Fame: The Story of Janice Farner by ButterflyBabe97
Summary: Fame: The Story of Janice Farner, is about a small town girl with big dreams. She wants to be a big name musician like all the great before her. Follow her through her journey love, life, and struggles of being a rising star.
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Story Notes:
This is my first story written on this site. It took me a very long time to upload and write, because of difficulties. I hope everyone who reads my story enjoys it. If you have any positive feedback on things that needs to be changed or fixed in the future of the story, please feel free to tell me.

P.S:Character's photos will be up soon!
Characters: Sorry for no pic, just links. by ButterflyBabe97
Author's Notes:
This story has been in my head for a while, ever since I was looking at 80's music videos. I thought about writing a story with Axl Rose. I find him very unique with his crazy rockstar antics. I feel that will add a dash of drama, along with my character's struggle as a star.

Axl Rose (Age:23-31)


Janice Farner (Age:18-26)
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