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When I was younger I loved reading very much but since the advent of television my reading habits have fallen off considerably. My first language is not English but a version of it which is "Creole" since I am a Belizean. My mother is Jamaican but my father was a Belizean. I felt that my earlier televison viewing habits have shaped my some of my opnions over the years but these days I try to instill in my nieces that we as black women have to be proud of ourselves.


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She joined Citrus because she was once weak, she wanted to stop evil and the ruthless of man that was so prevalent in this world. Her only dream was to make a difference. He joined Citrus because he was powerful. He was Citrus's secret weapon. What happens when two people from warring factions are put into the same division? Will they be able to work as team? Can she put her duties first? It was because of his people that she lost everything, her friends, her family and home.  Will these two be able to work together or is her the past too much to bear. (Interracial Romance). 

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Published: June 17 2014
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Title: Citrus (EDITING)

There is so much hurt from her past and the nightmares from that past keeps invading her thoughts. Of course that cruel past shaped what she has become but it may also be ruining what she is truly meant to be. Ambrose is still an enigma to me along with what he is. As for Lena that woman needs to slow down :) 

Reviewer: chocolate470 Signed
Date: March 28 2016

Title: Citrus (EDITING)

I'm in total agreement with Ambrose concerning Lena because she's acting like a spoilt brat - she wants what she wants and when it doesn't go her way she throws a tantrum. I feel for Trinity because Jax's hands aren't clean either due to the fact that he's still emotionally bond to Lena. As for Alexius she's still dealing and I'm sure she has to reconcile her brain with Hector and her parents and look who is invading her space. Well at least its happening gradually but I'm still concern about Ambrose being dependent on those pills.

Reviewer: chocolate470 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: March 28 2016

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