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"That will be forty-two"

"You sure about that?"

Dinah Mosley felt her cheeks heat up at the low chuckle and looked up to be greeted by a smile. A smile from Lars Ransom none the less.

"Um yes" Dinah replied firmly or least as firmly as she could "that's your total"

"If you say so Miss Mosley" Lars said digging into his wallet to pull out the correct amount of change to purchase his fishing bait.

"It's just Dinah" she insisted finding it strange that he addressed her formally given that he was in her grandmother's colored general store.

"You have a good day Miss Mosley" he insisted giving her the change in her hand.

It was something white folks didn't do and it shocked everyone in the store as they turned around and saw the interaction.

Dinah tried to ignore the warm electric feeling she felt as Lars's farm worked hands against her soft palms.

" too Mr. Ransom"


With that said Lars exited the store whistling to the tune of Old Suzanna, which was a corny song, but coming from him it sounded hot. Dinah's eyes lingered on Lars as he left the store.


Lars knew Dinah's secret and he it never failed to amuse him. It was an elephant in the room that they both shared. For the past four summers now he had himself a little peeping tom or this case a peeping pam.

Lars knew that Dinah had been watching him swim down by the creek and he swam he swam nude. Dinah saw him as naked as the day he was born and something told him that she liked that very much.

At first Lars thought she was just curious since the first summer she peeked in on him she was only sixteen. Hell for all he knew he was probably the first man she ever saw naked. Being four years older than her though Lars didn't entertain her not wanting to seem like a creep.

However Dinah was no longer a minor, as she was getting closer to her twenty-first birthday so now he could honestly say that she looked at him the way a woman did when she desired a man.

The fact of the matter was Dinah wanted him.


Dinah still remembered the first time she saw Lars Ransom in all his glory. She had just turned sixteen that hot August and she was fetching some berries for her grandmother's famous cobbler.

The creek always found the best berries usually because they were so fat and juicy. Dinah loved feeling the cool green grass under her bare feet and the wind flowing through her light cotton dress so the creek was always her favorite place to be during the hot summer days.

Dinah had been picking berries by the creek since she was a child but over the more recent years her grandmother didn't like her to be gone for too long.

Ever since her first menstrual cycle her grandmother always warned her that she was blossoming into a young lady and it warranted male attention that she wouldn't be used to.

Dinah didn't really care that much for the opposite sex or at least she wasn't boy crazy. It was the only thing that the girls in her church choir talked about as if the male species were some unknown discovery.

However when Dinah saw Lars she began to see what the girls were talking about. He was beautiful and handsome at the same time. Lars had the type of body that was not just developed by biology but also by old fashion manual labor.

Unlike most of the rich, privilege white men around here who worked as stuffy bankers and stockers; Lars worked in the fields as a farmer and sometimes broke horses. His skin was tanned a little kissed by the sun he worked under all day. His arms were powerful like the branches of a tree.

His chest and torso were as solid as a brick wall with a V cut right where his hips met. A hint of a happy trial led down his navel and those hairs got thicker as it went down to his nether region.

Dinah of course never saw that part of Lars's anatomy though because when she saw him it was from the waist up and when Lars did get out of the water she quickly turned away.

Dinah could feel her heart pounding and her face heat up she wasn't supposed to be spying on a man in such a private setting especially not a white man. She would pick her berries and leave before he or anybody else noticed her in the bushes.

Needless to say Dinah looked forward to whenever her grandmother was getting ready to make a cobbler because she would have to go pick the berries. Lars was the icing on the cake.

Little did Dinah know her dirty little secret was about to come to light.


"You look mighty pretty this morning Dinah"

Lars looked up from the fishing supplies to see the Granger brothers trying to flirt with Dinah and it was clear as day that she was uncomfortable.

"Got say you're the prettiest colored girl around here and that's saying a lot" Ed Granger continued, "what you think Leroy?"

"Oh yes fine indeed" he agreed with his brother "I always did like me a nice sweet colored girl. You ever been with a white man Dinah?"

Dinah didn't say anything and tried to go about her business, which annoyed Leroy

"I'm talking to you girl!"

"No sir" she said timidly

"No what?" Ed leaned on the counter "you never been with white man?"


"Oh" Leroy said reaching out for her hand "we can fix that now can't we---"

"No thank you sir"

"No thank you?" Ed argued in disbelief "don't nobody ever say no to one of us Grangers especially not no colored"

"Miss Mosley said no Ed" Lars intervened "I think you ought to respect her wishes"

"Who asked you Ransom?" Ed snarled, "don't you got some fish to catch?"

"Not when I see a young lady getting harassed"

"Oh come on Ransom she's just a colored girl no big deal"

"It's a big deal to me" Lars didn't back down "now unless you want to make it a bigger deal I suggest you leave Ed"

Ed stared Lars down daring him to escalate the situation further

"Damn nigger lover!" Ed spat at him "come Leroy let's go; but this isn't over girl you best remember that"

Dinah nodded reluctantly and the two of them left the store.

"You don't have to worry about those two" Lars said reading her mind but Dinah tried to brush it off

"I don't want to make trouble Mr. Ransom"

Dinah lowered her eyes as she tried to continue her duties but she could still feel Lars watching her

"You going to be alright Miss Mosley?"

"I'll be fine Mr. Ransom" Dinah said rather unsure and Lars must have picked up on that and he replied

"If the Grangers ever mess with you again you let me know"



"What you day dreaming about Dinah?" her grandmother Ruby Mosley teased "you been stirring that batter for a while now my cobbler is going to be mush after a while"

"Oh" Dinah quickly shook the batter off the spoon "sorry Nana I just...I don't know..."

