Blow Job by shadow

Extreme sexual content. The title says it all.

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1. Blow Job by shadow

Blow Job by shadow
Author's Notes:

Wanted to try free verse erotic poetry. This is my first attempt. Thank you for reading.


Blow  Job by Shadow


-“ Tell me sexy, how  would you suck my dick?” He asks me.


-I whisper my response in his ear.




-“I’d walk in, drop to my knees in front of your crotch about to worship one of God’s greatest creations- your dick.


I’d watch as you undo your pants and set your semi-erect cock free.  I lick my full lips in anticipation of the erotic sensation of having that thick cock in my mouth making it grow longer and thicker.


Not able to restrain my desire, I open my mouth wide and slowly take in your manhood. I relish in the feel of it running past my lips, caressed by my tongue, and down my throat.


Moaning in pleasure and sending delicious vibrations down your sex, I continue my languid blowjob savoring every last inch of your cock until  I have your dick to a satisfying hardness.


Pulling my warm mouth from your cock, I use my tongue to stroke all sides of your thick fucking wand.  My licking descends down your shaft to your tight balls.


I maintain a tight grip on your shaft jerking you off as I take each firm sack in my moist mouth, taking turns nursing each while my tongue periodically fondles your taint.


I look up at your hooded dark eyes and ask, “Are you ready to cum cause I’m ready to taste you.”


Without waiting for an answer, I engulf your magnificent dick determined to make you spill in my mouth.


I jerk the base of your large cock in a rapid twisting motion with my hand. I swirl my mouth and tongue around that dick, my head bobbing up and down. I take as much of you in as my throat will allow.


You grab my head and push yourself further down my throat until you hear me start to choke, telling me to fucking take all of you. You continue to fuck my mouth which gets my pussy sopping wet and throbbing for release myself.


I slip my hand past my drenched panties and rub my swollen clit moaning at the delicious indulgence of having you in my mouth and fingering my enlarged nub.


You continue thrusting that rock hard, thick dick in my wet, warm opening and I maintain my fast determined strokes of your cock using my hand and oral cavern until you explode in a series of jerks in my mouth. I swallow rapidly taking in every last bit of your cum and continue until I suck you completely dry.


Finally, releasing your wonderful cock with a loud “pop”.”




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