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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 2: What's Her Beef

"What's her beef?", Sasha asked Daryl as she walked out onto the porch taking with her an assault automatic rifle and a cup of hot chocolate. She was puzzled to see Jessie running away waving her arms in the air yelling something.

"Dunno. She came an' stood right over there. Then she ran off screamin' an' hollerin'. Stupid bitch.", Daryl said pointing with his hunting knife in the direction where Jessie stood moments ago.

"Weird ass people.", Sasha said shaking her head. She rested her gun against the pole when she stood behind the rail near Daryl.

"Headin' out already? Kinda early.", Daryl said when he saw her with her rifle knowing that she was about to make her way to the tower.

"Might as well I go early. Those two are at it again.", Sasha said rolling her eyes to herself referring to Rick and Michonne's early morning romp.

Sasha looked down at Daryl and saw that he'd just skinned an opossum. She was not put off by him skinning an animal on the front porch. Not in the least. How could she. If it wasn't for his tracking and hunting skills, the group would have starved to death, especially while they were travelling on foot, exposed and unprotected for weeks leading up to when Aaron found them and invited them to come and live at Alexandria.

While Daryl went about stretching the opossum's felt on a piece of branch, she watched his hands work. She coughed and cleared her throat when she thought of something. She quickly looked up and stared ahead and watched the sun begin to peak up from the tree tops miles beyond the walls.

"They were at it again?", Daryl asked playing the devil's advocate and gave a little chuckle. As a tracker, he had a keen sense of hearing so he was well aware of the pair's mating rituals that transpired behind closed doors. So, he wasn't surprised at all. He knew that Michonne and Rick were bound to have sex some day by the way they were always looking at each other. He was just surprised that it took them this long.

"Yeah. Can't you hear 'em?", Sasha said rolling her eyes at the soft moans and tap tapping noise she heard earlier. She didn't look at Daryl, maybe in part she didn't want him to see the jealousy in her eyes and so kept her focus on the tree tops. Since the group had arrived at Alexandria three days ago, they slept together in the same house even though there were other houses they could occupy. After having gone through months of turmoil and loss, the close nit group felt safe in each other's company. They were not ready to be apart just yet.

"Yeah, I hear 'em goin' at it like bunny rabbits. 'cept louder.", Daryl admitted. Sasha watched him wiping his bloodied hand in a damp cloth. She thought he had nice hands. She was the type to check out a man's hands because she believed that the state of a man's hands say alot about him.

"Jeez. Every freakin' morning I hear the head board banging on the wall. It's drivin' me nuts.", Sasha said shaking her head exasperated and shifted her focus back to the trees.

Daryl turned and looked up at her as she stood on the landing behind the rails.

He'd never seen her at this angle or in this light before. He robbed the opportunity to take in her flawless brown skin and graceful neck that had now took on a light orange tinge from the sun's early morning rays as it slowly ascended in the east. Her eyes that shaped like gold fishes and her lips like a tulip were set in a near symmetrical oval shaped face that reminded him of an upside down water droplet from early morning dew falling off leaves. Her pretty petite features and her confident stance reminded him of one of those warrior super comic heroines who were always ready to spring into action.

For a short moment, they remained as they were, one standing, the other sitting, in silence. Daryl saw more than just a woman on edge. He saw a woman of strength, great loyalty and, unique beauty. She was the woman who he dreamed would bore him his children. The silence was suddenly broken by the sounds of little giggles coming from above.

"Okay. I'm outta here.", Sasha finally said throwing up her hand in frustration. From her tone, Daryl figured that Michonne's and Rick's display of affection pissed her off. He thought that maybe she was pissed because she wasn't getting any sex. He thought that maybe that was a good thing. She picked up her rifle and walked down the steps. Passing him along the way, she handed him the mug of chocolate.

"Um, thanks.", Daryl said surprized by her action. He took the mug and drank from it and watched her walk up the road towards the gate with a rifle that was easily two-thirds her height. It was close to a year since he'd known her. From what little he knew of her, she was an elementary school teacher before the world changed. She was not unfamiliar to weapons by the time she joined the group straight out of Woodbury. Since then, she became one of the group's best sharp shooter. Her skills saved their lives many times over. Her skills bested any sniper that ever existed.


Later in the day, Rick and Michonne patrolled the community. They were similarly dressed in uniforms given to them by Deanna, the leader of Alexandria. She believed the roles of constables suited them perfectly since both of them had an understanding of law and law enforcement. Rick was once a Sheriff and Michonne a civil lawyer before the world changed. Tyreese and Abe joined the construction crew. Rosita and Tara helped out in the clinic and sometimes joined Glenn on supply runs. Carol volunteered to do kitchen duties and to take food to elderly residents. In the mornings, Beth taught the kids arithmetic and English literature and teamed up with Carol to teach the residents weaponry and survival skills in the evenings. Maggie agreed to be Deanna's assistant. With Michonne's help, they set about drafting the community's rules and regulations. A job was not selected for Daryl as yet as Deanna was still figuring out what suited him best. Being a man who could not keep still, Daryl decided to leave the premises and to check up on some traps he'd put out in the morning.

