She’s been trying to get your attention for the longest time.” Storm looked on in disbelief as Iris let out a little chuckle. “Do you remember when you and I were at the dinner party last year, when I closed the deal with Tracto Shipping?” and at Storm’s acknowledgement she continued, “I was watching Jessica and you very closely. It was the reason I stayed away from you that night. You moved away from her all three times she tried to get your attention. So I can just imagine you walking in there with Sally on your arms, and announcing to the world that she was your girlfriend. The unattainable prize became that much more unattainable.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what Storm, that she’s Richard slut and that she’s willing to put up with it.”

“His father has got to be told…”

“His father fucks her with him or they watch as she is used by clients at times to celebrate closing a deal. And no need to worry, the mother turns a blind eye to it, after all Jessica is not from their social class therefore she’s disposable.”

“She dines with my mother when she goes to New York,” Storm said shocked.

“Ah you never knew it was this close to home did you? Well now you know. But Jessica has been offered and received help but like she said, the lifestyle means more to her than her life. And in case you have not heard today, she left the hospital and is back home at Richard’s condo. Don’t worry, she’ll get a least two weeks off, he likes the wounds to heal before he begins the beatings again.” Iris got the folder from her desk and made her way to the door. “I have a meeting. I am sorry you had to find out this way and by the way, it’s the reason why I would never go near him and or do business with his family.”

“Iris if your business ever needs help…”

“I’ll call you first.”

As Iris opened the door, “Iris have you ever been hit by a man?” Storm turned away before looking back at Iris, “I don’t even want to think about it.”

Iris laughed, “My personal wealth is over 900 million dollars. Believe me I can afford the professional hitman.”

“You would have the defense.”

Iris smiled and left.



“Sally, sweetheart, come to bed,” Storm said as he gently shook Sally awake.

She was sitting round the dining table doing reports and completing her assignment. It was the first time in more than two weeks since they had been back from the trip that she was spending the night at his place. He knew she was scared and wanted her to feel comfortable around him which was why he didn’t force her to come over. She never wanted to stay over for dinner, and when they went out it was always rushed, she never stayed long. She drove herself, always making an excuse to not stay. She seemed to deliberately take on more work for school so she didn’t have to spend much time with him.

Storm felt as if he was being punished for all men such as Richard. His girlfriend was scared of him, and everyone he spoke with, Brad, Mike, Iris, Ayasha and Collin said to give her time; that the incident was traumatic for her. But he was being kept at more than two arm’s length. His father’s words, ‘Be mindful of the friends you keep’, had never made more of an impact until now.

Richard and his father had reached out to him to discuss the incident and his reason for withdrawing from a business deal that would have net him millions of dollars. Also the fact that Storm had happily given a statement to the police about what he witnessed that night had not been welcomed either. Instead, Storm had finalized the negotiations of that trip since it was too late to withdraw and withdrew from any going forward. Richard’s mother was called in to have dinner with Deborah to ask her to sway Storm’s mind but when Storm met with Deborah, he instantly shut down her involvement and formally requested that she no longer associate with that family.

Storm pulled Sally into his arms as soon as she got into bed. She tensed but relaxed almost immediately which made him realize she was too exhausted to put up a defense. In his heart, he hoped she was beginning to trust him again, especially considering she was asleep only a few minutes later.  



“Good morning,” Storm said kissing Sally’s neck as she finished putting on her moisturizer.

He pulled her back to him as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Good morning,” Sally said smiling at him in the mirror.

“How did you sleep?”

“Very well, thank you.” Sally turned and kissed him. “Sorry about last night. I was tired.”

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry about. Your work is getting harder?”

“Yes, but it’s fun,” she said smiling.

“What’s your weekend like?”

“I’m off!”

Storm laughed at her excitement. “Wonderful! Go on a date with me Friday. We’ll do anything you want as long as it’s us.”

“Really?” Sally said smiling.

Storm could see the absolute joy that came over her, “Really, anything you want.”

“Yes, of course. What time? Where are we going? How do I dress?”

“Dress up,” Storm said pulling her back into his arms. He kissed her, “I want to show you off to everyone.”

“Silly,” Sally said rolling her eyes and smiling but loving the compliment none the less.

“Am I seeing you tonight?”

“Working late.”

“Then why are you up so early?”

“Library to study.”

“Stay here and study. You can use my office. It’s peaceful and no one will disturb you.”

“Thanks but I can’t. I’m meeting Mitch.”

“Oh,” said Storm, his mood darkening at the mention of Sally’s lab partner. “Fine, well let me know when you get there and when you leave.”

“Why are you checking up on me?”

“Do I need to? I want to make sure you’re okay.”

“Okay. I have to go. I’ll call.”


“You better.” 

End Notes:

Thanks again. I appreicate all the feedbback and the point of view. It's good to see the others side. 

Come Closer by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

Hello everyone, 

My sincerest apology for not updating this story, and I will not be updating again for another possible six or more weeks. 

I am truly very busy at the moment with a new part time job to carry me over as I build by business, and I do have to put in the time as this is my lively hood. Learning about copyrights and building logos, cards, fliers and so forth has not been easy but I want to do it as correctly as possible the first time out. 

I will confess that because of the time constraints, I have not written a single word on this story and I apology that you have invested your time, and I have not been able to post the chapters as I would have wanted to. 

Thank you so much for your patience and I wish all a wonderful week and blessed endeavours. 

It was the sexiest dress he’d seen her wear so far and he loved it on her. Storm looked over at Sally again as she savored the succulent pieces of lobster, scallop and shrimp in the creamy garlic sauce pasta she was eating. The tan coloured strapless dress molded to her curves perfectly but gave enough room for her to breathe and move. Each time he looked up from his plate, it was to catch either a man or woman stealing glances at her. He had openly held the stares of two men when they looked at her a bit too long for his pleasure. Sally however, was completely unaware of all the attention she had solicited.

They were at Brad’s restaurant. Brad had sent Storm several text messages teasing him about the withering glare in his eyes when he looked at the men looking at Sally. In one teasing, Brad commented that it was the first time Storm's date was getting more attention than him. Storm had promptly replied, ‘As it should be’.

Storm had moved closer to Sally after ordering desert, which he wasn’t really interested in eating. He was more interested in them leaving and going someplace private. But it had been a long time since they had really been out like this and he wanted it to be relaxing and enjoyable for her. Also she was beginning to trust him again.

He kissed her shoulder softly and moved his lips up her neck. “You smell delicious,” Storm said as he licked the spot on Sally’s neck he had just kissed.

“You just ate; you’re remembering the food,” she replied laughing.

“Since you are equating yourself to food, then it’s only natural that I should taste you, don’t you think?”

Sally blushed and looked away. Just then her phone rang. “Oh, I’m going to get this,” she said hurriedly to Storm as she answered. “Hi, Tracy? How are you doing?”

“Hi Sally, I’m fine. Hope I’m not interrupting you? I know you said to call but I didn’t know if this was one of the weekends you were working. I was going to leave a message on your voicemail.”

“No, I’m off tonight. I’m out with my boyfriend right now.”

“Oh Sally, I’m sorry. I’ll call back some other time. I didn’t mean to disturbe you.”

“No, Tracy, you didn’t disturbe me. What’s up?”

“Are you sure? I’ll only be about a minute or two.”

“What is it?”

“I need help with chemistry please? I really don’t get some of the formulas and such. But only when you have the time.”

“I have the time and I also have some notes that I think would help you. Send me your email address and I will send you my notes. We can make arrangements to meet up next week or this weekend if you would like.”

“Really, Sally, you could do that for me? I would be so grateful. Thanks you so much.”

“I’m happy to help Tracy. Let me know when. Remember to send me your email address.”

“I’ll do it as soon as I’m off the phone. Thanks again Sally and enjoy your night.”

“Thanks Tracy, good bye.”

“What’s going on?” Storm asked as soon as Sally ended the call.

“Oh my friend Tracy is having a hard time with chemistry so I’m going to email her some notes I have saved and help her out this weekend.”

“You know this was supposed to be my personal weekend with you?”

“Yes, I know but it will be very short, I promise….” Sally reached over and kissed him tenderly.

“Ready to leave?”

“Yes, whenever you are.”

Storm signaled the waiter.

Brad came by with the paid receipt. “Are you guys leaving already?” he asked.

“Yes, why?”

“Dinner was wonderful Brad, please tell the chef I enjoyed everything,” Sally said.

“Will do but the night is still young. I thought you guys were going to hang out for a while.”

“What are you up to? Why do you want us to stay?”

“I’m not up to anything. I haven’t seen you both out together for some time now since I know Sally is very busy. Just wanted to catch up.”

“Oh, I thought you would be out with the assistant…I forgot who it is this time.”

“Accountant and no, she’s gone. Too much unsolicited advice on how to run my business. I mean if she wants to run a business, she should open her own that way she can implement her own ideas.”

Sally laughed. “I agree with you there,” said Storm. “But anyway, we’re leaving.”

“Thanks for stopping by guys. Have fun,” said Brad kissing Sally goodbye.

As they got to the door, they came face to face with Audrey and her date. She looked surprised then planted on her best smile to Storm. Following his movements, Audrey watched as he pulled Sally beside him with his arm around her. Her smile vanished instantly.

“Storm,” Audrey said in greeting. 

“Audrey,” Storm replied.

“Are you leaving?” Audrey asked.

“Good night,” Storm said mostly to her date before gently prodding Sally in front of him to the door.

When they reached the door, Norma was entering with her date.

“Storm, it’s so good to see you,” Norma said greeting him with a hug and kiss to the cheek.

“Norma, it’s nice to see you also. How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m busy. There are a few cases I would like your opinion on if you have the time. I know you’re busy now with…”

“Yes, that’s fine. Just let me know.” Storm saw Norma look behind him, “Oh Norma, this is Sally, my girlfriend. Sally, this is Norma, a lawyer I sometimes work cases with.”

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you,” Sally said shaking Norma’s hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you also,” Norma returned.

“Norma, we’re on our way home. Enjoy the rest of your night.”

“Yes, let me get in. I think my date has arrived and is waiting on me.” She hugged Storm good night, “Sally, once again it was a pleasure to meet you.”

“Same here, good night,” Sally replied.

When Norma left, Storm pulled Sally into his arms as he waited for valet to bring his car around.

“So what do you want to do the rest of the night?”

Sally smiled, “What do you want to do?”

“No you tell me.”

Sally thought for a moment, “Swimming.”

“Okay, beach or pool?”


“Pool it is even thought I’m surprised you didn’t opt for the beach.”

“Pool is fine.”

Storm kissed her.



“There’s a bottle of wine in the fridge if you want to finish it,” Storm said to Sally as he went to the bedroom.

Sally took out the bottle of wine and retrieved two wine glasses from the cupboard. She went to the bedroom and changed into a large t-shirt since she didn’t have any swimwear there. Coming out she saw that Storm had placed two large towels on a chair on the patio. Putting down the wine glasses, she dove into the pool. The rush of the cool water seemed to wash away all her cares and worries. As she was about to surface, she felt a tug on her ankle. She turned only to have Storm hold her to him as they surfaced.

“Thank you,” Sally said as she wrapped her arms around Storm’s neck.

“For what?” he asked holding her to him. 

“For a really nice night.”

“The night isn’t over yet.”

She smiled as he slowly kissed her passionately. He was naked and the heat from his skin, made its way through her t-shirt. He deepened the kiss and Sally couldn’t remember anything else. She didn’t feel when she began to move until her back hit the wall of the pool. Storm lifted the t-shirt over her head and she shivered from the chill of the night air. This time the kiss was ravenous and he drank from her as if she tasted of the wine that sat a few feet away from them. Her nipples burned where he touched and tweaked the peaks between his fingers, and she held on to him as she returned his kiss openly with all the passion she felt inside.

                He lifted her to the ledge of the pool and gently kissed down her body as he gently pushed her to lie back. Liquid heats of flames seem to burn her skin where his lips touch and traveled along her body. Her legs opened to him, and she looked up at him a bit scared. He smiled and looked in her eyes as he licked her gently. She moaned and arched, her eyes closing to the feel of his tongue on her. She felt his fingers open her to him and she grabbed his arm when he licked her again, harder than before. He sucked her hard nub into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it repeatedly.

                Sally’s mind seemed to spiral out of control. She couldn’t think clearly and breathing was becoming difficult. Her breath caught in her throat as the feeling cursing through her body seemed to rob her of that simple ability. She screamed out to Storm as she explode and his grip on her legs tighten as he held her close and drank from her body.

She heard the tear of the wrapper and soon after felt him slowly slide inside her. The feel of him was just perfect, as he moved in and out of her gently, causing the water to splash gently against the wall. She sat up on her elbows and looked at him, her mouth opening as her breathing changed with the increase of his thrusts. He bent down to kiss her stomach and she met him half way in a hungry kiss.

Breaking the kiss, he whispered, “Look at us. Look at where we are joined.”

She looked and the erotic sight of his hard cock disappearing in the folds of her soft body, pushed her into an orgasm. She grabbed on to his hand and screamed his name as her body convulsed on him. She felt his hands on her hips, holding on to her as he slowed his movements to prolong her orgasm. As soon as she relaxed and lied back, he picked up the pace of his thrust again. They came in rapid sequences, one right after the other another mini burst of feelings, one more intense than the other.

Suddenly he stopped. She looked up at him through dazed eyes and watched as he deliberately dropped a single drop of water on her hot mound. The temperature of the water was in direct contrast to hers and she arched off the tiles at the feeling. She arched off the tiles again and called out to him in a desperate plea for release when he did it a second time. His thrust started instantly, even paced and the feeling grew easily and rapidly in her, searching for release. She felt him tense and slammed into her forcefully, anchoring her hips as he erupted over and over again. She screamed as her body tensed and followed him into rapture.



“Do you still want the wine?” Storm asked quite a while after.

They were both sitting on the steps of the pool, Sally between Storm’s legs, his arms wrapped around her.

“Do you?” she asked in return.

“Being here with you is enough for me.” She looked behind her at him and he kissed her. “Would you mind us sleeping outside tonight?”

“Where here?” at his nodding, “sure. Do you have a tent?”

“Yes. Go get blankets.”

After a few moments later Storm returned with only a sleeping bag while Sally was carrying two pillows and a blanket.

“What do you have there?” Storm asked.

“I thought you were going to put up a tent.”

“Not tonight, furthermore, I prefer the sleeping bag. Do you mind?”

“No, not at all. It’s fun.”

Storm smiled happily. Other girls he had dated in the past had always said yes to camping but when the time came, they found one excuse after the other. They had only agreed as a means to get close to him but here was Sally, who never scoffed at the idea and gladly joined him. His fondness for her kept growing daily and it was the little things that she did that made him comfortable being around her. She never took him for granted.

Setting up the sleeping bag and the blanket, Storm pulled Sally into his arms as they laid back and look at the stars.

After long moments of silence Storm asked, “What are you thinking about?”

It took a while for Sally to answer but she did, softly, “You.”

“What about me?”

She raised herself up to arm’s length and Storm watched as Sally slowly bent to kiss him. Her lips gently touched his and her tongue softly licked at his lips until he granted her entry into his mouth. Quickly her tongue slipped in and gently touched his before withdrawing quickly. Storm relaxed and deepened the kiss, not an easy feat for him since he wanted to wrap his arms around her and pull her underneath him. He instead wrapped his arms around her as his hands roamed her back in soft stokes.

She ended the kiss and moved her lips over to his ear, flicking her tongue at the lobe before following a path his neck, over his shoulder to find his hard pebbled nipple. Sally licked the nipple while her other hand gently rubbed the other in between her fingertips. She bit down on the nipple in her mouth and Storm moaned and arched into her.

“Again,” he said and she bit down again. ‘Sally,” he moaned her name.

Sally followed along and did the same with the other nipple and again she got the same command, to do it over and over again. Storm closed his eyes as her tongue left trails of heat on his body. Never had a woman caress his body as gently as Sally was doing, and it was driving him crazy. She kissed down his chest, her tongue licking at his navel before moving to one side then up to his nipples again and down the other side. Each little nip was followed by a tender kiss.

She reached his hardness and took it in her hand. Her finger traced the length of him and she smiled at his moan. He was large, much larger than she had estimated and reached almost to his navel. She gathered a drop of his fluid on her fingertip and smeared it over the head. Storm smiled as her hand circled him and moved up and down slowly, learning the feel, size and texture of him. She bent and licked the junction of his thigh and he jerked back. She licked the other and he grabbed her hand.

“No, stop,” Storm said just as Sally was about to put him in her mouth. At her puzzled looked he clarified, “Not yet.”

Sally looked away, “Is it because I’m…”

“It’s because I want it to be special, much more special than now.”

“You think there will be a time much more special than now?”

“Yes, there will be and I want you to be absolutely certain and ready.”

They both looked at each other. Storm reached out and pulled Sally to him and kissed her gently.

“Should I continue?” Sally asked.

“You better,” Storm replied.

She grabbed the condom and gently rolled it on him and Storm thought the sight was erotic. She pushed him back and moved over him, straddling his hips. Slowly she lowered herself on him. Inch by inch her softness enveloped his hardness and she held his gaze until he was fully buried. Storm closed his eyes and released the breath he was holding. He opened them again to watch her rise and fall back on him slowly.

Repeatedly she did, pulling off him leaving only the tip of him inside of her before smoothly lowering herself again. Storm thought his senses were going to explode. He wanted to flip her over and drive into her over and over, until the torturous course she had put them on had come to an end. Sally began to tighten, her body sensitive from their prior session. She braced herself on his chest as she brought herself up and down on him, increasing her speed. She reached over and bit a hard nipple and Storm’s head went back as the sensation rushed though him. His hand grabbed her hips hard and she burst on him, her nails digging into his shoulder and chest. She rocked back and forth on him and Storm held on tighter to her, doing everything he could not join her in release.

She trembled on him, and felt him more prominent inside her. She began to move on him again and he called out to her. He reached up and she met him half way, joining their lips together in a desperate kiss that spoke of the intense feeling coursing through them both. One hand on his hip and the other wrapped around his neck as she rode him hard and fast, rushing toward the pleasure her body sought.

“Yes, baby, yes. Sally fuck yes,” Storm moaned to her.

“Storm,” she cried out to him.

“Do you belong to me?”


“Answer me Sally, do you belong to me?”

“Yes, yes, I belong to you,” Sally replied as her head fell back the feeling intensified.

“Good,” Storm said as he held her hips and began to slam her down on him over and over until they both plunged over, screaming for each other.

Sally collapsed on Storm’s shoulder and Storm caressed her back as he lay back keeping her on top of him. When she made to move, he told her ‘no’.




They were silent. Had been that way for a while now, neither had made a move since they had cleaned themselves up and returned to the sleeping bag. Both contented to lie in each other’s arms and look at the stars.

“Move in with me.” The words were said so softly that Sally thought her mind was playing a trick on her, but there they were again whispered just as softly, “Move in with me.” Sally turned to look at Storm as he looked down at her. He gently closed the distance between them. “I want you with me.”

