Mixed Signals by TheSouthernScribe




Sometimes friendship can be more confusing than love.

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Yes the fic returned because I've finally begun a sequel.

Intro: The Confusion Begins by TheSouthernScribe


Bonnie typed the letters on her screen, before quickly sliding her cell back into the bag and out of the line of vision of her Trig teacher. When did she become best friends with Damon Salvatore? Exchanging miscellaneous messages, inconsequential conversations held over a wireless network, and emoticons appearing on her screen without provocation.

She placed her hand on top of her book bag in an attempt to muffle the sound of the vibration. It was alluring, the call of the phone, and the enticement of the waves flowing through the material to her hand. She did the only thing she knew to do. Bonnie retrieved the phone, tapped the screen and read the words waiting in the blue cloud.

Meow...Xander or the little warlock that could...that kid is way too short for you by the way...

One hand gripping the phone - the other covering her mouth - forcing the giggle back down her throat; Bonnie fled the classroom.

It was annoying - right now; Damon Salvatore was the person who knew her best - inside and out. She wasn't surprised to find him lingering at the edge of the walkway that led to the student parking lot. He stood waiting, a mischievous smirk on his lips and pure evil in his eyes.

The sight was comforting.


Bonnie mouthed and Damon gagged, "The love triangles are giving me a migraine."

"Yours included or would that be a square or a pentagon?" She rattled off and regretted the slip of her tongue, "Sorry."

Never missing an attempt to correct and prove her wrong, Damon responded "Rose is my special friend, Katherine is a bitch, and Stefan will never be as cool as me," Before pinching her nose.

"And Elena?"

She did it again. She stood still and watched as he cringed with the overwhelming feelings he experienced with two little words.

"The love of my brother's fucking life."

They walked in silence to her car. She slid across the hood as Damon leaned into the front bumper. He was still stoically silent. She watched his jaw tense and his eyes flutter as he blinked.

"I like Rose, despite the Alice Cullen hair."

A small smile crept across his lips, before it twisted into a sinister smirk.

"Take it from me, do a Kelly Taylor and choose you, Jeremy - boo, Luka - ewe."

There was her favorite Damon.

"Could you grow up?"

This time he pinched her cheeks, the ones covered by the skin tight denim of her jeans.

"I just want my little witch to be happy."

There was something in his tone and the averted gaze that moved from her face to the ground below his feet.

"You deserve the same thing."

Damon shook his head in disagreement.

"Katherine dead, a fully stocked bar, and a woman with no inhibitions, that's what will make me happy."

He stood up straight and headed for his car. She struggled to find words that would reach his long dead heart; instead she opted for grabbing his hand and giving it a squeeze. He reciprocated by brushing a wind blown strand behind her ear. His hand lingered before he regained his composure and fortified his tone with sarcasm.

"Gilbert - Luka's bad news; if you want happy - Jeremy's your man."

And like that he was gone.

Mixed signals, she didn't understand there was something strange bubbling to the surface between them.

Comfort - friendship - more, Bonnie couldn't put her finger on it. The man who had tried to kill her, taunted her for not being as strong as her ancestor was at her age and yet he had become her staunchest defender. His sadness made her want to cry. He was always brutally honest, quick to advise, but rarely did he bow to his ever present emotions.

Bonnie stood, contemplating a return to class, when she saw a messy mop of brown hair across the horizon.

Damon was right, she'd learned he was always right.

This time it didn't bother her. Jeremy was her man.

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