MEANT TO BE by marchpisces92

Stop your boss from committing suicide. It might result in him falling in love with you.

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WARNING:Ladies if you are seriously contemplating suicide or have thoughts of suicide please reach out for help. Stay in touch with family and friends, find a support network, and talk with a counselor.

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ONE by marchpisces92


"I have feelings for Sabrina"


"I have feelings for Sabrina Ellis"

Craig Williams gave a hearty laugh; however Piero Morrone didn't find anything amusing about what he said in fact he was pretty fucking serious.

Craig had been his best friend since elementary school and even now at thirty-three they were still thick as thieves. However Craig always had a tendency to be a jokester and not take him seriously.

"Piero are you hearing yourself man?"

"I'm pretty fucking serious"

"Okay, okay, I hear you" Craig said "it's just you've never been the type of white guy to be into black women"

Craig did have a point; Piero's dating history consisted of stick figured white women. Ranging from platinum blonde to regular brunette. His late wife Valentina had been a little curvy and was a red head; but that was about as diverse he got.

"Brina is different"

"Oh so she's Brina now?"

Shit he only called her that when he was masturbating or having one of his many fantasies about her.

"The point is she's different" Piero said, "her race does not mean she's not a gorgeous woman"

"She is fine" Craig agreed, "if I wasn't already married I'd want to tap that ass too---"

"But you are" Piero cut him off "I don't think Angela would appreciate you lusting after another woman"

"This is about Valentina isn't it?" he asked raising his eyebrow at his friend getting to the root of the issue.

Craig patted his shoulder gently and reassured "Piero that wasn't your fault; you can't keep beating yourself up about that"

"If I had been the one to pick up Noelle she'd still be here," Piero said, "my daughter needs her mother"

"Life is unpredictable man" Craig insisted, "who knows what could have happened"

"The important thing is that you're here for Noelle" he went on to say "and she's a cute little girl looks just like Valentina too"

Piero chuckled "Ellie can be a handful sometimes"

"What three-year-old isn't?"

It was true Piero had a hard time telling Noelle no sometimes. It was like the word no was not in her vocabulary because of how much he spoiled her. The teen years will certainly be interesting..

"Then again if it weren't for Sabrina I could be dead right now too" Piero said "she's the one who stopped me from jumping out that window"

"Wait a minute" Craig spoke up "you never told me that man"

"It's true" Piero said "I already had one leg out the window when she came in the office"

"Why did she come in the office?"

"The preschool called to remind me to pick up Ellie but I wasn't picking up so they called the office instead" Piero explained, "Sabrina was coming to let me know"

"So what did she do?"

"She immediately came over and dragged me out of the window"

"Just like that?"

"Well no" Piero said, "I'm 6'2 and I weigh 220. She's maybe 5'5 and weighs probably 160"

"So it was a struggle then?"

"It sure was" Piero said "in fact I ended up falling on top of her and broke her arm"


Ouch was right. Sabrina had to wear a cast for six weeks due to his shear weight crushing it. Luckily the benefits package through the company covered the costs. While her arm was healed now there were times Piero could see her rubbing it and flexing her fingers. More than likely she probably needed physical therapy.

"Yeah she says that it's no big deal but I'm not buying that shit for a minute"

"Sabrina never likes to show any weakness or vulnerability"

"Why not?"

"Just because"

"It doesn't anything to do with that strong black woman bullshit narrative does it?"

"Look at you" Craig said impressed "what you know about strong black woman narrative? I guess you really are sprung"

"Yeah well I'm going to invite her and her daughter up to the my cabin in the Poconos to spend the holidays with me and Noelle"

"Are you certain she'll accept?"

"Yes" Piero said confidently "besides Christmas Eve is the girls' birthday"

It was true both Piero's daughter and Sabrina's daughter shared the same birthday. Demetria was born December 24th 2014 while Noelle was an exact year younger born on December 24th 2015. So Demi would be turning five while Ellie would be turning four.

"Oh so now you're going to use those little girls as a ploy to get Sabrina up to that remote cabin all alone?"

"The girls will be there" Piero insisted, "there's only so much you can do with two little girls hanging around"

"Little girls don't stay up past midnight" Craig said, "two sexually charged adults do though"

"I just want to spend time with Sabrina and show her how much I appreciate her" Piero insisted "besides I already made the reservations"

"Whatever you say man" Craig replied "you better hope she agrees to it Rico Suave"


Sabrina Ellis was nervous.

Everyone knew that Piero only called people to his office to either fire them or to tell them that they were fired. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long she had to pick up Demetria and make dinner.

Approaching her boss's door Sabrina straightened out her sweater dress and took a deep breath. She had to calm down it probably wasn't anything serious. Once she felt relaxed Sabrina slowly opened the door.

"Mr. Morrone?"

Piero looked up from his paperwork to see Sabrina enter his office

"You wanted to see me?"

"Yes" he replied, "close the door behind you"

Sabrina wasn't sure why he would make a request like that since they were pretty much the only ones left here right now. She swore she heard the door lock behind her too.

"Have a seat Sabrina" Piero greeted her with a smile

"Is this important Mr. Morrone? I have to pick up Demi from her afterschool program"

"Call me Piero" Piero said "trust me I have to pick up my Ellie so this won't be long"

"I wanted to check up on you to see how you're doing"

"I'm fine"

"You could have fooled me" Piero said, "how's your arm holding up?"