“I’m already with you.”

“Every day, I want you here every day. I want to come home to you every day.”

Sally swallowed hard. She had some clothes there, not much. She had only used one of the four drawers he had given her and she had not put a single dress up in the closet space that he made for her. Her apartment was her home, her sanctuary in more ways than one. Could she possibly give it up?

“Storm you’re just…”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. I want to take this next step with you.”

“What about Ayasha and…”

“What about Ayasha? She's my sister, not my owner. Think about it, and you can’t use my family as an excuse.”

“Okay, I want to think about it.”

“You have all weekend long.”




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Disappearing Mirage by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

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As Sally left Tracy’s apartment, a feeling of doom came over her so heavily it was almost stifling in the confines of her car. She wished she had ridden her bike, because then she would have breathing room. No matter how many different ways she tried to explain it, the bruises on Tracy’s arms looked like someone had grabbed her very hard. When she had asked her about it, she immediately covered the bruises saying that it was nothing, she got hurt easily bumping into walls and stuff at the bar. If there ever was a bullshit answer that was it, which was what Sally thought as she went back to Storm’s.

Storm and his proposal to move in with him was also another thing pressing on her mind. Maybe she was overthinking the bruises so she could delay answering Storm. Honestly she was scared. This relationship had gone further than she thought it could ever go and now she didn’t know how to bring it to an end; that and the fact that she didn’t want it to come to an end, at least not yet. But would he accept her reason for not wanting to move in with him? Her freedom was everything to her. There were things that she did that no one could every find out about, and living alone guaranteed that. Storm however would think she was just being scared, and try harder to persuade her otherwise. But when she kept denying his request, what would be the final result? She couldn’t think of anything satisfactory that would keep him at bay and she was running out of time to come up with something.

 That night when they slept, Sally’s nightmare came back and Storm didn’t ask for an answer that weekend.




 “She hasn’t been able to sleep. She thinks I haven’t noticed but she is jumpy, restless. When I wake her up from the nightmares, it’s like she is defending herself. I don’t know what to do to help her,” said Storm.

“When she wakes up, is she screaming?” asked Dr. Goon

“Yes, she is.”

“What is she screaming?”

“She screams ‘stop’.”

“She screams ‘stop’.”

“Yes, why?”

“Did she see the other woman get hit?”

“No she saw the bruises before she was beaten again.”

“So she saw what she looked like before and after the beating?”


“When did the nightmares begin? How long has it been since the incident?”

“The nightmares began about two week ago, again. It’s been about a month since the incident.”

Storm sighed and walked to the window. The view of the city from the 18th floor looked calm. Inside he felt chaotic. Suddenly he turned and addressed Dr. Tae Goon. “Tae, I know she was scared when it first happened but she’s past that now. She was distant for a while but not anymore. She and I are closer now, hell, I just asked her to move in with me two weeks ago, and then just like that, the nightmares are back.”

“You asked her to move in with you and the nightmares started again…”

“So it would seem but that can’t be Tae, it doesn’t make any sense.”

“How the mind works is a mystery to everyone especially us psychologist.”

“Then what do I do?”

“Answer me this, when she wakes up, where are her hands?”

“What do you mean?”

“Where are her hands when she’s having the nightmare?”

                Storm thought for a moment before answering, “Her hands are up as if she’s… blocking…?”

                Dr. Tae Goon stood and walked over to her desk. She looked at her printed schedule for the day to see how much time she had left before her next appointment.

                “Tae, what are you thinking?”

                “How much do you know about Sally? Her past?”

                “Not much to know. She’s an orphan who migrated here in her teens. Keeps to herself; independent, brilliant, wary, beautiful,” Storm sighed. “I think she has a difficult time opening up but she’s doing so little by little. I don’t know how to get through to her that the things Jessica said were not true at least not about me. What can I do Tae?”

                “Honestly Storm, I don’t think that’s your problem.”


                “Sally isn’t worried about believing you. It’s my professional opinion that Sally’s trying to cover her past. Your girlfriend was probably abused and the nightmares are resurfacing memories.”



“How can I help?” asked the man sitting across from Storm.

“I need you to look into someone for me.”


“Sally MacDonald. This is all the information I have of her. I need it fast and confidential.”

“Give me two days.”



Two days later…

“Sally Macdonald didn’t exist until a few years ago. Whoever this person is, Sally MacDonald isn’t her real name and she didn’t enter the country as such. I’ll have to dig further to get more information.”

“Do it. I want to know everything about her past,” Storm replied.

As Storm left the meeting, he called Sally. “Hey are you coming over tonight?”

“No sorry, can’t. I have to finish up some work at the lab.”

“Okay then how about dinner. I’ll come to you.”

“No, I ate not too long ago. I have to go. I’ll talk with you tomorrow.”

“Ok, bye. Call me before you go to bed.”

“Will do, bye.”



                As Sally ended the call, she thought about her lying to Storm. She was still having the nightmares only now, the memories were coming back with more details that before, some more vivid that others. Try as she did, she couldn’t seem to bury them again. Hit after hit made contact with her and there was nothing she could do to stop them. She couldn’t sleep next to Storm anymore. Each time she tried, she would wake him screaming and she was having a difficult time coming up with reasons for not speaking about what he though was a horrible dream for her. That part of her past had to remain hidden and she was going to do everything she could to keep it that way.



                The door slammed and the smile on Sally’s face died almost immediately. She walked from the kitchen to see Storm coming down the hall.

“Hey,” was the curt greeting she received as he came to her and kissed her on the cheek before going to the bedroom.

“Hey,” was Sally’s simple reply. She turned off the stove and following him into the bedroom. He was coming out of the closet when she went to him and stopped him from pulling the buttons of his shirt. “How was your day?” She knew the answer to that question but wanted him to talk.

“Fine,” he replied sighing and looking away.

Sally finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it from his pants. Her hands moved up his chest and over his shoulders to push the shirt down his arms and off his body. She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him down to her. Her lips touch his gently but he didn’t respond. She kissed him again, softly and again no response. She kept kissing him, small kisses until finally he began to respond wrapping his arms around her tightly, pulling her to him and deepening the kiss. She pulled back, her arms now wrapped around his waist.

“Go take a shower,” she whispered to him. “When you get out, dinner will be on the table.”

He turned from her.


Sally’s back was to Storm when he walked into the kitchen. She was gathering the platter of vegetables to place on the table when he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“I’m sorry about this evening,” he said kissing her neck.

She smiled and looked up at him. “We can’t have good days everyday.”

“You’re never in a bad mood.”

“You’re not around me when I’m in a bad mood.  I purposefully stay away.”

“Why? I want to share those days with you,” Storm said pulling away from her.

“Because when I speak with you, I feel better and I’m no longer in a bad mood.”

“Well tell me anyways. I want to know about your days.”

“Tell me what happened today.”



Two day in a row and Storm was beginning to wonder if the entire week was going to be this shitty. He slammed the door again. This case was getting worse and worse and he was almost to his wits end dealing with this client. He had not seen Sally’s car in the driveway and didn’t know if she would be coming by today. He was coming out of the bedroom when he heard Sally on the phone.

“I can’t understand who could have messed up everything like that. Those cultures took two days to prepare and we need the results back tomorrow. This is bullshit,” said Sally.

[“Hey if you pick me up, we can get it done faster,”] said Mitch.

“No, that’s fine; it’s easier if I just go by myself. I’ll get there faster anyway. Furthermore I know you have things to take care of.”

[“Yeah, don’t remind me please’]

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow but bring stuff to stay over so we can get the results done and not fall behind on studying for the test.”

[“Will do and please let me know if you need help. I will find my way there,”]

“Okay, thanks Mitch.”


“You’re going to the hospital,” Storm asked softly behind her. Sally jumped and turned around. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Yes, I have to go back. I’m not having dinner.”

“Okay but before you go please clarify something for me? Mitch stayed at your apartment? When was this?”

Sally was getting a glass of water when he asked the question, “Hmmm,” she shrugged, “about two weeks ago?”

“Were you ever going to tell me about it?”

“Tell you about what?”

“About him sleeping at your place.”

“No, why should I?”

Storm’s laughter was without merriment. He looked away his hands gripping into the flesh of his hip as he tried to hold his temper. He turned back to her, “You’re fucking kidding me right?”


“You’re not serious? You’re really going to stand there and tell me you weren’t going to tell me that some guy slept over your place?”

“No, I wasn’t. It’s not a big deal…”


“He’s my friend; we were studying and fell asleep…”

“Why didn’t you wake him up and send him home?”

“Because I was tired also and I didn’t feel like leaving the house at that time. What is the bloody big deal? You’re acting as if I committed some sort fucking crime.”

“Is that the reason why you can’t give me an answer about you moving in? Keeping the apartment as a convenient place for you both?”

“What?” she said softly. Sally swallowed and closed her eyes and slowly reopened them. “Are you saying that I’m cheating on you?”

“You tell me Sally. I don’t know who he is. He’s sleeping at your place and you didn’t tell me, and I can’t get an answer from you about moving in with me. So you tell me what the hell am I suppose to think?”

“Nothing more than what you’re thinking at this moment.” Sally took a deep breath, “You know what, FUCK YOU!” she yelled as she stomped to the door and slammed as hard as possible as she left.

“FUCK!” Storm yelled slamming his hand down on the counter.




                “She did it on purpose. There is no way that ager solution got into those petri dishes without someone deliberately putting it in there.”

                “But why would she do that Sally? I didn’t do anything to her,” replied Mitch.

                “Why? Because she’s psychotic and she’s stalking you. She thought if she did that then you would come in to work. Why do you think she’s been asking to have us switched on the schedule but YOU keep telling the director that we have to work together because we live close to each other.”

                “Sally I can’t work with her. I already have one problem dealing with; I don’t need another one.”

                “Well she doesn’t see it like that.”

                “She also knows I have a girlfriend or thinks I have a girlfriend.”

                “I really don’t think she cares too much about that,” said Sally.

                As she began walking up the stairs, she saw a pair of legs in the vicinity of her door; Storm’s legs. She came up the stairs and watched as Storm looked at his watch before looking at her. “Mitch I have to go. I’ll call you later.”

                “Okay, Sal, thanks again for going without me. I owe you dinner one night.”

                “Yeah, you do. Good night.”            

                Sally reached her apartment door. “Move,” she ordered Storm but he didn’t budge. “I said…”

                “I heard what you said. Am I coming in so we can talk?” Storm asked looking at her.

Sally kept her eyes on the door behind him. “No.”

                Storm sighed. She was going to make this as difficult as possible he thought. “Sally, I’m sorry…”

                She finally looked at him, eyes blazing with fire, “There’s nothing to be sorry about. Honesty is the best policy they say.”

                “Yes it is and I am sorry. I didn’t mean to imply…”

                “You did. You said what you felt…”

“No I didn’t. That’s not how I meant…” he sighed again and ran his finger in through his hair. “I was angry. I don’t know him and all I could think was you could have been hurt and I wouldn’t have been able to help you.”

“He’s my friend and I don’t sleep with my friends. Now move.”

“No. You’re going to hear me out whether you want to or not. I don’t know him and therefore I don’t trust him. You’re my girlfriend and I don’t want some guy I don’t know sleeping under the same roof as you. When you didn’t tell me, what was I suppose to think? If that was me and I had some girl over and didn’t tell you, wouldn’t you think I slept with her also? Yes, you would.”

“No I wouldn’t. I would have given you the benefit of the doubt at least. But that’s what you’re used to. You’re used to seducing any woman who crosses your path so when I don’t do it, you can’t understand that because it’s not what you would have done.”

“Wrong sweetheart, I don’t sleep with just any woman, and I don’t cheat in my relationships. When I’m in a relationship, that person is only one I’m intimate with and like it or not, that currently is you. You are the only woman I’m interested in having in or out of my bed. Fine! I’ll tell you how I really feel. I want to be the person you come home to every night. He gets to see you at work every day, share lunch and dinner with you and then he gets to sleep with you…”

“We didn’t sleep together. He slept on the couch and I went to bed…”

“He was under the same roof…”

“We work together you ass.”

“Yes, and you’re my girlfriend and I want you home with me every night.”

“I’m in an internship. I get tired. We study a lot and he’s the only friend I have who knows what I’m going through with this program.” Sally looked away and took a breath. “You’re a lawyer. You have your clients and office and everything you want. Mitch and I are still trying to get a career and to distance ourselves from everyone else. We’re the ones who volunteer for the projects no one else wants. There are times when we put in 12, 14 hours a day, working, studying so that we can stand out from the rest.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that Sally but why does he have to sleep here…”

“Can you tell me you’ve never slept with anyone you’ve worked with? Huh? Can you? How many have you been with since we’ve been together? He’s my friend.”

“I’ve never cheated on you, never. When you didn’t want to have anything to do with me, I did sleep with other women but they meant nothing because they were not what I wanted. I only wanted to be with you and still do. What? Did that get you angry, hearing that? Good. I feel like I’m constantly fighting you to be with you, and I do it. You know why? I know you’re not used to this. I know it’s scary, giving up your freedom but I don’t know what else to do to make you understand you’re not the only one giving up something. I’m taking a chance too but you’re the only one I want to take that chance with. I didn’t ask you to be my girlfriend so I could cheat on you. I want to wake up next to you every morning and go to bed with you every night. I want to share some part of your day with you and I want you in mine every day.”

“I want my career…”

“I want you to have it.”  

                Both looked at each other. The air around them felt hot and unmoving.

                “Are you coming home with me tonight?” Storm asked after a few minutes.

                “No, I have some work to do.”

                He looked away and took a deep breathe. “You have things at my place. The office is available.”

                “The things I need are here.”

                Storm sighed and move from the door. Sally went into the apartment but Storm didn’t move until he heard the locks go in place. Looking back at the door, he got the urge to call her back out and dragged her kicking and screaming back to his place. He moved to the top of the stairs and looked back before descending the stairs one by one. When he reached the flat, he looked up but a movement caught his eye. Turning towards it, he saw Paul emerging from the shadow like a vermin.

                “It seems you and her are not getting along too well right now. Anything I can do to help?” Paul asked smiling.

                “No. We’re doing just fine.”

                “She was always so happy, always smiling, until you came along. Now she always seems tense and…” he paused for dramatic effects, “sad. I wonder why?”

                “Maybe its work but not to worry, I’ll take care of her.”

                “You think you can take care of her?”

                “Paul, make no mistake, she’s mine and what’s mine I keep. Good night.”


                As Storm walked to his car, Paul watched with a keen eye hating every move Storm made. 

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Meeting of the Two by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

So very sorry this is late. I moved and have been busy. Thanks for reading...

                Two days later… Sally was at the mall trying to do some shopping. The day before, she had been offered the opportunity to attend a conference in Georgia for four days, and decided to pick up a few new things for her trip. While looking at some dresses, she heard name.

“Sally! Sally!”

                Looking around, Sally located the person calling out to her. “Ayasha! How are you?”

                Both women embraced. “I’m doing well. What are you looking for? I didn’t take you for the shopping type. You seem to love your jeans and t-shirt look.”

                “I don’t think jeans and a t-shirt is going to cut it.” Sally replaced the dress back and turned back to Ayasha, “I don’t know what to get. I feel like a fish out of water in more ways than one.”

                Ayasha laughed. “Not to worry, that’s why you have us. Storm, Iris and I will help you. All you have to do is ask.”

                Ayasha stepped away and again Sally heard her name being called. “Sally! Sally!” Looking around she saw Tracy coming towards her.

                “Hi Tracy, how are you doing?” Sally asked as she and Tracy embraced.

                “I’m doing okay. I passed the test. Thank you so much for all your help. I want to take you out to dinner. “

                “You don’t have to do that Tracy. I was my pleasure. So, what you are looking for?”

                “Oh I came with my boyfriend. I really want you to meet him.”

                Both women looked around, “Yes, I would love to.”

                “That would be great if I could find him.”

                “Hey there,” Ayasha said coming over to stand by Sally.

                “Ayasha, this is Tracy; Tracy this is Ayasha, my boy…she’s a friend,” Sally said introducing the women.

                They spoke for a bit before Tracy had to leave. “I have to get going. I want to get some studying done before work tonight. Roger thinks the club is the best thing in the city since he did some of the upgrades.” Looking around, Tracy still did not see her boyfriend. “I’m sorry my boyfriend wasn’t here to meet you.”

                “That’s fine. I’ll meet him some other time. You take care and please tell everyone I said hello.”

                “I will. We all miss you. You were the nicest person who worked there. He’s hired some girls that are complete bitches and sluts. They seduce anyone they can. I can’t wait to get out of there. “

                “Hang in there. It will be over soon.”

                As the women said goodbye to each other, none of them noticed the man watching nearby.




                “Hey sis, how are you doing today? How is my niece or nephew?” Storm asked as soon as he answered Ayasha’s call.

                “I’m fine but I have a question for you.”

                “Sure Yashy, what’s up?”

                “What type of club did Sally used to work at?”

                Storm put down the file he was reading immediately. “Why do you ask?”

                “Storm was Sally a stripper?”

                “No she wasn’t. Why do you ask Ayasha? I need to know.”

                “Well, we were at the mall and met up on a girl named Tracy, one of Sally’s friends. She was speaking about the club and apparently the type of girls who now works there. Do you know who Tracy is?”

                “Yes, I do. She’s a friend of Sally. Sally helps here with her studies every now and then but Ayasha, did you hear the name of the club?”

                “No I didn’t Storm but why is that important?”

                “I think the cop stalking Sally frequents that club.”

                “Sally is being stalked? When? How? Was it reported?”

                “Ayasha, I need to you to keep it a secret. Yes, she’s is being stalked but she won’t tell me anything about the club or the person stalking her. Do you remember anything else?”

                After a few minutes, Ayasha answered. “No Storm I can’t. The only thing I remember them saying was that there was some upgrades done to the club.

                “Okay Yashy, if you remember anything, let me know. It’s important.”

                “Yeah sure. Storm, is Sally in danger?”

                Storm sighed. It was the one question he kept asking himself and the answer was always ‘yes’. “I don’t know but I’m being cautious. Be careful Ayasha.”

                “I am. Let me know if there is anything I can do.”

                “Goodbye sweetheart.”

                “Bye, do you need me to send over dinner?”

                “No, I think I want to have dinner with my stubborn girlfriend tonight.”





                “Hey, Jack’s backed up tonight. I’m going to help him out. Order what you want. It’s on me,” Sally said to Mitch.

                They were both at the Waves and Stars having dinner since they had the night off.

                “That’s fine.”

                “I promise I won’t be the whole night. Just until this rush is over. Here’s a menu. I’ll take your order and it’s on me.”

                “No Sally, you’ve already…”

                “Answer my phone for me when it rings please.”

                “Are you sure?”               

                “Yeah; if it’s the hospital, we have to get that call.”

                “Okay, no problem.”



                “She didn’t return my call or text today,” Storm said as he took a sip of his beer.

                “Did you two have a fight?” asked Brad as he took a sip of his beer also.

