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Story Notes:

I have incorporated themes from 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Charmed' that readers will recognize.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

BACKSTORY:  This is an Alternate Universe True Blood fan fiction. One where in which Bill and Sookie are engaged, but other events have come into to play...

Ruby Jean Reynolds suddenly stopped being crazy and married the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington! Lafayette doesn’t know WTF to think, when Ruby Jean invites him to live in the mansion Russell owns in Bon Temps AND seems totally accepting of his relationship with nurse Jesus Velazquez.

But there is trouble waiting in the wings, that begins upon the death of Tara’s mother, Lettie Mae Thornton...

    Vampire Bill Compton was grateful that Lettie Mae Thornton’s funeral was in the evening. Though he didn’t think that was for his benefit, since he barely knew Tara after all of this time. But he was grateful he could be with Sookie, who was determined to look after her friend during her time of need.

    But Lettie Mae’s funeral brought some curious mourners to the small church where it was being held. Mourners that aroused suspicion in him.

    Bill saw Lafayette, of course, and his lover Jesus.

    He also saw Eric Northman!

    A man sitting across from him in a pew smelled suspiciously like a werewolf.

    But the biggest surprise of all was the King of Mississippi’s arrival with his new wife, who just happened to be Lafayette’s mother! And Bill’s understanding of Ruby Jean’s past was that she used to have a mental illness. Bill had never thought mental illness was something one just ‘got over’.

    Tara and Sam walked up to the coffin. Bill eyed Sam warily. If the truth be told, he was glad to see him taking such interest in Tara. That meant he’d keep the hell away from Sookie!

    Tara looked different these days. The braids were gone and her her hair was straight and long. It rested on one shoulder as she clung to Sam willing herself not to cry. Bill looked around and noted that Northman and the wolf smelling guy, were watching Sam and Tara intently. As were Russell and Ruby Jean. What the hell was going on here?

    Sookie, who had been in the bathroom, rejoined him. She looked over at the wolf smelling guy.

    “Hey, Alcide! Bill, that’s Alcide Herveaux. Remember when I told you about Eric’s hiring him to fix up my house after Mary Ann messed it up?”

    Bill glanced over at this ‘Alcide’. He smiled at Sookie and nodded coolly to Bill. Bill dragged his eyes off of him and looked back at Sookie.

    “And he knows Tara?”

    “I guess. I mean you know, Tara was in and out of the house while he and his men were working on things.” Sookie answered.

    “And Eric back there? Tara knows him too?” Bill continued to press. Sookie turned back behind her and saw Eric sitting in the back. He grinned at her! Sookie turned back to Bill.

    “I don’t think Tara knows him. But maybe he’s here because of Ruby Jean’s new husband. He’s a vamp, right?”

    “He’s a gay vamp, yes. So I can’t see why he would marry an indigent woman with mental problems.”

    “Bill!” Sookie chastised. “It’s none of our business how they got together! And maybe Ruby Jean’s husband is no longer gay...”

    “Sookie, please. Even you don’t believe that. You work with LaFayette. What does he say about his new ‘step-father’?”

    “Oh. Well LaFayette doesn’t work at Merlotte’s anymore. He said his step-father found work for him.” Sookie confided.

    Meanwhile, LaFayette and Jesus sat in the front pew, watching Tara and Sam. His mother and step-father, Russell, were sitting some space away in the same pew.

    “I’m telling you, Jesus, I don’t like this shit.” LaFayette muttered.

    “What choice do we have?” Jesus muttered back. “he’s paying for my mother’s cancer treatments.”

    “Yeah, I get that Jesus, but he’s forced me to learn more about my powers than I ever wanted to.”

    “You have to if Tara and you are going to do what Russell wants.”

    “Tara knows NOTHING about her powers! And this is the last thing she needs right now. And look at those muthafuckers over there.” LaFayette sniffed, referring to Alcide and Eric.

    “I like Eric, kind of.” Jesus admitted.

    “Yeah, he’s alright. But still...”

