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After a few blustery and rainy days, the weather finally transformed. There was barely a cloud in the sky and a crisp wind kept the heat at bay for most of the day. According to the patriarch of the family, such great weather called for a late afternoon backyard barbeque. Todd's specialty burgers highlighted the fare accompanied with chicken kebab, corn on the cob and fruit punch. Todd and the kids kept busy grilling and getting things set up in the backyard while Evangeline remained in the kitchen baking up a batch of cinnabons for the occasion.



Evangeline flinched when Todd sneaked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. 

"Hey..." He pressed soft, short kisses up and down the nape of her neck. 

"Hmmm something in here smells pretty good."

"Well the cinnabons for one," she replied pretending not to notice what he was hinting at.

She spun around to face him angling her arms around his neck. She stroked the hairs at the back of his head as they gazed deeply into each other's eyes. "Hi hubby."

"Hi gorgeous."

Both wore casual jeans and t-shirts but Evangeline's attire clung to her in all the right places driving Todd wild with imagination.

"Do you have things under control out there?"

"We are pretty much set...except for dessert that is." He kissed the tip of her nose then moved his thumb along her bottom lip. Evangeline closed her eyes exhaling a soft moan. Her body craved these moments. "I hope you're ready for this weekend."

Between the kids and work, they led hectic lives. Most nights they just fell into bed, spooning against each other. Hands on parenting had its share of rewards and drawbacks. Lately passionate evenings were infrequent. Todd decided enough was enough and planned a get reacquainted weekend getaway, clothing optional.

Evangeline pulled away, her right hand covering her mouth. "This weekend?" The uncertainty evident on her forehead.

A disheartened Todd set a hand on his hip. "Come on Sweetheart. We need this...Vicki has already agreed..." When Evangeline attempted to stifle a giggle, he quickly hoisted her unto the kitchen island, placing himself firmly between her legs. "For a second there you really had me."

"I did," she replied coyly.

"Was it worth it Mrs. Manning?" he asked in a sensual tone, drawing her closer to him.

"Definitely..." Her eyes focused in on his lips before they pressed against hers. "Hmm..." Their tongues played off one another until...



"Ewww! Dad! Mom! It's still daytime," Tangie yelled at them as she and Evelyn entered the kitchen.

Their parents reluctantly pulled apart taking a moment to gather themselves. Afterwards Todd assisted Evangeline down to the floor.

Todd sighed then said, "I told you guys that I was coming back shortly."

"We know dad," Tangie chuckled, "but Evelyn insisted on getting her faaavorite Doc McStuffins plate and cup."



Todd lifted Evelyn into his arms, tickling her while kissing her cheek. "You're too big for that..."

"No daddy." Evelyn wiggled and giggled in his arms. "Mommy are the cinnabons ready?"

"Soon baby. Hopefully you can help me put on the icing." Evelyn vigorously shook her head yes licking her lips.

Tangie interjected, "Dad after the barbecue can I go over to Michelle's?"


"Dad she's my best friend..."

"And I need a better explanation."

"Your father is right Tangie."

"She likes her brother too," her little sister calmly interjected.

Tangie gasped, turning a bright red. "Wh...uh..." She struggled to say much more. Todd raised his eyebrows while gazing at her. Evangeline folded her arms. "Mom...Dad...don't...Evie doesn't know what she's talking about..." Yet judging the look her dad gave her, she knew Todd's decision and her mother was certainly in agreement. Tangie immediately stormed out of the kitchen yelling, "Sometimes I hate little sisters."

With a smile, Todd kissed Evelyn's forehead, setting her on the floor. She went over to her mother's side who lifted her up unto the seat by the kitchen island.

"I do believe we have another reporter in the house and I don't know if that's good or bad,"

Evangeline commented shaking her head.

"Very good for me," Todd chuckled. "I need someone to take over the Sun..."

"Daddy is TT going away?"


Evelyn shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know."

"I wonder what she's talking about but those little questions are always clues. Babe?"

Evangeline pulled the cinnabons out of the oven. "I believe she's talking about Trevor wanting to attend Alistair Academy."

Alistair Academy was an elite boarding school located in the Springfield Township.

"But that's hundreds of miles away...Why am I just hearing about this?"

Evangeline blew out a breath. "I saw a brochure in his room a while ago but I haven't heard anything since till today. Evelyn must have overheard something...Don't take it too seriously..." Evangeline began placing the cinnabons on a large plate.

Her words just hung in the air as the two became quiet lost in their own thoughts. Todd could not understand why their son wanted to move so far away.

"I think I need to talk to him. Could you please get me Evan's sippy cup?" The earlier cheerfulness was gone from his voice.

"Ok." Evangeline retrieved the cup and gave it to him. "Babe don't get upset about this," she said squeezing his hand.

"I'm not upset...I just want to know why...that's all." He kissed her forehead and said, "Just give us some minutes ok." Evangeline nodded.





Upon his return to the backyard, he found Trevor arranging the kebabs. For the moment, Tangie wasn't any way around. Todd thought she was probably off somewhere chatting with Michelle about her failed plan. The years certainly went by fast. Soon Tangie would be dating (heaven help him) and Trevor wanted to leave home quicker than expected.

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Evan yelled and ran excitedly towards his father. "Juice!"

"Don't worry daddy has got you covered." Todd poured some juice into his cup and offered it to him.

"Da...da." Evan wanted his dad to hold him as well.

"Ok bud," Todd said and lifted him into his arms.




