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Aiyana Patterson


Nicholas Patterson


Christopher Lee




Dee Dee Holt


Brenda Yates


Cherry Stewart


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Red, red wine
Goes to my head
Makes me forget that I
Still need you so


The first time he saw her, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Feelings aroused in him that he couldn’t explain. He was too young to know what was physically happening to his body. He was only 7 years old for God sakes. Would he get in trouble for this? He was too young but he knew something was wrong with feeling this way. He watched from across the pool as she laid on her big chair with her dark glasses on. She was wearing what all girls wore to the pool. It looked like underwear that you could swim in. Her long dark hair was wet and so was the rest of her. She then got up and in slow motion she seemed to walk toward him. Her wet hair sending drips down her back. She adjusted her swimsuit and smiled at people as she walked by. Was she coming to him? But no, she stopped and got on the diving board instead. She got ready and jumped off and dived into the pool like she was the mermaid in that “Little Mermaid” movie the girls loved so much. He smiled. She swam good too. He looked around and noticed that everyone saw this. The older guys were looking at her like he was. Some even jumped in as well and made their way towards her. He noticed a man and a woman kissing and he turned away. Ew. But then he smiled. That’s what he wanted to do. He wanted to do that with her. He decided he wanted to get in the water too. He approached the pool and walked down the steps instead, he wasn’t allowed to jump off the diving board like the big kids.

“Christopher!”a voice called. His face turned red when he saw his guardian standing in a robe with curlers in her hair, cigarette hanging from her mouth. “Christopher! Fun time’s over! Come on now!”she said to him

He nodded and she was satisfied with that and walked back to their apartment. He hoped that she didn’t notice but when he turned to look at her, he realized she didn’t even notice him at all. She was too busy giggling with her girlfriends and then a boy picked her up and she sat on his shoulders. He sighed. She didn’t see him at all. He had no reason to be embarrassed. What was embarrassing was that she didn’t know that he was alive.



“Now please don’t embarrass me”Nicholas Patterson said to her as they approached the front door and he rang the doorbell.

Aiyana, his wife, sighed. “Why would you say that?”she asked him

“Do I need to remind you about what happened last time?”he said to her as he cocked an eyebrow at her

“No you don’t, I was there”she said. “I apologized but I was offended when he-“

“You don’t have to explain or justify yourself just…let's just be normal guests at a normal dinner party”

“Alright, that’s what I was doing in the first place”she said as the door opened.

“Nicholas! So glad you could make it!”the woman said at the door,”And this is your wife I presume?”

“Yes, Claire. This is my wife, Aiyana. Aiyana, this is Claire”Nicholas said as he introduced the women. Aiyana, like with anyone else, hugged Claire which took her off guard for a second. “Did I also mention that she’s a hugger?”he said with a laugh, noticing Claire’s slight surprise and awkwardness.

“Oh it's alright. Come in. Let me take your coats. Down the hall to your left is where all the magic’s happening”

“Oooh that’s where we need to be, thank you”Aiyana said as she handed Claire her pea-coat. She smiled widely at Nicholas and he smiled back as he put his hand on the small of her back. “Claire is Kenneth’s wife?”

Nicholas laughed,”Technically but no, she is David’s”

“What do you mean technically?”she said but he ignored her when a chorus of people said his name at the same time while raising their wine glasses. There were hugs, high fives, daps on the knuckles and secret handshakes. It was hard for her to keep up and she forgot everyone’s names right after they were introduced. “Nice to meet you, Heidi”she said to her and instantly forgot her name afterwards.

“Red or white?”someone asked her

“Red please”Aiyana said

“Ok we have Cabernet-“

“Cabernet is fine”Aiyana said nervously as she glanced at Nicholas talking to his friends. She wanted to impress him. She didn’t want to be an embarrassment. Last time can't happen again. “Thank you, Clarissa”she said


“Oh that’s what I meant! Sorry, I'm horrible with names”Aiyana apologized

“Me too don’t worry. I'm sorry. Arianna?...”

