Jessa's Calling-Book 1 by shadow

My submission for the grindhouse challenge. Jessa has been living for a year in the Masion inherited to her by her now dead parents whom she never met. Finding her new gated community disturbing at first, it has grown to become her home. Jessa is about to discover how and why, herself and the two handsome brothers that live across the street, Ren and Garrett are bonded to each other. With their help, she will learn her true calling.

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Challenges: Chamber Grindhouse Challenge 6
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Chapter 1- Members of the Triquetra by shadow
Author's Notes:

stories/3936/images/triquetra_symbol.pngTriquetra symbol on amulet






Jessa walks out of the door of her 2-story ashen colored Greek style home. She stands on her large front porch supporting her frame on one of the six enormous columns adorning the face of the house. Headphones in place, she curls one leg back then the other stretching before her routine Sunday morning 4-mile run.


She reaches the massive iron-clad gates that close her property to the public and easily opens the unlocked human size steel gate situated to the side. She is standing on the sidewalk of an old money run down exclusive neighborhood. Jessa is always in awe at how beautiful she finds the overgrown yards with their huge willow trees, leaves eerily blowing in the breeze. The homes in the neighborhood are mansions ranging from colonial to greek to gothic style like the one across the street. None of the homes seem to have been renovated since their existance centuries ago but their is something genuinely enchanting about their authentic condition.


Jessa must admit, most people would have turned tail scared as shit just driving into this neighborhood. There was a thickness of something wicked in the air that tries to drown you as soon as you pass the access gates. She reflexively touches the amulet lying beneath her red long sleeve running shirt. The amulet dissipated the sufficating fog of evil immediately after she put it on when she passed the entrance that morning a year ago. The lawyer told her the amulet belonged to her and warned her to wear it at all times after she received it. Being the stubborn person she is, she decieded she'd put it on when she was good and ready. A gift from parents that knew she existed and where she was but never wanted to see her. Ever. Not until they were both dead was their existence revealed to her. 

"Fuck no! I'm not wearing it." She told the lawyer. " Maybe I could hock it for some dough." The Micheal-Clarke Duncan looking son of a bitch lawyer looked at her intensely dead in her eyes and told her.

"It is NOT a gift from your parents. It BELONGS to you. If you sell it, it will be your funeral and the unfortunate person who buys it." Then he roared with laughter and shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't care either way. So, her dead parents that didn't want her left her an amulet that belonged to her anyway and a huge mansion in the middle of Creepsville, USA. That was her impression a year ago before she arrived. Now, this place is her home.


Jessa feels the amulet burning against her skin and knows Garrett is close. For some unknown reason, it burns hot against her flesh when he is around and not totally in an unpleasant way.

"Hi Jessa."Garrett's deep friendly voice greets her from the mailbox of the large Goth style home across the street. Garrett looks like your typical goth. Black skinny jeans, AC/DC black T-shirt over a long sleeve gray undershirt and black combat boots. Jessa finds him to be pleasant, friendly, and sexy confident. He has a vertical "throat cut" or "hanging" scar spanning the length of his neck and never tries to cover it up. Although, he is not self-conscious of it, she has never asked him about it. Thinking it might bring back unwanted memories for him.

Jessa smiles admiring his silky black pass the shoulder length hair whipping around his handsome face. He's dark eyes which Jessa would characterize as black even though she knows people don't have black eyes stare at her appreciatively. Yep. She loves when he looks at her like that. He's the reason she wears short running shorts that hug her plump ass cheeks and barely keep them from spilling out even when the weather is 60 degrees  in late October.

Garrett is always out on Sundays to greet her before and after her run.

"Good morning, handsome." She answers and watches his smile widen. He is so adorable. She enjoys flirting with Garrett, he never flirts back only smiles. Most 23 years olds would be trying to fuck her with all the flirting she does but not Garrett. That turns her on even more.

"I'm coming to collect my Sunday morning hug, Garrett." He opens his arms. She jogs over to him, wraps her arms around his waist while his arms encircle her shoulders. The familiar intensity of the pleasurable burning from her amulet on her chest when Garrett touches her feels so good.The heat flows to her core, moistening her panties. And that pre-cumming sensation, the one that feels like you only need one more pump or your clit rubbed one more time or one more grind against his dick while dry humping to orgasm is soo delicious. She wonders if he feels it too.

