Temptation by Darknight


Ireniva is a succubus in college, she works in a bar called, Temptation. Her boss happens to be Lilith, the oldest succubus known to history. While working at the bar, Iren meets and comes head-to-head with other supernatural beings. One being a vampire who's obsessed with her.

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I'm a succubus by Darknight
Author's Notes:

I hope you guys like it, I was inspired a little by American Horror Story.

Chapter one – I’m a succubus


“Now, who can tell me who Lilith is?” The professor asked his class. Half of the class watched him dully, and the other half had their heads down. “Come on, it’s not hard.”

No one said anything, the professor sighed, “Lilith was Adam’s first wife…the first woman that God created, but she rebelled and abandoned Adam. God created Eve as Adam’s replacement.”

Most of the class perked up, some still looked dull. “It was said that she was a demon…some say a vampire…and others say a succubus. But those things all tie together.”

“What’s a succubus?” One student asked.

“A succubus is a female demon or supernatural being that appears in the dreams of the opposite sex, usually in the form of a beautiful human woman, and seduces the men through sexual activity. The male equivalent is called an incubus.” The guys whistled and ooed at that statement.

“Like the band, Incubus!” someone shouted.

The professor chuckled, “Not like the band, but nice participation.” He noticed one of his students looked uneasy.

“Iren, are you feeling uncomfortable talking about this?” he asked. The class snickered, thinking Iren was being called out. She was a girl that scared most of the class being both black and gothic. She made them uneasy with her dark makeup, and dark gothic clothes. Looking down at her desk, her hair hiding her face, she gripped her pencil hard and tuning the class out.

“No.” She said, looking down.

The professor continued, “The succubi and incubi were known as sexual vampires back then, they would steal the souls from their sexual partner.”

“Actually,” Iren called out, “They absorb the energy from the person they have sex with, the person would die hours to days later. That’s usually how they live longer. Though some like the taste of blood, others can eat food like humans. There’s so much that you don’t know about us –um- them…” She slipped, hoping no one caught it.

“Know-it-all.” Gina, a girl that wasn’t too fond of Iren muttered, making her friends laugh. Iren rolled her eyes, but their professor looked at her in surprise.

“Uh…I didn’t really cover that, but very good, Iren.” He said, going back into his lecture. He then looked at his watch, “That’s all the time we have, I’ll see you all next week.” The class gathered their books and papers, going towards the door.

“Iren, can I see you for a moment.” He called to her.

She sighed, stuffing her books into her bag, and walking towards him. He got behind his desk, shuffling papers until the last few students trickled out the door. “Yes, Professor Issacs?” She asked.

“I need to talk to you about the last test, almost every answer is wrong.” He said. “If you need help, I can-“

“I don’t need help, all of my answers were right, you just don’t have the right sources.” She said matter-of-factly.

“I don’t know what kind of source you have, but Wikipedia isn’t a good one.”

“I can assure you, my source wasn’t Wikipedia. I have the right knowledge. Are we done here?” She asked with sass.

Professor Issacs glared, “Actually, we’re not. If you want to stay in this class, you’d take my help.”

“And what is your help, Professor?Bending me over your desk and fucking me like you do the rest of the girls?” She asked, crossing her arms.

He smirked, getting up from his desk, and walking towards her. “I guess you have me figured out, don’t you?” He asked, pushing her hair from her face. “I guess you are smart. But a smart girl would take my offer.”

“Oh?” She challenged, pushing him back on his desk. “Maybe you’re not so smart.”

He ignored her, unzipping his pants, and pulling his cock out. He stroked it in front of her, she resisted the urge rip it off. She pulled him into a kiss, the kiss changed something in him when she pulled away, he couldn’t control his body.

“I want you to change my grade now.” She said, lowly.

He nodded, going to his computer, and typing into it. “Done.” He said, standing up quickly, but she walked around to him, pushing him back down on the chair.

“Sit.” She said, hiking her skirt up, and straddling his lap. His breath hitched in his throat when he entered her wet folds.

“Does that feel good, Professor?” She asked, slowly going up and down. He nodded.

She unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it off. Smirking as he licked his lips, he went in to suck on her nipple, but she pushed him back.

“Ah, ah, ah…There’s just something you need to know.” She said. Black wings manifested from her back, her canines turned to long fangs complimented with a forked tongue, spiraled horns, and a long tail. “I’m a succubus.”

Professor Issacs screamed and tried pushing her off of him, but she held him down, gripping his chest with sharp claws. “What’s the matter? Don’t wanna fuck me now?” She hissed, licking his cheek with her snake-like tongue, while still riding him slowly.

“Oh god, please don’t kill me!” He begged.

Her jaw unhinged, showing powerful teeth. Just before biting him, he jerked up, waking up from his nightmare. He looked around, the class was empty, his clothes were intact, and his heart was racing.

It felt so real, he could’ve sworn Iren was here…as a succubus. Straightening up his desk, he got his things, getting ready to go. The door opened, and Iren walked into the class room.

“Sorry, I left my notebook.” She said, grabbing it off her desk. “Have a nice night, professor.” She said with a smirk before leaving.



The meeting by Darknight

Chapter two – The meeting


Taking the bus to work, Iren contemplated if she should’ve let Professor Isaacs give her the bad grade and just move on, or if she should’ve just ended him in the dream. She decided letting it eat at him for awhile, having night terrors of her before his death. Shaking her head of those thoughts, the bus came to her stop. Walking down the aisle, she thanked the bus driver before getting off.

She was early, looking around, the chairs were still on the tables.

“Ireniva?” She heard Lilith call from behind the bar. “I didn’t expect you til about six.”

“Yeah, I guess I wanted to come a little early.” She said, putting her bag in the cabinet under the bar.

“It won’t be long before Angela and Caleb come to help set everything up. We both know how unreliable Ezekiel is, I’m positive he isn’t coming when needed.” Lilith said. Angela was also a succubus, and Caleb was an incubus, while Ezekiel was just a demon.

“Why don’t you just get rid of him?” Iren asked. “He just comes on his own time, and slacks off the entire time.”

Lilith shrugged, “I need the help, and right now, any help is good help.”

Angela and Caleb walked in, “Is Iren early for once?” Angela asked, smirking playfully at Iren.

“Hey, I’m never late!” She exclaimed with a smile.

“Let us get to work, we open soon.” Lilith said. They agreed, putting the chairs on the floor. Minutes flew by, and people began to trickle into the bar. Iren served the supernatural patrons, from blood to beer to liquor. She was serving to most of the regulars, especially her former friend, Mary the fairy.

Don’t let her being a fairy fool you, she was a bitch. “You know what I want, try to make it fast.” Mary said.

“I’ll make it fast alright, right after I spit in it.” Iren clapped back.

“Do I have to speak to the manager?” Mary replied.

“Go ahead, she’ll agree with me that you’re a bitch. Take your bullshit elsewhere.” Iren said, going to the next patrons. She fought the urge to throw a drink in Mary’s face, but kept her cool.

Once Mary left, she let out a breath she didn’t know she held in. “Are you always so fiesty to your patrons?” Came a voice. She turned to see gorgeous man with golden eyes and killer sharp cheekbones, smiling genuinely at her. No one smiles at her here, they’re too intimidated by her.

“Depends.” She said, grabbing a glass and cleaning it.

“On what?” The gorgeous patron asked.

“On who I like.” She said with a smirk and quirk of her eyebrow. Iren knew if she turned on the charm and charm him, she’d get a big tip. He chuckled, revealing that he had fangs.

“Then I’d better stay on your good side, eh?” He said. “I’m Demetri, by the way.”

“You must not be from around here?” She asked him, ignoring his introduction.

“Why do you say that?” He asked.

She shrugged, “I’ve never really seen you here before.”

He smiled, “I’ve come here several times before, I’ve been lowkey.” He said.

She smiled this time, “Ah, I see. Do you want to order a drink, or talk to me all night?”

