The Lightning Scar by Reckless Runaway

Zora McQueen only wanted one thing... to go to Hogwarts. It wasn't until she got there that she found out she would be in for the adventure of a lifetime. Who knew meeting a messy haired boy with a scar on his head would lead to so much trouble?





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Cast by Reckless Runaway
Author's Notes:

Cast and their Ages (Trying to keep more to the book ages than what they movies portrayed)

Zora Throughout Hogwarts


Age 11

Age 12

Age 13

Age 14

Age 15

Age 16

Age 17

Samson McQueen (Age 21) (Born March 4, 1960) 

Samson McQueen (Years after the First WW)

Grandpa Reginald

RIP: Cecile McQueen (Age 21) Born: April 18, 1960 Died:December 31, 1981)


Cecile McQueen (What could have been...)

Grandma Grace 

Kingsley Shacklebolt (Age:26)  (Born: October 20, 1954) (During the First WW)

(Years after the First WW)

Ando Takarai

Hyde Kurosaki


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