                They were at the restaurant waiting for the last patron to leave. It was a slow night. Storm came by after he received no reply from either the text and or phone messages he left for Sally asking her to join him for dinner.

                “Sort of and she’s being stubborn about it.”

                “What did she do that’s making her the stubborn person in this?”

                Storm looked at Brad harshly. “Her friend slept over her place, she didn’t tell me and I sort of blew up about it.”

                “A friend caused you to blow up about something as simple as that? Fantasying a bit too much there aren’t you? Did you wish you were in middle?”

                “No you ass…her male friend stayed over and she didn’t tell me about it.”

                “Oh a guy? Have you met him?”

                “NO! I found out by accident and when I confronted her about it, she admitted she wasn’t going to tell me.”

                “Oh, that’s why you’re pissed. Storm did you ever consider that she doesn’t think she did anything wrong?”

                “That’s not the point. I am to know any and every guy she knows. She lives alone and won’t tell me if she’s going to move in with me.”

                “You asked her to move in with you?”

                “Yes and instead I find out she’s having him sleep over as if it’s all innocent…”

                “I think it is.”

                “What? What do you know?”

                “Sally has been living on her own for what, her entire adult life. From what I understand, this is the first relationship she’s ever been in. She doesn’t know that she should have told you that. To her he’s a friend and since she knows she’s not sleeping with him, she doesn’t see it as a problem.”

                “That’s stupid and she should know better. Of course she has to tell me. I’m her boyfriend.”

                “Yes and for her that means trust. Have you tried calling her again tonight?”

                “No I haven’t because she won’t answer the phone and I don’t know if she’s at work tonight or studying.”

                “Then call her again fool. I’ll be back.”

                Storm picked up his phone and looked at Sally’s number again for the umpteenth time of the night. He firmly believed she was deliberately ignoring his calls. He had never met anyone like Sally. Any other girlfriend would have given in by now. But not Sally; she fought back with full attack and wasn’t planning on bending anytime soon. He dialed her number and after a few rings she answered.



                Mitch saw Sally’s phone light up with Storm’s name on the screen. He yelled out to Sally that there was a call but she was carrying a tray and yelled back at him.

                “Answer it please.”

                “I think you should take this call.”

                “Get it for me and tell the person I’ll call them back tomorrow, please.”

                Mitch sighed as he answered the phone. “Hello.”

                “Who is this and why do you have my girlfriend’s phone?” Storm asked immediately.

                “Hello Storm. She asked me to answer her phone…”

                “Why is there so much noise? Where are you?”

                “We’re at Jack’s. Sally’s…”

                The phone went dead and Mitch knew Storm was on his way there.



                Storm arrived at the Waves and Stripes about twenty minutes after he spoke with Mitch. He was pissed. She was deliberately ignoring his calls and she was out with him, while he had been trying to resolve the conflict in their relationship. When he got there with Brad who took forever to get out of the restaurant, he saw her carrying a tray.

                Brad looked around the bar and soon Mike joined them. The trio stood by the rails and watched as Sally went over to Paul and spoke with both him and the bartender for a short while before delivering some drinks to a table. Afterwards she went to a table where a guy sat by himself.

                “That’s Paul, her gay friend that lives on the floor above her,” Storm said to both Brad and Mike.

                “Oh the one that got into the confrontation with you?” asked Brad.

                “Yeah, he’s the one that thinks he’s her protector; asshole,” Storm said taking a sip of his beer.

                The waitress came by again but Storm declined instead saying, “Come on, lets introduce ourselves.”

                Mike and Brad looked at each other and shook their heads. They had never seen Storm like this. As they approached the table, they saw Sally speaking with man sitting across from her. Storm felt like he had steam coming out of his ears but kept telling himself, ‘Keep your temper under control.’

                “Hello sweetheart. I’ve been calling you all day but you have not returned my calls.”

                “Hi Brad and Mike,” Sally said.

                Brad was standing by Storm and Mike was standing behind them both. Sally hugged them both.

                “Hello sweetheart, how are you doing?” asked Brad.

                “Yeah, how’s the internship going?” asked Mike.

                “It’s hard but fine. We…oh I’m sorry. Mitch this is Brad and Mike; Brad, Mike, this is my co-worker and lab partner Mitch.”

                “Hey, nice to meet you,” Mitch said shaking hands with the two guys.

                He turned to Storm and said hello as Storm glared daggers into Sally for not introducing him.

                “Hi, I’m Storm, her boyfriend whom she seemed to have rudely forgotten.”

                “No, my memory is working perfectly fine,” said Sally, finally addressing Storm.

                Brad and Mike both snickered beside Storm which earned each a heated glare.

                “You’re not at work tonight,” said Storm.

                “Hey guys, come and sit down. We’re celebrating getting the night off and being chosen to go on a conference next week,” said Sally who still continued to ignore Storm and left him standing.

                “You got in for the conference?” asked Storm.

                “Do you guys want something to drink? Get anything, it’s on me.” Sally called over a waitress, “Get these three anything they want. His,” pointing to Storm, “is on a separate tab.”

                “A bit petty isn’t it sweetheart?” Storm said when Brad and Mike continued snickering.

                “Untrustworthy people generally are,” Sally replied to him. To the others she said, “Guys, Jack is short staff tonight and I’m helping out. Have fun, I’ll stop by soon.”

                “I really like her,” Brad said to both Mike and Storm.

                “Yeah, me too,” said Mike as they both laughed at Storm.

                “So you’re the guy who gets to spend so much time with her and the one who sleeps at her apartment without me knowing about it,” Storm said to Mitch finally taking a seat across from him.

                “I’m not sleeping with her and she’s not cheating on you, at least not that I know of. Yes, we do spend time with each other but that’s because we work in the same lab and have an aligned schedule.”

                “Why is that? Why is your schedule the same as hers?” Storm asked.

                “It makes it easier on her when she gives me a ride home at night.”

                “She takes you home at night?”

                “Yeah, didn’t she tell you? Sally asked that we get similar shifts because she takes me to and from work sometimes. I don’t have a car right now and she helps me out.”

                “Really, when did this start?” asked Storm.

                “A few weeks after we began interning together.” Mitch sighed. “I’m assuming she didn’t tell you.”

                Storm looked over at Sally who was delivering drinks to a table. “I guess she forgot.”

                “She’s a friend, nothing more. She cares about you.”

                “And how would you know?” Storm asked.

                “Because she talks about how much she’s not spending time with you. It matters to her and she hopes you understand. Don’t tell her I told you this but she is worried that you may want to end the relationship soon.”

                Storm looked at her longer and after a few minutes asked, “How much longer of this do you guys have? Why is your schedule so hard?”

                “Sally and I take on extra assignments and have study sessions since we can’t actually work in the lab after a certain amount of hours. It’s what made us get on the roster for this conference. We’re hoping it will put us over the top to get into the best schools, and get the necessary scholarships to further our degrees. Its’ gonna get harder.”

                “Isn’t there anyone else in the program you could study with?”

                “Yes, but I don’t want to. Sally is the best intern in the program, hands down. The fact that I got her for my lab partner means I’m the luckiest person in there. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to give up my opportunity at a full scholarship.”

                “How does she fit into you getting the scholarship?”

                “She’s the best. There are things that Sally knows that people who are years ahead of her doesn’t know. The doctors are beginning to notice. To study with her is like a guarantee pass. She doesn’t fail. She puts in the time and the effort. You have to do the same to hang around her. I can’t give up the best lab partner I’ve ever had. Try and understand Storm, she’s not trying to hurt you. She’s helping me and doing something she truly enjoys. She deserves support.”

                “I support her. I don’t trust you.”            


                “Fair enough.”

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Getting to Know Him by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

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“Why didn’t you tell Storm that we work together and you take me home?”

Mitch and Sally were sitting in Sally’s car in front of his apartment having left Jack’s not too long ago. Sally had ignored Storm the whole night.

“Because he’s distrustful and I don’t have to tell him anything. I didn’t do anything wrong,” Sally defended herself.

“I didn’t say you did anything wrong Sally, but how can you say he’s distrustful when he doesn’t know about me? You’re his girlfriend and I felt like the other guy. He’s mad as hell that I slept over…I understand why he’s pissed Sally and you have to see his side too.”

Sally turned to Mitch. “What is it? You guys get together, have a few beers and suddenly I’m wrong? He’s perfectly justified in being an asshole because I didn’t tell him about you doing what every other human on the planet does, sleep?”

“No sweetheart, that’s not it…”

“And in case you were wondering, I was defending you.”

“Yes and you don’t need to. Sally, no one said you were wrong…”

“He did. He’s an ass. And you are too.”

“Maybe I am, and he seems like he can be but that ‘ass’ cares about you and doesn’t want you hurt.”

Sally sighed again and looked out the window for a few minutes before turning back to look at Mitch, “You know what I don’t understand, how can you guys just defend each other like that. All it takes is one night drinking with each other and you become best friends?”

Mitch laughed, “We’re not best friends, far from it. That guy is never going to like me and I won’t be surprised if he tells you to end our friendship. But I understand what he’s thinking. I would think the same way too especially after knowing what I know now. I never told you this because I didn’t want it to change my friendship with you but in two days, I have to take my third HIV test. You see my ex was sleeping with my friend. It was my friend who got her hooked on drugs, and he knew she was sleeping around and never told me. I ended the relationship when I found but I spent all the money I saved on rehab for her but she doesn’t want to go. So I did the only thing I could when I became desperate, I called her parents to come and get her.” Mitch looked out the window. “I’m so desperate right now and she blames me for everything; that I chose school and working over her. I feel like everything I do is wrong.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” said Sally softly.

Mitch looked at her before continuing, “I grew up in foster care and I don’t want to be homeless anymore. Someone going on the trip is paying for their portion and that’s why there was extra funds to help me pay for mine. I can’t afford it but if it will help me get a scholarship and into a good grad school, I have to take the chance. I used you to take me to and from work. It bothers me that I can’t give you more towards gas and you never ask; that’s why I walk it home sometimes.”

“That part I figured out already.”

“You never said anything.”

“You were being an ass. I wanted you to suffer.”

“Hahahahaha…” Mitch looked over at Sally who had a smirk on her face. “You like helping people don’t you?”

“I think you only ask for help from people you like,” she whispered.

“Sally, Storm can’t trust someone he doesn’t know around the woman he cares about.”

“I know who I am…”

“Yes, but do you really know who I am?”

“Not yet, but that’s why were friends. We find out as we go along,” she whispered.

“Then you have to give Storm the same chance too.” Mitch looked back up at the light that shone from the window of his apartment. “You’re the only friend I have right now. I don’t want to go in there and have to deal with another argument. I want just one night’s peaceful rest before going back to the lab tomorrow.”

“Then stay at my place.”


“I’m not gonna be there. New toothbrushes are under the bathroom sink and help yourself to anything in the fridge. Do laundry also and we can pick up something in the morning.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious.”

Mitch smiled, “Thank you.”



Storm heard the front door open. Getting out of bed, he went to the room with the light shining under the door. Quietly, he entered the room. On the floor going to the bathroom was her clothes and next to the bed was her book bag. He sighed and returned to his room. It wasn’t where he wanted her, but at least she was back in his house.  

Her silhouette cast a shadow in the doorway where she stood wearing only the t-shirt. He was lying on his back but didn’t make a move as he watched her walk quietly to her side of the bed. She laid as close to him as she could without touching him and whispered, “I’m sorry. He’s only a friend.”

Storm sighed and pulled her to him where he placed her head on his chest. He kissed the top of her head and went to sleep feeling very comfortable again.



Sally’s back was pressed into Storm’s front. She didn’t want to be awake, not right now. Storm’s arms tightened around her and she snuggled closer to him before forcing herself back to sleep again.

About forty minutes later she stirred again, this time becoming full awake. She turned around in Storm’s arms and began placing soft butterfly like kisses on his chest.

After a few minutes Storm said, “If you keep that up, you’ll never leave this bed. Not even to attend the conference.”

Sally smiled and looked up at him. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m worried.”

“Why? About what?”

“I want you safe.”

“I am.”

“No you’re not. I don’t know where that cop is and I don’t know…”

“Mitch is my friend. We work together and he has his own problems to take care of.”

“And when people have problems they can be easily influenced to do the wrong thing.”

“I don’t’ think he’s like that.”

“I want you safe.”

“Storm, I am.”

“When are you moving in?”

She looked up at him again. “You still want me to?”

He frowned down at her, “Why wouldn’t I?”

“We were fighting…”

“We weren’t fighting, you were being stubborn.”

“I was defending myself.”

“I was wrong for accusing you. I apologize. When are you moving in?”

“I’m still not sure about it.”

“Sally we are going to have disagreements. It’s a part of being in relationship.”

“Let me think about it some more please.”

“Okay but not too long. I want an answer after you return from the conference.”



Sally’s phone was ringing. “Hey Storm could you get that for me please?”

Storm looked at Sally’s phone and saw it was Mitch calling. He frowned. This was their day together, and he was not interested in sharing her today with work or anyone else. Reluctantly he answered the call.

“Hello Mitch. Sally’s busy.”

“Hey Storm. That’s cool. Please let her know that I’m getting a ride from someone else to the airport so she doesn’t have to come and get me.”

“Oh that’s right, you’re going on to the conference also.”

“Yeah, I am. “

“Will do. Bye.”


Storm smiled as he delivered the message.



Someone was banging on the room door but Sally called out as she got closer.

“Sal, it’s me. Let me in please,” Mitch pleaded.

Just as she reached the door, her phone rang. She had a good idea who it was since Storm called her daily. They were at the conference and Sally had upgraded her room to suite.

“Hey,” she answered her phone, “Storm hold on please.”

“Hey sweetheart, yeah okay,” Storm replied.

Sally opened the door and Mitch rushed in. He stood by the door on the side and put his fingers up to his lips to indicate that Sally should remain quiet.

“What’s going on?” Sally asked whispering.

“I’ll tell you soon but please say you have not seen me,” Mitch pleaded.

Suddenly Sally heard banging on her door. “Who is it?”

“Hey Sally, may I come in for a moment?” Erica an attendee to the conference asked.

“I’m in the middle of something. What is it?” Sally replied.

“Have you seen Mitch? I was looking for him but his roommate said he left a few minutes ago.”

“No I haven’t. He was going to walk around a bit in his free time. He should be back soon.” And to caller on the phone, “Yeah, sweetheart, just give me a few more minutes please.”

“Who are you talking to?” Erica asked suspiciously.

“Goodbye,” Sally replied sternly.

“If you see him, tell him I’m looking for him.”


Both Sally and Mitch heard when she mumbled ‘bitch’ and smiled. Sally motioned Mitch to follow her to the bathroom and not to speak.

“So what was that all about?” Sally asked.

“Hey, what’s happening?” Storm yelled getting both their attention.

“Shit! I’m sorry Sally. Don’t let him know. I don’t want to cause any trouble between the two of you,” Mitch pleaded.

“He already knows. Hold on, I’m going to put him on speaker.” Sally put the phone on the counter, “Storm, are you there?”

“Yeah I am and I already know Mitch…what was that all about?”

“Mitch has a new girlfriend,” Sally said laughing at Mitch.

“More like deranged psychotic stalker,” Mitch replied.

“Why don’t you just tell her to leave you alone?” Storm asked.

“Because she is one of the directors for this program,” Mitch replied.

“Hey if you want, I can draft up a sexual harassment case for you?” Storm offered.

“He doesn’t need that. He just needs to be nice so that she’s happy on this very short trip,” Sally interjected.

“I can’t wait to leave. She is such a bitch and don’t think I’m going to let her get away for calling you…” Mitch finally remembered that Storm was listening to the conversation.

“Calling her a what?” Storm asked.

“Nothing, she was just being rude. No big deal,” Sally replied before Mitch could answer.

“Hey you want to go out tonight?” Mitch asked.

“No, I’m going to stay in tonight,” Sally replied.

“Okay. Do you think it’s clear for me to leave now?” Mitch asked.

“I’ll go check to make sure she got on the elevator. If she did, then you can take the stairs. Cool?” Sally picked up her phone and took it off speaker, “Storm can you hold on for a little while longer or do you want me to call you back?”

“I’ll hold,” Storm replied.

Sally made her way to the elevator. Seeing that Erica was not in the hallway, she motioned to Mitch to get to the stairs.

“Thanks babe you’re the best. Sure you don’t want to join me?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’m going to speak with my jealous boyfriend and watch tv. I’m a bit tired anyway.”

“Okay. If you need anything, send me a text. I’ll check often for you.” Mitch kissed Sally goodnight.

“Be safe. See you tomorrow.”


“Finally we’re alone,” Storm said as he heard Sally close the door to her suite.

Sally laughed, “I’m alone and so are you.”

“I know but not for long. You get home in two days.”

“Yes, I can’t wait. I miss you.” Sally took a deep breath saying that. What was wrong with her? Storm sat up on his bed and smiled broadly. “I didn’t mean to sou…”

“Don’t, I’m happy you miss me. I miss you too.” After silent moment, “What are you wearing?”

“My robe. I just got out of the bath when Mitch knocked and you called.”

“So he was in the room with you wearing only a robe?”

“Yes, and he’s my friend,” Sally stressed.

“I still don’t like it.” After a moment, “Are you naked underneath that robe?”

“Yes and you have to get used to it.”

“Oh I will, I promise you I will. Take the robe off.”


“You heard me, take off the robe.”

“I’m not taking off my robe. I’m cold.”

“I promise you’ll be very hot soon. Take off the robe and lie down on the bed.”

Sally looked around the room. She was uncomfortable. “What are you wearing?”

“I’m in bed in my boxers.”

“You don’t like boxers in bed.”

“Yes, I know but you’re not here. Take it off Sally.”

Sally took off the robe. “Okay fine, I’m standing naked in the room. This fells so awkward.”

“Not for long. Lie on the bed and not under the covers. I want you on top.”

“But I’m going to be cold.”

“Just do it.”

Sally did as she was told. “Fine, I’m on the bed. What now.”

“Touch your breast,” Storm said softly.


“Do it Sally, tell me how you’re touching them.”


“Do it.”                 Sally’s hand move to her breast and she held the soft globe in her hand. “Are you nipples hard?”

“Yes,” Sally replied softly.

“Pull at them, squeeze it hard.”

“Hmmmm,” Sally moaned as she closed her eyes.

“I wish I was there putting that nipple into my mouth. I want to suck on it, bite it. I want to hear you gasp at the pleasure and pain of having it between my teeth.” Sally moaned again. “Do you wish I was sucking your nipple into my mouth?” Sally breath deep. “Answer me Sally.”

“Yes, yes I do.”

“Spread your legs. Bend your knees and spread your legs.”


“Its okay sweetheart. It’s only me, only you and I in this moment. Do it Sally.” Sally did as she was told. “Do you feel exposed?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Move your hands down the front of your body slowly.”


“Yes, babe, I’m right here.” She took a deep breath. “Oh Sally, I wish I was there. I want to touch you right now.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m holding myself right now. Part your pussy.”