“Can’t I do both?” He said huskily, licking his lips. Iren smiled, she didn’t have to do much enchanting.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re flirting with me.” She said. “But I do have other people to serve.”

“Right,” He nodded, “I’d like a shot of blood.”

“So, you’re a vampire? Nice.” She said with a smirk, fixing his drink, and placing it in front of him.

“And you are?” He asked.

“I’m not supposed to say…” She teased, going to the next patron.

Demetri drank his blood, “In that case, I’ll be on my way.”

“You’re leaving?” She asked.

“I’ll be around…” He said with a smirk before leaving the bar, and going into the crowd of mingling people. Iren shrugged, and continued serving her patrons. She shook her head once she saw Ezekiel stumble in, he looked high. She wondered if tonight was going to be the night Lilith would finally get rid of him. The night went on, and most were edging out of the bar. Lilith came to the bar, sighing, “Ezekiel had the nerve to come in late again, and I fired his ass.”

Iren smiled, “Good, send his ass back to hell.”

“But the problem is, I need more workers. I can’t just have you, Angela, and Caleb.” Lilith said.

“Don’t worry about it, Lil. We’ll do our best until you hire more people.” Iren said.

“I’d hope so. Let’s get the rest of these people out.” Lilith said. Iren helped get the rest out, and clean up. She hugged Angela and Caleb before getting her bag and leaving.

Walking down the street to the bus stop, she kept her head down, avoiding any and all problems. Her head perked up when she heard footsteps behind her, and began walking faster. Before she could do a full sprint, the footsteps stopped. She looked back, no one was there; turning back around, she was face-to-face with Demetri.

The streetlights made his face look intense, his golden eyes staring back at her.

“I told you I’d be around, Iren.” He said lowly.

“How’d you know my name?” She asked, frowning at him.

“I asked your co-workers.” He said.

“And do you always follow girls you don’t know?”

“Only the ones I’d love to eat.” He said with a sly smile.

She laughed, “How bold of you.” She started walking again, letting him follow her.

“I’d like to take you home.” He said.

“I’m taking the bus.” She retorted.

“Well, I’d rather you be safe.”

“Maybe I can protect myself.” She told him.

He grunted with an amused smile, “Sure, but I’d like to get to know you as I take you home.”

Iren smiled, hiding her face as she looked down. “I take that as a yes to my offer?”

“Fine,” She said, playfully rolling her eyes. They walked in the opposite direction, going to the bar’s parking lot. They made small talk as he drove her. She pointed to her house, she felt awkward as if she was coming home from a date.

“Um…I guess I’ll see you around.” She said awkwardly.

“Like I said, Iren, I’ll be around.” He told her. They had an intense stare off before she broke the spell and got out. He didn’t drive off until she was inside of her house.

She stared ahead blankly, still thinking about Demetri. His eyes captivated her, she could still see them in her sleep. Having never dreamed of someone, she was shocked that he could invade her dream. She wanted to do any and everything to him, but she feared that he’d die after having sex with her.



Who's who by Darknight
Author's Notes:

Hey, sorry no new chapter today. I had meant to post this earlier, but forgot. Opinions on the character choices...I browsed Tumblr and got excited.

Party by Darknight

Chapter three - Party


The next day, Iren had a missed call from Angela. She had slept til one, and still felt groggy. Groaning, she called Angela back.

“Hello?” Angela said with perkiness.

“You called?” Iren asked.

“Just calling to see if you wanted to go to that party that Caleb’s frat is throwing.” She replied.

Iren groaned, “Do I look like I party with fratboys?”

Angela giggled, “Oh come on, have fun for once instead of reading about zombies or whatever.”

“Piss off.” Iren growled, still irritated from being awaken from her sleep. “I’d rather not be around a bunch of drunk idiots and dumb bitches.”

“Please, Reni?” Angela begged.

“Ugh, I hate when you call me that. I’ll go, but I’m not staying long.” She said.

“Thanks, if someone gives you any shit, you know Caleb and I got your back.”

“Yeah, yeah. What time should I be ready?” She asked.

“Ten.” Angela said, “I’ll come pick you up.” And with that, she hung up. After the phone call, Iren sat around, lazily watching tv. Watching tv turned into drifting off. She felt her eyes get heavy, and she’d try to stay awake.

“Fuck it.” She muttered, she needed some sort of energy before the party, then she could find some actual energy. Once her eyes were closed, there was darkness, then a pair of golden eyes.

“Don’t wake up…” She heard his deep voice before she could see him, all of him. Demetri stood there naked, staring at her. They were in a dim lit spacious dining room. He didn’t move, and she was afraid to.

“How are you getting into my dreams? You’re not an incubus…you can’t do this.” Iren whined.

“No, I’m not an incubus, and I believe it’s you that is in my dream.” He told her.

“I…am? That can’t be.” She whispered to herself.

“You’ve come to me, little succubus, but I have no energy to give you.” He said.

Iren sighed, “I know.”

“But I have something else to give you.” He said lowly, she bit her lip, raising her eyebrow.

“Like what?” She teased.

“I think you know.” He said with a smirk, his eyes flickered down, and she did the same. Looking him over, he was fit and lean. “You like?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

She nodded, he motioned for her to come to him. She walked slowly towards him. He leaned in to her ear, and tugged on her shirt. “Take this off.” His whispered.

She grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it off and tossing it to the ground. Without hesistation, she reached to pull her shorts down, but he stopped her.

“Slowly, dear. I want you to turn around and pull them down slowly.” He said. His sultry deep voice made her wet. Turning around, she pulled the shorts down slowly, like he wanted. She felt his hand caress her ass as she bent down. Kicking them to the side, she stood up straight, awkwardly waiting on his next move. He pushed her hair, and trailed his finger along her wing tattoo on her back, which were her actual wings.

“Is this how you hide them?” He asked.

“Y-Yes.” She stammered.

“Interesting.” He snaked his arms around her waist, one hand went to her breast and the other snaked its way to her moist clit. She hissed, leaning back on him to hold herself up.

“You like this?” He asked, kissing her cheek. She nodded.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes.” She moaned.

“That’s what I like to hear.” He groaned, kissing her cheek again, then licking her neck.

She moaned louder when he shoved two of his deliciously long fingers into her. “Shit.” She muttered. He thrust his fingers faster, making her arch her back.

He then chuckled, “You haven’t even experienced all that I’m going to do to you.”

“Please…give me more…I need more.” She whimpered. She could feel his dick pressing against her ass, and she needed him inside of her. Her thoughts and pleasure was cut short when he pulled his fingers out of her.

“W-What?” She asked, spinning around to face him.

“Suck.” He commanded, holding his wet fingers to her mouth. She stared up at him, never doing this before, but getting even more turned on. He watched her grab his hand, sucking on his fingers slowly while their eyes were still in contact.

“Come here,” He said, pulling her into a kiss and tasting her on her lips. “Mmm…” He moaned as he pulled away.

She smirked, “Sweet, isn’t it.”

Licking his lips, “Sweeter than any blood I’ve ever tasted.” Before she could laugh, she felt herself waking up.

She woke with a start, searching for her phone. It was going on eight o’clock, and she needed to eat before the party. “Fuck.” She cursed aloud. If she could finish that dream, who knows what she would’ve done to Demetri. She was getting wet just thinking about it, after grabbing a bite to eat, she got in the shower.

She took that opportunity to pleasure herself with thoughts of that dream. Turning the shower off, she dried off, looking at herself in the mirror. She laughed to herself, Look at me thinking about this man, like I’ve never been with someone. She thought. She had been romantically and sexually involved before, with both men and women. Supernatural women and men at that. She only used human men for their energy, and that was it. Well, I better get on with it. She blew dry and straightened her hair, Putting it in a high ponytail. Then got dressed in a zip up plaid pleated dress that pushed her tits up and black combat boots. All was left was her makeup, after that, she text Angela that she was ready.

“Coming!” Angela had texted.

