Monster by DarkandLovely

Set in 1815. Regency England. London. Zadie never expected to find a beast that consumes the blood of humans in the lower cellar of her master's manor. In getting to know him and in falling in love with him, she begins to wonder: just who is more of a monster? Humankind? Or Vampire?




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foreward by DarkandLovely

Sooooooo this happened lol. Every time I start or am in school my creative juices flow so much lol. Y'all know me..I gotta get the idea out. I know by now y'all probably sick of me and all my ideas lol. Yes I will write them (maybe not all tbh) and complete them. haha. Remember y'all, I got three anthologies planned so that means a lot of pieces lol. I think I'll create a schedule so y'all know what to expect so your and my mind don't go coo coo for cocoa puffs LOL. Kay, I'ma share my bare bones 1st drafting process now.  Hope y'all like it hehe. 


This will be a dark little baby(who am I kidding all of my stuff is in one way or another dark LOL). Involving vampires? lol. I use to write supernatural and stories involving vampires so much in middle school and even high school lol. Why I've wanted to make a slight return I don't know. But I'm rollin with the punches. 

Main inspiration for this work is a couple things. First being one of my favorite anime of all time Trinity Blood...which is an anime about 'vampires' or as they are called in the feature 'methuselah'. And a being that exists outside of methuselah. If ya don't know now you will that Abel Nightroad/Nightlord is my baby, my boo, my favorite character... he captured my heart as a girl and unfortunately still has it lol. So the main character will be inspired by him. 

Another thing is I've come across this webtoon that has intrigued me greatly. It deals with (I think a vampire guy) in the Victorian Era with an abused rebellious wife of a Lord. It's very fascinating lol. So that's where I'm pullin inspirations from. Let's get into the story and teasers shall we? 



From the beginning of time, those of his kind were marked. Their blood diving deep into the ground of the earth, giving birth to new generations of wars, bloodshed and carnage. They were called by many names. Vampyre. Beast. Blood sucking monster. Devils. And all of his life he'd been called nothing but. Kept in cages and carted around to exhibitions he's known nothing but agony, torture and loneliness. He remembers his beginning, his life before he descended into hell on earth. Having desired to return once more, now he understands that it is futile. Unobtainable. What he desires now is freedom. Revenge. They call him beast and he waits for the time when he can prove them all right.


Zadie is what some would call lucky. Born to enslaved people of African descent, talk of her excellent servitude reaches a noble family in the wealthy sector of Hawthorne. Taken from measly squallor, she enters into a world of warm sheets, hard work and durable reliable uniforms. It's nothing she hasn't done before but she can't help but get caught up in the splendor of London society. 

One night, she ventures too far and comes across a door that is open when it shouldn't be. What awaits her is a man chained to a wall, encased in a iron cage. A fellow servant lays on the ground, a dark pool of blood collecting under her. As he lifts his eyes to hers, she wonders just who and what he is. 



Kento Yamazaki as Kieran (Matsuyama) (appears to be about 29-30 years old) 


Zadie (22)


AM I MAD THAT I CANNOT FIND MORE PICTURES OF HER OR HER NAME? YES. Seriously when people put these gorgeous models up they need to LINK INFO. 

**Because my teasers are so long I will add the first one here and then the other two individually <3 





"What.....what are you?" In the low light, she appeared as an apparition, black and shapeless, peeks of white piercing the room. As he lifted his eyes, his pupils dilated to adjust to the unwelcome visitor in front of him. The blood swirling in his belly calmed down the rage, the hunger, the beast within. 

"What am I." He answered, voice flat and quiet and she flinched as if she hadn't been expecting him to speak. Lifting hands to the bars, he curled fingers around them and gripped tight. 

"What are you?" He posed, expression solemn and dark. She opened her mouth but alas, nothing came out. Eyes dropped to the tiny peek of pink tongue that dashed out to nervously lick full plump lips, clothed in shiny midnight, nonetheless, tempting to say the least. 

" she...did..did you kill her?" The obvious answer lied at their feet, blood, rich and red as a rose petal still oozed from his assault, a deep gash he'd torn into her neck. Still, her eyes had grown glassy, frozen with eternal fear. 

"Have you not eyes little one? Surely, you can see she is no longer amongst the living." His voice surprised her with its sudden teasing tone, deep accented and lilting. London lived on his tongue but there was another accent there just beyond that she could not quite place. Body captured in a deep freeze, she found that she could not move. Back pressed against the wall, the candle light nearest her flickered as if it would extinguish altogether. The presence of the man threatened to suffocate her, a dangerous dark and dominant force that seemed to squeeze at her very neck. 

For the longest time they stared at one another, curiosity aglow in each gaze. From what she could see of him, he held a quite beautiful countenance, one some would say was feminine in nature. Thick shapely eyebrows complimented his handsome forehead, deep brown almost black eyes delightfully almond shaped were wide enough to express a myriad of expression. An elegant nose bridge flared outward into a slight peak. Cheeks grew warm as her gaze travelled to his mouth. What a glorious mouth it appeared, pouty flushed lips painted pink as if he had taken a drink from Cupid's cup himself. Once he had decided he was gone oogling her the same, those blushing forms curved up into what some would call a sultry smirk, playfulness abound. 

"It seems that you are as taken with me as I am with you." At that realization, she dropped her gaze shyly and the sight of it strangely pleased him. For he to feel such a thing for a mere girl, a stranger at that was odd indeed. 

"I'm...I'm sorry...I-"

"Allow me to answer your question. As to what I am." Good. Her gaze lifted again. 

"I am what you are. Bondsman to those who deem themselves to live as gods. Deserving to trample upon those they view as unworthy." To that, she couldn't speak and he took the opportunity to speak again, 

"Your name little one? What is it?" 

"....Zadie. I...I have no last name. None was I given sir."


"A-And you....what is your name?"

"I am called Kieran." Her eyes dropped to the woman who by now had grown cold and stiff on the floor. He sensed a desire to run from her and with her heart beating so loudly in his ear it didn't surprise him when she finally did, taking off like a crackle of fire in the night. Smirk drifted off of his face and he adopted a much more empty expression, eyes falling to the ashen woman of whom he'd drank his fill. Bitch. Her end she most rightfully deserved. And as for Zadie...well he'd see that would become of her wouldn't he? 

End Notes:

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teaser two by DarkandLovely




    Tears streamed down her cheeks as her feet drew her closer and closer to the forbidden door, one that should never have been opened. Throwing it open, she set eyes on him. The door to his cage was just as she’d left it, cast aside and ajar, giving to him the freedom he silently yearned for. At her entry, he turned, form tall lean and powerful. In a simple linen shirt and brown breeches, his hair had been tied back from his face and neck with a slim piece of ribbon. No doubt all of which were stolen and taken from the naked flesh of the man who laid nearest the cage, bloodless and pale. 

    “It’s dangerous for you to be here.” He spoke, voice reprimanding. Sniffling, she lowered her gaze, hating that she had no more courage to look at him. The hand that lifted her chin was gentle and steady and his eyes were stern yet kind as they gazed upon her. 

    “I thought you would have been too terrified to see me off.”

    “No…not at all.” Fingers brushed her wet cheeks, glistening with liquid despair. 

    “What brings tears to your eyes little one?” Cheeks flushed and she dare not open her mouth to say for fear of his reaction. His nostrils took in her scent and eyes fell to her thighs. Blood. Scent of terror, pain, screams and anguish. The stench of unwanted semen filled his nose and he felt his chest grow tight with fury. Her maidenhead had been taken. Brutally.

    “Who has had you without your consent Zadie?” That seemed to inspire more tears and she ran into his chest, small trembling form wracked with torturous grief. He could smell the abominable discharge as it oozed from her body and hear the almost desperate squelch of her sex eager to expel the intruder from its midst. Silent to her ears, it was loud and clear in his. Already, his fangs had come down and claws peeked out from underneath his nail beds. Lifting a hand, he laid it upon her uncovered hair, thick billowy and glorious, a black cloud which his fingers gladly sought refuge in. 

    “K-Kieran…p-please take me with you.” Her voice was soft and muffled against his shirt. 

    “I cannot bear this anymore.” His throat grew tight with both rage and sadness. He couldn’t…. not now at least. With him in her current state, she’d be dead before morning. 

    “I cannot.” He rasped, pain evident in his voice and at her lifted tear filled eyes, he felt the pain intensify.

    “W-why not?” 

    “They search for me. I must go as to not bring danger to you.”


    “No!” He shouted, making her grew still. 

    “Enough. Please.” He lowered his voice, trying to make it as gentle as he could. The hand that had been in her hair took hold of her cheek, caressed the high apple with his thumb. 

    “You must stay here. For now.”

    “You can’t leave me here!” She cried, hands gathering up his shirt in fists. 

    “I will not be far from you little one. That I promise.”

    “Kieran…” Finally lifting his other arm, he enclosed them both around her dainty little body. 

    “When it is time, I will come for you. I will take you from this hell.” Her crying answered him and he sighed heavily against her before opening eyes to the door. Those who stood outside it, listening in would meet their demise tonight. And as for the sodding bastard who had forced his way into her precious body, something worse than hell awaited him. Taking her heart shaped face in between his palms, he attempted to smile but her fingers forced it away, having pressed against his lips. Gently, they pulled them apart to expose one lone fang, surrounded by otherwise pearly white teeth.

     Though she had been brutalized this night, the sweet smell of arousal wafted across his nose and he ached to press his nose against her triangle, inhaling her want for him. Later little one. Later we shall have of one another and you shall belong to no other but me. He was aware of his hardening member and tried not to brush against her as he leaned down to kiss her.       

     The contact was sweet and left them both breathless. She seemed to melt against him lifting up onto her tip toes. Mouth compliant and open, she allowed him entry, tongue gently teasing her own. A soft moan drifted up from her throat as he softly sucked on the appendage and her petite arms wrapped around his neck. By now, he pressed wantonly against her stomach, stiffly jabbing her. Their lips separated wetly and he groaned lowly as tiny little kisses were peppered across his bottom lip. Throbbing against her belly, he took a deep breath and pressed his face against her hair. 

    “I have wasted enough time little one. I must go now.” A slight whine of protest vibrated against his collarbone and he smiled, coming to kiss the warm beckoning flesh of her neck. Feeling the pulse of her carotid artery against his lips, he shivered with desire. The beast within him howled like a animal starved of sustenance. MATE. LET US HAVE MATE. TASTE BLOOD. SWEET BLOOD. It demanded in the pit of his stomach but alas he repressed it…held it back with everything in him. No…should he…as hungry as he was…he’d kill her. He’d drain every last drop of blood from her body. His soft wet tongue glided across glistening black skin, drops of sweat produced by the fire light and heat of summer.

     Gently, he allowed his fangs to touch the feather soft flesh. Don’t bite. Don’t bite. Don’t sink down. He grazed lightly in a tease before hiding them completely, lips shielding them as he kissed down and across her throat. She was so fragile in his hands that he feared a tight grip would shatter her. Forcing himself to let her go, he distanced himself from her at once. Breath slightly labored he walked past her and heard the sound of feet running away just beyond the door. Fingers curling around the knob, he pulled it open and stepped into the hallway. Without looking back, he began to zoom through the air, the trails of body heat leading him to his prey. 

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teaser three by DarkandLovely





"Zadie, go down to the market will you? The master of the house is going to be hosting a grand party soon and is expecting everything in order. That includes the menu." Curtsying, she secured her maid cap to her head with an extra pin or two and gathered her cloak. In the five years she'd been at the Nolans' Manor, she come to fancy some of the girls she was in service with, black skinned and white skinned alike. That was perhaps what made the Nolans 'progressive' in that they did not segregate their servants based on color. At least for now, the women folk who called themselves servants at the Nolan household were all treated equally as shit fodder. For how long it would last was hard to tell. 

By the look of the cool grey clouds that hovered above the city, rain was sure to paint the city wet and dismal and it would be a welcome change of pace for once. They'd had an unusual spell of hot weather lately and all of the ladies and servants alike had prayed for relief. Pressing her basket against her stomach, she kept her gaze down and respectful of the Ladies and Gents who crossed the street and walked past her. The occasional caw of the crow and click clatter of the wheels of carriages made her feel just a bit at ease. It wasn't every day that she was allowed outside so when she was she cherished it as though it would be her last. 

Mister Nolan was very adamant about keeping her inside where he could see her, keep watch over her. He hadn't taken her again since that night two years ago. By God's grace, every time hungry lust flickered across his forest green eyes, something would always happen as to pull him away from his intentions. Though she'd been lucky this far, she had a feeling that soon he'd try. Fear hardened into a ball in the pit of her stomach and she felt her throat grow tight. 

Hearing the onset of horse's shoes upon the cobblestone, she stepped up onto the sidewalk as it neared, waiting for it to pass. It stopped right across from her. 

"Excuse me Miss." Lifting her eyes from the ground, she found a handsome man as coach driver smiling at her. Having climbed down from his seat, he bowed as like a gentleman. 

"Need you a ride?" 

"No sir...I humbly thank you for the offer though." She tried to walk away but he stepped in front of her, blocking her path. 

"Miss, I implore you to get in the carriage. It is dangerous for you to be out here alone without a gentleman to accompany you." 


"Besides, 'aven't you heard that it'll rain? It won't do for you to get your dress wet." Lending her his arm, he kept a friendly expression on his face as she slowly took hold of it. 

"There is someone waiting inside that knows you." He whispered against her maid cap, much taller than she. 

"I give you my word that you shall arrive to your destination safely." Swallowing thickly, she let the stranger lead her to the carriage. Under the intense scrutiny of the Ladies and Gents who had stopped to watch in curiosity, he opened the door and offered her a hand. Gripping her skirts, she took hold of it and climbed inside. Setting eyes on the person who sat across from her, she gasped loudly, speech tangling up in her throat. With a crack of the whip the carriage began to move and yet she had not taken her eyes off of him. 

"My...My Lord, what...what are you doing here?" At her expression of shock, he delighted her with a laugh, humor bleeding into his ethereal features. 

"It's been a long time hasn't it...little one?" Straightening her back, she pressed imaginary wrinkles out of her dress, cheeks producing a deep dark red blush in her cheeks. 


"Did you think I forgot about you Zadie? My promise to you?"

"No...No...I...well..." Eyes drifted up across his appearance. Starting from his shiny black leather shoes upward to the beige breeches that were so well tailored to him they appeared painted on. Her cheeks flushed darker as she shyly happened across his crotch, of which under her scrutiny had produced an outline of an aroused member. Peaks of white lace teased the eye and a navy blue double breasted Regency tailcoat adorned his top half, unbuttoned to reveal a matching beige vest and pure white cravat about his neck. 

"Running errands were you? Where to then?" He spoke, that playful teasing reverberating in a thick Cockney accent. 

"Ah...the market please." 

"Very well." Taking a shaky breath, she looked up to find him staring at her most intensely. 

"You're clutching your hands so tightly I fear they'll lose color." Before she could answer, the sound of rain began to pour and it hit fiercely against the carriage windows. 

"And you are so far away from me. Why I wonder?" He asked, humor now leaving his voice in favor of something else... 

"My-My Lord...I-"

"Drop the titles. There is no one here but you and I. No one here but a man and a woman." Pressing her thighs together, she bit into her bottom lip. 


"Come to me my tart. Let me look upon you." Hands finally unclenched and arms unwind themselves from her basket. Slowly she neared him, taking his outstretched hand. Watching as he lifted her smaller one to his mouth, she felt desire bleed through her skin and all of a sudden she felt hot all over. 

"Come..." His voice beckoned her still, low, silky, and masculine. His hands took hold of her hips and pulled her in between his legs. 


"Much better. Don't you think so?" His lips smiled at her but his eyes, God in heaven his eyes were full of fire, desire and hunger and it made her instantly moist, wetness soaking through her drawers. Taking a hand from her hips, he dropped it further, feeling the fullness of her derriere. He didn't grab or pinch, just followed her body's curves until he came to the back of her legs. One he did gently lift and pull towards him, forcing her to sit partially on his lap. 

"Have you missed me as much as I've missed you?" He asked quietly, lifting her other leg upward to fully pull her into a sit. Lips kissed the column of her throat, of that exposed and uncovered by the black and white lace collar of her maid's uniform. 

"Yes..." She breathed, relaxing her fingers on his shoulders, offering up her neck for his assault. Then and only then did he take hold of her derriere, grasping the cheeks firm enough to make her gasp. 

"I've dreamt of this moment... this day for a long time. So many times before I grew many times before I could have ruined everything." Lifting hands to the ties to her cloak, he cast it aside. 

"It had to be now. Had to be this moment, a gift for my patience and long suffering." He spoke, kissing at the skin not covered by the high necked collar. He wanted to tear the clothes from her body, spread her legs and take her; impale her on his erect phallus until his seed filled her welcoming womb. But no... he'd take his time. Unwrap her like the gift she was. She was not to be taken like a whore. No...she was his sunlight. His hope. His very own love offering.

Pulling the ties to her apron apart, he pulled the delicate lace habit away, much gentler with it than the cloak. Nimble fingers unfurled the buttons to her dress, enough to expose her throat and chest covered in the stays and chemise of her undergarments. 

"Is this what you want?" His voice was throaty and serious, eyes though filled with desire, pierced her with intensity. Though her body answered him, the sweet heady scent of her womanhood's arousal filling the carriage like a perfume, he needed to hear it from her lips. No matter how much he'd grown erect to the point of pain, only when she gave him consent would he proceed. For a moment, she said nothing as she leaned forward to press her face against his chest, the occasional rock and tilt of the carriage audible. Swallowing thickly, he wrapped arms around her, breathing deeply through his nostrils. 

"Sir, we have arrived at the market." At that, the carriage came to a stop. Outside, through the rain, the sounds of the market crashed into his senses and he knew they'd have to address this certain situation another time. Finally, she lifted up from her comfortable little nestle spot and lifted a hand to his cheek. Though he could see and feel her timidity, he was pleased in the kiss she pressed against his lips. She was so precious he thought as she pulled away from him. What of sexual intercourse she did know had been bestowed upon her by force and it had been an experience that was surely traumatizing. He would take it step by step....slowly indoctrinating her to love making as it should be. By the end, she'd be that of a flower ready and willing to receive him. 

"I will accompany you inside." His tone breached for no argument and she nodded, covering herself with her cloak. Taking in the tossed aside apron, she kneeled and picked it up, carefully folding it so that it would not wrinkle. 

"Zadie." Turning, she stood still as he pressed a kiss or two against her neck. Smiling, he buttoned the flesh back up and lifted her hood up over her head. 

"Let's go." Before he could get out of the carriage, she grabbed his hand. 


"Yes love?" 

"I...I want you. I want this." Feeling his chest swell, he simply lifted her hand to his mouth and pressed a kiss against it. Getting out, he offered her his hand to which she accepted as she exited. Lifting her hand to his arm, they entered the market together, the shelter providing refuge from the pour. 

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Zadie's uniform: 


Her cloak:


Kieran's gentleman dress: 

one. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:







    It was never the sight that bothered him. It was always the smell. The incorrigible stench that seemed to seep down through the very walls, landing most inappropriately inside of his nose. He always knew when they would arrive because he could almost taste the fear and burning flesh that soon followed. Humans. It was amazing that they thought that they were the most superior beings to walk this planet. In reality, they were even more of an animal than he was. That he maintained to be true. Funny how they judged in order to be withheld from their own judging. 

    Though it was no light and very little air, he could tell of those above him and how they moved, flittering around to and fro like little rodents. Flashes of heat in forms of footsteps, seemingly hundreds of them scattered about almost nervously above him and he felt his lips smirk. Such anxious creatures. And yet they reasoned he should be the one contained. The thought almost made him laugh. 

    All humor within him ceased as he turned his attention to the door which lied in front of him. The bolt to the lock retracted and he heard the door be pulled open. 

    “Your meal.” A simple yet hissed word from one of the handlers and a bowl was shone from the small sliver of light to be shoved towards him. 

    “How am I to eat where there is no light?” He asked, lifting eyes from the slop to see the shape of an obviously male body.

    “Figure it out. You’re lucky we feed you at all. Ungrateful scum.” And like that, the door was sealed once more. Scum he said. If only he knew that the real scum didn’t exist in cages like he did. They walked around freely with no thought or consequence. Turning away from the undesirable porridge, he stared at nothingness and oftentimes familiar black. 

    He was past the point of despair. He was past the crippling emptiness and humiliation. Now, fire set his chest on fire and it burned most fervently. He was furious. There would come a day very soon when he would show them who and what scum really was. That he too maintained to be true. 




    “The Mistress of the house will soon arrive. I expect them to be cleaned and dressed properly.” Clutching fingers tightly, timid brown eyes lifted to look upon the other unfortunate lot with which she had been brought in with. Most of them were the same colouring as her but there were a few dirty yet obvious white faces. Extremely poor this lot of them were, having been sold off to relieve debts or perhaps to bring them. To this household, they all were to be regarded as fodder. That she understood most clearly. But what she also understood even more clearly was this: Those who had been born free had some semblance of authority over those who had been enslaved by law. It was bittersweet to say the least. Those from the lowest of working class had been given a way out. She and those of her ‘kind’ to her knowledge had not and never would be. 

    “Don’t just stand there! Get a move on! Up, up up!” Confused, she and the others were ushered up one of the grandest staircases she’d ever seen in her life. Massive in size and covered in luxurious red, it wound up and around. Delicately carved round niches royal blue in background housed magnificent marble busts of men, gold ornate trim around the edges. Speechless, she wasn’t given time to marvel too long as they were rushed down the hall. 

    “Take everything off and clean yourself. The number one rule here at the Nolan Manor is to be clean and presentable at all times. When you have washed appropriately, your uniforms should be put on. Do take care to make sure that you are ready and downstairs by the time Lady Nolan comes in.” Before them on long tables were wash bowls, towels and lye soap. Surely, they didn’t expect them to strip down as in the fashion of a public bathhouse… 

    Surely though, some with no shame began to undress and reach for the soap and lukewarm water. Swallowing, she began to do the same and once her body was bare, tried to ignore the staring eyes of the other women. They all observed each other, the forms and shapes, their abundances and lack thereof. In the back of each woman’s mind… they wondered. How could they attain a higher status within the house? Would that one with the plump breasts and shapely rump seduce her way upward? Biting her lip, she turned her gaze on her now cold rag and finished cleaning herself. 

    It wasn’t everyday that she was given lye soap to wash with so even this she considered a luxury. Taking in the other varying shades of brown skin, the small group of them looked at each other, some cold and detached and others frightened and green. 

    “Where are you from?” Eyes turned to meet pretty blue. Fair and tall, the one who spoke had gorgeous copper coloured hair with a slight golden shimmer. Slim and shapely yet awkward, she stood shivering like a leaf. 

    “London. East End.” She answered quietly, drawing her eyes away from the woman and instead chose to hand her a towel to stop her dreadful shaking. 

    “Ah..t-thanks. I didn’t anticip-pate it b-being so c-cold.” She answered, taking the towel and patting her arms. 

    “And you?”

    “Ah well… I come from a poor country family. Sent here to try to make somethin of meself.” 

    “Mm.” Nodding, the two grew quiet and began to dress. They took turns helping each other lace their long stays and pin their dresses closed. All that was left was the maid cap. 

    She found herself somewhat tired from all of this already but once the door to the room opened again, they all stood straight, boots pointed forward. In walked the housekeeper and two other people. 

    “This is the Master and Mistress of the esteemed Nolan Manor, Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Charlotte Nolan. They will from here on out be your formal employers. Should you desire to keep your positions in this home, you will do what they ask with excellence and grace.” A handsome couple they were but she knew better than to gawk, turning her eyes onto her feet. Mister Nolan eyed each and every one of them as did his beautiful wife, her lips pressed sternly. She came forth and began to inspect them, lifting their gazes, demanding they open their mouths, curtesy. 

    “Housemaid. Lower.” …“Scullery.” ….“Housemaid. Upper.” 

    As she sealed their fates with a simple declaration, she felt her heart pound in her chest. She noticed most of the ‘coloured’ servants had the position of kitchen maid and her belly burned. She prayed that she did not meet the same fate. She’d worked with women whose hands had been permanently damaged, scourged and tore up from the lye and sand used to wash the dishes and clothes. A sharp click of her heel and she stood in front of her. 

    “Lift your face girl.” She ordered, keen gaze slipping across her. She focused on a beauty mark on her shoulder and did as she bade. 

    “Hm. Open your mouth. Smile.” As she bade.

    “Where do you come from?”

    “London. East Side madam.”

    “What experience do you have?”

    “I worked for several fine families in the Hawkton Sector before this opportunity madam.” That caught her interest and she glanced back at her husband. A silent conversation ensured before she gave a stiff nod. 

    “Very well then. Housemaid. Lower.” A wave of relief washed over her as she passed onto the next frightened victim. It would be hard work but at least it would not be in the bowels of the kitchen. When she’d finished, she turned to her husband with a pretty smile. 

    “Are you satisfied with the order my dear?” His eyes roamed over each of them and yet somehow when they found her gaze, she grew stiff. 

    “That one. What is her position?”

    “Lower rank housemaid.” He drifted eyes down her body and back up to her face. 

    “She is just above average in terms of looks. Wouldn’t you think it wise to assign her to upper housemaid?” A deep frown line marred her otherwise perfect complexion as she too looked at her again.

    “But of course darling. Whatsoever you wish.”

    “Very good then.” As he left so did she.





Eighteen Hundred and Fifteen 




    “Yes madam?”

    “I want my bath half past 10.”

    “Of course madam.” If the water was to stay nice and hot then she’d better get a move on now. Gathering the skirts of her dress, she turned and began the long descent down the never-ending staircase. 

    “Mornin’ Zadie.” Smiling at another maid, she gave a friendly nod. 

    “Mornin’ Anne.” Sighing to herself, she bit the inside of her cheek and entered into the fray of madness. 

    Five years. It seemed so long ago now. That’s just how fast time had seemed to pass them. Having been a girl of 18 years now a woman of 22 years, she had more than gotten into the swing of things. There were days that she wanted to try her hand at running away. But then the thought never was entertained long, what with the extensive staff on watch. She couldn’t be like the white maids and simply leave.

     While some of them were indentured and most for hire, she was not. She wanted to be that of the wall paper and fold up into nothingness. While she appreciated the fact that the Nolans seemed to have an equal amount of distain for the entire working class as a whole, she knew enough about the affairs to know that even the dirt poor had the tiniest shred of liberty. Her steps were quiet as she cut through the loud steamy kitchen to a small door, leading to outside. There some of the other maids had begun to fill their pots. 

    “Has Lord Nolan summoned you to prepare his bath again Zadie?” A slice of dread cut into her belly and she nodded at the unfortunate fact. One of the coloured maids rolled her eyes. 

    “I don’t know why they do this. They know those white girls can leave whenever they want. We on the other hand… they own us. They don’t think we know that?” 

    “Ssh! Colette!” Another hushed her, glancing around them for any lingering ear or eye. 

    “I’m just saying. Whose to stop him from taking every last one of us should he want to? We don’t have the ability to contact the local police. We’re nothing to him. Nothing but a warm hole to fill should that of his stomach not be.” 

    “I said hush! Headmistress could be anywhere at anytime. Be glad for what you have! At least they don’t punish us too terribly bad. We have clothes given to us, a bed to sleep on and even two meals a day. That’s more than I got where I was last.” 

    “Won’t find me thanking them for what is our due right.” She said nothing as she poured steaming hot water into her pot. The Master of the House… Mister Nolan. Some of the white maids fancied him. Talked about him and what they would do were they his wife. Quite naughty uncouth things. 

    She supposed he was handsome. Blue-grey eyes. A handsome brow and beard. Wavy hair that he always had pulled back as was the fashion of the day. Nice height. Strong and wiry. He was to be desired she supposed. He was a very prominent man in Hawthorne, had a lot of political connections and even relatives to members of English Nobility. Any sensible woman should break her ankle to have a grab at him. Steam rose up from the pot and made beads of sweat appear on her top lip and nose. If only they knew what kind of man he really was. Perhaps they would not desire him so much. 




    The smell of burning flesh rose like smoke and the hiss of the red hot poker against the melting skin brought a sick twisted grin to him. 

    “Amazing. How quickly the skin melts like the fat of a pig from the bone.” He remarked as the once stiff flesh now began to bleed, the seal of his house now covered in angry red. 

    “My Lord, will you do nothing else to him? He tried to escape.” 

    “I was to be satisfied with the branding. But perhaps you bring up a good point.” Eyes filled with a sick pleasure met those of the runaway, his eyes weeping anguish. 

    “Perhaps we should ensure that you don’t run away again hm?” Standing, he retrieved a blade as hands forcibly held the man down. Putting it to the open flame, he watched as soon it grew just as bright red as the blood still seeping from the wound inflicted on his chest. Turning, his grin fell away and in its place stood the look of a monster. Watching in intrigue as the flesh peeled away from his thigh, he soon sunk the blade into the muscle and cut through the sinew and meat of the hamstring. 




    The tortured cries of the man infuriated him. The stench of burning flesh itself burned a hole into his senses and he shoved his arm across his nose in an attempt to prevent it from furthering. The bolt to the door retracted and he turned to see the filthy dog enter, demented smirk on his face. 

    “My my, how you’ve kept the place while I’ve been away.” He moved not. He said not. Simply looked at him with all the rage and hatred he felt inside. The glow of the candelabra drew nearer to him until he knelt in front of him. 

    “Not hungry I see?” He questioned, eying the spoiled porridge. Oh, that he was. And should he draw any closer he would eat to his heart’s content. 

    “What are we to do with a beast such as yourself? Perhaps you desire a more fulfilling meal? Perhaps that of a woman would do?” He answered not, simply looked at him. 

    “Perhaps I should entertain myself with you. Experiment on you a bit hm? I wonder,” He asked as he stood. 

    “Are you immortal as they say? Can you really not die? Do you really feel no pain? All these questions cruelly left unanswered.” Smirking, he knelt back down. 

    “Either you eat. Or I pick a body part to cut. Take your pick.” His answer finally came in the form of saliva and it drifted across his chin. The almost playful look of before was gone and a dangerous fury was left in its wake. Taking a handful of the spoiled porridge, he smashed it into his face, forcing some of it into his mouth. 

