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Charlotte Brooks ripped her desk calendar days off so that it would show Monday's date instead of tomorrow. Saturday September 17th could come and go quickly and it would be for the best too. She never wanted to think about that date again for as long as she lived.

At least her co-workers were talking about their excitement and plans for the weekend which of course sounded better than hers. Charlotte had a three-day date with her couch and her favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's was stocked in her freezer.

"Charlie" one of her co-workers Kaitlyn called out to her "Mr. Calhoun wants to see you before you leave"


"Didn't say why just to be there in fifteen minutes"

Charlotte wondered what her boss Richard Calhoun wanted as if her weekend couldn't get any worse. Charlotte knew just like the rest of the office that nobody rarely ever got called into his office and usually when they did it wasn't for good news and more than likely getting fired.

However Charlotte knew that it was odd that Richard was requesting to see her after hours on a Friday evening.

"I'm sure you'll be fine" Kaitlyn insisted, "see you Monday"

"Yeah have a good weekend"


The clock struck five and the afternoon sun filtered through the usually dim and dark office belonging to Richard Calhoun. Richard sat back in his desk chair and admired the only beautiful piece of furniture in his office.

The old-fashioned wooden vanity mirror had been his father's and grandfather's and now it was his. Sure it looked weird in a modern day office but Richard liked it he remembered growing up with stories that his father and grandfather told him about the mirror.

Not to mention the mirror did help with his self-confidence and esteem growing up. Richard had been admiring himself in that mirror since he was three years old and still did as a thirty-five year man today. It was definitely something he wanted to past on to his own son one day.

"Mr. Calhoun?"

Richard looked up to see the lovely Charlotte Brooks enter his office

"You wanted to see me?"

"Yes" he replied, "close the door behind you"

Charlotte wasn't sure why he would make a request like that since they were pretty much the only ones left here right now. Charlotte swore she heard the door lock behind her too.

"Have a seat Charlie" Richard greeted her with a smile "would you like a drink?"

"I'm fine" Charlotte replied "is this important Mr. Calhoun I have a long commute home"

"You can call me Dick" Richard said as he poured two glasses of sparkling cider "it's after hours now"

"I'll call you Richard then" Charlotte insisted.

She never understood why white men with the perfectly fine name Richard wanted to be called Dick for short. It was weird Rich or Ricky she could understand but Dick? How was that short for Richard? He was such a handsome dignified man why would he want to be called Dick?

Charlotte found herself admiring the vanity mirror that Richard had. Who the hell had a vanity mirror in their office? Only Richard Calhoun and she supposed it was because he was so handsome and wanted to keep his appearance in top shape at all times.

"You seem to have taken a liking to my most prized possession" Richard said coming over with the drinks "it's quite the antique they don't make mirrors like these today"

"It is nice"

"Would you like to see your reflection Charlie?"

"No thanks you still haven't told me why you wanted to see me Richard"

"Dick" he insisted "and I wanted to check up with you to see how you're doing"

"I'm fine"

"You could have fooled me" Richard said "don't get me wrong Charlie you do excellent work but your demeanor the past few months has changed"

"It's nothing"


"It's personal" Charlotte said dismissively "if there isn't anything else that you need Richard I'll be going now"

"Come admire your reflection Charlie"

Why was Richard being so persistent? Did he really think his vanity mirror was that damn special?

"If I do may I leave afterwards?"

"Depends on how you feel afterwards"

What the hell was that supposed to mean? Charlotte wanted to smack that smirk right off Richard's face since it was full of smug satisfaction. It was amazing how huge his ego was.

"There I looked"

"No you didn't"

"Yes I did"

"Charlotte you barely even stood there a second" Richard argued "take a longer look"

Charlotte did as Richard said just to get him to stop pestering her about it. Charlotte wasn't really a huge fan of admiring herself in the mirror like most women. Much to her mother's dismay she had been a tomboy well into her teens and didn't really care much for her appearance.

It wasn't until the late bloomer age of sixteen when she got her first period did Charlotte start to feel awkward in wearing baggy boys clothes but was never really comfortable wearing super feminine clothes either.

Hips and curves and breasts developed over night and Charlotte found herself in a huge transition stage.

So Charlotte always wore darker clothes as a way not to draw to much attention to her figure but her shape usually gave itself away. The dress she had on today was doing just that despite being a dark navy blue.

"What do you see Charlie?"

Charlotte jumped a little she didn't even notice that Richard had been standing behind her this whole time.


"What about you?"

What was she supposed to say? Originally this time six months ago Charlotte thought that she would be all dolled up in her white gown, hair fixed, with a bouquet of flowers in front of a mirror.

What was she looking at today? Just plain Jane Charlotte in her conservative work clothes, braids that needed to be taken out, and tired from a long week of work.

"Nothing much I guess"

"I have to disagree"

"No I'm pretty sure it's nothing much"

Charlotte wasn't expecting what Richard was about to do next. Richard took her hands in his and she directed her hands like a parent who was helping their child learn how to use a pencil and paper to learn how to write.