Sighing, Iren waited, hoping there wouldn’t be any problems. But there would always be problems because of who she was. She was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard Angela’s horn. Grabbing her purse and key, she locked the door, and left.

“Hey, hoe.” She said to Angela as she got in the car.

“Hey! You look sexy.” Angela said. “I’m glad you’re coming with me.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just don’t get drunk and bail on me.” Iren warned.

“I don’t bail on you.” Angela protested.

“After a few drinks, you jump on the first guy you see.” Iren teased.

Angela rolled her eyes, but smiled. “You’re seeing things, Iren. Just enjoy yourself, live a little.”

“I’ll try…” Iren said with a sigh. “Oh, before I forget, I had a dream of Demetri earlier.”

“Who?” Angela asked, taking her eyes from the road for a split second.

“The hot vampire.”

“Oh, carry on.” Angela said, smirking.

“So apparently, I was in his dream…and it was so amazing.” Iren said with a lustful look on her face.

“Damn, it must have been to have you looking like that.” Iren laughed.

“Yes! And honestly, we didn’t do much, but I want more.” She confessed.

“You got it bad, girl. But I see this as a good thing, I mean it’s been a while since you’ve had any good sex.” Angela said.

“Angela.” Iren started, but was quickly shushed.

“We’re here, let’s go!”

This was Iren’s first time at a frat party, and she didn’t think she’d enjoy it. People were standing around outside, drinking, kissing, and what-not. The music was blasting, and the front door was wide open. Iren looked at Angela as if to say, “Are you really making me do this?” Angela nodded with a coy smile.

They walked in, ignoring the guys that lurked around the door. Angela was looking around for Caleb, and asking party goers if they’d seen him.

“Look, maybe he’s upstairs with a girl.” Iren tried to hint to Angela. She really wanted to go home, but she was going to try for her friend. “Let’s just try to have a good time.”

“Caleb invited us, he should at least greet his guests.” Angela argued.

“Ugh…” Iren sighed, annoyed, she tried to look around for Caleb. Pointing him out to Angela when she saw him. “He’s over there, with those girls.” Caleb, being an incubus, was able to pull any girl he wanted.

“Honestly though, Ang, Caleb should be glad he’s an incubus. On his own, he’s cute but basic.” Iren said, causing Angela to laugh.

“You’re terrible!” Angela said, still giggling.

“You’s right.” Iren said with a smirk.

“Come on, let’s go talk to the host.” Angela said, linking arms with Iren, and walking towards Caleb. Angela cleared her throat to get his attention. He looked up, smiling.

“Hey! You guys made it, especially you Iren!” He said, getting up to hug them both.

“I practically had to beg her to come.” Angela said.

Iren rolled her eyes, “Oh please, I was happy taking my nap.”

Angela smirked, “I bet you were.”

“Is there something I missed?” Caleb asked.

Iren and Angela looked at each other, “Succubi problems.” They said in unison. Caleb nodded his head.

“Before I forget, there’s a guy I want to introduce you to, Iren.” He said.

“Oh god, please no!” Iren protested, shaking her head vigorously.

“No, no. He’s not…like them,” He said, pointing to the crowd of drunk people. “But he’s not like us either.”

“What is he then?” Angela asked.

“Get this, he’s a Djinn! A fucking genie!” Caleb said with wide eyes.

“A genie? You’re hooking me up with a genie?” Iren asked, raising her eyebrow.

“He’s cool, and he says he’s in your religion class.”

“Where is he?” Iren asked.

“He’s in the kitchen, by the drinks…last time I’d seen him.” Caleb said.

She looked to Angela, “Go see him, don’t wait on what’s-his-face. I’ll be partying if you need me.” Iren nodded, walking through the crowd. She went into the kitchen, looking around, but there were only a few drunk girls lingering around. Slumping, she felt rejected, and didn’t even meet the guy.

“I was hoping you’d show up.” She jumped slightly, turning around to see him. She couldn’t remember ever seeing him in her class. “I’m Siraj Jabbar. But you can call me Raj.” He held out his hand, she held hers out to shake, but he pulled it up to his lips.

“Iren…Ireniva Redwood.” She said. “And yes, that’s my real name.”

He smiled, “It’s beautiful.”

She tried to hid her smile. “Um, thanks. So, you’re in my class.” She said awkwardly.

“Yes, I’d noticed you long before, but was too shy to talk to you.” He said.

Her eyes widened, “Am I that intimidating?” She asked.

“A little.” He said with a smile, looking down.

“Good.” She said with a smirk. “Now get me a drink.”


Raj did a little bow, “Your wish is my command.” 

End Notes:

Strange love by Darknight

Chapter four – Strange Love


Demetri watched his sister, Victoria, drink blood from one of their donors. The donor was a woman that felt sexually attracted to Demetri, he did comply to her advances on several occasions. He watched Victoria stroke her breast as she fed on her, attempting to strike a nerve in him, but he wasn’t feeling a thing.

“Victoria, stop playing with the food. I’m starving.” He growled.

She smirked, thinking she had actually made him jealous. She pulled away, “Jealous?”

“Hungry.” He said with an easy smile.

She nodded, “Thank you, Ashley.” Victoria licked the remaining blood from her wound. “I’m sure Demetri would have a lot of fun with you.”

“Actually,” He started. “I have to talk to you about something after I’m done eating.”

Victoria raised a perfect eyebrow, “Really?It better be good.” She let her red hair down from her bun.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make this quick.” Demetri said, plunging his fangs into Ashley’s neck. She winced, moaning after a while. When her eyes fluttered, and they were going behind her head.

“Demetri!” Victoria shouted, pulling him away from Ashley’s neck. “Enough.”

He wiped the blood off of his mouth with a handkerchief, dismissing Ashley with a flick of his wrist. “We’ll see you tomorrow, honey.” Victoria drawled, winking at Ashley as she stumbled out the door.

“Now tell me what you need to tell me.” She said firmly.

Demetri smirked, “Well, I found a woman, I’m sure she’s the one.”

Victoria stared at him blankly, “A woman? A human woman?”

“No, she’s a succubus, and she’s remarkable.” He said, breathlessly.

“A succubus!? They’re basically demon whores!” Victoria shouted at him.

“Victoria…” He said, glaring at her. “I’d be quiet if I were you.”

She huffed, “Why would you want a succubus?”

“She’s very interesting, she came to me in my dream today.” Demetri said. “It was…like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

“Whatever.” She said. “She’ll still have to fuck human men.”

Demetri clenched his jaw, glaring ahead. “Yes…you’re right.”

Victoria flashed a condesceninding smile. “But, I think I’ll do something about that.” He said, and her smile dropped.

“What do you mean, Demetri? What are you going to do?” She asked. He ignored her, getting up, and leaving.





Iren smiled, dancing with Raj was very exciting. She had never gone to parties, and she realized she was having fun. Raj had pulled her close, but still managed to be a gentleman while dancing with her. When they were done dancing, he pulled her back to the kitchen to get drinks.

“Thank you, I was getting thirsty.” Iren said as Raj gave her a wine cooler.

“No problem.” He said. “That was fun.” He then noticed the shift in her demeanor. She looked really tired and dehydrated.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Umm…I kinda need to…” She stumbled, trying to find the right words to say. “Well…I am a succubus…and I need to get some energy.”

Raj’s eyes widened, “Oh! Yeah, I understand…it’s how you survive.” She smiled at him.

“Oh god, thank you so much for understanding.” She said. “I didn’t want to be rude.”

“Go ahead, I’ll be here.” He urged. She nodded, going through the midst of the dancing people, and grabbing the first guy she could see.

“Hi.” She smiled seductively, turning on the charm.

He smiled back, “Hey, what’s up sexy?” He asked.

“Nothing…just thinking about going upstairs.” She said. He got the hint, smirking.

“Come on, then.” He said, pulling her upstairs.

Angela walked up to Raj, “Where’s Iren?” She asked.

“She’s getting energy.” He said while pointing to Iren going up the stairs.