    “Vile beast! I should flay you limb to limb!” Spitting out the rotten curds, his eyes lifted up from underneath his hair. 

    “You show your emotion worse than a woman.” His simple sentence was rough yet his tone was unbothered. That he sensed angered him even more than the insult. Coming to his feet, he said not a word as he turned on his heel and left him once again in the dark.

End Notes:


A/N: HEY GUYS! Y'ALL STILL OUT THERE lol. I know it's been a long time since I've uploaded anything hehe. Sorry about that. Life got in the way lol. I know y'all were probably expecting a Yeonwang update and that's what my intention was. However... my brain had other plans and I got a tickle from Kieran and Zadie instead. So, here we are. whew. I am trying to finish this and enter it into this year's writing contest for the Wattpad Wattys 2021. I hope you guys like it. It's dark. I told you. haha. Y'all know it be taking so much out of me to write this graphic stuff. Um... yeah I intended originally for this to take place in Victorian England but my mind did a 360 and settled on Regency Era England which was between 1811-1820. I absolutely adore the fashion and everything about it. It's a new historical era for me as well so that's ALWAYS exciting hehe.  I hope y'all like it! Here we go to the next chapter hehe. 


-D&L <3 

two. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:








Silverware clinked and scraped against the exquisite china. 

    “How fare the negroes in your company Alexander?” Hands lifted the fine chutes of champagne to awaiting lips. 

    “Most of them behave as they ought. But some can be much more difficult than what is necessary.” The powder from the wigs left residue on the jacket shoulder. 

    “And the women?” Several of the Ladies at the table stopped eating, lips pinched. 

    “Ah, we’ll finish this conversation later then?”

    “We shall my Lord. Please enjoy some of the meat pies. It’s most savory.” 




    “Look at them. Pigs.” 

    “I’ve never understood how they can eat so much at one time.”

    “Meanwhile we barely get fed more than twice a day.” 

    “Anne is lucky. She gets to get left overs once finished serving. She never shares. Selfish wench.”

    “Hey now. Anne has to look out for Anne ya know. Should she share with any of us she could get in a lotta big trouble.”


    “Zadie what do you think? Do you think it fair?” She blinked at the lot of women crowded around the hallway, contempt and annoyance in their expressions. 

    “Well… I think…I think we deserve more yes. But, we should also be careful not to bite the hand that feeds us.” 

    “Says Miss ‘Goody Two Shoes’ You know Zadie will agree with anythin’ long as she stays out of trouble.”

    “Well, she’s smart she is! You should follow her example Colette!” 


    “We should get back to work before they catch us.” 

    “Agreed.” The lot of them scurried away from the lavish dinner party, rushing to find work. 





    “Yes madam?”

    “Have you any advice on the art of pleasure?” Hands stopped brushing her hair. 

    “I’m….I’m sorry madam. I don’t understand what you mean.” Eyes took in the seemingly bashful girl. 

    “You have to know. It’s uncommon of your kind not to know.” Fingers carefully lifted and the brushing commenced. 

    “If I may ask madam, why do you ask?” The woman stared at her appearance in the mirror, lips pinched tight. 

    “Why do I ask? Well… let’s see…first thing is because I assumed… silly of me I know… but I assumed you could help me find ways of making my husband more…agreeable.” Cheeks warm, the saliva in her throat dried up and her tongue stuck to the bottom of her mouth. 

    “I’m sorry madam. I can’t answer you. I don’t… I don’t know how to answer.” She lifted away from the vanity and her brushing hand. Turning, she faced her. 

    “You know you are one of the objects of my husband’s desire. You are aware of that aren’t you?” 

    “N-no madam.” 

    “When we lay together, he has this way of making me feel like I’m invisible. Like I’m just a wisp of thin watery paper that he can brush away with the touch of his finger.” She stood still as the woman reached up and lifted her chin. 

    “And yet even with this feeling, he gets so much satisfaction at the mention of your name. It’s like he becomes this insatiable pleasure seeking beast and only then do I find myself not feeling quite as invisible.” 


    “Now it makes sense why. Why he desires you so much. You’re at his disposal. And yet you are untouched. You have not been tainted yet. Whereas I have been tainted many many times by his hand.” The woman she was convinced was mad took a slim finger and slid the curled index down her skin. 

    “It is the thrill of the hunt that will destroy you. For he will wear you down until there is no chase. All that will be left is complete surrender. And when it is that you do surrender Zadie… I will then see to it that you cease to exist.” She grew still, chills slipping down her body. 

    “Madam… I-I-Is there anything else you require?” Smiling, the woman took her finger away and the smile was falsely sweet. 

    “No. That would be all for tonight.”  Curtseying, she remained calm as she went to the door and turned, bowing her head. Only once the door to her room was closed did she allow the tears to slip down her cheeks. 




    Chains weighed him down but there was nothing he could do about it. Arms pulled straight out on each side, he could do nothing but stand still as they gawked at him. 

    “What a magnificent specimen! Are you sure he’s not human?” 

    “He has the body of a man but the innards of a beast. They say he has five stomachs housed somewhere in his abdomen.” If he could have, he would have laughed. How stupid. They really would believe anything. 

    “It’s body is most perfect. How does it have the appearance of a shapely man if it stays in a cage all night and day?” 

    “Those of his kind are born this way. Physical activity is not required of them to keep their shape.”

    “What of reproductive capacity? Is it able to breed?” The man smirked and took hold of his manhood, seizing it in an iron grip. He hissed his teeth at him, eyes narrow and menacing. 

    “His seeds are of the most superior caliber. Though he be beast, should he breed, a most interesting hybrid would be born.” Some of the women in the crowd hid behind their fans. Others did not. Their eyes glued to the quite improper actions of the handler as he forced the organ to awaken and stiffen. The animal growled in fury and tried to get away but the chains held him still. A hand gripped his hair and forced his head back, his neck encased with a cast iron collar. 

    “With its seeds a drink is produced that they say can cure even the most minute of illnesses.”



    “How is that possible? Is it not the same color, consistency and quantity that of an actual man?” 

    “You forget…this is a blood sucking demon. It feasts on human blood and yet in return its blood has the same ability as his reproductive serum to heal. It is most suitable for men who struggle with the erectile problem.” A enraged cry left his throat and finally relief came as the man took his hands away from him. A beautifully translucent and almost dewy result came from him and was captured in a chute of champagne. The handler grinned at the disgust and curiosity on the faces of the crowd. 

    “I assure you it is perfectly safe to drink. It has no taste or odor. And as you can see, it practically dissolves into nothing when mixed with another liquid.” 

    “Have you had it yourself?” 

    “It is thanks to this that I am able to please my wife. Before I had such a terrible time.” 

    “Would anyone be daring enough to try it?” 

    “Madness I say!”

    “Not a chance in heaven or hell.”

    “I’m sure then perhaps a Lady would like to test the effects of it on her skin? Said to smooth wrinkles, crow feet and even make moles disappear.” Some of the fans came down.

    “You joke with us! Do you take us for a fool?” 

    “See for yourself.” One such Lady rose from her seat and came toward them. She had the beginning of crow’s feet around her eyes but otherwise was still very much beautiful. 

    “My husband no longer finds me desirable. I’ve…I’ve tried everything. Every cream there is.”

    “One drop will make them go away.” Hesitantly, she removed her glove and slowly dipped her finger into the cup. Touching her face, she tapped her skin a couple times before she was given a mirror. To the amazement of the crowd, the crow’s feet appeared gone. 

    “My God! It worked!” As the crowd began to surround him, the handler forced him to be taken away. It never failed. After such humiliation, the beatings came and he was thrown back into the cage naked bloody and bruised. 




    To say she wasn’t fascinated would be most untrue. The many dresses, hats, even the jewelry. It amazed her to think that one would have the amount of money to afford such finery. Eyes downturned, she watched as Mrs. Charlotte Nolan and three of her friends stood by the entry staircase. One of them had a hat and a fan and despite this still managed to turn a pale red. But oh was her dress beautiful. The body was all white and flowed like the morning air. Down near her feet three ruffles, two white and one a cream beige decorated the bottom of the ensemble. She had appropriately matched the dress with a becoming straw and blue ribbon bonnet with a matching blue coin purse and fan. Another Lady had on an eggshell blue dress with slight puff sleeves and elegant white lace gloves. They looked like the muses or something most mythical. 

    “Taken are you?” Jumping at the voice, she grew still. Dread slipped down like ice down her back. 

    “M-Mister Nolan…” 

    “Shouldn’t you be working Zadie?” Turning, she faced him, head bowed. 

    “Y-yes sir I was just about to-”

    “Don’t use that pretty mouth of yours to lie.” She couldn’t find words to reply, nervousness making her stomach tighten. 

    “I’ve yet to get a really good look at you. It’s a shame that after five years I’ve yet to really see your face.” 

    “M-Mister No-” He drew in, backing her against the stair banister. Taking a hand, he lifted her chin with a curled finger. 

    “Your skin is like the finest ebony.” 

    “Mister…Mister Nolan I…”

    “It’s like liquid dark, a smooth silky night sky.” Blue-grey eyes roamed her face, from her eyelashes to her lips. 

    “Magnificent. You’re a vision.” 

    “Please…please sir. Lady Nolan will be very upset with me…please.” He let go of her chin and grinned. 

    “Come with me.” At first her body refused to move. But at a warning glance from him, she did as he bade, following him down the stairs. They walked past fellow servants who brushed, cleaned, scrubbed and cooked. Past more who went to fetch coal and wood. Where was he taking her? They seemed to be growing deeper and deeper into the belly of the house and it was making her very uncomfortable. 

    “Pay attention to the route I’ve shown you Zadie. You’ll be required to know it without assistance later.” 

    “Sir?” He didn’t answer but instead went to an old wooden door. Opening it, he went through the threshold, commanding she follow with a simple order. As she followed him down the winding staircase, every hair stood up and an unexplainable feeling took hold of her. A curious feeling of both dread and excitement. Once she reached the last step, she found that he was already several paces ahead of her. 

    “Mister Nolan…do other maids know of this place?” 

    “Not but few.” His cryptic answer as he continued, leaving her to almost run to catch up to him. 

    “Why me?” She found herself asking next. He stopped and slowly turned. In the dimly lit corridors, everything about him seemed very menacing and dark and it more than frightened her. 

    “You ask too many questions Zadie. A good girl always keeps quiet and minds her business.” Biting the inside of her cheek, she gave a meek nod as he began to walk again. Sighing quietly, she turned to see a door unlike any of the others. It had a large black iron bolt across the whole of it whereas the others a simple key and lock. 

    “What are you doing? This way.” He ordered, making her jump again. Turning, she hurried to follow him. 

    When they reached their destination, she felt herself grow cold with a sweat as he opened the door to the room. 

    “Go in.” Swallowing thickly, she obeyed to find the door shut behind her and locked. It was a strange room. It was fashioned like a costume set, different gowns, shoes and props. 

    “My Lord what is this?” 

    “This is a place I come when I find myself inspired.”


    “Yes. Not many know this about me but I am a painter.” Her eyebrows shut up. 


    “I’ve found inspiration with you Zadie.” He went and selected a gown, one just like the ones Lady Nolan and her friends had worn. 

    “I wish to paint you.” 

    “…um…Sir…I-” She knew though that she didn’t have a choice in the matter. It didn’t matter how much she refused, rejected and declined him. Should he want her painted, he would have her painted. 

    “While we are here…the two of us in this creative space…I believe it would be alright to address each other differently. Up there,” He pointed to above their heads, 

    “We are Lord Nolan and Zadie. But down here we are Alex and whosoever you desire to be.” Holding out the dress, he smiled. 

    “You must keep this a secret. Just between you and I.” 

    “O-Of course Mist-er-A-Alex.”

    “Good girl then. Now that I’ve shown you my wardrobe room, I wish to show you the place where I actually create. Come.” 

End Notes:

A/N: this was a lot. Like when I tell you guys that my writing is really being pushed out of the comfort zone. Our poor Kieran... it's absolutely disgusting that these people treat him this way. I actually based his treatment on the kind of stuff that went on with American enslaved people. They used to think that the enslaved te*sticles of the man actually could improve male virility if eaten. I kid you not. I do not make this stuff up okay. Folks was really out here cutting off men's stuff and EATING it for good luck and supposed other benefits. It's sick. And while we are on the topic of 'sick' individuals... let's discuss Lord Nolan. He's... *sigh* if I could run someone over with a truck for the rest of my life I'm sorry but it would be him lol. That's horrible to say God forgive me whew. AND HIS WIFE AIN'T NO BETTER, HEIFA. anyways chile lol. I have a couple more updates here because these chapters are so short hehe. I'm really trying to keep this story forever sea. So, we'll see hehe. I'll post pictures down below. 

love y'all!



Baron Alexander Nolan 

-Jamie Dornan (FUNNY THING. So I had no idea this dude played Christian Grey in that one movie LOL. I never watched it so that's probably why. I was like oh. well lol. He's dreamy though~ Jamie.. not the other dude. 



 Lady Charlotte Nolan 

-theeee lovely Emma Watson. I seriously have loved her since Harry Potter. She is one of my favorite British actors/celebrities. Lovely talented gal.




-unknown sadly 



Anddd just in case you forgot what he looked like...


-the handsome and extremely talented Yamazaki Kento 



three. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:









It was the same time of every day that the door was opened and the same disgusting slop was shoved into the room. And each night when the bowl was to be collected, it was taken back just as it was given. All the while the hunger within his belly grew more and more fervent until it physically pained him to move. Once such day, the door opened and the bowl was shoved in. Before the door could close, he spoke. 

    “Wait.” He could smell the difference. This time as the couple times of past they had sent a woman. 

    “May I have drink?” He asked, painstakingly turning his body towards the bars to the cage. 

    “We…haven’t drink.” She replied and meant to shut the door when he spoke again. 

    “Miss. May I go outside?” 


    “Why not? Surely, everyone is allowed to go outside. Why can I not?” 

    “Because Lord Nolan said so…”

    “Do you listen to everything he says? You’re able to think for yourself.”

    “Stop… I’ll get in trouble… just…just eat your food and leave me alone.” At that, the door shut and the bolt locked. Dark eyes glanced upon the bowl. Soon he would indeed eat. And he’d eat until he stuffed himself. 




    “Wait…. what do you mean?” 

    “You cannot tell anyone I told you Mary. Lord Nolan will kill me.”

    “I promise not to tell.” Sighing, she laid back against her pillow. 

    “He made me dress up in these strange costumes and sit still for hours while he painted me. It was very odd.” 

    “He’s obsessed with you…”

    “Even Lady Nolan said so.”


    “She told me that he calls my name when they share intimacy. She knows. And she told me that once he got what he wanted that she would kill me.” Mary’s pretty clear blue eyes widened. 

    “No…impossible. This makes no sense.”

    “I know. I know but…please believe me. These costumes grew more and more revealing Mary. He finally told me he wants to paint me as a black venus. I can’t go through with it.” 

    “My God…how many other maids has he done this with?”

    “I don’t know but I would assume those we’ve never seen or heard from again. Those that mysteriously left or disappeared in the middle of the night.” 

    “Zadie… maybe you should make a break for it and try to run. You’ve gotta get away from him. He’s a predator.”

    “Mary I’m not like you. I can’t just freely walk out of here. You know that. You KNOW that.” Biting her rose colored lips in frustration, her only friend turned then to her nails. 

    “I just can’t go through with that.”

    “We have got to figure out a way to prevent this.”

    “Right but what?”

    “I don’t know. Let me think on it.” 




    Weeks had past and the visits became more and more frequent. Each and every time he became more and more insistent and demanding of her to remove articles of clothing, even when she pleaded with him to allow her to keep them on. The most thus far he’d managed to get was her bare shoulders and her legs. And should she have it her way that was all he was going to ever see. 

    Today it was raining and Lord Nolan had stepped out for a business meeting at another estate. Given a chance to breath and recollect herself, she set about her duties, starting with the fetching of the bath water. Things had gone well until half past noon. It was time for high tea in the Lady’s viewing room and she had just brought the small cakes and sandwiches up from the kitchen. 

    “You.” Turning, she found Lady Nolan with a furnace poker. 

    “You scheming bitch.”

    “M-madam what is this about?”

    “Your little friend told me all about it… your little trysts with my husband!” The crushing blow of Mary’s betrayal was no match for the rising fear of the poker now inching closer to her. 

    “Madam… I assure you… it’s not what you think it is. Please… I would not be so bold as to disrespect you in your house.”

    “Well then let us ask him when he returns. If it is true, I will punish you myself.” Leaving her speechless, she gripped the tray. 




    “I’ve painted her. Just as I’ve painted you.” 

    “For what reason My Lord?”

    “It would do well for our guests to see our slaves would it not? We have paid a hefty price for them and I expect to see some sort of return on my investment.” At that, the woman fell silent, narrowing her eyes on her. 

    “Yes…in the kitchens. Perhaps one as my guests and I have low or high tea and another to tend to other duties. But to be framed completely nude for all to see. Preposterous. We’ll be the laughing stock of Hawthorne. It’s simply just not done.” 

    “Would you like me to put you then in a frame? How the Ladies and Gentlemen would talk then of my display of affection.” The woman grew red and stiff. 

    “You mustn’t joke at a time like this darling.”

    “I wasn’t joking.” She bit the inside of her cheek. 

    “If you must, put it in the furthest back corner. Perhaps the gentleman’s lodge.” He gave a charming little smile and winked at her. 

    “Of course my love.” As she began to walk away, he turned to her and his smile disappeared as if he’d never before had it. 

    “I told you to keep your mouth shut.” He hissed lowly, anger starting to set into his features. 

    “I…I didn’t…think she would say…say anythin’ My Lord…”

    “You don’t think much at all do you? Well, I have the most fitting punishment for you.”

    “S-sir please…” He drew nearer until only she could hear him. 

    “When I’m done you will know how to close those thick tempestuous lips of yours.” He withdrew his presence and carried on down the stairs like nothing had every happened. Feeling fear paralyze her and tears well up in her eyes, she quickly dashed down the stairs and shot out through the side door, eager to be away but for a moment. He was going to kill her. Damn Mary. Damn it all. 





    “Why do they have you in there?” 

    “They label me a monster.”

    “I’ve heard…how sad.”

    “Thank you for the bread and soup.”

    “You mustn’t tell anyone I brought it down here. I’ll get severely beaten or fired.”

    “Your secret is safe with me.” To his pleasure, he’d enticed the girl into the room and now they sat face to face with bars to separate them. She eyed him curiously. 

    “Are you one of those Oriental people?” She asked out of complete ignorance. Realizing, she blushed a pretty rose color and glanced down at her hands. 

    “I’ve never seen one is all. Sorry. Don’t mean to offend.”

    “No offense taken. My origin is in a land far east.”

    “What’s it called?”

    “A name that no longer exists my dear.”

    “Oh…well, may you tell me what is it was like?” Smiling sadly, he gladly told her stories of his homeland, the memories of long since past. 


    “It was a time of splendor and beauty. Much like the renaissance of the French.”

    “Ah… Sir… I have a question.”

    “Yes, what is it?”

    “Is it true that you drink people’s blood and rip out their hearts afterward?” To that his stomach growled but he laughed softly in reply. 

    “Only to those tho most deserve it my dear.” He teased with a grin. 

    “It’s not fair. You’re normal like the rest of us. Yet they have you chained down here like an insufferable beast. I wish there was a way to free you Sir.” 

    “Well, I surmise that we must find the key to unlock this thing first. It must be somewhere.” 

    “Let me think on it and come back. They normally change girls for the feeding but I’ll see if I can come instead of another. We’ll get you outta here okay? Into some nice clothes and living a nice normal life.”

    “That would be lovely. And very much appreciated.” The girl smiled and her eyes lamented at her having to leave but she curtseyed nevertheless and saw her way out. EAT. HUNGRY. EAT. Inhaling deeply through his nostrils, he swallowed down the pain in his stomach. It felt like it was eating itself and soon he was sure to go raving mad from hunger. He needed to eat. Sooner than later. 





    The smoke of the cigar wafted up thick and heavy, its smell sweet yet earthy. Glasses clinked, half full of brandy, wine and the finest of champagne. It was in this fray that she stood, hands shaking as they held a china tray. 

    “Fill up our cup Negro wench. Lazy bunch of brutes.” A short small rattle tinkled in the room and she was forced forward. Gripping the tray to filth, she felt her eyes well up with tears. She could do nothing but obey, lifting her hands to pour more drink into the already inebriated man’s cup. 

    “My, Alex perhaps we should put our slave wenches in branks also. It’s a most humiliating and comical fare.” 

    “What did the bitch do?” 

    “You know how women are. They can’t keep their mouths closed.”

    “The only time I see it shut is when it’s situated on my knob.” The men started growing red in the face with laughter. 

    “That is the only time isn’t it? It’s a shame they don’t know their place otherwise.” 

    “Well? Go on then man. Tell us what the slag did.”

    “She could have greatly embarrassed my wife and I. She could have put this entire household at risk of expulsion from high society.” 

    “Oh? Prey tell how?”

    “I’m sure you’ve heard of these kind of beings. They have an insatiable sexual appetite. It’s a wonder they don’t go around carrying bastard seed more often.”

    “I have heard that they like those of their kind are most wild. Uncivilized and with no self control. Sex crazed beasts they are.”

    “It’s only for the benefit of the holder. Let him have his fun should he not get his end way with his wife.” 

    “I wanted to paint her. Instead of being an obedient little girl, she disobeyed me and had word of it get to Charlotte.” 

    “Oh? Is that what she did? Most inappropriate.” He lifted a thin chain, having been twirling it in his fingers and tugged sharply, forcing her to jolt forward.     

    “Her actions deserve a healthy flogging. A branding of both breast and buttock and maybe even a limb severed. That would be most appropriate for her offense towards me.” At the talk of the it all she began to tremble, drawing a twisted little grin from him. 

    “But, I, damn it to say, quite fancy her. Everything about her I shouldn’t want. Everything about her should repulse me. But in fact I find myself randied by the littlest thing she does. It drives me mad.” Another tug of the chain and her hands went up to her neck, encased in a crude iron collar. 

    “I’ve tried to be patient with this one Gentlemen. But she refuses me every opportunity she gets. As though she thinks she has the right to refuse.” Closer and closer he pulled her until she stood right next to him. She whimpered but could do nothing else, saliva starting to dribble down her chin. The contraption she held on her head was made of iron with a single band of it around the whole of it from front to back. Separating into two bands to go around her nose, another solid band of it held the lower part of her jaw in place. She didn’t know what manner of torture this was but the pain was nearly impossible. A sharp spike pressed against the back of her tongue and one little move forced it to slice into her. 

    “Allow me to show you the object of my creative and most personal desire. Since she would not allow me before, perhaps now under a more suitable and submissive position will cause no fuss.” The men lifted the wine and brandy to their lips, watching amusedly as he pulled the many pins holding her dress together apart, ripping off the cheaply made shawl that covered her neck. She whined, begging, tears now blinding her. Her fingers shook so hard against the table that she had to grip the tray tight to stop them. Reaching behind her, he took off her plain black spencer. 

    “Here man, let me help you.” To her horror, one of the older gentlemen grabbed hold of her hands and forced them flat on the table, allowing Lord Nolan to get up. Letting the chain to the collar around her neck go, he breathed almost a sigh of relief at the sight of her stays and chemise. Shaking with a most dreadful invisible cold, she could do nothing as he unlaced the short stays and forced the collar of her chemise down, baring her breasts to view. She squeezed her eyes shut, her cries uneven and broken. She stiffened as his hands came to take them roughly, squeezing and playing with them each. 

    “Magnificent. They are like globes of heavy black jade. Kissed sweetly with the darkest coloring at the nipple.” 

    “Alex haven’t you tortured her enough now? The poor wretch will surely faint not much longer.” 

    “Admit to me that you wouldn’t like to study her? Tell me you would not like to examine her? Paint her?”

    “I suppose for medicinal reasons I’d want to examine her. I’m most curious about the origins of the negroid breed.” Finally, he took his hands away from her and the man removed his from hers on the table. Leaning in, he whispered something into her ear and demanded her to leave thereafter. Once the door had been closed and the clinking of glasses ensued once more, she slowly walked down the hall, her spencer in her hands. Her short stays were just as he’d left them, unlaced and hanging down from her sides. And her chemise was barely put back up over her chest. As she walked, she felt his breath on her neck and the warmth of his words as they sliced into her. 

    “The next time you disobey me I promise you this punishment will be as child’s play. When I want you for my non-creative needs, I shall call. And should you desire to live, you will come.” 

End Notes:


A/N: This gave me chills when I wrote it. Wow. Just wow. Yeah. We have some vocabulary here so I'll put it below as well as pictures. This was a heavy chapter. Lord Nolan makes my entire skin and soul crawl. I was reading up on the history as I was creating the first chapter and found it interesting that in Britain, the 'abolishment' of enslaved persons actually 'happened' in 1807. However, as we alllll know that didn't mean diddly daddily SQUAT. The actual end of enslaved torture-I mean- labor happened sometime around 1837 I think. I might have a date wrong there but definitely in the 1830s. About 30-35?? years before America 'did'. I thought that was interesting indeed. Some of the language is as it was used in those days and the beliefs/ideologies were indeed VERY backward and twisted. *sigh* This was deep. Let's take a moment. Breathe. Okay and update~ 




branks- an instrument consisting of an iron frame surrounding the head and a sharp metal bit or gag entering the mouth formerly used to punish women who gossiped or talked too much. Enslaved people of African descent were also put in branks as a way to humiliate, break and torture them. 




a vulgar british slang word for a male member 

slag- british slang for whore 

end way- slang for having sex 

Randy/Randied- sexual arouse/to be sexual aroused 

spencer- A short jacket, often with long sleeves and with a high neckline.

I'll add Zadie's maid uniform. It has a black spencer so y'all see what it looks like. 


*she does not wear the gloves as shone here unless she were to be in the kitchen.

short stays- mm think of these as like those short crop top bra/bralettes nowadays lol. These were shorter, lighter bones stays, mostly made out of cotton. Mostly worn during the summer months as it was lighter. 


*short stays and chemise as it would have been worn under the dresses hehe. 



four. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:

** I didn't realize in writing that this is only like three pages of my word document lol. Think of this as aaaaa filler??* 










“Zadie? Hello? Zadie, I’m talkin to you.” Caught in a reverie, she started and blinked some, eyes focusing on Anne. 

    “Lady Nolan wishes us to go into the town to fetch tonight’s meal.” 


    “What’s gotten into you?” 

    “It’s nothing. Really.”

    “You’re not actin’ like yeself and I fer one ‘ave noticed.” 

    “I’m fine. Just tired.” She spoke softly, eyes downcast. The bright red haired woman twisted up her mouth in disbelief. Anne was one of the only white girls in their employment that didn’t seem to care that she was different. She told her many a time that they were more alike than not… who was she to judge someone based on mere color? She’d treated her with nothing but equality and respect… even friendship dare she say it. 

    “Bollocks. I don’t believe a word o’it. But wha’evr. Let’s head out yeah?” 

    “Sure.” Having linked arms with her, she pulled her ahead, her feet not really desiring the go. Taking a deep breath, she sucked in air and forced herself to be present. As much as she could. There was work to be done. Her personal thoughts would have to wait. 

    Into the town they traveled, a motley lot of them until they retrieved all of the items requested. Upon return, a fine Coach stood docked by the entry, drawing their attention. 

    “What a fine carriage? I wonder who they are hosting tonight.”

    “By the looks of it someone extremely wealthy.”

    “Why haven’t you tried your hand at seducing Lord Nolan Therese?” The dark haired woman pursed her lips. 

    “That damned wife of his. I have more endowment than she could ever dream of. He probably only married her for the connections.”

    “She’s quite pretty though Lady Nolan.”

    “Fair creamy skin, nice slim neck. Ravishing dark tresses. Hell, if I were a man I’d marry her just for the looks alone.”

    “Oh hush would you.” The chatter of the excited maids around her helped her be able to drown it all out. They talked so excitedly and yet she was sitting in her own pool of deep despair and anguish. It hadn’t healed yet. Or at least it felt like it hadn’t. The small cut on the underside of her tongue. It felt like the biggest most painful lump and it gave her such grief when drinking or eating. 

    “Zadie…you look like you’re going to cry love. Wot’s the matta wi’ ye?” Anne asked, lifting an arm to drape across her shoulder. Shaking her head she bit into her lip as the carriage drew them closer to the backside of the house. Nothing would be right. Nothing would be right until she sorted this ‘matter’ out. 




    Warm. Fresh. Red. Licking his lips, he felt himself shiver with delight. It had been quite a while since his last feed and already he wanted…needed more. Lifting a slim pale wrist, he pressed his lips to the still warm skin. And soon he bit down into her veins. It was unfortunate that the poor girl had to meet her end this way. She was actually one of the nicer ones. But alas, he needed this. Most severely. The fragility of the human never ceased to amaze him.

     It had taken him years to get to a point where he could maturely exist as one of them. Having been like that of a child, the budding aggressively violent nature took over and he was known to kill at a moment’s notice. But thank God for maturity. He was no longer the fledging child rebellious to his sire and those else of his kind. Now, he understood the lessons. He understood things differently. He had finally become worthy to be called Sire of Nations. A title given with no explanation of the gravity, the weight behind it. Given to a man-child, a boy with no self control or care, thrilled in being able to live as long as he saw fit. What a fool he had been.  

    The woman laying at his feet croaked weakly, one last attempt at grasping life. He detached from her wrist and lifted up on his knees. Gathering as much of her as he could given the bars, he pulled her up as far as he could in a cradling manner. Slipping fingers into her hair, he pulled her neck closer. 

    “Thank you for your sacrifice. I will honor you with a quick death.” The language of his kind flowed freely and with ease. A pale blue glow lit in his eyes and he without another word sank down into her with his teeth, blood spilling forth into his awaiting mouth with fervor. She was silent and soon grew limp as he drank to his satisfaction. Priding himself in the clean kill, he detached from her neck and with care licked at the puncture wounds. 

    “Thank you.” He whispered before letting her down gently. With renewed energy, he stood, lifting hands to the bars. Now, he’d be able to put his plan into action. 





