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Story Notes:
I know I have two other series to finish! This story will probably be no longer than two parts. I own nothing!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

BACKSTORY: The last year for widow, Michelle Landau, had been very hard. Once Christian Troy broke up with her and followed his friend, and partner, Sean McNamara, out to Hollywood, Michelle was left with a business that suddenly didn’t seem so appealing anymore.

Michelle was pondering selling McNamara/Troy( the memories of Christian and what she did to her late husband, Burt, were almost too daunting to bear), when she took on a patient she shouldn’t have. And if she had been up on her news, her antennae would’ve been at least up and perched. Hell, if she had had anyone left in that office that at least used to work for Christian or Sean, what happened wouldn’t have happened.

Quentin Costa, formerly known as the serial rapist/killer, ‘The Carver’ had come to her business, asking for some genitalia plastic surgery or something. Michelle, who had hired two new surgeons fresh out of med school, took a cursory note of the case and then retreated into her office.

But later that night, when she was getting ready to leave, the mofo attacked her! Quentin or ‘Mr. Whitelaw’ as he had said his name was, was supposed to be an overnight patient. As she left her office he tried to stick a needle into her neck or something, but Michelle saw him out of the corner of her eye and punched him in the throat! His gag reflex kicked in long enough for her to run out of the offices and down the garage! She jumped into her car and sped off into the night.

Michelle called the police when she hit the highway. They arrived at her house claiming they found Mr. Whitelaw gagging and crying or something on the floor of the offices. It was not long that it was revealed that Whitelaw was ‘The Carver’ returned.

But Quentin got a very good defense attorney. A woman named Ellen Wolf. And when Ms. Wolf paid her a visit at the offices formerly known as McNamara/Troy, she made it clear to Michelle that she planned to make her shady past Quentin Costa’s defense....


Michelle twirled her pen absent mindedly in her office. The Carver had tried to kill her last night. Damn.

She thought about calling Christian, considering the bastard tried to kill him too. But she wasn’t ready to speak to him. And really he should be the one calling her. Neither one of them had been perfect but she had given up a lot for him. For him to just walk out on her like he did...

Michelle pulled herself out of her reverie when her secretary, Carrie, walked in.

“Mrs. Landau, a woman named Ellen Wolf is here. She’s The Carver’s defense attorney.”

Michelle slowly stood up. That murdering butcher’s lawyer was here? Why???

“Send her in.” Michelle said coolly, then straightened the designer suit that revealed more than a bit of cleavage, as Ellen Wolf walked in. Michelle eyed her. The woman was mousy looking, but tall. Salt and pepper hair that she should be ashamed of but wasn’t. Michelle also noted that she wore two wedding rings. Carrie eyed the two of them before closing the door, leaving the women alone.

“I’m Ellen Wolf.” salt and pepper hair said, holding out her hand. Michelle thought about not shaking it, but common courtesy kicked in and she returned the gesture. She then pointed to a seat for Ms. Wolf to sit in. But the older woman shook her head.

“I think you’re the one that should sit, Mrs. Landau...or should I call you Mrs. Prado.”

Michelle kept her expression neutral, which was very hard in light of that last sentence.

“Pardon me?” Michelle asked, sitting on the edge of her desk. Ellen smirked.

“Look, Michelle Landau...Michelle Prado, whatever it is you go by. I know about your first our now esteemed A. D.A. Miguel Prado. What happens in Vegas can be found online now. Miguel met you when...when he frequented James...your pimp? Anyway, you two forgot to dissolve...”

Michelle slowly slid off of her desk.

“I’ve only had one husband.”

“Right. I’m only going down memory lane here because I plan to vigorously defend my client.”

“Your ‘client’ raped, maimed and murdered people.”

“While you hooked, became part of a kidney stealing ring and became a bigamist. Wow. If you weren’t legally married to Burt Landau then none of this is yours, is it?”

Ellen Wolf was now looking around the office. But Michelle kept her cool. The kidney ring in the HELL had this broad found out about that?!

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ms. Wolf. It’s on your conscience if you can defend that mad man. He’ll probably pay you a ‘visit’ once you get him off.”

“He’s not going to prison on evidence given by you. Your husband...”

“He’s not my...”

“Whatever. Miguel is the A.D.A on this case. Let him know that the woman that thinks she’s married to him, will get quite the shock if all of this comes out in court. Think about it.” Ellen said as she picked up her briefcase and left the office. Michelle closed her eyes. Why did her past just keep getting thrown back in her face? Why?

