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The Walking Dead fan fiction, Richonne

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

"Ooooh. Not so rough with my breasts, Rick. Uhhhh."

"Hm? Sorry, Chonne. Shit, move your ass like that again, damn." He says, and moves his hands from my breasts to greedily grasp at my ass cheeks. Squeezing, squeezing.

I lean back on his bent legs and keep twirling my hips, then bounce, twirl a few rotations, then bounce. He likes that. Those strong hands of his assist my bounce, then gently pull me forward to hold me closer to his him. I can feel through my own hands now resting on his red-flushed chest, that he's tensing. Rick will bust soon if I keep this up much longer, and that's what I need him to do. We've been at it for nearly 45 minutes, and 4 positions later my hips are bruised from his tight grasp, my legs are like jelly, and I've cum so much that he's soaked down to his balls with the evidence. Rick always satisfies me, always. He says it's his job to please me, and he does. But today his insatiability is wearing me out. I'm still recovering two weeks later from a tough fight with one of Jadis' people, but I need my husband, and I know he needs and missed me as well.

"Uhhhhhhh, shiiiiiiit! Damn," he sighs, blowing out a breath, finally reaching his climax. He's sweating, hair in his eyes, holding me close to him, rubbing my back with his left hand, his right hand massaging the back of my neck as he descends from his high.

"Puffs of air escape my mouth and onto his bearded cheek that's tickling my lips. Rick turns his head and kisses my neck, using his body to turn me over to my side. I'm still snuggled into him, my leg thrown over his thigh, arms around his torso, drowsily heading towards sleep, which is usually Rick's thing and not mine, but I'm so tired I can't fight the pull.

"Getting some water, you want anything?" He asks, his deep voice pulling my drooping lids open and to attention. Sitting up and raising from the bed, Rick bends over to search for his boxers in the dark, and I take a half-awake moment to prop my head on my hand, leaning up to appreciate the broad expanse and the muscles of his back. How the lines of him travel down to a trim waist, stopping in the middle at his cute little butt. His strong hairy thighs and legs, that left one bowed out a little more than the other. Big feet, and long toes. It's a sight to behold, and though I never get tired of looking at his body, all of him, I'm awake now and my stomach is excited by the prospect of food.

Pulling up his underwear and turning back towards me and the bed, he's smiling down at me, and the moonlight from the window makes him seem otherworldly, ethereal almost, but he's not. Right here with me, curls a mess all over his head, smiling and happy, he's mine. I can touch him and feel him, not like the ghost of Mike that used to haunt me. Not like the melancholy memories of my little peanut that threatened to destroy me under crippling sadness. That loss and pain don't wound me as much anymore, but the thought of how this man saved me from it leads me to raise up to my knees and reach out to him. I lay my head on his chest for a minute, arms around his waist, hands resting on the dimples at the small of his back. Pressing my smaller body to his I appreciate how solid he is, how warm his skin is, how present and alive I always feel with him. We've come so far together, made it through so much, and we're still going, still fighting through a war.

"What do my babies want? Hm? Might still be some fruit here if Carl didn't eat it all. It's like you guys are in a competition to finish them off before the other one does." He chuckles. "Want me to check?" The vibrations from his voice rumbles through his chest, and I nod my head to answer him, salivating at the thought of the crisp and sweet apples we got from the Hilltop. Then I realize, he said babies. Huh?

"Why did you say babies? What are you talking about, Rick?" Confusion is all over my face now, I'm leaning back looking at him, trying to figure out what he means. Frequently he will call me baby, it's not foreign to my ears, but he said babies, plural. He just gives me that wide smile, the one that's all teeth, and so broad that his cheeks raise and make his eyes squint, causing the lines at his eyes to be more pronounced. It's a smile that I adore, because it belongs to me, not many get to see it outside of our family. But right now, it's laced with some mischief that I don't quite understand.

"You trying to tell me you don't know your body better than I do? Did I actually figure something out before you? Gotta write this down!" He whispers, but he's excited, and still giving me a look. Moving away from me and towards the door, he's laughing to himself and shaking his head, leaving the room.

Completely awake now I grab my blue robe and follow him downstairs, eager to understand what he's talking about.

"You didn't have to come down, I know you're still recovering. I told you I would grab you an apple. Go on back upstairs, I got this."

"That's not why I followed you and you know it. What do you mean you know my body better than I do? That's not true." I whisper, not wanting to wake the kids as we descend the stairs heading for the kitchen.

"Chonne, I notice things. I know you." He responds, his back to me, but looking over his shoulder at me as he's bent down towards the open refrigerator door. "It's ok. I just assumed you either didn't realize it yet, or you would tell me when you were ready. Either way it wouldn't be a secret for long." Turning back to the open refrigerator door he pulls out two apples, and heads to the sink to rinse them off. "When you were in the infirmary I figured it out. I like the way it looks on you."


"My baby, making that little bulge in your belly. It's cute. Come on. You haven't noticed it?"