"Did you hear a strange noise this morning? Sounded like it was coming from under our window.", Michonne asked Rick as they walked along the wall behind some vacant houses at the north end of the premises.

"When?", Rick asked.

"While we were.. you know..", Michonne started.

"Having sex?", Rick finished her sentence and smiled. He looked at her and saw how beautiful she looked. She didn't know it but he deliberately took them to the north end for a reason.

"Yes. While we were having sex.", Michonne finally conceded. She gave him a shy smile and looked slightly embarrassed recalling their hot lovemaking sessions early in the morning.

"Yeah, that was actually Jessie.", Rick finally admitted.

"That was her? It sounded like an animal being attacked. How did you know it was her?", Michonne asked.

"Daryl told me she came by this morning, got spooked and ran off.", Rick said.

Then, out of the blue, Rick suddenly grabbed Michonne and pulled her into the alley between two houses and kissed her on the lips. At first she was surprised but quickly settled down as she melted under his warm embrace and tasty lips.

"Oh Michonne, you make me horny. Take off your pants and let me in.", Rick rasped in her ear after he tore away from her delicious lips. He began to zip down his pants.

"Are you insane, what if someone sees us. Kids are always running about. What if they catch us.", Michonne said alarmed at his bold request and gasped on seeing him whip out his fully erect penis and stroke it.

"No one will see us. The kids are in school. The streets are practically empty. Come on baby. I need you.", Rick said with a pleading look upon his face.

Standing close behind her, he took her hand and placed it on his warm throbbing cock. She held it and stroked it. With one hand, he pulled up her blouse that was neatly tucked in her black jeans, searched and found her bra and unhooked it and set free her full breasts. He fondled them, tugging on her teats and rolling her nipples between his fingers. With the other hand, he stroked her hips and slowly moved his hand down between her thighs and massaged her swollen parts. He could feel her juices soaking through her jeans.

"Fuck. Michonne, you are wet.", Rick said.

As he worked his skilled hands on her tits and swollen pussy, she squirmed under his touches and moaned and threw her head back and rested it on his shoulder. He kissed her cheeks and neck enjoying the feel of her body and her perfumed skin.

"I want to fuck you.", he crooned in her ear.

Fully turned on, she zipped down her pants, bent down and pushed them down past her knees. He entered her right away. While they doggy-styled it, luckily for them, no one was watching. Or, so they thought.


Meanwhile, Sasha was all alone in the tower. She took her role seriously as the newly appointed security guard and sniper. She was vigilant about keeping a close eye on things. From time to time, she would use her binoculars to scan the area. She did a sweep of the environs and saw Daryl below walking in the woods carrying a bunch of rabbits. He looked to be heading in the direction of the community's main entrance. She thought nothing of it and decided to look out for anything unusual within the walls of Alexandria. Peering through her binoculars, she did a visual sweep of trees, houses, sidewalks, people walking, kids playing. So far there was nothing out of the ordinary. Then, something caught her eye. There was movement in the far north corner of the premises.

"Shit. I can't believe my eyes.", Sasha exclaimed to herself.

What she witnessed was Rick and Michonne behind a house having sex. She looked around to see if anyone was approaching them and could safely say that she was their only audience. She watched Rick grab Michonne's hips and pull her onto himself while he drove his hardness into her soft mound. She could see Michonne fondling her breasts and throwing her head back. As she watched the pair copulate in the open, she herself became aroused and could feel her clitoris swell in her jeans. While she stood looking through her binoculars with her elbows rested on the rail, she crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together.

Then, out of nowhere, someone grabbed her from behind. Whoever it was, had big powerful and warm hands. She opened her mouth to scream thinking she was being ambushed by some stranger. She couldn't. A hand covered her mouth. Whoever it was, smelled surprisingly good.

"Shhh. Sasha, it's me.", Daryl whispered softly.

He spun her around and removed his hand from her mouth. Before she could blast him with a string of obscenities, he covered her mouth again but this time with his own, and kissed her. She did not expect this, but relaxed under his touch. She did not fight or bite when she could have. She wanted it. She wanted him. She curled her arms around his wide shoulders and pulled him in closer and kissed him right back. Their tongues scoped out each others mouths. They moaned as they tasted each other. Daryl placed one of his hands in the center of her back and grasped one of her buttocks with the other.

She pulled away and looked into his eyes. For the first time she was close to him. Close enough to notice that his eyes were an unusual shade of green with tiny brown specks near the pupils. He looked into her dark mysterious orbs that had now softened, her face relaxed. He could see that her mouth and eyes were filled with desire and longing.

With her neat hands and slender fingers, she reached up and gently held his face and drew him to her lips and kissed him deeply. There was no time to talk or spend moments getting to know each other. They were well past that stage as no one knew for certain if they would survive to see the next rising sun. The world was no longer what they knew it to be. It had been plunged into an era of death and pain and unknowing.

"Daryl, are you wearing cologne?", Sasha asked breaking away from his lips. It occurred to her that he had a bath and shampooed his hair and shaved.