Sally ran her finger down her slit and parted her folds. She closed her eyes and pulled her lip between her teeth as she moaned.

“Good girl. Are you wet?”

“Yes, very.”

“Good, take one finger and run it along your pussy softly. Move it up and down…are you doing that babe?”


“Don’t touch your clit…is it hard Sally? Can you tell me if it’s hard?”

“Yes, it is, please…please.”

“Please what Sally, what do you want? Tell me!” Sally moaned, “Come on babe tell me,” Storm pushed.

“I want you. I want you to touch me.”

“Do you want me to taste your sweet pussy?”  

“Yes, yes, I do.”

“I want to, so badly now…you have the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted. I can’t get enough of it. I could eat you all day long.”

“Hmmmm….I’m so sensitive and wet…”

“Yes, that good baby, so good. Take your index finger and gently insert it in your pussy.”

“Storm…I can…”

“Yes, you can. Do it baby…put it in slowly and all the way.” Sally moaned as she did as she was told. “Imagine it’s my cock going inside you.”

“Ugh!” Sally exclaimed and closed her eyes to the imagery created by his words.

“You want that Sally? You want it to be my cock?”

“Yes, yes, please.”

“It will only be mine baby. You’re mine Sally, all mine.”

“Storm what are you doing?”    

“I’m imagining it’s your pussy my cock is in. My hand is trying to imitate what being inside you feels like. Nothing compares to the real thing. You have the prefect pussy. I want to be inside you all the time. I want to feel my cock moving in and out of you, hard and then soft. I want you fuck you day and night. I want to fuck you until you’re sore and tender.”

Her breathing quickened, “Storm, I’m cumming,”

“That good Sally, baby, rub your clit. Go on Sally, rub it. How does that feel?”

“Storm, oh…Storm, I’m cumming, I’m…”

“Yes, baby, I’m with you.”

“Storm, please…”

“Yes Sally, you’re almost there. You’re almost there.”

“Storm!” Sally yelled as she arched off the bed.

“Uhh…Sally, yes, yes,” Storm yelled also as he spilled himself all over his hand and stomach.

After a few minutes, Sally asked, “Storm? Are you there?”

With a more calmed breath, Storm replied, “Yes, baby I am. Are you okay?”

Sally smiled, “Yes, I am. That was strange.”

“I can’t wait to see you do that in front of me.”

“I’m not doing that in front of you,” Sally said indignantly.

Storm laughed, “We’ll see.”




Sally looked around the terminal for Storm, but he was nowhere to be found. They were at the airport having returned from the conference.

“Isn’t Storm picking you up?” he asked.

“Yeah, that’s what he said but I don’t see him. Maybe he’s delayed.”

“Hey Sally, I’m going to get the bus home. I’ll see you at work.”

“No, absolutely not. It’ll take you until tomorrow to get home.”

“No it won’t,” Mitch replied rolling his eyes. “You exaggerate. But seriously Sally, I don’t think Storm is going to be cool with this.”

“Storm won’t be cool with what?” Storm asked from behind them both.

“Hey, you’re late!” said Sally as she hugged him.

Storm returned the hug smiling happily as he kissed her briefly. Turning to Mitch, he asked again, “What won’t I be cool with?” Mitch said nothing.

Storm looked at Sally who was looking at Mitch. “Tell me what I’m not going to be cool with.”

“Hey, I’ll get going. Take care…” Mitch interrupted.

“No you don’t. You’re not going to take the bus home,” Sally said to Mitch before addressing Storm. “Storm would you mind giving Mitch a ride home? It would take him a few hours to get home if he took the bus.”

“That’s it?” Storm asked Sally but looked at Mitch who turned away.

“I’m fine. I don’t need the ride. Furthermore the bus ride will be great relaxation for me.”

“Sure it will. Let’s go. Are you guys hungry? I have not eaten yet,” Storm said to them both.

“No, I’m fine,” replied Mitch.

“Yes, I’m hungry and so is he,” Sally replied looking at Mitch.

“Okay then let’s get something to eat.”

“No really, I’m fine,” Mitch stressed looking at Sally.

“Is there something going on that I should know about?” Storm asked looking between the both of them.

“Yes/No…” both Sally and Mitch answered simultaneously.

“What is it?” Storm asked Sally.

“He’s afraid of you,” she replied

“I am not afraid of him,” Mitch replied. He signed and addressed Storm, “Listen this is your time with your girlfriend and I don’t feel like being a third wheel.”

“I agree, this is my time with her, but I wouldn’t have invited you if I felt you were a third wheel. Furthermore, I have to get to know you better if you are going to be hanging around as much. Let’s get one thing clear, she’s mine, and what’s mine, I keep.”

“She’s my friend and I would like to keep my friend also,” Mitch replied. “I’m fine, I’ll make my way home.”

“I also like her happy and it’ll make her happy if you came with us,” Storm replied.

“Yes, I like to be happy. You have to come with us,” Sally replied smiling.

“Arm twisting?” Mitch replied looking at Sally’s smiling face. “You must have learnt that from him,” he mumbled.

Storm smiled, “Yes, I’m teaching her all sorts of things.”

Sally hit his arm as they left the airport.




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Money by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

I am trying to write as much as I can when I can. It's not easy as these last few chapters are very difficult. So much is going on in the story that it does take me a while to get the details down to where it seems feasible. Thank you so much for your patience. 

Also, someone sent me an email asking me about my other story. I had to take down the story because it was copied without my permission to another site. While it has since been removed, I am planning on re-editing. As to when or if I will submit it for reading, that I am uncertain of at this time. 

Thank you for asking and for your continuous support. Have a wonderful week. :)


                Storm came into the bathroom as Sally was exiting and pulled her into him. She laughed as she wrapped her arms around his neck. It had been all like this all weekend long. They stayed in mostly, cooked only twice, and played and touched each other a lot. Storm was so insistent that she stay that she wasn’t allowed to go home to gather a chance of clothes.

                “You have to get to work,” Sally said as he kissed her again. He had lost count of how many times so far that morning he had kissed her.

                “So  do you but I won’t tell why you’re late if you don’t,” he replied nibbling at her neck.

                “Hmmm…No!” she pushed herself away from him and watched as the smile on his face grew. “I can’t. We’re doing the briefing of what we learnt at the conference. I have to go.”

                “Have lunch with Ayasha and me today.”

                “I’ll let you know.”

                “We’ll discuss your birthday party.”

                “I’m not having a birthday party.”

                “Yes, you are; an extravagant one. Decide if you want it on a yacht or at a ballroom. Ayasha can do the menu.”

                “Storm, I’m still going to be busy with work. I don’t have time for a party.”

                “Your arguments are falling on deaf ears. You’re celebrating your birthday.”

                Storm felt dejected when he found out Sally worked on her 21st birthday instead of going out with her friends and celebrating it, and the feeling grew when he found out she had not celebrated her birthday since her father’s death. After accomplishing so much this year, he wanted her to begin celebrating her birthday and her accomplishments, hence, the birthday party he was insisting on giving her.  

                “Are you…”Storm received a text message and pulled his phone out of his pocket. Just then Sally turned away to gather her things.

“Hey is everything okay?” she asked noticing the sudden serious look on his face.

                Storm quickly recovered, “Yeah, everything’s fine. Let me know about lunch.”

                Sally walked to him, “Are you sure everything’s fine? It’s not about Ayasha and the baby isn’t it?”

                “No, just a case I’m working on.” He kissed her. “Go, I have to look for a file. Call me about lunch.”

                “Okay, have a good day.”

                As soon as the door closed, Storm looked at his phone again and read the text message. ‘She has a sealed DEA file. Must meet today.’  It was a message from the investigator.

                Storm replied, ‘Keep digging. Will see you shortly.’ Out loud to himself he asked, “Who are you Sally MacDonald? Who are you really?”



“Explain,” Storm said as he sat across from the investigator.

                “She has a sealed DEA file. None of my contacts have clearance to open it and they have no reason to request it also. Whoever this girl is, someone wants her secret protected.”

                “There has to be a way into that file,” Storm said mostly to himself. Storm knew that when a file was sealed and protected like that, the person was being protected because of something they knew. What could Sally know that would warrant that kind of protection from DEA? “Thanks,” Storm replied, “I’ll work on it and let you know. Send me your bill.”

                “Will do.”

As Storm left the restaurant, he wondered again if Sally said anything to him that could have been a clue as to who she was. 

Storm made a call, “Get me the contact information for Senator Davis. I’m on my way back to the office.”

“Okay,” Dara replied.

“Thanks Dara.” 

Just then Storm received another text message, this time from Mike: ‘Another robbery, the heat is up.’


“Hey, I’m available for lunch if the offer is still good,” Sally said to Storm as soon as he answered her call. He was on his way back to the office to look at the file and had completely forgotten about his lunch offer from earlier that morning.

“Yeah, yes it is,” he replied very surprised. He was sure she was going to find a way out of it. “Let me call Yashy and find out where she wants to eat today. Do you mind going somewhere she would like? I don’t want to upset the baby.”

“No, that’s fine. I don’t eat out much so I wouldn’t know where to recommend anyway.”

“Good, give me a few and I’ll call you back with the information.”



                “Senator Davis, Storm Monsello here. How are you doing sir?”

                “Ah Storm, I am well and you?”

“I am doing well sir. How is the campaign going?”

“Well I’m not campaigning but will let you know if I decide on it in the future.”

“Good, you do that. Senator, I was wondering if we could meet tonight. There’s a matter I would like to discuss with you.”

“Well it’s short notice but I’ll tell you what, why don’t you come over for dinner. It would make my wife very happy. She has not seen you in a while.”

“That would be lovely sir. I accept your invitation.”


                After lunch with Sally and Ayasha, Storm returned to the office but couldn’t get any work done. His gut instincts told him there was a storm brewing and he didn’t know how to prepare for it. His phone rang and he saw it was Rhonda. He wanted to let it go to voicemail but decided to answer it.

                “Hi Rhonda, how are you doing?”

                “It’s not Rhonda, it’s Katie. I’m fine, how are you?”

                Storm immediately cringed. She was the last person he wanted to speak with but he was curious on how she got his number.

                “This is a surprise. How did you get my number?”

                “From Rhonda. She knew I wanted to speak with you but she said you were involved with Sally. So are you and her together?”

                “Why do you ask? I’m sure it’s not important.”

                “No, it’s not. I don’t want to come between the two of you, if there’s something going on, that’s all.”

                “Well there’s nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about,” and he could hear Katie smiling on the other end.



                “Sweetheart, I won’t be home for dinner tonight. I wasn’t sure if you were coming over but I have a case I need to work on with an associate,” said Storm as he left the message on Sally’s voicemail.

                He was at Senator Davis’ home for dinner with his wife.

                “Hello Storm, and welcome. Come in, come in,” Senator Davis greeted.

                “Thank you Senator,” said Storm shaking his hand. “Mrs. Davis,” Storm greeted as he reached over to kiss her on the cheek.

                “Storm, it’s a pleasure to see you again. How is your mother?” Mrs. Davis asked.

                “She is doing well. Thank you for asking.”

                “That’s wonderful to know. I should get with her for lunch one day soon,” said Mrs. Davis.

                “I’m sure she would like that very much,” replied Storm.

                “Oh Storm, I would like you to meet my niece Lynn Dillars. And this is my youngest son, Troy,” Senator Davis introduced.

                “Very nice to meet you,” Storm said to Lynn and Troy as he shook both their hands.

                “Good, good, well let’s eat shall we?” said the senator.

                After dinner everyone gathered together to speak but after a few minutes, Storm and the Senator excused themselves to speak privately.

                “You know I think you would make a great political candidate. We need people like you,” said Senator Davis.

                “Thank you Senator but I’m afraid I don’t have the stamina for it. You’re far more polished and patient than I am.”

                The senator laughed. “I don’t know if that is a compliment or an insult.”

                “It was definitely a compliment,” replied Storm.

                “What can I do for you? I know this call isn’t social.”

                “I need to get a DEA file and I know you are on very good speaking terms with the head of DEA.”

                “What’s going on?”

                “I need to get some information on someone who may need some help. Only she…”


                “Yes, she does not understand the danger she is in. I need it done very privately. Any information I can get would be grateful.”

                “I’ll see what I can do, but can I ask you something personal?”

                “Yes, of course.”

                “Are you involved with her?”

                “Yes, yes, I am,” Storm replied honestly. “I’m trying to protect her.”

                “I’ll see what I can do. Give me a day.”

                “Thank you so much Senator. I do appreciate it.”



                “Hey Storm, how are you doing this morning?” asked Senator Davis about a day later.

                “Hello Senator, it’s a pleasure hearing from you,” replied Storm.

                “Well you may not think so after you hear what I have to say. I tried checking into that file like you asked and there wasn’t much. Actually you know more about her case than I could find out. Your father and his partner handled her case as a pro-bono immigration filing case.  Her file is in your office.”

                “Excuse me?” Storm stood up from his desk. “Did you just say my father handled her case?”

                “Yes, I did. I guess you didn’t know. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get more information. I will continue digging if y…”

                “No, no senator. I appreciate all you have done so far. Thank you.”



                “Dara, come into my office please,” Storm said to his assistant as soon as he got off the phone with the senator.

                “Yes, Storm, what’s going on?”

                “I need a file from storage but I need you to look for it personally. I don’t want anyone else and I need storage shut down while you look for it.”

                “Whose file?” asked Dara.

                “I need you to find a file on a client of my father’s named Sally MacDonald.”

                Dara nodded and left the office.




                “Your birthday is coming up soon. How do you want to handle your business?”

                “I will be there. I have to get some plans changed but no matter what, I will be there,” replied Sally.

                “What kind of plans if you don’t mind me asking.”

                “Someone wants to throw me a birthday party, but I will get out of it.”

                “I think it’s a good idea for you to celebrate your birthday. Have the party and see me afterwards.”

                “No, I will come and see you as soon as possible. This is very important.”

                “I will be here waiting on you.”

                “Thank you for everything.” 

                The call ended.

                As Sally thought about what she just said, she also thought about what Storm had said about her not celebrating her birthday. She wanted to, badly, but knew it was impossible. Her life would either come together or completely unravel on her birthday.  




                Storm had just received the file from Dara. Looking at it, nothing seemed to be out of place. It seemed too perfect. But then on the last page was a note written on a slip of paper, Grand Cayman Bank. He knew one person at the bank, Madelyn Toller.

                “Dara, please have my jet ready. I need to leave within the hour.”

                “Do you want me to tell the pilot of your destination?” asked Dara.

                “No, I will tell him when I board.”

                “Will do Storm. Is everything okay?”

                “I’m not sure but I will find out.”




                “I think she’s made contact with him. He asked for her file but I gave him the office one,” said Dara. “Have you spoken with her lately?”

                “Yes, today. I asked her of her plans for the account. Her birthday is coming up soon.”

                “Yes, I know. What is her decision?”

                “She’s going to be here.”

                “Good I will make sure I’m there also. She will be secured on that day.”

                “Yes, I agree.”

                “I will let you know if I hear anything new.”




                “Hey detective, there has been another robbery, only this time the home owner was the one who was shot. He’s in surgery at the hospital but the chief…”

                “Mike I want you to catch that SOB and lock his ass up. This is now attempted murder.

                “Yes, sir. Will do. I’ll go to the crime scene and then to the hospital.”

                “Good. Bring those bastards in.”




                “Where are you?” Mike asked as Storm answered the phone.

                “I’m on a business trip. What’s going on?” 

                “There was another robbery only this time they shot someone.”

                “Shit! Your fucking kidding me. Where’s Sally?”

                “I don’t know. Is she at the lab?”

                “Mike, she can’t be brought in.”

                “I know Storm…”

                “No you don’t. She can’t be brought in. No one, NO ONE can do a background check on her. I can’t tell you anything else Mike. She can’t be brought in.”

                “Storm what’s going on? Tell me…”

                “I can’t, I…”

“What the fuck Storm…”

“Mike! I’m not hiding anything from you. I really don’t know. I’m on my way to try and find out. There’s more to Sally’s past than we ever thought.” Storm took a deep breath. “I’ll let you know as soon as I know something but in the meantime, she can’t come in.”

Mike sighed. “Fine! I’ll do everything I can. Just don’t keep me in the dark.”



The assistant looked up at the handsome man and smiled coyly. Storm returned her smile but the worry never left his eyes. He was actually scared of what he may find out about Sally. He was impatient. The few minutes it took for the express elevator to arrive at the floor he was going and the secretary to notify the person that he was there seemed to last hours.

“Storm,” Madelyn Toller greeted as soon as the door was closed. “How are you doing? This is a pleasant surprise. How is Ayasha?” she asked as she gave him a hug.

Storm returned the hug and replied. “Ayasha is pregnant and giving her husband and I nothing but problems because she won’t take it easy. I’m doing fine waiting patiently to be an uncle.”

“Pregnant! That’s wonderful. I want pictures. And I’m happy to hear she got married,” Madelyn said inviting Storm to sit on the couch with her.

“Absolutely, and yes, Ayasha planned the wedding as a last minute thing. Not many people there, mostly immediate family.”

“Those are sometimes the best weddings. But enough chit chat, what are you doing here? Your accounts are well and the rate of return on your investments is excellent.”

“Did you check it while I was on my way up?”

“It is my job to make sure all of our top investors are doing well in our establishment.”

“I’m not here to check on my account. My father and Henry trusted you and so do I.”

“Thank you. Now what can I do for you?”

“I need information on someone…off the record.”

“What sort of information?”

“I don’t know. Anything I can get.”

“Who’s the person; I’ll see what I can do.”

“Sally MacDonald.”

Madelyn visibly blanched. She stood and walked to her desk. Turning around in front, she rested on the edge. “I’ve heard the name, what information do you want?”

“You didn’t just hear the name, you know who she is. Who is she Madelyn and why did my father and Henry help her with an immigration file that is protected by the DEA?”

“What do you want to know?”  She had to find out how much he knew. Sally had not mentioned anything about Storm since she gave her the background information on him several months prior.

“Everything I can. She’s hiding something and I think she may be in danger.”

“What kind of danger?”

“I don’t know. I’ve tried looking into her background but what I found was a blocked file.”

“You’re the person looking into her background?”

“You knew someone was looking into her? Madelyn, there’s no way you would keep track of a girl who has an inheritance of only what, $80,000. You invest millions for people. What is she hiding that has DEA so guarded that no one can access her file. I know her name isn’t real. What’s her real name?”

“Tell me why you are looking into her file?”

“I need to know Madelyn. She’s in danger…”

“You already said that but I need to know what kind of danger she is in.”

“She may get caught up in a series of robberies that she has nothing to do with.”

“That’s a bullshit excuse and something she can easily be taken out of.”

“She has a sealed DEA file that hardly anyone can access. Why? Only informants are kept that secure. Is she a drug informant? Tell me who she is Madelyn. Tell me so I can protect her.”

“You can’t protect her, no one can, only we.”

“Who’s we?”

“Have dinner with me tonight. You have not been to the island in a long time. The waters are beautiful.”