    It was all a blur. Everything from afternoon tea to dinner. It was as if her mind had decided to clock out after breakfast and she existed in this smokeless fog the rest of the day. Even the day itself soon turned to night and she’d been graced with permission to go to bed early due to her lack of attention. As she sat at her small vanity, gifted to her secretly of course by Lord Nolan, she slowly began to take the pins out of her maid cap. She stared at herself in the mirror as her fingers began to unravel the braids she’d neatly kept tucked underneath. One by one the hair came undone and tears started to form in her eyes. Almost wildly, she began to tear the hair apart until a disheveled unraveled mess looked back at her. Breathing heavily, she closed her eyes and let the tears slip down her cheeks. This was too much. All of it. It was too much for her. She couldn’t be made to endure much more. That she was most certain. 

    When she’d dressed for bed, she curled up into a ball on her bed. Mind running a thousand miles a minute, she laid awake. The strangest thing started up in her belly. Curiosity. She couldn’t stop thinking suddenly about the door with the bolt. It made her want to look. What was that bastard hiding behind there so well? None of the other doors had the same mechanism. It was going to bug her. Go to bed Zadie. Don’t poke more trouble. But it was the inward desire to rebel that drew her up and feet into slippers. A single candle lit and quiet footsteps down the hall. She would only be a moment. And then she’d be to bed and figure out how to make an escape. 

    So quiet it was eerie and fear lingered at the back of her neck at the chance of being caught. Go. Do it. Licking her lips, she slowly pressed on until she came to the passageway that had been as of late her own personal hell. He hadn’t called on her yet. But she knew the time was coming. Humiliating her in front of strange men wasn’t enough. Baring her forcibly wasn’t enough. No, it would never be enough until she became his own personal doll, one to toy and play with as he liked. Before that happened, she would die. Creeping down the large stone stairs, she tried not to allow the shadow play of the light on the walls to mess with her mind. Almost there….just a bit more now. 

    A large black bolt appeared and she felt a rush of excitement. Lifting a hand, she went to unlatch it only to find the door mysteriously unlatched. Knitting her eyebrows together, she gulped, swallowing hard before pressing her shaky hand flat against the thick wooden door. Praying silently, she began to push the door open. 

End Notes:


A/N: Poor Zad. I feel for her so deeply. I will make sure that she gets recompense. And alas, our two babies are about to finally meet. Whew. ONWARD I SAY LOL. *corny british accent* (please don't come for me...) LOL. 



five. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:


** Trigger warning: mentions of blood (obviously) um something entirely new to me that I've never written (not sure how I feel about it but for the sake of the story here it is) mentions of oral sex during periods... yeah *runs away* 







    Laughter sprung up from the woman and she looked down at him as he were on all fours, head situated nice and comfortable between her legs. 

    “Hungry are you?” The laughter turned into half moans and she tightened her hold on the bars up above her with her feet. 

    “God you’re pitiful. Like a dog. I wonder if you can bark.” Mouth pulled away and a soft gruff ‘woof’ sounded in the room. Satisfied, she grabbed hold of his hair with a hand and gyrated her bleeding sex against his mouth, eyes rolling back as he began to follow her movements with his tongue. 

    “Good boy…such a good boy.” Lifting eyes upward, he looked at her. Everything about her disgusted him. Her blood tasted bitter which indicated that she did not take care of herself in the manner of a Lady. Hygienically, something was being neglected. If he didn’t need more of a feed, he’d take more than a bite out of her dirty clunge. 

    “Mm…Lord Nolan….please sir…. more…” Eyebrows knit. Lord Nolan? She desired him? Of all people she desired him? Hm. He was never one to play with his food but this time he’d make an exception. Panting against her, he flattened his tongue to catch the bloody drops as they came. 

    “You’re disgusting. What manner of beast are you…” Lifting his tongue, he swiped her bean before closing his mouth around it. She couldn’t much say anything else, her moans coming closer and closer together now with increased volume. 

    “Oh…oh!” A slight spray of bloody release misted across his awaiting tongue and he sopped it up until she drew back from him. Embedding her nails into his scalp, she bit her lip. 

    “It’s a shame they don’t let you out. I can only imagine how good that knob would feel.” He didn’t say anything as she breathed a short sigh, a giggle soon following. 

    “Devil with blue colored slits. You deserve to be down here. You’re filthy.” Lifting up onto her knees, she used the bars to pull herself up. 

    “I can train you to be my very own pet. You’ve already mastered one trick.” Situating her skirts, she reached in and smeared the remnants of her blood across his lips and down his chin. 

    “Should I come tomorrow night I shall teach you to roll over, beg or heel.” He grabbed hold of her arm and twisted it behind her, forcing her back against the bar. 

    “Ow! Let me go! Unhand me!” Reaching across, he took her by the neck, grip tight, claws digging into the skin. 

    “Bark.” He whispered into her ear, tongue tracing the shell of her ear. 

    “N-no….let me go!” 

    “I said bark.” His claws began to dig deeper and she reached up with her other hand and dig her own into his wrist. 

    “W-woof…woof woof…” Smiling against her ear, he chuckled softly. 

    “Very good. Louder.” 

    “W-WOOF. WOOF. WOOF-”  Before she could continue, he yanked her head to the side and embedded his fangs into her flesh, the immediate outpour of blood from her artery sending a shiver of ecstasy through him. She thrashed and wetly choked but soon that stopped and she grew limp. Simply removing his claws from her, he watched as she fell crumpled to the floor.  Not a minute later the door creaked open and a sharp gasp was heard. A soft spoken yet frightened question demanded an answer. 

    “My God..” In the low light, she appeared as an apparition, black and shapeless, peeks of white piercing the room. As he lifted his eyes, his pupils dilated to adjust to the unwelcome visitor in front of him. The blood swirling in his belly calmed down the rage, the hunger, the beast within. 

    What…..what are you?”

    “What am I.” He answered, voice flat and quiet and she flinched as if she hadn’t been expecting him to speak. Lifting hands to the bars, he curled fingers around them and gripped tight. 

    “What are you?” He posed, expression solemn and dark. She opened her mouth but alas, nothing came out. Eyes dropped to the tiny peek of pink tongue that dashed out to nervously lick full plump lips, clothed in shiny midnight, nonetheless, tempting to say the least. 

    “Is…is she…did..did you kill her?” The obvious answer lied at their feet, blood, rich and red as a rose petal still oozed from his assault, a deep gash he’d torn into her neck. Still, her eyes had grown glassy, frozen with eternal fear. 

    “Have you not eyes little one? Surely, you can see she is no longer amongst the living.” His voice surprised her with its sudden teasing tone, deep accented and lilting. London lived on his tongue but there was another accent there just beyond that she could not quite place. Body captured in a deep freeze, she found that she could not move. Back pressed against the wall, the candle light nearest her flickered as if it would extinguish altogether. The presence of the man threatened to suffocate her, a dangerous dark and dominant force that seemed to squeeze at her very neck. 

    For the longest time they stared at one another, curiosity aglow in each gaze. From what she could see of him, he held a quite beautiful countenance, one some would say was feminine in nature. Thick shapely eyebrows complimented his handsome forehead, deep brown almost black eyes delightfully almond shaped were wide enough to express a myriad of expression. An elegant nose bridge flared outward into a slight peak. 

    Cheeks grew warm as her gaze travelled to his mouth. What a glorious mouth it appeared, pouty flushed lips painted pink as if he had taken a drink from Cupid’s cup himself. Once he had decided he was gone oogling her the same, those blushing forms curved up into what some would call a sultry smirk, playfulness abound. 

    “It seems that you are as taken with me as I am with you.” At that realization, she dropped her gaze shyly and the sight of it strangely pleased him. For he to feel such a thing for a mere girl, a stranger at that was odd indeed. 

    “I’m…I’m sorry…I-”

    “Allow me to answer your question. As to what I am.” Good. Her gaze lifted again. 

    “I am what you are. Bondsman to those who deem themselves better…fit to live as gods. Deserving to trample upon those they view as unworthy.” To that, she couldn’t speak and he took the opportunity to speak again, 

    “Your name little one? What is it?” 

    “….Zadie. I…I have no last name. None was I given sir.”


    “A-And you….what is your name?”

    “I am called Kieran.” Her eyes dropped to the woman who by now had grown cold and stiff on the floor. He sensed a desire to run from her and with her heart beating so loudly in his ear it didn’t surprise him when she finally did, taking off like a crackle of fire in the night. Smirk drifted off of his face and he adopted a much more empty expression, eyes falling to the ashen woman of whom he’d drank his fill. Bitch. Her end she most rightfully deserved. And as for Zadie…well he’d see that would become of her wouldn’t he? 






    Kieran. What a strange name. Black. Plenty of it had atop his head that was for sure. In the low light it had been hard to see and yet it was as if she could see him clearly. She’d never before seen a man such as he before. His hair left unattended to had been dirty and matted, the length of it sure to end just below his shoulders. What strong and broad shoulders he possessed, the entirety of his body clothed in almost creamy translucent skin. He wasn’t as big as say Lord Nolan but he was much taller than him and much leaner. Like a cheetah or perhaps a jaguar. Stealthy and fast, incredibly strong yet efficient and sleek. 

    Her cheeks grew warm at the recollection of his bare naked torso. A sliver of moonlight cut across it then and yet left his lower half completely clothed in darkness. Housed there on his stomach were delicately laid bricks of muscle, unknown to her as to how they remained there despite the complete lack of activity. Stop it. Don’t be tartish. Right. The more important questions. Why was Therese down there in the first place? Why was he down there in the first place? Who kept a grown man locked up in a cage? What reason did there exist outside of the fact that he too like her must have been property to the Nolan household. But why? How long had be been down there? Why were his conditions so poor? Was this Lord Nolan’s way of trying to convince her to obey his every whim lest she end up with the same fate? Worrying her lip to death with absentminded nibbles, she lifted the duster and continued sweeping the staircase banister.





    “Have you heard about Therese?” 

    “No, wot ‘appened to ‘er?” 

    “Apparently, she was found in Lord Nolan’s basement cellar with all the blood drained from her body.” 


    “I swear! They even say she had two distinct puncture wounds on her neck, alongside with what appeared to be human teeth.” 

    “Don’t say stuff like that. You’re scarin’ me Harriet!” 

    “Well! I’m just telling you what I heard.” 

    “Come to think of it weren’t we missing another maid that mysteriously vanished?” 

    “Yeah I think her name was um…Marie?”

    “Yeah. Marie Huxley. Poor thing. She was only 17 years old.” 

    “Lord Nolan planned to make her his bedslave you know. I heard the talk in the kitchens and from some of the upper housemaids.”

    “Dorthy where do you get all this information from? It’s kinda scary.”

    “I’ll never reveal my sources. You won’t hear a peep outta me about it and that’s that.” Smiling, she looked up from a pair of hose she was repairing. 

    “Do you really think the Nolans have something down there?” She asked quietly, careful not to sound too excited. 

    “I don’t know and I don’t want to find out. Let’s keep it there yeah?”

    “Somethin’s goin’ on. Two of our maids jus’ up an’ disappearin’ or bein’ found dead. Somethin’ is definitely goin’ on.” Anne put in her two cents, smoothing down her apron. 

    “Aye Anne, while you chopping it up with us mates why don’t you see about bringing us something back from dinner aye?” 

    “You tryin’ to get me fired are ye?”

    “Well, you certainly seem to not have lost any weight have you?” She laughed some, which seemed to surprise and please the small bunch of women. 

    “There she is. Zadie’s back.” 

    “A’right lassies. Sharpen up and get back to work! Break is over!” Moaning begrudgingly, the lot of them started to scatter off in different directions. And yet all the while, her mind could not help but drift down below her feet into the basement cellar. What was his reason for being there? Why was Lord Nolan working so hard to try to hide him? It was driving her nuts trying to figure it out. 




    Four nights. That’s how long it had been since he’d seen her but all the while he’d heard her heartbeat race and thump around like a bottle of hard candies. It didn’t surprise him when on the eve of the fifth night, the door was slowly opened. By the light of the candelabra, her face appeared. Taking in the surroundings, it was prim and neat. The body of who he assumed was a housemate of hers had long been disposed of; the blood washed away. None other than Lord Nolan himself had done the honors. He was really a barbarian. 

    “Ah, so you return.” He greeted her warmly, a kind smile on his face. She stared at him like he had lost his mind. 

    “Do, come in. Close the door behind you. Don’t want to give away that you’re here.” 

    “O-oh…r-right.” She turned and closed the door behind her. Swallowing thickly, the staring commenced again and it humored him to say the least. 

    “Well come on then. Make yourself at home.” 

    “M-make myself a-at home? T-this is your home?”

    “Isn’t it obvious little one?” Blushing, she pursed her lips and sat on the floor, placing the light nearest the middle of the room. 

    “You’re brimming with questions. So many of them and yet not one answer.” She stiffened and he fought not to laugh. She was very readable, like an open book she was. And the funniest thing yet was that she didn’t even know it. 

    “Come on then. Ask. That’s why you came back.” She bit her lip before speaking. 

    “Why are you down here?” That question was always first. Sighing, he mosied up to the front of the cage and sat down. Lifting his hands, his fingers enclosed around the bars. 

    “I’m here because of fear.” Her pretty features knit. 


    “I’m not sure if I can explain this to you in a way that you would understand.”

    “Try.” He chuckled. 

    “Alright then. When you don’t understand something…or someone…when something frightens you… what response is most natural?”

    “To run of course.” She answered without hesitation. 

    “Experience with that I take it?” Pursing her lips, she averted her gaze. 

    “You could say that.”

    “Run. Exactly. Or even better should you have the authority to do so… you control what you fear so that it becomes powerless.” She remained quiet. 

    “I’m sure you also have experience with that as well.” She could only look down. 

    “So, you’re saying that Lord Nolan fears you?” 

    “That’s exactly what I’m saying little one.” She took a moment before she looked up at him and his heart began to beat a bit faster. The moonlight streamed in through the narrowest of windows and when it kissed her skin, it appeared to him as though she was made something mythical… something not of this realm or that of four others. She seemed to sparkle and glitter and her eyes though dark seemed to hold stars within them. Lips having been wet by her tongue, they shimmered too, their plentiful appearance most enticing. 

    “Lord Nolan is one of the wealthiest men in Hawthorne. He’s also one of the most powerful. Why would he fear someone like you?” 

    “Because unlike the rest of his kind, I possess a strength that is not human. There are a lot of my ways that are not human.” 

    “But you have the body of a man. How then can you say you, who are human, are not human?” 

    “It’s charming of you to assume that I am human simply because I appear like one.” That seemed to spook her and she grew still, eyes large wide and confused. 

    “You came to seek answers dear Zadie. So shall they be given to you.” 

    “What do you mean you’re not human?” 

    “Just what it means.” Swallowing, there that heart of hers went again, thumping loudly against her chest. 

    “Then…what are you…” 

    “They have called us many names. Vampyre. Beast. Blood sucking monster. Devils. Take your pick.” 

    “B-blood s-sucking m-monster? Surely you joke Kieran.” 

    “Surely not. Of course I can eat food the same as humans but the main course preferred is the latter.” 

    “Wait. You can’t be serious. You expect me to believe that Lord Nolan has a blood sucking creature caged in his basement?” At that, the teasing smile faded and he grew serious. 

    “I don’t expect you to believe anything. But remember little one it was you who came to me. With questions that no one other than I could answer. Now you have have your answers. Do with them what you will.” He let go of the bars and turned away from her. He stared at the wall until the light from the candelabra disappeared. And when it did he closed his eyes.


End Notes:


A/N: first off I LOVE ME SOME ANNE. OKAY SHE THE REALEST LOL. Now that THAT is outta my system lol. So yeah um... can we talk about Kieran for a moment because hard as I tried... writing that first scene kinda make me feel some things. Not even tryna be funny. It's something that is like socially still very taboo and not encouraged. But he ate that thang up didn't he? Okay I'm sorry. Back to Anne. So she a real fren lol. Love some her. Our lovely little Kieran is starting to get what we young people nowadays call "feelins" LOL. Awww lol. That's so cuteeeee hehehe. Anddddd our baby Z gettin feelins too hehe. CUTE. I LOVE IT. LOVE THEM. YES. Um. sidenote, I wonder if this is reading really fast to you all?

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six. by DarkandLovely
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“I hurt your feelings. I’m sorry.” That was what met him one night several weeks later. Smiling, he sat down and gave a nod. 

    “Apology accepted.” 

    “I didn’t realize how harsh I sounded Kieran. Not knowing that you weren’t just talking about you. But you were talking about me too.” A dark eyebrow lifted. 

    “Was I?”

    “Yes. When you were talking about man does when he fears what he does not understand. The same situation can be applied to me and those of my ‘kind’. The same as yours.” 

    “I’m glad you understand.” 

    “I can’t judge you for being who you are. I’ll admit at first… it made no sense to me. I didn’t want to believe what you had told me. But the more I thought about it… yes we might not know each other very well but we are very similar.” 

    “Quite a mature outlook on that Zadie.” At his praise, she blushed and lowered her head. 

    “I suppose.” 

    “Tonight starts something new between us.” She looked up again. 

    “Something new?” 

    “Friendship.” Smiling softly, she gave a nod. 

    “I’d like that. To be friends.” 




    The fire burned hot and menacing and her legs were starting to grow tired. Standing by, she nursed the fires with more coal. 

    “Busy?” Jumping, she turned to find humored blue-green eyes. Lord Nolan. 

    “Ah….yes sir.” He peered around her at what she was doing. 

    “Jumpy are we?” 

    “N-no sir….” 

    “I was wondering where my wife had placed you. Seeing as how she no longer desired for you to be her lady maid.” Quiet, she kept her gaze down. 

    “In the kitchen…poor girl. Hard?”

    “No sir.” 

    “Well I for one sure miss seeing you around.” A slice of dread pierced her belly. 

    “We have a dinner party planned tonight. And I will be requiring your care.” question must have been in her face because he chuckled. 

    “Of course if you’d prefer I also enlist your help in that way it can definitely be arranged.”

    “No sir. I-I was mistaken is all.” Drawing closer, he lifted her chin. 

    “Expect my call very soon.” Fear drenched her as he smirked and left her standing there by the fire.




    “Sorry I’m late….” 

    “No apology required.” The poor thing seemed out of breath as she sat down, each time during her visit closer and closer until only the bars stood in between. 

    “I brought you a couple of gifts.” 

    “Oh?” Opening her apron, she handed him a bar of lye soap, a comb and a small bottle of water. 

    “Ah…how did you come by this?”

    “I stole it when Lady Nolan wasn’t looking.”

    “You’re becoming quite the criminal.” Rolling her eyes, she smiled to herself though. 

    “Well… every person deserves a bath. And I have had my fair share of being without them. It’s not ladylike. Nor is it gentleman-like. So there.” He smiled deeply and placed the soap and other items beside him. Outstretching his hand, he gently took hers in his. 

    “Thank you Zadie.” For a moment, it was if she didn’t know what to do but soon her small fingers closed around his. 

    “It’s no problem.” Withdrawing his hand, he opened the small plug to the jar of water and wet the comb. He tried to comb through his hair but hissed at the pain. Her laughter was sweet and soft and she’d lifted her hand to cover her mouth. 

    “What’s gotten into you aye?” He teased, eyes twinkling. 

    “That’s not how you comb hair.” 

    “Oh? I think I’ve been around a lot longer than you Miss.” There again, the sound of her laughter making his heart beat faster. How could one little human make him so comfortable? 

    “Here, come here. I’ll show you.” Expression wrought in frustration, he handed her the comb with a sigh. 

    “It’s been a bloody long time since I’ve combed it.” 

    “That’s okay. We’ll start nice and slow. Work our way through the knots here. And then it’ll glide right through nice and smooth.”  She took a small section of hair and began to gently comb from the end of the comb first. He watched her carefully as she did and to his amazement, the knot of hair was slowly but surely eased away. 


    “I told you.” Drawing eyes up from the section of hair, they rested for a moment on her hands. How soft and delicate they were. They took care with his hair, gentle with the comb. His eyes then roamed up further, pausing at the exposed skin of her collarbones. But they finally settled on her face.  She was truly a vision to behold. Dark sultry eyes, ones that were unconscious of their power always seemed to remain downcast. What a shame. Her eyes were one of his favorite things about her. They said so much without her even having to say anything at all. Her shapely little button nose, charming even more so when turned up. 

    A warmth began to spread across his lower belly as he drifted to her lips. Surely, Aphrodite herself couldn’t have had lips more tempting than hers. Soft and smooth they appeared, plush and full they were made simply to be kissed and adored. Each time he glanced at them, he wanted with the most sincerity to kiss them, tease them, feel his mold and fit against them passionately. MATE. The word rocked him and he jumped some, startling her. 

    “What is it? Did I hurt you?” Eyes wide, he gave a little smile and relaxed, with a shake of his head. 

    “No… not at all.” He laid down on the ground and pressed his forehead against the bar. With that extra closeness, she could comb more hair and seemed happy. Eyes drifted up to her elbows and soon a sweet little hum drifted up from her throat. Smiling, he allowed his eyes to close as the woman continued to care for him. MATE. 






    It was the hum that said everything. He watched her as she dusted the top of his mantle; all the figurines and decorative pieces. Tinkling, sweet and girlish. Innocent. Almost as if she had someone in her heart. He said not a word as he continued to observe her. One of his pride and joys was when he came into possession of her. He’d never admit it. But he truly liked her. Society frowned on it. He, himself, didn’t understand what was the attraction. The negroid race was interior in every such way. And yet there was this little thing of a woman. 

    She was intelligent, though she tried to hide it. She could entice and play coy should she desire to. She didn’t understand the power she held within her grasp. A power over him that not even his own wife possessed. No, Charlotte was strictly a political match, nothing more. He had never loved her and never would. So long as Zadie was nearby. He felt that a part of him could breathe. 

    “Happy are you?” Immediately, she froze. 

    “A-ah…no sir….just humming to pass the time by. If it has offended you I apologize most sincerely.” 

    “It hasn’t offended me in the least.” Swallowing, she began to dust again, purposely trying not to glance in his direction. That cat-and-mouse game is what stirred his loins and he wanted to have her right then and there. Inhaling through his nose, he crossed the room and forced her to stop, lifting to place his hands on the mantle, just beside hers. Nose pressed against her maid cap, he allowed a tiny rumble to come from his throat. 

    “My Lord…please…d-don’t do this….please.” 

    “At some point you’re going to have to stop being so bloody stubborn.” He spoke against her ear, making her squirm. 

    “I’m not being stubborn sir. Really.”

    “Should you want me then simply say so. I will be yours to have.” 

    “My Lord!” She turned and pushed him away from her, surprising him. 

    “Enough…please. I-I don’t want you. I’m enslaved here…to you….” Fury lit him up like a match. As maddening and desirable as she was, sometimes she infuriated him so much he wanted to kill her. Lifting his hand, he slapped her so hard she fell to the ground. 

    “I refuse to be your little pleasure doll!” She cried out, anger and pain in her voice. 

    “You’ll be whatever the fuck I want you to be, dirty fucking slag!” He pulled her towards him, trying to grab her now kicking legs. 

    “NO! LET GO OF ME. LET GO!” Having grown red in the face, he grabbed hold of her and lifted his now fist. 

    “Disrespectful negroid bitch!” He hissed, punching her in the jaw. She still tried to fight him and block his hits but he took hold of her hair, maid cap and all and pulled her head back. 

    “Is this what you want? I can do this all night long.” He said roughly with a grin, dropping a hand to lift her dress. 

    “No….NO no no please…” 

    “I can put us both out of our misery. Right here and right now. Just fucking ask me. Stop acting like a spoiled little cunt. ASK ME.” She couldn’t say a word, now beaten and bloodied. 

    “Beg me with those unnatural lips of yours! Go on! Beg me to pleasure you! Beg me to give you child! I’ll fucking do all of it! If only you mind your manners.” Letting go of her hair which now had started to come out from her maid cap, he watched as she started to sob, curling up in a ball. 

    “Bloody get up. Get up I said.” He reached down and grabbed her, forcing her up. 

    “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me you animal!” She hissed, earning her another hit, her reward a busted lip. 

    “Bitch. Who the hell do you think you are?” Taking her by the neck, he backed her up against the wall. 

    “You do what I tell you to do. Is that understood?” She could only gasp for air as he choked the life from her. 

    “You’ve taken my hospitality for a weakness. That ends today.” She tried to speak but he only tightened his grip on her air supply. 

    “From now on, I shall have my eyes on you at all times. You will not ever be able to escape me or go any fucking where without my explicit permission. Is that understood?” She had started to grow limp, eyes starting to roll back. Letting go of her, she crumpled to the floor, taking in large agonized breaths, wheezes. Kneeling, he made her look at him. 

    “Consider this the last time I extend some grace on you. The next time I just might kill you.” Leaving her on the floor, he straightened up his suit and hair and left her sobbing, the music of the dinner party drowning out her misery. 




    It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered anymore. 

    “WHERE IS IT?” She had torn his room apart, the prized possessions on his mantle now either smashed or melting away in the fire. She, however, was looking for something. 

    “Where is it? It HAS to be here…” Almost frantically, she began to throw open his massive desk drawers. 

    “Oh my God what is goin’ on in here?! Zadie! ZADIE!” Hands rushed to grab her which she fought. 

    “GET OFF OF ME! DON’T TOUCH ME.” Turning wild eyes around, she found Anne and a couple other maids standing there in complete shock and disbelief at what was happening. 

    “Oh my God…dear God…what did he do to you Zadie?” Tears welled up in her eyes and she broke down completely, falling into the woman. 

    “My sweet darlin’ friend…..let it out. Let it out…it’s a’kay.” She hushed her and helped her to stand. 

    “Listen… I need you to clean this up fa her. Please mates. We don’t want any trouble to’nigh. Not with this dinna party goin’ on.” The group looked more than displeased but bit their tongues. 

    “If anyone asks you wot happened, tell em’ Lord Nolan got a bit upset. Don’t mention Zadie at all. Please.” 

    “Fine. Go on and take her then.” 





    That night he was disappointed. She didn’t come as she said she would. He tried to calm his heart and the butterflies dancing in his stomach. When she was around, when she was near…he began to see a glimpse of hope… of light. She made this hellhole worth it. Sighing, he reached up to touch his hair, the parts that she had braided and tied into a loose ponytail. When asked about this very strange hairstyle, she told him that it would enable his hair to remain prim and neat longer. Smiling, he laid on his back and looked up at the darkness that otherwise would close in on him. He’d never felt for a human woman the way he was starting to with her. MATE. Closing his eyes, he yawned some. Yes, that indeed sounded right. She had to be.

End Notes:

A/N: okay so I meant to stop at five but said well lol. here. lol. the two are really starting to develop feelings for each other hehe. that's stinking cute ;'D aye but um Lord Nolan Bolan Cholan whatever his name is yeah HE NEEDA CHILL. Like take 3000 steps BACK from my girl thanks. BOOM. I promise y'all I don't enjoy writing my fellow sisters suffering lol. I'm just a bit dark academia-ish? so it kinda just happens. BUT. YOU KNOW. YOU ALREADY KNOW. I'm gon write that 'venge so cold lol. Love y'all. Let me get to writing some more. maybe sleep cause it is 1:33 in the morning. Whew. See y'all soon (I hope lol) Much love. God bless~


seven. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:








    She didn’t speak. For going on three weeks. She didn’t speak. Not to anyone. Even Anne tried to prompt her with small words or utterances. But she had simply…gone mute. The girl that walked around the Manor, lifeless empty tired eyes and no appetite was not who they recognized. Of course they couldn’t dare oppose Lord Nolan… the Negro slaves anyway. Already a couple of the white ones had in protest declared him an abuser and left of their own free will, having another gig lined up or enough money saved to move on. But for her and those of her ‘kind’…that was a luxury that wasn’t afforded. 

    They had to put up with it…suffer with it…cry lie and wallow with it. Act like pain didn’t hurt. The broken or mutilated limbs, bloodied noses, things much much worse. It didn’t make sense. Why it had to be her…why it had to be them. What had they ever done to anyone other than try to live and survive? She had started losing so much weight, her once shapely figure now bony and gaunt. 

    “Zad, you’ve got to eat for bloody sake! You’re wastin’ away!” Anne exclaimed near afternoon as they took one of their only two breaks of the day. She stared at the food in front of her blankly. 

    “At least drink somethin’ now Zadie.” Still no reply. 

    “You think by doin’ this that it will get back at ‘im?” At that, her emaciated gaze lifted to her. 

    “You think by killin’ yerself that it’s gonna get back at ‘im?” 

    “Anne, lighten up on the poor thing! She really went through it.”

    “No, I can’t do this. I can’t sit here and watch you kill yerself over an undeserving piece of sodshit! He’s not worth it! You ‘ear me? He’s NOT worth it.”

    “Then what would you have her do? It’s not like she can quit and go elsewhere.” All eyes including hers turned to the girl who had spoken. Some of them sucked their teeth at her. 

    “What? It’s true and you know it. Look, I respect and appreciate all the equality that has went on between us but this is where I have to draw the line. The truth is that we aren’t in the same boat as they are. We have freedom. They don’t. To ignore that is most cruel. Not just for them. But for us.”  She didn’t stop to hear the rest, dismissing herself from the table. 

    “Zadie! Wait up Zad!” Anne called but she was ignored. Where. is. it? It was mid nearing winter and in a couple of months time it would be six years since she’d been enslaved here. Six long fruitless years of hell. She had to try… she had to find it. Find it and free herself. 




    Something was more than off. She hadn’t seen him in almost two months. He had been in that time ‘taken’ out so to speak by the groundskeeper, loaded up into a carriage and forced to do more of those damned exhibitions. Through all of the pain and humiliation thoughts of her enabled him to endure it. It was foolish he knew. His heart had been surrendered so quickly and he still really didn’t know much about her. But he knew one thing. She was his mate. His one person that was…created just for him. He felt that strongly with every molecule in his body. His ears perked at the sound of the bolt being removed. Turning, he was met with the face of Lady Charlotte Nolan. 

    “Surprised? Were you expecting someone else?” She asked quietly, gripping the set of keys in her hand as if she felt they would disappear. 

    “I wasn’t expecting such a pleasant visit from such a beautiful woman.” Though she tried not to show it, her pale cheeks grew rosy. 

    “Your husband is a fool for neglecting you.” Another open book to read. He could see it all over her. She was filled with jealousy, envy, hatred and low self esteem. 