"It's fine"

"You sure? I notice you rubbing it a lot and flexing your fingers. Are you seeing a physical therapist?"


"Why not?"

Sabrina frowned a little. She didn't think it was appropriate or any of her boss's damn business. She was a single mother she couldn't afford to see a physical therapist.

"Because I'm not"

"I think you should see one Sabrina" Piero said sincerely "at least one that accepts our insurance package"

"I appreciate the concern Mr. Morrone----"

"Piero" he insisted "Sabrina you saved my life you've earned the right to address me by my first name"

Sabrina bit her lower lip and Piero was curious to know if she bit her lip like that when a man was buried deep inside of her. Hell would she bite her lip like that when he would be buried deep inside of her because it definitely was going to happen.

"It was nothing"

"It was Sabrina" he said "I could dead right now if it weren't for you"

"What is it that you wanted to see me about?" Sabrina changed the subject

"Right" Piero said, "do you and Demi have any Christmas plans?"

"Not really" Sabrina "aside from her birthday on Christmas Eve; I don't plan on doing much. I'll be lucky to even give her a Christmas this year"

"It will be Ellie's birthday too"

"I know"

"We could celebrate the girls together"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm taking Ellie to my cabin in the Poconos for Christmas and New Years" Piero said "I'd love for you and Demi to join us"


"Because I'd like to show how much I appreciate you saving me"

"Mr. Morrone---"


"I don't think that would be appropriate" Sabrina said, "I don't want anyone here to get the wrong idea...I'm your're my boss"

Piero should have known Sabrina would be thinking of that. He wasn't blind to the office politics and while it was unspoken he knew that many of the other women hated Sabrina because of how closely she worked with him. It also didn't help that Sabrina was black too.

The other women came at Piero's dick like snakes in the grass when Valentina died and her body wasn't even cold in the ground yet. It was a huge turnoff meanwhile Sabrina had given Piero his space and continued her work.

The women who were so thirsty to get in his pants weren't there to stop him from taking his life....Sabrina was though.

"Nobody has to know"

Piero bit his tongue immediately at those words because the certainly sounded suggestive and Sabrina shifted uncomfortably in her seat. The last thing he needed was to scare Sabrina off or feel threatened.

"What I mean is we don't have to make a big deal about it"

"I don't know....can I think about it?"

"Of course" he said "but I do hope you'll consider"

Piero could already picture the four of them enjoying the holidays. Demetria and Noelle being spoiled with both birthday and Christmas presents. Playing in the snow. Baking cookies to leave for Santa. Decorating the tree. Sitting in front of a roaring fire.

Piero was really imaging them as...well as a family.

"Mr. Morrone I have to go now"

"Right" he said, "if you do decide to come you don't have be so formal"

"I'll keep that in mind"

As painful as it was Piero watched Sabrina leave and was praying that she would say yes. After all Christmas was three weeks away now and he wanted her. He wanted Sabrina in every way possible. The memory of her saving his life played over and over and over in his head.


Piero unfastened the latch on the window and pulled it up. The window went up as far as it could possibly go he would have to just bend his tall frame down in order to fit through.

He couldn't do it anymore.

He couldn't go on anymore.

He should have been the one in the car.

His daughter should still have her mother.

Valentina wasn't here anymore.

It was a breezy October day as the strong wind came blasting through the window. The papers on Piero's desk were now flying around in the room like crazy but he didn't give a damn. It wasn't going to matter soon.

Piero swung one of his legs out the window. He could barely feel the window's ledge with his foot, which was good because it would make his fall swift and fast. He would be dead in just a few seconds.

"Mr. Morrone?"

"Mr. Morrone Sunny Tots is calling to remind you to pick up Ellie----MR.MORRONE!"


Sabrina immediately dropped her clipboard and rushed over to him


"Sabrina please just leave---"



Piero didn't mean to yell at Sabrina but he really needed to get his point across that he was committed to this. Before Piero could get his second leg out the window Sabrina quickly wrapped her arms around his torso. It was tug of war at this point.


Sabrina refused and she gathered all the strength inside of her to pull Piero back into the office. He lost his footing from outside of the window as Sabrina practically dragged him back in the office.

Sabrina tripped backwards on a roll in the office rug and fell to the floor. Due to gravity Piero fell right on top of Sabrina and both of them could hear a very loud pop.


"Sabrina! Are you okay?"

Piero immediately got off of Sabrina and she also tried to get up but fell back again

"My arm!" she cried

"Shh" Piero comforted "don't try to move it okay"

"Do you think it's broken?" she asked scared her eyes were wide with fear now

A little bit of blood tinted Sabrina's sleeve so it was safe to say her arm was broken.

"I'm going to call 911"


"No buts Sabrina"

"Mr. Morrone they're going to question what happened"

Sabrina did have a point. It certainly wasn't a good look to have an assistant with a major injury like a broken arm on the floor of her boss's office.

It was then Piero realized Sabrina was thinking of their jobs more than her injury.

This woman literally just saved his life stopping him from making a permanent decision to end it and broke her arm and she was worried about their jobs.

It was because she was a single parent too. Their daughters were only a year apart.

