DARK SKIN by Caterina

From the heart.

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You want them mixed kids

You want her with a nice light skin
But she  better be carrying that butt like she eating for two
And them swell boobs like them dark ones do
Oh but that's a problem that can easily be fixed
In your early days it's all about the dark and lovely 
Soon as you reach that prestige elite level shit them ones vanish
Need to keep classy
Because a black girl could never be deemed a trophy wife
The one you could be proud to be strong and dark by your side 
The First Lady
Your main lady
Now that you up on your tax brackets
She can't get further than being your ghetto ratchet 
And how dare you run your motherfucking mouth like tap water
Saying your doing this shit for justice and order 
Tryna beat a system that's beaten you black and blue 
Fighting for your credit that's being long over due

Let's speak semantics, you think gorilla when you see us
But you was at home in the jungles before they messed with your mentality 
That a Nina Simone was not the type you want to cut the cake with
If you want to remain a part of the reigning clique
And remain relevant with a public
The pigmentation of the skin
Need to exfoliated enough to be exotic but not exotic enough to be the black sheep.

And you wonder why we're so angry and bitter
Screaming so loud, attitude fucked up, walking around with a chip on our shoulder
We are our own motherfucking entity
We gave birth to empires 
That they claim as they own
Them boats that they threw us off
Oh John Newton will tell you off that stuff
Oh we good enough to be fucked and tossed
But not be loved and loved
Like the queens that we are,

Fuck you.

I wrote this shit in about ten minutes. This subject has really been bothering me and I hate segregation within black people but it's there so there's no point ignoring it.
All I want to say is everyone is beautiful but I'm going to emphasise mostly on black girls because there the ones mostly discounted when it comes to their beauty.

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