Storm hesitated but then finally relented. “Fine, how about 6 p.m.? I’m starved.”

“Good stay that way. I have an excellent cook.”





The woman answered the call after the third ring, “Things have changed.”

“Yes, I know, Storm is here. How did he know to come here?” asked Madelyn.

“Antonio must have had some reference to you in the file.”

“Should I tell him about her? He needs to know he’s involved also.”

“I trust him and I don’t trust anyone from DEA to uphold their end of the bargain. He also cares about her.”

“I agree. This is going to be a shock for him but we need him up to speed when the money is being transferred. He needs to know both for his and her safety.”

“It’s almost over with now; just a few more days. Where you able to find out what other languages she speaks?”

 “No and her passport is one of the best fraud I’ve seen. Do you think she is planning on disappearing after she gets the money?”

“No one can stop her at that point.”

“I’ll speak with him tonight after dinner. I’ll tell him as much as possible.”

“I’ll put the guards on alert.”

“Yes, that’s a good idea.”

The call ended.




                Dinner was good but Storm could only concentrate on what he wanted, and what he wanted was for Madelyn to begin speaking. Her daughter was flirting with him but she was a child. He was doing his best to play the part of the gracious guest, but the seconds seemed like hours.

                “Storm, lets walk on the beach. The sunset is gorgeous,” Madelyn invited.

                Storm happily agreed and nodded his goodbye to her daughter. Madelyn laughed seeing that he got very similar reactions as his father from the opposite sex.

                They were walking for a few minutes when Madelyn began. “I met her when she was fourteen years old and immediately I could tell there was something very different about her. The way she carried herself was not that of fourteen years old but that of a woman in charge. When Henry told me her name, I was floored. Her father was the best international investment banking in the Caribbean and one of the top five best in the world. All of a sudden he’s dead and I’m being asked to protect her money.”

                “Why would you be asked to protect $80,000 and what is her real name?” Storm asked.

                Madelyn laughed. “$80,000? Her name is Salina Angelina Carter and she is worth more than 15 billion dollars.” Storm stopped walking and turned to look at Madelyn with his jaw dropped. “Yes, she’s wealthier than you.”








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Sally Revealed by Caribbean Fire
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Also, Lily is the name of Ayasha's daughter in the previous version of the story and will remain the same in this version also.




“Mike, the owner just came out of surgery but he’s in critical condition. His wife said there was a backup camera in his study but she doesn’t know how to access it from the computer. She’s at the hospital now.”

“Thanks Claudine, I’ll look into it,” replied Mike.

“No need to,” interjected ADA Bricks. “I already got permission to have the footage reviewed. But I have to say Mike, I noticed something very interesting in the file while reviewing it. It seems that the suspect is known to both you and former ADA Storm Monsello a bit personally. Are you both trying to hide something or protect someone?”

“Listen Bricks, I really don’t have time for your crap right now. If you want to get into a pissing fight with Storm, be my guest. We both know you won’t win. Storm and I have been upfront with the Chief about everything we’ve been doing from the very beginning. I have to go get that footage.”

"Officer Malcom is going to join you, just to make sure the recovery isn’t compromised.”

“Listen you asshole, I…”

“Mike!” yelled the chief, “in my office.”

Mike looked at Bricks and followed the Chief. Once in the office, he closed the door none too softly and watched as Bricks smiled before turning away.

“That guy is such an asshole. He’s never going to get over the fact that Storm is richer than him. Fucking prick.”

“I know he and Storm never got along but if there is anything I should know, tell me now. I don’t want any surprises,” said the Chief.

"Chief, I have told you everything we know. We are keeping Sally as an informant but in reality, she doesn’t know anything.”

“Good, go get that footage.”

“Thanks for having our backs Chief, we appreciate it.”

The chief nodded and Mike left.



As they watched the footage of the robbery, Mike said a silent prayer that Sally was nowhere on the footage, and she wasn’t.

“Pick up everyone who can lead to them being captured,” ordered ADA Bricks.

“When you say everyone, who do you mean?” inquired Mike.

“I mean everyone, including the friend, Sally MacDonald. She may know something. We’ll keep her here until she speaks.”

“NO! Sally has no idea this has been going on,” Mike protested.

“That doesn’t matter now. She knows them. Are they not her friends? Isn’t she listed as the best friend of one of the girls in that footage? Then she comes in too.”


“Mike, bring her in. If there is nothing there, then she’ll be okay.”



Bang! Bang! Bang! Sally got out of bed and reached under the mattress for the gun she kept there. She immediately went to her computer and looked at to see what the security camera at the door showed. Seeing the two police officers, she wondered what was happening. She went to her closet and got down the duffle bag she kept there with her emergency passport and the more than $750,000 cash. She would need to call Dara immediately to let her know what was happening. She would have to go into hiding immediately until her birthday and possibly afterwards.

“Sally MacDonald? This is the police. Please open the door, we need to speak with you,” said one of the officers.

Instead, she decided to answer the door. The DEA wouldn’t be that stupid to send regular police to come and get her. Cautiously she went to the door and opened it slowly.

“How may I help you?” she asked softly.

“Ms. Sally MacDonald?” After her acknowledgment, the officer continued, “We would like you to come to the station with us. We would like your assistance in an investigation we are conducting.”

                “What investigation…” just then her phone rang. It was Mike. “Hi Mike, I’m in the middle…”

                “Hey Sally. Listen to me, go with the officers and don’t fight back. They are bringing you in for an investigation. I’ll explain everything when you get here. I wished I could have spoken to you first but its better this way.”

“Mike, what’s going on?” Sally asked.

“Miss MacDonald, please come with us? We won’t have you there very long.”

“Okay Mike, I’ll go but please let me see you at the station.”



“Salina was fourteen years old when her father died. She was his only child. Her mother died when she was about a year and a half. There are many things about her that are still a mystery but what I’m about to tell you must remain a secret. She is god daughter of Ian Tessman, otherwise known as Red Water, the notorious point man for the cartel in the Caribbean.”

"That’s why…”

“Yes, she was the one who brought him down. Her father and Ian were best friends as children until Ian and his mother moved off the island. They didn’t meet again until college and kept in touch even though they went their separate ways. Salina’s father did know Ian was a drug dealer when he made him her godfather but he severed all ties when he found out. When he died, Ian came back for Salina.”


“He thought he could get his hands on her wealth but he wasn’t prepared for Salina. She is no ordinary girl. Salina’s father had complied a file of money and assets owned by some of the largest drug dealers; money that was invested in banks here, the US and Europe. In the account that was being managed by Ian, was 3.5 billion dollars. When Ian kidnapped Salina and took her to his home, she was able to get the information on the route for the shipment. He wanted her money but she refused to marry him. That’s why he almost beat her to death.”

“Jesus, Madelyn, she was a fourteen-year-old child,” said Storm disgustingly his hands clenching into a fist.

“Yes, she was but with that kind of money you can buy almost anything.”

“God, no wonder the beating affected her so.”


“Yes. She saw someone who was beaten up by her boyfriend and has been having nightmares ever since.”

“It must have triggered the memories we tried to bury.”

“What do you mean?”

“By the time Henry and DEA found her, it was too late. She was so badly beaten. Henry had her placed in a medical coma while her wounds healed.”

“But how did my godfather know her father?”

“They met many, many years ago when Salina’s father was getting started in international banking. They became instant friends and Henry asked him to invest some money which he did, and that gave both him and your father the capital to grow the firm as fast as they did. It was all legitimate. As I said, her father was one of the top five best in the world.”

“So the cartel wants Salina to repay the seized money?”

“No. It’s the DEA is who wants the money or should I say one person.”

“But wouldn’t they have it?”

“Not if it was never reported.”

“You can’t just not report that kind of money…”

“Do you truly believe all drug money is reported? That information splashed on the news is to let the public believe that the war on drugs is working; to justify the wasting of their taxes. It’s a complete failure. Henry kept the money and used it to bargain for Salina’s life.”

Storm stopped and looked at Madelyn. “Explain.”

“Two attempts were made on her life in the hospital when no one knew if she would live.  Henry had her moved to his mansion where she was cared for privately. After reading her father’s will, he decided to put the money in her inheritance as a way to keep her alive. Her inheritance is in trust until her 23rd birthday.”


“Two accounts were created, one with the true inheritance and the other with the drug money pretending to be her inheritance. Locked in a trust until her 23rd birthday and if she dies, everything goes to charity. She has to live and in return, the money never gets recorded as found. On her 23rd birthday, everyone meets and get their portion of the investment, including you.”

“Me?” Storm exclaimed shocked.

“Yes, Henry took his money, portions of the company and placed it in the investment and named you his sole beneficiary. You are invested in this deal.”

“Does Salina know about all this?”

“Yes, she does.” Madelyn smirked before continuing. “She didn’t like your father much since he lied to her and wouldn’t tell her about Henry’s funeral. But she understood why. She knew they would be looking for her and Henry had sworn your father to secret on so many things including that she shouldn’t attend his funeral out of fear for her life. Your father agreed. Your father finalized everything after Henry passed. The doctor and one of the nurses have passed since then.”

“How much total is in the investment?”

“10.5 billion; equal shares of 3.5 billion.”

“But you said her wealth is more than 15 billion dollars?” asked Storm confused.

“Come, I’ll show you.”

Back in Madeline’s office, she pulled out a map of the island. “You see this land here?” Storm nodded, “she owns it all; all thirteen hundred and eighty acres of property.”


“Look at where it’s located…”

“It’s on the beach. Beachfront properties are gold mines.”

“Not this one, it’s beyond that.”

Storm looked at Madeline. The property was large. Salina could build a very nice house on it or turn it into a resort if she wanted to.

“She owns the only privately owned natural port in the entire Caribbean, Central and South America. Salina Cater has the ability to become one of the richest women in the world and one of the most dangerous people in the world. She can ship anything she wants going east and west, drugs, gun, slave, anything and no one can stop her. She has immediate access to the ocean.”

“Fuck! She’s always going to be in danger,” Storm exclaimed as the reality of Madeline’s words became clearer.

“MI6 watches her. DEA wants the money, and you are only secret legal protection she has in the US. But let me warn you, if you cross her out, I will personally have you killed.”

Storm looked at Madeline, seeing a new side to her. “When did you become like this?”

“When that monster threatened my children and I saw what he did to that child. Salina Carter is alone. She can’t trust anyone.”

“Yes, she can. She can trust me.”

“Why? Do you love her?”

“You know what they say about love, it can be either your weakness or your greatest motivator.”

“Then you need to know, that she knows who you are.” Madelyn continued when she saw the perplexed look on his face. “She asked me to get information on you. I thought it was because she was looking to whether or not she could trust you. I didn’t think it was because you two were seeing each other.”

“You mean she knew who I was all this time.”

“Yes. Do not under estimate her. There’re things about her we don’t know.”

“Such as?”

"We know she speaks several languages but how many and which ones we don’t know. We know of Spanish. She has an unrecorded IQ of more than 140. Henry stopped the test before it could be completed.”

“150 is genius…”

“She has a master’s degree in international business and we think economics and some knowledge of international law…”   

“She’s going to school for microbiology…”

“Her father had her privately tutored. No one knows the true extent of her knowledge or has been able to find the tutors to verify any of the information. She took 700 million dollars of her money and invested it in properties and tech stocks. The building she lives in is owned by her, she commissioned it. She turned the money into more than 6.8 billion dollars of which I manage most of the investment. More than 3.5 billion dollars has been moved to an account that has since changed hands to where we cannot trace it. The only connection Salina has to the island is her nanny, June, the woman who is like a mother to her, and no one but Salina knows where she is. Salina will never let anyone get to her.”

“She’s an orphan.”

“June has been her nanny from birth. Rumour has it that there is more than fifteen million dollars set aside to pull June so far underground she would virtually disappear with one phone call. Salina worked when she didn’t have to. A minimum of one million dollars is allotted each month for her living expenses but yearly it can go up to fifteen million without touching any of the solid investments. She doesn’t even have to pay for school. The only thing she takes from the estate is her health insurance which was non-negotiable. She is to have the absolute best in medical care at all times. She works to remain off the grid. Even the passport she travels on is one of the best fraudulent ones we’ve ever seen but then again, she did pay a half a million dollars for it. Like I said, do not underestimate her.”

“I’ve never seen or heard of her. She’s never spoken…”

Madelyn laughed, “Of course not. That’s how well she protects her. No one knows how she communicates with her and she gets very guarded when asked. We’ve tried tracking her but she’s good. Her phone old phone didn’t have a GPS locator on it but the new one she has the ability to turn it off whenever she wants to. She can disappear at any time. That’s what happens when you are able to spend more than $30,000 having a phone almost custom built the way you want it.”

Storm stopped again and looked down before looking up. He looked away from Madelyn, “The last few months has been a lie,” he said mostly to himself.


“I know Madelyn,” he sighed, “everything has to remain a secret and it will. You have my word.”



When Sally arrived at the police station, Mike was not there. She was lead into a room and left there for a while. Outside the room, the chief along with another detective and a few police officer waited to execute their next move.

“What do we know about the owner that was shot?” asked the chief.

“Nothing yet chief, he came out of the surgery but he’s still in critical condition,” answered one of the officers.

“Where is Mike? Did he find out who the others were?” asked the chief.

"He’s still working on it,,” replied the officer again.

“Okay Finney, go in there and get some information from her. We need to wrap this case up.”

"Okay chief but how do you want me to handle her? She’s Mike’s friend and he says she’s not involved,” asked Finney.

“It doesn’t matter what he say. She knows the people who did it and more than likely she was there. She’s a part of it and I want her charged with them,” stated the DA Josephs as walked up behind everyone.

“There is no evidence…” stated Detective Finney.

“Then I’m sure when you find it you’ll report it immediately,” stated DA Josephs interrupting.

“Wait a minute asshole, are you telling us to manufacture fucking evidence against…” Detective Finney stated as he began advancing towards DA Josephs.

“Hey, hey…calm down,” said the chief and the other officers as they held back Detective Finney. “Don’t let him upset you.”

“Yeah, you know this all has to do with the fact that he doesn’t like Mike.”

“He has nothing to do with this. I’m just doing my job,” stated DA Joseph harshly.

“Then do you fucking job and prosecute the bastards when we catch them. Don’t go after an innocent person,” stated Detective Finney.

“Is she not close friends with the suspects?” DA Joseph asked innocently.

“Get in there and see what she can tell us,” stated the chief to Detective Finney.

Detective Finney nodded, grabbed the file from his desk and headed to the room.



As Sally sat in the room waiting, she wondered about her next move. She needed to assess the situation fast to know if she had to call in protective services. Was this a trick by the DEA? They wouldn’t be so foolish. She had to remain calm and trust her plans. Would she be able to ask Storm for help if she needed? No she wouldn’t have to. Once she got word to Madelyn, she would assist her if needed. The door opened and the detective she saw when she got to the station entered.

“Hello Ms. MacDonald. How are you doing?” asked Detective Finney.

“Hello Detective...,” Sally deliberately paused.

“I’m sorry. I’m Detective Finney. I work very closely with Detective Mike Griffin whom I believe is a good friend of yours.”

“Yes, I know Detective Griffin. Is he here?”

“No he’s not. He’s busy following a lead on this case but in the meantime, I would like to speak with you if that’s okay?”

Sally said nothing and seemed to think about the request. “I will assist you as best I can. What this is about?”

“Please, have a seat?”

Sally smiled. “Yes, thank you.”

“Would you like something to drink, a bottle of water, juice, office, tea…?”

“No thank you. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? It’s not problems at all.”

“I’m sure, thank you. Shall we begin?”

“Yes, yes, of course. Do you know these people, Rhonda…”

As Sally looked at the pictures of a surveillance camera showing Rhonda, Katie and Paul she knew it was trouble and once again she was back in the mall getting caught for shoplifting. Only this time, the stakes were much higher and this could damage everything she had planned and worked for including putting peoples’ lives in danger. She needed immediate protection.

“Detective Finney, stop please. Thank you, however, do not continue. I invoke my right to my lawyer and I request my phone call immediately.”

“Ms. MacDonald we’re not accusing you of anything…”

“I will not deny that I know those three people, two more than one, however, I do not want to be involved or linked in any way to anything they are involved in.”

“You won’t…”

“I’m afraid I can’t take your word for it.” Sally signed before continuing. “I’m not trying to thwart your investigation, however, I would prefer to have legal protection before I continue.”

“We will protect…”

“No, you cannot. Our conversation has ended.  I will contact my lawyer now.”

Sally took out her phone and called a number and as soon as the person answered she said, “I’m at the police station. Full protection.”



“Norma I need your help.”

“Sure Dara, what’s going on?” asked Norma as soon as she answered the call. It was definitely a surprise that Dara would call her and ask for help.

“Do you remember a few years ago, I told you about a girl that I would call upon you one day to help?” asked Dara.

“Yes, I do. You never said anything else after that so I thought it the situation was passed,” said Norma.

“A situation has arisen which requires you to protect her. You must go to the police station and make sure that Sally MacDonald in your custody.”

“What? Wait? Sally? As it Storm’s girlfriend Sally?”

“Yes, but there’s no time to explain right now. She must walk out of that police station with you,” said Dara.

“Dara, I have to know….I have to tell him…” Norma said.

“He will know soon enough. Please go now.”

Norma sighed, “Okay, I’m on my way.”



As soon as the plane landed, Storm called Mike. “Hey, I just got back…”

“I couldn’t stop it. They picked her up and took her to the station…” said Mike.

“What? Fuck no!” said Storm. “I’m on my way there now. Meet me there.”

“I’m on my way back also,” said Mike.



Norma read the message that just showed up. A car is waiting for her outside the station. The message was from Dara. She didn’t know what to make of this situation. When Dara came to her more than six years ago with the request and for it to remain strictly confidential she never envisioned it would be anything like this. Now she felt she was embroiled in a situation she didn’t know if she could get out of. As soon as she showed up and told Sally that she was sent there by Dara, she immediately smiled. The first thing Sally said to her was that as her lawyer, she had to keep her confidentially so when they saw Mike on the sidewalk walking up to the station as they were leaving, Norma didn’t know what to do. Mike was a friend. Sally looked at him as the driver opened the door to the car that was waiting, smiled and got in. The door closed leaving both Norma and Mike standing on the sidewalk of the station wondering what just happened. 

“Norma, why are here and with Sally?” Mike asked.

“I’m her lawyer,” Norma replied a bit confused.

“That’s great…”

“No it’s not. I don’t know what’s going on and something tells me I’m not going to get an answer anytime soon. Sally is not whom she seem.”

Neither of them saw Storm standing behind them hearing those words.


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Salina Carter by Caribbean Fire
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                Salina Angelina Carter gathered a few things and placed them on the bed. She was packing a duffle bag for her flight to the Bahamas. She stopped and decided to make a phone call. Replacing the SIM card, she dialed one of the three numbers saved. The first call was disconnected after the third ring. The second call on the first ring, then a wait for two minutes before placing the call again. On the third ring, a woman answered.

