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The wedding was perfect. Just how Tandra imagined it. She fit in her dress perfectly, Kevin looked amazing in his tux. The ceremony was perfect. No one objected to their marriage. The reception was even better. No drunken relatives to dancing and making an ass of themselves. So, why was this happening to her? What was “this” exactly? The flu…on her honeymoon.

Yes, she was sick on her honeymoon. The absolutely worse thing that could happen to her. She suspected it was that sick man at the airport they landed in because she knew nobody was sick on the flight from Boston. But why California? It’s been three days of their honeymoon and they only had two days left. This was so unfair.

“Baby…don’t cry…” Kevin said as Tandra cried. “We can take another honeymoon in the future. This isn’t that bad. Here, eat some more soup?” he said was he held the spoon up to her mouth and she pouted. “Don’t make me do this…okay, you asked for it….open your mouth for the choo-choo. C’mon open up…” he said as he wave the spoon full of broth in front of her face and she smacked the spoon out of his hand.

“Get that damn spoon out of my face! Don’t treat me like some damn kid.”

“Well, smacking the spoon out of my hand was a real grown up move…” he said sarcastically as she glared at him. “C’mon. You look so damn cute in that robe with the bears on them and your hair in a messy ponytail. You look like a cute little cranky sick person…”

“This shit ain’t funny, Kevin. I hate this…this is supposed to be our damn honeymoon and I’m all sick. You should go out have some fun. There’s no reason you should be miserable.”

“Would you just shut up and eat the damn soup? Stop saying that you’re ruining the honeymoon. Yeah, this isn’t the ideal honeymoon, but I’m taking care of you. I love you and in sickness and in health. Just had no idea that would apply so soon…”

“See, you’re miserable. I feel like death. I know I’m no fun to be around.”

“You are fun to be around. Especially when your fever is high. You talk so much gibberish, I would’ve thought you were drunk. Speaking of you fever…” he said as he took out the thermometer and placed it in her mouth under her tongue…”

“But…don’t you want to go to the beach?” she mumbled.

“No talking.” he said as he pushed her jaw up to close her mouth. The digital thermometer beeped once it read her temperature. “100.2 degrees. Your fever is going down some.” he said as he felt her forehead. “Now, can we be a good wife and eat some soup?” he asked and she nodded. She was being a bit childish, but she was sick…she was allowed to be childish and babied.

He picked the spoon up and when into the bathroom to wash off the spoon. He returned to her side and dipped the spoon in the cooled down broth of the chicken noodle soup. He raised the spoon to her mouth and she opened it without protest. He kept feeding her until the soup was gone and he got her to take drink some juice and hot tea. She took some flu and cold medicine and fell asleep for nearly an hour until he heard her call for him.

“Kevin! The bucket!” she said in between coughs and he rushed to her side with the small hotel trash can, but it was too late. Tandra had thrown up on his shoes. “I’m sorry…” she mumbled as she coughed.

“It’s alright. I’ll just hose off the shoes.” he said as he peeked at his feet and saw that her vomit was orange. He immediately looked back up. She drank too much orange juice. “Okay…no more orange juice for you.”

“Is it orange?” she asked and he stared at her as if she was insane. “I can’t see it from here.”

“Do I really have to look at it again?” he said and she gave him a pleading look. “You’re so lucky I love you so much…” he said as he peeked again. “Yeah…bits of chicken, too. Now can I wash this off?” he asked and she nodded. He stepped out of his shoes and place the trash can on the bed with her. He walked to the bathroom and washed off his feet. The cleaning lady is really going to hate her job in the morning. He would make it a little easier by getting spot treatment for the carpet. “You okay in there?” he asked as he heard her vomit again.

“Yeah…I’m just vomiting and feverish here in a hotel that was supposed to be our honeymoon hotel and I’m ruining it…” she said as she cried and he sighed as he was drying off his feet. He returned to see her crying on the bed.

“How many times do I have to tell you that you’re not ruining our honeymoon? And I’m not having it without you while you’re sicker than a dog. I’m taking care of my wife. You’re my wife, Tandra, and I’m not leaving your side. Even if you puke on me again…”

“I love you so much, Kevin…” she said as she was going to kiss him, but he backed up.

“I love you, too, but it’s gonna be air kisses for you until you’re not contagious anymore.”

“Fine…” Tandra said as she smiled and rolled her eyes before laying down to take another nap. Kevin really did love her.

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