Michelle walked over and slammed the door, that Ellen had not closed when she left. She then walked over to her purse and pulled out her cellphone. Miguel Prado had wanted to meet with her today so that she could give a statement. Now they would have to talk about much more than that.


Actually, Burt and Miguel had been chummy over the years, as Miguel had used Burt’s influence over the years to get to where he had today. He had planned on asking for a donation so he could actually run for District Attorney, when Burt ‘died’. Other than that, Michelle had not had much contact with him. And when she did, it was not uncomfortable or anything. They both instinctively understood that in order to protect the good lives they had now, no one could know of their past association together.

That’s why Michelle was more than a little surprised when she arrived at Miguel’s office to find him friendly. At least with his hands.

He had escorted her in personally, then closed the door. Michelle hadn’t even had a chance to sit down before Miguel pulled her firmly into his arms and began kissing her neck. Michelle was a bit startled to feel the return of her attraction for him. She had felt nothing for for anyone since Christian had left.

But she reminded herself that there was a reason things could’ve never worked out with this particular man. For one, he was married. And this case, Michelle knew that his involvement with her could be deadly to his case against The Carver.

Michelle pulled away and pressed her hands against Miguel’s chest.

“Miguel, I need to talk to you. Really, I need for you listen to me.”

But Miguel’s hand was already lifting her skirt slightly.

“We can talk later, my sweet. I’ve wanted to be with you ever since you came to your senses and got rid of that...that...puta, Christian Troy.”

Michelle smiled. Miguel called everyone a puta that he hated. She had just remembered that.

“Miguel,” Michelle said, not responding to the Christian comment, “Ellen Wolf came to see me.”

“That puta! What did she want?” he almost growled, letting go of her.

“She knows we were married. And that we forgot to get a divorce.”

“Uh, I did not forget.”

Michelle raised a brow.

“Huh? I never signed anything.”

“You didn’t have to.”

“Miguel! Come on! You’re telling me the truth? You got a divorce without my knowing about it?”

“Does that bother you?”

“No. I mean...Miguel, you know if we’re still married then I lose everything of Burt’s. But honestly, what bothers me more is Ellen Wolf using our past to get The Carver off. I don’t know what to do.”

Miguel reached for her hand and kissed it, just as the door to his office opened and a nerdy looking guy walked in. Michelle pulled her hand away but she could see that the man saw that small bit of affection. Michelle smiled wanly at him and waited for Miguel to introduce them.

“Hey, Miguel, sorry to pop in like this. If you’re busy...”

“No, Dexter. Michelle Landau, Dexter Morgan.” Miguel said in a clipped tone. Dexter nodded, shaking her hand. He then pointed at her.

“You were almost attacked by The Carver the other night, right? Sorry.”

Michelle nodded.

“It’s alright. At least he’s been caught.”

“But he won’t do any time. Not if that puta Ellen Wolf has anything to say about it!” Miguel snarled again. Michelle looked from Miguel to Dexter. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she got the oddest feeling as if she were missing part of a conversation between these two men. She shook it off.

“Miguel...I mean, Mr. Prado, I’ll come back later.” Michelle began.

But Miguel looked at Dexter.

“Could we hit a few later? I really need to take Mrs. Landau’s statement now.”

Michelle noted that Dexter gave her a strange, quick look, as if he had caught on to the fact that her and Miguel were not just meeting for the first time now. But he covered.

“No. Not at all. Mrs. Landau, it was nice to meet you. I wish it had been under better circumstances.”

“It was nice to meet you, Mr. Morgan.” Michelle replied.

“Call me, Dexter.” he said.

“Yes,” Miguel echoed, “call him Dexter. Dexter, I’ll see you later.”

Dexter nodded to Miguel and left the office, closing the door behind him. Michelle turned back to Miguel.

“What was that all about?”

“What was what all about?” Miguel asked, his face softening as he stared at her.

“Come on, Miguel! He’s...kind of...I don’t know...’Opie Like’ to be one of your friends.”

“No? You don’t think that I could’ve suddenly become well rounded?”

“Miguel, this is not about your being well rounded. The guy is just...I don’t know. It’s a vibe. Look, I just came by to warn you about Ellen Wolf. I don’t think we’re going to have any choice but to just drop this. I’m going to drop the charges.”