“Aiyana. I know its unusual-“

“Its exotic. Its beautiful. It must be African right?”

“Oh no. Its Native American, it means ‘eternal blossom’” Just because she was black, her name had to be from some African tribe? She would have made a joke about it but she couldn't, not tonight.

“Native American?”Claire said, impressed. “That’s beautiful, simply beautiful. So I'm guessing you are….”

“Yes Native American and Black”Aiyana said with a nod. It was funny that everyone always wanted to know “what” she was.

“Huney, I heard some bell go off in the kitchen”David or Kenneth or Brian said to Claire.

“Thank you huney”Claire said. “I’ll be right back. Dinner’s almost ready but we have finger foods and cheese to spoil your appetite until then”she said as she rushed into the kitchen.

Aiyana nodded and stood in the corner as she watched the hustle and bustle of Nicholas’ co-workers chat around her. Nicholas worked at the State Department in Washington, D.C. so he worked with a lot of important government workers and politicians. He even met President Obama once. Nicholas waved her over and she sighed with relief. She didn’t know anyone here and she was kind of shy now, she felt like she was walking on eggshells. She did not want to say the wrong thing.

“Aiyana is quite the trendsetter and fashionista”Nicholas said proudly. “She is on the staff at Metro Fashion Magazine”

All the men nodded. “The Vogue of DC is what my wife says about it”Todd or Tad or whatever said. “Do you write fashion columns?”

“No I-“

“Oh God no, she does something even better”Nicholas interrupted. “The magazine picks one student per semester and grants them a $10,000 scholarship to the fashion school of their choice. Aiyana is in charge of all of that, the application process, the selection process, everything. She may be giving the next Armani his start”

Aiyana smiled as the men nodded in approval. Nicholas was playing her up way too much but whatever, she’ll play along. Soon other wives were brought over and they gushed about her “high fashion” job. Which really wasn’t. She’s done high fashion before and this is anything but. However, she was glad that they were interested in what she did for a living, because she knew she had nothing in common with these people. What else could they talk about? Then another couple walked in and Aiyana smiled. She actually knew them! “Dee Dee, how are you? Its been way too long”

“Oh that’s because I try to stay away from functions like this”Dee Dee said. She was married to one of Nicholas’ co workers. They got divorced and married again. She worked a couple of blocks away from the Metro Fashion building, she is an aspiring painter and tattoo artist. Dee Dee was anything but blue collar, like Aiyana, but at least Aiyana tried to fit in. Like now, she was wearing a nice simple black dress and pearls a la Michelle Obama. Dee Dee however was wearing a revealing red dress that showed off all her tattoos. Once Dee Dee came over to her, the other wives moved away just in time. It’s funny how bright red and tattoos can scare people off. “How you been? How’s the magazine?”

“Ive been good. Same old, same old with the magazine. The application process is starting for the fall semester so I'm kinda swamped”Aiyana said. “How’s the parlor?”

“You are the only person who still calls it a parlor. But its awesome. Love it, nothing changes unless its for the better. More customers, more money”she said,”How’s Nicholas? You two working shit out?”

“Yeah we are taking it day by day”

“So you seeing that counselor I told you about? I'm usually against shit like that but they helped me and Rob”

“Nicholas didn’t want to. He said whatever problems we have, we can work out”

“See that’s the thing, he has the problem. Not you”

“We both do. I'm not perfect”

“Exactly. He thinks you are, he forces you to be. He’s the one with the problem”

“I'm not going to ask about it again. It will only upset him and things are going good right now”Aiyana said as Claire announced that the table was set. Dee Dee and Aiyana had to separate and unfortunately, they were nowhere near each other at the dinner table.