"Nevermind that for now Sabrina" Piero said picking up the phone "let's focus on getting you medical attention"

The ambulance arrived to get Sabrina to the hospital and Piero went to go pick up Noelle. He also picked up Demetria from her preschool as well and the little girl must have asked him a thousand times if her mother was okay.

Piero had to reassure Demetria that Sabrina was just fine. He also let her know that her mother was very brave and they would be able to see her real soon as they sat in the waiting room. Noelle tried to get Demetria to play with her but she wasn't really that engaged.

Once Sabrina had gotten some scans of her arm and it was put in a cast; Demetria was permitted to see her.


Piero swore the minute Demetria saw Sabrina she toddled over to her bed; and her mother embraced her with the one arm that wasn't in a cast. Piero scooped Noelle up in his own arms and planted a kiss on her chubby cheek. Guilt washed over him.

Sabrina was the real hero in the room.

All of their lives could have drastically changed if Piero went through with his selfish decision. Sabrina would have been out of a job to support her and her daughter. Noelle would have became an orphan and a ward of the state.

As much as Piero missed Valentina he now realized that he was meant to be here for Noelle. Hell Noelle was meant to be here herself as she had survived the car crash that took her mother's life.

Perhaps Piero was meant to be here for Sabrina and Demetria as well.

It was then Piero realized that he was growing feelings for Sabrina Ellis.

Maybe even loved her.






TWO by marchpisces92


"Mommy can we have peanut butter and jelly for dinner?"

"Peanut butter and jelly for dinner? Didn't you have that for lunch Miss Demi?"

"I like peanut butter and jelly"

Sabrina couldn't help but smile at Demetria as she giggled; she couldn't believe her little girl would be turning five in a few weeks on Christmas Eve. Time was moving so fast Sabrina could barely keep up; Demetria would be old enough for kindergarten next fall.

"You're going to turn into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich" Sabrina teased Demetria playfully; and the little girl laughed.

"I'll make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Demi"


Sabrina froze in her tracks and a chill ran down her spine at the sight of Trent Jackson at her apartment door with a grin on his face. What the hell was he doing here? He wasn't supposed to be here. How did he find them?

Her stomach turned watching Trent scoop up Demetria and kiss her on the cheek.

This was the same man who didn't give a shit about their daughter because he wanted a "junior" not a girl.

The same man who lost his job when Sabrina was still pregnant with Demetria and became verbally and emotionally abusive. Sabrina had to work up until she gave birth.

Trent had been so obsessed with having a son that he had tried to get Sabrina to have sex even when she was still healing from Demetria's rather difficult birth.

Demetria had unfortunately had colic as a baby and had episodes when she cried and cried and cried. Sabrina caught Trent literally shaking Demetria to a point where it got violent all because he had been annoyed with her crying. If Sabrina hadn't intervened Trent could have killed their daughter.

Outside of the blatant mistreatment of Demetria; Sabrina had also been a punching bag for Trent. How she didn't "hold him down" while he was getting his music career off the ground. A black woman is supposed to hold down her black kind no matter what.

Sabrina was more concerned with steady employment and keeping a roof over Demetria's head and food in her belly. So their daughter could have all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches her heart desired. Trent was a grown ass man and needed to act like it but refused to step up and let go of his "music career"

Sabrina had suggested that perhaps Trent actually go to community college and look into possibly being a music teacher; but he scoffed at that idea he wanted to be a rapper. 

Shortly after Demetria turned two Sabrina had enough of Trent and she divorced him and gained full custody of their daughter. The paperwork to get her maiden name back was a lot but it was even more challenging to change Demetria's last name from Jackson to Ellis. It was worth it though.

When Sabrina and Demetria moved out she didn't even get child support from Trent. She wanted nothing to do with him and didn't find him to be a suitable father for Demetria.

His mother and his sisters who obviously coddled him since he was the only boy in the family scolded her for not "giving him another chance" despite the fact that Trent was laying up in their houses between all three of them.

Sabrina was pissed to see Trent and wanted him gone now.

"Mommy look Daddy's here!"

It was amazing how forgiving children were because Demetria hadn't seen her father in well over a year and didn't have any clear memories of Trent's abuse; so of course she was excited to see him.

It broke Sabrina's heart because Demetria deserved to have a father in her life and she wanted her daughter to have that but Trent just wasn't it.

"Daddy my birthday is coming up!"

"I know" Trent said the look on his face said otherwise "you're turning four right?"

"No Daddy I'm turning five" Demetria corrected him holding all five of her fingers

Sabrina couldn't be more disgusted; Trent didn't even keep track of their child's age.

"Daddy are you coming over for my birthday?"

Trent then looked up at Sabrina in the eye chuckling and slickly said, "Well Demi that depends on what Mommy says; I'd love to come over for your birthday maybe Christmas too"

Demetria's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and immediately tugged on Sabrina's arm "Oh Mommy please! I want Daddy to come!"

Sabrina bit her lower lip and tried to keep it together for Demetria's sake but she was going to get to the bottom of this.

