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Asserting Dominance

The day was unusually hot. Rick had been toiling in the garden since wee hours of the morning and by 9:00 am it was sweltering. Shirtless and armed with a pick axe, Rick pounded and chiselled away at the hard earth to remove embedded rocks while he cleared an area next to the vegetable garden to grow fruits. Once he cleared a spot, he planned on growing passion fruit, strawberries and blue berries as they were all Michonne's favorites. Well, so he overheard one of the girls say.

For hours, he worked in the heat, but, preparing the soil proved to be challenging. The earth was dry and hard. It had been more than three weeks since he last saw rain. Some rain would help to soften the soil but this could not be the case today. He cursed under his breath when he realized it was a losing battle. How was he ever going to provide for his group if this drought continues much longer.

But, there was another reason why he worked in the garden today. There was something gnawing at the back of his mind for months on end. Michonne. He'd spent many nights thinking about her. He dreamt about making love to her. But, alas, they were just dreams. Frustrated, he needed a distraction and working in the garden was his way of working her out of his system.

Nine months ago, a day after his daughter Judith was born and his wife Lori died bringing her into the world, Michonne walked into his life. His son, Carl made fast friends with the mysterious sword wielding beauty and whenever he saw them interact, it made him smile. It gladdened him to see his son smile and laugh again. It gladdened him to see her smile. Carl once said to him, I think she is one of us. From then on, he believed his son was right. Time and time again, she has proven to be one of them. Countless times has she fearlessly defended their home and protected them, including his own children. She never once complained. She never fussed. She just keeps giving. Never had he met a woman who had more grit than ten men combined. And a pretty one at that.

Whenever he saw her radiant and beautiful smile, enough to brighten a whole universe, his soul softened. A beautiful face came with an equally beautiful body. Likened that of a dancer, a marathoner, a swimmer all rolled into one, she moved with such poise and grace, he found himself watching her from afar and near. Her hips and round buttocks sway in rhythm to the beat of his heart. He found himself staring and wanting to hold and to squeeze them. Her breasts so ripe and firm he wanted to own and taste. Her soft lips, perfect and delightful, he wanted to kiss. If only he could find courage to at least talk with her and work his way up to showing her just how much he desired her. But, every time their eyes met, she would hang her head down and look away. Whenever she saw him approach, she always turned and walked away. Why she keeps avoiding me? He asked himself.

He took off his work gloves and wiped his brow with the back of his hand. He paused and looked up and saw not one cloud in the sky. He cursed at the heavens for rain. He looked down at his hands. Bloodied and blistered. It was time for him to go back in.

He was the only one in the shower room. He washed the dirt and sweat and grime off his body. He closed his eyes and wished he was sharing the shower with Michonne. Their soapy bodies rubbing up against each other, his hands exploring her soft curves. He held his hard cock in his hands and stroked it wishing his hands were her mouth and pussy milking him and bringing him to that high. Then he came. Michonne. Her name escaped his lips.

Feeling hungry, he made his way to the kitchen to see what was there to eat. Just as he got to the kitchen, Michonne was seated at a table eating. The moment she saw him, she got up from the table and headed towards the exit. No one else was around at the time. He didn't know what came over him but he confronted her. He walked straight up to her and grabbed her by her shoulders and said,

"Why are you avoiding me?"

His eyes were wild and pleading and searching hers for answers.

She didn't reply. She only stared right back. She just didn't know what to say. For months she felt dead inside as she carried the weight of sadness and guilt. Of losing her son, Andre, his father, Mike and countless other people close to her. When she arrived at the prison, she developed a huge crush on Rick but, she felt she was not ready to love again and forced herself into denial. As the leader, everyone's lives were in his hands on top of which, he had his own two kids to worry about. She felt it would be selfish and reckless of her to get in his way. So she thought it was best to avoid him altogether and hoped that eventually she would get over him. But, up until this very moment, she didn't know that he was interested in her too. Now, it was obvious that he is.