"What's this?" he asked placing her hands on her head

"My hair"

"Your crown"

"I guess"

"How about these?" he asked moving her hands down to her eyes

"My eyes"

"Windows to your soul"


"I know you that you know what these are" Richard chuckled moving her fingers across her lips earning a giggle from her

"My lips"

"Where that gorgeous smile originates"

Charlotte supposed she was very emotional right now if she felt her heartbeat quicken a little at the simple gesture. What game was Richard playing at right now?

He moved her hands right over her chest and leaned in closer to her. Perhaps a little too close.

"What about this Charlie?" he asked seriously now "what lays here?"


"What was that?"

" heart"

"Which seems to be broken don't you think?"


"Dick" he whispered in her ear "call me Dick Charlie"

"That's too dirty" she said refusing to giving him that satisfaction "why do you want to be called a slang word for your penis?"

Charlotte gasped as Richard pressed his erection against her backside causing her to moan to her surprise. The friction between the fabric of their clothes certainly heated things up too

"If the shoe fits" he said "in which case it definitely does"

If her panties weren't already wet they were now after hearing that statement "What's it going to be Charlie?" he asked kissing her shoulder as he pulled her dress strap down revealing her glowing brown skin

"I don't know...."

"You don't know?" Richard teased as his hands reached around and gently caressed her breasts.


Charlotte wasn't expecting Richard to take her nipples between his fingers and tweak them.

"What was that Charlie?" he asked looking in the mirror he could see her face masked with pleasure "are you a woman who can cum just from your breasts being stimulated"

Charlotte blushed "I don't know"

"Don't act shy now Charlie" he said pushing her dress down more "surely you do know don't you?"

"I...that's none of your business Richard"

"Dick" Richard said now unhooking her bra and freeing her breasts "and it's certainly my business now"

Charlotte would have never thought that she would be sitting on her boss's lap in his office while she allowed him to undress her in front of his damn vanity mirror. 

However something about being able to watch themselves in the mirror at the same time turned her on too. It was erotic, intimate, and sensual. Maybe a little too sensual.

"I don't think I should---" Charlotte tried to reach for her bra while covering her breasts from Richard's view. Richard however was always two steps ahead of her and tossed the article of clothing across the room and he moved her arms away

"Yes you should" he said for her taking her breasts in his hands once more "I bet your ex fiancée was too busy chasing his whore to pay attention to how you like your body to be worshipped"

Michael Walker decided to betray her and Charlotte still hadn't gotten over his unfaithfulness. It was why she no longer cared about September 17th anymore. He was supposed to marry her they were supposed to be in love. It still hurt how could he?

"Hey" Richard said seeing Charlotte's face clouded with sadness and confusion "we're here to focus on you remember? He could go to hell and back for all I care"

"I'm going to give your body the attention that he failed to give you"

Charlotte supposed that it was inevitable that she would eventually be in this position. Sure Charlotte always found Richard attractive but she had been engaged to Michael at the time so she wasn't about to throw her perspective marriage away for a jump in the sack with her hot boss.

Apparently Michael didn't give a shit so why should she? She swore when the news of her broken engagement went around the office the already sexual tension between had grown thicker.

"I bet you'll be drenched when I'm done playing with these" Richard said as the two of them watched themselves in his mirror and he still was worshipping her breasts.

Charlotte felt her nipples pebble then brick under Richard's touch and she moaned. As much as she hated to admit it Richard was right her breasts especially her nipples felt so tender right now. Her whole body was responding the stimulation. Her wet panties became soaked panties.

"Look in the mirror Charlie" Richard whispered in her ear his voice had dropped now "I want you to look at your reflection while you cum"

The visual image that their reflection presented them with was what pushed Charlotte over the edge. Richard must have known that too because he moved his fingers faster against her nipples.

"Dick!" Charlotte moaned out as her orgasm hit and moved through out her whole body. Richard kissed Charlotte as her body tried to recuperate from the orgasm and he chuckled

"I knew you'd call me Dick eventually did that feel good?"


"Did you like watching yourself cum?"


"Charlie?" he asked one more time "did you like watching yourself cum?"


"Good" Richard replied, "because you'll be watching yourself cum over and over again"


"No sweetie it's Dick remember?"

"Please Dick please..."

"Please what Charlie?" Richard asked still caressing her over stimulated breasts

"...please fuck me"

"I'm sorry Miss Charlotte," he teased her some more he was now taking her dress completely off "what was that you want me to fuck you?"


"Where do you want me to fuck you?" Richard asked peeling off her panties "do you want me to fuck you in front of my mirror?"

"Yes I want you to fuck me in front of your mirror"

Richard spread Charlotte's thighs apart and his fingers explored her wet pussy. He rubbed her clit with her juices and stuck his index finger inside her and was surprised that her walls quickly wrapped around his finger.

"You're so wet and tight Charlie"

"Take off your clothes"

"What was that sweetie?" Richard chuckled amused by her boldness

Charlotte was surprised at her assertiveness as well she would have never said something like that to Michael who would have scolded her for being a woman telling a man what to do. Richard was really making her come out of her shell.

