Jessica Griffin
As The World Turns

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Bonnie and RJ

Bonnie McKechnie has been back in Oakdale a few months when word that James Stenbeck is returning gets out, via his new head man, Llandview's RJ Gannon. With Bonnie's cousin, Dallas and Margo Hughes, determined to put James Stenbeck under the jail, they do not refuse Bonnie's offer to use RJ's attraction to the McKechnie heiress to get information. But one afternoon, Bonnie finds herself surprised by the spell of passion RJ casts upon her...

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Categories: Daytime Television
Characters: Bonnie McKechnie, Jessica Griffin
Classification: Crossover
Genre: Erotica
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Warnings: Adult Situations, Extreme Language, Strong Sexual Content
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Chapters: 7
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Published: 01/09/08
Updated: 19/04/09

Rated: Most Ages
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The story is several years old. So a few of the characters are no longer on daytime.

This is an introduction of characters on a fictional soap opera called Beautiful. I took most of the AfricanAmerican actors in daytime and wrote a storyline around each of them. There are only a couple chapters. Here is the first one. 

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Categories: Daytime Television
Characters: Drucilla Winters, Evangeline Williamson, Gia Campbell, Jessica Griffin, Keesha Ward, Kerri Reynolds, Olivia Barber, Original Character(s)
Classification: Crossover, Off Cannon
Genre: Drama
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Chapters: 1
Word count: 1062
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Published: 18/09/08
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