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Story Notes:

Do to my husbands encouragement I am finally getting my story out that has been floating around in my brain for two years. Mind you I am no english major, my grammar is something to be laughed at I just basically let the words flow. So I beg you to excuse my many mistakes. I hope you guys like it..


 All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Chapter one: Feeling You

Song: Feeling You by Solange Knowles



Chapter 1 Felling You

Song Felling You by Solange


“What a way to end this day, can these books be any heavier,” I thought to myself. Walking from class to another carrying a bunch of books in my arm is always how I wanted my first day of school to be like. Not! I let out a big sigh and blew my newly blunt bangs out of my eyes. I told the lady who did my hair I wanted those cute like china girl straight looking bangs, not Shaggy from Scobby Doo bangs. But what can you do right? Once those scissors go snip there is no turning back. Nearing my last class of the day the weight of the books and my bag were definitely taking their toll. “Great something’s slipping.” I mumbled. I bent down to gab the biggest book at the bottom of the pile. I was trying to save myself from looking like an idiot by dropping not everything when all of a sudden, Wham! So much for not looking like an idiot as I hear a few giggles behind me.

Sitting there half way wanting to cry from getting knocked down on my butt in front of everyone. I let out a big sigh and tried not to get angry. I didn’t need this embarrassment on my plate. With worrying over making new friends on my fist day of school and dealing with the los of my old dance studio I just about had enough of this day.

“Whoa! I’m sooo sorry, I totally didn’t see you.” I hear a guy say with a smooth deep voice. I looked up and all I could see was sandy blonde hair. “Here let me help you.” The blonde hair said as he started grabbing some of my books from the floor. “ Why do you have so many books this late in the day, didn’t they give you a locker in your first period class?” He asked head still bent down.

I wanted to lash out and yell, “Why do you think dumb ass?” But I couldn’t do that, after all he was helping me, plus he did say he was sorry. You see, I own a nasty thing called temper, but I only let he out when necessary. So as I was getting ready to tell him the reason why, he looked up at me. I know they say this is so cliché to say, but it was so true. This guy was gorgeous I mean stop my heart and revive me gorgeous. He literally took my breath away. His face looked like some famous artist sculpted him. He had high cheekbones with semi- slanted bright blue eyes (if that makes any sense), and a beautiful shaped mouth with the top being smaller than the bottom. It almost looked liked like he was pouting at me. His sandy blonde hair was in that new popular "white boy" style you know, the one where they look like someone just slapped them. It wasn't too long or to short it was just right. Definitely not all Justin Bieber-ish looking, it had less of a slap to it more like a small smack to the face… Yeah that's a weird thought.


Now you’re probably wondering if I'm just gonna stare at the guy all day or speak to him, well I tried to, but what came out of my mouth was more like a squeak. I had to look down to talk to him so that I could catch my breath and try again.

"Uh, well, I'm new to this school, and they said since I wasn't here for orientation I had to wait till the end of the day, because they were way too busy, you know, and being the first day and all." I said feeling like I was babbling. I shut my mouth biting my lips to stop them from talking.


I finally got the nerve to look back up at him and notice he was staring at me kind of strange. I swallowed hard from the intense look he was giving me.  "Wow!" Then after a second or two maybe three or four hell it might have been a full minute he seemed to have finally got he’s wits about him and said something more. "Ah ha, your new that's why I haven't seen someone like you here before. I'm Justin by the way, what’s your name?" Well that brought out miss temper.


I quickly jumped up and demanded, "What is that supposed to mean? Someone like me?" I had my hand on my hips staring daggers down at him as he looked up at me surprised. Well what did he expect I don’t deal with people who say things like ‘people like you,’ it’s just rude.


I mean come on it’s the new millennium people and our president is black well more of a mutt like me, but still I represent all parts of who I am, and besides almost being the end of my first day here, I have seen a mixture of all races at this school and they all seemed to get along pretty darn nicely. Well ok, maybe except for those two big jock- looking guys I saw putting a freshmen boy into a trashcan. But hey that's just a rite of passage rght? Freshmen means fresh meat…


He grabbed the rest of my books including my backpack, and stood up with a big grin on his face. That’s when I noticed the cutest dimple I have ever seen. Seeing this made miss temper cool off big time. I'm a sucker for some dimples on guys.


He moved his hair out of his eyes, and looked at me. "You to took this the wrong way, what I meant to say was I've never seen anyone as beautiful as you here at this school before." He said with a voice so smooth.


