The JOVAN Saga by magensby

A Collection of One-Shots of our couple Evangeline and John.  From romance to comedy and all those in between.  Come along for the ride!

1/13/21 - The ride is now complete.  Thnx for coming along for the journey.

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Chapter 1 Held Hostage by magensby
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A lunch break dash to the grocery store turns into a fight for her life!


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The JOVAN Saga – A Collection of One-Shots





Chapter 1    Held Hostage



Well just enough time left on my lunch break for me to stop by the store and pick up the things that I need for making dinner tonight because I feel in the mood to cook for a change.  No take out for me this day.  I want homemade everything.  The list is short so it should not take long to get them. A quick trip through the check out line and I make it to the exit door with time to spare.  Just as the door opens someone bumps me from behind and it takes everything for me to hold onto my purse and grocery bag.


When I make it to the sidewalk outside of the store there are police cars everywhere.   The man behind me grabs me and holds me by my waist with a gun to my head. Oh no, what is happening!  I hear him shout to the officers that if they don’t back up that he will shoot me.  He squeezes my waist tight and with the adrenalin running through me, couple that with the cramps from my period and his pressure on my stomach I bend over and throw up all over our shoes.  Just as I bend over I hear several gunshots.  The gunman falls backwards and takes me with him. In the course of the fall I drop my purse and my grocery bag.


The officers rush to us and pull me away from the gunman.  The gunman is dead.  One officer walks me to his car and sits me down while we wait for an ambulance.  He asks me if I am all right and I ask him what happened.  He responds that the man held up the grocery store and was making his exit.  Evidently the store clerk had the presence of mind to press the silent alarm that alerted the police.  Officers were already on their usual patrol of this area and received the alert and arrived just in time.  The officer apologizes that I was subjected to such an ordeal.  Just at that moment the ambulance arrives and the officer helps me over so that the EMTs can check me out for any injuries. They decide to take me to the hospital as a precaution and I acquiesce.  


At the hospital the ER personnel complete the examination and deem me fit to leave.  I thank them for their proper care and call my sister for a ride back to the store to collect my car.  Layla fusses at me for not calling her earlier but she’s so thankful that I am all right.  Upon arrival at the store I find a note on my car from the store manager asking me to stop in before I leave with my car.  She meets me at the store entrance and tells me that she wants to replace everything that I lost when the gunman grabbed me and plus she will add a fully cooked meal from their hot bar.  I thanked her for her kindness and received the packages with appreciation.


Once at home I find a police officer waiting for me in the lobby of my building.  He informs me that they found the gunman’s car and after a thorough search found evidence that linked him to the Killing Club Killer case.  As a matter of fact the evidence collected was enough to locate his accomplices and to rescue the missing Natalie Buchanan who is now in the hospital. A bit puzzled why the officer felt the need to tell me this he said that he stopped by to check on me and since I too was a victim of the KCK he wanted me to know that their reign of terror was now over.  What a kind gesture.  After thanking the officer for his concern he left and I made my way up to my apartment to take a nice hot shower and to eat my dinner.


So Natalie was rescued.  I am sure that John did the rescuing and is very happy to have his ‘luv’ with him again.  I scold myself for that because it sounds so petty and I am grateful that Natalie is now safe even though she would not have wished the same for me.  Well what a relief that the KCK case is over.  Now maybe I can breathe again without worrying if they will come after me again.


The shower feels good and I even shampoo my hair wanting to rid my entire body of any remembrance of what happened today.  One would think that I will freak out about someone being shot dead behind me but I haven’t.  The man planned to kill me so I feel no regret for his death.  Plus after having someone kidnap you, tie you to a pole and set a fire at your feet you lose a bit of sympathy along the way.


Placing my food on the table I dig in and completely enjoy it. I didn’t realize how hungry I was. They even gave me dessert and I relished that.  Just as I clean up the kitchen I hear a knock at my front door.  It is probably Layla checking on me.  I open the door and am surprised to see John.  He’s standing there looking lost.  Oh, he’s probably just coming from visiting Natalie at the hospital and is stopping to tell me of the rescue.


“Hello John. I already know about Natalie’s rescue.  I’m sure that you were the one to rescue her and that you are so relieved that she is now safe. What tore you away from her?”


“How do you know about Natalie?  It doesn’t matter I’m not here about that anyway.  I heard about what happened to you today and I wanted to see that you were okay.”


“Yes I’m okay John thanks to the police officers who arrived just in time at the grocery store.”


“I’m sorry that this happened to you Evangeline.”


“Well you can see that I am fine so you can leave now and return to Natalie.”


“I’m not going back to the hospital.  Natalie has her family to look after her.  I’m here to look after you.”


“I have my sister for that John.  I told you before that until you can say how you feel I have nothing else to say to you.”


“When I heard about what happened to you today I felt like my world was ending.  When the officer told me that the gunman held a gun to your head I thought that you were dead.  The officer hurriedly told me that you were checked over at the hospital and released.  No one told me anything until after Natalie’s rescue.  Ever since you and I broke up the officers avoid mentioning your name around me.  They probably know that it is a sensitive subject for me.  It wasn’t until I returned from the rescue that I learned that the information gathered to rescue Natalie came from the gunman who held you. I am sorry that happened to you.”


“Why are you here John?  What do you want from me?  I have had a wretched day and I am not in the mood for any of your brooding and nonsense. What do you want?”


“I want you! I LOVE YOU!  I need you!  Evangeline I am dying without you.  I thought that I lost you today and I just need to be with you so that my eyes can convince my head and heart that you are still alive.  I won’t touch you but can I just stay here tonight?   I will just sit on the sofa and you can go to your bedroom and sleep and I won’t bother you I promise.  I just need to be near you.  Please.”


“You are asking an awful lot John.  I see that you are in a state so I won’t put you out but the sofa is as far as you will go.  Go ahead and sit down because I am going to bed.  If you step one foot in my bedroom your head will meet my baseball bat.  Do we understand each other?”


“Yes Evangeline we understand each other.  Go to bed.”


“Good night John.”


“Good night Evangeline and thank you.”


Why did I agree to this?  I’m tired and so I must be delirious.  I’m going to bed.  I go to my bedroom and lock my door.  In a way I am glad that John is here.  I feel safer.  I sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed.  When I make it to the living room John is gone.  On the end table I see a note.


‘Thank you for allowing me to stay last night.  I am glad that you are well.  I will check on you later in the day.  You heard me right.  I LOVE YOU.  John’

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