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There are three of them:  a cyborg named Cerin who wants revenge against her captors, dragging two humans along with her. One is Tanaka Kawasaki, the  master that had both feared and hated her, ruling with an iron fist. The other is his son, Hideyoshi, the childhood friend who decides to sacrifice their friendship to save his own skin.

The three of them could not imagine this journey leading to anything but death and sorrow....unaware  that it is the path to redemption ....and forgiveness.

Rated: Teen or Above
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Classification: Alternate Universe
Genre: Action-Adventure , Drama, Friendship, Romance, Science Fiction
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Warnings: Adult Situations, Character Death, Dark Fic, Graphic Violence, Original Characters, Racism, Un-betaed , Work in Progress
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Published: December 21 2014 Updated: December 21 2014

1. Chapter 1 by California Girl [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2189 words)

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