Stoner Jane by DarkandLovely

Going down the rabbit hole was always a recommendation not given. You might not find your way back out of it.

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1. intro. by DarkandLovely

intro. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

Sooo.... for now this ends the new ideas I have for this year. I understand that I have quite a few of them but keep in mind y'all that as of right now... they are purely ideas! I have every intention of delving into each and every one of them but right now I'm focused on finishing Transcendence mostly lol. Now... this here... is a story I don't think I've explored before. It's deep... dark and gritty at times but I hope y'all enjoy it hehe. Regrettably, I couldn't find the name of the lovely leading lady. OKAY ANDDDDD GO!

Jane Alexander’s first major assignment away from the eyes of her squad supervisor involves a major drug ring. Rumor has it that the leader is a dangerous violent psychopath. Only out of academy for two years, Jane takes the case in hopes that she can put this supposed deranged criminal behind bars. She finds out that she bit off more than she could chew and by then it was too late. 

Kaito Yamada is someone who is a man of many rumors. From the time he was a kid, people formed assumptions about him, some that humored him and some that didn’t. Simply put, he was a man who enjoyed making money and where there was money he followed it. To the average person, he was a harmless looking university student, 3rd year medical student to be exact. But, behind the facade lurked something much deeper. Much darker. 

Masato Hanazawa as Yamada Kaito (27) 

Jane Alexander (21)


    Smoke curled up into the air like a thick white fog and it near blinded her. The object of her attention slowly got up, figure nothing but a dark solid shadow. 

    “You’re still here huh?” She heard his voice, deep and smooth from the opposite end of the room. She felt her throat tighten and her mouth come open as his shadow approached. 

    “That little dime bag wasn’t enough for you?” He sounded humored, smoke misting up around his intense almond shaped eyes. 

    “N-no…. it was uh… good.” A female sigh cut through the air like a knife and she felt herself start to sweat. Every part of her body begged her to leave but for some reason… she couldn’t. His gaze forced her still on the ratted tore up couch. 

    “You know, sometimes I wonder when you look like that.” Licking her lips, every muscle grew tight as he came to lean down, hand gripping the cushion of the arm. 

    “H-how do I look?”

    “Like you made a mistake. Like you’re not sure if you should be here.” She gulped as he lifted his other hand, skimming it gently across her cheek. 

    “It makes me wonder…why you’ve wandered so far from home?” 

    “Kai daddy, leave that green bitch alone. Come back to me. I’ll take care of you.” The female shrouded in smoke begged, more than tweaked out. 

    “Kaito…I…I should probably leave.” 

    “Why have you come here huh? Answer me.” His obsidian gaze was glossy with intoxication, high from the potent marijuana he’d inhaled not too long ago. As he always bragged, the shit he got was the best of the best and it was worth every penny he charged for it. After all, he had a reputation to uphold. 

    “I came for some weed. You know that.” He chuckled and leaned down even more, grin pressing against the bare skin of her collarbone. 

    “No, that’s not all you came for baby girl. Don’t lie to me.”


    “Shut the fuck up! Somebody get that tweaker bitch out of here for fuck’s sake!” He snarled, lifting his head towards the other inhabitants who gladly lifted the shell of a woman up and out, dragging her to the door. 

    “Now,” Turning eyes back onto her, his easy grin slid back into place. 

    “Are you gonna admit freely or am I gonna have to force it out of you?” 

    “Force… what?” 

    “The real reason you came here little stoner Jane.” He said, grabbing hold of her braids, nice smug grip that sent chills up and down her spine. 


    “You’re too fucking pretty to be tweaked. Too fucking beautiful to do any hard shit.” Pressing lips against the corner of her mouth, he slowly ran his tongue across her bottom lip. 

    “Tell you what. I’ll light up a blunt of your favorite mix and we’ll figure out the reason together hm?” Her breath caught in her throat but without warning, he forced it up and out of her as he kissed her, tongue smooth and silky as it claimed her mouth. Her brain screamed at her, screamed that nothing about this was a good idea. But she couldn’t… couldn’t move.

     Eyes watched as he brought the small cigar to his lips, lips bruised and rosy. The sound of the lighter flicking sent a cold chill down her spine. Her mouth dropped open at the ecstasy that came over him as he inhaled the first puff, a tantalizing little groan drifting up from his stomach. RUN JANE. RUN WHILE YOU GOT THE CHANCE. But when those eyes opened and fell across her, she couldn’t help the sudden rush of wetness that seemed to soak her between her thighs. Taking a bigger inhale, he wrapped fingers around her jaw and lifted it up, squeezing firm enough that she opened her mouth. Leaning down, he let the thick smoke curl out of his mouth before blowing it into hers. She squeezed her eyes shut and coughed, wheezing some. 

    “Inhale baby. Breathe it in.” He said before inhaling a second time. This time, she felt the smoke drift down the column of her throat and he seemed pleased, kissing her lips afterwards. 

    “Good girl.” Pure euphoria hit her like a train and it left her breathless. 

    “…Oh…Oh shit…” She mumbled as it fell like rain across her body, leaving her stunned. 

    “Don’t fight it. Let it happen.” He coached, voice calm and throaty as he inhaled another hit. After that last smooth stream of white smoky heaven, she fell under the sky, a million and one stars blazing like little tiny balls of fire. 


