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Story Notes:

I was inspired by Jill Scott's song and video for So Gone (What My Mind Says) for this story.  The song and video just seemed like a good topic to tackle.  I hope everyone enjoys.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Just a quick little one shot I did a couple of months ago.  I really liked it, and I hope everyone else will as well.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.







   She sat in her apartment in the dark sipping on a glass of wine.  She had soft music blaring in the background to calm her nerves.  Sheree could hear the tick tock of the clock getting louder as every second passed by.  He’d be here soon.  She thought about how freeing it would feel to quit him.  More than anything she wanted to let him go, but some things in life felt so sinfully good.  The feeling of his arms wrapped around her pulled Sheree back in every time.  She was a good woman with a good job, a nice house, and a successful career.  She deserved more.  She craved a man who would give her more than a simple bump in the night.  It was funny how time changed things.  She said she would never end up in a situation like this, yet here she was.  How many times did she call her friends in similar situations stupid?   Now she was a hypocrite carrying on with a man who only cared only about doing nasty things with her body; nasty things that she enjoyed and let him do to her over and over again.

Her heart beat raced faster every time she heard his footsteps on the staircase leading up to her home.  He wouldn’t even knock.  He always let himself in with the spare key from under the mat.  She watched the door intently as the door knob slowly turned.  He would tease her even with that.  There was no winning with Yixing.  It was either his way or no way at all, and she always let him have his way.  Never raising an if and, or, but.   She looked up at him as soon as the door opened.  Automatically knowing what time it was.  Tonight was going to be long, hard, and rough; part of her quivered while the other part of her wanted to tell him to leave.

Yixing looked her in the eye and smirked.  There would be no running tonight.  He placed the plastic bag holding tonight’s goodies on her coffee table.   She was sitting in her favorite chair facing the door no doubt waiting for him. He placed a chaste kiss on her lips as a reward.   She wasn’t his usually type but her submissive nature drew him to her like moth to flame.  Every time he looked at her he knew she wanted to leave him, but he knew she never could.  All he had to do was say jump and she would say how high.  That and the fact that she always kept it wet for him.  Sheree also had the need to please him, which was something that most girls didn’t.    These traits overrode the fact that she was not Asian, and the fact that she was not built like Beyonce.  

Truth be told Yixing loved her curves.  The way they felt underneath his calloused touch the softness of her whenever he lay on top of her.   She could have done better than him in reality, but like he said earlier she would never leave him.  He would never get tired of knowing this either.  He got off on the fact that she was the way she was.  Sometimes he wished he could give her the things that she deserved, but he knew it wasn’t possible.   Who he was and what he represented would never allow him to be seen with her outside of her modest two story home. 

He looked up at the decorative clock on the wall and knew he didn’t have much time.  All he had to do was nod at her stairs and she knew what time it was.  Like a good girl she got up, and headed toward the stairs.  He took a moment to enjoy the view.  Her ass was magnificent.  He loved watching her walk away.  It was the first thing that caught his attention when they first met.  He grabbed the bag off of the table, and placed his free hand in his pocket as he followed her up the steps.   The second bedroom on the left was her master suite.  It was a room all too familiar to him.   She sat on the bed looking up at him for directions.  Her eyes told him a different story.  She could never hide from him.  He knew she was having an internal battle, but he wanted her too bad to consider her feelings.  He was selfish like that.  From the time he could talk through his adult years he was never told no.  She wasn’t that different from everything else that was to be conquered by him.  

“Take off that robe and lay”, was all he told her, and his wish was her command.  “Now close your eyes and don’t open them until I say you can”, he told her in a gruff voice.

Now it was time to play.  All Sheree heard was the rustling of the plastic bag he held in his hands.  There was a brief pause before she felt a dip in her bed.  He lifted her arms as a soft clanking could be heard in the background.  It wasn’t that long before she felt a cold steel ring around her wrist.  He was hand cuffing her. What the hell was going on? 

“Keep those eyes shut”, he whispered in her ear. 

She could feel his warm breathe on her skin as she calmed herself.  She had begun to relax again until  she felt a cloth cover her eyes.  Really what the hell was going on? Yixing was a freak, but this was too much.  She clanked the handcuffs against her brass bed wiggling around.  Her good sense was coming to her, and she wanted out. 