Angela nodded, “Oh! And you are okay with it, right?” She asked.

Raj nodded, “Yeah, it’s how she survives. I can’t do shit about it.”

“Aw! You’re so adorable, I think you two would make a cute couple.”

He smiled, looking down. “Only if Iren agrees.”

“She will!” Angela reassured. “It’ll probably take a while for her, she’s stubborn.”




Iren tried avoiding the sloppy wet kisses the guy planted on her neck. “That feel good, babe?” He asked. She moaned in response, it felt like a sweaty dog was licking her. She faked her moans up until he started making his way down her body.

“Ugh!” She groaned, flipping him on his back with ease, and straddling him.

“How about you unzip that dress.” He said with a smirk and wink.

Iren smirked as well, fingers lingering on the zipper of her dress, teasing him. She slowly pulled the zipper down, pulling the straps of her dress down, and exposing her breasts.

“Damn…wait, let me lock the door.” He said, attempting to get up, but she stopped him.

“Let me.” She said. Getting up to lock the door, he got a glimps of her tattoed wings.

“Nice tat.” He muttered, watching her pull the dress further down, and kicking it to the side. He bit his lip, she hadn’t worn any panties under that plaid dress. “I knew you’d be a freak.”

Iren winced slightly at the word, she never liked it. She was always called freak growing up til now, and it still stung. She turned around quickly, scaring the guy. “You know what…” She trailed off, crawling towards him on the bed.

“What?” The guy asked, sitting up. She pushed him back down forcefully.

“You should be quiet.” She whispered, licking his stomach to his neck. “And let me do all the work.”

The guy raised his eyebrows, “yes ma’am.” She put her finger to her lips to remind him. He mouthed ‘sorry’.

“Good.” She growled lowly,  “Try not to scream.” Her wings pertruded from her back, tail swinging wildly, eyes changing, and horns manifested from her head. Just like before, the guy screamed, but she covered his mouth with a strong hold. Smiling, she revealed her sharp fangs. She straddled him again, easing his dick into her. He tried to push her off, but she was much stronger than him.

“God!” He shouted, overcome with both pain and pleasure as she was gripping his now hard dick.

“Quiet.” She growled lowly, slowly riding him. His breathing began to get ragged, “Almost done.”



Moments later, Iren came downstairs, looking refreshed. The guy stumbling behind her, in a daze and bumping into people. “Yo! Watch out, man!” Someone yelled to him, pushing him.

“I…I…don’t know what the fuck happened.” He mumbled.

Iren smirked, strutting past the dancing bodies. She found Angela and Caleb talking to Raj in the kitchen.

“Hello, people!” She sang.

“Someone’s looking happy.” Angela teased.

“Hush. It’s over and down with.” She replied, then looked to Raj. “I’m probably going home now.”

“You don’t mind if I take you home?” Raj asked.

“I don’t actually. Besides, Angela would probably want to finish having fun.” Iren said.

“Damn right.” Angela muttered.

“Come to the next party, Iren. It’ll be bigger next time!” Caleb shouted.

Iren laughed, “Yeah…maybe. I had fun though, I’ll see you guys later.” Raj escorted her to the door.

They walked to her house making light conversation. “You know, you’re not what I expected.” He said.

“What do you mean by that?” She asked, looking away from him.

“I just thought…you’d be bitchy.” He said with apprehension. “But I’m glad I was wrong.”

She laughed, “Aren’t you sweet.”

He smiled, “What street do you live on?” He asked.

“146 Cherry Lane.” She answered.

He nodded, grabbing her hand. “Close your eyes.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Trust me, just do it.” He said.

“Okay, Shia.” She quipped, closing her eyes. She felt a light breeze and a sizzling noise.

“Open your eyes, Iren.” He said. They were on her porch, just like that.

“Magic.” She mumbled. “I like it.”

“And I like you.” He said. She raised her eyebrows, eyes widening.

“Oh…okay. I like you too.” She said with a forced smile. “But let’s take it slow.”

He nodded, “Right, we just met.” He said with a laugh. Grabbing her hand, he held it gently. “Promise me one thing?”

“Sure.” She said.

“Call me when you have the time.” He said. She nodded.

“Of course, what’s your number?”

He flipped her hand to palm side, showing his number already written on her hand. She giggled. “I guess I’ll see you in class.”

He nodded, “Goodbye.” He said, kissing her cheek, and walking away. As he walked, he faded away.

Turning to the door, she grabbed her key out of her purse to unlock the door. “He was sweet, wasn’t he?” She heard behind her. She turned to see Demetri. "How could he not be, with you looking like that."

“What are you doing here, Demetri?” She asked. He forced a confused expression.

“Well, you have come to me in my dream, making me crave you. And I come to find you getting cozy with a genie!” He shouted. She shushed him.

“Keep it down!” She whispered angrily. Looking around, then unlocking the door. “Come in.”

They both walked in, he closed the door behind him. “Cozy home you have.” He said.

“Cut the bullshit, why did you really here?” She asked with her arms crossed.

He sighed, looking away, “I needed to see you after that dream.”

“Yeah…and?” She urged.

“Don’t think I’m pushing myself on you, but I want you, Ireniva.” He said. His eyes bore into hers, making her blush and look down.

“I…” She trailed off. “Shit, I want you too, but I don’t know. This is just lust.”

He chuckled, brushing her hair away from her face. “This could easily be love…strange love.”

She sighed and chuckled dryly. “Strange highs and strange lows.”

He cleared his throat, “Speaking of strange lows, I want you to meet my sister.” She widened her eyes.

“We are not dating, so why do I need to meet your sister?”

He pulled her close to him, like he did in the dream. “Because I’ll make it worth your while.” Licking her bottom lip before kissing her. She sighed breathlessly.

“Okay.” She mumbled, looking at his lips, then back to his eyes. “This better be fun.”

“I’ll warn you, my sister is a bit of a…” Demetri trailed off.

“Bitch?” she asked.


“Well, I was going to say a diva, but you hit the nail on the head.” He joked. "Pack a bag, you'll be spending a few nights."

“Wait what?” She asked.

“Hurry, the night isn’t getting any younger.” He lightly pushed her forward

End Notes:

Exes and Woes by Darknight

Chapter Five – Exes and Woes


Iren fiddled with her seatbelt, as Demetri drove to his house in silence. She looked out the window, looking at the moon, and wishing it wasn’t such a long drive. Closing her eyes for just a moment, “Don’t fall asleep on me.” She heard him say. Iren smirked, keeping her eyes closed.

“Just resting my eyes.” She said lazily.

Demetri smiled, keeping his eyes on the road, but resting one hand on her thigh while the other was on the wheel. Iren looked at his hand, then at him. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“Helping you stay awake.” He said. She shook her head, but let his hand stay on her thigh. “Just a little while longer.” His hand inched up higher, going under her dress, resting near her inner thigh. She could’ve opened her legs, and let him have his way, but she wasn’t that easy.

She chuckled. “I’m pretty sure I’m awake now.”

“Good.” He said, putting his hand on the stirring wheel, turning into the driveway of his house. House was an understatement, it was more like a mansion. A dark and creepy mansion.

“Wow…this is something out of a gothic romance book.” Iren said, staring in awe.

“My sister and I inhereted it from our parents.” He replied.

“Are they vampires too, or are they dead?” She asked.

Demetri smiled at her as he parked, “They’re both alive and well, living in Romania at the moment.” She nodded. “Allow me to get the door for you.”

“No, no, no. I got it.” She protested, but he got out and came to her side faster than she could open the door.

“I’d like to believe I’m a gentleman.” He said, she smiled.

“Oh really?” She asked in a teasing manner.

“Really.” He said with a wink, leading her to the door, and opening it. “Victoria! I’m back!”

Victoria was at the top of the stairs, looking down at Demetri and Iren with hot anger. She ran down the stairs with inhuman speed, yelling at the top of her lungs, “YOU WHORE!” Slapping Iren with such strength, that she fell to the floor.