“Lina, my sweetheart, Happy Birthday.”

“It’s not my birthday yet. One more day to go,” Salina replied.

“Stop worrying, everything will be fine. Did something happen?”

“No, everything is fine. I can’t wait to see you. How have you been doing? Did you go to the doctor like you were suppose to?” Salina asked.

“Yes, I did and he said I’m fine. I‘m just a bit stressed. I haven’t seen my baby in a while and I miss you.”

“I know Mom, I miss you too…”

“Your mother and father would be so happy to see you now. What a beautiful young lady you’ve grown into.”

“Yes, Daddy would be happy and you’re the only mother I’ve known June. I miss her but you’re the mother I have.  I would love to come and see you but it’s going to get even more dangerous after my birthday. I have to make sure I’m safe before…”

“I understand Salina but it will be over soon and you won’t have to hide like this anymore,” said June encouragingly.

A tear ran down Salina cheek. She may never get out of this but at the very least, she wanted June safe, no matter what. She wiped the tear and blinked back the few that were threatening to fall. “Yes, you are right, it will be over soon and we won’t have to live like this anymore. I’m going to get going. I just wanted to hear your voice.”

“Let me know when you are coming. I’ll cook whatever you want.”

“I will, thanks. I love you June.”

“I love you too my baby.”

Salina removed the SIM card and stored it away. She also turned on her GPS tracker. It was critical that Dara or Madelyn be able to find her especially at this time. Mike had called her several times but she had not returned any of his calls. She knew she would have to explain things to him but not at that moment. Storm had also called and texted but she had not replied to him either.

Her phone buzzed. The message was from Dara. You’re being moved tonight. Go downstairs in five minutes.

She finished gathering her things and placed the duffle bag at the door. She had to wait until she got the signal to leave the apartment. The text came and she hurriedly went through the door. As she reached the landing, the lights from a car shone to her left and she turned to look only to see two men coming at her. She looked behind ready to make a run back for her apartment but stopped when another car pulled up in front of her. It was Storm. He got out of the car and looked at the car with the lights but suddenly, two SUV pulled up along the side of his car, blocking it in. The men came out of the SUV with guns drawn look at them.

“What the fuck? Who are you?” Storm asked immediately reaching for Salina.

But she pulled her hand out of his reach, as the leader said to her, “Amicus.”

“What?” Storm asked confused.

“Proteggere!”Salina responded.

The men immediately surrounded both Storm and Salina with their backs to them. Another man came up behind the two that came from the first vehicle and it was then that Storm noticed it may have been more than the two they originally thought.

“I think it’s best if you came with us young Miss,” said a man still in the dark.

“I think it’s best that she doesn’t,” said a familiar voice from the shadows coming into the light.

“Dara?” Storm asked as she revealed herself.

“You have no jurisdiction here,” said the man. He was still unrecognizable since the light from the headlight of the car behind him kept his features obscured.

“They are both under my jurisdiction and if you would like to know how much power I wield in this situation, go for it,” Dara replied calmly.

“What’s going on?” Storm asked. “What is this all about?” He had to get Salina and now Dara to safety.

“He doesn’t know?” the man asked Dara.

“When the time is right,” Dara clarified.

“She’s coming with us, for safety,” said the man steering the subject back to Salina.

“Her safety is being nowhere near you,” replied Dara.

“Now I’m being nice to you…” the man began.

“Begin!” Dara said firmly. Immediately there were six infrared beams on the man’s chest and head. The two men behind him also had infrared beams on them as well. “Standing orders where given years ago to have you eliminated if you tried to take her by force. She will remain in our protection until the day of the meeting when all of this will be resolved iambically and she will be free. I believe this move is yours.”

Cursing under his breath, “Stand down!” the man ordered angrily.

Dara smiled. “Extract,” she ordered and moments later, a helicopter was heard coming closer. In less than two minutes, it was hovering above them before landing in the designated empty parking lot. She looked over at Dara who smiled. “I’ll see you shortly,” she said to Salina and to the men, “go!”

“Dara!” Storm yelled but looked at Salina.

Salina looked at him. “I’m sorry,” she said before being led away to the helicopter.

“Take him! Full protective detail. No one gets to him,” ordered Dara when Salina was no longer in sight, before turning away.

“Dara what the hell?” Storm asked as the other men who came with Dara surrounded him.

“Go with them, it’s for your safety and you need to be safe.”

Storm was led away into a van.



The phone rang and Storm answered it hurriedly. He was at a hotel, a security protocol set up by the bodyguards and his father for both him and Ayasha if they were ever in need of full protection. Nothing was but the guards knew who he was and provided everything he needed. He had a very good idea who did the briefing. Dara, Dara was not the Dara he knew. She’s wasn’t just his father’s assistant. She knew who Sally…no Salina was? She was protecting Salina. He had so many questions but before he could get a word out she began.


“She arrived safely to her destination. I know you have questions but they will not be answered tonight. I need you to re-familiarize yourself with everything you know and was taught by both your father and Henry regarding international financial laws. You will need it to protect yourself and her even though you cannot represent her. I’m rescheduling some of your meetings for tomorrow for another day. The day after will be rough. Good night. She’s safe Storm, I promise.”

“Dara…I don’t know where to begin,”

“We’ll talk but not now. I need sleep. Good night,” said Dara ending the call.





“How do you feel?” Madelyn asked when Salina picked up the phone.

“Scared, tense…will I live to see tomorrow?” Salina asked.

“Yes, that is an absolute. They want the money and they’re afraid of crossing Dara. She’s gained a reputation of being deadly,” Madelyn said trying to lighten the mood.

Salina smiled but then said seriously, “Will she be in danger now?”

“There is always danger. We just need to end this as peacefully as possible.”

“I’m so…”

“Don’t say it. Don’t ever apologize. You did nothing wrong. You have a right to live and you will. Get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day. We will get you familiar with the accounts and everything with them.”

“Okay. Madelyn, please find out how Storm is doing? I know he’s angry at me for lying to him but I want to…”

“He’s fine and safe.  We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“Good night.”

“Good night.”


Storm sat in the car and put his head back. He didn’t know how much sleep he got last night only that he had to be reassured that Sally, no, Salina was fine. Salina, the name fit her so much better. It to roll off his tongue as if he had been saying it all along. She had mouthed to him that she was sorry. Sorry that she lied to him, sorry that she wasn’t what she seemed, what exactly was she sorry about? He had so many questions for her. Was his life a dream? And if it was, which part was the dream and which was the reality.

His phone rang and he answered seeing it was Mike. “Hey,” he said softly.

“You sound like shit. What the hell happened to you? I went by your place last night and waited for more than an hour but you never showed up and your calls when directly to voicemail. What’s going on?”

“I don’t know and what I do know, I can’t talk about it.”

“What the…”

“I can’t Mike because I don’t think I know what I think I know. I’m….” he sighed heavily. “Mike, Sally had nothing to do with anything and you or anyone else can get to her right now. Leave it alone. I’ll tell you when I’ve sorted though it myself.”


“I’m at the office. I’ll talk with you later. Take care and be careful.”



When Storm got to the office, Melissa, the assistant who took over for Dara when she was out, greeted him. Melissa was being groomed to take over when Dara eventually retired but he wasn’t sure he could ever trust an assistant the way his father and Henry trusted Dara, especially after this. It also seemed he wouldn’t be getting any of his questions answered today.

“Good morning Mr. Monsello,” greeted Melissa. “Dara said your schedule has been modified and has been sent to your computer and the file you requested is on your desk.”

“The file?” Storm asked a bit confused.

“Yes. If you need anything else, please let me know.”

“Yes, I will. Thank you.”

Storm immediately picked up then file when he saw the name, ‘Salina A. Carter’. The note on it read, ‘Get familiar with the information ASAP. You’ll need it tomorrow.’ Dara had been to the office already.

He wished he could speak with Dara directly, but knowing her and what he knew now, she was probably finalizing some pre-arranged arrangements. Somewhere, somehow, he was going to have patience. He settled in his chair and opened the folder. The first document that greeted him the will of Arthur Simon Carter, Salina’s father. At first glance, it looked simple enough but as he continued reading, he realized it wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Due the law not allowing the emancipation of minors, her father had worked around it. He broke the overall control of her estate into several sections with Salina holding the majority of the decision making power. Her guardian was the nanny but the money from the estate was in the hands of specific executives.

None of the executives could make a final decision about her money and the management of the estate without Salina’s consent. She could replace anyone she wanted as along as the replacement took place in 30 day of the firing. However, regardless of the situation, she would always hold the controlling vote of the estate, always at 59%. She always had final say regarding her money and well-being. All except her health insurance, just as Madelyn had stated.

By all counts and means, the executives where only names on paper with no true power, and their salaries was a veil used to hide the emancipation of a fourteen-year-old child until her 19th birthday, when they would be removed. On her 23rd birthday she would inherit 75% of the full estate and the remaining 25% on her 25th birthday. Only one thing could interfere with her inheritance; if she was found guilty of a crime. Then she would lose a majority of the money in the estate but never the land and properties. The money would be distributed to various charities, a different one each year until it was finished. No one charity could or would get large sums. He had effectively tied the hands of anyone who thought they could get the money by falsely accusing her of a crime. His plan was brilliant and Salina followed the details exactly.  

Next was the information on the investment, the one that he was also an investor and her actual inheritance. Another piece of brilliant work but by Madelyn. Salina’s portion of the money was the largest to simulate only a portion of her inheritance. DEA’s was 3.5 billion, his 3.5 billion and the rest plus all the interest was Salina’s. The money had been in the investment since she was 15, and would mature on her 23rd birthday, which was tomorrow. Statements on the investment were in the file and from the looks of it, Madelyn had done an excellent job as always. The most impressive part of the investment was her actual inheritance. Her father had taken only a few hundred dollars turned it into billions over years and kept everything a secret. It truly was proof of his genius.

Next, was Salina’s education and the physical estate. She was educated at the best private school with at least three tutors on payroll. At a very early age, she learnt the responsibility of having such wealth. She wanted for nothing as the estate itself was enormous. So how did a girl, who grew up in such luxuries, so calmly swallow her pride, hide her upbringing and work as a waitress in a strip club, when she had access to more than two billion dollars at her disposal if the need was absolutely necessary?

Storm got up and stretched. He had been reading and researching international investment laws and money transfers for the last three hours. As he looked out the window, he wondered how she was doing. It was useless to call her since he knew her phone would be replaced. Anything that could be used to trace her was gone.

His desk phone rang and Storm looked at it skeptically before deciding to answer.


“Storm your bags are packed. The car is waiting for you downstairs to take you to your meeting and then to the airport,” said Dara.

“Am I going to see you anytime today or tomorrow?”

“Yes. Get going. I’m almost finished here.”  

Storm sighed and hung up the phone.



Dara was sitting in the seat in front of him. They were on his private jet going to the Bahamas. She met him at the meeting and they drove to the airport together in silence.

“Are we going to talk about any of it?” Storm asked.

“Did you read the file?” asked Dara.

“Yes, and I’m impressed. But nothing in the file told me about how you got involved with all of this, and yes, I know my father and Henry trusted you more than anyone else in the company but it still doesn’t explain anything.”

“Henry knew her father. They were very good friends. The type that couldn’t speak for years but with a phone call could pick up where they left off. Her father was the investor Henry used. So, when Henry found out what happed to him and then to Salina he helped. Henry fell in love with her almost instantly the first time he met her.”

“How old was she?”

“About six I think. She was the daughter he never had. I met her at their second visit. Henry and your dad both loved that she always asked questions, but only to her father; she was shy, I believe still is.” Dara smiled as she remembered. “Henry loved that she was razor sharp and tried to convince her father to make her study law, but he was good with figures and so was Salina, and he honed that skill in her. She was privately tutored in several subjects and languages but only Henry knew how many languages. The only two I know of are Spanish and Italian.” Dara paused before continuing.

“When her father passed, Henry immediately went to see to her but Ian got to her first. The gardener was killed and her nanny went missing. Salina left clues on how to find her but by the time he found her, she had been beaten almost to death. Henry was able to find June, her nanny and hide her. Salina was brought here under the cover of darkness. DEA wanted the money off the record and he wanted to protect her. So he made the deal, the money would never be recorded and she was granted full citizenship in exchange for the location of the drugs that was scheduled to come in. It was the information Salina had been able to get when Ian kidnapped her. While she was in the hospital, two attempts were made on her life so she was placed in a coma and moved to Henry’s mansion. He had underestimated how far Ian’s reach was in the DEA. She was given a new identity by MI6 because at that point no one was trusted. It’s why nothing shows up for her in our systems. When Henry read he father’s will, he realized how to keep her safe; pretend she had the money and it was invested while her father was alive and placed in trust for her. Almost a carbon copy of her inheritance. None of them are any wiser that they could have gotten the money sooner. Everyone brought in to help knows only minute bits and pieces but almost nothing about her and the investment. Only Madelyn and I know the full scope of everything. In other words, she had to stay alive for them to get the money. Your father gave Ian’s whereabouts to the cartel who had him killed.”

“My father would never…”

“The very minute a threat was made against yours and Ayasha’s life. He never hesitated once.” Storm looked on stunned. “Mercenaries paid to protect everyone, you, Ayasha and most of all Salina on this day, the day she gets everything.”

“How did you get involved or do I need to ask?”

“I would have done anything for them. They saved my life and life of my children from a husband who was going to beat me to death one night. He thought I was having an affair with your father because he was helping me study for my paralegal exam. Your father gave me a chance when I was scared and no one else would. He knew I was being abused but that night my husband turned on my children. He had hit me so hard that I couldn’t move to stop him from hitting my son. My youngest tried to stop him but he kicked him. A broken rib at age five not from playing with his friends or even sports but from his own father kicking him as if he was garbage. When your father knocked on the door, I gathered the last of my strength and yelled for help. It was the last thing I remembered before the kick to my head left me unconscious. Your father and Henry saved mine and my children’s lives. This was nothing to do to repay them back.”  A tear ran down Dara’s face as she looked out the window. She turned back to look at Storm after a few seconds. “I saw what Ian did to that child. I saw those doctors wonder if she would live.”

Storm thought about Salina’s nightmares.



Salina looked outside the window of her bedroom at the ocean. ‘I wonder if I could go home today?’ she asked her self silently. Today was her birthday and also the day she could die. ‘No! Remember what Madelyn said? You have to live for them to get the money’. Turning around, she got her jacket from the bed. Her suit today was nothing like the one she had gotten on sale last year when she began looking about her internship. Thinking of that, she wondered how Mitch was doing. She had not spoken with him since the day she left. Her phone had been taken away and she had yet to receive the new one. It didn’t matter anyway because she couldn’t tell him anything. She didn’t want to begin thinking of the lie she would have to tell him just to keep his friendship. As she buttoned her jacket, she thought about telling him the truth. How could she tell him that she was the person who paid his rent for the two months when he could not or paid her own way so there was enough money for him to go to the conference? No, she couldn’t. It would have to remain a secret if she wanted to keep his friendship and at the moment, he was the only friend she had.

Her bodyguards were outside her door and another two by the elevator. The entire floor of the hotel was hers to guarantee her absolute safety. Inside the service elevator were another two bodyguards, a total of six followed her to the car and three vehicles would follow her to the meeting. Arriving at the bank, she was taken to the back entrance and up the private elevator to the floor where the meeting would take place. Madelyn greeted her at the elevator.

“Salina, you look wonderful. I hope I’m the first to wish you Happy Birthday,” said Madelyn as she gave her a hug.

“Good morning Madelyn. It’s wonderful to see you and I’m sorry but June beat you to it.” Madelyn laughed. “I don’t know how happy it will be however.”

“You will be fine. Everyone is waiting for you inside. You are the most important piece in this game and you’re going to win it. School those features and let’s play ball.”

“Yes, finally, the end.”

Madelyn entered the room first followed by the two bodyguards who looked over the room before allowing Salina to enter. She walked in, head held straight as she took notice of everyone. One person stood out but for the life of her, she couldn’t remember why. Salina kept her emotions in check as she made her way to the seat she knew was her’s, between Norma and Madelyn. It wasn’t until she sat down that she finally gave herself permission to look at Storm who sat four seats away from her on her right.

“Glad you showed up little lady, now let’s get started shall we?” said Churn from the DEA.

“Her name is Miss Carter and you’ll address her as such,” Storm said through clenched teeth.

Churn visibly blanched and the men with him shuffled in their seats. Storm was not in a good mood.

“Good morning everyone,” Madelyn began, “I hope you all had a restful night. Let’s begin as I have several other meetings to attend today.” After everyone’s acknowledgement, she began again. “We will begin with the one thing everyone is here for, the money in the investment. As you are well aware, this meeting is confidential and shall remain that way. All parties involved are accounted for, Miss Salina Carter, the primary account holder, Storm Monsello, part investor and Mr. Churn, part investor. The distribution of the money will be as originally outline; each party will receive 3.5 billion dollars in US with the all the interest on the account going to Miss. Carter.

“Now wait a minute that seems a bit unfair that we don’t…” Churn began

“The agreement is signed and that’s the way it will be distributed,” asserted Madelyn.

“All I’m saying is that we should be able to get some part of the interest. I didn’t know we would have had to wait so long to get the money. None of the information told to us was correct…” Churn stated.

“You can say you didn’t understand what you were signing and I understand that,” began Norma, “but I am sure the head of the DEA, CIA, FBI and Interpol would love to know how you knew about the money, the investment and when to show up to get it, not to mention several keen figures of the drug cartel. After all if we are going to be blunt this is unrecorded drug money, am I not correct?”

“And you are?” Churn asked Norma.

“Not your concern.” Norma turned to Madelyn, “Please keep going.”

“Now listen here, you can’t come in here and threaten me…” Churn began again.

“I didn’t and do not threaten but if you want to take it as such, by all means,” Norma addressed Churn before turning back to Madelyn, “please continue.”  

The men beside him straighten in their seats. Norma noticed one of them looking directly at Salina. She glanced at Salina and saw the look of fear on her face but only for a moment before Salina’s features went blank again.

“There is no need…” Churn began again.

“Another useless word out of you and I’ll advise my client not to sign those papers and to have the investment roll for another what…” Norma looked at Madelyn.

“Ten years,” Madelyn supplied.

“Ten years,” Norma said looking back at Churn.

“Fine with me,” said Storm, “I don’t need the money. Better yet is there a stipulation that gives her everything?”

“Now just a damn minute,” Churn yelled angrily.

“Let’s go,” Norma said to Salina as she got up.

“Okay, okay…wait a damn minute,” Churn said standing up. “Just sit back down will you,” he said to Norma and Salina who were standing. “Please.”

Norma nodded to Salina who sat again before she took her seat.

“What if she was involved with Red…?”

“You slimy bastard!” Storm yelled as he leaped up out of his chair and leaned over the table.

“Storm!” yelled Madelyn, Dara and Norma.

It took a while before he looked away from Churn to the women and sat back down.