He grabbed her hand and took her into the adjoining hallway just a few paces away and backed her up against the wall. He kissed her on the lips hotly, and madly. At first she struggled against his hard body and tried to push him away. But, it was useless. He wasn't having it today. She was his prey and he was determined to not let her go. One way or the other, he was going to break her. One way or the other, he was going to have her. Then, she closed her eyes, parted her lips and let him in. An entrance was all he needed. Taking his tongue, he delved into her mouth where he was set free to explore and taste. She responded by mimicking his actions, she too explored his mouth and discovered how nice he tasted. Capturing her bottom lip between his, he sucked on it and found she tasted like a fruit.

He tore away from her sweet full lips and trailed his hot kisses down her smooth neck to her clavicle licking her perfumed skin along the way. With her eyes shut, she sighed. She wanted to run her hands through his curly locks and cup his face but she couldn't. For with just one hand, he held her two above her head and pinned them against the wall. With his other free hand, he searched and found the ends of her tank top and ran his hand under it, stroking her warm, smooth stomach. Her skin was unbelievably soft to touch. His calloused hands set her skin on fire. She loved it and imagined them caressing and moulding her entire naked body. She wanted him. She wanted him to take her right this second. She wanted him to rip off her clothes and enter her.

Then, just like that, he suddenly stopped kissing and stroking and walked away. He never so much as gave her a backward glance. He just kept on walking at a slow easy pace. Breathing heavily, she was left wanting, needing, undone and confused.


The Next Day...

During a warehouse raid, a team of five, Glenn, Tyreese, Daryl, Rick and Michonne discovered a large stash of canned foods and bottled water. A sizable number of walkers were moving between the tall heavy-duty shelves. There were too many of them to deal with. It didn't make sense to kill them all as it would take a lot of time and energy to accomplish such a task. There was another way to get at the supplies. Flares. With flares, they were able to draw the walkers from the main section of the warehouse into another. Popping the flares, one by one, Daryl threw three of them in a large room that would've served as a senior manager's office. Attracted to the flickering crimson flames, the walkers walked towards the office. While the team hid in another room, they waited for the walkers to file into the manager's office before Daryl shut the door behind them and trap them inside. While they waited, the five of them silently crouched down in the dark room. Rick looked at Michonne. She saw that his eyes were filled with desire. Her heart skipped a beat.

Once it was safe, one by one, the team exited the room to begin loading up on supplies. Daryl, the first to leave, headed for the manager's office to close the door. Then Tyreese, followed by Glenn. Michonne was next, but Rick had other plans. On her way out, he quickly grabbed her from behind and held her against his body. Holding her hips, he rubbed his crotch up on her rear and softly groaned at the same time. Then he reached up and moved her hair aside away from her face, exposing her neck and ear. He blew softly into her ear and lightly trailed his lips along her neck, smelling her skin along the way. From behind, she could feel him growing and expanding. His bulging hard mound poked vehemently against her buttock. He took her hand and guided it to his crotch. Cupping his mound, she felt his hard penis yearning to be released. He reached under her tank top and cupped her bare breasts and squeezed her nipples, tugged and rolled them between his thumb and index fingers. She gasped. Her body responded and she wiggled her hips and ground against his thigh. Blood rushed to her vagina and her clitoris began to swell. She instantly became wet and was glad she wore black denims. She wanted him to rip her clothes off and enter her right away. But, at the same time, she feared being caught. Before she could make her escape, he put his lips to her ear and whispered,

"Why do you torture me so."

Then he backed away from her, released her from his hold and walked away. Alone in the room, she was left in a state of burning sexual unrest.


The Following Day...

Small groups of people were outside mending fences. Sasha, Maggie and Daryl provided the distration while they made noises to keep walkers away from Michonne,Tyreese, Carol and Carl who were patching the fence with wire and any scrap metal they could find. Rick was returning from the garden after spreading compost on the vegetable and fruit patch. He began heading towards the fence to lend a hand when he heard Carol say,

"We're running out of wire."