"You calling me fat, Mr. Grimes? Why do you think I'm pregnant?" I ask while accepting an apple from his outstretched hand. I take a big bite, enjoying the tangy sweetness.

"No, Mrs. Grimes, I'm not." He says, laughing lightly and using his finger to wipe away some of the apple's juice that's escaped my mouth at the corner of my lips. "I'm saying that I apparently figured out you were pregnant before you did. I'm saying that I like the way my baby is making your tummy poke out to announce himself, even if you didn't notice." He's full on grinning now, and though it's cute, his bravado and certainty don't fully have me convinced he's right. Not yet.

"I'm not pregnant. And I might have a little tummy bulge because we've been eating regularly lately. I did get in a pretty bad fight too, I've been a little tired, I'm recovering," I try to rationalize, and continue, "Sorry, you're wrong on this." I shrug, attempting to dismiss his declaration, but internally I'm really wondering if he isn't right.

Reaching for my waist and hugging my body to his he whispers in my ear, "What about how sore your breasts are? Hm?" He reaches his right hand up and sneaks his hand into my robe to palm and softly massage my left breast, causing me to quietly moan. "You haven't had a period since before we went out scavenging last month. Like you said, you've been pretty tired lately, but you were even before the fight. Believe me now?" He asks in that thick country accent I adore. Leaning back a bit and tilting his head, his eyes are roaming over my face. He moves his hand from my breast to my neck and rubs at my quickening pulse with his thumb. His other hand rests on my ass, rubbing in squeezing circles.

"I - I guess I might be, it's a possibility. I've been so stressed since everything with Negan, I guess I'm not keeping track. Obviously not as closely as you are." Now I'm thinking about it even more, face scrunching, trying to remember my last period, and definitely remembering all of the sex we had while out recently looking for guns. He's half listening to me now though, moving in to lick and kiss my throat. "God, Rick, I think I am pregnant. I guess our birth control methods are not very effective, huh?"

"What birth control, you taking something?" He stops kissing my throat and his voice gives off a tone of fake shock and surprise.

"No, I guess I was considering you pulling out every once in awhile. You're not very good at it though are you, Grimes?" I laughed, teasing him now, grabbing both sides of his face to look at him squarely, still recognizing mischief, but it's quickly turning to lust. The birth control thing was a running joke with us because we both knew that the few times we discussed it, he rarely followed through on his part.

Licking his lips, he wryly responds, "Nah, I'm not really trying that hard to be good at it though. Come here." His hand behind my neck, he's firmly pulling me to him for a kiss.

My body relaxes against his, and he hungrily deepens the kiss. His lips are soft, but firm against mine, coaxing my mouth open to accept his tongue. Grasping my hips, he hoists me onto the island, and steps between my opened legs. Pulling on the tie to my robe, it falls open and he places soft, wet kisses on my chest and collarbone.

"Are you happy, Rick? Is this baby a good thing?" My breathing is becoming heavier, chest heaving. "I know what happened with Lori, and with this Negan thing, it's probably not a good time, but I'm not afraid. My pregnancy with Andre was easy. I still ran regularly up to my last trimester. I can still fight. We can do this." I say quickly trying to get it all out. Rick's mouth and tongue have me nearly panting now, but I needed to make sure he knew. I didn't want to sound like I was pleading with him, but I do want him to be happy about this. I never imagined having another baby, not in all of this. I was happy with Carl and Judith. But this, this feels like a gift that I don't want any sadness behind. I need him to be happy, not just accepting.

"Looking up at me with those intense blue eyes, he stops kissing my neck to listen to me, but does not loosen his hold on my hips. "I'm very happy, Michonne. I know this war with the Saviors is going to be bad, we've already talked about the possibility of more loss. But, this is a good thing. This is about our future. This gives us more reason to fight, to win. It's a great thing."

"Bending a little at the waist, his soft lips graze my tummy, and I look down at him, noticing for the first time that my stomach is bulging a bit more than usual, and tears cloud my vision. I move my hands into his hair, running my fingers through his curls. Pushing me to my back, Rick has me spread before him on the island, kissing below my stomach to the apex of my thighs. span style="mso-spacerun: yes;" /spanStopping there, he runs his left hand over my mound, using two fingers to open me to him, he inhales the scent of me, the evidence of our last coupling. His right arm is wrapped tightly around my waist, holding my body in place for his mouth to lick and nibble at the essence of me.

"I love you, Chonne. I love our baby." He says, looking up at me from between my thighs.

"I know, Rick, I love you too. Mmmm." I moan, throwing my head back at the feeling of his damp tongue flattened against my clit, applying pressure that threatens to leave me breathless. His wet mouth is consuming me, latched over my womanhood, his tongue is sloppily lapping from my ass to my clit. The sound of him humming and grunting in appreciation, mixed with the damp sounds of his tongue and lips feasting, send dazzling shocks through my body radiating from my core. He's pushed up my legs and has my feet resting flat on the island now, my thighs are spread wide, and I can feel his tongue rimming my ass in small circles while his thumb begins to lazily thrum my clit. I'm beginning to tense because I can feel that shock of pleasure moving through me, winding me so tight that I won't be able to hold back. I don't want to though, and neither does Rick. Like he said, he knows my body, and he knows that while we haven't fully explored anal, that area is extremely sensitive to his touch.