“Victoria! What the hell is wrong with you!” Demetri shouted, helping Iren off the ground as she glared up at Victoria.

“Why did you bring this filthy whore in our house!” Victoria shouted at Demetri while glaring back at Iren.

“She’s my guest, and I want her here. You’ll just have to suck up this little superiority complex you have.” Demetri said to her.

Victoria growled under her breath, looking over to Demetri, “She’s THE ex.”

Demetri stared at her with wide eyes, “You mean…she’s ‘The one who shall not be named’?” Victoria nodded.

“She’s nothing but a whore that will use you, and when she’s done with you, she’ll toss you like trash.” Victoria growled.

“You’re only angry because you couldn’t own me. I was never your girlfriend, and I told you from the start that I wasn’t your girlfriend!” Iren shouted. “You’re the one that caught feelings! You knew what you were getting into!”

Victoria screamed, running towards her, but Demetri stood in front of Iren. “Victoria. No.” He said sternly. Her face fell from a murderous look to a crestfallen look as she slumped over, tears falling from her eyes, she walked back upstairs.

Iren looked down, breathing hard. “I’d like to go to sleep.”

“Right, I’m sorry. I’ll get your bag, then escort you to my room.” He said. She nodded. As soon as he left, he was back in the blink of an eye with her bag in his hand. “Follow me, dear.” They walked up the stairs, she looked on curiously at the pictures of Demetri and Victoria with their parents. They stopped in front of his door, he opened it, once they were inside and the door was shut, he dropped her bag and grabbed her face.

“I’m so sorry for Victoria’s behavior.” He whispered.

“Don’t apologize.” She told him. He pulled her face closer until their lips touched, then pulled away.

“Get some rest, we’ll have our fun tomorrow night. Until then, I’ll have a servant at your beck and call in the morning.” He said, kissing her one more time before leaving. Iren sighed, putting her bag in the corner, and stripping.

“Fuck it, I’ll sleep naked tonight.” She mumbled.





Demetri found Victoria in her room, brushing her hair sadly. “You had no right to attack Iren like that.” He said. She ignored him.

“You have nothing to say?” He asked.

“I said all that I wanted to say, Demetri.” She said, still brushing her hair.

“Why are you holding this petty grudge when you were aware that Iren didn’t feel the same way?” He asked.

Victoria sighed, putting down her brush and turning to face him. “She was the first woman that ever treated me differently. I felt insecure and jealous whenever she’d get her ‘energy’.” She said with a humorless laugh. “I wanted to rip every man’s throat out that touched her. And don’t worry, it’ll get to you, it’ll eat at you.”

“Victoria…” He started, she held her hand up.

“My jealousy pushed her away, I ruined what could’ve been a good thing. I’m still hurt by it.” She said.

Demetri looked away, “Did you mark her?”

She nodded, but he wanted to hear it. “I did…her blood will turn you into an insatiable beast, you’ll lust and be obsessed.”

“Did you enjoy that feeling?” He asked.

“Yes, for a short period. Don’t make the same mistake I did, Demetri. Let her go while you still can.” She begged.

He shook his head. “I can’t…I’m already invested.”

Victoria widened her eyes, “You can’t?You barely know her!”

“Don’t talk to me like that, I’ll do as I wish.” He growled at her.

She narrowed her eyes, “You’re making a mistake, you’ll see. Ireniva isn’t capable of love.”

It was Demetri’s turn to narrow his eyes. “Who said anything about love?”


Victoria laughed dryly. “You’ll learn.” She turned back to her mirror, brushing her hair again. Demetri took that as his cue to leave. He walked back to his room, undressing and laying beside Iren. He was shocked to feel her naked body on his own. Putting his arm around her, he pulled her towards his chest tightly until dawn.

The Memory by Darknight

Chapter Six – The Memory


Twenty Years Ago


After selling her soul to have eternal life and beauty, Iren stared at her appearance in the mirror for a while, relishing in her new beauty. The demon that helped her assigned her as a succubus to keep herself looking young. She sighed, she was also invited to an party by that demon, a private masquerade party for supernaturals. Looking at the red gown and black mask on her bed, she had already spent the money, so why not go?

“Okay…I can mingle with them.” She mumbled under her breath. “I’ll blend in, and maybe they won’t know I’m new to this.”

She called a taxi, putting on the dress and mask as she waited. She smirked at her reflection. All she needed was her lipstick, and she’d be good to go. Hearing a car horn outside, she hurried to glide on some red lipstick, grabbed her purse, and left.

“Where to, Miss?” The driver asked as she got in.

“This address.” She said, giving him a strip of paper with the address.

“What are you doing going to that part of town?” He asked.

“I’m invited to an event. That is all.” She said. He nodded, and drove off. She sighed shakily, watching the buildings pass. Iren perked up when they were slowing down to an abandoned looking building.

“We’re here.” The driver said.

“Thanks,” She paid for the tab, and got out. She was nervous, this looked like a warehouse where they kill people or traffic sex. Walking up to the door, she opened it slowly, there was a man in all black waiting by another door.

“State your species.” He said with a gruff voice.

“S-Succubus.” She said. He nodded, opening the door for her. The lights were bright, and she could hear laughing around her. Everyone was dancing and clinking glasses. “This doesn’t look too bad.” She mumbled to herself. Then the atmosphere changed, the room became silent as everyone looked at her. She swallowed hard, walking towards the drinks. With everyone’s eyes still on her, she tried to ignore it by grabbing a glass of wine.

“They love fresh meat.” She heard a voice say. She turned to the side to see two girls and guy around her age. “The new ones are the best around here.”

“Oh?” Iren asked with a quirked eyebrow.

“I’m Mary, that’s Evangeline, but she goes by Angela. That’s Caleb.” Said Mary. “I’m a fairy, she’s a succubus, and he’s an incubus.”

“Ireniva…I’m a succubus as well.” She said.

“That’s awesome!” Angela said.

“Yeah, we don’t get many succubi that look like you.” Caleb said.

“That look like me?” Iren asked.

Mary rolled her eyes, “They mean black.” Angela and Caleb glared at her.

“That’s not what I meant, I meant goth…sorry Ireniva.” Caleb said.

“Whatever, just mingle with the other species…but never mingle with them.” Mary said nodding her head towards a group of intimidating people staring at her. They were all dressed to impress. “The vampires. They’re all descendants or friends of the descendants.”

“What’s their deal?” Iren asked.

“They think they’re better than us all, they’ll only come for us if they want our blood.” Angela said. “Our blood fucks ‘em up.”

“Succubi and Incubi blood?” Iren asked. Angela and Caleb nodded.

“But fairy blood is what they crave.” Mary said with a smirk. Iren rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, Mary.” Angela teased. They laughed, but the laughing was cut short when everyone got quiet again. They looked up to see that everyone had parted like the red sea, letting a red headed woman walk through. She looked like she stepped out of Vogue magazine, walking slowly towards the group. She pointed a long, slender finger at Iren.

“You, come.” She commanded. Iren looked to the group, pleading for help. They shrugged, eyes wide.

“Just go.” Mary said, pushing her forward.

The red-headed woman held her hand out, and Iren took it. She lead her up the stairs, ignoring everyone’s stares. Once they were upstairs, she unlocked a door, and pulled her inside.

“What the hell is going on?” Iren asked.

“Did I tell you to speak?” The redhead growled.

Iren chuckled humorlessly, “No, but I don’t need your permission, bitch.”

The woman furrowed her eyebrows, “You talk to all vampires like this?”

“Look, why am I here? To be your little drink for the night, no way.” Iren said, pushing past the woman. She was pulled back by her hair roughly.

“I like you…” The woman said. “State your name.”

Iren pulled her head back, releasing her hair from the woman’s tight grip. “Ireniva.”

“I am Victoria.” She said, reaching to play with Iren’s hair. Iren flinched away.

“Well, Victoria, I’m not interested.” She turned to walk out the door.

“What’s the matter, never been with a woman before?” Victoria teased.