"Yeah dad?"

"Could we talk for moment? Take a seat; I believe we need to talk about Alistair Academy."

Trevor had an idea who might have spilled the beans. "Dad it's not definitive I'm still just thinking about it..."

"Yet I can see in your eyes that it's becoming more and more of a reality."

"Well...I enjoy being challenged and right now Llanview High isn't cutting it for me. I can and want to do more."

"Then why didn't you sit down with us? You know I don't like finding out about something this important through another source."

"Meaning Evie," Trevor sexhaled.

"Yeah," Todd smiled.

"I'm sorry dad. How does mom feel?"

"I can't say but I'm sure she feels the same way I do. This is such a huge step and it will affect us but if this is what you truly want then we won't force you to stay. Let's just say that I didn't expect to let you go off this early."

Todd enjoyed his relationship with Trevor very much. He has done and experienced things with TT that he never did with Jack. It created a special bond between them and part of him dreaded letting go too soon. From the start he got it right with this son. He stared down at little Evan in his arms slowly drifting off to sleep. Todd removed the cup from his hand and set it on the table.

"Your mom and I are very proud of you and we'll support you every step of the way."

A broad smile came across Trevor's face. "Thanks dad. A part of me is scared but excited too."

"It's the first step..."

"So it's true?"

They both twisted around and saw Evangeline standing with Evelyn in her arms and Tangie trailing behind her.

"Yes mom..."

She immediately set Evelyn on the ground and went over to Trevor giving him a hug and a kiss on the side of his face. "I'm going to miss you baby boy," she said wiping away a few tears.

"Why is mommy crying?" Evelyn asked in a small voice, sitting next to Todd, tugging on his arm.

"Because she's happy," Todd replied.

"Come on Mom it's not like I've received an acceptance letter. I haven't even applied as yet. So you still have to deal with me for a few months."

"Good to know," Evangeline chuckled yet there was still a tinge of sadness in her eyes which didn't escape Todd's observation.

"Ah man and I was so looking forward..."

"Forget about it Tangie my room is still off limits. I have a security system to keep meddling big sisters out."

Tangie stuck out her tongue rolling her eyes. "Can we eat now? I'm starving."

"Heck yeah..."




You can say that everyone enjoyed themselves. Evangeline managed to set aside her personal misgivings for the time being and Tangie forgot about her plans to totally annihilate her little sis for the major embarrassment she caused earlier. Well as long as her parents let it slide then she would too.  As for TT finally ready to go to the Academy, it would be hard not having him around everyday but she sure wasn't going to admit that to his face.


When night settled in, the kids were up in their rooms with the little ones already asleep along with an exhausted Trevor. While Todd was taking a shower upstairs, Evangeline dressed in silk chemise with matching robe stretched herself out on the chaise lounge in the den. She was watching a movie and slowly eating popcorn.

"Hey," Evangeline protested as Todd lifted her on to his lap. The scent of a freshly showered Todd certainly got to her; threatening to weaken her resolve especially now that he only wore his sleep bottoms. She huffed, "This seat is only suitable for one person..."

He pulled her against his bare chest. "And we definitely are one...the Minister said so at our wedding." His warm breath tingled her ear. She closed her eyes and swallowed. Yet for all his prodding, he felt certain that his beautiful yet stubborn wife wouldn't easily give in.

When he reached for her popcorn, she swatted away his hand. "Sweetheart..."

"Todd I'm really not in the mood and you and I both know why," she emphasized setting aside the bowl of popcorn. "TT is too young to go off to boarding school..."

Todd sighed. "Sweetheart TT is ready. If he remains here he is going to be miserable. I'm going to miss him too but we must let him go and do this..."

"I'll never be able to forgive myself if something happens to him. ...I'm not ready to let soon...but who listens to the mother anyways."

"Trevor will listen to you. Tomorrow tell him that you want him to stick around Llanview and he will."

She wasn't sure if Todd was calling her bluff with that statement. "You know I won't. Humph this announcement shouldn't have come as a real surprise considering he has both of our personalities coursing through his veins especially the Manning one."

"The Williamson side is just as married me." He squeezed her a little tighter sneaking in a kiss. "He's such an independent soul. ...Whether he realizes it or not, I'll do my best to keep an eye on him while he's away," he added serious.

That was good enough to put her mind at ease. She turned and faced him. Her chocolate brown eyes glowed as she said, "Don't worry bae this weekend is still on," lightly smacking his chest.

"I never had a doubt," he replied with confidence and a twinkle in his eyes.

"Oh really," she remarked playfully trying to twist her face away but he held her chin.

"You know you miss like I've been missing you." His voice carried a husky tone while his eyes changed into a deeper shade of blue.

His lips crashed into hers. Instantly her fingers wound their way through his hair. Their lips devouring, tongues dueling, soft satisfying moans of pleasure permeating the air. The lack of oxygen finally forced them apart. For a short while they silently held each other as they breathing returned to normal. Subsequently Evangeline eased off his lap and assisted him to his feet.

"Let's continue this upstairs," she said in a breathy tone, biting her index finger. Her eyes scanned his frame.

"I was thinking the same thing," he winked back at her.

Evangeline let out a small squeal when he scooped her up. The weekend was looking more and more like an added bonus.























Chapter End Notes:

Yes I'm in lovr with this Tangie series and from time to time my brain comes up with one of these. This may be the final one in the series since I believe that three is the charm but who knows : ) THANKS FOR READING!

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.