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Jacob Thomas just proposed to his girlfriend of almost two years, Kenzie Dalton. Everyone is ecstatic by the news. Well, everyone except his long time best friend, Michaela "Mickey" Robertson. She is completely thrown off, and broken by the sudden engagement. But she puts on a brave face for her best friend, knowing that her heart has just been ripped from her chest. Elijah Thomas, Jacob's younger brother, becomes Michaela's only source of an outlet, being that he's the only one who knows about her true feelings. But the situation becomes more difficult for Michaela when she asked by Jacob himself to be Kenzie's...Maid of Honor? Will she accept? If so, how will she able to handle watching the love her of life walk down the aisle with someone else?


"How can I pull this off, when I'm head-over-heels in love with him?"-Michaela Robertson

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Published: November 24 2010 Updated: April 09 2012

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