Suddenly, the hot burn turns to a cold heat on her flesh and she is aware Ren is near without seeing him. His sexy Asian ass probably wearing one of his dark gray or black tailored suits that outline his fit physique so nicely. Ice cold blue eyes peering at her under his long black bangs. He treats her like a parasite. Like she doesn't deserve to be in his presence so unlike his brother. But, that doesn't take away from the fact that he is a good-looking motherfucker.

Holy Shit, she thinks, as the combination of the hot and cold is burning the amulet through her chest, like it wants to embed itself under her skin. Painful pleasure.

"DAMMIT GARRETT!" Ren yells. Their physical actions stop. Jessa was mildly aware of what was happening. Garrett's hands cupping her ass grinding his erection against her core. His silky hair tickling her neck, warm breath whispering in her ear. Her hands fisting his shirt as she moaned in appreciation meeting his pelvic rhythm.

She looks up to see deep purple lust filled eyes.

"Fuck me." She says in a barely audible whisper. His eyes darken even more. He lowers his face, Jessa licks her lips slowly ready to consume his pink lips with her full brown ones and taste him.

"GARRETT!" Ren yells again. Garrett freezes and closes his eyes tight.

"You.need. to. go Jessa. Now. Please." His plead is so desperate that even though she wants nothing more at that moment than to rip his clothes off and ride his dick, she complies. Without thinking twice, she takes off on her run.


Ren slaps the younger brother on his head.

"The fuck are you doing?" Garrett rubs the offened area and gives his brother a cocky grin.

"Jealous?" Ren puts an arm around Garrett's shoulders and lowers his voice.

"Cut the bullshit Rett. You fucking know what Patrick would do if he just saw that. If you care about her, you'd leave her the fuck alone." Garrett knew damn well what kind of creature Patrick was. That's the reason he told Jessa to go and fought the primal desire to do as she had asked him and fuck her.

"Fuck you Ren. You felt it too. The need to be with her gets stronger when you're around."  He stares down the street at the direction Jessa hauled ass running.

"The hell is she?" Garrett asks.

"I don't know Rett but we need to stay the fuck away from her."

"Why? Cause Patrick says so?"  He ask harshly, staring in his brothers eyes defiantly. Ren huffs.

"Rett, you know how lost we were in this world. Patrick saved us. Gave a fucking purpose to our gifts and a place to belong. We owe him."

"Fuck him. He's a sick motherfucking being and we're only helping him fulfill his perverse obsessions. That's what you call fucking purpose? I'm only here because of you Ren but I'm getting pretty fucking tired of this cult wannabe family shit."

Ren runs a frustrated hand through his long bangs.

"I know. Just hang in there. We'll figure something out. Just don't rock the boat. Okay?"

"Ren, I want to find out what and who she really is. I don't think she knows. Help me." He begs. Ren furrows his eyebrows.


Even though, they are technically half-brothers, they are as committed to each other as any full blooded siblings could be. Ren would do anything for his brother, Garrett. The need to survive in this life is what has them in their current situation. They had been homeless since their mother passed. Garrett was 12 and Ren was 16. Living on the streets, not knowing where their next meal was coming from, where they would be sleeping that night, if someone was going to try to rape them, or beat them. It was a shitty life to say the least. So, when Patrick showed up and offered them a permanent place to live, a meal three times a day, and most importantly knowledge and training on using their powers, Ren jumped at the chance. His brother would be safe. That's all he cared about. All they had to do in return was help Patrick once they were trained. Now, Garrett 23 and Ren 27, they've had a warm bed to sleep in, their stomachs have not known the emptiness of hunger, nor have they had to worry about confortations of any sort for 9 years. Yes. They sacrificed their morals and ethics but Ren has accepted the fact that him and Garrett are evil beings. Being spawns of a cambion ( offspring of a demon and a human) whore and an incubus (a demon that takes the form of a male in order to have sex with human women), what else could they be but evil.

"Astral project us inside her house. Let's look around." Garrett answers. Ren takes a deep breath.

"This little project will make you happy?" Garrett smiles and nods his head.

"Yes." He knows Ren acts like an ass at times but would do anything to make him happy. Ren smiles back.

"Okay. One time. Then you're on your own."


"And Rett." He looks at his brother seriously."Be careful and stay out of Patrick's sight."