"You do seem preoccupied in your mind these days that's for sure" Ruby said "something happen in the store today?"

"Nothing much just the Granger brothers---"

"Stirring up trouble again huh?" Ruby shook her head "if their daddy wasn't who he was in this town they would have been put in their place a long time ago"

"Lars---I mean Mr. Ransom stopped them"

"Is that strong farm boy who lives down yonder?" Ruby chuckled

"Nana he's twenty-four that's hardly a boy"

"Child when you get to be my age everyone is a baby" Ruby replied "something tells me you got your eye on him you always have"

"Nana Mr. Ransom is a nice but he's white" Dinah said

"He's still a red bloodied man" Ruby chuckled "the way you're always day dreaming about him I might be a great grandmother after all"


"Oh you know I'm only teasing Dinah" she laughed,  "you've always been a bashful girl"

"I'm not...well I don't even...I'm not having a baby before I marry" Dinah managed to say. She never even felt comfortable talking about kissing with her grandmother let alone....well that.

"Well if you do plan on getting married someday you're going to have to get over being so shy" Ruby chuckled "you think the cows out in the field are shy? Nope at least not with all those little calves running around in the spring"

"I get it Nana"

"I'm sure you do" Ruby chuckled taking the batter from her "one of these days I think somebody is going to show you how"


The following Sunday afternoon Dinah found herself going down towards the creek. Did her grandmother need any more berries for cobbler?


It was the time of day that Lars went swimming after a long day of farm work to cool off and Dinah knew that like the back of her hand. Her heart fluttered at the thought watching Lars it was still as tingly as it was when she was sixteen.

Thinking about her age made her a little embarrassed though. She was a grown woman now she should be able to confront Lars about how she felt about him. At the very least tell him that she watched him from time to time.

Dinah tugged at the hem of her dress as a new sensation flowed through out her body. A tingly feeling that spread from her head to her toes. Her breasts felt tender and her nipples pebbled. Her heart felt like it was going burst out of her chest.

Dinah found herself clenching her thighs together as she felt herself get slick with moisture and her underwear grew wet.  She gripped the hem of her dress, as her body grew hot with desire.

Lars stripped down to his birthday suit and jumped into the cool water and Dinah knew that it had to have felt good to do so after being in the hot sun all day. She would usually sit there until he was finished.

Dinah blushed at the thought of joining him for a swim.

"Well look who got here Leroy"

Dinah felt somebody tug her roughly by the arm and dragged her up to her feet.

It was the Granger brothers.

"Is that you Dinah?" Leroy laughed along with his brother "now didn't you say you never been with a white man?"

"I recall that too" Ed said, "that's what I remembered"

"Let me go!" Dinah spat back trying her best to wriggle her hand free from Ed's

"Woah hold on there Dinah girl" he chuckled darkly "you got a thing for dirt poor white farmers?"

"Let me go!" she cried "I said let me go!"

"Now hold on now" Ed said "why yearn after Ransom when you can have the two of us?"


"You think you're too good for us you black whore?!?" Leroy spat at her "is that what you think?"

"No Mr. Granger I just don't want---NO PLEASE" Dinah cried mortified when Ed tried slip his hand up her dress

"Spread your legs! I want to see how wet you got watching that farm boy swim around"

Tears fell as Ed gripped her thighs tightly as he tried to pry her legs open.

"Come on girl!" he grunted, "no colored bitch says no to Ed Granger!"

"Let Miss Mosley go Ed"

Dinah looked up to see Lars out of the water to save her once again from the Granger brothers. He had managed to get his trousers back on but his chest was still dripping wet from the creek.

"We're just having a little fun Ransom" Leroy said "you can join us if you want the nigger bitch is already wet for you----"

No other words were said because Lars grabbed both of the disgusting men by the collars of their shirts leaving Dinah to smooth her dress back out.

Lars then proceeded to grip the collars of the two men until they were gasping for air. Ed snarled at him trying to free himself from Lars grasp

"Let go of me Ransome! What are you crazy?!?"

Lars pushed both the Granger brothers to the ground and stepped on both of their hands very hard with the heels of his fishing boots grinding into them. Dinah watched in shock and awe at the whole ordeal she had never seen Lars as threatening or violent.

"If I ever catch either of you violating Miss Mosley again or even looking her way" Lars said "I'm going to break both of your hands finger by finger got it?"

"She's just a nigger OWW!---"

"I said got it?" Lars said calmly yet threateningly still jamming his foot into the bastard's hands

"We got it Ransom damn!" Leroy said getting up "come on Ed let's get out of here!"

Lars watched the two brothers run off and he shook his head in disgust as soon as he was sure they were out of sight he turned his attention back to Dinah.

Dinah managed to get herself together but the Granger brothers did manage to tear the shoulder of her dress and was trying to keep her breast from being exposed.

"You alright Miss Mosley?"

" guess so.....thank you"

Lars noted how Dinah was struggling with her wardrobe malfunction and he took on his fishing hooks to serve as a safety pin for that part of her dress.


"Why don't I walk you home?"

"Oh no that's fine Mr. Ransom---"


Dinah couldn't even bring herself to look Lars in the eyes. They both knew why that whole dilemma happened and it wasn't because she was picking berries. Even Leroy Granger stated the obvious.

"Dinah" he gently addressed her by her first name "let me walk you home"


The ice was beginning to crack and the elephant in the room was going to be acknowledged. Dinah knew just as well as Lars did that they would have to confront the little situation between them eventually.

Hell this was almost five years in the making.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.