    Shoving his hair back from his face, he inhaled sharply through his nose. The emotions coursing through him both conflicted and disturbed him. He was caught between going back in the bedroom and strangling the life out of her. Or… throwing her out just like she was, naked and vulnerable. Anger lit him on fire and he gripped the edge of the sink hard enough that his fingers turned white. Glancing down at them, he took another breath, slower this time. He couldn’t see them stained with her blood. Not when he much rather preferred them nestled deep inside her. Lifting eyes, he stared at himself in the mirror. Shame on him. Shame on fucking him for getting so deep into this shit. But everything had been so indulgent. So satisfying, so fucking good that he had to have more of her and now….now…. 

    Licking his lips, he straightened up, the steam from the shower starting to fade. His once hot body was now growing lukewarm. He took deep breaths until he could think, anger still very much dancing through his veins. Grabbing a nearby towel, he wrapped it around his hips and opened the door. Stepping out, he took in the scene of last night, the sight of it stabbing him in the gut. She laid in front of him, having kicked the covers off mid sleep. Face buried into the pillow, her braids seemed to cover her body tantalizingly, giving him peeks of soft curves, round hips and an exposed backside. 

    Her dark mahogany skin shimmered with the sweat of summer and eyes roamed the love bites he’d placed on her in a fit of reckless abandon, passion and the need to possess. Even further down onto the cheeks he was sure were still tender from the abuse his hands had laid upon them. She slept like a satisfied little kitten, full from a delicious meal. Even though he was pissed beyond words, he couldn’t help but feel himself react to the woman sleeping so peacefully in his bed.

    Tearing his eyes away from her, he found the object of discovery that roused him from the naive little bliss he’d been in. Legs carried him over and once again, he lifted her bag up onto the nightstand. Rummaging through it, he slipped fingers over a dark navy blue uniform. How could he not see it? Lifting the heavy thing that rested at the bottom of the bag, he lifted it clean up out of the bag and stared at it long enough that it burned his eye sockets. Jane Alexander. LAPD.  Fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck. 

    Tossing it back into her bag, he slowly turned just as she roused from her slumber. 

    “God….what time is it?” She asked, sleepily turning towards him, hair covering her face. Drawing his hands into fists, he came towards her. 

    “Eight o’clock.” He answered, voice gruff. 

    “Shit. I’m late for work.” She groaned into the pillow before lifting up. 

    “Is that right?”  Pouting, she scratched her scalp and sighed heavily. 

    “Yeah… damn what is in that damn weed man?” 

    “Aphrodisiac.” He answered noncommittally, coming towards her. 

    “Yeah obviously. Every time we smoke it we go at it like rabbits.” 

    “That’s the only way to fuck. Like rabbits.” He lifted a leg up onto the bed and gently pushed the braids covering her face back, soon coming to grip them loosely. 

    “So that’s all we do then? Fuck?” Licking his teeth, he kissed her on the lips. 

    “I stopped fucking you after the first couple of nights little one.”


    “I’m not a man that makes love. But somehow you convinced me….delightfully… to do so.” She melted against him as he pressed his nose against her temple. 

    “You know… you’ve never told me about your job. What you do.” At that, the relaxed body underneath him grew tight. Eyes focused on her chest which seemed to expand and retract at a faster rate. 

    “You ain’t never asked before.” Lifting up some, he looked her dead in the eyes. 

    “I’m asking now.” She moved back from him, body language uncomfortable now. 

    “Ion see why that matters… what I do. I mean…it hasn’t been an issue.” He watched her scramble to get up and inch her way towards that damned bag. She paused when she saw that it was open. Growing still, she clutched the sheet tightly against her. 

    “I’m sure you know now why it’s an issue.” He said coming behind her. Grasping her shoulders, his gaze fell to the LAPD badge staring up at him as if to taunt him. 

    “K-Kai…I…I can explain…” 

    “Explain what baby girl?” Throat growing tight, she turned slowly and looked at him, those beautiful brown eyes of hers begging him…. pleading with him. 

    “E-E-Explain….the badge…um…the u-uniform…” 

    “You don’t have to explain shit.” His hands slipped up around her neck, gripping her snugly. 

    “What’s done is done. There’s no going back from it. You fucked up and so did I.” 

    “K-Kai…” She tried, voice shaky and restrained. 

    “You didn’t expect to fall so deep down the rabbit hole did you? Of course not. And I didn’t expect to fuck a cop. Sent like a little rat to end me.” Letting go of her neck, he shoved her back against the night stand and she lifted hands to her throat, eyes now afraid. 

    “I didn’t expect to actually like you. No… like a idiot I actually began to fall in love with you. And now… now we’re here.” Tears began to well up in her eyes and she hung her head, her whole body full of shame, regret and disappointment. 

    “The only question now to answer is this,” Lifting her gaze, he drifted fingers across her cheek. 

    “What are we going to do about it?”


End Notes:

A/N: Okay hehehe lemme know what y'all think of this. It's... out of my comfort zone a bit but then a lot of things I've written as of late are out of my comfort zone LOL. I hope you enjoyed this! Leave your thoughts! MUAH! Love y'all! God bless y'all as always!


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