"Demi" Sabrina said softly but seriously "baby go inside okay I have to talk to your daddy alone for a minute"

"Mommy please let Daddy come"

"We'll see" Sabrina nipped it in the bud "inside young lady"

"Okay see you Daddy"

"See you around sweet pea"

Once Demetria was out of earshot inside of the apartment; Sabrina hissed at Trent

"You won't be seeing her at all"

"Well I already promised her" Trent manipulatively "hello to you too Sabrina"

"You didn't promise her shit" Sabrina said defensively "you never even wanted her"

Trent chuckled and pinned Sabrina against the wall and whispered in her ear

"You're right I didn't" he admitted "but we can get started on that junior I think Demi would love a little brother"

"Get off me!" Sabrina pushed Trent off of her trembling "don't fucking touch me!"

"Whoa" Trent said backing off of Sabrina "what's wrong with you Brina---"

"Don't call me that"

Trent chuckled and snorted at the same time

"Funny that pussy used to get real wet when I called you---"

"That was then and this is now" Sabrina cut him off "what the hell are you doing here Trent? What do you want?"

"I want you and Demi back in my life"


"What do you mean bullshit?" Trent said "don't act like you don't need a man when you obviously do"

"I don't need a man like you"

"You could have used a man when you broke your arm a few months ago"

Sabrina paused and a chill went down her spine.

"How did I find out?" Trent read Sabrina's face "word gets around my sister Keisha told me"

Of course she did. Sabrina couldn't stand Keisha.

"Trent you need to leave and not come back"

"You don't want me?"


"You wanted me this time six years ago"

"I've changed" Sabrina replied "please leave before I call the police"

"You really going to call the police on a brotha in this day and age?" Trent guilt tripped her "you trying to make me another hashtag?"

"No I'm not Trent but I don't need you harassing me and my daughter"

"She's my daughter too" Trent argued "she might not be a boy but she still came out of my nut sack; hell you wouldn't even have her if I didn't fuck you"

"You're disgusting" Sabrina spat "how can you talk about Demi that way"

"It's true" Trent said "call the police I'll tell them you're keeping me from my child"

"I have full custody," Sabrina said defensively

"Those papers are more important than blood? Keeping a black child from her black father? Keeping her from her grandmother and aunts---"

"Don't use that black family shit to guilt trip me Trent" Sabrina said "I have custody to protect Demi from you or are you forgetting that you almost killed her"

"I did not," Trent said deflecting "I was trying to get her to stop crying"

"By shaking her like a ragdoll? She was six weeks old Trent!"

"That was then and this is now" Trent guilt tripped her "ain't that what you said? I've changed it's in the past"

"No Trent you haven't changed" Sabrina said firmly "please leave now"

"I can't give Demi a kiss goodnight---"


"Fine" Trent spat at her "this isn't over Sabrina I know where you live now and you can't keep Demi away from me forever"

Sabrina rubbed the arm that had broken when she saved Piero from committing suicide; she had strained it when she pushed Trent off of her. She watched Trent walk down the hall to the exit.

Even though Sabrina had put on a brave front now; she was scared. When Trent made a threat like that he meant it. Piero's Christmas invitation to the Pocono mountains was certainly looking more appealing now.


He took her mouth furiously and conquered her tongue.

She didn't object when he opened her blouse popping a few buttons in the process.

She didn't stop him when he opened the front clasp of her bra.

He took a hold of her breasts and started to knead them.

She moaned and called out his name as he took one of her nipples in his hot mouth and suckled until she was writhing in his arms. He treated her other nipple the same.

He unbuttoned her pants and slipped his hand inside her panties and stroked her slick folds seeking her weeping clit that lay in between.

"Do you get this wet and hot for anyone else? Do your nipples get this big and hard for anyone else? Who's name do you call out when you play with yourself?"

"Piero!" she panted as he interested two fingers in her tight entrance and his thumb rolled her clit.

He pinched one of her nipples as he sped up his penetrating fingers. She cried out again as her climax was quickly impending

"That's it Brina come for me baby!"




Piero woke up in the middle of the night once again with his erection in his hands and the mushroom head pealed with beads of semen. Damn he had it bad for Sabrina Ellis there wasn't a night that didn't go by that he didn't masturbate to her.

Groaning Piero got off bed and into the bathroom to clean himself up. It was 2 in the morning and he would have to be up for work in a few hours; he had to get back to sleep.

As Piero cleaned himself he noticed the collection of bath shampoos and perfumes that had belonged to Valentina on the vanity sink. It was the part of the sink that had been her half; the half where she stood when the two of them would get ready for the day each morning.

It was a lonely routine now as he stood at the sink by himself now on most mornings. On the weekends Noelle would toddle into the bathroom with her unicorn stepstool to "brush her teeth with Daddy" so at least Piero still had her.

Although brushing teeth with daddy usually consisted of Noelle singing silly songs and getting toothpaste everywhere but on her teeth; Piero cherished those moments

Piero loved Noelle very much but the love between him and Valentina was different.

The love between a father and daughter was one thing; but the love between a husband and wife was another.

Piero missed Valentina and he missed that type of love; his growing feelings for Sabrina were starting to spark that flame that Piero craved. A flame he greatly missed.

A tiny knock on the door broke Piero from his thoughts

"Daddy?" Noelle asked from the other side "are you having privacy?"

Piero couldn't help but smile a little he had been teaching his daughter proper bathroom etiquette. The almost four year old knew how to knock before opening when her father was in the bathroom. In vice versa Piero taught Noelle to let him know when she was having privacy when she was in the bathroom.