“Stop trying to free yourself. I’ll let you go when I’m ready.  The more you struggle the harder this will be.”

She whimpered at his harsh words.  She almost wanted to test him to see how far he could take her, but she knew better.  It wasn’t long before she felt his weight on top of her, his mouth suckling at the tender flesh on her neck and his hands rolling her erect nipples.  Soft moans came from her mouth as she enjoyed the assault on her body.  She wished her hands were free so she could have drawn him closer to her.   His ministrations felt good on her body, and she hated him for stopping.   She frowned as he left her body, and she heard the rattling of that damn plastic bag again.  She was near begging him to continue when she felt something cold connect with her nipple.  He followed it by suckling the cool substance off of her with his warm tongue.  He did the same to her other nipple causing her to wiggle from the different sensations she was feeling.   She was about to ask what was the liquid when she felt coolness dripping down her chest and pooling at the apex between her thighs. 

He licked his way down her body slurping up the cool substance, which she could now feel sliding down her nether lips.  Sheree waited for him to go lower and stop the torture her body was going through.  The coolness of the substance mixed with the heat of her pussy made her body steam with pleasure.  He was almost there taking what seemed like forever to get to her sweet spot.  He lapped at her fools tasting a mixture of her and the cool treat he teased her with.   He sucked at her pearl as he entered two fingers into her vagina.  She was so wet that he slid into her tightness with ease. He could feel the spongy g-spot as he worked her deeper. Suckling noises could be heard bouncing off of the walls of the room.  He smirked up at her giving her exposing his dimpled cheek. as he continued suckling and fingering her.  Her hips began to buck as he lapped up all of the juices flooding into his mouth.  He moved back up her body to kiss her.  Giving her a taste of herself mixed with chocolate ice cream.    He nipped at the flesh between her neck and shoulder as he entered her roughly.  He hated using condoms with her.  That’s why he had her on birth control.   She sucked in a breath as he continued to thrust into her roughly.  The noise of skins slapping could be heard throughout the room along with the banging of her headboard hitting the walls.  He entered her so fast his balls slapped against her clit giving her double the pleasure.   He lifted her leg up while holding on to the headboard as he dug deeper inside of her.  When he was bored of that position he got the handcuff key off of the nightstand and unhand cuffed her.

“Turn over! I want to see you face down ass up”, he told her.

She complied as he pushed himself into her.  He had one hand firmly gripped on her ass and the other wrapped around her hair in a tight fist.  Ass smacking, neck biting, and hair pulling was what she was receiving.  He slid in and out of her with ease because she was so wet. She threw her ass back meeting each of his powerful thrusts with one of her own.  Her ass was like a tidal wave rippling with every thrust.  The sight made him bite his lips.  He couldn’t take much more of her.  He took his hand out of her hair and gripped both of her hips with his hands trying to control the pace.  He started giving her those long deep strokes that he knew would make her toes curl.  He knew he wouldn’t last too much longer.  He pounded into her several more times feeling her walls clenching around his dick.  He wasn’t going to let her milk him yet.  He pulled out and entered back into her with all the force he could muster.  In and out he went until he felt his pace speed up.  With a few more pumps he felt himself release inside of her.  He pulled out as he felt himself soften.

He let her rest as he got in the shower.  He looked at the time and knew he had to go.  He spent too much time with her.  The more time he spent the bigger his attachment to her would grow.  When he got out of the shower she was back in her robe sitting in her favorite chair.   He left her wordlessly as he put his hands in his pockets and left her abode.  He was too busy leaving that he did not notice the item falling out of his pocket.  Down the stairs and to his car he pulled off like a thief in the night.  He had come for what he had wanted. 

Sheree sat there quiet as Yixing left her, and then she noticed it.  By her door was a gold band.  She knew a wedding ring when she saw.  Her heart shattered.  She knew he was too elusive to be single.  She felt like an even bigger fool, but the worst part of it all was that she knew she’d see him at the same time next week.  Not a word would be said as long as he provided her with what her body needed.  She was a horrible person, but it was all for Yixing’s touch.  She was too far gone.

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it!

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