"There is a roll in the workshop.", Maggie replied.

Just then, a walker came up to her from across the fence. She took an iron rod and ran it through its eye.

"I'll get it.", Michonne offered, and quickly headed for the entrance.

None of them saw Rick as they were busy at their tasks. Using a different route, he headed for the workshop.

Michonne entered the large, airy room with high ceilings, flooded in natural light. It was surprisingly organized. Drill press, jig saw, table saw, wood planer and other large machinery were strategically placed about. There were several peg boards with tools hanging from hooks. The counters were slightly dusty but the floors looked recently swept. She saw a pair of work gloves on the counter and they looked a lot like the ones Rick used. They were just as worn and dirty in the same way as his. She thought maybe it was a coincidence and thought nothing of it. She continued her search for this roll of wire Maggie spoke about. Sand paper rolls, duct tape, wire. Bingo.

Just as she reached for the wire, someone grabbed her from behind. It was Rick. He pressed his body against hers, trapping her against the counter. He slowly moved her hair to one side and ran his lips up and down her neck enjoying her soft perfumed skin. He licked her ear lobe and sucked it. He whispered softly in her ear,

"I want you."

Then, he kissed her neck and she closed her eyes and rocked her head back. With one hand, she slowly reached up behind her and ran her fingers through his hair. She could feel him already growing against her butt. She turned her head to one side and opened her eyes and looked into his. His blues stared back into her dark browns. Her face was relaxed. Her skin was soft and smooth, free of blemishes. Her eyebrows were perfectly arched. Her eyelashes thick and long. Her lips, soft and wanting. He leaned closer and kissed them. They both closed their eyes while they kissed. He relaxed his body and gave her room. Not breaking away from his mouth, she turned her body around to face his and cupped his face in her hands.

Suddenly, without warning, he grabbed her by her narrow waist and lifted her up and plunked her down on the counter. Standing between her legs, he ran his hands up her thighs then up her sides. He coiled his arms around her torso and leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She responded opening her mouth slightly. He let himself in. He kissed her some more, exploring her lips and her tongue with his. He tore away from her lips and grabbed her tank top that was buttoned down in front. With both hands, he ripped it open sending the buttons flying. She gasped. Her soft full, firm globes sprang free and lurched forward. He grabbed them in his rough hands and gave them a squeeze. They felt like soft warm pillows in his hands. He groaned at the sight. Her breasts were full and her nipples were erect. Ready to be plucked. He leaned in and sucked on one breast while he played with the other with his hand. She rolled her head back and closed her eyes while caressing his head in her arms. He tongue flicked her hard nipple and rolled and tugged the other between his fingers. Blood rushed to her groin and her vagina became swollen. She could feel her warm secretions flow downwards and soak her panties. He switched to the other breast and did the same, sucking and licking and lapping. He imagined she would taste delicious but not this good. He could kiss and suck her titties all day.

He held her breasts in both his hands and gently squeezed them, pinching her nipples at the same time. He looked up and watched her face as he did this. She breathed softly. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted, her faced relaxed. She glowed. Her oval face with perfect soft features, she looked like a wanton angel. Her breasts soft, full, firm, luscious. He imagined their babies suckling them. Then, he stopped and walked off. He found the exit and disappeard down the dark halls.

Breathing heavily, Michonne opened her eyes and saw that he was gone. So too were his gloves.

Some time later, Michonne finally joined everyone at the fences with a roll of wire in tow. Rick, wearing his work gloves was already there helping out. They exchanged looks. Michonne fought hard to not blush. She saw when he dipped his eyes and licked his lips and stare at her breasts. Her heart spead up and she felt her loins quiver. She handed the wire to Carol. Carol, who was crouched down mending a hole near to the base, looked up at her and said,

"What took you so long?"