Piero pulled his pajama pants back up and opened the door to see Noelle clutching her stuffed unicorn to her chest with tears in her eyes.

"Ellie" he said "sweetie it's late why aren't you sleeping?"

"I had a bad dream Daddy"

"Oh? What was the bad dream?"

Piero scooped Noelle up and walked her back to her bedroom

"Mommy" she whispered "and the fast car"

The car accident from June really changed things for both Piero and Noelle. Who would have known that an accident would have cost Valentina her life. 

However since Noelle had been the car too it greatly affected her to a point where she had developed an anxiety for car rides and riding fast on the road. 

Piero didn't know what to do because he felt that at not even four years old yet Noelle was too young to see a therapist but perhaps he would have to look into seeing if child therapists saw children Noelle's age.

"I want Mommy" Noelle said as Piero laid her back into her bed

"I know you do," he said understandingly "I want her too"

"Why can't Mommy come back from Heaven Daddy?" she asked innocently

"Heaven is her home now Ellie" Piero tried to explain, "she's resting there now"

"Can't she come back home and rest?"

"She would have loved to have done that; but Noelle when people go to Heaven they don't come back"

"Not ever?"


Noelle frowned as she twiddled her unicorn's mane between her fingers and asked

"Are you going to go to Heaven too?"

"I'm staying right here with you Noelle"


"I promise"

Piero knew he would have to talk about his suicide attempt with Noelle once she got much older like in her teen years; but he it still pained him to know that he had almost left his daughter all alone.

"Mommy didn't want to leave you," he said sincerely

"She didn't?"

"No she didn't she loved you very much Ellie"

"I loved Mommy too"

Piero kissed Noelle on the cheek and pulled her unicorn blanket over her

"Alright Ellie Ladybug it's late" Piero "try to get back to sleep okay?"

"Okay Daddy"

"I love you"

"Love you too Daddy"

Noelle's birthday and Christmas was going to be different this year without Valentina and that's why Piero wanted to make it special for her. He didn't want his little girl hurting anymore.


Sabrina took a deep breath.

She could do this; she knew she could.

She knocked on Piero Morrone's office door and when he answered there was no turning back.

"Sabrina please come in"

"I won't take up too much of your time Mr. Morrone... since it's not work related"

"It's fine Sabrina what is that you wanted to talk about?"

Sabrina bit her lower lip

"Are you nervous?" Piero asked


"You always bite your lip like that when you're nervous" Piero noted, "it's okay"

"Right well um I thought about your invitation for Christmas in the Poconos"

"You've made your decision?"

"Yes" Sabrina replied "I'd love to come with all that's happened in the last few months I want Demi to have a nice birthday and Christmas; a change of scenery will do her some good"

"That's fantastic!" Piero smiled "I'll have to tell Ellie this evening she'll be so excited; she loves Demi like a sister"

"I know" Sabrina chuckled a little

"I hope you're accepting the invitation for you too Sabrina" Piero said sincerely "I know you'd do anything for your daughter but you deserve a change of scenery as well"

"Well I wasn't really thinking about that but I suppose you do have a point"

"Is everything okay?"

Damn Piero could read her like a book. Was she that obvious?

"Oh yes everything's fine"

"You can talk to me about anything Sabrina"

"I know" she said still guarded about the real reason she decided to go on the vacation. As long as Piero didn't find out about her situation with Demetria's sperm donor Trent everything would go smoothly.

"Well it's definitely going to be cold" Piero went on to say "make sure you pack accordingly; the forecast is calling for snow so it might a white Christmas after all"

"Right when are we leaving?"

"December 21st it will give us a few days to settle down; get into grove of things"

"Sounds like a plan"

"Well it's a vacation so you can relax Sabrina" Piero said "the minute we get to the cabin I'm not Mr. Morrone anymore; I'll be Piero. Okay?"


Yes this certainly would be a very interesting Christmas

THREE by marchpisces92


December 20th 2019

Sabrina folded up another one of her favorite sweaters and placed it in her suitcase. She folded another set of Demetria's pajamas into her little suitcase.

Most of the packing was finished so that tomorrow morning would be light packing.

Sabrina really hoped that this vacation would be what she and her daughter needed.

Although the only reason why she agreed to Piero's invitation was to get away from Trent. After Trent showed up to her apartment door the other day; Sabrina was already looking for another apartment to move in come new year.

She scared for both her safety and Demetria's. Sabrina had already explained to her daughter that they would be going on a winter wonderland trip for her birthday and Christmas. At first Demetria didn't want to go but the minute Sabrina mentioned Noelle she was on board.

"Ellie is coming too?!?"

Sabrina chuckled at the way Demetria's eyes lit up

"Yes Ellie is coming too" Sabrina confirmed, "her daddy invited both of us"

"I'm going to bring all my favorite games!"

"Well don't pack all your games" Sabrina told her "between your birthday and Christmas there will be plenty of toys and games"

It was getting late. Well it was only 8:30 but Demetria knew that in a half hour it would be her bedtime.

"Demi" Sabrina called out to her daughter who was parked in front of the television in the living room watching Princess and the Frog once again "Demi come on baby let's get your teeth brushed and get you ready for bed"

"Okay Mommy"

Sabrina went into the bathroom to get Demetria's stepstool ready at the sink when she hear her daughter talking on the phone.

"Hi Daddy!"

