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"This isn't what I fucking ordered." The hefty man rudely said. "My steak isn't done enough." Sighing, Felicia has had it with this job. The rude patrons shouting at her every minute. She worked at the upscale Italian restaurant, Whitney's, for three years. A year after her son, Elijah, was born she's been on her own in New York. Paying the bills, going to school, and letting her neighbors watch Eli while she worked, Whitney's wasn't paying enough for all of that. So she had to do something she's never thought she would do. No she wasn't a stripper or a prostitute, she's a webcam girl. Working tables by day, and chatting to horny men by night.


"Vinny, I got a bastardo who says his steak isn't done enough." Felicia said to the chef.


"What! I'll make it well done for him alright." He said grabbing the steak and putting it on the grill, after cooking it, he put it on the plate and spat on it. "Let's see how he likes that." Felicia laughed, taking the food back to the rude man, putting on a fake smile.


"Here's your steak, sir. Sorry for the mistake." She said to him. He only gruffed, mumbling that she'd better get it right or she'd be out of a job.


There were many wealthy people that came to eat at Whitney's. Celebrities, models, politicians, businessmen, they all came to flash their money, and order the most expensive things on the menu.


Going to the next table, she got ready to take orders, that's when she met him. He was so handsome. Long eyelashes to go with beautiful blue eyes. He had a nice strong jaw, his brown hair was wavy and stopped just below his ears. Of course he was wealthy, judging by the Tom Ford suit he was wearing. She was so focused on him, she forgot he had a date. She was a petite redhead. He looked angry or annoyed, while his date looked down at her menu awkwardly. Going to their table was equally as awkward as Felicia could feel the tension. "Welcome to Whitney's, My name Felicia, I'll be your waitress. May I offer you some wine?" She asked them.


"Yes." The handsome man said. She poured their wine, and he grabbed her wrist gently. "Leave the wine bottle, please." She nodded, not being able to look away from his crystal-like eyes.


"Um, Are you both ready to order, or do you need more time?"


"We're ready to order." He said. "I'd like veal scallopini, and for my date..." He trailed off. "Hm...I'll just have the farro salad." His date said while smiling flirtaciously at him.


Felicia nodded, "Ok, I'll just grab these menus, and your food will be out momentarily." She said before walking away.




Andrew Harper stared after the black waitress as she walked away. He'd never seen a black woman as dark as her before, her skin reminded him of dark chocolate, delicious dark chocolate. If she weren't a waitress, he'd kick his date, Shanna, to the curb and have a great night with her. He tuned out Shanna's chattering once again, the woman could talk his ear off with her mindless chatter. He only agreed to this date because his publicist told him dating an heiress and model would be great for his business. Honestly, Shanna was annoying, the furthest he'd go with her is just a one night stand. But that black woman...she was fit. He watched her walk around the restaurant, going to different tables. Her ass looked plump in the form fitting black pants. She wasn't above average in the face, she could use make up to liven her face up, maybe take her hair down from the neat high bun.


"Are you listening to me?" Shanna asked, snapping him away from his thoughts. "Yes." He answered. Before she could say anything else, Felicia and another waitress came to the table with their food.


"Do you need more wine?" She asked.


"No thank you." Andrew said.


"Enjoy your meal." Felicia said. Andrew nodded in appreciation, watching her ass move as she walked away. Shanna turned to look in his direction.


"Why are you looking at her, did you forget something?" She asked.


"No." Andrew said before eating. Shanna pursed her lips, annoyed by his behavior tonight. When his publicist asked her on this date, she thought she'd finally had a shot with the sexy billionaire. But he wasn't talkative at all, he was emotionless, and he just looked uninterested in her. Was he secretly gay? No, she got her answer when he was staring at their waitress. That was it, he wasn't interested in her because she was white. Well she would give him a piece of her mind.


"Are you even interested in white women?" She asked bluntly. Andrew nearly choked on his food. His face was flushed, and he took a sip of wine.


"Of course I am." He said.


"I mean, be honest. You were staring pretty hard at woman." Shanna whispered. He rolled his eyes, "Shanna, please eat your food." She gripped her fork angrily, and started on her salad. They ate in silence, an uncomfortable one at that. Andrew was thankful for Felicia showing up.


"Do you guys need anything else?" She asked.


"Can we get the check, please" Andrew said."Okay, I'll be back with that." She said.


Shanna watched Felicia as she walked away, she didn't seem interested in Andrew, but what sane woman could resist him. After their dinner date, Andrew took Shanna to her condo, he just wanted to forget this horrid night, fuck her, and go home. He watched as Shanna put on some music, swaying to the sounds of soft music. She walked over to him, pushing him gently on the couch,  and straddled his lap. Shanna hoped this would make him forget that waitress, there was a real woman sitting on his lap now. She pulled her dress down to reveal her breasts. Andrew was indeed impressed by the breasts she had obviously bought, they were a nice pair of double d's.


"You like?" She teased. He nodded, feeling himself harden in his pants. "Mmm, that feels big. Let's go in my room, so I can slip out of this dress." He agreed, following her to her room.


After fucking Shanna, Andrew thought it wasn't wise for him to stay over night, or she'd get attatched to him. "You're leaving?" She asked him, putting on a robe. "Yep." He said.


"Really, Andrew? I thought we were actually getting somewhere!" She screeched.