My heart just seriously melted, miss temper left the building and all I can think to say was "oh." Clearly embarrassed we both looked anywhere other than at each other. All caught up in blush-vile I didn't notice the two guys that approached us.


"What Sup Justin we thought you were right behind us, coach will be pissed if you're late. Oh! Hey am I interrupting something? Wow… who… is this?" We both looked up at each other then at the intruder. I had to give it to this school it had some good-looking people in it. This guy would be what I like to call "pretty boy" to good to date cause they look way better than you did. His hair had a mop full of small dark soft curls that I was just itching to run my hands through, but knew I'd probably get shot. You could just tell he'd be the type to get upset his hair. With coffee colored skin that was mixed with a lot of milk, He looked to be the kind that has broken lots of girl’s hearts.


"Hey, coach is gonna be pissed if were late, lets go. I sure as hell don't want to do 50 pushups in front of the class. Dude, ya'll know I can only do up to 30 under pressure, what if we got a bunch of hot girls in there?" This was said coming from the second guy. I rolled my eyes then looked up at the new comer and looked up some more. He was a tall one too like his friends. With dark tanned skin that was a blessing either by his Italian or Hispanic heritage he was hot, model type hot. His hair black as night; was in that fohawk style that looked so cool on him. "The only reason we should be out here is if there is a Hella fine girl or sombodies selling some sour patches candy." He said as he came and stood next to pretty boy. His brown eyes fell on me and widened in surprise.


I was starting to think I had something on my face the way they all stared at me. I quickly wiped my hand down my face, just to be sure the remains of the snicker bar I had at lunch wasn't on me. "Well hello, hello beautiful, now this is a good reason to be late for class." He continued stepping closer to me, raising his eyebrows up and down. “Damn your eyes are pretty.” He said getting in my space he bent his head down closer. “ Wait are those your eyes?” He asked starring.


“Your so stupid of course their hers” Pretty boy said pushing him out the way to stand in his place in front of me. 


“Well you don’t know that she could have bought them from an eye doctor you know like, contacts Dumb ass!” Fohawk said pushing Pretty boy back to take back his spot.

I had just about enough of these guys when the third guy leaned out from the classroom yelling at his friends to get inside before they get murdered by Coach. This had me wondering what kind of coach they had. Because looking at the number of the classroom the guy leaning out of was the class I had next. Great now I was even more nervous we had a teacher that apparently liked to murder his students.


I grabbed my books from mister Adonis, who was still standing there eying my like a piece of meat, I pushing passed the boys, and the Trey Songz look alike at the entrance to the classroom, I went in to find myself a seat. I could actually feel the guy Justin following behind me.


I sat down in the back of the class and I tried to keep my head down and not look up at anyone until I felt him suddenly satanding by my desk. "So, hey what's your name?" Justin asked. I looked up into those amazing eyes.


He grabbed my hand to shake it. He was intensely staring at me again. His hands began to caress mine. I looked down at them, and noticing how different they were, not the color; obviously there was a difference there. It was the way his felt. Mind you I don't go around holding guys hands. This is the first guys hands I've actually held like this without a quick shake saying, hi nice to meet you, or giving a high five or the hand touches in ballet class... All girl school since kindergarten, get the picture? This handshake had meaning. His fingers were rough to the touch but his palms were soft as baby skin. My cheeks started to burn and my underarms started to sweat, gross, I was nervous. I tried to pull my hand away feeling them getting a little sweaty too.


"Are you going to let me go?" I said, looking around realizing, people were staring at us.


"No, never... I mean sorry, yeah um I'll just um sorry about that. I just want to know your name." He said looking all flustered running his hand through his hair and then holding his neck.


"Jalena." I said, and turned in my seat to face the front. As I did I thought I heard a faint whisper of him saying "beautiful."



"Justin could you please sit down and stop making love with your eyes at the new student, I'd like to start class." I looked up at him he was still standing by my desk. My stomach was seriously making scrambled eggs at the moment, I was so nervous. The interruption we got from the teacher was welcoming and a bit embarrassing. Justin sat down in the seat next to me, and shook his head as if to clear it. Sweet I thought to myself I'm captivating a guy.


The teacher introduced himself, then began taking roll call. I tried to sit straight and not look over to my right. But I couldn’t kid myself he was fine and I was feeling this guy. I looked over, and saw that he was checking me out.


The connection we had was crazy serious it was like it was endless.  The vibe I kept feeling between us through out class I didn’t want to stop. I never thought I could feel this way. The looks we kept giving each other made me heat up from the inside out. I need some water to put this fire out that was burning up inside me before I scream "Flame On," and burst into flames like Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four.




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