"Hey Demi"

Sabrina's heart dropped. She had told Demetria numerous times to never answer the phone but she was more annoyed with how Trent somehow got her number. She immediately raced out to the living room.

"Daddy guess what?"


"Mommy and I are going to the Pogo mountains"

"You mean Pocono mountains"


"Why are you going up there?"

"Mommy's boss invited us---"

"Mommy's boss?"

"Yeah do you want to come too Daddy? I can ask---"

Sabrina gently took the phone out of Demetria's hands and told her to go brush her teeth. She waited until Demetria was out of earshot before addressing Trent.

"How the hell did you get this number?"

"My mother" Trent said "said she's been trying to call you but you won't pick up she wants to see her granddaughter"

"Does she know that her granddaughter has an asshole for a father?"

"Since you want to play that game maybe you want to tell my mother how you plan on taking her granddaughter to some damn mountain with some stranger"

"That's not your concern Trent"

"The hell it ain't!" Trent spat back "your boss Sabrina? Really? Isn't he white? Are you fucking him---"

"No I'm not Trent but even if I was we're divorced and it would have nothing to do with you"

"You can be a white man's whore all you want" Trent said "don't be taking my daughter up to no damn mountain"

"You don't have a say in this Trent"

"I'm coming to get her"

"No you're not!"

"Think I won't? I'll be there in thirty minutes"

Trent hung up the phone and Sabrina felt her heart jump. Trent meant business and he knew that her weakness was Demetria.

She had to move fast now.

Sabrina dashed back to her bedroom and thanked God that most of the packing was finished. She could always stop and get toiletries and things of that nature but she really had to move it. She zipped up both the suitcases and grabbed her keys.

"Demi baby let's go," Sabrina said returning to the bathroom to see Demetria still brushing her teeth "let's get your coat on"

"Mommy I'm still brushing my teeth"

"I know" Sabrina said trying to keep calm "but sweetie we have to go---"

"Go where? I thought it was bedtime"

"It is" Sabrina reassured "we're just going to sleep somewhere else tonight okay"

"Okay" Demetria said as she put her arms in the sleeves of her purple coat

"Get your boots on and I'll tie them"

"Mommy I'm a big girl I can tie them myself"

"I know you can but Mommy is pressed for time"

"What's pressed for time mean?"

"It means Mommy has to move really fast" 

Demetria frowned a little; she didn't understand why she was in her pajamas with her coat and winter boots on.

"Are you okay Mommy?"

"I'm fine Demi" Sabrina said as calmly as she could "Mommy just needs to think"

"Why can't we sleep here?"

"Because we can't"


"Demetria Tamara Ellis" Sabrina gently scolded her "hush please let Mommy think and wait by the door okay"


Sabrina didn't mean to get cross with Demetria but she had to get them out of here as soon as possible. Sabrina needed to get all of their items together because this could very well be the last time they'd ever come back to this apartment.

With that in mind Sabrina got the safe box that contained all of Demetria's medical records, birth certificate, social security card etc. It included Sabrina's information as well. She gathered all of the luggage, took Demetria's hand, and locked the apartment door.

Sabrina even took the spare key that was under the front door mat because she didn't want Trent getting into the apartment at all. Rushing out into the cold December night air to her car; Sabrina immediately put Demetria in her car seat and told her to buckle up.

Demetria now sensing and knowing her mother's urgency did as she was told and Sabrina gave her favorite doll to hold to keep her calm. Sabrina quickly put both of their suitcases in the trunk and was ready to go. Just as she was pulling off much to her confirmed fear Trent was pulling into the parking lot as well.

Sabrina put her car in reverse immediately as Trent got out of his car and he yelled out at her.


"Mommy it's Daddy!" Demetria squealed from the back seat scared now

"I know baby just sit tight for me okay?"


"Daddy said a bad word Mommy!" Demetria continued her back seat report

Sabrina hit the gas hard as soon as she backed out of the parking space to leave and Trent got back in his car to follow her.

Sabrina was probably breaking a lot of speed limit laws but she had to get away from Trent. Luckily she eventually lost him in traffic and she made her way to the nearest gas station on the other side of town.

Once there Sabrina checked on Demetria and made sure she was okay and apologized to her for becoming upset with her. Demetria simply accepted her mother's apology and said, "It's okay Mommy you were pressed for time"

Sabrina smiled weakly and kissed Demetria on the forehead


"Yes Demi?"

"Why was Daddy chasing us and calling you a bad word?"

"It's nothing for you to worry about let Mommy handle that"

"Is Daddy mad at us?"

"Just me baby" Sabrina said, "Daddy is mad at me but I can handle it"

Demetria nodded although she was still unsure

"Mommy has to get some gas and make a phone call; do you want a pretzel?"

"Yeah with extra mustard"

"Extra mustard it is then Miss Demi"

Once Sabrina got a full tank of gas and got Demetria her pretzel from the gas stations mini mart; she leaned against the hood of her car to call the one person she believed could help her now.


"Daddy how will Santa find us if we're not here for Christmas?"

"Santa will find us Ellie trust me"

"He will?"

"He will"

Noelle Valentina Morrone gave her father a skeptical look and Piero couldn't help but chuckle at his daughter's face

"Santa always come to our house though" she tried to make sense of the situation

"And this year he'll be coming to our cabin in the mountain"

"But Daddy how will he find us?"