"A one night stand is not 'getting somewhere', I just wanted a quick fuck. Honestly, you're annoying and boring." He said, getting ready to walk out of the door, but Shanna stopped him.


"You're going to regret this. No one rejects Shanna Gordon." She said, flipping her red hair.


"I just did." He said before leaving. 




Once Felicia was done with her shift, she needed to pick up her one and only love, her son. After taking the bus to her apartment, she knocked on her neighbor's door. Elijah was at her neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Smith's, house. They were happy to watch little Elijah while Felicia went to work. They were like the parents Felicia always wanted, and the grandparents Elijah needed. Mrs. Smith answered the door with 3 year old Elijah on her hip.


"Sorry I'm a little late." Felicia said. Mrs. Smith waved her hand dismissively. "That's alright, baby. We had us a good time today." She said, Elijah reached over to his mama, and Felicia grabbed him; pulling him close to her.


"Same time tomorrow, Eli." Mrs. Smith said. Felicia gave her a hug, and they both went to their home. Feeling too tired to cook, Felicia ordered pizza for her and Elijah. That way she could start on her second job right after she ate. There was nothing wrong with what she did by night. Though talking to lonely, horny men who don't really have the confidence to talk to women in the real world could be both funny and stressful. Some of the men that signed on to Virtual Dates could be really aggressive, and would tell her that they loved her, they loved her skin, and wanted to fuck her. Virtual Dates actually payed a hell of a lot more than her waitress job, and if she did this full time, she'd get more time with Elijah. She'd rather be a waitress too just in case being a webcam girl didn't work out. The perks of being a waitress are the nice tips. Speaking of which, that handsome wealthy man actually left her a big tip. A hundred dollars. Most people usually leave her half of that amount. Sighing, she turned on some TV for Elijah, flipping it to some cartoons, then called for some pizza. It usually takes ten to twenty minutes for the pizza to be delivered to their apartment, and after paying for their pizza, she and Elijah ate in front of the TV while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


"Mama, I want more pizza!" Elijah whined.


"Baby, you still have half a slice." She said to him. He pouted in a cute way, making it hard to say no to him. She chuckled, he knew she couldn't resist that cute face.


"Okay, but finish this slice first." She told him. He nodded, eating his pizza quickly. "You'll get a tummy ache if you eat so fast." She gave him another slice, he dropped his old slice happily.


"Thank you, mama." He said. While he ate, Felicia cleaned up the mess, putting the pizza in the fridge. She walked into the living room to check on Elijah. "You done, Eli?"


"Yes!" He said, grabbing his plate and taking it to Felicia. She washed the dishes, then got Elijah bathed and in bed.


"Now time to work." She said, sighing. She put on some eye liner, and red lipstick. Then putting on red lingerie, and taking her hair out of its bun; letting it cascade over her shoulders and breasts. Looking at herself in the mirror, she looked like a sluttier version of herself, and she liked it. Grabbing her laptop, she turned it on and signed into Virtual Dates. Her web name was Fefe Heart, so no one knew her real name. There were five people waiting to chat her tonight, she set up the camera, waving to everyone. She couldn't see them when they were chatting with her as a group. She could only see them one on one with the private chats.


Sammi_boi89: Fefe ur so hot babe!!!


Down4fun: Plz do private chat Fefe


Felicia smirked sexily at the camera, then started typing. As more people began to fill up the chat conversations, asking about private shows. Fefe<3: Private shows start in five minutes


Down4fun: Aww :(


Andy34: Um I'm new here


Fefe<3: Welcome! I'm glad you came ;) It was about time to start the private shows, she pulled her box of toys from under her bed. She clicked on the newest member of the group, Andy34, he had asked to be in a private chat with her. The window for his camera popped up, and all she saw was abs. Delicious six pack abs. She bit her lip to keep from moaning.


"Wow." She said.


"You're not too bad either. You're gorgeous." He said. Felicia blushed slightly. "I love chocolate." He said huskily.


"Mm, Oh you do?" She asked. She saw his hand trail down his abs to his protruding bulge. "Is that for me?"


"Yes it is. Can I see you without the bra?" He asked. She reached to unhook the bra, slowly pushing the straps down to tease him. She watched him lean forward, but she still couldn't see his face. She tossed the bra to the side, showing her tits to him. He stroked himself through his boxers as she fondled and squeezed her big natural breasts.


"Are those real?" He asked.


"Yeah." She said.


"Damn." He said under his breath, but she still heard him. Having only ten more minutes, she grabbed her favorite rabbit vibrator, showing it to him.


"You really have my interest." He said. She giggled, pulling her panties off, turning on the vibrator, and inserting it into her wet cunt. Andy's dick was out now, it was big and veiny with a bulbous head. He stroked quickly, breathing hard as Felicia thrust the vibrator in and out. She played with her nipples with her other hand. The bunny ears tickled her clit, causing her to spasm. He watched her come undone, wishing it was him making her body spasm.


"Fuck." He muttered as he came all over his hand. 


"Do I get to see your face now that we have two minutes left?" She asked. His chest rose up and down as he panted, cleaning the cum off of his hand with a shirt.




"Well, I better get ready for the next chat." She told him.


"Wait, I'd like to do this again." He said.


"Okay. Same time tomorrow."

Chapter End Notes:

Felicia "Fefe" Adams


Andrew Harper

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.