    Ruby Jean suddenly rose to walk up to the coffin with Sam and Tara. Russell moved so that he was sitting next to LaFayette and Jesus.

    “Keep it down, boys. There are vamp ears perked in this church.”

    “Fuck that! And you keep your ass out of my room at night!” LaFayette snapped. Russell grinned, then looked at Jesus.

    “It’s not YOUR ass I want. How is your mama doing, Jesus?”

    Meanwhile, Tara gave Sam a dirty look!

    “You have to go? Now?”

    “Tara, honey, a new waitress is starting today. Remember? I need to be there when she starts. Now you have your family and friends here. And I’m here for you, always, you know that.”

    “Just not today.” Tara said dully and looked away. Ruby Jean put an arm around Tara and smiled at Sam.
    “Now don’t you worry none about her. Go and conduct your business. Tara understands, don’t you, Tara?”

    Tara did not answer. Sam reluctantly left and Ruby Jean gently chastised her niece.

    “Tara, you know that man did not want to leave. But he has to work.”

    “He owns the bar, Aunt Ruby Jean! And I still want to know when you started speaking in whole sentences?”

    Ruby Jean smiled tolerantly but did not answer. Tara’s eyes tore from hers and focused on the Reverend Daniels and his wife. The same Reverend Daniels who had an affair with her mother, promised to leave his wife then never did---causing Lettie Mae to drink herself to death.

    Ruby Jean cast a sly glance back at Russell, before leading Tara back down to the pews. She ended up sitting next to Ruby Jean and Russell as the Reverend Daniels began his eulogy.

    “Lettie Mae Thornton had an amazing life, even though it was rather short...”

    Tara blinked. What?! What was so ‘amazing’ about it? The woman had been drunk most of her damned life until recently, then started drinking again no thanks to this muthafu...

    “She was the type of person that made you laugh so hard, that you ended up crying...”

    Now Tara began peeking around the church. No one knew WHO the hell Reverend Daniels was talking about! Then again, maybe this was the Lettie Mae he knew privately. The Lettie Mae who’s heart he broke...

    Suddenly, Tara couldn’t stand hearing this man’s voice anymore. She closed her eyes as if to shut him out of her head, then heard screams!

    When Tara’s eyes opened, she could see that a stain glassed light, that had hung above the reverend, had fallen on him! Everyone was rushing up to see to the gravely, injured man. Tara stood up, feeling oddly satisfied and walked out of the church for some night air.

    Bill Compton did not think what had happened was an accident. Sookie was hovering over Reverend Daniels, but others had stayed in their seats. Those being Eric, Alcide, Lafayette, Jesus and Mr. and Mrs. Edgington.

    Tara had walked out.

    Bill watched as Sheriff Andy Bellfleur walked out after Tara. Then Eric followed after them. What the living hell was going on? And would Sookie be pulled into this?


    “Tara Thornton, what happened in there?” Andy asked in a no-nonsense tone.

    “What are you asking me for? You saw what happened!”

    “You’re the only one that walked out like you could give a fuck!”

    “I don’t give a fuck! How is not giving a fuck against the law, Andy?”

    “Look, everyone knows your mama took up with the reverend in there, and things ended badly. I’m going to have to investigate to make sure that that light wasn’t rigged to fall on him.”

    “You’re shittin’ me, right? You think I rigged the light?”


    “Lord in the morning! You see how high that damned light was! How would I have gotten up there?”

    “With a ladder, like anyone else.”

    Suddenly, Eric appeared and walked up to Andy.

    “Sheriff, I’m sure that there are other suspects to look at. After all, the good reverend is very popular with the ladies.” Eric said smoothly.

    Andy blinked.

    “I know you’re scared of heights, Tara. There are other suspects I want to look at. Have a pleasant evening.”

    And with that, Andy walked back into the church, just as an ambulance pulled up. Tara looked away.

    “A ‘thank you’ will suffice.” Eric said.

    “Why? Look, I know you did that to score points with Sook. And I didn’t need your help. So be on your way, okay?” Tara sniffed.