“I wonder what he sees in her”Nicholas whispered to Aiyana as he sat next to her. He was obviously talking about Dee Dee. “They have nothing in common”

“They must have something in common. He must love her, he asked her to marry him again and they are making it work”Aiyana said. “Just because Dee Dee’s arms look like a coloring book doesn’t mean-“

“Lets not talk about that”he interrupted. Dinner went smoothly. The food was good and Aiyana was able to keep up with most of the conversation. She perfected the nod, the “Oh really’s” and “That’s very interesting, tell me more’s”. Every now and then, she would see Dee Dee making faces down the table. She would cross her eyes or pretend to slit her throat with her butter knife. Aiyana almost burst out laughing and Nicholas gave her his “do not embarrass me” look.

“Sorry. Wrong tube”she said as she covered up her laugh with a cough.

More wine was poured and by the time dessert came around, conversations got very interesting. Nicholas and Rob encouraged Aiyana and Dee Dee to chat with the wives while the men smoked cigars in the library. The two begrudgingly did so and they walked in on the weirdest conversation. “And there he was, just lying in a bush, naked. His little pecker was standing up. So I say, “Sir do you need help?” and he said,’Oh I hope you’re the locksmith. I locked myself out the house’”a wife said as the others laughed. “The locksmith didn’t come for another hour so I wrapped him up in my robe….the only clean one was bright pink with a yellow flower. Oh he looked so cute…”she said and laughed and downed her wine. Aiyana noticed there was an empty bottle. The wives have been drinking heavily now.

“Oh this is Aiyana, she is Nicholas’ wife. She works with Metro Fashion and this is Dee Dee, Rob’s wife….”Claire said, she wanted to say more but didn’t even know how to describe Dee Dee. “We are telling embarrassing moments about our hubbies since they aren’t in the room-“

“Secrets are safe with us, nothing leaves the room!”another wife piped up.

“Oh alright, well someone else go first…I cant think of a thing”Aiyana said as she sipped on her wine. This was what Nicholas was afraid of, but if none of this was leaving the room…

“Oh I have one!”a wife said. “Ok so this was before we were married but we love to travel. It was one of our first trips together before we even moved in together. I needed an extra bag for something and he said go look in his closet. Well he has two walk in closets and I don’t see any bags and I see this little door, I open it and it’s a little attic….filled with sex toys and porn!”she said. The wives burst out laughing.

“Brian? Into sex toys? Oh I wouldn’t have guessed!”someone said

“Lets just say I was surprised to say the least but he was more caught off guard than I was!”

Aiyana laughed, that was pretty funny. The women went around the room and told their stories, all very funny. Dee Dee laughed,”Oh hell I might as well”she said. “So I was out of town for a conference and I was gone for a whole week. Rob was really missing me…physically…so he gets this bright idea to shave his pubic hair the night before. Now don’t ask me what he did but when I got home he was laying in bed in pain. His dick and pelvis were as red as my dress! He ended up getting an infection and we couldn’t have sex for another week!”she said and the women laughed. Dee Dee turned to Aiyana,”Your turn go ahead”

“Ok….um….God I cant think”Aiyana said as she downed her wine and Dee Dee poured her more. “Oh Nicholas and I were discussing sexual fetishes. I like to dress up in costumes and I told him so and he was like,’what kind of costumes?’. I said ‘any kind’. Then he says,’like diapers? I would love to see you in one’. I laughed thinking he was joking but he totally wasn’t!”Aiyana said. Dee Dee burst out laughing but the other wives weren’t as receptive. “Oh and he cries when he cums!”Aiyana continued. The few wives that did laugh, uncomfortably, stopped abruptly. “What?”she asked. Dee Dee cleared her throat and pointed behind her. Aiyana turned in her seat and saw Nicholas, Rob, David and Todd or Brian or whomever. Nicholas looked very pissed and stomped away. He heard everything,”Fuck”


Christopher sighed as he sat on the bed watching his girlfriend as she packed for yet another trip. “How long will you be gone this time?”he asked her.

