Rowdy Chicks by yhh

A group of female friends from various soaps getting a little rowdy.

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Chapter 1 by yhh

Silly of me


Devoted so much time
To find you unfaithful, boy
I nearly lost my mind


How had this happen to her? How did this happen to them? How could he do this to her? To them? She had loved him so much. In fact, she still loved him.


Drive pass your house every night
In an unmarked car
Wondering what she had on me
To make you break my heart


She didn't want to get into a competition with that woman, but what was it about her that made him stray? Was she not pretty enough? Was she too smart? Too independent? Was she not needy enough? Was it because she saw him as the flawed man he was instead of a god, like the other woman? How could he do this? How could she still love him after all he had done to her?


You make me feel
You make me feel

I'm so gone

So gone, oh...
You make me

You make me feel
Whoa and I love to love you, baby, I,

So gone,


Maybe this was her fault? Maybe she had been doing too much? Working too hard to make the relationship work? Maybe she had been too forgiving? Too understanding? Maybe she had made it too easy for him? Didn't men like a challenge? Too chase the woman? Maybe she had been too easy from day one.


Nights I couldn't sleep, uh
You let the sun beat you home
I asked myself over again
What am I doing wrong


"What are you thinking about up there? You better not be thinking this is your fault," the dark-haired fashion designer, Felicia Forrester said. "This is completely his fault."

"I would have to agree with, Licia," ADA Dara Jensen agreed. "He's a complete and utter jerk."

"You weren't saying that when they were dating," Nora Gannon Buchanan, esquire muttered.

"She said, he was hot and had tons of issues. So I was never quite sure where Dara stood," Brooke Logan Forrester, the Fortune 500 CEO, joined in.


To make you stay out all night
And not think to call
What does she have over me
To make him not think to call home


"He is hot," Felicia groaned.

"Those eyes," Dara stated.

"That voice," Nora added.  "All sexy and vampire sounding."

"That body," Brooke groaned.

"Wait, Nora, did you just say vampire sounding?" Felicia asked.

Nora shrugged her shoulders.  "I don't know something about his voice.  I could picture that voice convincing me to tilt my neck to the side in a dark alley to let him take a sip."

"I'm calling Rachel in the morning.  She is no longer allowed to send you any more vampire books.  I'm cutting you off," the younger woman responded.

"He is to die for," she mumbled. But he wasn't hers anymore and the pain was killing her.


You make me feel
You make me feel

I'm so gone

So gone
You make me

You make me feel

Whoa and I love to love you, baby,


So gone,


"Enough talk about the enemy," Brooke declared.

"Yes, no more talk about the super fine enemy," Dara concurred.

"Can someone remind me why are we sitting here?" Nora asked.

"We're staking out the enemy," Felicia answered.

"For what purpose?" the red head continued.

"To give his girl a beat down," the designer replied casually.


Listen, boy, I'm no rowdy chick
Some times I gotta fight ˜cause my mouth too slick
Baby, why you doing me like I ain't worth this s***
Make me wanna ride passed your house and sit
Kick down your door and smack your chick
Just to show you I'm not having it
So in love with you like a drug habit get
So gone

You treat me so unreal


Her friend's words penetrated her reverie. What she wouldn't give to smack the taste out of that young chippie's mouth? Then slap her again for making her hand hurt. But she couldn't do that. That wasn't her.

"Yes, it is," Felicia said, eerily picking up on her train of thought. "Let's bust into his new place and kick her- -"

"Felicia, we're adults. In this car, there's two prominent attorneys, a world famous fashion designer, an ADA, and a CEO of a fashion house. We can't break into someone's house- -" Nora started.

"No matter how deserving," Brooke inserted.

Nora nodded. "Regardless of how deserving. What would it look like if we were arrested?"

Felicia, Brooke, and Dara looked at each other in the backseat of the luxury SUV and laughed.

"Pillars of the community arrested for beating down a man stealer," Dara giggled.

The others joined in.

"That's not funny," Nora reprimanded with a huge grin on her face.

"Yes, it is," she added. "We'd be the best dressed women in the slammer."


What she do, I do better

What she do to make you love her

What did she do
Is it real or forever
Baby, please can't we stay together

Is it real or forever


Why was she sitting out here? Making herself miserable. She had to face the facts. The man she loved. The man she had hoped she would one day marry was no longer hers. He was someone else's. She had put her heart on the line and lost. Dara had told her that his new relationship or whatever it was wouldn't last. And she had held on to that hope, but now she could see it was pointless. Whether the relationship was forever or temporary, she couldn't sit around and wait.


What she do, I do better

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
What she do to make you love her

Yeah, ooh...

Is it real or forever

Is it real
Baby, please can't we stay together


She loved him. And she knew she was the best thing that ever happened to him. But somehow that wasn't enough for him. Or he didn't believe it. So she had to let him go. As much as it pained her. She had to let him lead his life with the other woman.


Whoa and I love to love you, baby

Whoa and I love to love you, baby


Pulling the SUV away from the curb, she made a three point turn in front of his house and took off.

"Couldn't we have waited until they left and went inside and messed the place up. He can't walk away from the damage he caused scot free. We could have burned his clothes, his prized possessions," Felicia said.

"Uh, no, Left Eye. We're not burning anything," Dara laughed. Where did this girl come up with these ideas?

"We could've taken his stuff and sold it at a yard sale for a dollar," Brooke added.

"Don't encourage Felicia," Nora warned. "Besides have you seen his stuff- -"

"We couldn't have gotten a dollar," she remarked, then laughed. It felt good to laugh.

"I think she's coming out of her shell. You know what this means- -" Felicia stated.

"A trip to Atlantic City," the women cried.

"Brooke, get the jet ready. We're going to party this weekend," Felicia declared.

Brooke took out her cell phone and caught her eye in the driver's mirror.

Evangeline Elizabeth Williamson smiled and nodded. She knew she wouldn't be getting over him today or tomorrow, but tonight was a start with the help of the girls she loved and who had her back. One day loving John McBain would be a thing of the past, as well as his betrayal with Natalie Vega.


You make me feel
You make me feel

I'm so gone

So gone, oh...
You make me

You make me feel
Whoa and I love to love you, baby,

I'm so gone

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