    “What of it could you a beast know?” She replied, voice cool. 

    “You wear it as well as you wear that dress. It covers you like a thick blanket. Anyone with eyes could see what has happened.” Swallowing, she must have found it difficult not to but in time let her eyes drift down the entirety of his body. Unlike her, he had nothing to cover with. He was bare for all to see. She seemed pleased in what she saw for the rosiness in her cheeks grew a darker shade. 

    “Well, perhaps you aren’t as dumb as we thought. Perhaps your taking outs are benefitting you.” 

    “Perhaps.” He answered smoothly, letting her eyes eat away at him once more. 

    “How curious it is that my husband came to obtain you. I’ve never much heard the story of your arrival to this place.”

    “And that curiosity is what led you all the way down to the bottom cellar. To hear of a story.” He mused, a smirk forming. 

    “Perhaps.” She answered with one of her own. 

    “Well then my Lady, allow me to entertain you.” 




    She didn’t have much time. He was due back any moment. Looking through his belongings, she quickly grew frustrated. Where the hell was it? It couldn’t be that far…Fumbling open a drawer, she found a box that had an ornate lock on it. What was here she wondered as to why he didn’t even want Lady Nolan to see it? Looking around almost frantically, she searched for something to break the lock. To which she came up empty. Letting out a frustrated growl, she shoved the box back into the drawer and hurried on her way, picking up her duster. She would search this entire house if she had to. 





    The lock to his cage clicked open and for a moment he stared at it in disbelief.  

    “How do you have that? I thought only-”

    “Only the groundkeeper or your handler had possession of it? Don’t make me laugh. My husband cannot hide anything from me. I am just as much owner of this property as he is.” 

    “And yet you are confined within these walls with only lavish diner parties to show for it.” Stepping into the cage, she didn’t stop until she was uncomfortably close, her breath felt on his neck. 

    “Being down here has made you rude. Very rude.”

    “Are you the one who will teach me manners?” Each passing second, the unresolved sexual tension within her had all but erupted and she visibly eyed him as though at any moment she would devour him. 

    “Maybe I should.” Smirking, he knelt in front of her, accepting her fingers breeze through the kept strands. 

    “This will be our little secret yes?”

    “But of course my Lady.” 

    “In exchange for this little…transaction…so long as I visit you, you are free to roam the grounds above. Long as you stay out of sight and out of the way.” 

    “You are most gracious my Lady.” Biting her lip, she leaned down to press her rouge stained lips to his. 






    “Where have you been?” Turning to face a rather bored husband, Charlotte Nolan smiled demurely. 

    “In the gardens for stroll dear.”


    “Hm? Is there something wrong?” 

    “No. Nothing. You are aware that we have been invited to attend Lord and Lady Rothingham’s Christmas party yes?”

    “How could I forget darling?”

    “Right. Well, make arrangements for that as well as figure out how we are to keep our slaves and seasonal help for the winter. You know the winter is the time we lose most of our help.”

    “Yes my Lord. At once.” 

    “Good then. Call me when dinner is ready.”

    “I shall.” 





    He heard her steps, however light and quiet they were, he heard them as they approached his door. The bolt to the door was opened and in she stepped. 

    “Kieran? Are you awake?” He looked up from where he lay and watched the candlelight play off of her shadow. At no answer from him, he heard the soft swish of her nightgown and nightrail before he answered. 

    “Have I angered you?” She stopped and turned to see him sitting up facing her. Smiling, she closed the door behind her and ran to the bars, outstretching her hands to cover his. 

    “No… no you’ve not angered me.” Her voice sounded different… as if it had not been used. 

    “Why did you not come to see me?” He asked and he did not withdraw his hurt at the fact. She tightened her grip on his hands before letting go of them completely. 

    “A…a lot happened since the last time I saw you Kieran.” 

    “Nolan?” He asked, catching the way her body language tightened up. 

    “Yes.” He wanted to ask…wanted to demand she tell him what he did.

    “Why now?” She swallowed and looked up at him, her entire face full of guilt. 

    “I… I missed you.” The way those damned eyes pulled him in. Sighing, he pressed his forehead against the bars. 

    “I too have missed you little one.” 

    “I’m sorry…sorry to not have visited you. You probably got really lonely.” 

    “Without you yes.” There, the shadow of a tinkling laugh and he smiled. 

    “Kieran…I am going to free you.” He lifted his head and looked at her like she had lost her entire mind. 

    “You’re going to what?”

    “I’m going to free you. I’m going to find the key to get you out of here.” 

    “And….why would you do that?” 

    “Why would I not?” 

    “You don’t know me.”

    “I do know you Kieran. I’ve known you for couple months time now.”

    “Right. But not completely.”

    “Well, let’s get a chance to know one another. Completely.” Sitting down, she smiled at him, hands once more on his. Giving up, he opened his hands and allowed their fingers to intertwine. 

    “As you wish.”



    He laid awake, a soft willowy arm housed across his abdomen. Glancing down at the dark flowing locks that covered her back and some of his chest, he swallowed. They had been married now for seven years. Not one child had been produced from the marriage. He knew that members of society were talking. Wondering what was wrong. Of course he could have her instituted into a Mental Hospital at any time should he desire it. Lack of wifely duties performed. Barren. Incompetent. Whatever reasoning he desired to give. Rid himself of the problem. But then, where would that leave Zadie? He would have to get married a second time and start the whole bloody process over again. 

    Sighing quietly, he removed her arm across his waist. It had been years since they’d last had a go. Actual literal years. And it left him satisfied for only a moment. In the actual moment. Once it had passed, he found himself bored. Everything was lackluster. She was lackluster. She wasn’t Zadie. Quite a shame. Charlotte was very much still beautiful. They’d married young, when she was just a girl of 16 and he 20. Now at 23 and 27, things between them had begun to fizzle. He supposed he’d keep her around for the connections and to have the arm piece. After all, she wasn’t entirely innocent. She knew exactly what she was entering into when she married him. The benefits she too would receive as wife of a Baron. It would have been stupid of her not to accept his hand. 

    “Where are you off to?” He heard her ask behind him. Turning, he took her in. She had never been very heavy in the bosom area but even still, the petite shapely breasts did certainly stir the eye. Smooth flesh, that of a rose petal, delicate peaches-and-cream complexion. Long dark hair traveled down her shoulders like a slick brown river and a slim flat stomach faced him. 

    “For a nightcap.” He answered, lifting his robe across his shoulders. 


    “Yes?” He asked, looking up from tying the robe closed. 

    “Why have you not given me a child?” The question gave him pause and he honestly couldn’t answer. What could he tell her? Licking his lips, he took a deep breath and cleared his throat. 

    “We haven’t talked about offspring so I assumed it wasn’t important to you.” She drew away from the covers and came to press her hands against his chest. 

    “It’s always been important to me. You’ve just never asked.” But of course.

    “My sincerest apologies.”

    “May we discuss it then?” 

    “Of course.” Smiling, she withdrew and slipped into a nightrail. 

    “I think I’ll join you for something warm.” Throat tight, he accepted reluctantly, extending an arm. 




    He watched as she sighed and gripped her hands together in her lap. 

    “That’s inexcusable. To put someone through all this.” 

    “Unfortunately, it is just the way humans are. They are extremely self destructive and are incredibly greedy. They don’t care about anything other than self seeking affairs.” 

    “Not all. I’m not like that.” Squeezing her fingers, he gave an apologetic look. 

    “Yes. You aren’t. But that has thus far been my experience.” 

    “It makes me angry. That people have treated you as no more than a vicious beast. Caged you and exploited you. It’s not right.” 

    “In this world… in this life…it does not matter at the end what you look like on the outside.” She was contemplative on that and let him outstretch his hand to grab hers. 

    “Though evil men sit in high places that have made it now so.” Lifting her eyes, she bit her lip. 

    “My people lived in a land called Yischaphere. We were all one people united at one time. But there were those who desired to take the power away from my line. They were called Ivenir. They broke off from the rest of us and desired to live as they pleased.” She was quiet as she listened, his story most interesting. 

    “As the times spanned, we grew careless in our dealings and began to infiltrate the lands of the humans. Because they did not understand us… because they feared us they began to hunt us. Vampyre they called us. Beings that did not deserve to live, for they were far too fearsome and dangerous. I hated them simply for this reason, thought foolishly that my kind were superior to them. And yet… they were determined to find a solution to wipe us out.”

    “You didn’t do anything to them…” She put in, clutching at her dress. He licked his lips. 

    “Yes but it did not stop them from trying to destroy us. Swords. Bullets. Silver. Not even the rumor of sun could kill us. But something about the strange light metal proved lethal and it was for that reason that my kind fled the east. 17 Houses in total fled and settled in the city of London and attempted to rebuild our country again away from the humans. But it was the Ivenir who began to intermingle and now noble or not…we stand at a crossroads. Be like the humans. Kill them. Or be destroyed.”

    “What a story…how terribly sad.”

    “With time and maturity, you come to understand that it really does not matter. We all are living in the world together. Should it not be peaceful?” 


    “After all I’ve told you..about my origin…it does not bother you?” Her eyes grew sad. 

    “No… it doesn’t. It never should. You’re just a bit different from me is all. It doesn’t matter about the blood eating.” At that he laughed. 

    “I would say that poses a vast difference between the two of us.” 

    “Yes as you have so repetitively reminded me… you’re not human.”

    “I’m not.”


    “And nothing Miss.” Smiling she gave a nod.

    “I too am saddened at your story. Truthfully, it breaks my heart. How similar they are.”

    “Yes being born into this accursed life of enslavement is the most horrible torture possible for any living thing. Both of my parents died on another side of town and my former enslavers abandoned me once they moved up into society. I have been on my own since I was 13 years old. East Side of London is the worst place possible for a young girl to grow up. No matter the color.” 

    I have done what I know how to do. I tried to stay away from the more obvious forms of employment. Thank God no one paid me much attention. They called me lucky when I was brought here. Good family. Good money. Make them like me enough perhaps they would find it within themselves to pardon me and free me. All of it is bollocks.” Sitting up straighter, she began to fiddle with her night dress. 

    “I don’t know if it is possible for me. I’ve been born into this life.” Sitting up straighter, she began to fiddle with her night dress. 

    “But you… you were not. You had a family at one point. You had happiness. You had a chance to be whoever you wanted to be. Regardless of difference. I can’t see you being some blood thirsty monster. I’m sure you found a way for it without being too harsh.” She lifted those beautiful dark eyes upward. 

    “That’s why I’m going to free you Kieran. That way at least one of us has a chance to make it. I have to see to it that you are able to live outside of this cage.” Her passion struck him and he smiled at her, shocking her with the flash of beautiful teeth. 

    “You are so very kind Zadie.” Her heart beat faster at his words and she sighed. 

    “I suppose I should go before I draw suspicion.” 

    “Do come again. Soon.”

    “I will. I promise.” 


End Notes:

A/N: Whew our two loves are growing in friendship. They are darling hehe. Aye so Lady Hoe-lan...I mean Nolan uh.... she too much. Kieran playin the game and I ain't mad. Our poor Zadie.. Nolan is truly evil. How he's traumatized her. I wanted to show some contrast here in the chapter... as in my studies, I found that some... READ SOME...Enslavers...they felt conflicted (as they should have). The institution under which they rested mandated one thing... but their own personal and humanly moral feelings also fought against it as well. Nolan's feelings towards Zadie are very much valid and historically accurate. *tryna keep it as historically sound as possible y'all WHEW LOL*

 I read that the branks' psychological torture lasted way longer than any physical torture it inflicted. That's deep I cannot even imagine having to go through that. How noble is it of our leading lady to desire to free our baby K? *sniff* I have a couple more chapters planned to update. Amazingly, I have finished this short work LOL. I told y'all I was writing. I will update at a time and a time so as to not bombard you lol. 


eight. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:



*TRIGGER WARNING: Explicit mentions of rape, violence and physical abuse.* 




    Her next visit was sure but brief. She’d come running in and appeared winded. Under the dim light of the candle she held she approached him. 

    “I found it.” Lifting the keys, she smiled brightly. 

    “I have to hurry.” She began to fiddle with the keys, growing frustrated when each one did not fit. 

    “Oh come on… come on you…” She exclaimed under her breath as she continued. Finally, the one clicked the lock to the cage open. Excitedly, she pulled it free and stepped back. 

    “There. Now you are free. Do hurry.” He wasn’t sure what to say or do so he just stared at her. 


    “Go on then. Don’t think about me. Go on.” They grew quiet as they heard what sounded like footsteps. 

    “I have to go…” Her voice sounded panicked now and she glanced one last time at him. 

    Closing the door behind her, he listened to her footsteps glide quietly up the stairs until they disappeared.




    The click clack of the wheels helped calm her nerves somewhat. Seated across from her was the man to whom her life had been made a living hell. He’d forced her to come along with him on this little excursion and she wished at once she’d stayed back at the Manor. He hadn’t taken his eyes off of her yet and it was making her extremely uncomfortable. 

    “Remove your bonnet Zadie. I want to see your hair.” 

    “That would be most inappropriate Lord Nolan. It’s not becoming.” Grinning, he smirked. 

    “I didn’t ask you if it was becoming did I? I told you to remove it.” Taking a shaky inhale, she reached up and untied the ribbon to her bonnet and took it off. 

    “Come here.” She clutched her fingers tightly. 

    “Don’t make me ask again.” Slowly getting up, she sat beside him. Taking her face in his hand, he lifted her gaze up to his. 

    “Beautiful. Simply beautiful.” His fingers glided across the braid at the front of her head, following it to the second braid swooping around to the back of her head. 

    “Very becoming of you.” 

    “T-thank you sir.” 

    “I told you to call me Alex when we’re alone.” Biting her tongue, she replied. 

    “T-thank you… Alex.” 

    “Good.” He examined her a bit more. 

    “I’d love to see it in its natural primitive state. You do such a good job of fashioning it to be acceptable.” She didn’t answer, simply kept her gaze down. 

    “When I call for you, I want it down. Don’t touch it or do anything to it. Understand?” 

    “Yes sir.” 

    “Good then. We’re here.” The carriage stopped and the door was opened. He got out first and offered not a hand as she climbed out. 

    “I will buy my wife a new dress and being that you’re her lady maid you know what she likes best. Come.” 





    The bolt to the door opened and an unexpected familiar face appeared. Familiar almond shaped eyes looked at him and for a moment the two just stared. Soon, the man came towards him and knelt. 

    “My deepest joy is seeing you Your Grace.” Feeling his throat tighten, he came forward and pushed the cage door open. 

    “Aonghas. My friend…” The man began to tear up and soon the two embraced. 

    “I thought you were dead Your Grace. Word reached us that you had fallen from the Cliff of Yeigdrae.”

    “Indeed I did.” Pulling away from his friend, Aonghas swallowed his tears. 

    “What happened to you? How did you get to be here in these deplorable conditions?” 

    “I was young then. And very foolish. Instead of trying to find my way back home, I decided to venture and gain independence from the Monarch itself.” 


    “I was captured during a feed. They thought I was a man…a cannibal. A murderer. And to that last point I suppose I was.”

    “We do what we must to survive Your Grace.”

    “They took me and had means to hang me for my sins. But at the last minute, my bond was purchased by an unknown man. W. H Edwards. He took me and handed me over to the local circus. And thus it began.”

    “You never thought to run away Your Grace?”

    “It wasn’t that easy.”

    “How did you come here?” 

    “The grandfather of the current owner, James Nolan purchased me. Vile creature he was. His son and his son…they are all the same.” 

    “Sire, we must restore you to the Council of Terivalcta. We must reinstate you in the House of Severa.” 

    “In due time.” Aonghas looked confused. 

    “There’s no urgency in you. Why?”

    “You know why. Ivenir. Once they discover that I am alive they will send their hunters after me. I’m sure they’ve been pleased in the news of my death.” Aonghas clenched his jaw. 

    “Yes sire. It’s been complete anarchy. The minute you left, the treaty between our nations shattered and they overthrew us. With your father being old and ailed, there was no one to intercede or oppose them. He tried and fell by their sword.” The news of his father’s death stung him. After all the years wasted….he’d never have the opportunity to thank him for all his wisdom. 

    “How did you come by here? I’ve never once seen you before now.” Aonghas bowed his head. 

    “Your star. It blazed so brightly just a minute ago. I immediately knew it was you.” 

    “I see.”


    “Go for now. Let the House of Severa know I am alive. And that I will return. I owe it to my father.”

    “Of course sire.”

    “In a few days time meet me at the olde inn by Toggins. 10 post meridiem.” 

    “Yes sire.” With a last hug, he pulled away from him and left out the way he came, using his speed to be like that of wind. Sitting back on the floor, he turned to look out of the window. He had ran from his calling thousands of years ago. And in the process had lost the one person who had ever meant anything to him. It was his duty now to fulfill his father’s wish. 




    It was here. The feeling of dread stabbed its way into her belly. Oh God. God please. 

    “Lord Nolan requires your presence in the gentleman’s parlor.” The maid spoke quietly, monotonously. She had to know what that meant. Did she not care? Her whole entire body began to shake and she could not move from her bed. Her stomach felt like it had balls of iron inside of it. Oh God… he was going to kill her. Tonight was the night she would die. Don’t give in. Don’t be powerless. All you have is your body. Feeling her throat tighten, she slowly got up. 

    Standing in front of the mirror, she took off her nightcap and neatly folded it on the vanity table. Swallowing thickly, she unraveled her hair from their braids. Tonight….would be the night she might die in body… Her fingers combed through the hair a bit. But she would fight with all her spirit. Slave be damned. Eyes drifted over her appearance. This was all she had. Even a little bit of it should remain hers. 

    “Zadie, come on before he grows impatient.” Pursing her lips, she clenched her teeth and fists. Back straight and body stiff, she followed the maid down to his room. Upon entering, he lifted his eyes to hers, hand holding a cup of half empty brandy. Once the door closed, she felt her heart hammer into her ear. 

    “I thought I was going to have to come get you myself.” She didn’t answer. 

    “Don’t look so excited. Want a brandy?” 

    “No.” She answered curtly. 

    “Cigar?” He asked with a grin. 


    “Wouldn’t know what to do with it anyways I assume hm? Fine.” He took a sip of the dark liquor. 

    “Love what you did in here.” She swallowed. The mantle was empty, save for that which she hadn’t burned or destroyed. He’d left everything just the way she had, except his desk. He’d tidied it back up.

    “You thought you could get your little maid friends to clean it up so I wouldn’t notice?” Her bottom lip began to quiver. 

    “You wanted to embarrass me hm? Is that it?”

    “No sir.”

    “No sir.” He mocked with an intoxicated snicker. 

    “Yes you did. Thought to get back at me by fucking up my room. I get it.” Taking the last of the brandy, he placed the glass down next to him on the end table. Standing, he began to come towards her. She dug her nails into her palms as he drew nearer and nearer. Every bone in her body wanted to run but she stood still. Stood firm. At last, he stood a breath’s length away from her, smirk on his face deep and humored. 

    “My, ballsy tonight are we?” She kept eye contact with him, breathing hard through her nose. 

    “Don’t act brave. It won’t do you any good.” He warned, lifting a finger to caress her cheek. 

    “It’ll piss me off. You don’t want that do you?” Closing her eyes, she bit down a whimper as he pressed his lips where his finger had last been, softly pressing a kiss to her cheek. 

    “P-p-please…” Eyes fluttering closed he pressed his nose against her hair, now completely unbound. Lifting fingers, he grabbed hold of it and pulled her head back to expose her neck. Gently, he licked up the column of her neck, forcing her to release the tortured little whimper. 

    “You determine how this will go tonight…everything is in your court.” He spoke with a kiss to the wet flesh. And another. Another closer to her clavicle. Tears prickled her eyes and she began to feel like she would cry at any moment. Making her look at him, his once playful expression of before was gone. 

    “I can make this the best night of your life. Or the worst. You decide.” Her lips trembled as she fought to answer. Chuckling at her reaction, he licked his lips. 

    “Take off your nightdress. Go over to mantle and grab hold of it.” Letting go of her hair, he backed up, instead going over to pour himself another brandy. When she didn’t move, he took a drink. 

    “I won’t repeat myself again. Do it.” Shaky fingers lifted to her dress and slowly each shoulder was pulled down and fell down her body. He watched her intensely as she went over to the mantle and took it in her hands. She could feel the burning heat from the fire and at any moment it felt like she was going to either burn alive or faint. 

    “Very good. My, what a figure.” Taking a lone finger, he traced down the column of her spine. 

    “Do you see what you destroyed?” His voice grew closer and closer until his lips pressed right against her ear.     

    “A lot of those things were family heirlooms.” She cried a bit as she felt his hands come around and grasp her breasts. 

    “They meant everything to me. Things from my great-great grandfather. My maternal grandmother. All gone…turned to ash.” His breath filled her nose and it turned her stomach. 

    “You didn’t know your place that day.” Fingers left her breasts and slipped down her stomach. 

    “For that you understand that I have to punish you.” Fear lit her up like a match and she began to cry. 

    “Please Lord Nolan….please don’t do this.” His touch left her and for a minute she could breathe. 

    “Come here.” His voice ordered and she bit her lip as she turned around. Slowly, she started to walk towards him. 

    “Stand here. Legs here. Bend down.” 

    “Lord Nolan…” He took her by the hair and yanked her to position. Forcing her to bend over, he breathed against her ear. 

    “Take your punishment like a good girl. Hm? It’ll be over soon. And then we’ll be good as new.” Whimpering, she squeezed her eyes shut. The waiting was killing her. A sharp pain rippled against her backside and she cried out in surprised agony, tears leaking down her cheeks. 

    Turning to face him, she gripped the billards table so tight her fingers grew numb. A strap of leather in his hand. God…the pain…Again, it traveled through her buttocks and she groaned low as he did it again, harder than before. 

    “Please…ENOUGH. Please…” She sobbed as her legs buckled. One more lash and he let the strap go from his hand. Instead, they took hold of the sore bruised cheeks and seemed to rub them. 

    “Now we are well you and I Zadie. We’re okay now.”  Wet kisses covered the tortured flesh and then drifted up her back. 

    “You won’t do that again right?”


    “Good girl. Very good.” Standing, he made her straighten up and turn around. Taking hold of her face, he pressed his lips against hers, tongue coming sloppily into her mouth. Repulsion hit her in the stomach and she turned her head enough to separate from him. Taking her hand he dragged her over to the small settee and forced her down. 

    “Now, we’ll start off slow for now. Hm? Nice and slow.” Taking hold of his nightshirt, he lifted it up and over his shoulders until it hit the ground. Eyes grew wide at the male member proudly jutting up at her. She grew still. What in the name of God was that? And how…how was he to attempt to put it inside of her…Grinning at her reaction, he took hold of it. 

    “Have you ever seen one of these before Zadie?” Dear God…help me…


    “This is called a phallus my innocent little flower.” He seemed to enjoy this…sick bastard. Letting go of it, he came towards her, chuckling at her backing away. 

    “It will make you feel really good. Once I put it in.” 

    “No….I…I don’t want you to put it in….” His playfulness intensified as he leaned down over her, forcing her still like a little mouse. 

    “You don’t want to feel good?”

    “No…” Taking her by the chin, he grinned before kissing her again. 

    “Yes you do. Believe me.” She tried to turn her head away from his kisses which made him strike her for the first time. 

    “Don’t upset me Zadie. We’re getting on so well.”     

    “Please just stop this… all of it. Please.” 

    “First I want you to know what it feels like.” She started to shake her head but at the grip of her neck, stayed still. 

    “Perhaps not there yet. So here.” He kissed her lips again. 

    “We’ll try here.” Getting up, he grabbed her by the hair and forced her down onto her knees. 

    “The key with this is not to use your teeth. It doesn’t feel very good to the man hm? Do you understand?” She couldn’t even begin to answer him and it wasn’t like he cared anyway. 

    “Good. Now, take your tongue and lick right here.” He tapped the top of it and pulled some sort of strange skin down, forcing a large protruding head to surface. 

    “Go on. Nice and slow. Like you’re eating an ice.” 

    “I’ve never…had…an ice sir.” He raised his hand, making her flinch. Slowly, she stuck out her tongue. Eyes closed the entire time… She couldn’t handle looking at him… God she felt filthy. She felt something soft and smooth touch her tongue and flinched a bit at the groan that came above her. 

    “That’s it. Move your tongue around in a circle.” She did as he bade, resulting in another loud groan. 

    “Good girl…very good…” Taking hold of her hair, he began to push the thing into her mouth, making her eyes snap open. She protested with a slight yank of her head but he roughly pulled her back and held her still, forcing his length into her mouth. She lifted her hands to push against his hips but found her head yanked back. 

    “You’re not being very good now. Stay still and suck.” She could feel her throat constrict and gagged a bit as he forced her head to bob, pushing against him with her hands. A sudden hiss from him brought it to an end and he pulled it out of her mouth, instead slapping her across the cheek. 

    “Bitch! You just tried to bite me!” Crying, she screamed as he grabbed hold of her and threw her down on the settee. 

    “Now you’ve done it. We were getting along so fucking well.” Slap. 

    “Why can’t you just do as I tell you?” Slap. Prying open her legs, she felt him try to put it in and began to hit him, scratch him.. anything. 

    “NO! I DON’T WANT THIS. NO! STOP IT YOU DEMON!” She hollered, only to see stars as he laid a good solid punch against her jaw. Blood began to leak from her mouth. 

    “Fucking cunt.” He hissed, pulling her body closer. 

    “STOP IT…” Grabbing her by the neck, he pushed her down as he grabbed hold of his member. He ignored her pleas and soon roughly entered her, forcing a loud wail from her. Eyes wide and terror filled, they misted with tears as he thrust into her with brute force, pain slicing her open. Mouth ajar, she could do nothing but cry out, feeling light headed as he progressively choked more and more air from her. His gruff groans filled her ears and faster and faster his body seemed to move and the harder he pushed until he suddenly stopped with a loud growl. Hands were weak by her sides and breath started to finally re-fill her as he let her neck go. It felt strange…the weird twitching of it inside…she just wanted it away from her… she wanted it out of her….Helping himself to her breasts, he panted against her with a short laugh. Finally he pulled it out and got off of her. Sighing almost contently, he poured himself another brandy and turned watching her chest rise and fall. 

    “You may go back to your room. I’ll call for you again.” He dismissed with a smirk, putting his nightshirt back on. Taking a seat, he lit a cigar and leaned back against the chair. 




    He’d been waiting on just the right time. Not many visitors today but it had been weeks since his last feed. EAT. He was starting to grow mad. As the door opened, he was met with the sight of a man. He held a torch in his hand. 

    “What can I do for you?” He asked, starting to stand. 

    “I come to give you your meal.” He said, hands shaky. Poor boy. So afraid.  

    “Ah, have you. Well, do come in.” 




    Tears streamed down her cheeks as her feet drew her closer and closer to the forbidden door, one that she never should have been opened. Shoving the bolt aside, she threw the door open, setting eyes on him. The door to his cage was just as she’d left it, though now it had been cast aside and ajar, giving to him the freedom she so greatly desired. At her entry, he turned, form tall lean and powerful. In a simple linen shirt and brown breeches, his hair had been tied back from his face and neck with a slim piece of ribbon. No doubt all of which were stolen and taken from the naked flesh of the man who laid nearest the cage, bloodless and pale. 

    “Zadie…it’s dangerous for you to be here.” He spoke, voice reprimanding. Sniffling, she lowered her gaze, hating that she had no more courage to look at him. 

    “You’re still here…I thought you would have left by now. I wasn’t sure what to expect by coming.” 

    “I decided to wait…only until I saw you again.” The hand that lifted her chin was gentle and steady and his eyes were stern yet kind as they gazed upon her. 

    “I thought you…” He paused as concern replaced the earlier emotions. The poor girl had been beaten, her nose leaking blood, lip split and cheeks each starting to bruise. Gently, he examined her face. Fingers brushed her wet cheeks, glistening with liquid despair. 

    “What has happened little one? What brings tears to your eyes?” Cheeks flushed and she dare not open her mouth to say for fear of his reaction. His nostrils took in her scent and eyes fell to her thighs. Blood. Scent of terror, pain, screams and anguish. The stench of unwanted semen filled his nose and he felt his chest grow tight with fury. Her maidenhead had been taken. Brutally.

    “Someone had you. Without your consent.” His matter-of-fact statement seemed to inspire more tears and she ran into his chest, small trembling form wracked with torturous grief. He could smell the abominable discharge as it oozed from her body and he could hear the almost desperate squelch of her sex eager to expel the intruder from its midst. Silent to her ears, it was loud and clear in his. Already, his fangs had come down and claws peeked out from underneath his nail beds. Nolan. He could smell his stench all over her and it threatened to drive him more mad than the hunger still persisting in his belly. 

    Lifting a hand, he laid it upon her uncovered hair, thick billowy and glorious, a black curly cloud which his fingers gladly sought refuge in. 

    “K-Kieran…p-please…take me with you.” Her voice was soft and muffled against his shirt. 

    “I cannot bear this anymore. I can’t do it…” His throat grew tight with both rage and sadness. He couldn’t…. not now at least. With him in her current state, she’d be dead before morning. 

    “I cannot.” He rasped, pain evident in his voice and at her lifted tear filled eyes, he felt the pain intensify.

    “W-why not?” 

    “There are very dangerous people who are searching for me. If you come with me, you will die. I must go alone as to not bring danger to you.”


    “No!” He shouted, making her grew still. 

    “Enough. Please.” He lowered his voice, trying to make it as gentle as he could. The hand that had been in her hair took hold of her cheek, caressed the high apple with his thumb. 

    “You must stay here. For now.”

    “You can’t leave me here!” She cried, hands gathering up his shirt in fists. 

    “I will not be far from you little one. That I promise.”

    “Kieran…” Finally lifting his other arm, he enclosed them both around her dainty little body. 

    “When it is time, I will come for you. I will deliver you from this hell.” Her crying answered him and he sighed heavily against her before opening eyes to the door. Someone stood there in the hallway listening in. He heard them as they turned to run. It was a waste of time. They would meet their demise tonight. And as for Nolan…the sodding bastard who had forced his way into her precious body, something worse than hell awaited him. Taking her heart shaped face in between his palms, he attempted to smile but her fingers forced it away, having pressed against his lips. Gently, they pulled them apart to expose one lone fang, surrounded by otherwise pearly white teeth.

