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Sam Wilson had made some questionable choices in her life before. She couldn't even try to deny that fact. There was a growing list that spanned from that time she thought she was Superman and jumped off the roof of her grandmother’s one-story house (breaking her leg in the process) to the time she signed up with the Air Force with Riley during one of his rebelling against daddy moments.

But dealing with Steve and Bucky both was turning out to be the most ridiculous thing she’d ever gotten herself into. And just maybe the most rewarding.

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So I lied to myself when I said I wasn’t going to be writing another Marvel fic. But MCU is really lacking when it comes to black women and I might be in love with Sam Wilson. So here is a thing that takes care of both. Not sure how far my momentum will take this, but I aim to finish it in something that isn’t novel length. And seeing how it’s helping me get over a rough bought of writer’s block, I’m pretty dedicated.

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So I know where this story is going. Sort of. And it feels like it’s going to be a lot longer than what I originally planned, because I can’t keep things sort and simple to save my life. So bare with me.
I’m a bit iffy with parts of this chapter but if I look at it any longer I’ll just delete most of it and end up with only a few pages of text and pissed at myself. Un-beta’d still, so let me know about any glaring errors. I’ll try to fix them as I find them. 
Also, thanks for the feedback/reviews

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Oh man, this chap contains a lot of filler. Or maybe not. I’m probably just thinking about it to hard.
We get Sam's POV again because Steve was out of commission after the helicarrier crash and Buck hasn’t been introduced yet.
Also, just a general disclaimer: I’m not military in the slightest so forgive me if a get some things wrong. Google only takes you so far and none of my enlisted friends are Air Force. So I’m sort of winging Sam’s military background.

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