“Let’s not talk about this now. How about I come by tonight? Hmmm?”

“Miguel, what about your wife?”

“Michelle, this is just two old friends catching up, alright? I know how hard it was for you after that puta left you, okay? Just a dinner between old friends.”

Michelle stared at him for the longest time before nodding a ‘yes’. But they both knew that tonight would be more than just a dinner between old friends. And Michelle left Miguel’s office, wondering if she was ready to resume a relationship with a married man after all she had been through.


Michelle changed her mind. But not in time.

Getting together with Miguel tonight was not a good idea. They had never been ‘old friends’. She was an escort and Miguel took a liking to her...more than once. Things got out of hand in Vegas and that was that.

But she had been unable to get ahold of Miguel to cancel. So Michelle dismissed the servants for the night and fixed the two of them a very, very small meal, so that Miguel would eat and leave.

The doorbell rang promptly at seven and Michelle answered her own door. Miguel was standing there holding a bottle of wine, smiling down at her expectantly. He moved to step in but Michelle blocked his way.

“Miguel, this is a mistake. Maybe we should call this off.”

“Don’t be silly. We need to talk. I saw Ellen Wolf today and she had much to say about more than just our long ago marriage.” he said pointedly.


“Michelle, I don’t want to talk about this out here.”

Michelle sighed and stepped aside so that Miguel could come in. She closed the door after him and gestured towards a terrace. Miguel walked out and looked at the food.

“There’s food here but you wanted to cancel?” he asked, raising a brow towards her. Michelle joined him on the terrace.

“Tell me what Ellen Wolf said.” she said, ignoring his question. Miguel set the wine down and turned to stare out into the night.

“She said she was James’s lawyer.”

Michelle rolled her eyes!

“God, is there any scumbag that woman doesn’t defend?”

Miguel turned back to her and nodded quickly in total agreement.

“I know, I know! Anyway, James left her a letter before her suicide...claiming you were involved in a kidney stealing ring. Is it true?”

Michelle looked away. She was not to admit to anyone that worked for law enforcement, that she used to steal people’s kidneys!

“No. James...she was in love with me. And...well she was the one that was doing it.”

Miguel pressed his lips together briefly before speaking again.

“That takes a very specialized knowledge. How did James learn how to do all of this? Without killing the victims?”

Michelle turned away, shrugging. Miguel reached out and turned her back towards him.

“You once told me you attended medical school. You told me you were working for her to pay off James’s...for her covering your education.”

Michelle turned away again but Miguel once again, turned her back towards him.

“Ellen Wolf is not going to be a problem. Not for much longer.”

Michelle eyed him.


“Just know that Ellen Wolf will not be getting that murdering fu...The Carver off. Now can we sit down and eat? I want to hear all about what made you leave our bed in Las Vegas and marry Burt Landau.”

Ooops, Michelle thought. Yes, that was another thing. The night she married Miguel, she crawled out of bed and went down to the casino, feeling all out of sorts. She was already prostituting herself to get through medical school and now she had married one of her customers. She had met Burt at a blackjack table and they spent most of the night in one another’s company.

Then Burt married her. Early that morning at a wedding chapel. The ink wasn’t even dry on her ‘other’ marriage.

When Michelle had went back to her room to retrieve her clothes, Miguel had left. She just assumed he realized what a mistake the two of them had made and left.

Michelle tore her guilty gaze from Miguel’s probing one, when the telephone rang. She pulled away from Miguel and went inside to answer it.



Michelle froze. It was Christian.

“Michelle? It’s Christian. I heard about The Carver. Are you alright?”

Michelle said nothing at first, then found her voice.

“I’m fine.”

“Good...listen, I was contacted by Quentin’s lawyer. She wants me to come back and testify for that f**k. Why?”

“How would I know that?” Michelle asked, suddenly irritated. He had barely asked her if she was alright and now he was giving her the third degree?

“Don’t give me that, Michelle! This broad...Ellen something or another, plans on using your past to get that murdering bastard off! She wants me to come back and confirm everything! I’m not coming back to help him get off!”

“Or to see if I’m alright, hey?” Michelle asked in a cool voice. She was about to say something when the phone was snatched from her hand and Miguel got on the line.

“This is Assistant District Attorney, Miguel Prado. Don’t call here again.” Miguel said and was about to hang up, when Christian began hissing.

“Who? Michelle, one of your servants is getting cute on the phone...”