    “I didn’t glamour the sheriff to make brownie points with Sookie. I saw a great injustice about to take place. Did you really want to go to jail on the night your mother is being buried?”

    “What I don’t want is to talk about this with YOU.” Tara said, looking away. When she looked back, Eric was gone. Good! Now maybe she could have some peace...


    Tara looked behind her and saw a man that looked vaguely familiar. So vague that she just couldn’t place him. He was about as tall as that blonde vampire that had just gotten out of her sight.


    “I was sorry to hear about your loss.”

    “Oh. Thanks.”

    “You don’t remember me?”

    “Sorry, no. Did you know my mama?”

    “Tara, my name is Alcide. Herveaux? My company worked on Sookie’s house?”

    Tara just stared up at him.

    “You got me a drink of water one time?”

    “Oh, yeah! How’ve you been?” Tara asked politely. “You did a good job on the house. What brings you by?”

    “Your mother died.” Alcide said, as if prompting her.

    Tara eyed him.

    “Yeah but I barely know you. You’re here for Sookie, right?”

    The doors to the church opened and the paramedics carried out an unconscious Reverend Daniels, along with his wife who gave Tara a pointed look.

    Tara gave her the middle finger in kind, then turned to Alcide.

    “Do have a car here?”

    “Yeah, why?”

    “I want you to take me someplace.” Tara answered.


    They pulled up in front of Merlotte’s.

    “I’m not sure a bar is where you need to be right now.” Alcide said gruffly. But Tara was already out of the car.

    “It’s alright. This is exactly where I need to be. Thanks for the ride and for coming to my mother’s funeral.” Tara said. She then walked into the bar. Alcide parked, got out of the car and walked in as well. He nodded at the new waitress, that Sam had been forced to leave Tara to meet.

    Debbie Pelt gave her former boyfriend a slight nod back, as she gave Sam her full attention. Alcide then turned to leave just as Tara walked up to them.

    “Tara? What on earth?” Sam asked. Tara looked from him to Debbie.

    “I’m Tara, the bartender. You must be the new waitress?”

    “I’m Debbie.” was all she said. Tara nodded and looked at Sam again.

    “Sam, can we talk? In your office?”

    Sam nodded, then motioned to Arlene to help Debbie. Once inside Sam’s office, Tara threw herself into his arms!

    “Sam, I couldn’t deal with it! I needed to be with someone that I know cares something about me!”

    Sam set her away from him.

    “I more than care ‘something’ about you. But to leave your mother’s funeral...”

    “There was an accident. A light fell on Reverend Daniels. Andy was acting as if I rigged it.”

    “What the FUCK?!” Sam snapped. “He thought you tried to kill the reverend?”

    “I guess I can’t blame him. Everyone knows about Mama and him. I guess I was the most likely suspect.”

    “Well what happened? You’re here so Andy changed his mind?”

    “Oh one of Sookie’s vamp friends glamoured him into forgetting me as a suspect. I don’t even know why he was there.” Tara groused. Sam said nothing,  but he suspected Tara was referring to Eric Northman. Sam had seen him and wondered why he was there as well.

    “Listen, here are the keys to my trailer. Wait for me there.”

    Tara nodded, smiling softly before kissing him. She left his office and said goodbye to Terry, Arlene and the new waitress Debbie. Debbie stared after her for a bit, before beginning on her own business there--that being the seduction of Sam Merlotte


    There was a meeting of evil at the Edgington mansion, after Ruby Jean took over where Tara left off. She made sure her sister was properly buried, helped Sookie feed everyone at the after event at Sookie’s home, then returned to the quiet of her study.

    Only it wasn’t so quiet.

    Jesus was up in  LaFayette’s room, waiting for him. LaFayette, Eric, Alcide and Russell, were in the study as well.

    Ruby Jean sat down.

    “Well? What did you think of that ‘accident’?” Ruby Jean asked blithely.

    “I thought it was fucked up!” Lafayette snapped. Ruby Jean’s eyes narrowed.

    “No one asked you a goddamned thing, boy! You just keep making sure your powers get stronger. You’ll need them.” Ruby Jean huffed.