Iren turned with a smirk on her face, “I’ve been with women, just not a vampire.”

Victoria’s face lit up, “Then you don’t mind just a taste?” Iren thought about it, when would she ever meet another vampire in the future.

“Fine.” She said, feeling too adventurous. Victoria pulled her to a couch, leaning in to kiss her sensually. Her hands rubbed Iren’s shoulders as she started kissing her neck. Her dark lipstick was smeared on her face, and on Iren’s neck and lips.

“Lean back.” Victoria whispered. Iren did as she was told, Victoria pushed her dress up, and spread her thighs. She rubbed Iren’s lace clad clit. Iren gasped, closing her eyes. “Don’t close your eyes, Ireniva. Look at me.” She looked down to see Victoria pulling her panties off. She hovered over her, kissing her again while plunging her finger into her wet folds. Iren moaned into the kiss as Victoria’s finger curled inside of her. She took her finger out, going down to lick the juices from her pussy. Iren’s eyes rolled back, hands landing on Victoria’s head.

Victoria watched her intensely as she shook and jolted, moving to the inside of her thigh, she kissed it before plunging her fangs into her thigh. Iren grunted, biting back the pain, then moaned as Victoria fingered her once more to balance out the pain with pleasure. She licked the rest of the blood, coming up to peck Iren on the lips, licking the blood off the corner of her mouth and pulled her up.

Iren was in a daze, “Thank you, Ireniva. I hope we meet again.” Victoria said. “And I’ll be keeping these.” She held up Iren’s panties.

Iren turned to leave, walking back to the table with drinks, Angela, Mary, and Caleb weren’t there anymore.

“There you are!” She heard Angela say. “She must’ve did a number on you.”

“Yeah, your makeup is smeared like a used hooker.” Mary said. Angela sneered at her, “Shut up, Mary. I’ll fix it.”

She wiped up the smeared lipstick from Iren’s face. “There, all better.”

“Come on, before another vampire finds you.” Mary said.


Victoria smirked, making her way back to the group of vampires. She clutched Iren’s panties in her hand tightly. “Oh Vicky has finally taken down her first demon.” She grinned.

“Not just any demon, a succubus.” She said to the group.

“Don’t they only have sex with human men?” someone had asked. She rolled her eyes, holding up the panties as evidenced earning chuckles. She saw Demetri joining the group, late as always.

“Sorry I’m late. Did I…did I miss anything?” He asked, eyeing the panties.


“Nope.” She lied.

Relax by Darknight

Chapter Seven - Relax


Iren woke up, with an arm around her waist. She had forgotten she wasn’t in her bed, looking over to see a naked Demetri. “Get dressed and get breakfast.” He mumbled to her with his eyes still closed. The room was dark, and no sunlight shone through, but she could tell it was morning. Getting up, there was folded clothes, toothpaste, and toothbrush on his night stand. She grabbed the clothes, toothbrush, and toothpaste, and went to the bathroom to shower. She was numb after last night’s ordeal with Victoria. She didn’t think they’d ever see each other after she broke it off, let alone think that she was the sister of the guy who also wanted to be with her.

After showering and brushing her teeth, she got dressed in a black dress that was picked for her. She walked out of Demetri’s room, bumping into a short, plump woman.

“I apologize, Miss. The master has requested breakfast for you.” She said. “You may call me Isabella. Come now.”

“Uh…okay.” Iren said awkwardly, following Isabella to the kitchen where a breakfast was prepared for her.

“Enjoy Miss.” She said, bowing her head before leaving. Iren dug into the food, eating as if she hadn’t eaten in days. Once she was satisfied, she debated on what she wanted to do. The mansion was so big, she didn’t think she’d have the energy to go through it. Sighing, she began walking, looking at any and all interesting artifacts.

“Looking for something?” She heard behind her. Victoria glared icily at her from the shadows of a corner, walking towards her. Iren slowly, yet casually, strolled towards a window where the sun was beaming down.

“Shouldn’t you be in a coffin? It’s daylight.” Iren said indifferently.

“Don’t think that you’ll have Demetri hooked around your finger, slut.” She sneered at Iren. “He’ll get over you just as quickly as you got over me, and it’ll burn you to your demonic core.”

Iren put her hand over her heart in mock shock, “Oh gee!I must have turned on the charm extra hard to make him want me. Didn’t I?”

Victoria’s glare intensified. “Don’t mock me! I’ll send you right back to hell if you think I’ll let you talk to me like tha-“ She had accidentally got into the sunlight, cutting herself off, and hissing in pain. Her exposed flesh burned instantly; she quickly walked back to the shadows to heal. “This isn’t over. You’ll get what you deserve for hurting me.” She left in the blink of an eye.

“Crazy bitch.” Iren muttered to herself. “Now where can I find a fucking tv?” She looked all over the first floor for a tv, getting exhausted and frustrated as she couldn’t find one. Luckily, Isabella was trudging towards Iren. “Isabella! Is there a tv here?” She asked.

“Tv?” Isabella asked, confused. “We don’t have any tv’s here, Miss.”

Iren nearly fainted, “No tv? What do you do for entertainment?”

“Oh, I don’t need such things, none of the servants do. I’m sure the master and lady have alternatives to the tv.” Isabella said. “Now, I must be on my way.” She walked past Iren, going into a room. Iren sighed, looking around. What could she possibly do in this big house?She threw her hands up as she walked down the corridor of the house.

“If I could help, madam, you could relax in the master’s hot tub.” She jumped when she heard a deep british voice behind her. There stood an old man, who she assumed was a butler. He just had that stereotypical butler look, tall and stoic.

“Hot tub?” She said with hope in her eyes.

“Yes, madam. The master has hot tub in the adjorning master bathroom.”

Iren smiled, giving him a quick thanks. “Thanks…uh…”

“Jefferson.” He said with a bow.

“Thanks Jefferson.” She said, dashing upstairs. She went into Demetri’s room, he was still asleep. She walked to the bathroom, it was marvelous. It had the same gothic feel as the rest of the house.

She looked around, there was a shower with a glass door, a black tub in the center of the room, black marble sink, and black marble hot tub connected to the wall. It had candles lined on the corners, “I might have to use this again tonight,” she mused while taking off her clothes. Getting the water running, she sat patiently for it to fill up. Once that was done, she pressed the button for the bubbles, slowly getting in and relaxing.

“Yes…” She moaned, closing her eyes as she got settled. The water felt so good, she didn’t realize she was going to sleep. Yawning, her eyes felt heavy, if she closed them for a moment, maybe just for a few minutes.

Drifting off into darkness, everything was peaceful. Peaceful until she saw the face of her mother. Margaret Redwood was a strict, god-fearing woman, her husband, Fredrick, was a reverand for a small church in the south. Margaret kept her daughter neat and lady-like when going to public places. They were a small nuclear family in the early 50s, the reverand and his wife didn’t want their daughter exposed to the hatred and bigotry that was going on at the time. But Iren was smart, she knew what was going on.

Just turning 21, she wanted desparately to find a husband to move from her parents’ home. She just didn’t have the confidence or poise to find one. Her mother pressured her that she should look in the church. Iren agreed, but the church boys didn’t last with her. She felt too insecure, not pretty enough.

“I’d sell my soul to be as beautiful as Lena Horne or Dorithy Dandridge.” She voiced aloud. Her mother’s eyes widened when she heard that, grabbing Iren, and slapping her.

“Don’t you ever say something foolish like that ever again!” Margaret yelled. Iren held her reddened cheek, tears threatened to spill from her eyes.

“I…I…I’m sorry, mama.” She said.

“Go to your room, your father will pray for you when he gets home.” Iren held her head down in shame, walking quickly to her room. The tears had already came down, she let out a sob. She didn’t think she had said anything wrong, until he showed up.

“So, you want to sell your soul?” She heard, looking up to see a man in a nice suit. He was bald with green eyes, but he looked young.

Iren couldn’t speak, how did this white man get into their house. “I know you have questions, and I have answers, dear Iren.” He said.