"I will." He says with a huge goofy grin. Ren has never seen him this enthusiastic about anything, not even when he feeds on souls. "Can we go now while she's still out running?"

"Yeah. Now is actually a good time. Patrick's still getting ready. We're leaving in 30 minutes to go hunting."

Astral projection, one of Ren's gifts is the ability to assume an "astral body" separate from the physical body and travel through different dimensional planes. Ren has mastered this power and is able to bring someone else with him.


On the wooden floor in Ren's room, the two brothers sit indian style facing each other, holding hands, eyes closed. Their spiritless bodies in suspended consciousness.

Their pure, naked spirit entities pass through the locked front door of the Greek style home without difficulty.

Garrett stops to browse around the massive, empty home noticing only small hints that the place is currently occupied; shoes at the foot of an enormous white marbel spiral staircase, keys and a half empty bottle of Kentwood water on an antique side table.

"This isn't a fucking parade of homes. Hurry the fuck up Rett." Rett shrugs his bare phantom shoulders.

"Fine. We need to find her room." That proved to be an easy task. It turns out to be the room with the colossal double doors etched with symbols to ward off demons. These type of warding spells never work on Ren and Garrett. Although, they are partially demonic beings, they've come to the conclusion that the small part of them that is human must neutralize the constraining spells.

They enter a room that is as expected for a 25 year old woman. A large dark mohogany wood dresser with a tri-fold mirror is littered with lotions, make up, jewlery,perfume, and pretty little trinkets for decoration. Bras and panties hang from the dresser handles. Garrett wonders if the panties are clean. At this point, he wishes he was there in the flesh so he could properly take in the essence of Jessa, smell her scent and touch her belongings.

A matching king size sleigh bed with an overwhelming amount of plush pillows is the focus point of the room. There are two side tables on either side of the bed. On one, there is a vase shaped lamp with purple roses painted in the center with a light purple fabric shade. An out of place rusted iron chest rest on the other side table. The same demon warding designs are craved into the chest. What confused and peeked the brothers curiosity was the symbol that contained the lock at it's center.The same symbol that is a tattooed birth mark on their left inner thigh- an encircled triquetra symbol. The lock is all grey iron. Garrett's tattoo is plain with the bottom right tip purple and Ren's is plain with the bottom left tip blue.


The bedroom door slams open and Jessa sprints to the bathroom. Ren and Garrett's spirit forms follow her. She seems distressed. She rapidly removes her long sleeve running shirt to reveal a bright pink sports bra that showcase her full breast. She stares at the vanity mirror clutching right above her chest.

Jessa cut her run short, only running 2 miles out of her regular 4. Something is going on with the amulet. It wasn't bouncing around like usual and when she tried to dislodge it hoping it was just stuck on her bra or shirt, it wouldn't budge. Her anxiety shot through the roof and she ran home to see with her own eyes what she already knew happened. She felt it occurring when she and Garrett were grinding on each other and Ren was near.

Jessa takes a deep breath looking at the hand sheltering her amulet. Ren and Garrett are watching her concern. She slowly removes her hand, all three colors are burning bright on each piece of the iconic triangle. The bottom right tip purple, the bottom left tip blue, and the center a fiery red. The triangle is encircled by a ring of gold.

She feels that intense mixture of heat and cold she only gets when they are present.

"Garrett? Ren? Are you here?" She looks around the bathroom and does not physically see anyone. She does notice a sort of shift in the air by the bathroom entrance and gazes at it for a while, hand caressing her pendant. She is unaware she is glaring right at the siblings. Garrett and Ren exchange perplexed expressions.

She eventually turns her attention back to the charm on her chest. Jessa tries to pull it but it is as she knew it would be. The back of the amulet has fused to her skin. Tears start running down her cheeks.

"What's happening to me?"

Garrett and Ren watch as her body falls limp to the ground and she emotionally breaks down. She has no one. At least they had each other.

"We need to get back now, Ren. I have to come help her." Garrett expected some resistance from Ren. A "that's not a good idea" or a "Patrick won't like that." What he got instead is them sitting back in Ren's room and Ren urging him.

"Go. I'll take care of Patrick. Go help her." His clear blue eyes full of concern and compassion.



End Notes:

Thank you for reading. I saw the grindhouse challenge which isn't usually my thing and started thinking about what I would write if I did it. This is the story that came to me. And I've been dying to write a threesome. Thanks for reading.

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