"With his map and reindeer of course"


"Yes Ellie"

"Will Santa be able to bring me a new mommy?"

Piero didn't know how to answer that very spefic question

"I don't know" he said honestly "I'm sure he'll do everything he can though"

"I've been a really good girl though"

"Yes you have" Piero noted "I'm sure Santa won't let you down"

Noelle smiled

"Alright Ellie Ladybug bedtime"

"I'm almost four," she said between yawning, "bedtime is for babies"

"I'm pretty sure four year olds still need a bedtime" Piero chuckled

"Not me"

"Okay Miss Stubborn" he scooped her up "if I put you to bed right now you won't be out like a lamp?"


"How about we read a storybook then?"

"I wanna pick it"

"Alright then you pick it and I'll read it"

Piero smiled as his daughter made her way to her little bookshelf to pick out a book and he had his fingers crossed that she wouldn't pick Amelia Bedelia again. Noelle loved that book but Piero could only reason the same story over and over again.

Just as Noelle was picking out a book; Piero's cell rang. When he saw who it was he got up to exit the room.

"Ellie sweetie you pick out the book and Daddy will be right back to read okay?"

"Okay Daddy"

"Don't fall asleep now"

"I won't," she giggled

Piero went down to his bedroom and closed the door and answered the call

"Hello Mr. Morrone"

"Sabrina? It's late is everything okay?"

"" she replied, "no it's not okay"

"Where are you? Are you outside?"


"Sabrina talk to me"

Piero was getting worried. Sabrina Ellis never called him this late unless it was work related. Obviously something was wrong because Sabrina wasn't the type to just call for no reason.

"It's Demi's father" she said slowly "I had to leave...he...he threatened to take her"

Piero sat down this was definitely a lot to take in and he could hear Sabrina on the verge of tears now

"I wasn't going to tell you but....but...well really the only reason I agreed to come was to get Demi away from him...he doesn't love her nor care about her.....he just wants to hurt me"

"He already chased us across the city" Sabrina continued, "I don't know where he is now but I know he's still following me"

"I literally took everything from my apartment that I thought was important...I just....I can't go back"

"Sabrina tell me where you and Demi are" Piero said "I can't leave Ellie here by herself but I can give you some directions to my place"

"I don't want Trent to come and bother you and Ellie maybe I should find a motel---"

"No fuck that Sabrina" Piero said gently but firmly "this Trent guy has a better chance at finding you at a motel than at my place; he won't find you here I promise"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes and we'll alert the authorities and leave for the cabin tomorrow"

Piero could hear Sabrina's long pause and he asked "Sabrina do you trust me?"

"Mr. Morrone I----"

"No Sabrina no more Mr. Morrone" he said patiently "do you trust me Piero the man you saved from committing suicide to help you?"

"Yes" she replied, "yes Piero I trust you"

Piero gave Sabrina the directions to his house and told her to call back if she got lost and he would be up waiting for her when she arrived.

Piero went to go check on Noelle and just like he predicted the little girl was fast asleep with that darn Amelia Bedelia book in her arms. He took the book and pulled the covers over her.

Demetria and Noelle were only a year apart so he couldn't imagine someone trying to forcibly take Noelle from him. He was glad that Sabrina was honest about the real reason she accepted his invitation; but he was a little disappointed that she didn't tell him from the start. Either way he was going to be there for her.

Piero went back downstairs and put on a pot of water so that Sabrina could have a hot cup of tea when she arrived. A gesture to let her know that she was safe with him.

FOUR by marchpisces92


December 20th 2019

Sabrina wished she could say she was surprised when pulled up to Piero's lovely suburban home. The man made good money so it wasn't a surprise he lived the way he did. The drive all the way up to Royersford took almost an hour but at least Trent wasn't on her trail at least for right now.

The neighborhood Piero lived in was gorgeous and houses were decorated for Christmas and looked pretty all lit up. Demetria had fallen asleep during the forty-minute drive. It was ten-thirty so well past her bedtime.

Piero was waiting on the porch and came down to meet the tired mother and child.

Just as Sabrina was about to wake Demetria; Piero stopped her

"It's okay," he whispered unbuckling Demetria from the backseat "it's late I can put Demi in Ellie's room; no need to wake her"

"Are you sure?"

"Positive" Piero reassured "her bed is big enough"


Sabrina watched Piero scoop Demetria up in his arms and a few tears rolled down her face. It had already been an emotional night but seeing Piero cradle her child in his arms made her heart pitter-patter. Sabrina honestly couldn't recall Trent ever holding Demetria that way; even when she was a baby.

The interior of the house was warm and welcoming. Piero helped Sabrina get Demetria as comfortable as possible for bed; getting her coat and boots off. The little girl was gently placed on the other side of Noelle who was equally fast asleep. It was precious.

"Don't be surprised if you hear giggling and shrieking in morning" Piero chuckled closing the bedroom door

"They'll be so happy to see each other" Sabrina agreed, "Demi wanted to bring half her toy chest...."

Piero caught Sabrina's free falling tear before it even got down her cheek.

"I'm sorry I just----"

"It's okay" he reassured "that must have been scary for you"

"Trent's never acted like that before"

"You're safe now Sabrina" he said, "let's get you settled too okay? Would you like a cup of tea? I put a pot of water on the stove for you"

"Yes I'd like that"


"....Thank you Officer"

"What did they say?"

