No One Gives a Fuck About You Jessie by QueenMojo

For all Richonne fans who are looking to work Jessie out of their sytem.  At the end of season 5 when Rick planted a peck on Jessie's cheek, I almost threw my TV out the window. Yeah, I didn't take it well. LoL! Anway, thank goodness for ValentChamber where I can work out my frustrations. Here is my way of erasing that imagery from my mind.  There is some Dasha too. Hope you all will like it and leave comments.

Thank you.

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Chapter 1: No One Gives a Fuck About You Jessie by QueenMojo

No One Gives a Fuck About You Jessie

Inspired by the song: Big Sean - I Don't Fuck With You

One fine morning, hours before the birds emerged to sing, Jessie left her home for an early jog. She wanted to get in shape for the new handsome recruit, Rick Grimes. The moment she laid her eyes on him and saw how ruggedly handsome he was, she wanted him all to herself. It did not matter that she was married with two kids, nor did it phase her to see him a day ago holding hands with a Nubian, sword wielding warrior goddess, Michonne. She fooled herself into thinking that if she dropped a couple of pounds and tone up her flabby ass, Rick would become smitten by her and drop Michonne. With such a foolish notion, she went for a jog even though it was something she had never done in her entire life before. Undoubtedly she was determined. She believed that she was going to win that sex-on-a-stick prize no matter what it took.

After doing a couple of stretches, she commenced her jog. Starting from her house, she jogged by the first house and headed for the next. Just barely making it to the Millers' house, her lungs began to burn and her legs muscles began to cramp. Her face became flushed beet red and covered in heavy sweat. Unable to jog any further, she spent the next five minutes standing in the middle of the road holding her sides and gasping for air. Luckily, it was considerably early in the morning and there was no one else around to see her in such a pathetic state. She glanced back and looked at her house longingly and considered returning to her comfy European pillow-top bed in Egyptian cotton sheets. Determined, she soldiered on. Putting one foot in front of the other, she settled on just going for a walk.

The greater incentive besides firming up her backside was a chance meeting of Rick along the way. Rick, the newly appointed constable lived in the yellow corner house three doors down from the Millers'. She had seen him on duty this early before and thought maybe today would be her lucky day to run into him and have a nice chat with him. Alone. Just the two of them. Little did she know that Rick had taken a late shift the night before and his next shift was to start at noon later on in the day.

Continuing her walk, she approached Rick's house and saw a familiar person sitting on the porch steps. It was Daryl. She thought of asking him if Rick was up and about. So, she paused in the middle of the road and stood directly across from the yellow house. Just as she was about to say 'Good morning', she looked closer and saw that Daryl was skinning an opossum. Her jaw dropped in utter disgust to see the long haired man prepare his next meal. Something that was foreign and crude to her was an everyday occurrence to Daryl. He was not opposed to eating 'gators, 'possums, 'coons and squirrels. In fact, long before the outbreak, at Daryl's house, every Sunday was road-kill and moonshine. Well aware of her presence, he gave her a split second look and went back to what he was doing. Then, something else caught her eye. There was movement in one of the bedrooms on the second level above the porch.

Standing before the large window was Rick. From where Jessie stood, she could only see him waist up. She could see that he was not wearing a shirt and that he was standing next to a four-poster bed. She thought nothing of it and figured he was about to get dressed. Trying to get his attention, she waved at him frantically, but, he didn't notice. She could see that he was smiling and quite broadly too. It occurred to her that there was something in that room that held his attention. She waved at him again and just as she was about to say 'Hey Rick', she saw Michonne step into view. Bare chested and smiling she wrapped her toned arms loosely about his neck and kissed him. Blood immediately left Jessie's face as she watched in disbelief the two become locked in a passionate embrace. Unaware of being watched, Rick felt up and sucked on Michonne's full and luscious bosoms. But what Jessie saw next was forever seared into her simple mind.

Rick and Michonne climbed into the high bed and doggy-styled it like there was no tomorrow. He fucked Michonne from behind with such vigor and vitality that made the dark skinned beauty's breasts jiggle like a tub of Jell-O. Next, Rick reached forward and squeezed Michonne's warm tits while moving in and out of her rapidly, leaving her with no choice but to hold onto the wooden bed-head for stability. Then quickly flipping her onto her back, he pummelled her some more with everything he got.

The bed was high enough for Jessie to see everything. So much so, she could see that Rick was well endowed. All ten inches of him. She could also see that Michonne, though petite, was holding her own. They were at it for a while until Rick covered Michonne's mouth with one hand. This could only mean that the end was near. He did this to remind her that there were others slumbering under the same roof. As much as she wanted to moan loudly and cry her release, Michonne pressed her lips firmly together and held back for she didn't want to wake the others. Unexpectedly, he pulled out his enormous cock and spewed his creamy juices on Michonne's flat stomach. The contrast of his white cum against her dark skin became evident to Jessie.

Unable to take anymore, Jessie ran all the way home, screaming, "Oh my gaawd! Oh my gawd! What's the matter with you people!"

To which Daryl replied, "What's your problem? Ain't you never seen anyone skin a 'possom before?", then went back to making a necklace out of the marsupial's penis. Meanwhile, above him, Rick and Michonne made love again but this time while taking a shower.



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