Days in the Lives of Jethro Gibbs and Family (REVISED) by magensby


This collection of stories for ‘Days in the Lives of Jethro Gibbs and Family” consists of one-shots of the adventures of Jethro and Margie.  


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Chapter 2 In the Park by magensby
Author's Notes:

Jethro and Margie stroll in the park.


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Days in the Lives of Jethro Gibbs and Family



Chapter 2    In the Park



When the twins are about three months old Margie and I take them to the park.  It is unseasonably warm today so we take advantage of it and have them bundled up in their stroller. It’s a twin stroller

We walk around the park until they fall asleep.  Afterwards we find a bench and sit and talk. The sun feels good and the temperature is warm for the week before Thanksgiving.  


Sitting there enjoying this quiet time we see a young couple approach and stop before us.  The young lady is noticeably pregnant and the young man is beaming.  The young man asks,


“You have twin grandchildren.  Are they both boys, both girls, or one or each?”


Margie and I look at each other and smile.  I then reply,


“Our son and our daughter are fraternal twins.”


They both look at us and then the young lady says,


“Oh you had a surrogate?  Isn’t it hard being as old as you are with young children?”


Now neither of us smiles at the woman’s impertinence.  Before Margie berates the lady I say to her,


“Miss that is a very personal question and since we don’t know you we can’t answer it. Having children at any age is hard.  You will soon learn that for yourself.  Have a good day.” 


They walk away and Margie and I just shake our heads at the nerve of some people.

End Notes:

Can't have any peace even in the park.

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