     Though she had been brutalized this night, the sweet smell of arousal wafted across his nose and he ached to press his nose against her triangle, inhaling her want for him. We shall have of one another in time. That I too promise. He was aware of his hardening member and tried not to brush against her as he leaned down to kiss her. The contact was sweet and left them both breathless. She seemed to melt against him lifting up onto her tip toes. Mouth compliant and open, she allowed him entry, tongue gently teasing her own. A soft moan drifted up from her throat as he softly sucked on the appendage and her petite arms wrapped around his neck. 

    By now, he pressed wantonly against her stomach, stiffly jabbing her. Their lips separated wetly and he smiled softly as she pressed her face against his chest. Throbbing against her belly, he took a deep breath and pressed his face against her hair. 

    “I have wasted enough time. I must go now.” A slight whine of protest vibrated against him and he sighed, coming to kiss the warm beckoning flesh of her neck. Feeling the pulse of her carotid artery against his lips, he shivered with desire. The beast within him howled like an animal starved of sustenance. MATE. LET US HAVE MATE. It demanded in the pit of his stomach but alas he repressed it…held it back with everything in him. No…should he…as hungry as he was…he’d kill her. With his hunger combined, he’d drain every last drop of blood from her body. His soft wet tongue glided across glistening black skin, drops of sweat produced by the fire light and heat of summer.

     Gently, he allowed his fangs to touch the feather soft flesh. Don’t bite. Don’t bite. Don’t sink down. He grazed lightly in a tease before hiding them completely, lips shielding them as he kissed down and across her throat. 

    “Thank you. Thank you.” He kissed into her skin, wishing there was more he could do. She was so fragile in his hands that he feared a tight grip would shatter her. Forcing himself to let her go, he distanced himself from her at once. Breath slightly labored he walked past her and heard the sound of feet running away just beyond the door. Fingers curling around the doorknob, he pulled it open and stepped into the hallway. Without looking back, he began to zoom through the air, the trails of body heat leading him to his prey.

End Notes:


A/N: wow. this was a lot. When I wrote this I had to legit take a moment to step back. Just for a moment because I was still filled with the story and needed to get it out. But... the brutality of it all just... yeah. The saving grace was in writing Zadie's scene with Kieran. It's not easy believe me... to write some of this stuff.

I tell you, Forever Sea, Yeonwang and this piece have pushed me outside of my comfort zone so HARD. It's stuff that I am even uncomfortable with lol. But, that's the role of a storyteller. We have to be true to the stories within us. Thank you for letting me share my humble tales with you all. I know some of them aren't the easiest to read. This was a very rocky beautiful and poignant chapter for us all. Let's take a moment to breathe shall we? *in* *out* okay. I have a couple more updates for you. Hope to make your weekend happy with reading hehe. Forward yeah? *takes your hand* 


nine. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:



Eighteen Hundred and Nineteen 




    “Have you heard? Lord Nolan has a new plaything.”


    “Yes! I heard she’s the daughter of an Earl.”

    “Quite pretentious isn’t he?”

    “And Charlotte? Poor girl, how does she fare?”

    “Well, she mostly stays at home. You know she has their son Edward.”

    “Ah, yes! How could I forget! Isn’t he two years of age now?”

    “Yes, he’s the sweetest little thing.”

    “I have to write a letter and ask to come see him!”

    “Indeed, he’s like a little cherub!” A group of Ladies laughed, soon hiding behind their fans in more gossip. She watched them chitter chatter like a group of crows, eyes watching them in annoyance. 

    “You would think they would be more polite as not to gossip about me right to my face.” A dark brown hand fanned her as she sat aways from them. The eyes that belonged to them also glanced upon them. 

    “I’ll have to talk to Lord Nolan about this. This could ruin our reputation.” Again, nothing was said. 

    “Zadie, go and fetch Edward.” The fanning stopped. 

    “Yes madam.” Placing the fan on the table, she excused herself from the stuffy room. Leaning back against the wall, she took a deep breath. Straightening up, she swallowed thickly and began to walk down the hall. 

    “Zadie! Where are you today?”

    “Lady maid.” She answered quietly with a sigh.

    “At least you’re not down in the kitchen scrubbing dishes.” Her hands at the mere thought began to hurt. She’d found herself victim to that last year as a punishment. 

    “Indeed. I have to get going now. See you later on.”

    “Sure thing!” She began the long descent down the set of stairs, taking them one by one. The only part she enjoyed doing nowadays was fetching Edward. He was the only thing worth the day it seemed. Rosy cheeked and affectionate, he just wanted to be held and play. With no concept of the world in which he lived yet, he didn’t seem to mind her color. No, he rather enjoyed her company just as much and would always smile a little snaggle tooth grin when she’d enter the nursery. Smiling to herself, she continued on her way.  

    It had been four years since the incident. And to her delight, there had never been more than one other time. The second time was just as bad as the first time but the second time she fought him back harder. She threw a punch for every punch given. She put up so much of a fuss that he’d gave up and threw her out. Because of her disobedience, she’d been put in the kitchen for three months. It frustrated him that he never could just kill her. Why she didn’t know and didn’t care.

     Thankfully for her, they’d acquired some more slaves from the short sell of another noble family soon after that. They’d gained a mostly Negro staff now and it seemed to be growing in number. With new staff meant new conquests and he’d found a new unlucky victim. Again, it was good for her… bad for the new hire. She couldn’t help but pity the girl. She knew exactly what she went through and hoped like hell she didn’t get pregnant because of it. God had most definitely been smiling down on her because she had never conceived…must not have been the time to breed her. He had of course been very upset about the fact, declaring that he wanted a little half Negroid child so that he could experiment and play with him too. She was glad he’d discarded her as though she was mere paper wrapping. 

    Approaching the nursery, she gave a soft knock. Lettie the nurse maid came and upon seeing her smiled. 

    “He was expectin’ you ya know.” Smiling, she wrinkled up her nose. 

    “Did he pout?”

    “You know he did.”

    “Well, he’ll have to settle for my tardiness.” The older woman stepped aside, pulling the door open for her to cross. 

    “Lady Nolan never visits him.” Both women looked down at the sleeping child. 

    “He cries all the time when she’s gone. The lack of his mother is probably why he is still at the breast.”


    “I think it gives him comfort and attention… things he does not get from her.” Sadly, she leaned down and ran fingers through his ruddy brown hair. 

    “Poor child.” 

    “Let’s enjoy him now before the world gets to him yeah?”

    “Right.” They agreed and the older woman went to sit back down in the chair nearby as she started to stir him. 

    “Eddie…wake up darling.” He fussed some, still half sleep. 

    “Come on Eddie boy. Wake up now.” With a sleepy sigh, he slowly opened his eyes. Upon seeing her, he yawned and sat up. 

    “There we are now. Did you sleep well?” 

    “Mmhm.” He replied, lifting tiny fingers to rub his eyes. 


    “I missed you. Where were you?” His small voice asked with another yawn. 

    “I was busy for a bit sorry.” Coming to her, he pressed his face against her chest. 

    “Can we play later?” He asked starting to go back to sleep. 

    “Of course we can. But first your mother wants to see you.” He opened blue-grey eyes and they stared up at her. Eyes so much like his father. 

    “Wot does she want?”

    “I don’t know but we have to go see yeah?”

    “I guess.” 

    “Good then. Come on up up up.” Groaning, the little boy pouted as she took his hand and pulled him to the door. 

    “Think of all the cakes and sweets you’ll get for being a good boy. Doesn’t that sound yummy?”

    “Mmhm.” Laughing at his lack of enthusiasm, she bit her lip in a smile. 

    “Every little boy should love his sweets hm? They’re good for digestion. It’ll help your tummy too.” 

    “I suppose.” 

    “Come now, don’t be such a grump.” She knelt and picked him up. Sighing against her, he wrapped little arms around her and stayed silent as they headed back to the party. 






    “Yes. I’m aware.”

    “What should we do?”

    “For now, keep a close watch. If they were smart, they wouldn’t do anything at all.” A head bowed and left him. Sighing, he stepped out into the midday. Lords and Ladies strolled through the cobblestone streets, carriages went on their way and the sun actually was not too terribly bright today. Placing his topper on his head, he began his day, stopping first by the local fruit stand. Smiling at the ladies, he picked up an apple and pressed it to his nose. Fragrant. Pleasing. 

    “Five please.” The young ladies blushed as they put the apples into a basket. He couldn’t resist a charming smile as he pressed a crown into the hand of one. Once they looked and seen how much money he’d given, they squealed girlishly. 

    “Come again sir! You’re always welcome!” One of them shouted, making him chuckle. Lifting one such apple to his lips, he bit into it. It had been four years since that time. Since he’d been imprisoned in a cage and kept in the basement cellar of the Nolan Manor. In that time, he’d tried to help whoever he could. Buy the starving children meat pies and confection. He’d even opened up his house to other causes of charity. He knew what it was like to feel your stomach tear itself apart. The pain made you wish for death. Taking another bite, he sighed, glancing down at the fruit. With the experience came humility. He did not take anything that resulted after for granted. 

    He’d become reinstated with his House and with the Council, things he knew his late father would have been pleased to see. He was Sire of Nations…and as such, presumed rule over all 17 families in Britain and Wales. It was a heavy weight to uphold but so far, he rather thought he was getting along well. With the money, wealth and prestige came heavy responsibility. After all he’d gone through, it wasn’t something he felt he couldn’t handle. 

    “Lord Severa!” Pausing, he turned to find a man coming towards him. Reyna. 

    “How are you?” He asked kindly with a friendly smile. The younger bowed his head. 

    “I fare fine my Lord. Thank you.” 

    “What can I do for you?”

    “Well…I know you’ve been asking my group to keep watch over happenings with the Nolan family.” Taking another bite of his apple, he lifted his eyebrows as to tell him to continue. 

    “They are having a grand party. 3rd of September.” 

    “I see. Well done.” The boy blushed at the praise. 

    “Should I find out anything else, we will notify you sire.”

    “Good then. Thank you.” Bowing his head, he watched the young man carry on, letting his tongue lick the juice that had collected at the corner of his mouth. 3rd of September. That was a month away from now. He’d have plenty of time to send his regards to the Manor. Very good indeed. Smirking against his apple, he carried on with his agenda for the day. 






    The heat was intense, forcing waves of dizziness to come over her. Lifting eyes upward, she took a moment to steady herself. This part of the day was always the worst. Having to clean and scrub out the chamberpots in this simmering day was nauseating. Holding her breath, she dumped out a pot full of urine, the heavy smell of ammonia turning her stomach. 

    “Ugh…God…” Turning, she found Anne approaching with her nose covered. 

    “It’s bloody cruel what they have you doin’. For God’s sake…” Putting the pot down, she coughed, stepping away from the filthy mess. 

    “Where they have you today Anne?” She asked, trying to take in air. 



    “Thought we could steal some time for a snack.” Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out some small cakes. Her eyes grew wide. 


    “You’re the only one I’ve ever stolen for. Don’t say a word of it.” Grinning, she let her pull her further into cool shade. 

    “What are these?” 

    “They call ‘em Queen cakes. Not sure why though.” 

    “They look delicious.”

    “Well go on. Help yourself.” Taking one, she lifted it to her nose, smelling the sugar. Peeling back the thin paper, she took a small bite. A pleasantly sweet nutty taste filled her mouth and she glanced up at Anne, delight in her features. 

    “Oh my God…”

    “Good ain’t it?” She couldn’t answer, instead taking two large mouthfuls of the sweet. She’d never tasted anything quite like it. Quietly, she finished it up and took the provided one wrapped in tissue. 

    “Put it in your apron for later.”

    “Yes thank you.” Taking her nose between her fingers, Anne gently smiled. 

    “No thanks needed lass. Hurry up and come in will you? It’s bloody hot out here. Hotter than hell.” Smiling as her friend left her, she licked any evidence of crumbs from her mouth and cleared her throat. Soon though, fall was to approach and with it would bring much needed cooler temperatures. Unpinning her shawl from around her neck she instead tied it around her face and headed back to the putrid chamberpots. 

End Notes:

A/N: We've experienced a time jump. Four years since the last chapter. Perhaps this is moving a bit too fast. I don't intend for it to. A lot has happened. More of the identured servants have left the Manor. More enslaved Negro men women and children have come into service. Lord and Lady Nolan have welcomed a son. Our Kieran has returned as Lord Severa... that's hot *Paris Hilton voice* lol. Can I just say how much I adore Anne? Like... this girl a real ride or die. She out here stealing left over food for our girl and stuff. *le sniff* She a real one lol. Okay I may have oneeeee more update up my sleeve hehehe. 


ten. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:



    Slender white fingers skimmed across the letter as eyes read it again. 


    Dearest Baron and the Lady Nolan, 


    I offer my sincerest congratulations at the birth of your son Edward. Being that he is heir, it would be most appropriate for a gift to be given to show my regard. Allow me to formerly introduce myself. I am the Marquess of Severa and it pleases me to make your acquaintance. Word has reached me that you are to hold a grand party soon. Being that some noble families pick and choose who they connect with, I believe it has caused great rift between us all. Allow me to apologize for not introducing myself earlier. Should you allow me to grace your presence, I believe there is much we may find we have in common. I do readily expect your most prompt and speedy reply and again give my warmest regards to your House. Take care and Godspeed. 


    Lips smiled and teeth inched out to bite the bottom one. My, my, my…what a way with words. Lifting eyes upward to gaze upon her husband, she put the letter down. 

    “Darling.” He didn’t look at at her but remained quiet should she speak. 

    “Have you heard of one named Severa?” He continued to write. 

    “Yes. They have in previous years attended parties here and had quite a good relationship with my fathers of past.”

    “Whatever happened?” 

    “They uprooted themselves and traveled further east I heard. No one has heard from them since then. Why do you ask?”

    “A Marquess of Severa just sent us a letter.” He stopped writing. 

    “Interesting. They’ve not had contact with our or any other noble family for years.” Handing it to him, she watched him read from beginning to end. 

    “Well, it seems they want to reacquaint themselves with the rest of us at last hm? Pompous pricks.”


    “They have always thought they were better than the rest of us. As if they themselves created heaven earth and even hell.” Watching as he cast aside the letter, he began to write again. 

    “Could we invite them? I’m curious to see these recluses.” 

    “It is your matter. I don’t care either way.” Smiling, she pressed a kiss to his temple and left him be. 





    Standing by a window, she glanced down below. This was the fifth carriage to pull into the property and it was only half past noon. She wondered what was it about this party that had Lady Nolan employing the need for so many dresses. She watched as yet another heavy stack of them were removed from the carriage and placed into several of the maids’ arms. 

    So quickly, time had passed and it was to be a couple weeks away. As usual, the house had been buzzing with activity and she’d been stretched here and there and where. She’d be glad when the whole damn thing was over with and done. Sighing, she drew away from the stairs and headed down to the kitchen. Today, she was assigned to help the cook prepare the dishes. Stepping into the heat from the many ovens, she lifted a gloved hand to wipe her brow. 

    “Zadie, go down to the market will you? The master of the house is going to be hosting a grand party soon as you know and is expecting everything to be in order. While we have the time, we should start to pickle and jelly.” Blinking at the stern face of the woman, she nodded her head. 

    “Sure…I just got here though.”

    “There’ll be plenty for you to do when you return. Likely, it’ll be an all day affair. Hurry along now.” Swallowing, she removed her gloves and left, going to retrieve her bonnet and her cloak

    By the look of the cool grey clouds that hovered above the city, rain was sure to paint the city wet and dismal and it would be a welcome change of pace for once. Pressing her basket against her stomach, she kept her gaze down and started her long journey to the town square. 




    A young man crashed into the wall, teeth bared. Before he could make a move, a long slim sword guided his head upward.

    “Are you finished with your tantrum?” Molten silver eyes stared up at him, his a cool icy blue. 

    “Once again, you’ve made me to be your dog.”

    “I’ve done nothing of the sort.” 

    “Since you’ve come back, you’ve done nothing but shit on us.” 

    “Perhaps if you did not rebel we would fare much better.” Fangs hissed at him and he smirked at the insolent child. Kneeling down, he let the edge of the sword tease the boy’s throat. 

    “I am trying to teach you a better way boy. One that will not get you killed.”

    “I don’t need you to teach me anything.”

    “Is that right?” 

    “Ivenir and Severa have always been mortal enemies. What makes you think you can change that?” 

      “I don’t think I can. I know I can.” 

    “Arrogant sod.” 

    “The rift between our families was not caused overnight. Nor have either family done much to repair it. But that was then. This is now.” The boy looked away and it was then that the sword was removed from his neck. 

    “The humans war against each other. They kill each other with no thought else of consequence. They cause their own destruction. Somehow, we have become just like them. It disgusts me.” 


    “I was once like you Tovan. I once spat on the sires who tried to steer me in the right way. I get where you are.” Outstretching a hand, he waited, eyes now stern. 

    “There is too much bullshit going on in the world right now for us to stoop to the level of scum. You are not scum. And neither am I.” The boy refused his hand and stood up, arms crossed. 

    “Their misfortune is their own fault. And that of the slaves. They caused their own destruction. Why should we care about their affairs?” Letting his hand fall to his side, he swallowed. 

    “We should care because at any moment… lest we not be careful… the plight of the slaves could soon be the same plight we suffer. It would do well to take heed.” The boy pushed past him, his bright blonde hair glowing as he stepped into the sunlight of day. Jaw tight, he stood up tall and too entered into the day, stepping into his awaiting carriage. 





    Mindful of the oncoming Lords and Ladies, she stayed out of the way as she walked, cradling her basket to her. The cool breeze slipped across her neck and she sighed in relief. She hoped it would rain soon. The cry of the newsboys and penniless children could be heard for blocks, all around there were beggars hoping to catch but one pence from a pitying hand.               

 In moments like these… she was reminded of her childhood. She’d once been the beggar child. Dirty. Cold. Hungry. Hoping she could earn enough to buy a sixpence pie or maybe an ale. It would do well to be grateful. You could always be displaced elsewhere. The words of some of the Negro maids rattled her brain. Isn’t it better to be the bed slave of one man as opposed to fifteen? Take your pick Zadie. No… it wasn’t better. None of it was acceptable. Inhaling through her nostrils, she tried not to focus on the dull ache starting in her thighs and lower legs. This walk she had always hated. It was so very far. 

    Hearing the onset of a horse’s shoes upon the cobblestone, she stepped up onto the sidewalk as it neared, waiting for it to pass. It instead stopped right across from her. 

    “Excuse me Miss.” Lifting her eyes from the ground, she found a handsome man as coach driver smiling at her. Having climbed down from his seat, he bowed as like a gentleman. 

    “Need you a ride?” 

    “No sir…I humbly thank you for the offer.” She tried to walk away but he stepped in front of her, blocking her path. Already, eyes drew their way, from behind the stiff necked fans and whispering mouths. 

    “Miss, I implore you to get into the carriage. It is dangerous for you to be out here alone without a gentleman to accompany you.” The truth stung but yet she reasoned that she would be fine. She’d walked this way several times and not had an incident yet.


    “Besides, ‘aven’t you heard that it’ll rain? It won’t do for you to get your dress wet.” Lending her his arm, he kept a friendly expression on his face as she slowly took hold of it. 

    “There is someone waiting inside that knows you.” He whispered against her bonnet, much taller than she. 

    “I give you my word that you shall arrive to your destination safely. Where to are you heading?” Swallowing thickly, she answered quietly. 

    “T-the market…” 

    “Very well then. Go on inside.” Nervous and hot, she let the stranger lead her to the carriage. Under the intense scrutiny of the Ladies and Gents who had stopped to watch, he opened the door and offered her a hand. Gripping her skirts, she took hold of it and climbed inside. 

    Setting eyes on the person who sat across from her, she gasped loudly, speech tangling up in her throat. With a crack of the whip the carriage began to move and yet she had not taken her eyes off of him. At her expression of shock, he delighted her with a laugh, humor bleeding into his ethereal features. 

    “It’s been a long time hasn’t it…little one?” Straightening her back, she pressed imaginary wrinkles out of her dress, cheeks producing a deep dark red blush in her cheeks. 


    “Did you think I forgot about you Zadie? My promise to you?”

    “No…No…I…well…” Eyes drifted up across his appearance. Starting from his shiny black leather shoes upward to the beige breeches that were so well tailored to him they appeared painted on. Her cheeks flushed darker as she shyly happened across his crotch, of which under her scrutiny had produced the hard tight knot of an aroused member. Peaks of white lace teased the eye and a navy blue double breasted Regency tailcoat adorned his top half, unbuttoned to reveal a matching beige vest and pure white cravat about his neck. 

    “Running errands were you? Where to then?” He spoke, that playful teasing reverberating in a thick perfectly Cockney accent. 

    “Ah…the market please.” 

    “Very well.” Taking a shaky breath, she looked up to find him staring at her most intensely. 

    “You’re clutching your hands so tightly I fear they’ll lose color.” Before she could answer, the sound of rain began to pour and it hit fiercely against the carriage windows. 

    “And you are so far away from me. Why I wonder?” He asked, humor now leaving his voice in favor of something else… 

    “My-My Lord…I-”

    “Drop the titles. There is no one here but you and I.” Pressing her thighs together, she bit into her bottom lip. 

    “Kieran…h-how did you…how did you find me?”

    “I told you I would always be nearby. You’ve never left my sight. Not once.” Hands finally unclenched and arms unwound themselves from her basket. 

    “Come to me my sweet. Let me look upon you.” Slowly, she took a breath and got up, taking his outstretched hand. Watching as he lifted her smaller one to his mouth, she felt heat bleed through her skin and all of a sudden she felt sweat all over. This had to be a dream. A cruel mirage of her deepest wants and desires. 

    “Come…” His voice beckoned her still, low, silky, and masculine. His hands took hold of her hips and pulled her in between his legs. 


    “Much better. Don’t you think so?” His lips smiled at her but his eyes, God in heaven his eyes were full of fire and hunger and it made her instantly moist, wetness soaking through her drawers. Taking a hand from her hips, he dropped it further, feeling the fullness of her derriere. He didn’t grab or pinch, just followed her body’s curves until he came to the back of her legs. One he did gently lift and pull towards him, forcing her to sit partially on his lap. 

    “Have you missed me as much as I’ve missed you?” He asked quietly, lifting her other leg upward to fully pull her into a sit. Lips kissed the column of her throat, of that exposed and uncovered by the thin white shawl about her shoulders.

    “Yes…” She breathed, relaxing her fingers on his shoulders, offering up her neck for his assault. If only he knew… since his leaving all those years ago… he had possessed her in dreams at night. Embarrassing and improper, he would always manage to make her gasp, sigh and cry until she found herself wet between her thighs, skin warm with sweat. The array of emotions dwelling in her eyes excited him…no…they made him hunger in a most dangerous way.

    “I wonder if I’ve visited your dreams as much as you have mine.” Her cheeks flushed a becoming shade of red and she fumbled over her words. Could he too read minds? He took hold of her derriere, grasping the cheeks firm enough to make her gasp. 

    “It’s alright Zadie. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Lifting timid eyes upward, she watched as he smiled, hands drifting back up her back. 

    “I’ve dreamt of this moment… this day for a long time. So many times before I grew impatient…so many times before I could have ruined everything.” Lifting hands to the ties to her cloak, he cast it aside. 

    “It had to be now. Had to be this moment, a gift for my patience and long suffering.” He spoke, kissing at the skin not covered by the high necked shawl. He wanted to tear the clothes from her body, spread her legs and take her; grab hold of her plump cheeks and watch as she impaled herself on his erect phallus…again and again until his seed filled her welcoming cavern. MATE. BREED MATE. 

    The very thought of it almost had him forget himself… but for a moment. His fangs had extended and saliva dripped from them, eager to taste her from both her neck and the triangle between her legs. Calm yourself. He’d take his time. She was not to be taken like a whore. No…she was no slut. She was his sunlight. His very own love offering. She was his beloved little human mate. 

    Pulling the ties to her apron apart, he pulled the delicate lace habit away, much gentler with it than the cloak. Nimble fingers took apart the pins to her dress, enough to expose her throat and chest covered in the stays and chemise of her undergarments.  YES. MATE. BREED. Her breath came quickly and the swells of her breasts rose and fell. She swallowed rocks and her heart beat frantically in her chest.    

    “Zadie…look at me.” His voice was throaty and serious, eyes though filled with desire, pierced her with intensity. She allowed his hand to take her cheek. 

    “Forgive my impolite behavior. I am most sorry.” Her body answered him, the sweet heady scent of her womanhood’s arousal filling the carriage like a perfume. BREED. He’d grown erect to the point of pain but it didn’t matter. It was easily fixable. For a moment, she said nothing as she leaned forward to press her face against his chest, the occasional rock and tilt of the carriage audible. Swallowing thickly, he wrapped arms around her, breathing deeply through his nostrils. 

    “Don’t be sorry.” He heard her soft reply, lips pressed against the side of his cravat. Her warm breath bled through and teased his flesh to goose pimples. 

    “Sir, we have arrived at the market.” At that, the carriage came to a stop. Outside, through the rain, the sounds of the market crashed into his senses and he cursed it all, having to let her go. She lifted up from her comfortable little nestle spot and lifted a hand to his cheek. Though he could see and feel her timidity, he was pleased in the chaste little kiss she pressed against his lips. She was so precious he thought as she pulled away from him. Though she was a grown woman, in the matters of sexual intercourse she was that of an innocent virgin. Shy and timid…not truly understanding what she felt or why. Her introduction to the realm of intercourse had been bestowed upon her by force and it had been something that had almost completely destroyed her. He could see it…He saw the desperation and agony then. And though it had been years later…even though she knew him…desired him…he could see the paralyzing fear that still persisted in her eyes. 

    “I will accompany you inside.” His tone breached for no argument and she nodded, lifting up off of his lap, eyes downcast as if embarrassed.  He would take it step by step….little by little. She began to pin her dress back to proper state and slowly put the shawl back around her shoulders with a small pin here and there. He’d prove to be the indoctrination she most deserved and needed. With him she would begin to see that the realm of pleasure involved no pain. No abuse. No anguish. With him, she’d experience trust. Love. Pure ecstasy.  By the end of it all, she’d be that of a flower ready and willing to receive him. 

    Taking in the tossed aside apron, she kneeled and picked it up, carefully folding it so that it would not wrinkle. Turning, she stood still as he pressed a kiss against her cheek, another against her neck. Smiling, he lifted the hood up over her head. 

    “Let’s go.” Before he could get out of the carriage, she grabbed his hand. 


    “Yes my love?” 

    “Thank you…” Feeling his chest swell, he simply lifted her hand to his mouth and pressed a kiss against it. Getting out, he offered her his hand to which she accepted as she exited. Lifting her hand to his arm, they entered the market together, the shelter providing refuge from the pour. 


End Notes:

A/N: ehehehehehehehehehehehehe OUR BABIES REUNITEDDDDDDD EEEEEEE LOL. I totally got Abel feels writing the carriage scene. UGH. Just somethin about it... his delivery of words... mmf. lol. We in for it y'all. Just a warning. lol. I love the tenderness he shows her... it's beautiful. Okay sooooooooo I would leave it here butttt lol. I think I have an even better place to leave off at hehehe. One more update~



eleven. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:




The sounds of harps and violins filled the hallways and laughter from within drew the attention of the staff…some pausing. 

    “Why such the grand party for? This is the biggest one yet.”

    “Wonder how much this cost?”

    “Who is that?” Her heart beat faster and that warm slick feeling in between her thighs now seemed to be a consistent thing as of late… all at the thought of one man… That man her eyes took in as he sat at the grand dining table, a flute of champagne lifted to his lips. 

    “I don’t know… some Marquess or something.”

    “Wow, he’s got more money than the Nolans…”

    “Perhaps why this big lavish frit. They’re trying to impress him.” 

    “You think he’ll support them?”

    “After this, it would be rude not to.” 

    “He’s ‘andsome whoever ‘e is.” 

    “How come we’ve never seen him before?”


    “Call in your favorite Alexander! What was her name…Zazie?” Laughter filled the room. He grinned as he too took a sip of his champagne. 

    “Zadie I believe.” Lady Nolan answered. 

    “Not that it matters.” 

    “Well, call her in. I’d like to see this slave girl of yours.”

    “She’s not a sight at all really. Quite homely the poor girl.” Nervousness formed a cord in her belly. 

    “Is that why they have you all dressed up?” Anne whispered in disbelief, glancing at her. Indeed, Lady Nolan had a dress made for her and though it was breathtakingly beautiful… something she never thought she would ever wear, she felt insignificant nevertheless now wearing it. The weight of the long stream of pearls around her neck threatened to choke her and she felt tears prickling up at the corner of her eyes. 

    “Zadie! Come in here!” A bell was rang and like that expected of a dog, she lifted shaky sheer white covered hands and opened the door. Eyes filled with disgust, curiosity and horror stabbed into her as she came forward. This night, her maid cap had been forbidden and instead her thick curls had been fashioned in a stylish updo, natural ringlets framing her face. Hair ornaments glittered in the light. Several of the Gentlemen laughed, fat red cheeks shaking. 

    “My God…what a sight.” 

    “You two have really done outdone yourselves. It’s hideous.” The laughter hurt but the pointing and taunting fingers hurt worse. 

    “Does it really think itself a Lady? Charlotte why even tease the poor creature?” 

    “Alex tells me that she is very intelligent. Somehow, she’s acquired the talent of reading, singing and playing the pianoforte. Shocked eyes glanced at the now shaking woman. 

    “Pianoforte? She has the ability to do that?” Lady Nolan smirked devilishly and with a short nod, silently ordered her to play. Her throat was dry and her feet felt like pockets of sand as she went over to the keyed instrument. Smoothing down the sheer filmy gauze material behind her, she sat down and lifted her fingers to the keys. 

    “Let’s see if she can play something easy. Chopsticks.” Taking a deep breath, she began to play the childish set, bringing laughter from the many guests. 

    “My God… she’s actually playing! 

    “I told you she could.” 

    “Dog’s Waltz.” Eyes down, they filled with tears as she began to play the requested song, much to the chagrin of Lord and Lady Nolan. 

    “You’ve got yourself a fine slave Alexander.” He smirked. 