"Ah..", Michonne started.

"Why'd ya change clothes?", Maggie asked.

Michonne couldn't help but look at Rick standing at the fence next to Carl. He smiled devilishly at her while everyone else were focused on her.

"Ah...look it's hot alright.", Michonne blurted out. Her eyes were wide and defensive.

Daryl who was standing at the fence a few yards away said to Sasha,

"She on the rag or sometin'?"


Later at Night...

Now the tables had been turned. Michonne spent nights thinking about Rick. She thought about his burning kisses in the prison hallway. His rough calloused hands moulding her breasts at the warehouse. His hot lips on her breasts in the workshop. There were many rooms, corners, and, tight halls in the prison, and, so far only two places they've explored. She didn't know if she could take anymore of his stalking, his teasing. Now, she had a need, a void that only he and he alone could fill. As she lay in her cell, she felt the grey walls closing in on her. She needed to get away. She needed an escape. So, she decided to go outside. Fresh air should do me some good, she thought. When she got outside, it was the first full moon. The sky was clear and no clouds. The moon shone in all its glory. The night air was cool and sweet, she breathed it in and could almost taste it. She leaned up against the wall, rocked her head back, closed her eyes and imagined the moon's rays caressing her body.

She thought of Rick's lips. How they felt. How they tasted. How they made her feel alive. Then, out of the blue, she felt a familiar pair of lips on hers. She opened her eyes and saw it was Rick, kissing her softly. She closed back her eyes and hoped he would stay and not take off and leave her frustrated.

Using his body, he pinned her against the wall. With both his hands, undid her skinny jeans pants. He bent down and yanked them down past her knees. He lifted her leg from out of them, one by one. Then he tossed her pants to one side. He removed her panties in the same fashion. He removed her tank top and vest and they too ended up on the ground. Completely naked, she stood before him and wondered what he was going to do next. Was he going to leave her or was he going to continue what he had started. She hoped the latter.

He stared at her for what seemed for a long time. A good six inches taller than her, he stood over her, his body, fully clothed almost touching hers. He took his time lightly and slowly trace his fingers along her lips, her neck, clavicle, and, chest. He traced the peripheries of her areolas and flicked her nipples with his thumbs. She gasped. With both his hands, he cupped her breasts and played with her nipples some more. Her vagina throbbed, she could feel her groin grow warm. He released her breasts and held both her arms above her head and pinned them to the wall. He bent down and captured her nipples in his mouth and sucked on them. She moaned softly feeling his tongue flicker her nipples. He sucked harder and she moaned again. He let go of her arms and kneeled down on the ground. He then lifted one of her legs and placed it on his shoulder. He licked her wet pussy, sucking at the folds. She mewed. Her juices flowed and dripped from between her folds. He lapped and licked her wet vagina, tasting her sweet musk as she gyrated her hips. She came.

He stood up and told her to turn around. She did as told. Then he told her to place her palms against the wall and spread her legs apart wide. She did as told. From behind, he held onto her hips and entered her vagina with his ten-inch dick, all in one go. She moaned as she stretched to accommodate him. He slammed into her hard and rigorously picking up speed. She moved her hips back and forth matching his pace. He reached up and played with her tits. Then, he grabbed her arms and crossed them behind her back while he pounded her from behind. She licked her lips as though she could taste him from below. She wondered if anyone else was watching. Maybe they were. She didn't care anymore. It turned her on to be fucked in the open. It turned her on at the thought of being watched. His hard cock became slick in her juices. Her thick cum coated his length. She loved his naked cock inside of her. They kept at it for a while. Fifteen minutes rolled into half an hour. Neither of them tired.

"I'm ready. Should I pull out?", he asked.

"No. Cum inside me.", she replied.

"Are you sure?", he asked.

"Fill me up.", she demanded.

He groaned along with his orgasm and flooded her innards with his seed.



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