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Female born and raised in New Orleans.  My passions are writing, reading and oh yeah, the hubby.  lol

Also have stories written under the pen names BigEasyTangieFan, BigEasyCadrianFan, bigeasywriter, and Reesiedoo on various other boards.  

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KiFashions-2.jpg picture by Quania2004

Serena Davis is a shy young lady that has had a crush on her boss Mr. Ki, king of jerks, for 2 years. Mr. Ki, in order to stay the head of his family company must marry. What happens when he suddenly asks her to marry him?

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Published: 27/08/08
Updated: 28/07/16

Title: Ki Fashions

Whew!  That was a lot of reading catching up with all the chapters.  Okay, now that I've got my bearings.  No wonder Ki is such a d*ck.  His own twin betrayed him with his fiancee.   Yeah, that would put anyone's nose out of joint for years to come. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter.  Such a subtle build up to all that's going on, will be going on, and has gone on in the past. 

A very satisfying read.  Of course, now that I remember Ki's sister saying that he was pretty much a jerk before the break up, I still have to wonder about him.  Perhaps he was partly to blame the demise of his relationship although it's still bad since it's his twin.

Wonderful update.   I'm so glad to be caught up on the story. 

Reviewer: Reese Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 10/02/09

Title: Ki Fashions

I take back what I've said and thought of Ki.  His family is the worst.  That sister, no words for that creature.  But as bad as she is, Jin-Hyun is worse.  What he did to his brother was so horrible that I can understand why Ki couldn't move on after all this time.  A double betrayal like that isn't easy to get over.  It's almost a triple betrayal because the it's not just some best friend or brother who betrayed him but his own twin. 

As far as the grandparents, they can kiss mine and Serena's butts.  Racist, small-minded and not very intelligent, they aren't fit to wipe Serena's shoes.

I'm hoping that Ki comes to realize that he loves Serena soon and let the past with Soo-Sun go.   She was never worthy of him anyway.  I salute Ki for trying and making it on his own unlike his brother who stayed behind and worked for Daddy while deliberately wooing his twin's fiancee.  It doesn't sound to me like their affair was an accident since he was rationalizing his actions through his opinion that he could be a better husband than Ki could.  Sounds premeditated to me.  Jerk. I'd forgive him so I could move on but we'd never be close because loyalty is key (no pun intended. lol) in relationships.

Can't wait for more.  This is heating up nicely.

Reviewer: Reese Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 17/02/09

Rated: 17 and older
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 Joshua Anderson and his ex wife Theresa were high school sweethearts who allowed their career ambitions interefere with their marriage. Now that those goals have been met, is there a chance for a reconciliation?  Their sixteen year old twin daughters have decided that their is a chance and have come up with the perfect plan to remind their parents just how much they still love each other.  Will they be successful?

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Published: 20/02/09
Updated: 20/02/09

Title: Chapter 1: Character Pics

This was great, Red.  I so enjoyed it.  I smiled, laughed out loud, and had my heartstrings tugged, too.  And of course Josh and Terri were hot together.  Throughly enjoyed it.



Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed it!!  It was a little intimidating posting my first original fic!!

Reviewer: Reese Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 20/02/09