    “Oh yeah...I know...because according to your visions, there is an apocalypse coming and anyone not human, witches, vamps and shifters, will be killed, right?”

    “Show your mama some respect, LaFayette,” Russell said coolly, “Ruby Jean, yourself and Tara have powers that rival none other. They just need to be honed some. I want you to continue working with Mr. Northman here. You should be able to cause natural disasters by now.”

    “Your majesty,” Eric said in a ass kissing tone, “he will be ready by the end of the week.”

    “What?!” LaFayette protested, “how in the hell am I going to...”

    “Hush!” Ruby Jean snapped, then looked at Alcide.

    “Well? How did your part go?”

    Alcide, who was leaning against the fireplace, took a deep breath before speaking.

    “She’s connected with Merlotte. I put someone in place to pry her from him.”

    Eric grinned!

    “You mean your V addicted ex-girlfriend?”

    Russell peered at Eric.

    “You don’t agree with Mr. Herveaux?”

    “I don’t think a drug addicted were-fox, is up to the task of taking Sam Merlotte from Tara, no.” Eric replied.

    LaFayette spoke.

    “I think your plans for Tara are fucked up...but...Sam is a sucker for women in distress. It might actually make her more desirable to him. What I don’t understand is what the werewolf over here wants with Tara? I mean you vamps need Tara and me to come up with a spell, that will let you wear rings, that will let you all run around during the day.”

    “Without getting the bleeds.” Russell reminded his step-son.

    “Whatever! But what does the werewolf get?” LaFayette asked, looking at Alcide.

    Alcide stepped forward.

    “Breedin’ rights.”

    LaFayette’s eyes widened and he slowly stood up.

    “What the fuck did you just say?”

    Eric stood up as well.

    “That’s right, LaFayette. The Were’s want to create a new type of hybrid, if you will, with wolves and witches. A witch of Tara’s caliber...”

    “You’re shittin’ me, right? Tara isn’t going to go for you! And breaking up her and Sam...”

    “Isn’t Jesus waiting for you?” Russell interrupted. Ruby Jean grabbed her son’s arm and pulled him from the room. Once they were gone, Eric spoke more plainly--and insultingly.

    “Not to be rude, but I overheard your exchange with Tara at the church. She didn’t even remember getting you a drink of water.”

    Alcide folded his arms.

    “You just do your part, Northman, and let me worry about what I need to do.”

    “What you need to do, is get Tara in your bed for the next three full moons, in order to conceive a child with her,” Eric said drolly, “and the next full moon is two nights from now. Now if you need me to glamour her into sleeping with you, then I’ll want in on the action. A nice threesome...”

    Alcide took a step towards Eric but Russell interrupted.

    “That will be all,  Mr. Northman. I’ll be in touch when you can begin training Tara.”

    Eric bowed.

    “Your majesty.” he said, ignoring Alcide before leaving the study. Once the door closed, Russell looked at Alcide.

    “It’s not like the viking doesn’t have a point. And he doesn’t know the half of it. You need to fuck this woman not only on the next three full moons, but one time has to be in water, one on metal and the other on wood.”

    “Not a problem.” Alcide gruffly.

    “Plus, you’re talking about marrying this gal...”

    “I want more than one child, so yeah, I’ll have to marry her...”

    “And you saw what she did to the good reverend at her own mother’s funeral. Who’s to say she won’t use her powers on you, when she finds out she’s been tricked? Human women can be complicated.”

    Alcide said nothing to that. Everyone knew Russell had only married Ruby Jean once he found out she was a psychic witch, who was seeing the end of anything supernatural. Russell had a lover he still kept on the premises here someplace. And he suspected that lover was Jesus, but couldn’t prove anything.

    “Like I said,” Alcide answered, “just make sure everyone does their parts and this will all work out fine.”

    Russell let it go, though Alcide had not answered his question as to how he planned on getting a woman he barely knew, to have sex with him two nights from now? Then again, these things actually happened all of the time. All he wanted was that damned ring, and the sooner Tara and LaFayette learned how to make that happen, the better.

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