"You taste so good, Chonne, but I want to feel you explode around me," He says, pausing to look up at me from between my legs, running his hand over his lips and beard, slowing his attention to my clit. I can't speak, only nod my head in assent, already feeling high but anticipating the deliciousness of what's next.

Lifting me from the counter, Rick wraps his arms around me, urging me to wrap my legs around his waist. Holding me tight, he kisses me deeply, prodding my lips apart with his tongue, and carries me to the kitchen table, gently laying me down. Still kissing me, I can taste my pussy on on his lips and tongue, smell the scent of me in his damp beard. It turns me on even more, drowning my senses with him, with the smell, taste and feel of us together. If I wasn't under a sex induced haze, I might have mentioned to Rick that our children have to eat on this table, but at the moment I can't be bothered to care. Standing between my legs that hang limply from the table, my husband has lowered his boxers, and is fisting his cock, stroking it up towards his abdomen. His firm, turgid flesh is red, matching the scarlet hue of his chest and face, showing me in no uncertain terms how much he wants me, needs me. My own mouth is watering as I'm fighting the urge to drop to my knees and devour his cock, or lay back and allow my already sopping pussy to consume him instead. Leaning up on my elbows to watch him pleasuring himself with slow strokes, my fingers try to assuage the ache in my pussy. Slowly rubbing and inserting two fingers, I make up my mind, and plead in a soft but needy whisper, "Please, baby."

"Yeah, that's enough," he commands as he decides he has teased us both to the limit. He can no longer stand to not partake of my body, and he stops his ministrations and firmly grasps his cock at the root with his right hand, shovin my fingers from my heat with the other. Teasing my lips with the head, he leans over my body and licks between my breasts. Pushing through me until there is nowhere left to go. Bottomed out, his hips begin a slow grind, pressing his pelvis against my clit. Now fully seated, he's stretched my insides out to take the fullness of him, lifting my legs over his shoulders. I cross my arms behind his neck, and hold on.

Setting a furious pace, pushing and pulling, the tightness is back, and the tingles and shocks are setting me on edge. Looking up at my husband, his face covered in shadow, I can see how he's biting down on his bottom lip, and how focused and clouded with lust those clear blue eyes of his are.

"You're so beautiful, Chonne, and you're all mine. You and this baby are mine," he grinds out, gently rubbing my stomach. "Say it," he demands. His face is covered in what can only be described as ecstasy, but there is also so much determination there as well, and though I'm about to hit my own peak, a fleeting thought about Rick's past flashes through my mind. But, that thought doesn't matter because my husband is pinning my legs back to my ears, opening me even wider to him. I can't catch my breath enough to speak, and he commands me again, this time with even more grit to his voice. "Say it. Say you're mine."

"I'm...I'm...fuck- Rick, mmmmm, I'm yours. Shit." I breathe out, barely audible.

I know he heard it though because his hips are crushingly banging against the back of my thighs, causing my breasts to bounce and jiggle. The table beneath us is wobbling and scraping across the floor with each thrust. Warmth is all I feel now, shooting through my body, emanating from where we are connected, pleasure is overtaking me and the panting has turned into deep cries of gratification. No longer able to withstand my legs hoisted so high, I drop them around his waist, and Rick grasps each thigh to hold me to him.

"Shhh...fuck. Don't wake the kids," Rick whispers over my lips, still leaning over my body, my breasts pressed against his chest. Grasping onto his curls at his nape, I lick my tongue out to taste those pouty pink lips, taking pleasure in the groan he releases, and the anguish covering his face.

Slowing his pace, Rick stands up straighter, trying to hold onto some semblance of control over himself, but I won't have it. I lean up as well, wrapping my right arm around his shoulders, I'm taking all of him and moving my ass to meet each stroke. My left hand rests over his heart, and I murmur in a hushed tone, "I'm yours, but you are also mine."

"Chonne, baby. Fuck you feel so good!" He mumbles as his body tightens up, his eyes close, and I can feel the rush from his body into mine, filling me.

Rubbing through his curls, his head is tilted back while he's catching his breath, and I'm kissing his chest, savoring the salty flavor of his sweat. Rick drops my thighs and brings his head back down, focusing his eyes on me, roaming over my still somewhat swollen face. Slowing pulling his length from my body, I feel a rush of wetness, our mingled excitement. With delicate fingers he rubs the side of my face with his bandaged right hand, thumb stroking over my lips. "You are why I fight. You, our baby, our kids. When I thought you were dead, nothing else mattered. But now, every time I look at you, alive and swelling with the life we created. And I look at our family, Carl and Judith, you all give me the strength to fight. I'm not losing any of this." He slowly nodded, and gently pressed his lips to mine. Placing his left hand on my stomach, he whispered with conviction, "This is our future."


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