"I...I want you to take off your clothes" she said, "I want to see you too"

"Why don't you take off my clothes Charlie?" Richard said "you show me how much you want me to fuck you"

Charlotte found herself in another hot seat she was so used to Michael taking his clothes off getting himself off and leaving her wanting more. Richard was different he was letting her take equal stakes and cared about her pleasure as well.

"Go on Charlie undress me the way I just undressed you"

"I'm going to kiss you"

"Do it" Richard encouraged her "don't say what you're going to do because it makes you sound unsure you know what you want take it"

Charlotte leaned in and kissed Richard on the mouth and their tongues danced with each other. Richard reached his hands up to take a hold of her ass as she unbuttoned his shirt.

Luckily some of the buttons were already undone when she finished undoing the rest; Charlie threw the shirt over to the other side of the room where it was joined by her bra.

"Learning quickly I see" he teased her

"I know what I want," Charlotte said now looking at a half naked Richard with lust now. She had always wondered what was beneath his Polo shirts now she knew Michael wasn't even this cut. Richard was carved from fucking stone marble.

"Unbuckle my pants Charlie" Richard whispered, "unbuckle my pants and take out my cock"

"Yes Dick"

Charlotte pulled Richard's belt off and pulled the zipper down. Even when she was unzipping his pants Charlotte was able lightly graze her hand on his very erect cock which caused Richard to growl at her.

"You're playing with fire"

"You're the one who is going to burn me so I don't mind"

"Somebody's being feisty I see"

Just when Charlotte thought she could blush from that her whole face heated up when she finally freed Richard's cock from its silk boxer prison. When freed his cock stood up proud with it's mushroom head blushed purple and glistening with pre cum. It was huge.

"He's ready to say hello to that sweet pussy of yours" Richard said giving her clit another rub "ready to take you like you've never been taken before"

"I want to make you cum first"

"Oh no Charlie" Richard said spreading her thighs wider to get ready to enter her "I've anticipated this long enough I'm going to cum alright but it's going to be deep inside you so deep that you'll forget that bastard who should have appreciated you"


"Look in the mirror again Charlie" Richard said as he positioned himself at her entrance "I want to see you watch me as I take you"

"yes...oh Dick! Oh God!"

Richard chuckled as he swiftly entered Charlotte's body he has intended on going slow but her pussy was so wet he was able to slide right in.

"I'm no God but I do appreciate being compared to a divine being" he said, "you feel so fucking good Charlie"

The two of them began to move together and find a pattern. Richard thrust into Charlotte deep and hard and in return Charlotte thrust back fast.

"Dick! Oh Dick! Yes!"

"That's right Charlie it's Dick fucking you"

Charlotte then realized why Richard wanted her to call him that it was to simply play on words. Charlotte didn't have the time to call him out on it since they were both fueling each other's pleasure..

Charlotte could see her reflection in Richard's mirror and she had never seen this side of herself before. Here she was riding her boss naked as the day she was born with her breasts bouncing to the rhythm, her hair was little frizzed, but the look on her face said that she was enjoying every last minute of this.

"Tell me Charlie" Richard asked "do you like being fucked this way? Are you enjoying me giving you and only you this special attention?"


"Look at yourself in the mirror Charlie" Richard said picking up the pace of his movement inside her "you are so beautiful when are all exposed and being fucked but you're even more beautiful when you're being fucked by me"

Charlotte knew he had the last part partial for his own ego. Richard reached his hand between their bodies to give her clit attention again.

It was becoming too much and Charlotte could feel her walls starting to get it's vice grip around Richard's cock. She supposed Richard read her body well because he then drove himself deeper and faster. He was hitting her G-Spot and her cervix at this point.

"Dick...please....don't stop" Charlotte found herself begging, "I'm going to cum"

"Oh I know you are sweetie" Richard replied "you're holding on to my cock like there's no tomorrow"

Richard was also enjoying watching this beautiful mocha woman loose control in front of him and on top of him. Her face was etched in that pleasure because of him.

"Cum for me Charlie" he whispered "cum right now!"


The now setting sun glowed behind her making a halo around Charlotte's figure as she arched her back and tossed her head back as the orgasm traveled through out her body and took over.

Richard came not long afterwards his seed shooting up inside her and splashing her walls. The two of then collapsed in each other's arms their naked skin covered in sheen of sex and sweat. The office now filled with the orange and pink rays of the setting sun.


"Yes Charlie?"

"Thank you for making me see my reflection"


Even though tomorrow was still September 17th at least now Charlotte had a new date she could have forever. September 16th would always be the day Charlotte would remember that Richard Calhoun made her look in the mirror.

Which was why September 16th the following year Charlotte Brooks became Mrs. Calhoun and not one anniversary would go by that Richard didn't make his wife look in the mirror.

By the third anniversary Richard proudly admired Charlotte in the mirror with his hand petting her big swollen belly lovingly.









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