“H-How do you know my name?” She asked.

“We walk among you, seeing and guiding tempted souls to do evil. What’s important is your soul, what do you want in exchange?” He asked. Iren stared at him with scared wide eyes.

The man looked at her expectantly, then realization hit him. “Oh, how rude of me! I’m Balzaar, I’m a demon.”

Iren gasped, covering her mouth. “No!” She cried.

Balzaar chuckled, “Yes! Sign over your soul, and I’ll give you everything you want.”

“Everything?” Iren’s eyes fluttered. “C-Can you make me beautiful?”

“Sweetheart, I can make you drop dead gorgeous.” He said with a charming smile. “All you have to do is give me your soul.”

Iren gaped at him, thinking this over. “Don’t think, Iren. You could live forever with beauty that could kill. Do it.” Balzaar urged.

“Okay.” She nodded. “I’ll do it.”

Balzaar smiled a chesire grin. “Good.” He pulled out a small knife with demonic markings on it. He grabbed her wrist, slitting her wrist. Blood trickled out of the cut quickly, she felt lightheaded. Balzaar let her blood drip on a piece of parchment with words she couldn’t read.

“Nice doing business with you, Iren.” He said with a nod. Before he could leave, Iren’s parents came into her room. Her mother screamed when she saw Iren’s limp body on the bed, blood staining the bed. They couldn’t even see Balzaar as they rushed to her body, trying desparately to stop the bleeding.

Iren’s soul met Balzaar as they watched the scene before them. “Your assignment is succubus.”

“Huh?” She said. She was jerked back into her body, scaring her parents. She blocked out their tirade, her head was fuzzy and she could hardly think. Succubus...It was a funny word that she’d never heard before. Balzaar was gone, and didn’t explain anything else.

Years after her change, her father had died, and her dear mother had been sent to a psych ward. She tried to visit her mother, but she had a meltdown at the sight of Iren. Claiming that the demon wouldn’t leave her be, Iren wanted to cry. Her mother spoke in tongues, casting her out of the mental institute.

Margaret was long gone now, dying just three years after Iren met Lilith.

Iren woke up in bed, and not in the tub. Looking around in confusion, Demetri wasn’t in bed either. The door opened, and Demetri walked in.

“You’re finally awake.” He said. “You’ve been sleeping in that tub for a while before I found you.”

She furrowed her brow, “It’s night?” He nodded. “Shit.”

“You were crying in your sleep, was there something wrong?” He asked with concern in his voice. She shook her head.

“No…I’d rather not talk about it.” She said. He sat beside her, kissing her on the lips.

“You can tell me anything.” He whispered, kissing her again.

She pulled away slightly. “Not now.”

“Fine.” He said, kissing her shoulder. “Then can I have my way with you?”

She giggled, “For a little bit…I have school in the morning.”

“Right.” He said, pushing her back and kissing her breasts. He pushed the covers down, going down her body. Stopping above her core, he looked up at her. “She marked you down here?”

Iren nodded sadly, “Demetri…”

“No, I can handle it.” He said, spreading her legs apart, he saw the bite mark on the inside of her thigh. His thumb massaged the mark as he stared at it. She grabbed his hand, guiding it to her clit. He caught on, massaging her clit with his thumb. He came back up to kiss her,

“Do you want me to eat your pussy?” He whispered huskily. Iren nodded, loving the way he touched her. “You think you’ve had your pussy eaten before? No, you’ve only been licked…I’ll devour your pussy.”

She almost came from his diry, yet sensual, words. “Please, Demetri.” She begged.

He removed his thumb, going down eat her the way she needed to be eaten. She gripped his hair when he sucked her clit, bucking her hips. His tongue was doing wonderful things to her, making her arch her back, and moan like a whore. He gripped her hands, holding them down just to torture her. He wasn’t going to stop until she came all over his face.



Scream Queen part 1 by Darknight
Author's Notes:

This chapter and the next part of it were supposed to come out on Halloween, but I've been in the hospital so it was a no-go. Forgive me for being sooo late.

Chapter 8 – Scream Queen part 1


“Shit!” Iren exclaimed, breaking out of Demetri’s hold. She rummaged through her bag for something to wear. Stumbling across the room, she fell trying to put on a pair of skinny jeans. This woke Demetri out of his death-like sleep, “Iren?” He grumbled. She didn’t know when he had fallen asleep after they spent last night touching and kissing.

“Sorry, I really need to get to class.” She said.

“Don’t worry about it, take my car.” He said, turning over to go back to sleep. “The keys are in the kitchen, and I’ll see you at Temptation.”

Pursing her lips, she grabbed her bag and purse, going downstairs to the kitchen, “Need any help, Miss?” Isabella asked.

“Uh…I need to find Demetri’s keys…I’m borrowing his car.” Iren said awkwardly.

Isabella nodded, “Which one? Audi? Lamborghini? Aston Martin?”

“Shit.” Iren muttered. “I’ll take the Audi.” Isabella handed her the keys.

“Have good day.” She told her, while guiding her to the garage. Iren stared at all three cars, they looked sexy and sleek, everything that Demetri was. Pressing the button to unlock the door, she got in, putting her stuff on the passenger side. Isabella waved to her as she opened the garage door, Iren was on her way.


She pulled into the school parking lot, quickly going into her class’ building. Groups of people stood in the halls looking mournful, crying, and hugging each other. She looked around, everyone was crowding in.

“Iren!” She heard.

Raj, Angela, and Caleb pushed through the crowd to reach her.

“Did you hear about Professor Issacs?” Raj asked.

Iren froze, not meeting their stare. “He had a heart attack in his classroom over the weekend.” Caleb said.

“Hmm…sad.” Iren said, unfazed.

“Iren…did you…?” Angela asked.

“I had to. Fucking creep wanted me to fuck him for a good grade.” She whispered.

Raj grunted, “I never like him.”

“What’s with the crying though?” Iren asked.

“Remember that guy you had sex with at that party?” Angela asked. Iren nodded. “That was Bobby Samson, some beloved, priviliged kid.”

“Wow. Today is going to be annoying.” She muttered. “At least I have two classes now.”

They laughed, “That’s the spirit. You know what this calls for…HEY EVERYONE!” Caleb shouted, getting everyone’s attention. “In memory of our good friend Bobby, Let’s throw a party for him! He wouldn’t want us to cry, he’d want us all to fucking party!”

Everyone cheered and agreed with Caleb, causing Iren to facepalm. “This Saturday, on Halloween, bring your costumes!” Caleb shouted.

“Something tells me that this is going to be a bad idea.” Raj said Iren.

“Caleb is full of bad ideas, we’re stupid enough to encourage him.” Iren said as Angela rolled her eyes.

“Hey, I try to stop him…sometimes.” She said, giggling.

“Whatever, I’m going to class. You guys wanna get lunch at twelve?” She asked them.

They agreed, and she was on her way to class. After class, she had time to spare before her next class. She heard giggling and kissing noises as she walked down the hall to rest. Caleb’s back was turned towards her, and a girl’s arms were wrapped around his neck. Iren cleared her throat, breaking up the make out session. Of course Caleb would be kissing the wicked bitch, Gina.

“I wasn’t aware that this was high school and not college, skipping class to make out?” She asked.

“Beat it, slut. The big kids are busy.” Gina sneered.

Iren scrunched her face, “Really? I didn’t know you recylced mean girl quotes from 80s movies. Original, Gina.” Caleb stifled a laugh.

“I’ll see you at lunch, Ren. Come on, Gina.” Caleb said with a grin.

“Okay, you go…I want to apologize to Ren.” Gina said. Iren and Caleb shared a look as if they didn’t believe her.

“Go ahead, Caleb.” Iren urged. He nodded,  walking down the hall.

Once he was out of earshot, Gina pounced. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do.” She growled.

“And what do you think I’m trying to do?” Iren asked with an amused smirk.