    “Sincerest thanks. We do well to keep her trained of pianoforte. She’s so talented. Quite a shame she’s Negroid.” 

    “Let’s give her a hard one…Beethoven Tempest Sonata No 17, Op 31 No 2.” She closed her eyes and gave a deep sigh. At once her fingers began to play and to the amazement and shock of the dinner party, she played it with passion. She kept her eyes closed, knowing the keys by heart. They’d beaten her until she had. She grew still as a finger grabbed one of her curls and tugged. Gasping, she forced her eyes open and the pianoforte ceased to make a sound. 


    “Can she dance?” 

    “And sing.” Pink smiling lips took a sip of the champagne. It was going to prove to be a long night indeed. 




    He watched her, both pleased and disgusted. Pleased that he was in the same room as her again. Disgusted at the most inhumane treatment of her. The run to the market but over a week ago. He hungered for yet another sighting of her, another chance to lay eyes to her beauty. And what a beauty stood before him. He sat back in his chair, slowly drinking. Savoring the bubbly alcohol. Savoring what was in front of him. She was simply breathtaking. He could find no other word to describe her. Her small petite build trembled like a leaf and yet, not even the maid dress she wore could hide the desirable figure she had. The dress she wore suited her. Feminine. Girlish. A bit form fitting. But it captured her shyness and delicate nature. 

    Short white puffed sleeves covered her small shoulders, a becoming dark pink design stitched across them and the neckline. The body of the dress was a solid dark pinkish-red with shoes to match. A tantalizing sheer skirt fell across to lay over the former, what appeared to be reddish-pink and white flowers decorating the thick band of fabric at the bottom. About her slender neck a single strand of pearls, an exotic shade of pink, looped once and left to hang down. 

    “Strange wench. I haven’t the slightest idea what to think. She’s pretty where she ought not to be.” For a moment, he forced his eyes to draw away from her to the man who spoke. His hair was greying and so were his side burns and mustache. Even so, in his confusion, even he could not help but gawk at her. 

    “It’s a wonder why Lord Nolan hasn’t bred her yet.” Gaze to yet another man. At the mention of breeding, his lips closed rather tightly around the rim of the glass. 

    “Perfectly small waist as appropriate and desirable. Yet rather nice plump set of breasts. They appear as though they will spill from the hem. Though she is terribly short, even her hips appear to be round and full. Truly an amazing creature.” 

    “Lord Severa, what say you of this negroid wench?” He felt a hand slip up his thigh and glanced down only to see Lady Nolan who sat nearest him, nursing her second glass of champagne. 

    “Perhaps the Gods desired to tease us in a most cruel way. With their creation.” Some of the men chuckled uncomfortably. 

    “Explain.” Fingers inched closer up his thigh and soon brushed the manhood bound by his breeches. He glanced at her coquettish gaze and teasing lips. How bold of her. To assault another man in the presence of her husband. Clearing his throat, he slipped a hand down underneath the table. 

    “Perhaps in a twisted world… those of her kind could be but daughters of Aphrodite herself. With such…ample proportions…it should be considered.” 

    “You may, good Sir, have a point.” Lord Nolan chimed in to the shock of the guests seated around them. The two of them made eye contact. 

    “In context that only we could understand as civilized people… it could explain why they are shaped the way they are.” 

    “I’m glad you understand my reasoning.” He mused, smiling politely. 

    “Well, I for one think it’s unnatural. No woman should be shaped the way she is. It’s disgusting.” Lady Barrington spoke, lips pinched so hard the skin around her mouth appeared white. 

    “Darling?” His wife, whose hand had been unceremoniously thrown away from him, looked at him. 

    “Yes dear?”

    “Would you mind if the Gentlemen and I retire for a moment?” Reaching up with that same hand she’d used to grope him, she smiled prettily and caressed his cheek. 

    “Of course not my love.”  




    When it was all said and done, she’d finally reached the safety of her room. She leaned over her vanity, gloves ripped off. Breathing hard, she lifted her gaze to the mirror. Roamed the way her chest rose and fell, the stays she’d been forced to wear intentionally giving her breasts a more than healthy lift. Down across the emphasis on her small drew in waist. To the hips that flared out, the material of the dress forced to adhere to the womanly shape of them.

     Lady Nolan had purposely had this dress made to be form fitting in the most humiliating way. It fit her like a glove and drew the attention everywhere eyes shouldn’t be. Reaching for the pearls about her neck, she threw them down away from her with an angered cry. She looked like a high class whore. How degrading… Taking the pins out she began to pull the dress off until it was cast off into the corner of the room. Once the stays had been removed, they too joined the gown in the corner. Curling up into a ball, she began to cry… hard enough that soon she fell asleep, tears still lingering on her lashes. 




    “Have you ever seen a Negro wench naked Lord Severa?” Lifting eyes from the glass of brandy he held, he felt his throat grow tight. 


    “No? Impossible man! Have you no slaves at your esteemed manor?” 

    “I have no need of them. Servants that have been passed down through the generations of my family care for the manor.” 

    “Ah. Well negroes would fare much cheaper than whatever it is that you’re paying your help.” One man quipped, trying to light a cigar. 

    “It’s a shame then that you haven’t. They’re quite a terrible beauty to behold.” Lord Nolan continued, pouring the fourth brandy of the evening. 

    “Are they?” He asked, trying not to hiss with either tongue or teeth. 

    “Yes.” Taking a sip he smiled at him with his eyes.     

    “Take Zadie for example.” At the mention of her name he felt anger pour forth like a rushing dam and took a sip in an attempt to calm himself. 

    “Look there. Above the mantle.” Eyes settled on a painting and at once he grew still. In it, a woman laid on silks and other lush fabrics, completely nude. She was half turned onto her side, half on her back. The obvious thing in the painting were the full breasts that were exposed, one of her arms back by her hair in a relaxed state. The other laid across her stomach, a ring on her left ring finger. The smooth feminine curve and outline of her hip and slight tease of the hair of her triangle seemed to be the most welcome invitation. 

    “My wife hates the picture. But I have told her that it is nothing short of a masterpiece.” One of the men whistled. 

    “My God Alex…such detail.” He gripped his glass tightly, jaw tight. He turned away from the painting. 

    “That woman. She is your slave?” He asked, careful of the tone of his voice. 

    “Yes. I had to damn near kill her in order to paint that. But oh was it worth it.” 

    “I see.”

    “The back of her is even more impressive than the front. She has a nice slim back, pulled in waist. But my God the sight of her arse makes me go mad. They resemble two full moons each of flesh, perfectly round.” He felt the brandy at the back of his throat, wanting to come up. He swallowed it back down. 

    “Ah, yes. You’ve told me the story. Of how you took her there on the billards table. Laid a few good lashes to her arse cheeks aye?” Eyes fell to the billards table and he felt his breathing grow deeper than before. 

    “I didn’t know that black flesh could grow red that of a newborn. Should you hit hard enough, the blood rises to the top. It gave her a pretty coloring.” 

    “You alright Lord Severa?” HARM MATE. KILL. He opened his eyes and gave a solid smile. 

    “But of course. I’m just waiting for you Gentlemen to finish getting your jollies off talking about her.” Were it not for her, this place would most assuredly be a bloodbath. The whole sodding lot of you.

    “I’ll never finish getting off. Not until I plant a child inside of her.” There again, this damn talk of breeding what was not his to breed. Were he a child, were he who he used to be… his self control would have snapped and he would have bitten off the head of each and every one of them. Smiling slowly, he eyed the man he most wanted to make his meal. HARM MATE. KILL. 

    “What’s taking you so long anyway man? I’d have put a couple of those bastards in her by now.”

    “It’s a wonder you can control yourself around her. It’s her nature to be seductive is it not? Why, even tonight as she danced I wanted to bend her over the table until I was ball deep. Thank heavens my wife can’t read minds.” The men laughed. Everyone but him. He didn’t find a fucking thing funny. Taking a deep swig of brandy, he leaned his head back against the chair cushion. He’d let them laugh and carry on. But soon, and soon he promised, it would be he who had the last laugh. Eyes finding the painting of Zadie, he downed the rest of the brandy. 

He was not to be mocked. And neither was she. They’d learn that eventually. 


End Notes:

A/N: It's bittersweet this chapter. Being so close to the man she loves. And yet forced to be humiliated in front of him. Treated as a mere pet, like a trained dog. Makes me want to vomit. It's heart breaking to know that people really thought, behaved and talked like this. *sigh*

Funny story, before I was a psychology major AGAIN (I changed it like three times lol) I was a history major. My focus was on African-American Studies and the Diaspora. For me, I desired then to create stories that would give my ancestors the dignity they deserved. In order to talk about the future, we must first talk about the past. Joy does not come without suffering. Sincerely, I thank you all for enduring the sufferings with me. It hasn't been easy at all... the plight of my ancestors I hold very dear and near to my heart. I take it very personal. But then so do I of their joys... the joys they could only have dreamed of. I just wanted to make a disclaimer that no matter where my stories take me... the one thing that will remain consistent is dignity. It might not happen at once. But eventually. We in this day and age owe it to those of past. 

OKAY lol. Our Kieran *shivers and not with fear* bruh. bRuH. He's so... MMF. lol. He said okay... I got you. Just wait. Even as ole Hoe-lan touched on his stuff he said. I got you too lol. *rubs hands together like Rick Ross* The following events are going to be delicious my friends lol. hehehhe. Enjoy~ I'll see y'all again soon! Take care, God bless and a much humbled thank you! 




Zadie's dress: 

twelve. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:




Eighteen Hundred and Nineteen





    A chill ran through her and she lifted hands to try to close her cotton coat. Shivering, she was surprised at a warm fur being placed over her shoulders. Growing still, she turned only to relax. Dark humored eyes looked back at her and rosy cheeks faced her. 

    “You gave me a fright.” She said with a slight pout, it growing deeper at his deep laughter. 

    “I offer sincerest apologies.” 

    “You don’t mean them do you?” He feigned hurt. 

    “But of course I do. What kind of Gentleman do you think I am?” Rolling her eyes, she walked ahead of him, biting her lip in a smile. Her breath hit the air and it came as a cloudy white mist. All around, white fluffy snow blanketed the ground and it looked as if the snow itself shimmered under the sunlight. 

    “What brings you into the elements today Zadie?” He asked, slipping his hands into his pockets. 

    “The Lord and Lady have need of firewood.” She replied with a deep sigh. 

    “And they didn’t do as most do and prepare for it ahead of time.” It wasn’t a question, rather, a statement of disappointment. 

    “That cotton jacket is not nearly enough to keep you warm.” He said, eying how she shivered and shook. 

    “It’s all I have at the moment.” 

    “I’ll buy you a coat. A proper coat.” The two walked in silence for a while, heading towards the woods where a small chopping block lay.

    “God it’s so cold…” She spoke quietly, teeth starting to chatter. 

    “I’ll help you. Here.” Taking off his much warmer coat, he placed it too over her shoulders and fastened it closed. 

    “Kieran…you don’t have to-”

    “I won’t hear a word out of you about it.” He said with a small laugh. Breath curling up in the wind, he knelt to gather some uncut blocks of wood. 

    “You just relax there. Try to get warm.” She stood, lips trembling, Lifting his collar, she tried to cover her nose for a moment. Inhaling deeply, her eyes fluttered closed. He smelled so good. Warm and spicy like a good cider. Inviting. Comforting. The sound of the ax going through the wood caused her to open her eyes. Inhaling again, she felt her cheeks too grow warm as she watched him chop. The sheer force from the ax was enough to cause some of the wood to splinter. But his pace was strong and consistent. Solid. Can he be any more frustrating? Glancing at her, he gave her a grin and put the ax back, kneeling low to pick up the wood. 

    “Will this do?” She went to grab the rest he had chopped. 

    “Yes…thank you.”

    “Don’t. It’s only right.” Smiling underneath his coat, she glanced up at him again. 

    “Christmas is just around the corner.” He spoke with a short huff of air following. 


    “What does that look like for you? Around this time?” 

    “The same as it does every other time of year. Christmas is where some of the biggest parties take place you know.” 


    “I believe we get one day off during the whole season. New Years is right around the corner so it starts back up again.” Entering the store house, they dropped the snow covered wood into the pile of existing wood. He watched her as she brushed the snow off of it with a makeshift broom. 

    “Zadie.” Pausing, she slowly turned towards him. 

    “Hm?” Taking hands out of his pockets, he came towards her, gently taking the broom from her. 

    “I have a serious question to ask you.” Swallowing, she looked down as if remembering suddenly that she had on his coat. She unfastened it and gave it back to him. 

    “Sure um… thank you. For this.” He took it yet he did not put it back on.

    “If I told you that I wanted to purchase your freedom what would you say?” Her eyes grew wide and mouth ajar… from pure shock. It was then that he put the coat back on. 

    “I….I d-don’t know…I mean…why?” He looked at her and if she didn’t appear to be genuinely confused he might have laughed. 


    “I mean…I enjoy your company. And…I am thankful for the time we’ve spent together. But…it’s just… it’s not right.” 

    “It’s not right.” He repeated, starting to come towards her.

    “Is it right then for you to be living like this?” Turning from him, she wrapped her arms around herself. 

    “Of course not! This is not right under any moral circumstance.” She didn’t flinch this time but relaxed as he put his arms around her. Holding her tight, he leaned down, pressing his lips against her ear. 

    “Is it not right because you don’t believe you’re worthy?” At that question, she did flinch but he only held her closer. Her eyes started to fill with tears and his warm spicy scent seemed to overwhelm her. God… this was too much. It was too cruel. 


    “It’s not your fault.” Damn him….damn the feelings she felt…

    “It’s not your fault that he raped you.” She began to tremble and it seemed that the tears she’d held in started to fall quietly. 

    “It’s not your fault that you stopped fighting. It’s not your fault that you grew tired and gave in.” Audible cries now started to rise from her throat and oh how they spoke of torment. 

    “You’re not to blame for his actions. He alone is to blame for that.” She tried but couldn’t stop herself from turning and crying into his chest. 

    “You’ve held it in for too long. You’ve tortured yourself. Held yourself to blame for all that has happened to you. It’s okay now. It’s okay to let it go.” Loud anguished cries filled the storehouse and he gently pressed kisses to her forehead and the crown of her head, uncovered from the bonnet. 

    “There you are my sweet girl…that’s it now.” She cried and cried until she felt depleted, drawing in short little breaths as she calmed down. Closing her eyes, she didn’t even care that she gripped his jacket. His lips pressed soft little kisses against her ear now and they smiled against her. 

    “Feel better?” She nodded, biting her lip. Finally, she pulled back from him, lifting her hands from his chest to her face, wiping all the tears she’d cried. 

    “I’m so…”

    “Don’t do that. I won’t have it.” She swallowed the apology and came to look at him. 

    “What will giving me my freedom really do for me? Honestly. Tell me. I may be freed but… I will still be a woman. And….I will still be a Negro. There aren’t choices for us like there are for you. What can I offer anyone other than…than this?” Taking hold of her cheek, he caressed it with his thumb. Pressing his forehead against hers, he sighed deeply. 

    “Purchasing your freedom will let you know that you have a way out. You’re not stuck. You’re not trapped. You aren’t destined to live, work, fuck, and die here.” At his harsh language, she blinked but kept quiet as he continued, 

    “You deserve to have a platform where you can do whatsoever your heart desires. I know you have desires Zadie. You’re incredibly intelligent, well versed and hold many talents. Don’t you think you deserve to give yourself a chance?” 

    “Yes but where is this platform? Who shall give it to me?” He pulled her body close until they were flush. Lifting his other hand, he took hold of her other cheek and for a while just looked into her eyes. Taking one of her hands, he pressed it against his chest. 

    “If only you could feel how fast my heart beats when you’re near. I fear it is a condition that will never rid itself of me.” Her cheeks, red from the cold, grew even more so. 

    “When everyone else called me a monster…a beast…a creature…you called me Kieran. When I was paraded around like an animal, abused, beaten and humiliated…you held my hand and cared for me.” Her lips part slightly, eyes shiny with tears. 

    “I haven’t spoken about it. I wasn’t sure if you even reciprocated. Perhaps I was a fool for falling in love with you. For allowing my heart and soul to be weakened by your smile and your tenderness.” For the first time ever, Kieran actually seemed…nervous. It made her heart melt and she too wanted now to hug him instead. 

    “I…I know that you’re worried. I know that you’re scared. But I want to show you that there is another way…I want to show you that your happiness and your life is both possible and worthy.” Smiling, she lifted on her tip toes and kissed him sweetly. 

    “Thank you. For this. For everything… it means the world to me.” He didn’t let her go, in fact, he craved yet another taste of her lips, the wine of love from Cupid’s cup there for him to drink. MATE. BLOOD. MATE. Just as he was to take another drink, he felt a most intense hunger rip through his belly. It made him back away from her and breath come heavy. At his reaction, she grew concerned. 

    “Kieran…what’s the matter?” 

    “It’s…it’s nothing.” But clearly, she could see that indeed there was. Grabbing hold of his hand, she pulled him from the storehouse. 

    “Where are we going?” He asked as she pulled him towards the back of the house. 

    “If we’re quiet, we’ll be undetectable. Come on.”


    “Come on.” She would not take no for an answer. She saw it…the brief flash of cool blue that danced across his eyes. Fascinating. Frightening even. She could see that he trembled with something. Held something back. Breathing light, she peered around the corner. Lord and Lady Nolan both were away, to visit their in-laws for the week. They would in fact be back just in time for their annual Christmas party. The manor for a moment was quiet and lax. Seeing the hallways clear, she led him up the stairs. Most likely, the maids and other help were in the great room for a quick spell, eating leftovers and drinking cider. Up the stairs she led him and quickly they turned the corner. Heading to her room, she pulled him inside. 

    “Zadie…what…what are you doing?” 

    “Sit there.” She pointed to her bed. For a moment, he took in her room, the bed where she lay…the vanity. Swallowing thickly, he removed his coat which she took and slowly sat down; watching as she went to hang up the wet cold coat. 

    “What are you up to?” He asked, fingers clenching the bedding beneath him. She turned and for what seemed like hours to minutes said not a word. You’ve helped me. Now let me help you. 




    She still hadn’t bloody said anything and the silence was starting to drive him mad. MATE. BLOOD. FEED. NO. No…he couldn’t… he didn’t trust himself right now. So many things were happening. So many foreign emotions ran through him and he struggled to place and sort them. He hadn’t realized he had looked down but upon looking up, his mouth dropped some. She had removed her shawl and now was taking off that useless cotton coat. 

    “Zadie, what in God’s name are you doing?” She still didn’t say a word as she unpinned the dress on the side. Watching as it flowed nice and pretty to the floor, he felt his groin twitch. MATE. FEED. She slowly unlaced her short stays and he could feel her nervousness. Her fingers trembled with it. Her fear. But she was brave, biting her lip as she too shrugged out of them. Left in her chemise, she sighed.

    “Why did your eyes change?” 

    “What?” At last, she brought her eyes upward. 

    “Why did your eyes change color?” Swallowing, he gripped the bedding a tad bit harder. Already his claws had started to surface and his fangs were in position. 

    “It happens. When I am angry. When I feel very strong emotion.”

    “And?” She asked, seeing through his bullshit. Tell her. 

    “…And when I require a feed.” That seemed to be what she was looking for and she nodded, starting to come towards him. 

    “You’re hungry?” She asked softly and the innocence within the question made his member twitch most impatiently. BREED. Short hard pants came from his mouth and he looked down. For the first time in a long time… damn it to hell… he felt…like a child again. He felt like he was losing his hold on himself. It took so long to master the beast within him…and yet one fucking glance from her made it take hold. Small fingers slipped into his hair and that one touch had him about to explode…BREED. CLAIM. 

    “Kieran…” Her voice was erotically soft and soothing and it fucked with him. Drawing his face upward, she made him look at her. She looked into his eyes, now fully blue, bright and quite pretty. 

    “I’m here…have my blood…” She hushed and he squeezed his eyes shut, turning his head away from her. 



    “Because….I’ll….I’m..I might hurt you.” He confessed with uncertainty in his voice. 

    “You won’t.” A gentle kiss pressed against his forehead. 

    “You won’t hurt me.” Yet again, another one to the bridge of his nose. Taking a deep sigh, he lifted his hands from the bed and slid them around her waist. 

    “Zadie please… this one time… I beg of you…let me go.” 

    “You won’t hurt me.” She repeated, this time a soft kiss against his lips. He now held her tight, seeming to plead with those beautiful blue eyes. But it was for naught. She smiled softly and reached up to pull at her chemise. Down to expose her shoulders. He shivered and licked the corner of his mouth at the abundance of gorgeously rich brown skin. 

    “It’s okay. Anywhere you’d like.” She assured gently. God…she stood in front of him like a lamb to slaughter and so willingly she stayed in place. Not knowing that in fact…he could kill her. He could drain every last bit of blood from her body. As much as he wanted to go right for her carotid artery… he forced himself to settle…on her wrist. He had to settle on not giving in to his desires. But a hair’s length away, her beautiful body was and how he wanted to indulge…plunge into her over and over, until he couldn’t feel where he started and she began. He wanted to make the sweetest of love to her…slow…steady. And yet he also wanted to fuck her…fast. Rough. So hard and so deep that she cried tears. Until…her body could not take any more pleasure… Bloody fucking hell. 

    He felt like an animal, the way his tongue eagerly tasted the thin fragile flesh of her wrist. A low growl escaped his mouth as he kissed the offering, feeling the healthy thump of her heartbeat against his lips. He could feel the change…the minute her heart started to beat faster and smirked. Yes. Good. He wanted to arouse her until the nectar of her desire bled through her drawers. That too he wanted to taste. Lifting eyes, he found her gaze already glassy and mouth parted. Yes my sweet. I want you just as much. 

    Kissing up her arm, he took in every breath, every hitch, every exhale as he adorned her shoulder with soft sweet pecks. Using her wrist, he pulled her closer, reaching down to lift a leg of hers onto the bed. She allowed him to pull her into his lap, her free hand on his chest. Brushing noses, she allowed a kiss to her mouth, a sweet, slow fire to burn the flames already sitting in her stomach. She moaned softly as he invaded her mouth with his tongue, their fingers intertwining. Wetly sharing one last kiss, she bit her lip as he lifted her wrist to his mouth. With one last lick, he exposed his fangs.

She watched in slight horror and slight excitement as he gently bit down, piercing the skin. She gasped and tried to yank her arm back…simply by reflex. The pain radiated up her arm but she forced herself to stay still. Amazingly, the pain began to lessen and a warm feeling began to travel down her arm. Taken aback, she felt it travel down her entire right side. When it came to her hip, it seemed like a match struck and her whole nether regions instantly became dewy, soaking through her drawers. She moaned a little louder than before, wondering what manner of witchcraft this was. Her entire body…light…like he had fingers, hands and lips all over her. She bit her lip and leaned her head back, her breathing labored and heavy. 

    “K-Kieran….” He took a few more thirsty gulps before detaching from her. MATE READY. BREED. Using his tongue, he licked at the wounds, making her wiggle on his lap a bit. Letting go of her wrist, he pulled her body down to lay on the bed. 

    “What…what happened?” She tried to ask, eyes still glossed over. Kissing her forehead, he smiled, teeth and fang on display. The action caused her to reach up and tease one of them. 

    “Pretty…” Taking her hand, he kissed her fingers and soon pulled her to lay beside him. 

    “Thank you…Zadie…” She couldn’t explain why she suddenly felt sleepy and tried to answer him, instead falling asleep nice and sound. He held her close, stroking her arm, pleased in the healing already taking place where he’d punctured her. Her blood told him everything he needed to know. Sweet, fulfilling and smooth, it felt like a warm pleasant confection slipping down his throat. Though he needed no sleep, he closed his eyes against her, ears taking in each and every sound around them. 





    “Father.” Turning, identical eyes looked at each other. 

    “Ciarán…what troubles you.”

    “How do you know when one is your mate?” The bold blunt question made the man laugh and he lifted a hand to his silky black hair. 

    “Her blood will tell you.” 

    “Tell me what?”

    “If she desires to be mated to you. If she is willing to take your seed. If she will be faithful to you for the rest of eternity should you two wish it.” Young fascinated eyes blinked. 

    “One’s blood can tell you all of that?” Smiling, his father nodded. 

    “Yes. You also will know by another thing.”

    “And that is?”

    “The blood of your mate will be the most pleasant thing you’ll drink. It will be sweet to the taste and will fill you quickly. It will not be required to take much of it to fulfill a feed.” 



    “So Mother…”

    “Everything I have told you… it was this way with her. That is how I knew.” 

    “Hm.” Rustling the boy’s hair, he grinned. 

    “This isn’t something you can rush. When it is time.. no matter how long or how old you get. When it is time… it will be time.” 


End Notes:


A/N: This chapter made me feel a lot of emotions. For Kieran to tell our Zadie that it's not her fault for anything that happened... that did something to me. This whole chapter gave me Abel Nightroad vibes *swoon* The tender way that he confessed his feelings for her...down to the scene where she lets him drink her blood. It all gave me butterflies. Another highlight of mine is when he asks her how she would feel if he purchased her freedom.

When I tell you the LOVE this man has for her. He's been gone for four years. Entirely too long I know. I had someone in the comments ask me why it took him so long to come for her. Ideally, I think it would have. He would not have just been able to storm the Nolan Manor and grab her. lol. Even with the amount of money he had and the connections he re-established. Good things take time. And he, dears, had wanted to make sure everything was in order before he made that move. He has a plan. Trust and believe. hehe. See y'all next chapter 'kay? Love y'all! 


thirteen. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:





Christmas came soon after and too busy to think about it, she focused on her duties. Even Lord Nolan had been too preoccupied, now sparing her no more than a dismissive glance when he’d happen by her. Good. That was how she wanted it. When Christmas passed and New Years too, it was then that she allowed herself to think about it. Falling on her bed, she kicked off her shoes with a slight groan. God, her feet hurt like hell. 

    The happenings that last went on in her room no less played out before her mind’s eye and she bit her lip, turning to press her face into her pillow. She didn’t know what he had done to her but…it was most uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable how comfortable it felt. How right…how good. He’d never done anything to her before but she swore then that day…when he’d taken her blood….it was like…She was too embarrassed to say it. 

    Cheeks flushed, she sighed against the pillow. It was almost like..he had been…been inside of her. She was talking mad she knew. But…it didn’t make sense… didn’t make sense how it could feel…so…so bloody good. She never thought about it. Never wanted to do it…that. Not since…well…her experiences with that were not pleasant and she had surmised that she would never let a man inside again. Ever. Growling into the pillow, she pulled herself up. You’re mad. Simply madder than a hatter you are. 

    Swallowing she slowly stood. Was it wrong? Pulling down her chemise, she exposed her breasts. Was it wrong that she wanted…God help her the thoughts were most improper but she couldn’t…couldn’t stop them from entering her mind. She wanted his touch here. She wanted him to lick her nipples, kiss and suck them just as he had her wrist. She wanted his touch between her legs too God help her. 

    Flushing with embarrassment, she pulled up her chemise and fell back into bed. He was a bloody Marquess for God’s sake! How foolish she was to be desiring a man of his status. But she couldn’t… couldn’t help it. She loved him… loved him more than even words could allow. Status or not, back when he was just Kieran in the cage…there was a gentleness and a passion that burned inside of his gaze. They understood one another… They got one another in ways she feared no other would. Even though he now had the influence, the wealth and the connections, he was the same. Sighing, into her pillow, she blew out the candle. It would do no good to lie awake with the thought of it. 



    “Your Grace,”

    “I’m aware.”

    “How are we going to handle this. The other Families are most displeased.” 

    “I want an audience with Lord Dracyian.”

    “Right away Sire.” Damn it to hell. Swallowing, he got up from the desk and grabbed his topper on the way out. There had to be another way to solve this freud. He would not stand around and allow man made or civil war to destroy his people. 

    “Prepare my horse.”    

    “Yes Sire.” 




    “Have you heard?”

    “What now?”

    “Anne is leaving us.” That caused her to almost break her neck turning to face the girl. 

    “What do you mean Anne is leaving?” 

    “She says she’s made enough money to open up a business for herself.” 


    “I don’t make the rules…I’m just the messenger.” She turned back to the dough and began to knead once more. Her heart filled with a deep sadness. Anne…If Anne left then what would become of her? She was all she had left in this hellhole. Sighing, she swallowed pins and needles and eyed the clock, hoping it would hurry. 




    He dismounted from the horse and was met to his surprise with an enslaved Negro man who bowed. 

    “Lord Severa…this way please.” Following him, his eyes narrowed. He didn’t like this one bit. Having been led into the great room, he opted to stand rather than sit, waiting until the audience was honored. In good faith it was not too much longer, Lord Dracyian strolling into the room with his wife Lady Dracyian. Bowing, to his and her curtesy, they all sat. 

    “It’s good to see you Lord Severa.”


    “It amazes me that you appear just like your late father. The resemblance is eerie.” Smiling, he gave a thankful nod. 

    “Thank you Lady Dracyian.”

    “What brings you to our humble home?” Lord Dracyian inquired, cutting right to the chase. 

    “It was brought to my attention that you have some reservations about withdrawing from the Crown.” 

    “Yes I do.”

    “May I ask why?”

    “For one, we are now located here. Why would we not submit to the authority of the ruling monarchs?” Nodding, he sat back. 

    “I understand your point.”

    “We are not back in Yischaphere. We are not isolated anymore. Here we have had to learn to deal with the humans. How to coexist with them.” 

    “It was never our desire to become like them.” He shot back, tone still under friendly pretense. Lady Dracyian cleared her throat and stood. 

    “I’ll leave you two to talk alone. Lord Severa, it was a pleasure.”

    “Same to you as well my Lady. Fare well yes?”

    “Yes your Grace.” Curtseying, neither spoke until the swish of her gown had ceased. 

    “Your ideas are archaic. Perhaps influenced by your late father. I can understand you holding on to them dearly as they remind you of him.” 

    “This has nothing to do with my father. He is dead. Only a fool holds onto dead things.” The Lord Dracyian sneered, sitting back against the settee. 

    “So then you admit that you yourself then are archaic?”

    “I would prefer progressive, liberal, radical even. Never archaic.” 

    “You realize that those beliefs of yours are what is killing our people.” 

