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Real name: Samantha

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Bio: Well I love Randomness......cupcake.....LOL that sucked at randomness okay well I love Epicness too( I thank Jun for that word lol) If you don't know what I mean then think of the 1st time you saw any Superhero movie and the feeling you had. The Epicness!!! 

Okay, um well my favorite band in the whole world is Hollywood Undead. I LOVE YOU HU! *screams falling down* My husband is J3T(Johnny 3 Tears), however, thanks to a certain friend I'm having an affair with Charlie Scene (Tee-hee!=D)

When I finish all of my schooling and I mean ALL(as in a Ph.D. in Linguistics), I want to become an Interpreter for the United Nations. I'm focusing on studying French right now but that DOES NOT mean I want to become a French interpreter, JEEZ!

I read Fanfiction until my eyes fall out LOL

I play online games until that weird guy signs on >.<

I love AMERICAN football. Basketball is for *whispers*..pussies....YEA I SAID IT. SO? xD

Hated the lack of originality in High School but that's all over now =D

...and that's mostly it ;D. Peace! 


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Stories by FrenchieJonesy
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Summary: This is sort of an auto-bio of how I've been feeling about a certain guy.

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Published: 09/07/10
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Rated: Teen or Above
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Summary: Angelina Johnson, now Angelina Weasley, can't help but to think about the past. Although, the past usually leaves us with some troubling thoughts. 

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Categories: Movies, Books
Characters: Angelina Johnson
Classification: Cannon
Genre: Family, Fantasy, Friendship, Romance
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Challenges: The "Less is More" Challenge
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Published: 06/07/10
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