Gina chuckled a humorless laugh, “You’re setting your little black painted claws into him, and every guy in this school, slut.”

It was Iren’s turn to laugh a humorless laugh. “Sweetheart, Caleb and I have been friends before your time…literally. So step off.” She pushed past Gina, who turned around swiftly.

“Don’t walk away from me. I know you had sex with Bobby the night of the party, he probably died from some STD you gave him.” Gina said with a smirk. “Yeah, that’s right. I saw him stumbling after you fucked, someone said he puked, and died right in the front yard.”

Iren’s face was blank. “Who knows, maybe you fucked Professor Issacs as well. But you’re not fucking Caleb, he’s mine.”

Iren laughed, “You silly girl, you don’t even know what you’re getting into.” She muttered.

“What was that?” Gina sneered.

“Oh nothing. Go ahead and fuck Caleb, I encourage you to. Don’t let our friendship get in the way of your relationship.” Gina’s smirk fell, as she was confused. “Go girl, he’s probably in the bathroom waiting for you.”

Gina turned around to walk down the hall, she has never been so confused in her life. She turned around to look at the weird girl, her eyes widened and she gasped, seeing a horned, ugly creature with wings smiling at her like a maniac. Closing her eyes and opening them again, nothing was there. Iren was gone, the creature was gone, everything was weird, and two people are dead. She walked further down the hall, turning to see Caleb was indeed waiting for her.

“Took you long enough.” He smirked.

“Yeah…I just got a lot on my mind…wanna make me forget for a moment?” She asked seductively.

“Thought you’d never asked.” He said, pulling her to the boy’s restoom. Making sure no one was in there, he locked the door.

He pushed her against the wall while kissing her hard, lifting her up, and pulling her skirt up.

“Wait…” She said between kisses. “Maybe this is a bad idea.”

“What’s up, you wanted this thirty minutes ago?” He asked.

“I just don’t feel like it right now…maybe on Saturday?” She said hopefully.

He smirked, “Yeah, I’ll hold you to it.” He exited the restroom to see if anyone was out in the hall to make sure she could exit without anyone seeing her. They both went to their separate classes.

Iren caught up to Caleb, “So…?” She trailed off.

“So what?” He asked as she struggled to keep up with his long strides.

“Did you fuck her?” She bluntly asked. Caleb chuckled.

“Why you wanna know?” He jokingly asked.

“You know I hate that bitch, and she knows that I was with that Bobby guy at the party…and she may have suggested that I was with professor Isaacs.” Iren said.

“But you were.” He replied.

“That’s besides the point. The point is that she’s sticking her plastic nose in things she shouldn’t be sticking it into.” She said. “Get rid of her.”

“I’ve planned to fuck her at the party…do you want to join?”

Iren’s eyes widened. “No! I don’t want to watch you fuck that bitch.” She whispered.

Caleb chuckled, “It’ll be like old times. Remember, You, Angela, and I were like a badass trio of fucking killers.” He smirked. Back when they all first met, they spent their weekends hunting people, usually couples to have orgies and then rip their flesh apart. Iren stopped using that method of taking her victims’ soul, she let’s them die on their own.

She rolled her eyes, “I’ve calmed down now, I’m not as crazy as I used to be.”

“Yeah, well I know it would make you feel satisfied just to see the terrified look on her face when she sees what we really are.” Caleb suggested. Iren thought about it, she like the rush she got just from showing Gina a glimpse of what was to come.

“Yeah, well it’s a shame I can’t kill her myself.” She mumbled.

“You can watch me do it, I won’t hold back.” He said. She put her hand over her heart.

“That is so sweet of you.” Iren said, with a sarcastic smirk. “Well, I’m heading to class.”

“Alright, just take what I said into consideration.” He said. She nodded, going into class.



Iren noticed throughout the whole class, everyone was out of it. Even the instructor, they were all distracted and sad. If she were human again, she have some sort of compassion, but she didn’t care. That’s life. She thought. The instructor decided to let them out early, she was glad to be out of this room full of crying. She sat in the hall to wait and meet up with Angela, Raj, and Caleb for lunch.

During lunch, she decided to bring up what she and Caleb talked about.

“Did you ask Angela?” She asked Caleb.

“Ask me what?” Angela said, looking to them.

“Caleb’s gonna fuck Gina, and he wants us to do like we did back in the day.” She said. Angela raised her eyebrows.

“Wow, I haven’t…wow!” Angela sputtered. “I mean, we used to have a lot of fun, but…times are different now.”

“I’m afraid to even ask what you’re talking about.” Raj said.

Iren sighed, “Sorry, it’s incubi/succubi things.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Raj said. They all laughed.

“But seriously though, I thought it would be a nice Halloween sacrifice gift to Iren.” Caleb said with a chuckle.

“I like it. Only if Iren agrees though.” Angela said.

“I agreed that it was best to kill her to keep her from snooping, not to have orgies.” Iren said.

“There won’t be an orgy.” Caleb said, holding his hand over his heart. “Promise.”

Iren thought about it for a moment, “Okay.”


At Temptation, Iren and Angela decided it was a good idea to recommend Raj to replace Izekiel. They were going to ask Lilith to interview him. When they all walked into the bar, Lilith wasn’t around, and the chairs were still on the tables. It was partially dark, except for a light in the back to Lilith’s office.

“Go see if she’s back there.” Angela said, pushing Iren forward.

She walked slowly to Lilith’s office, not knowing what to expect. Their boss usually greeted them in the house of the bar, what if something were wrong?

Stopping outside of her door, she knocked lightly. There was no answer, then she knocked loudly the next time.

There was muttering and shuffling around, Lilith answered the door, cracking it just a bit. “I-I didn’t expect you to be here so early, Iren.” She said.

“Uh…is this a bad time?” Iren asked.

“I was just…working with a client.” She replied.

Iren narrowed her eyes, “Okaaay…well, we found a replacement for Izekiel.”

Lilith smiled, “That’s a relief. I’ll be done in ten minutes.”

Iren nodded, quickly walking back to her friends. They were setting the chairs down, and had the lights on.

“What’s up with Lilith?” Caleb asked.

“I think she was having sex.” Iren said. Angela giggled.

“Ssh…here she comes.” Angela said. Lilith walked out with someone Iren thought she’d never see again…at least not now.

“I’m so sorry, I was with a client, this is Mr. Blaine.” Lilith said.

He smirked right at Iren. “But please call me Balzaar.” She glared at him.

“Let me guess, this must be our new member?” Lilith asked, pointing to Raj.

“Yes, that’s me.” He said to her.

“Djinn?” She asked. He nodded. “I sensed it. Come, let’s start the interview.” Raj followed Lilith to her office. Balzaar was left with Iren, Caleb, and Angela.

“How did you find out where I work?” Iren asked him.

He shrugged, “Wasn’t hard.”

“Why are you here? I’m not going anywhere with you.” She said, defensively.

He held his hands up, “I’m not here to take you away, I just wanted to visit. Rumor has it, you’ve got yourself another vampire.”

“Who told you that?” Iren asked, looking to Angela and Caleb, they shook their heads.

“We’ve got nothing to do with it.” Caleb said.

Balzaar chuckled, “I have resources.”

“My life is none of your business.” She told him.

“Oh come on, Iren. I made you, and this is how you repay me.” He said, with mock hurt. “I can take that beauty away from you, and turn you into the ugly demon that you really are. Respect me or I send you back to hell.”

She clenched her jaw, “I’m sorry.” She forced out.

He smiled, “That’s better. After all, you will be working for me…all of you.”

They looked at each other with flabbergasted gazes, “What the fuck do you mean?” Caleb asked.

“Watch your mouth, the same thing goes for you too about respecting me.” Balzaar told him.

Caleb blew out a frustrated breath, “What do you mean?”

“Well, the lovely Lilith has a debt to pay to the big man, to repay it, she has to let me run this shithole for a month.” Balzaar said. “I’ll only be running the torturing in the basement.”

Iren shook her head, this will be a long month.



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