Raven, his girlfriend, shrugged. “Almost a week. The shoot is going to take 3 days but you never know, shoots never end on time”

That’s what she always said. Christopher wasn’t a model or anything but he didn’t believe her when she gave him those explanations. “What hotel are you staying in?”

Raven shrugged again. “Probably one of those Extended Stays if anything changes I’ll call you”she said as she zipped up her bag. Christopher noticed something and stopped her,”What?”she asked as he pulled out a light pink negligee. One of his favorites. “Hey!”

“Why are you taking this?”he asked her.

“I love sleeping in it”she said as she snatched it from him. “Whats your deal? Ever since I got this gig you have been acting like your on your period”

“Its because I'm your boyfriend of 3 years and I don’t like it when you leave for a week for a photo shoot that only lasts 3 days. Sounds fishy”

“Your just thinking too much. Stop being so dramatic”she said as she put the negligee back in her bag. “I’ll call you ok? I promise”she said to him as she quickly kissed him on the nose. “Gotta run, I'm late”she said and dashed out the door.

“Love you too”Christopher said as he scratched his head. He sighed as he walked out onto the balcony and smoked a cigarette. The reason why he was in such a rut was because he just got laid off. He could find another job but he hated the job that he had anyway and didn’t know what to really do with himself. He felt guilty living off of Raven and her bartending and modeling gigs. He filled out numerous applications but nothing came of it. He wished he could be a model, how hard could it be? You just stand there and take pictures. He picked up Raven’s Metro Fashion magazine and looked through it. He noticed an ad for hiring interns and entry level positions as well as scholarship applications. He shrugged. In a perfect world, he would get this job and maybe understand what Raven went through on a daily basis. He opened his laptop and applied online and attached his resume and emailed it. He probably wasn’t going to get it but it took up 45 minutes of his life that he wouldn’t get back and he didn’t mind. Now what was he going to do with himself?


“Nick! Wait!”Aiyana shouted as she ran after him. He was already in the car and starting it up. He wasn’t going to leave her was he? They were all the way out in West Bumblefuck, Virginia. The metro didn’t even come this far. How would she get home? “Nick! Wait!”she said as she opened the door and practically jumped in the car as he pulled off. “What the hell-?”

“What the fuck?”Nicholas said as he shook his head and sped out of the ritzy neighborhood that Claire lived in. “What the fuck did you think you were doing in there?”

“All the wives were drunk, they were all telling stories-“

“None of them were as bad as yours I bet! You told that to my boss’s wife! My boss was standing right there!”

“I didn’t know you all were there! I swear the doors were closed-“

“What possessed you to say something like that?”

“They all were drunk, they were all-“

“How do you know that they wouldn’t tell their husbands later? Why would you say something that would totally embarrass me!”he said as the car sped up.

“Nick, your going too fast!”

“Shut up!”he said,”I told you not to embarrass me. Not like last time! How can I get a promotion after what you said back there!”

“That’s not fair. What I said wont cost you a promotion!”

“Your so fucking childish! Your 30 fucking years old, Aiyana, grow the fuck up! You were drunk and giggly like a fucking sorority girl telling secrets that will cost me my job!!!!! My co workers will NEVER look at me the same again, all because of you!”


“Shut the fuck up, Aiyana. I don’t want to hear another word from you”he said. She sat there in shock, the look in his eyes scared her and she just noticed he had been crying.

He sped all the way home and she was surprised that he didn’t get pulled over. He didn’t say one word to her and when they got home, he went straight upstairs and slammed the door to their bedroom and locked it. She stood there defeated,”Nick-“

“I don’t want to sleep with you or next to you. Its your turn to sleep in the guest room, you deserve it”he said through the door.

Aiyana sadly accepted defeat and went to the guest room. She took off her dress and fell asleep in her panties and bra. She laid down and her self confidence was shot, she began to sob.


Red, red wine
Stay close to me
Don't let me be alone
Its tearin' up
My blue, blue heart

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