    “And you understand that by your desire to assimilate into the human way of life will bring nothing but destruction to you.” 

    “The saying when in Rome do as the Romans do does not ring a bell?” 

    “Only a fool tests the depth of a river with no feet.”


    “It’s an African proverb. I’m sure you’ve never heard of it.” Chuckling, Lord Dracyian crossed his arms. 

    “So you are now friends with the Negro as well? My, you are very progressive indeed.”

    “They have never wronged me. Why should I cast them to the dogs?”

    “If you cannot see that they are the most inferior species on the planet then I fear for your mental state.” 

    “This is the danger that comes with mingling with corrupt humans. Corrupt humans poison the mind and it infects the spirit and the soul. How you’ve changed Lord Dracyian.”

    “The same can be said for you. I remember a boy who hated humans. A boy who killed every which one he saw without thought or remorse. Yet now he having grown into a man-child talks of being friends with them. What’s worse, being friends with Negroes. Ha!” 

    “You will not withdraw your allegiance to the Crown then I take it.”

    “The young human bitch who calls herself Queen has given me everything I have wanted. Why would I withdraw just to go back to the same thing? To be amongst our own and only our own? It is not the way anymore young one.” Licking his fangs, he exhaled. He could not count on Dracyian to be an ally. He was greedy. Money hungry. Self seeking. None of these things could be in his empire. With his attempt at peace failed, it saddened him more than angered him. How far his people had fallen while he had been locked away. 

    “Please give my regards to your wife.” He ended the conversation by standing. 

    “Very well then.” He came out the same way he came in, mounted his horse and began the journey back. 




Eighteen Hundred and Twenty 


Early Spring 



    Folding hands together, she swallowed nervously as the woman in front of her counted out her coin and paper. Next to her stood Anne, her mouth firm as she too watched the woman. 

    “Well, looks like this is the right amount.”

    “She did it all by ‘erself. I’m just ‘ere to make sure you didn’t cheat ‘er.” Anne said, reaching forward and picking up the package. Sneering, the woman pursed her lips and put the bill and coin away. 

    “You have what you came for. Now get out of my establishment.” Taking her by the arm, she let Anne pull her outside. Once there, the woman squeaked and hugged her nice and tight. 

    “I’m proud of you!” Blushing, she giggled. 

    “All thanks to you. You didn’t have to give me anything before you left.”

    “Now what kinda friend doesn’t give ‘er lassies some’thin? That’s jus’ cruel.” Smiling, she hugged the package to her chest. 

    “Your first purchase. All on your own. This calls for an ale.” Laughing, she climbed up into the buggy and they were off with a quick slap of the reins. It felt like something out of a dream. 

    “So… it’s true then? The Marquess of Severa is going ahead in purchasing your freedom?” Fingering the paper of the package, she felt her cheeks grow warm again…

    “I suppose so.” Biting her lip in a smile, she kept quiet as they rode through the cobblestone streets. 

    “I imagine Lord Nolan wasn’t ‘appy about it at all yeah?”

    “He was beside himself with fury.” The older woman laughed quite unladylike. 

    “Pompous wank. I’m sure ‘e was.”

    “At first…he…he refused. Flat out. He claimed that no one not even the Marquess of Severa could force him to give up his property.”

    “Yeah and then?”

    “He pulled out letters.”

    “What kind of letters?”

    “Letters that Lady Nolan had sent him. Very improper letters.” Anne glanced at her in disbelief. 

    “NO! You’re yankin’ me!” Giggling again, she shook her head. 

    “She was very explicit about her desires to have him. Again.”


    “Seems they had something going on… back before he became Marquess. Back when he was still locked up in the basement cellar.” 

    “Wot! Bloody hell the slag is bold.”

    “Of course Lord Nolan had recognized him eventually at the party. Couldn’t though have it be known though that he’d once placed such a powerful man in chains and held him in a cage.”

    “Dear God…they would be penniless before daybreak.”

    “And that’s exactly what he told him. He…he told him that should he not accept the terms… should he not surrender me up…he would expose everything.” 

    “My God what a bold bastard. I love it.” Smiling, she again started to finger the paper housing her first pride and joy. 

    “So, is that your liberty dress aye Zadie?” 

    “Yes…it is I suppose isn’t it?” 




    “Sire, it is finished.” Looking up, he found Aonghas standing by the door to his office. With a smile, he began to stand. 

    “Those who wish to remain under the Crown are free to do so. But at the behest of rules you set in place.”

    “And have they agreed to them in full?”

    “We had some trouble with a few…”


    “One yes.” Reaching down to straighten and smooth his cravat, he smirked. 

    “Did you persuade him?”

    “I convinced him yes.” The two shared a laugh. 

    “Those who wish to be underneath your government will proceed as promised.” Closing his eyes, he gripped the desk behind him. 

    “No war? No bloodshed? No death?” 

    “Should things remain in place as you have set them Sire… there shall be nothing but harmony between the two races.” Letting out a heavy sigh, he gave another nod. While it wasn’t the era where they could be open about who they were completely… it would do for now as such. He had heard all of their complaints and concerns… even the Ivenir and their centuries long rivalry. It was to be mandated that proper education be given about each race and how they could take steps to ensure the happiness of each House. And in terms of their feeds, they would supply locally from physicians in the area as well as any lingering stray animals or farms. If and when a human died, it would be fair game for them to feed as well. Biting his lip, he opened his eyes to look upon his kinsmen. He hoped to God that it worked. For now there seemed to be a stalemate and a new treaty in place. He hoped to God that it lasted for centuries to come. 

    “Your father would be proud of you.” Smiling, he lifted a hand to pat Aonghas’ shoulder. 

    “Thank you my friend.”

    “Shouldn’t you be off to collect your ward?” Grinning, he left the room unanswered and climbed into an awaiting carriage. 





    She couldn’t stay still… couldn’t sit still. Her heart hammered inside of her chest and she felt like she was going to be sick. Oh God… me….please don’t let this be a dream… But all the eyes on her certainly weren’t. Maids and manservants stood by the steps as she slowly descended and she felt her throat grow dry. Some of them looked at her with jealousy. Others with confusion. Others with excitement…happiness. Some of these people she’d worked with for the last years just shy of 10. This entire house was all she’d known for the last nearly ten years of her life. Gripping the banister to the staircase she once dusted and polished, she continued down until she reached the bottom. Taking a deep breath, she took in the dreadful wallpaper, the motifs, even the greek statues that had fascinated her upon arriving here. Turning, she gave a smile to those who wished her well. It was time… time to walk into her new life. 




    He stood by the door, hands formally crossed behind his back. Lord and Lady Nolan stood there by the door as well. He’d attempted to threaten him but a moment ago, threatened to steal Zadie away and put a bullet or sword in him. All he could do at the moment was laugh which pissed them both off royally. Grinning, he looked the prick square in the eye and told him that he should have killed him back when he was in the cage. 

    It was his missed opportunity and one that he would never get again. Eyes drifted over to the couple. Lord Nolan’s face was stiff and pale, cheeks growing red with anger. He stood straight as a board and appeared to be sweating slightly at the neck. And good Lady Nolan. Dirty bitch. She stood next to her husband but all for appearances. As far as he knew, this might be the last time she would ever see anything outside of a four walled padded room. At least, that’s what she had been threatened with for her licentiousness and adultery. 

    Turning eyes straight ahead of them, he had to keep from grinning. He’d deal with them both privately. Before she ever left this house. Before he even thought about remarrying. It was Lady Nolan’s gasp that caught his attention and soon he understood why. As she turned the corner, she appeared nervous and shaky, hands clutched tightly together. But already she had stolen his breath. 

    The richness of her skin popped against the delicate white and yellow dress. Yellow trim around the tops of the puffed sleeves and bust line. A band of white ribbon emphasized her small waist. The skirts of the dress were flowy and gorgeous, a top white pleat of muslin with yellow trim and then a second pleat with a more defined solid yellow design. About her arms, she carried a scarf of the same shade of yellow with an exotic looking pattern at the ends. Her hair had been pulled back from her face and her ears and neck had been left bare. Simply beautiful she was. Exquisite. Even Lord Nolan could not hide his dis-or-rather-full pleasure at seeing her, mouth slightly ajar. It made him want to pluck out his eyeballs so he could never look at her again. 

    Smiling at her, he stepped forward and performed a formal bow. She curtesied, head bowed low. Extending his hand, he waited until she took it before placing it on his arm. Turning, he eyed the two of them, those that had made her life hell for just a year shy of ten. They looked like at any moment, they would pop like a balloon and it most humored him. 

    “Her papers.” He demanded, enjoying the twitch of the bastard’s eyebrow. 

    “Charlotte. The papers.” He ordered her. She stiffly handed them to him who in turn handed them to him. Opening the envelope, he pulled them out and took his time in reading through everything. He knew Zadie would not understand the legal lexicon but he did. He wanted to make sure that before they stepped foot out of this God forsaken house that everything was in order as he wanted it. Reaching the end, he put the papers back into the envelope with a firm nod. 

    “Very good then.” Pleased to know that they had included a receipt of purchase, he cleared his throat and looked at her. 

    “Have you need to retrieve anything before we depart?” 

    “No My Lord.” She answered softly, a becoming blush blossoming in her cheeks. 

    “As of this moment, you, Zadie, are hereby freed from the institution of chattel slavery and or enslaved servitude. You are now by law officially named Zadie of Severa, charge to The Marquess of Severa from this day forth.” He heard her heart beat rattle against her chest and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. 

    “Let’s be off then.” Going to open the door, he took her hand and placed it back onto his arm. Quietly under the watch of the entire house, he helped her into his carriage and soon, they were off, a grand display of horses and dust. 

End Notes:

A/N: *dreamy sigh* listen. If y'all thought at some point in my writing career that I was NOT going to make a fairytale princess-esque prince charming situation happen y'all THOUGHT WRONG LOL. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved the story of a Prince Charming, of princesses and pretty dainty things. I've always been a SUPER girly girl okay? I really felt like that little five year old girl again penning this chapter hehehe. Everything about it to me is perfect. I love the way our vampire prince handled her enslavers, read them they rights (or lack thereof), clowned them in they own house and took the princess away right in front of their faces. The whole thing had me laughing to be honest when I went back to read it LOL. 

I have a picture of Zadie's first dress that she's ever purchased *insert tears* So proud of my baby. Her freedom dress indeed and how lovely it is hehe. 

EEEEEEK! We are approaching the end guys! I told y'all this was gon be short lol. Okay, y'all ready? Let's go to happy times nowwwww wheeee.



Zadie's dress: 


Kieran's attire: 



fourteen. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:



*It's about to go down. Spicy material below*


Eighteen Hundred and Twenty One 



    Birds chirped and their song was sweet and clear. The sun was high and hot, producing sweat to appear. Nearby there was the pleasant trickle of a fountain. Opening eyes, she smiled as she glanced up at her husband. He had closed his eyes too captured by the tranquil sights. A feeling lighter than air whispered through her heart and she sat up some, reaching down to slip fingers into his silky raven tresses. It still felt like a dream. Like… it couldn’t… ever happen.

    “Are you really tired?” Lips teased a smile and gorgeous almond shaped brown eyes opened, twinkling with mischief. 

    “Would you have stayed if I was?” 

    “Of course.” 

    “Then yes. I am so very tired.” Hitting him on the chest, she sighed and rolled her eyes. Laughing, he pulled her back down to lay with him. For a moment, they were quiet. The lands of the House of Severa were vast and wide, plenty of place to hide. 

    “Is this really our life?” She asked suddenly, lifting a hand to his chest. 

    “Still feel as though you’re dreaming?” 

    “I can’t help it. This does not happen. It just doesn’t.” Smiling, he lifted to turn her onto her back, grinning. 

    “It has and there’s no changing it.”

    “How…how will we exist now…in society? You a noble and I a Negro woman?”  Lifting his finger, he gently teased the apple of her cheek. 

    “You mean as a Marquess and his wife? Well, if that’s what you’re concerned about my love, I urge you not to be.” As she was about to say something else, he silenced her with a kiss. 

    “Stop.” He spoke against her lips, smiling as she reached up to wrap arms around his neck. 




    She remembered it so clear. The third day she’d existed in her freedom. He’d taken her to a nice scenic spot on his property. There beneath laid a river and the waters rushed so clear and pretty. She’d gone to stick her toes in, lifting her dress just a tad. Smiling at the feeling, she began to giggle. Like that of a girl. He watched her, a handsome smile on his face. 




    “Kieran…come play with me…please?”    

    “I fear you’ll get your dress wet.” Grinning, she walked back towards the shallow shore. There beside the banks, he’d had a variety of foods sitting there on silk fabric, waiting to be enjoyed. 

    “What a delightful meal…you didn’t-”

    “Come.” Pulling her down to sit, he opened the basket and pulled out some bread and soft spreadable substance. 

    “What… what is that?”

    “It’s cheese.”

    “Cheese?” Chuckling to himself, he cut a small piece of bread and spread the mixture on top. 

    “Here. Taste.” Holding it out, he waited until she leaned forward, taking the offered morsel into her mouth. Her face lit up as she chewed. 

    “My God…this is incredible!” He cut another piece. She ate again, covering her mouth shyly. 

    “What is that there?” She asked, pointing to a pretty golden brown syrup. 

    “It’s called honey.” 


    “Yes. It has a sweet taste.” 

    “Do you eat bread with it?”

    “You can eat it with whatever you like. Fruit. Bread. Whatever you choose.” 

    “Oh…I…I wouldn’t want to be greedy.” 

    “You’re not being greedy.” Cutting another small piece of bread, he opened the jar and drizzled the pretty syrup on top. She didn’t wait for him to outstretch it, she eagerly opened her mouth waiting which brought a humored chuckle to him. 

    “Eager aren’t we?” The taste was indeed sweet but pleasant… warm. 

    “May I have more?” He selected a small red fruit this time, drizzling the honey on top. Coming closer to her, he lifted up onto his knees, just above her. Again, she opened her mouth but alas the morsel did not come. Pouting, she reached up and grabbed his hand, leading it to her awaiting belly. Closing her eyes, she hummed as she finished the treat, lifting her tongue to lick his fingers. As soon as she realized what she was doing, she stopped with a gasp and hung her head in embarrassment. 

    “I’m…I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” But he didn’t look the least bit offended. Rather, his once dark eyes had grown a slight blue. He smirked. 

    “What did I tell you about that?” Lifting her head, he pressed a dizzying kiss to her lips. 

    “Don’t apologize to me for the things you want.” His voice had this way…this way of forcing her heart to pang, her blood to rush and her triangle to feel weird. 

    “You won’t find shame here. Not with me.” 

    “I suppose…but then…why…why do I feel this way?”

    “Care to explain?” Cheeks now burning, she bit her lip. 

    “ feels like…like a warm wet sun. It…well it happens all the time around you.” Biting his lip, he again lifted her face, gaze not letting hers go. 

    “Does it?” He asked, voice throaty. 


    “Where?” Dear God…she couldn’t…couldn’t tell him… it was most filthy. 




    “Here?” He teased her lips with a finger still covered in honey. There, the glassy dreamy look of desire had taken hold of her and he decided to push just a tad bit more. To his delight, her tongue once again graced his finger, licking what proved to be a healthy amount yet of honey from him. Instead of pulling it away, he gently prodded her lips, pleased when she took the digit into her mouth. Bloody fucking hell. Already his member ached and twitched but now, seeing her perfectly plush and soft lips closed around his finger threatened to end him. At last, he removed it, taking in the heavy breathing, the rush of blood, the rise and fall of her chest. Taking that same finger, he caressed a path down her neck. 

    “Perhaps here?” He asked, watching as she bit her lip. 

    “No…” Further down her clavicle.     


    “No…” Then perhaps the outline of an erect nipple was the spot. Gently, he teased with a brush of his finger, making her gasp. 

    “Here?” It took her a moment but a softly spoken ‘no’  delighted him. And so his game could in good measure continue. 




    She remembered that day as being the first day she allowed herself to be honest about what she felt. It scared her…she didn’t know where the feelings were coming from or why. But…she knew that she could trust him. His gentle yet playful touch continued down her body as she’d taken to lying on her back. She wasn’t afraid as he caressed her, no thoughts of the sort went through her mind. Watching him with hooded eyes, she secretly wanted more. Everywhere she wanted more. It made no sense how one touch could make her so sensitive. Already, both of her nipples had hardened, nearly to the point of a dull pain. Every hair on her body stood up and that weird throbbing persisted now between her legs. She felt so moist there now, like she’d taken the big wet sun and held it there between her thighs. Smiling, he’d pause and lean down to kiss her. When he’d finally found it, she felt as though her entire body was floating. 




    The dress had been cast away from her. The short stays he’d taken his time and unlaced, kissing the swells of both breasts nice and sweet. But soon they too joined the dress by the banks.  She felt as though her head was spinning and she felt intoxicated. She breathed heavily as his fingers now pulled the chemise upward. Up over her knees. Up further. As he did so, his gaze never left hers. Up over her thighs. And wait. Her hand shot down and gave his pause. Closing her eyes, she panted more, trying to tell herself to calm down. 

    “It’s alright my sweet.” He assured, voice soft and gentle. 

    “You’re okay. It’s okay.” Licking her lips, she took a moment to look at him. Never again. He’ll never hurt you again. A sweet kiss or two enabled her to breathe. Kieran will make you feel good. It won’t hurt. Opening her eyes, she settled them on the gentle blue. Such a pretty blue. Slowly, she let go of his hand, reaching instead for the silk under which she lay. He gave it a moment, watching her every movement. But soon, his fingers began to trail up, a single digit pressing against the fragrant wetness that had soaked through her drawers. 

    “Is it here my love?” He asked, pleased in the slight scrunch of her nose, her teeth biting her lip to filth. 

    “….yes….” The digit slowly trailed up the path, making her moan softly but it wasn’t until it touched a place at the very top that she lost it, a loud moan piercing through the chatter of the birds, the water, the sunlight…everything but if only he could touch that place again. Lips kissed her and she turned slightly towards him, lifting hands to his chest. He deepened the kiss, drinking in another muffled moan as he teased her again, rubbing in small little circles against the now hard little nub. Her sighs of pleasure made him smile and he knew as he looked upon her, body relaxed, hips wiggling, receiving the pleasure he gave, that she was ready now. Ready to take his finger inside. 

    “Oh….oh God….” Her fingers left his chest and instead found refuge in his hair. 

    “Does it feel good my sweet?”  She whined and sighed, biting at her lips. 

    “Yes….oh…my love….yes…” Gently, he pulled the strings at her hips a loose and slipped his hand underneath. Warm sweet wetness met his fingers and his mouth watered for a taste of her nectar. Lush, warm and silky, he played with her bean once or twice more before finally slipping the tip of his finger inside her. She at once spread her legs as wide as they could go, opening a most maddening gaze to look up at him. BREED. MATE READY. 

    Groaning, he leaned down to kiss her, welcoming her answer that vibrated against his lips as he slipped it deeper. Small dainty fingers reached down and laid upon the back of his hand, following his lead, completely trusting him to pleasure her. To the knuckle, he thrust nice and slow, enjoying the sight of her hips circle and gyrate, trying to pull him in even more. Her eyes rolled back as he began to thrust a bit faster, a sweet chorus of hot breathy moans against his chin. And when he felt she could take it, he moved even faster, tantalizing wet sounds arising. 

    “Oh….oh oh…..Kieran…….please…..” Her fingers gripped his hand now and he watched the oncoming orgasm rip through her. With a loud scream, she arched her back, release transforming the expression on her face as one of complete and total surrender. The look made him want to slide into her and fuck it out of her again and again. But no…no his beast would have its chance. Holding his hand there against her triangle, she tried to catch her breath. Kisses gently traveled up her neck and across her cheekbones. 

    “Kieran…” Breathy still, her voice immediately made him twitch. 

    “Yes sweet girl…” Opening dazed eyes, she looked up at him, fingers teasing his lips. 

    “What…what was that…” Smiling, he nuzzled her nose. 

    “That my love was an orgasm.” Pressing her face up against his chest, she let his hand go and he withdrew the finger, glad when he brought it to his mouth enjoying the taste of her on his tongue. 

    “My God…that…that was…” Smirking, he pulled her body against him. 

    “More of them to come sweeting. That I promise.” 




    Since that day…it was as though she had been awakened in a sense. There inside of her existed this most frightening hunger. Only to be quelled by a touch, a kiss, the overwhelming and almost suffocating liquid light that seemed to travel through her veins when he touched her. The way he had this ability to play with her body as though she were an instrument and his fingers gently plucking the strings. Oh what a sweet melody he produced. With him already, she had experienced so much in such a short time. 

    “Madam?” Turning, she felt her cheeks grow warm as she turned to look up at one of his manservants. 

    “Ah… yes?”

    “The Lord Severa has arrived back. Would you like to meet him?” Gently, closing her book, she offered a smile. 

    “Of course.” He helped her to stand and with a kind smile, began to lead her towards the house. She always started this way… heart beating wildly in her chest. He made her most nervous…most anxious. Clutching a small fan, she swallowed thickly. How greedy she’d become. Her body seeming to melt into a sliver of sunlight, at the mere mention of his name seeking, hungry…wanting. Calm yourself now Zadie… Following the manservant, to her delight there he was, dismounting from his horse ahead of her. Turning, he smiled at the sight of her. 

    “My, what a welcome way to return.” Blushing, she curtsied.     

    “Welcome home my Lord.” Gentle fingers lifted her chin and at one she fell into the captivity of his dark gaze, his kiss a moment later. Taking a shaky breath, she lifted a hand to his arm and together they entered into the home. 



    “How was it?” In the small sitting room, he sat watching her as she poured some tea into china cups. 

    “For the most part, it went well.” Smiling, she set the kettle down and extended to him a cup which he accepted. 

    “That’s good. I’m rather pleased…to know they accept me.”

    “They don’t have a choice in the matter.” He spoke firmly, prompting her to smile against her cup. 

    “It is something that rarely happens. You have to keep that in mind Kieran.” There, the tiniest flicker of annoyance on his face but otherwise, he simply took another sip of his tea. 

    “I imagine it happened a lot more often then you think. Besides, there will be no recourse in the matter. I desired to make you my wife and so it has been.” Licking her lips, she nodded, glancing up at him. She of course knew that there would be those who opposed him. After all, in the society of now… those of her kind were thought to be little more than maggots on rotting food. And perhaps even the maggots themselves were treated better. She reached for a small pastry and bit into it, cheeks warm finding herself under his intense scrutiny. 

    “Queen Charlotte herself was a Negro. Did you know that?” He asked, voice throaty. There the beginnings of heat and warmth at the apex of her thighs. 

    “N-no… I didn’t.” 

    “She was directly descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a Black branch of the Portuguese royal house. With at least 500 generations back of ancestry with royal Spanish and Moor upbringing. It amazes me that more don’t know their history.” Placing his cup onto the table, he slowly stood. 

    “To keep the desires of their inner most heart, humans I’ve learned, will do anything be it right or wrong.” Slowly, he came to stand behind her. 

    “They say that your people were born and created by God to be slaves. Created to be less than dogs by the design of nature order.” Slowly, fingers crept underneath her chin, bringing a quick swallow of the cake. With care, he lifted her head back to look at him. 

    “And yet, God himself saw fit to make a woman such as yourself Queen to an entire nation.” Eyes fluttered closed as gently his lips kissed her eyelids. 

    “I’m sure King George the III faced opposition. No doubt the Royal House of  Saxon-Gotha hid her more obvious features.” His lips teased the bridge of her nose. Her breath came quicker as the heat of his mouth burned sweetly against hers. 

    “They couldn’t have the world know that in the direct face of chattel slavery, they themselves had appointed as ruler one sharing the same origin. Naturally, they made up a list of complete bollocks to excuse their behavior. And in turn, it was never questioned or challenged.” Smiling, those same lips kissed her. 

    “Hear me very clearly my love.” He whispered against her, drawing a gasp from her throat. 

    “I don’t give a damn about their liking you. I don’t care what they say. Frankly… and please allow me to be so…I could give less than a fuck about it.”  His hand still held her chin but soon let go, fingers gently gliding down smooth dark flesh. 

    “So long as they don’t disrespect you… they shall be in my good grace. Should they not, well…then there will be only hell to pay.” A finger slid down and skimmed the swell of her breast.

    “I will not hide you. Nor am I ashamed of who you are.” Letting go, a last teasing brush of his thumb against her now hard nipples made him grin. 

    “You and I shall live as normal. There shall be no change.” Withdrawing from her, he gave a wicked little chuckle. 

    “Do forgive my activities as of late. So busy, I haven’t even properly solidified our union. I’m sure the constant teasing and playing has you most impatient.” Indeed…it had. Leaning down to take a last sip of his tea, he glanced at her, eyes starting to grow a faint blue. 

    “I assure you soon we’ll have the time. Be patient a little while yet my love. It’ll be worth the wait.” Winking at her, he left her there flushed, hot and wet, lifting her fan to try to relieve the increase of temperature. 

End Notes:


A/N: Bruh. BRUH. This whole chapter was S-P-I-C-Y. And that's not even the half of it. *fans self* lol. Listen, Kieran know he something else lol.The places he was touchin...the mastery of his words (and his fingers OOP sorry) is like.... *loud screaming* YO. My brain be coming up with some hotties LOL. That little history lesson was hot. The whole honey on the finger thing (he ain't slick but) it was hot. LOL. Okay I'ma quit with my ovulating self now thanks lol. That's all I'ma say.

These two have long deserved to just be happy and free and now that they are baby they don take advantage of it LOL. One beautiful thing of this chapter is the level of intimacy the two FINALLY share. Even though Zadie is by no means a virgin, the way she thinks, acts and speaks otherwise suggests complete ignorance and innocence. Her sharing her first ever orgasm was meant to be shown just for what it is. Intense, powerful and breathtaking. Definitely beautiful and most sacred. I hope I was able to protray that well. 

Things bout to get um... even more spicy so gon head and tap the next button LOL. 


fifteen. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:



*Judging by the picture... you should already know what's bout to happen.* 




Straightening his cravat, he smoothed down his hair. Stepping foot in this place again served to make his blood boil. And God help him… the fury that licked his belly demanded retribution. To the surprise of the enslaved servants, upon hearing that Lord and Lady Nolan were away, he still asked to be let in. Told them he would wait for Lord Nolan in his Gentleman’s Lounge. As they led him closer to the room, it was as if this thick suffocating cloud of misery slammed into him and once the door was shut, it near left him paralyzed. Yes, this place had been the place of suffering. Eyes first went to the mantle where that bloody picture still hung. Snarling up his lip, he crossed the room and tore it down from the wall. Snapping it in half, he tore the painting itself to shreds, his claws leaving but a mess in their wake. 

    It was if he could hear her screams…see her tears…. There on the billard table as he’d laid lash after lash to her precious derriere. They turned to the settee. He’d forced himself onto her there…inflicting blow after blow upon her until she grew tired of fighting and laid there like a rag doll. KILL. Taking a deep breath, he went over to the club chair. Slowly, sitting down, he helped himself to some brandy. 




    He entered back into the fray of swirling bodies. Smiling as he eyed the one belonging to his wife, he came behind her, surprising her and a few other Ladies. 

    “Oh! Marquess of Severa! We were just talking about you to your wife.”

    “Good things I hope.”

    “But of course.” Turning, she slipped an hand around his arm. 

    “I don’t do well with these settings. It’s..unnatural for me. I’m sorry.” 

    “Don’t be.. You’re new at this. You’ll learn.” 

    “Thank you.”

    “Ladies, if you would politely excuse us.” Smiling, they watched as the couple left through the large doors. With a grin, he pulled her in a direction away from the day party. Her tinkling sweet laughter spurred him on as he led her further and further away from the house. 

    “Kieran…what are you up to?” He didn’t say a word as he led her into the gardens, the pleasant singing of birds and the soft trickle of fountains making her dizzy. But it was his gaze that made her drown… sink. Hunger. 




    It was half past 3 when Nolan arrived back. And to his surprise, he was told that there had been a visitor waiting for him in his parlor. Knitting together eyebrows, he handed the documents  in his hand to the nearest servant hand and smoothed down his cravat. As he neared the door, the most curious feeling of dread traveled through his stomach. Opening the door, he stepped in with a smile only to have it wiped away completely. Cigar smoke drifted up from pouty lips and half lidded almond shaped eyes glanced across at him. 

    “What…what the hell are you doing here?” Those lips spread and teeth appeared. To his horror, fangs also appeared…glistening in the light of the afternoon sun. Blowing the smoke away from him, the vile creature chuckled lowly before taking another contemplative inhale of the sweet smelling cigar. 

    “Do come in Alexander. We have a lot to discuss.” 





    Madness. The almost desperate mashing of mouth, teeth and tongue had him mad. He couldn’t wait much longer once he’d gotten her far enough away and he satisfied the craving within him, bringing her lips to his, eager to intoxicate himself on the wine of her mouth. Fingers at once traveled to her side, starting to release the pins that held it together. Once the pins were cast away from him, he stepped back, eying the now slack garment. Licking his lips, eyes followed the movement of her hands as they slowly drifted up across her delicate little shoulders. 

    Pulling each arm from the sleeve, she let the entirety of the dress go, wafting to the ground. Her eyes, damn it to hell, her beautiful lidded eyes and smooth lips teased him and with a single finger, she beckoned him. Already he could feel the throb and twitch in his groin but did as she bade, drawing closer. Tiny fingers slid down his shirt and soon drifted across his breeches. 

    “Show me…please.” She asked softly, drawing her bottom lip in between her teeth. Guiding her fingers across the hidden buttons, she seemed to understand then how to remove them. A bit too eager, she began to tug the buttons apart but it was he that slowed her down, taking her face in his hands. 

    “Take your time.” He hushed with a tender kiss and yet another. Her fingers slowed and eased the buttons one by one until his breeched grew slack. 

    “Very good little one…” He praised, lifting one of her hands to his mouth. Taking that same hand, he brought it to lay on his flesh. She lifted onto her tip toes as she pressed them both now against his chest, searing him with another kiss. 




    “How dare you! You were not invited here and most certainly are not welcomed here. Leave.” He said nothing yet, just sat nice and comfortable in his damned chair, drinking his damned brandy. The utter nerve. He finished his glass and with a quiet click, placed it back onto the table. 