“Oh, you think I’m a servant? Let me tell you something BIATCH, don’t call here again or you’ll get a fist instead of The Carver’s dick up your ass, do you hear me?”

“Look you...” Christian began hissing.

But Miguel slammed down the phone! He then appeared to compose himself before focusing on Michelle.

“I’m sorry, my sweet. I could tell he was upsetting you and...”

Miguel was stunned when Michelle grabbed his face and kissed him hard! She then let go of him.

“I really loved it when you called him a biatch.” she breathed and Miguel pulled her to him, holding her tightly as their lips met again for more fervant, passion starved kisses...


This is a mistake. This is a mistake. This is a mistake.

Those words rang through Michelle’s head, but her body was feeling something entirely different. She remembered why being Miguel’s escort had never been a chore or anything to dread. And yet, obviously something was missing from Miguel’s relationship with his wife that he referred to as ‘Syl’.

Michelle had sighed with contentment, as she felt the almost cruel pressure of Miguel’s huge cock probing for entrance inside of her. They had not made it to her bedroom or even all the way up the stairs. Their clothing lay in a heap at the bottom of the stairs as the lovers decided that they couldn’t wait another minute to be together again.

Michelle ignored the jutting of stairs digging into her back as Miguel fell upon her, his weight smashing her fully rounded breasts tightly against her heaving lungs. His lips sought hers again, at the moment that he thrust his hips forward and rammed into her soft, hot belly, the long, thick prick that glided into her like a driving telephone pole.

Michelle’s hands yanked at Miguel’s hair, almost tearing it out, as his hands moved to firmly plant themselves beneath her and onto her buttocks, spreading them widely. His cum inflated balls smacked loudly against them.

Someone could see them! Someone could see them! Michelle thought wildly! They were on the stairs in the middle of the mansion...anyone looking through one of the doors or windows...

But that thought was cut off as Miguel slammed into her with a little more force, almost as if he knew her mind had not been on him and their lovemaking, and he had sought to bring her back to the here and now. Michelle’s legs were now wrapped around Miguel’s waist as he filled and emptied her mercilessly. This is what she had been needing since Christian walked out on her. To be with someone, if only for a moment, that not only wanted her, but was starving for her. Their mouths opened and closed simultaneously in response to what was happening between them until finally, they found themselves lost in a raw, drenching animal sensuality, that made Michelle and Miguel both feel as if they were trapped in an endless earthquake.

Miguel collapsed on top of Michelle, spent. Michelle’s breath emitted small, spurts, as if she still could not believe what had just happened. Miguel rolled off of her and laid on his back beside her on the stairs. It was not long before he sat up, uncomfortable with the stairs digging into his own back.

“Ow.” he said quietly, before reaching over to caress her intimate flesh gently. Michelle did not sit up or stop him.

“I was sorry to hear about Burt.” Miguel said in the same quiet voice. Michelle now used the railing to pull herself up.

“He was sick.” was her answer. She certainly couldn’t tell him the truth.

Miguel stood up as well and they stared at one another. Michelle could see real concern on his face and she reached out to touch his cheek.

“I’m fine, Miguel. Really. I think you should leave now.”

Miguel said nothing but nodded curtly. He then sighed before speaking.

“I will take care of this Ellen Wolf business. She won’t be a problem.”

But Michelle didn’t hear him. Not really. She just stared at him. This man, her former lover...husband...whatever, standing proudly before her with bathed in sweat from making love to her in a way that would rival in the most talented of savages. Michelle smiled up at him. She now knew what she had to do.

She was going to sell the business and go somewhere to get her life together. Maybe meet a man that at the very least, she wouldn’t have to lie to.

But it would be two days later that those plans would be put on hold. Michelle would learn of Ellen Wolf’s death at work. Feeling relief, it would not hit her until the middle of the night, when she awoke and sat straight up in bed. Is THAT what Miguel had meant when he kept saying he would ‘take care of Ellen Wolf’? Was it possible Miguel had killed The Carver’s defense attorney?

What Michelle Landau did not realize at the time, was that these were the last days she would be spending with Miguel Prado. That this man she had been married to for a New York minute, had either always been a borderline psychopath, or life had turned him into one. What Michelle would be finding out, is just how far Miguel went to protect their secret, and how Miguel gave a certain Dexter Morgan the mistaken impression that he had taken their secret connection to the grave with him.


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