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It didnt matter who said it first. What mattered was the reaction to the confession

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Published: July 06 2017 Updated: February 26 2018

1. Arjun and Josie by seyajany [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (444 words)

Hi! This is quick and short story.I do apologize for any mistakes. Moreover, if y'all like an another chaper, please make  a suggestion! The next chapter can be the same or different couple? Thank you and enjoy!

2. Annoying by seyajany [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (402 words)

Hiya! So, here is the next chapter- it's short and quick like the last one! I apologize for any mistake. If you would like another chapter, please make a suggestion of what should happen next to them!

3. Nervousness and Warmth by seyajany [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (313 words)

Hi, I apologize if its late and have any mistake. This might be last chapter...  with Arjun and Josie. Enjoy and this is quick and short story.

4. (EX) Lover's Dance by seyajany [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (323 words)

Hiya! I hope y'all are good! Can you suggest a prompt for the next chapter? Oh, this might be a little bit steamy. Again, this is really short. Enjoy and please leave a review!

5. Chapter 5: My Sunshine by seyajany [Reviews - 0] (553 words)

Hey! Sorry for late response, I kept deleting everything that coming to my mind .....so yeh... 

This might be kinda sad, but please review it! Oh, its following the same formatt of having around 5oo word. Sorry for any mistakes!

6. Ashes and Old Monk by seyajany [Reviews - 0] (389 words)

Hey! Long time no see! I hope you enjoy and enjoy. if you have a suggestion of what kind of couple be next - be sure to comment.

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