    “How dare I? How dare you.” 

    “I beg your pardon?” 

    “You’ve helped yourself to quite a few things haven’t you? Things you knew you had no permission to.” At that, the man grew pale. 

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Yes you do. Don’t play stupid. It’s not becoming.” 

    “I’ve given you what you’ve wanted you bastard. What more else can I offer?” Again, those sharp teeth grinned.

    “I’m glad you asked.” 




    How pretty. Small brown fingers drifted across the silky warm muscles on his stomach. His skin was like soft sheer muslin, a most beautiful shade of ivory. He reminded her of Hermes, his build slim, powerful, a beauty to behold. Up above, to her delight there appeared to be two little erect blushing nipples, kissed by love already. His chest rose and fell and his eyes looked up at her. He could have thrown her to the side and taken her. The desire to do so she could see in his eyes. Yet, he allowed her to play, to explore, to experience him for the first time. The stays she’d worn had been cast aside, unlaced sweetly by his hand and pulled from her shoulders. 

    To her surprise, he didn’t lay her on her back…instead let his back meet the short manicured green. The sun kissed the bare skin of his torso and his dark soft locks had been freed from the suffocating ribbon. She’d slipped up onto his lap, feeling the hard tight knot of his desire now against her bottom. Leaning down, she kissed him, welcoming the brush of his hands as they drifted up her lower legs, taking with it the chemise. 

    Pulling away, she kissed the warm flushed skin, coming to tease one of those sweet berries with her tongue. A startled groan left his lips and she smiled against him. Perhaps it was a first for him as well? Lifting her eyes, she took in his face as she licked around the bud, saving a last flick against the very top. Another groan rumbled against her as she drew it into her mouth to suck. His hands slid further up her legs and his teeth bit into his plump bottom lip as she kissed him there and to the other. Coming to sit fully upright once more, she reached for his hands and pulled them from under her chemise. Eyes watched her every move, a beautiful color in his cheeks as she lifted his fingers to her lips. Kissing his fingers, she soon drew them too into her mouth. 

    “Bloody hell…” She heard him curse but the simple act of his fingers in her mouth had her most aroused. She felt herself throb and grow wetter each passing moment. It’s…it’s not dirty to feel this way. Not about him… not with him. Opening her eyes, she withdrew his fingers and brought his hands each to her derriere. It’s okay to be free like this. It’s okay to give in. To feel. 






    The fear in his eyes humored him…and he sat still, frozen with the very whole of it. 

    “Now…I want you to go over everything. From top to bottom.” 

    “B-b-bottom of what?” He stuttered, squeezing his eyes shut. 

    “What happened first?” 

    “I…I don’t remember….”

    “The billards table? Or perhaps the settee?” He supplied, toying with the small arrangement of furnace instruments. 

    “B-b-billards table…”

    “Ah. Right. Silly of me to forget.” Turning, he faced him. 

    “Get up.”

    “And do what?!”

    “Go over there. Breeches down.”

    “I beg your pardon?! I will do no such thing.” 

    “Then, I’ll make you.” He was in front of him in an instant, the act horrifying him. Eyes filled with cool blue fury, he grabbed him by the throat. Spluttering, the man stood up at once. Digging his claws slightly into his skin, just enough to pierce he traveled to the other end of the room, dropping him on the floor. Now, he was beginning to understand. As he looked up at him with pure terror, he licked his fangs with glee. Good. That would do very well. 

    “Stand up and bend over.” The man stood, legs now starting to shake. He hesitantly began to undo his breeches. Taking hold of the firm solid wood of the table, he slowly lowered, exposing his arse. For a moment, he didn’t say anything at all, having gone over to pour yet another brandy. My my, he hadn’t realized that he was nearing the end of the bottle. Ah well. Today was a special occasion. He should enjoy himself. 

    “Tell me about branding Alexander. I’m most curious of how it works.” 





    Hands now on her breasts, she found she rather enjoyed the way they felt holding them. Warm and big yet gentle. As he gave them another soft squeeze, she let her head fall back, mouth ajar. His touch seemed to be the only thing that could quiet this hunger… this insatiable desire within her. Wiggling against him, she jolted with a moan as his fingers pinched her nipples. The sharp sweet feeling drifted down her body and she moaned again as he did it once more. One. Then the other. Lifting her hands from his forearms, she reached down and slowly pulled the chemise up and over her head. Letting it fall beside her, she felt her cheeks grow hot as his eyes seemed to devour her, nibbling and eating at her until the very flesh burned with want. 

    “Beautiful.” His voice rasped, now terribly deep and gruff. His eyes glowed like a sapphire and yet again, his tongue inched across his lips. 

    “So beautiful…” He praised, hands tracing the sides of her waist. Coming to settle on her hips, she was glad when he lifted up to sit. Teasing the skin of her neck with his lips, his tongue followed, licking across the slender column. 

    “Mine…” He breathed, settling kisses against her ear. Nibbling on her ear lobe, she couldn’t help but squirm with a small giggle. He returned with a gentle laugh, eyes twinkling. She pushed him back to lay and soon joined him, skin to skin…flesh to flesh. Content, she sighed against him as his arms came around her. She felt safe…loved…desired… Glancing down the expanse of his body, the last object of her desire lay. 

    Though loose, his breeches still remained on him. Licking her lips, she looked at the large lump for a long time. Though she was nervous, she wanted to explore it too. She wanted to know it, feel it, taste it. She wanted to take it inside of her. Lifting eyes upward, she blushed as their eyes met. A single finger parted his lips and exposed a fang. She…she could put aside her fears…Now…now she just wanted them to make each other feel good. 





    “P-please….please d-don’t do this….” Funny, he never took Alexander Nolan as a man to cry. But here he was, on his knees before him… begging. Yet his pleas were ignored as he stood by the fire, watching as the brass started to grow hot. 

    “I’m sure that’s what they all said to you. Yet you now have the nerve to beg.” He mused, waiting until the brass glowed a fiery red. Pulling it away from the fire, he turned to face the trembling man. 

    “You enjoyed every moment of it didn’t you? Watching the flesh peel away.” 


    “Stand up.” He barked, making the man jump. 

    “Bend over.” 

    “L-L-Lord S-S-Sev-v-vera-a-a p-please…” Again, he was there to him in an instant and shoved him down over the table. 

    “When Zadie begged you to stop raping her… did you stop?” 

    “Please…Kieran…” Now, the man openly cried, weeping like a child. 

    “When the slaves begged you to stop torturing them…did you stop?” 


    “When I begged your handlers to stop their experiments and their abuse upon my body…did they stop?” He continued to cry but found his head yanked up. 

    “Answer me you sodding piece of shit.” 


    “Right. You didn’t.” Screams drifted up from the man as he pressed the red hot poker against one of his buttocks. He squirmed and clawed the table, his cries of agony filling the room. Removing it, he pressed it to the other buttock, causing more tortured anguish and screaming. Slowly, he backed away as he admired his handiwork. Both of which were covered in blood, the distinct mark of the poker burned deep into the tissue and muscle. Sniffling, the man continued to shake, eyes wide with terror and agony. 

    “Now, continue your tale. What happened next?” 




    “Are you frightened my love?” His question roused her from her staring. Cheeks equally as warm and rosy as hers, he had sat still, legs crossed as she’d observed his manhood. 

    “Ah…it’s…big.” Chuckling, he grinned, eyes twinkling. 

    “I’m flattered.” Swallowing, she glanced down at it again. It was strangely beautiful. Unlike that of Nolan…curiously he had no skin to be pulled back. The whole of the rod stood near straight up, flushed in pretty shades of red and pink. The top of it reminded her of a mushroom, ripe and ready to eat. It had girth yet had length…a most interesting combination of both. And further down laid a sac, clothed in the same color. 


    “Yes my sweet?”

    “Will it fit inside?” 


    “A-all of it?” Reaching across, he took her hand and gave it a gentle kiss. 

    “Yes.” Swallowing, she gasped as suddenly it twitched, the whole of the shaft moving upward. 

    “Oh…it…it moved…” With a laugh, he smiled, teeth and fang showing.

    “It’s just excited.” Pressing kisses to her wrist, he nibbled the skin. 

    “It wants to be inside of you. That’s all.” 

    “Ah…” Licking her lips, she took his hand and pulled it up to her cheek. 

    “Will you show me? Please…” He leaned towards her and kissed her, taking her bottom lip between his teeth. Slowly, he guided her fingers to his mouth, soon sucking on them. When he decided it enough, intertwined hands slid down and together they grabbed hold of his phallus. First over the head, the soft strokes making his brow crease and a breathy groan leave his throat. Seeing pleasure come over him was breathtaking to watch. The small little groans, breaths and sighs coming from him made her bite her lip.

     Further down, they took hold of the meat of it, to her delight soft silky veins also. They stroked slow at first, simply enjoying the feel of their fingers together. She kissed him again, allowing their tongues to play against another. Groaning into her mouth, he moved her hand a bit faster. Tearing his lips from her, he panted and sighed, pressing his face against her neck. Curiously, a bead or two of satiny dew appeared there at the top and she licked her lips, eager to taste it. At once he made their hands to stop, breathing heavily against her. 

    “I don’t want to come so soon…not yet.” He breathed against her with a kiss to her neck. Smiling, she swiped the top with a thumb, making him jolt a bit. Bringing it to her mouth, she satisfied her desire. Slightly salty, it wasn’t unpleasant. Biting her lips to shreds it seemed, finally she was made to lie on her back. She expected him to open her legs and put it inside but he did not; instead pressing soft loving kisses to her lips, cheek and further to her neck. 

    “You’re a star of Euris, lovely and fair. Daughter of beauty and innocence, you shine so bright. I fear I may never catch up to your light.” Blinking, she knit her eyebrows at the foreign language that spilled from his mouth with such sweet passion. 

    “What?” Nuzzling her, he smiled. 

    “I’m just in awe of you my sweet. How one can be so heavenly as though she herself be an angel.” She blushed as he leaned down to press his face against her breasts. Petite brown fingers slipped up and hid themselves in his hair. 



    The man trembled like that of a leaf. His body was naked, cuts, deep gashes, bruises and burns scattered across him. Sighing, he glanced down at the pitiful lump of human flesh. Kneeling, he lifted his face, black and blue some spots yellow. 

    “Seems our tale has finally come to an end hasn’t it?” Nolan whimpered like that of a wounded animal in reply, causing him to sigh. 

    “I should just put you out of your misery.” His eyes widened as his eyes grew a deep bright blue and his lips smiled to reveal his teeth. 

    “But then what fun would that be?” Without a moment spared, he went straight for his neck, fangs sinking down into his flesh. A startled scream left his lips and he tried, weakly, to push him off but the hand that gripped his neck held him fast. He drank of his blood, filled sweetly with terror, a little while longer before detaching. Inaudible wet choking filled the room and he watched with a sick pleasure as Alexander Nolan bled out, little by little until a small pool of blood began to form underneath him. Lifting a single clawed finger, he pressed it against his chest. 

    Slicing through the thin skin, he felt his body jerk, his eyes once again wide, mouth ajar. A strangled scream bubbled up in his throat as he watched him cut open his chest. Reaching in, he wrapped wet bloody fingers around his heart and slowly pulled it out. To his amazement, his eyes remained on him as he lifted the organ to his mouth to take a bite, blood spilling out and over his chin and neck. But he grew pale and lifeless not a moment later, blood still squirting out onto the carpet. 

    Taking his fill of the blood filled cavity, he let the mass fall from his fingers onto the floor and severed his head from his shoulders. Lifting it up, he placed it up onto the mantle where once Zadie’s picture had once lived. Blue eyes smiled and a tongue licked lips. Now, to wait for the good Lady Nolan to arrive. 



    She gripped the grass above her head with a moan and arched her back. Opening her eyes, they drifted downward. Having taken his time with her breasts, lovingly kissing, touching, squeezing sucking and licking…he’d kissed his way down her body. Lips had pressed against her here, there, on her ribcage. Breath heavy upon her skin, further he went in his descent of her body, laying open mouthed kisses to her hips, thighs and lower legs. She wiggled her nose at the way his hair tickled her and reached down to smooth it back from his face but for a moment. Kissing the palm of her hand, he came up onto his knees, causing her heart to beat sporadically in her chest. 

    Leaning down over her, he pressed a simple kiss against her stomach and then one right above her triangle. Gently, he slipped a hand down and under her knee, slowly lifting it up. His kisses had not ceased as he moved his head to the side, adorning her now lifted thigh. Ever so softly, he bit into the flesh, careful not to let his fangs pierce her. Eyes drifted up to hers and at her soft calm breathing lifted her other leg with the same process. 

    Slowly, he came back up to rest on his knees. With a strong pull, he forced her body to come closer to him, taking her by surprise with a gasp. His gaze never left hers, not as he spread her legs, as wide as she could go. It felt like her entire face had a ray of sunshine within it as she watched his gaze finally drop. She felt nervous all of a sudden…self conscious…nerve wracked. But as she watched hunger intensify on his face, his tongue slip across his lips, she let it pass. He looked at her as if she were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. 

    “You’re divine…simply magnificent my sweeting.” His warm breath drew nearer as he lowered on all fours, prepared to feast at her table. He nearly salivated, tongue yet again licking his lips. 

    “This place is so lovely.” He spoke with a kiss against the bush of hair. Letting his tongue tease her inner most thigh, he sucked on the skin, drawing a slight moan from her. 

    “A flower has bloomed at last, ready for my mouth.” His breath upon her had her wiggling some, heart sure to come out of her chest. 

    “Pretty blushing petals. How they’ve spread…covered in the nectar of your desire and want.” His words excited her, causing her to throb. His lips kissed them, tongue teasing the entire short length of them before finally taking the delicate offering into his mouth to suck. Her back arched again and she moaned softly. Letting his tongue travel down, he teased the opening to her cavern, glistening with such sweet inviting dew. Tasting of it, he pressed his face against her as he slipped the tip of his tongue inside enough to make her nearly scream, her sighs and pants pleasing to him. 

    “Oh….mm…mmm….” Spreading the nectar across his lips, he gladly inched up towards the most endearing little pearl, deciding it too was ready for him now no longer hiding. Kissing around the sensitive flesh, he drove her mad with his teasing, not touching it quite yet. But when he decided to play no more, he allowed himself to swirl around it in slow soft circles. 

    “Oh God…mmm….” She moaned above him, bucking against him as he licked the very top of it with the flat of his tongue. A most beautiful sound of abandon left her then and in it he detected the possibility of tears. Feasting on the pearl a bit more with slow soft and much firmer licks, he closed his mouth around it, sucking with a hungry force. Her hips gyrated against him and he followed her movements, delighting in the eyes that rolled back. He let one of her thighs go, instead followed the path down her quim with a lone finger. Teasing her entrance again with the tip of his finger, he slowly inserted it. How quickly she seemed to draw him in to the knuckle and the thought of filling her with his shaft made him groan against her. Slowly, he thrust into her, now licking her pearl. 

    “Kieran….oh…oh God.…” He increased the pace and soon she couldn’t say a word. He could feel her oncoming orgasm and soon heard her cry out, her abundant wine slipping down across his hand.  Pulling it from her throbbing warm wetness, he gave a few small strokes to his manhood before lifting. Coming to lay beside her, he pulled her nice and close and kissed her deeply. Moaning into his mouth, she welcomed the slight pull of her derriere back against him. Reaching up, she slid fingers into his hair. 

    “May I?” He asked, voice soft yet throaty as he glanced down at her, blue eyes gentle. Swallowing, she nodded. 

    “Yes…please.” He pressed himself against her opening and wrapped arms around her, taking her lips as he began to enter her. She grew still for a moment but soon tried to relax, discomfort on her face. Making her look at him, he continued, taking in the trust, love and desire in her eyes. He bit his lip, pushing the last bit of himself inside her with a groan. She tightened her grip on his forearm, moaning softly. The look on her face was exquisite and he wished he could capture it and hold onto it for eternity. Neither one of them moved for a short while yet, savoring one another. She felt so perfect, warm and wet, so soft and tight. He wanted to come right then and there…her body lovingly welcoming him in. 

Pressing his hand to her breast, she reached up to sink tiny nails into his bicep. She didn’t understand how all at once she could feel so full… so complete. It was such a satisfying feeling. Wiggling her derriere back against him, she drew up a couple tormented groans from him. Reaching down, he lifted her leg, securing a solid grip just under her knee. Taking his other arm, he slipped it down and across her, keeping them pressed so closely. At his tentative thrust, she gasped. But it was the much more hard thrust that had her seeing stars. Throwing her head back, she felt tears suddenly prickle the corner of her eyes.      

    “Oh God….dear God in heaven…” She cried out as he pleasured her more, deeper, faster. The wet slap of their bodies intoxicated her and she could only dig her nails into his arms. Taking her breath, he slowed at once, making her spin. Reaching up to grab her stomach, he took the other hand and grasped her just under the chin. 

    “Zadie…” He groaned out, panting against her mouth. He began to thrust, holding her body still to receive his hard sure strokes. Her moans had grown loud, sweet and they were many. Grabbing hold of a bobbing breast, he took her mouth as the sound of their bodies clashing filled his ears. Swallowing her cries and sobs, he pulled away, pure ecstasy looking back at him. FEED MATE. BREED MATE. Leaning her head back a bit, he slowed his pace once more slow and deep. 

    “Kieran… please my love…please…” She begged, pushing back against him. 

    “Shall we come together then sweeting?” He asked with a soft kiss against her lips. 

    “I’m close and I think you are too.” Opening her eyes, she looked up at him, tears already slipped past the corners. 

    “Yes… please…make me come…” A slight throb from his shaft within made her hips move back against him. The slow strokes of before were gone in an instant and again he seemed to pound into her, hard deep and fast. 

    “Oh God…Kieran….Kieran…” She cried, squeezing him most forcefully. Kissing her carotid artery, he licked the salty sweet skin and gave her warning with a slight press of his fangs against her. 

    “Mm….my love…oh…oh…OH!” He sank his teeth down into her flesh nice and gentle, groaning as her sweet smooth pleasure filled blood filled his mouth. He kept his pace just a bit more, feeling the onslaught of his release upon him. A few deep strokes and he came with an almost dizzying force, releasing his seed into her. She gushed delightfully in return, her nectar soaking the both of their sex. Groaning against her, he drank a bit more from her, feeling quite full already before separating. Still, spurts of his seed came forth, filling her to the brim. Licking the puncture wounds, he kissed them tenderly. Lifting her mouth to his, he stayed a little while yet inside until finally, he withdrew. MATE FULL. To his satisfaction, some of his seed indeed came out of her, causing him to smirk. Limp and satisfied, she tried to catch her breath as he pulled her close.

    “Sleepy little one?” He whispered against her ear. 

    “Mm….” She vocalized, pressing the full cheeks of her derriere against him. Smiling against her, he slid a leg in-between hers and soon she fell asleep. 

End Notes:




A/N: Ah, the time we've all been waiting for. This chapter is layered with so many nuggets here wow. Who is really the monster here? The contrast (Y'all KNOW I LOVE ME SOME CONTRAST UGH) here is delicious. Who is beast and who isn't? We see two different sides of Kieran interacting in their respective rights simultaneously. It's CRAZY. Wow. It's like WHOA. And as for our good ole buddy ole pal Alexander Nolan... we too see a different side of him, one no one would have ever thought he had. This is probably one of my favorite chapters LOL. Just for THAT. 

Now, the love making bit. Y'all. Y'ALLLLLL *screams* I got legit chills writing it. It was so beautiful to me *sniff* It was everything I feel that a 'first time' should be. This was EVERYTHING. It's the whole entire chapter for me honestly. lol. 

Another update? Why of course hehe. Click next hehe 



sixteen. by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:




Eighteen Hundred and Twenty Six


    The wait was nearly impossible and her legs were starting to grow very antsy. By a grouping of trees she stood, eyes traveling the distance of the skyline. Hands clutched themselves tightly and her heart thrashed around wildly in her chest. Don’t go off on your own Lady Zadie! Let one of the maids accompany you. But yet she had traveled this while on her own. Rejecting even carriage. The trees began to sway in the breeze and it rustled her hair, uncovered from bonnet and pulled up from her neck. It had been a long time already. His journey away. And every minute she ached to hear word from him. 

    Sometimes she found herself satisfied. And others not at all. He’d taken a trip abroad to the Americas and his goal was to try to forge some sort of treaty with those of his kind residing there. But nevertheless, she couldn’t help but remember the events having led up to his departure. Kieran and her had never much fought the five years they had been wed. Disagreed perhaps. But never once had they had such a heated argument before. She had tried to understand it… tried to understand where his anger came from… his almost desperate desire to do things with the most tortured sense of urgency…never once slowing down for a moment.




    She felt her throat tighten and tears well up in her eyes as she watched his back retreat from her and her hands began to shake. Lowering sad eyes to her hands, she bit her lip. 

    “Lady Zadie…” Turning, she found a maidservant standing oft nearby. 

    “Please don’t take offense to this madam.” The young woman drew closer and slowly wrapped her arms around her. 

    “Though he be immortal, you must understand that you are not.” The simple truth of it rocked her. Of course she knew they were different. But not once had she allowed it to get in the way of them. She’d never once focused on it. Lifting fingers to her face, she batted the tears away in frustration. 

    “I know that!” 

    “Yes madam…well…it is not you he is angry at. Truly. He’s angry at time.” Swallowing, she leaned into the younger woman and closed her eyes. 

    “He does not want to lose you. Not to time. Not to man. Not to death itself.” Tears slipped down cheeks. 

    “If he could slow down the hands of time… if he could be human that he could live and die with you… I believe with my whole heart madam that he would.” She’d fallen for him so quickly and he with her. Their love was everything she’d wanted most. Passionate. Kind. Tender and gentle. And yet… it was cruel. To know that the one man she wanted most… she could only have him for a borrowed amount of time.

     She knew that one day the youth within her would fade and she’d grow old. Whilst he would not. He’d look the absolute same as the day they met, youthful and beautiful. She knew that she’d take her last breath, hands old and ailed and he’d watch the life fade from her until she was no more. None of this was fair. She hadn’t said a word as she allowed the maid to comfort her and for a couple days afterward. 





    Hold fast now Zadie. Just a bit longer now. Any moment. Holding her breath, she began to hear faint hooves beat against the ground. It was too far out to really tell. It could be anyone. Swallowing thickly, she felt herself grow anxious the closer the hooves got but soon she began to make out the shape of a rider. She could hear the beat of her heart straight up into her ears now as the sound of the hooves grew closer. Dear God…There she caught a glimpse of him… it was him… Emotion slipped forth and she could barely contain her tears as he spotted her there amongst the trees. Come to me my love. Please don’t make me wait any longer. And so, he neared, gaze intense and serious. 




    He never thought he’d be away as long as he had been but he had been searching. Sure the treaties with the families in the Americas went well. He had no doubt about that. Inside his heart, he burned with a fire. How was it that he could freeze time? How was it that he could exist in this world with the woman he loved more than anything? Settling the horse into an easy trot, he swallowed thickly. She was just as beautiful as the day he’d laid eyes on her. 

    Standing there under the guise of sunlight and shade, she held tight to her fingers, eyes full of yearning and tears. A dress made of cotton clothed her, a simple yet delicate brownish-red pattern. Slight puffed sleeves covered her entire arms and a modest scoop neck hem shielded her shoulders from him. Upon her head she wore a matching bonnet, a deeper darker red than the tones in the dress with a feminine lace flower stitched into the side.

     She was worth more than even rubies and gold he reasoned as he drew nearer until he had the horse stop in front of her. For a moment, they looked at each other, unspoken tension between them. Slowly, she lowered to the ground, her dress billowing prettily around her. Placing her fingers in her lap, she swallowed what he was sure were tears and spoke, her voice soft but strong. 

    “I am sorry.” To that, he knit his brows. 

    “For?” He asked, voice gentle. 

    “For having made this so difficult. For having displeased you.” At that, he couldn’t help but laugh. The action brought a confused blink to her eyes and she sat still as his face grew relaxed yet tender. 

    “You’ve not displeased me at all Zadie.” 


    “Our last meeting was…it was entirely my fault. I am most sorry for hurting you…I acted like an arse and you did not deserve one bit of it.” She looked down. 

    “I was afraid. The fear of having to live without you crippled me so much the very thought of it angered me.  Even so, you did not deserve the lashing my tongue gave you.” At that, her cheeks grew the most lovely shade of red. 

    “Zadie…” She looked up. 

    “Come to me.”  At once, she began to rise and slowly approached his horse. Watching her, he felt his heart swell up big as a ray of sun and smiled as she reached out to pet the animal, lips smiling gently. He had thought he had returned empty handed. For he hadn’t found anything… there was nothing he could do. He had found himself powerless. But as she lifted her hand from the side of the stallion to rest on his knee, he realized that he was none of those things.  While she was free to live and love and be, those of her brethren in the Americas faced a most brutal life of enslavement. It had saddened him to see so many humans treated as she once was. The time they had…he would be wise to cherish it. He breezed fingers across the underside of her chin and made her look at him. 

    “Forgive me for being a fool.” Leaning into his palm, she closed her eyes and sighed. 

    “I accept your apology.” She said with a teary glance upward. Pulling her chin closer, soon he allowed his hand to rest upon her head as she pressed her face against his thigh. Smiling against his breeches, she accepted the slow gentle caress of his fingers against her hair. 

    “Shall we go home my love?” He asked above her, voice serving to both soothe and arouse her. 

    “As you wish my Lord.” 

End Notes:

A/N: Short but impactful I'd like to think. It's been some years now since Zadie and Kieran have been married. I like to show the complexities sometimes with what I think a healthy relationship is. And it's absolutely normal to disagree and have arguments. Having the maturity to come forward, admit your wrongs and take accountability is everything. Being able to move and work past the issue at hand is not a one sided thing. I wanted to show that here. Up next guys is the last chapter of this work hehe. I hope you enjoy it~ 


seventeen. (epilogue) by DarkandLovely
Author's Notes:






    Laughter sprung up like wells of pure joy and it carried on the wind most sweetly. Eyes watched as a small child ran to and fro, lost there between the gardens. Skin a healthy peaches and cream complexion, the boy turned to see a man and a woman… those he called mother and father. One of which he had always been close to. Grinning a toothy grin, he disappeared under the wild grasses. 

    “Your heart is so kind. To take a boy that is not yours and father him.” The news of the orphaned Nolan boy had spread throughout high society as talk of his parents’ gruesome slayings had found its way into the daily news column. No word on who the killer was and the whole of it was mysterious and frightening. All the talk… all the pity…and yet no one offered to take him. Destined to be cast off into the street, he had stood. Knowing the taste of the blood that ran through his veins, he had been cautious… weary. But it was the way his wife seemed to cradle him to her, how the boy seemed to blossom like a little flower borne of love under her care. The sight had stayed with him for nights after. It was he, Marquess of Severa, who had offered his House and guardianship to the boy. Thus far, he seemed a bit spoiled but sweet and very curious. 

    Smiling, he slipped a strand of her curls behind her ear. 

    “How could I not? You were more of a mother to him than the vile woman who birthed him.” She returned his smile and looked oft into the distance, eyes searching for the boy they now called son. So different the three of them were and yet… no matter the world they lived in… here they had created and carved out a space made just for them… a paradise away from the outside. Taking the opportunity of her turned away eyes, he leaned in and pressed a kiss against her neck. A small girlish laugh giggled up from her mouth but as he did it again, teeth took hold of her bottom lip. 

    “Have you not already claimed my flower bed as your own My Lord? Have you not already filled it with seed that saplings may grow?” Playful dark eyes glanced up at her, lips situated in a sultry teasing smirk. 

    “Indeed I have.” 

    “And yet you have nerve to be greedy? When one already grows within me?” The chuckle against her lips was warm and seductive, the lips that kissed hers full of intoxication and desire. 

    “I shall never lose my want of you Zadie. The hunger to have you will always possess and take hold of me.” She blushed prettily but allowed his mouth to take hers, tongue soon playing against hers. 

    “The fruit of our love dwells inside of you. I can’t express the joy I feel.” Laying back against the silks, she took his hand and placed it upon her belly. 

    “I am happy that you will give me the most precious gift a woman can have. That of motherhood.” Leaning down, he pressed his forehead against hers. 

    “It is you who will gift me with new life my love. You are the one to thank.” Pecking her lips sweetly, he lifted up and helped her sit up, only to pull her against him. Together they watched the boy laugh and swat at the billowing grasses. The birdsong served to dizzy them with an almost ethereal happiness. 

    “Mummy! Look!” A small hand lifted and she laughed, pressing her hand against her mouth as she slowly stood. It wouldn’t be long before her belly grew much too big for her to move well on her own so she would take advantage of it while she had it. 

    “What have you got there Eddie boy?” Eyes watched as the small woman started for the boy, welcoming his little face against her growing stomach. He would enjoy this life they had built. A long life ahead. And when the time came for it all to end, he had decided to go with her into the next phase of life. Aonghas already had the instructions as what to do; a case of unused silver bullets lying for the right time. It was okay with him at the end. As long as he had her he would be content. So long as they took care to keep out the monsters.






End Notes:

A/N: AHHHHHHHHH WE DONE LOL. Y'all. I know that this was a VERY uncomfortable read for us all. It was difficult in parts to write but we made it. Thank you for coming on this short but poignant journey with me. I appreciate it. They got their happy ending YAYYYYYYY hehehehe. They both deserved it hehe. Glad I could give that to them! hehe. I haven't made the announcement yet but I have ALSO finished Of Tales and Sorrow:Curse (pt. 1) as well. I been writing SO MUCH these past couple of weeks. These stories needed to come out of me. And now that they have, I will rest and focus on other things for a while hehe.

Thank you guys for your support, all of those who respect my writing process and my craft as a creative. It means so much. I know that I can go long periods wthout writing but those of you who still decide to support even still... I appreciate and love you. Thank you for always staying by my side and supporting me in ALL that I do, no matter how long it takes. As they say, greatness takes time lol. And you guys know I've stated time and time again that I will NOT write unless it is the right time/I feel led to. I won't commit to something if I know I won't be able to put my whole being and heart/soul into it hehe. So, yes. Just wanted to make that disclaimer. 

I hope you have enjoyed the read hehe and catch you on the updates to finish out Of Tales and Sorrow hehe. Bye bye~




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