"Yeah.", Daryl answered sounding a little pensive.

"I like it.", Sasha said and smiled at him and combed her fingers through his long dark brown locks.

"You are beautiful when you smile like that.", Daryl said looking at her. It was rare to see her smile. She blushed when he said this.

"Shut up and kiss me fool.", Sasha said. They leaned in and kissed.


"Oh..oh..oh..I'm coming..fuuuck!", Rick rasped. He climaxed and flooded Michonne with his seed. Breathing heavily, he backed his penis out of her now creamy vagina and watched his semen run down her legs. When she noticed this she said,

"Rick, how is it possible that you still produce so much cum after you ejaculated three times already this morning?",

"Lucky, I guess.", Rick replied with pride. His cock was still hard. He continued to look at her hungrily while his cock blatantly stuck out of his pants.

"Look at you standing there with a raging hard on. Shameless.", Michonne said, amazed that he was ready to go again. Then, she heard a noise and quickly pulled up her jeans and tucked in her blouse.

"Shit, I think someone is coming. Pack that thing away.", Michonne said.

Rick's fought to put his unruly cock away while footsteps could be heard coming closer and closer. He had the presence of mind to dodge behind one of the houses and wait it out until his dick had receded to a safe size. Michonne managed to pull herself together just in the nick of time.

"Oh hi.", Michonne said looking presentable when she saw Jessie looking at her.

"Hello. Michelle, right?", Jessie said.

"Michonne.", Michonne said correcting her. She didn't like the way Jessie looked at Rick the first day her group arrived.

"Oh, my apologies. I am bad with names. Where is Rick?", Jessie said.

"Not at all. Well, Rick was...", Michonne began to say giving a quick smile while trying to buy him some time. What Michonne really felt like saying was, Rick was just through filling me up with his cum. How's that you nosey stupid twat.

Listening on, Rick noted how Michonne's voice was much like her body. Smooth and pretty. While Jessie's voice was annoying and loud. The moment it was safe, he joined Michonne's side and greeted Jessie.

"Here I am. Hi. Jackie, right?", Rick said giving her a taste of her own medicine.

"Jessie. It's Jessie.", she replied, her voice fell to see them holding hands.

"Well, see you guys around. I have some stuff to do.", Jessie said and quickly turned on her heels and walked away.

"Shit, that was close.", Michonne said breathing a sigh of relief.

"That woman is annoying. Don't you find her annoying?", Rick said rubbing his thumb in the palm of her hand.

"Yeah, can't stand her. Anyway, I gotta go and change. I am drowning in your semen.", Michonne said and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"I love it when you talk dirty.", Rick said giving her playful slap on the butt when she turned and headed for their house.


Up high in the tower, Daryl and Sasha lay naked embracing each other waiting for their energy to return. She felt right at home in his muscular arms. They made love on a yoga mat that she left behind the day before. So happens it came in good use. With her head resting on his chest, she threaded her fingers through his. She looked at his hands and noticed that they had scars on them, no doubt from fights and from hunting and skinning animals. Even with the scars, his hands were attractive looking. His fingers were long, slender and nicely proportioned and shaped.

"I was right.", Sasha said giving a little chuckle.

"Right about what?", Daryl asked out of curiosity.

"That your cock is beautiful.", Sasha confessed.

"You figured my penis was nice lookin' before you saw it?", Daryl said sounding confused.

"Nice hands, nice cock.", Sasha said and kissed his hand.

"Did ya come up with that all on your own?", Daryl asked laughing. Never had he heard such a thing before.

"Just an observation.", Sasha said.

"How many dicks have you observed?", Daryl asked smiling.

"A lot.", Sasha said.

"Ok, like how many? Twenty, forty, a hundred?", Daryl asked, his voice started to climb.

"I don't know, ok, maybe forty. Or, so.", Sasha said.

"What? You fucked that many men?", Daryl asked sounding more and more surprised. His body started to tense up at the thought of her being in the arms of other men. Forty, or so of them.

"Hell no! From skin mags and watching porn you dummy.", Sasha said and playfully punched him on the shoulder.

"You read porn? Shit Sasha. I didn't take ya for a perv'", relieved, Daryl said and grinned.

"I bet you collected hustler and playboy when you were a teen.", Sasha threw back with a chuckle.

"Yeah. So?", Daryl said.

"And that doesn't make you a perv?", Sasha said and sat up and looked down at him smiling.

"Nope.", Daryl replied. He put his hands behind his head and looked up at her and admired her naked form.

"No, huh?", Sasha said and tickled his ribs.

They laughed and hugged each other. It was almost time for Spence, Deanna's son, to replace her. So, they both got dressed and left the tower once they saw him on his way. Half-way to the community, they walked and held hands. Daryl stopped her in her tracks, pulled her close to him, embraced her and kissed her. Smiling, he lightly took the tip of his finger and outlined the shape of her mouth and said,

"It's true.", Daryl started.

"What's true?", Sasha asked looking into his green eyes.

"Pretty lips, pretty lips.", Daryl said and smiled at her devilishly.



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