“I see you don’t want a smooth transfer,” said Dara softly. “Churn, please be advised that Henry made special arrangements in case this transfer didn’t go as smoothly as it should. The path you are trying to take it down will not be a pleasant one for you.”

“Is that a threat?” Churn asked Dara.

Dara looked at him dead on. “Dead men tell no tale.”

Churn visibly swallowed. “Where do I sign?”

Madelyn handed him the paper.

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No Barrier by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

I am so sorry this took so long to post. I am working more, had to move, looking for a new apartment and working on this story when I'm not too exhausted on the train rides home. The next chapters took a lot of detail planning because of how I wanted to tell the story and the direction I wanted it to take. 

This chapter is short. It is a 'bridge' chapter of sorts. It has to stand by itself because there was nowhere else it could go, at least in my mind. I hope you enjoy it. I will post the followup chapter tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading. 

The door closed and Salina got up and went to the window. She hugged herself, rubbing her hands up and down her arms trying to warm herself. The room wasn’t cold per se but she felt ‘cold’.


“Salina, well done…” began Madelyn but when Salina turned and faced her, Madelyn became concerned. “Salina,” Madelyn said as she moved towards Salina, “what’s wrong?”


“Tell me the truth Madelyn, did Red rape me?”


“Salina, why are you bringing that up again? I told you, Henry said you were not.”


“Please Madelyn, just tell me the truth. Stop trying to protect me,” Salina pleaded.


“Salina, I am telling you the truth. You were beaten badly, but not raped. Henry said it was the reason he had you kept in the coma for so long, was to protect you.” Salina turned away. “What is going on? Did what Churn say upset you this much?”


“No, it’s not that…”


“Then please tell me what it is. I can’t help you if I don’t know what it is.”


“The man who was sitting next to Churn, I remember where I saw him.”


“You’ve seen him before?”


“Yes, he was with Red when he kidnapped me. He was there when…”


“Salina, I am so sorry,” Madelyn said taking her into her arms.


“You didn’t…”


“Wait, are you telling me he was in the room…”


“No, he was at the house. I just wanted to know what happened to me. It’s like a part of my life is missing and I can’t seem to get it back.”


The door opened again and when both Madelyn and Salina turned towards it, Dara stood there with Storm behind her. Salina and Storm both looked at each other before Salina turned away.


“Do you have much business here?” Storm asked Dara.


“Just a few more things to take care of,” Dara answered.


“I’ll send the jet back for you. I’m going back now,” Storm said before addressing Madelyn. “Madelyn, may I speak with you a moment?”


“Yes. Salina, I’ll be right back.”


Salina didn’t turn, but only nodded.


When they were out the door, Madelyn took Storm into another room.


“Is she okay? She doesn’t look okay.” Storm asked as soon as the door was closed.


“She’s fine. Nothing we can’t take care of,” Madelyn answered.


“That’s not what I asked,” Storm replied tersely.


“She’s fine.” Madelyn watched him for a moment. “Give her some time to figure out where she goes from here. She just inherited billions of dollars. She’s going to be fine. She just needs to realize that.”


“Let me know if anything happens Madelyn, immediately.”


“I will. Have a safe flight.”






“You knew who I was all along didn’t you?” Salina asked Dara as soon as the Madelyn existed the room with Storm.


“No, not at first, but I figured it out after a while,” Dara answered.


“Why didn’t you say something?”


“About what exactly? He chose to get involved with you and you could have stopped when you found out who he really was. But, I suspect you two were too far along to stop so suddenly.”


“He hates me now because of all the lies.”


Dara smirked. “Anger, frustration, at-a-loss of what to do next, yes. Hate, no.”


“Will he be safe? Make sure he’s safe at all times. He and Ayasha.”


“They are. Arrangements were made long before this to almost guarantee all our safety. We have a few more things to complete before Norma flies back.”






“So Dara, how do I explain this to him? How I explain how I got involved with his girlfriend who used to be named Sally but was, is actually an heiress named Salina Carter and worth more than 15 billion dollars?” Norma asked Dara when they were alone in the conference room.


“I’ll handle it. The one thing I ask of you is to be her lawyer.”


“Is my life on the line?”


“Well you did piss off an asshole from the DEA,” Dara said smiling.






Storm looked out the window at the puffy white clouds and saw nothing but Salina’s hauntingly sad, worried eyes.  Something was wrong. He now recognized the look for what it truly was, panic. Did something come up since the transfer that they were trying to hide? He needed to speak with Norma asap. He wanted the information on her investments especially the ones overseas. There was no way he would let her run off and not know where she was. He was also better at maneuvering that landscape even if she was now officially Salina’s lawyer.


He was tense. There were so many questions to ask but he knew the first thing he had to do was keep a very close eye on Churn and the other guy that was with him. He disliked the way both of them were looking at Salina. She was in danger from the both of them regardless of what Madelyn said. Storm closed his eyes and thought about the first time he saw Salina…Salina, the name fit her so much better than Sally. A huge section of the puzzle fell into place. Why she was running from the cop, the reason she didn’t want to report him, why she never allowed anyone to get close to her…all of it make so much sense now. Then Storm laughed. Audrey thought Salina was trying to get his money.  She never wanted his money because she had her own. He thought about the dress he bought her; how angry she had gotten. Now he truly understood why purchasing the dress caused such anger. The trip to New York that worried her so. The price of the hotel room wasn’t the issue and it wasn’t his wealth, it was what their wealth was capable of doing, the evil it has the ability to let loose without much fear of consequences. They did live in a separate world; a world of bodyguards, kidnapping, and assassinations. She didn’t want money to define her. She wanted to be accepted for who she was, Salina, not the wealthy heiress. As the plane dropped another level, making the decent for landing soon, Storm looked out the window. It was not where he wanted to be. He picked up the phone to the pilot, “Turn the plane around.”




“Where is she Madelyn?” Storm asked as soon as he entered the office.


“Why do you want to know?” Madelyn rebutted.


Storm sighed. Madelyn was going to make this as difficult as possible. “I need to speak with her.”


“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Madelyn sighed. “She doesn’t have answers. How can I make you understand that everything she did was to protect the people she loves.”


“I need…I need to talk to her Madelyn.”


Madelyn when to the desk and called her driver. “I’m sending someone down. Take him to the hotel Ms. Carter is staying.” Then to Storm, “You will enjoy the hotel. She owns it.” After a moment, “Storm, don’t badger her. She’s a bit raw right now.”


“Thanks Madelyn. Thanks for everything especially being on her side.”








She received the phone call. Madelyn said she was getting a visitor; someone she wanted to see. The only other person besides her nanny that she wanted to see was Storm. She wanted to try and explain to him what happened but she was afraid. Afraid of his anger. Her heart was beating rapidly. She heard when the elevator door opened, then the knock on the door. She opened the door slowly. She took one look at him and all she wanted in that moment was be back in his arms where everything felt right and she was safe.


He came into the room and closed the door behind him. They both looked at each other; the tension thick enough to be cut with a knife. All questions were gone. They both reached for each other at the same time. The kiss was devouring as they both frantically divested each other of their clothes. All that mattered to them was that moment; all that existed was each other. 





End Notes:

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Secret and Lies by Caribbean Fire
Author's Notes:

As promised...have a great weekend. 

Ayasha had called day and night obsessively and Storm knew he couldn’t avoid her much longer. It was over two weeks since he left Salina in that hotel room. Over two weeks of him sleeping only from sheer exhaustion, either from working out, riding until every cell in his body hurt or working until his eyes burnt. He had not spoken to any of his friends and when he did, his conversations were about a minute or less. But he stayed away from Ayasha because he was afraid. Afraid of the questions she would ask that he didn’t want to answer.

He looked out the window into his backyard. The sunlight reflected off the pool but it held no comparison to the beautiful ocean water, he and Salina had looked out at on the balcony of her hotel room. They never returned to his beach house. He was debating on whether to take her to either the beach house or Paris for her birthday or Christmas, but knowing her, she would have preferred the beach house.

He thought back to her birthday, the day she inherited everything. She seemed different, aloof but far more alert than she had been before. He was genuinely surprised at the ease in which she and Norma worked together. They seemed very much in harmony. He had spoken with Norma since that day and she explained that it was Dara who asked her a while ago to represent someone when the time came, and when it came it was Salina. The request has come from Henry which Dara carried out for him.

Norma promised she would keep him abreast of Salina’s moves in an effort to further protect her if she was in danger. However, she knew nothing of what got Salina scared during and after the meeting. She wasn’t versed in Salina’s various looks to know the look of panic or fear which appeared so fleetingly during the meeting but was in full force afterwards when she met with Madelyn. Madelyn still insisted everything was fine but he could not shake the feeling that something was off. It was as if she had seen a ghost. Chun and the person who sat next to him had a connection to her past. He needed to know what it was so he could protect her. Storm took a deep breath. He was caught in the bed of lies that surrounded her and he could only follow the orders left to him. Wishing he didn’t know was no longer an available option.

His phone rang. It was Mike but he forwarded the call to voicemail. They finally caught Rhonda, Katie and Paul. It was Paul who shot the homeowner and Katie and Rhonda both gave statements against him for a deal on their sentences. Rhonda sent messages asking him to represent her but he didn’t reply but when Katie tried to implicate Salina he contacted Norma who with his help had her brought up on more charges for other crimes that were being overlooked.

His phone rang again. This time it was Collin and once again, he sent the call to voicemail. Collin didn’t leave a message but sent a text message instead. ‘Dinner at my house tonight. No excuses. Show up! That’s now an order.’ He sighed. This was Ayasha’s doing. He couldn’t avoid her forever.




“You’ve been avoiding me!” Ayasha immediately accused when she answered the door.

“Well hello to you too Yashy. How’s the baby?” Storm asked bending to kiss her on the cheek.

“You’re not forgiven. You look terrible. Are you resting? No you’re not I can see it on you. Did you get bigger? You’re over doing your workouts aren’t you? Is this how you’re dealing with the situation?”

“Can I at least come in?”

“Fine, if you must.”

“You invited me,” he chuckled.

“Storm get in here. Ayasha, you said you weren’t going to speak to him,” Collin stated as he placed the chicken in the middle of the table.  

“That was before I saw him,” Ayasha responded in a huff before waddling towards the dining room.

“You weren’t going to speak to me? Was that before or after you decided to make my favourite bake chicken?” Storm asked smirking at her.

“I wasn’t making it for you. I was craving it.”

“Yes, you were craving a menu you spent more than two days deciding what to make that will make him happy,” interjected Collin.

Ayasha looked at him sternly. “Blabber mouth. Don’t you have work tonight?”

“Every other night, it’s why do I have work,” Collin said to Storm. “Sit, I’m going to get the beers. We’ll both need them.”

Storm laughed while Ayasha scowled at them both.

“How much do you weigh now?” Storm asked teasingly.

Ayasha looked back at him scowling again. “I’m the same weight I was before I got pregnant.”

“I thought the changing hormones make your mood swing frequently. I didn’t know it made pregnant women delusional.  Should we look into changing your doctor?”

“Do you want to leave? You just got here and you can’t take anything with you.”

Just then the door opened and Iris came in. “You’re alive,” she greeted Storm. “You’re waddling,” she greeted Ayasha, “and where’s the other one?” she asked just as Collin come through the door with the beers in his hands.

“Hey there,” Collin greeted.

“Beers already?” Iris asked.

“Your bff. We’ll need them. Do you want one?” asked Collin.

She saw the look on Storm’s and Ayasha’s face and decided that she did. “Yep!”

Dinner was a somewhat lively affair with everyone deliberately staying on light subjects. No one wanted to address the topic that was on everyone’s mind. Storm wondered how much longer Ayasha could hold out.  

Ayasha was ordered to sit since she was so close to her due date while Storm deliberately helped Colin clear the table so he could keep avoiding her.

“You can’t keep avoiding her you know,” Collin said as he took the salad bowl from Storm.

“Yeah, I know. I just don’t know what to say to her since she really liked Sal…lina,” Storm replied scraping the food into the garbage.

“By the way, what is her real name?”

“Salina Carter.”

“Why did she have to get a different name, the full story if you don’t mind. And that name fits her so much better.”

“Yes, I agree. The short version; she was giving a new identity of sorts since she helped bring down a drug dealer and protect her until she received her inheritance.”

“Wow, so the girl that everyone thought was poor is actually very wealthy.”

“Yes, more than a few hundred million dollars.”

Suddenly the door opened and both Ayasha and Iris come rushing in.

“Did I hear you correctly, Sally is worth a few hundred million dollars?” asked Iris.

“How much hundred million dollars?” asked Ayasha immediately. Storm looked on and folded his arms across his chest while Collin shook his head and took a sip of his beer. “Well how much, more than one or two or three?” she asked impatiently.  

“Tell them something or the nagging won’t stop,” taunted Collin who was curious himself but willing to wait for the information.

Ayasha scowled, “It’s not nagging, it’s information gathering.”

“Don’t you have dishes to do?” interjected Iris. She smiled sweetly at Storm. “You look tired, maybe you should sit for a while. Do you want me to get you something to drink? Another beer perhaps?”

“I’m still working on this one thanks and I’m helping Collin with the dishes remember? Also, her name is Salina.” Storm shook his head before returning to his task.

“Why did you end it with her?” Ayasha asked softly.

Storm stopped and took a deep breath. “I was wondering when you would get around to asking that question.” He turned to face her. “I had to Ayasha…”

“But why? You obviously care about her…”

“Yes, I do but I…it had to end.”

“Is she that much of a risk…”

“No, she’s not at least not anything I can’t afford to protect us all from.”

“Then why Storm…”

“Ayasha, just leave it please,” Storm pleaded.

However, Ayasha wouldn’t let up. “You were happy with her, happier that I’d ever seen you with anyone. You even took her to the beach…”

“AYASHA!” Storm snapped. “Yes, I care about her.” He sighed. “I want her trust. I need her trust and if she can’t trust me, she can’t love me. And I need it Ayasha. I need it because I’m in love with her. I’m in love with her.” Storm paused before continuing, “I love her.” He closed his eyes as he remembered what he had discovered and wondered how he could ask for her trust when he would have to lie to her.

Storm walked into his office in a daze. The weekend had been a blur, one that he wanted to both remember and forget. He was going to do neither. He could still see her; her smile, her eyes glazed over in ecstasy, feel her walls clamping all around him, holding him so perfectly tight. All her barriers were down. She had opened herself to him completely. She smiled and reached up to pull him down to her. Her kisses were the sweetest drug, like the purest honey. But he walked out of that hotel room knowing that he needed her trust. He stopped at the door and listened to her begin to cry and while he yelled at himself a thousand times, he couldn’t go back. He was in-love with her and now he realized how much he wanted her love in return. She had to come to him.

After more than twenty minutes, he decided to go through the letters on this desk. One caught his eye. It was from his father’s solicitors. Why would they send him a letter instead of calling? Storm dropped the letter on the desk and went to the window. He looked outside but then turned back to the letter sitting on top of the pile. Something was compelling him to open the letter so he did. Inside was a key to safety deposit box and a note from his father.

‘Son, I trust and love you’.

Storm left the office immediately and went to the bank. In the safety deposit box was the medical file of Salina A. Carter, her real file. His hands began to tremble as he opened it but nothing could prepare him for what he saw. Pictures of Salina, bloody and beaten, her chest and head wrapped in bandages. He closed his eyes; blood was everywhere. He now knew what Madelyn and Dara saw, why they had protected her so. How she survived the beating was practically a miracle. He read the description of her injuries; concussion, head trauma, broken and cracked ribs, broken arm, raped. That word, he read over and over again. He turned the page and the description of a surgery to repair internal damages caused by a brutal rape; possibility of future childbirth uncertain, probability nil. The description of her psychological exam read: no memory; unconscious during assault due head trauma; memory possibly unrecoverable. Then he found a letter from his father.

‘Storm, this is the last thing I will ask of you, Salina Carter doesn’t know she was raped. She was too badly beaten and it was unsure if she would live. Henry had her placed in a coma while things were done to guarantee her safety. Henry and I are asking you to keep this secret from her. She has suffered so much already.’

Storm closed his eyes. She was being so careful not get pregnant while in school when all the while she couldn’t get pregnant because of the damages they tried to repair. He thought about the family he wanted with her and how it was now an impossibility. But he would do as his father and godfather asked because he loved her. He would do it even though he wanted her trust and love.

Storm turned back to look at Ayasha. He looked over to Collin, “Thanks for…I have to go.” He walked by Ayasha and stopped. He cupped her cheek before giving her a weak smile and then bending to kiss her goodbye. “Take care of yourself and the baby.” He walked away and stopped to give Iris a kiss also. “Take care of her and call me.”

“I will,” said Iris as she smiled weakly at him and squeezed his arm in reassurance. “I’m here if you want a sarcastic point of view.”

Storm smiled and nodded and left.




“The order is for special seafood pasta with garlic herb sauce and extra garlic bread sticks with extra garlic and chicken soup?”

“Yes, payment cash,” replied the waiter.

“And they’ll pick it up outside but they don’t want to leave their name and they want it brought out to them.”

“Yes, that’s the order. Is something wrong?” the waiter asked.

“No. Make the order and tell Chef it’s a special client. It has to be perfect.”

“Okay, will do. Do we know how this person is?”

“I do,” replied Brad. It was Salina and she was afraid to come inside.

When the order was ready, Brad took the order from the waiter and gave him a $20 tip.

“Hey when did you collect the money?” the waiter asked.

“Start cleaning up. I’m going to be a while,” he ordered as he left with the food.  

She was sitting on the bonnet of the car with her back towards the restaurant, looking up at the stars or what little there was that night. She turned immediately when she heard the foot steps behind her and jumped off the car when she saw him coming.

“Don’t leave,” Brad cried when she moved quickly towards the driver’s side.

Salina stopped and looked at him before looking away. “I didn’t mean…”

“Why didn’t you come inside? Do you think you’re not welcomed?” Brad asked.

Salina looked down, then up, then away from him. She opened her wallet and pulled out a $100 bill and tried handing it to him without taking the food.

“You no longer want the food because I’m delivering it?” he asked. Walking over to her slowly, he placed the food on the car carefully. She turned to walk away and but he grabbed her arm. “Don’t walk away, you’re a friend,” he said softly. He saw the tears well in her eyes. “We can say hi.”

She nodded in the affirmative and whispered, “Hi.”

“Come on now we do better than that. How about we try looking at each other, that way it has meaning,” he coaxed.

Salina turned to him slowly, “Hi,” she whispered.

“Hi, how are you doing?”

“Fine,” she whispered again and tried to smile.

“No you’re not,” he rebutted softly. She didn’t look at him. “Why didn’t you come inside? I figured it out from your last order. Your love of garlic bread gave you away,” he teased. “Did you think I would deny your order?”

“I would understand,” she replied.

“He’s like a brother to me. He knows me better than anyone and stood by my side when my parents turned away from me because I didn’t want to be a corporate mascot. I have his support and he has mine but you’re now a friend also.”

Salina looked at him, “I would only come between you…I won’t hurt him like that.”

“He’s hurting now,” Brad informed softly. She turned away and began to cry. He turned her around and pulled her into his arms, “and so are you.” She crumbled and he held on to her.

“I don’t want to hurt him. I don’t want him hurt. I didn’t want to hurt him,” she repeated as she sobbed.

“You’re both hurting so badly,” he said as he soothe her.




“She’s in the hospital.” It was the only thing Colin said when Storm answered the phone.

Storm quickly grabbed his keys and left. He was about to become an uncle and he couldn’t wait. Salina also received a text message from Dara. ‘Your presence is requested at the hospital for the birth of Ayasha’s baby. The request came directly from Ayasha.’ She read the text message several times before deciding that it would be best if she just sent flowers. But the flowers were rejected and the message that accompanied them was, ‘I want you here, not flowers’. So she went and waited in the small waiting room away from everyone asking the nurses to give her updates. Unbeknownst to her, Collin knew she was there and gave permission to comply with her request. She saw Storm waiting with his Aunt, Uncle, Iris, Brad. Even Mike and Kevin showed up but left and said they would return later. She waited alone in the other room.

Collin came out, “It’s a girl. I have a daughter,” he told everyone before returning to the delivery room.

Salina was happy and watched as Storm and his family hugged each other, happy that both mother and daughter were safe and healthy. She decided to leave and on her way out, saw Mitch. They had not spoken since her return. He had called repeatedly, left message and sent text but her only reply to him was that she couldn’t be his friend at the moment. They looked at each other as they slowly walked by, either not knowing what to say.  

One of the hospital directors called out to her, “Sally, it’s nice to see you. I heard you are returning this Saturday. Is that correct?”

Sally turned back to see if Mitch had heard. He had because he gave her a look of anger before walking away. Storm and everyone else turned when they heard her name and quietly watched the interaction. She met Storm’s eyes but quickly looked away.

“Yes, I am but I’m requesting a transfer to another hospital.”

“Yes, I saw the request. Do you have some time now to come to my office so we can talk about it?”

Mitch heard and pushed the door he was going through harder than he should but stopped when he heard his name. He turned abruptly and bumped into someone.

“I’m so sorry,” Mitch apologized as he grabbed the person to prevent them falling backwards.

“Iris, are you okay?” Storm asked.

“Yes, are you okay?” asked Mitch.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” Iris answered looking at Mitch before looking at Storm.

“Beautiful flower, beautiful lady,” Mitch stated.

“Thank you.”

“I need to talk with you,” said Storm. Mitch nodded. “Did you know she was here?” he asked referring to Salina.

“No, I just saw her,” he replied.

Storm hesitated. “How is she doing?”

“I don’t know. We haven’t…we no longer communicate,” Mitch answered dejectedly.

“What does that mean?” asked Storm curiously and with a bit of disbelief.

“I mean this is the first time I’ve seen her since…”

“Ayasha wanted her here. She’s been here all this time in the other waiting room by herself,” interjected Collin.

“Why didn’t she come over and wait with us?” asked Iris.

“She didn’t want to intrude on the family,” answered Collin.

Iris took a deep breath and released it, “Excuse me,” she said and left.

“I have to go also,” said Mitch before leaving.

Storm looked in the direction where Salina had gone and debated if he should try and catch up with her.



Salina had just left the director’s office, who did a very good job of explaining why she should stay at that hospital and complete her internship. Salina had been given full exemption for the days she had missed with the knowledge that she had to make up the work. She really would like Mitch’s help but how could she ask for his help knowing that she didn’t have answers to give him that wasn’t all lies. It was why she had requested the transfer. Not wanting him to be uncomfortable around her, she felt it best if she left.  

It was outside by the curb waiting to cross the road to the parking lot where Iris finally caught up to her.

“Salina! Wait!” Iris yelled.

Salina turned to see Iris coming towards her. “Did something happen to Ayasha or the baby?” she asked concerned.

“No, nothing happened except you sneaking off like a thief in the night. You could have at least said congratulations to her face.”

“I think it’s inappropriate for me to be here now. I’m very happy…”

“Cut the shit.” Iris looked away before continuing. “You’re the only one she’s ever liked.” Iris looked away again as if making a decision. “When I was a teenage I had a crush on him. I was willing to give up my friendship with Ayasha for him. When I saw him with his girlfriends, I wanted to rip their eyes out. Ayasha and I got into a situation and as usual, when her dad wasn’t around, she went to her brother. Some guys who were jealous of him and Brad tried to get to take advantage of us and he didn’t take it lightly. But one of the guys said that he must be sleeping with me because of how he was defending me to which he replied, ‘She’s my sister you ass and if you hurt her, I’m going to hurt you.’ But then the guy said that I wasn’t but Storm’s reply was that I was like his sister. It was a hard pill to swallow. It took a while but eventually I realized I had a much better part of him. He would always be there for me and he’s been. He was happy with you. He smiled more. He worried more. He shared more. You’re the only one she’s ever liked for him, not even me. Go see her and the baby.”

“Iris, I’ll only upset everyone and bring down the mood of such a happy occasion.”

“No you won’t, because we care about you.”


Salina walked in the room tentatively. “Hi” she whispered to Ayasha.

“You’re here,” Ayasha said as she sat up. “Did you see her? She’s so beautiful.”

“Yes, I went to up and saw her. She is beautiful. How are you doing?” Salina asked.

Ayasha held out her arms for a hug and Salina hugged her back crying a bit. “Don’t cry,” said Ayasha.

“Congratulations,” said Salina. “I’m truly happy for you. You have a wonderful family.”

“Yes, I do and so do you. We’re still friends,” Ayasha said holding on to Salina’s hand.

Just then Storm and others came in. “Hey sweethe…” Storm began but suddenly stopped when he saw Salina.

“Hello there,” said Collin as he kissed Salina on the cheek. “Thanks for coming.”

“Thanks for having me,” replied Salina.

“Hello again,” said Brad to Salina as he also gave her a kiss.  

“Hello.” Salina replied timidly but looked at Storm and very softly said “hello.”

“Hello,” Storm returned before turning to Ayasha. “She beautiful just like her mother.”

“Yes, she is. How are you feeling sweetheart?”  Brad asked coming over to kiss Ayasha on the cheek.

“I feel well. I want to hold her.”

“You will, very soon. They’re bringing her down,” Collin replied.

Ayasha looked up at Storm, “It’ll be your turn soon.”

Storm immediately looked at Salina. When she felt his eyes on her, she looked at him then quickly looked away.

“Ayasha, I have to go. Congratulations to you both again. She’s beautiful.”

“Wait, stay a bit longer, they’re bringing her down,” Collin suggested.

“I can’t. Thank you. Goodbye.”

After Salina left, Storm walked over to Brad, “What did you mean by ‘hello again’?”

Brad looked at Storm, “All she cares about is you not being hurt.”

“What?” Storm asked confused.




“It’s a good thing I have the key and know the code of the alarm,” said Brad as he sat in the chair on the opposite side to Storm and took a drink of his beer. 

Storm didn’t look up at him but took a drink of his beer also. Brad noticed he was on his sixth bottle and the look on his face was far from happy.

“For a guy who became an uncle less than a week ago, you don’t look happy.” Still no response. “There’s more to this breakup than what meets the eye. Or do you want a family that badly?”

“What do you want Brad?” Storm finally asked.

“I want to know the truth to begin with.”

After almost five minutes Storm spoke. “She’s worth millions and no one can find out.”

“Is it stolen?”

“No, legally earned and inherited.”

After about five minutes, Brad spoke, “That’s not all.” Brad watched as Storm swiftly look at him before turning away and tried to forced his body to relax but the tension was still about, just below the surface. “There’s more to this breakup. Secrets both you are holding on to that’s eating you both up inside. You’re my best friend and brother. You’re my family.”

After about ten minutes Storm spoke, “She’s the goddaughter of a notorious drug lord…”


“Her father didn’t know and when he found out he cut all ties. But Ian was already her godfather and when her father died, he came back for her. When she resisted,” he paused, “he beat her almost to death.”

“What? How…”

“She was about fifteen years old.”


“Henry put the drug money in her name because of how her father’s will was written to save her life but she’s still afraid even though she’s gotten her inheritance.”

“That’s why she doesn’t want you hurt…”

“You keep saying that. When did you speak with her?”  

“She ordered dinner but was afraid to come in. When I brought the food to her we spoke for a bit but she’s began to cry and kept saying she didn’t want you hurt.”

“She’s also worried about her nanny.”

“Her nanny?”

“Yes, the only family she has left. She’s terrified of her getting hurt.”

“And she thinks the only way to protect you is to stay away from you.”

“She doesn’t trust me,” Storm said dragging his hand through his hair. “She doesn’t trust anyone.”

“She doesn’t…”

“Yeah, I know. She doesn’t know how.” Storm sighed.


After a brief moment of silence, “She loves you. She loves you enough to give you up,” said Brad. “You have to teach her how to trust you.” 

The Lying Truth by Caribbean Fire

Jack and Nancy decided to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary by having a goodbye party. It was ten year ago that they celebrated the milestone and for this milestone, they decided to take a cruise. When Salina received her invitation, she asked Brad to cater the event as her gift to them for their kindness towards her. She had gone to see them when she returned and told them about her inheritance but not the amount. Both had been very happy for her and over joyed when she told them about Katie, Paul and Rhonda and her finally cutting ties with Rhonda.

Kevin, Mike and Tricks gathered together when Storm finally showed up. Tricks was also very happy when he heard that Rhonda was finally behind bars and was also celebrating Salina’s final break with her. Salina had told him about her inheritance but like Jack and Nancy, she didn’t tell him the amount. He was happy for her and was surprised when she paid off the loan on his garage. She also purchased new equipment for the business and when he refused she walked away. They had not spoken since but they weren’t angry with each other.

Tricks greeted Storm first when over to where they stood.

“Hey man, thanks so much for what you did for Sal,” Tricks said as he shook Storm’s hand.

“I really didn’t do anything. It was all Mike,” replied Storm who didn’t know what Salina had told him.

“Mike said it was you but either way, I thank the both of you man. You really looked out for her and I’m happy. Those bitches are finally where they belong, behind bars and I hope they stay there for a very long time.”  

“Oh they’ll be,” Mike confirmed.

“Hey man have you seen Sal?” asked Tricks. “She keeps saying she’s busy with the internship.”

Storm and Mike looked at each other before Storm replied. “Yes, she’s been busy with that but…”

“But what, what’s going on? Did you two break up?” Tricks asked.

“I’ll be right back,” Mike said feeling it best to let Storm handle the logistics of his relationship privately.  

“Look Tricks, we’re not exactly together anymore…” began Storm.

“What you just used her and now you’re moving on?” Trick said becoming annoyed.

Storm sighed, “No, she has to figure somethings out for herself.”

“What’s that suppose to mean? Sal is good girl man, and she’s smart as hell…”

“I know Tricks but I have to give her the space she needs. I have to because I care about her. She needs this time to know what she wants to do next.”

Tricks silently looked at the expression on Storm’s face. “You care about her, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do and I want to be in a relationship with her but she can’t right now and I understand that.”

“Don’t hurt her man, she’s a good woman.”

“Yes, don’t hurt her,” Nancy said injecting.

“Hello there and congratulations,” Storm said kissing her on the cheek. “Thirty years is a long time and I’m sure they haven’t been easy but you two make it look that way.”  

“Thank you young man and you’re right, it wasn’t easy but worth it.” Nancy paused before continuing. “ We all care about her. She’s a wonderful girl”

“Yes, I know. She’s going to be fine; don’t worry. I’m going to excuse myself and go tell your husband congrats,” Storm said as he quickly moved away.

It was almost thirty minutes later when Storm took a break from the festivities and went to stand by the rail. All night he looked for Salina to make an appearance but to no avail. Yet for some unknown reason he felt her presence near. He wondered if she was hiding but there was nowhere to hide really. He was about to make his excuses to leave when he saw the lone body sitting on the bench on the beach. The silhouette reminded him of Salina but it wasn’t until she turned her head to the side that her profile confirmed it was her.  Quickly he made his way to her, wondering if something was wrong why she didn’t come to the party and greet everyone.



Salina knew she needed to go to the party and at least congratulate Jack and Nancy on their anniversary. She had paid for the cruise and the catering because she felt it was the least she could do for all the time they stood by her side. Also when she told them about her inheritance, they seemed genuinely happy for her. However, she felt a bit lonely going to the party by herself. Actually it seemed she couldn’t stop thinking about the guy who was with Chun on that day. He was at Ian’s and she felt he knew more about what happened to her, only now she didn’t know if she really wanted to know.

She heard footsteps on the sand and turned immediately to see Storm walking slowly towards her. She became a bit more apprehensive since he was one of the people she wanted to avoid which was why she hadn’t gone up. When she arrived, she saw him at the rail.

“Hi,” he said.

She looked up at him. “Hi,” she replied.

“May I sit with you?”

“Your choice,” she replied listlessly. Salina looked everywhere except at him.

“You didn’t come up. Everyone’s there. Tricks was asking for you.”

“I’ll go up shortly,” she replied in the same tone.  

After a few minutes of silence, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, fine.” She tried to smile but it was in vain.

After a few more minutes of silence, “You and Mitch no longer speak?”

“No,” she whispered.

“Mind if I ask why?”

“It’s just better this way,” she whispered helplessly.  

“Why are you shutting yourself away like this?” he asked softly but with concern.

“You should get back to the party,” she suggested.

Storm looked out at the ocean and closed his eyes and thought about what he was about to say. “I left…”

“I know why you left. It’s fine.”

“Do you really? Because I don’t think you do.”

“I do…”

“Tell me why you think I left,” he asked softly.

“It doesn’t matter. Nothing can change what happened, who I am.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter Salina? What do you mean who you are?”

“Just leave it…”

“No! What did you mean?”

“Storm you didn’t want to hear what I had to say anytime that weekend, so what does it matter now?” she snapped.

Storm closed his eyes as he remembered how many times she tried to speak with him but each time he would stop her by kissing her and they ended up making love again. Eventually she gave up trying.  

“I didn’t want you to give me an explanation as to why you had to survive. I just wanted to be with you, without the barriers.”

She began to cry. He reached for her but she stopped him. “No, please don’t.” she wiped her tears. ‘I knew everything would change once I inherited but I got caught up in the lies and the fantasy.” She continued to look away from him. “I just wanted to believe that even if it was a fantasy and only once in my life, someone actually cared about me as a person and not the money. That I was a living breathing person.” She turned to look at him for the first time. “I’m so sorry I lied to you but I didn’t know what else to do, and when I tried to break it off with you, I missed you even more. I’m so sorry I dragged you into this. It was never my intension to hurt you.”

He pulled her into his arms and held her strongly when she tried to pull away. “I never pretended with you. You are cared about, more than you know. You just have to accept it.”

After her sobs quieted, he released his tight hold but still kept his arms around her. “I’m still damaged goods.”

“What do you mean?”

Salina got up from the bench and walked to the shore. The waves crashed so gently they hardly made a sound. “I was about six when my father sat me down and told me never to trust Ian that he was evil and he was sorry he brought him into my life.” She looked out at the ocean as she remembered. “My nanny left a few minutes before Ian showed up. I wasn’t feeling well so I went to my room to lie down. I must have dozed because I didn’t hear the shot that killed the gardener. He didn’t have to die. Ian didn’t have to kill him. When Ian woke me up I didn’t know who he was until he told me and when I tried to run, that was the first time he hit me. He asked for June was but I told him she would be gone for a few hours because I asked to be myself. He left my room and went to look around the house and that’s when I wrote a note and handed it to a boy playing nearby my window. I told him to find June and tell her not to come back. Ian took me away.” She stopped speaking. After a few minutes she said, “I need to speak with the guy that was with Chun at the meeting.”

It was not what Storm was expecting her say. “Why?” he asked surprised.

“He was there, at Ian’s place. When Ian took me there, he was there. I need to know what happened to me.”

Storm got up and went to her. She was holding herself and he turned her around to face him. “What do you mean what happened to you.”

She looked up at him with sad weary eyes, “I need to ask you something and please and I’m begging you to be completely honest with me.”

“Yes, of course,” Storm replied as dread began to seize his heart.  

Salina swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “The…the,” she took another deep breath, “the first time we…we were together, I…I wasn’t a virgin was I?”

Storm figured out what she was trying to find out, “Yes…yes, you were. Why do you ask?”

“Please don’t lie to me. There…there was no barrier, no hymen was there?”

“Just because there was no hymen doesn’t mean you weren’t a virgin. I’m the only man who’s every made love to you unless you were with someone else while you were with me.”

“That can’t be…”

“That guy isn’t going to tell you the truth. He’s going to want you to pay him and he’s only going to lie to you because that way he can keep you in the past and that’s going to make you weak.”

“He knows…”

“I know what happened to you.” She looked at him sharply. “I read the report and Dara also told me. You were a virgin. I know. I’m the man who made love to you. I’m the man who felt every unrehearsed touch and kiss from you.  I want to be the only man who touches you.”

“I grabbed the lamp and threw it at him. It hit him and that’s when he hit me in the stomach. I remembered hearing my ribs break from the kick. Then he picked me up and threw me on the bed. He hit me across the face then ripped my clothes off. I reached up and scratched him. He grabbed by arm and twisted it. I heard when it broke then he hit me again and that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up in the hospital. I remember the pain, then I was out again.” She looked up at him, “I just want to know what happened, what he did to me.”

He pulled her into his arms. She was in so much pain and seeing her like this made what he had to do easy. “Henry saved you. He beat you badly yes and you almost died but you didn’t. You lived. You survived. He didn’t get the chance to hurt you any further.” He held her at arms length and searched her face. She was struggling to believe what he said. “Can you trust me Salina? You survived. You are safe. It’s in your past now. Ian can’t hurt you anymore.”

“No you’re lying. More happened to me. I have the scar…”

“What scar?”

“The one…the one above my…the one on my…my lower abdomen. What else happened to me?” she asked in anguish.

Storm realized he had to tell her something, some part of the truth. “You had internal bleeding. They had to operate to repair some of the damage and stop the bleeding.” Storm pulled her to him again. “He can’t hurt you anymore. It’s over. You’re safe.”

She cried silently as she wrapped her arms round him and laid her head on his chest. Storm rested his chin on top of her head and released the breath he was holding. She believed him and as far as he was concerned, he didn’t lie to her. He was the only man who had ever made love to her and she was safe.



After Storm dried her tears, they went to the party holding hands.  

“There you both are,” Nancy exclaimed as she went over to Salina and gave her a hug. Jack followed also.

“You didn’t have to do this,” Jack said as he kissed her on the cheek.

“Yes, I did. It was my way of saying thanks for everything,” Salina replied looking at him.

“There you are. I was wondering if I was going to see you tonight,” said Tricks coming over with his girlfriend.

“I just had to resolve some things,” Salina said looking up at Storm.

He looked at her and smiled.

“Are we going to talk about the money you spent on my shop?” Tricks asked.