"Apparently there's a warrant out for arrest for Trent Jackson" Piero said "the police were already aware of him so this will definitely have them be on alert"

Sabrina nodded as she twirled her spoon around in her cup of tea as Piero leaned in on the island table across from her to get direct eye contact from her. She was avoiding his eyes on purpose.

"Sabrina look at me" he said gently "did you really only agree to come on this vacation to get away from Trent?"

"I know it's not a good look---"

"No Sabrina what's not a good look is you not being honest with me from the start" Piero said "I would have gladly helped you just like I'm helping you now"

"I didn't want to.... I....well you didn't have to"

"Just like you didn't have to stop me from jumping out of that window"

Sabrina blushed "That's not the same though"

"You still showed that you cared"

"I guess....I um....well I know the girls are going to have a fun time" Sabrina said taking a sip of her tea

"They're going to have a wonderful time" Piero reassured "I'm just hoping you don't plan on using them as a shield from me"

Sabrina knew exactly what Piero meant by that; but she tried to deflect once more

"Would have invited any other woman from the office?"


"Really? Why not?"

"They aren't you Miss Ellis"

"Would you have taken your wife Valentina?"

"Yes I would have" Piero replied "in fact we had planned on going as soon as Ellie turned four or so; that way she'd be old enough to remember"

"So basically this Christmas?"


"I'm sorry"

"It's okay I see Valentina in Ellie everyday" Piero chuckled "I'm just her dad"

Sabrina smiled "She's very lucky to have you"

"I have you to thank for that because if I had jumped she wouldn't"

"Are we going to spend the whole trip walking on eggshells?"

"I was just about ask you the same" Piero said leaning in a little closer "I want you to have a good time Sabrina"

"I'll try"

"I don't want you worrying about this Trent guy either"

"I want Demi to have her father in her life it's just that---"

"He doesn't love her Sabrina" Piero cut her off gently "no father who loves his child would have threatened to take her away just to get you upset"

Piero was right. Sabrina knew Trent didn't love Demetria but she supposed she needed to hear it from someone else for it to really sink in.

Sabrina tried fighting back a yawn.



"I have an extra bedroom"

"You do?"

"It's a big house" Piero admitted "Valetina and I planned on having more children than Ellie; we were trying for another child before the accident"

"It will happen someday"

"I hope so I have to get to know the right woman first"

Sabrina immediately looked back down into her cup of tea again only to find it empty.........surly that wasn't a nod towards her was it?

"You can have some more tea in the morning for breakfast since it was so good" Piero teased her a little

After putting their mugs in the dishwasher Piero helped Sabrina get her overnight bag up to the spare bedroom and wished each other a goodnight.

"Get some rest Sabrina"

"Thanks Piero"

Piero was thankful that the guest room was way on the other end of the hall.

At the same time he wished that he could just take Sabrina into his room and hold her close and comfort her through the night.

Holding her close and comforting her by Piero's definition would involve having Sabrina's legs wrapped firmly around his waist and listening to her moan his name in pleasure.

It was best for him not to count his eggs before they hatch.


December 21st 2019




Sabrina was awakened by her daughter's constant finger jabbing and calling

Just like Piero predicted the girls were up and giggling together. Although she was tired Sabrina still greeted Demetria and Noelle with a smile.

"Mommy I woke up and found Ellie in my bed!"

"No I woke up and found Demi in my bed!"

"Good morning girls" Sabrina chuckled

"Demi let's go brush our teeth" Noelle said gently tugging Demetria's arm.

"Brush your teeth girls" Piero said who was standing in the door frame "breakfast is already going"

"Okay Daddy"

The girls scampered off down the hall to the bathroom and Piero turned to Sabrina

"I got some more of that tea going for you"

"Thanks I'm surprised the girls are up so early it's not even nine yet"

"Yeah but that's a good thing as soon as we're done breakfast we can get going" Piero explained "we can probably be at the cabin by one or two this afternoon"

"Oh okay"

"Did you sleep okay?"

"A little"

Piero was willing to bet Sabrina would have slept better with him.

"A good night sleep up in the mountains is very relaxing; especially this time of year"

Sabrina nodded

"It will help get your mind off of Trent"

"I know it's just that.... I still have to look for a new place for Demi and I to live---"

"Maybe you two could just live here"

"Piero don't be silly"

"Never say never Miss Ellis"

Sabrina blushed and decided to change the subject "I'm going to freshen up"

"Okay breakfast should be ready in about twenty minutes"


The breakfast Pier prepared was amazing. Fluffy pancakes and sausages for the girls and omelettes and toast for the adults. The girls were still going on and on talking about things that little girls loved like Disney princesses and Santa Claus

"Ellie chew with your mouth closed" Pier reminded his daughter

"You too Demi" Sabrina did the same.

"Daddy I was telling Demi how Santa was going to find us" Noelle said

"If Santa can find us I hope my daddy can too" Demetria said, "I wish he was coming with us but he got mad at me and my mommy and chased us"

"Why would your daddy do that?" Noelle asked innocently

"I don't know"

Sabrina didn't know what to say and Piero chimed in

"Demi you're going to have so much fun" he said "have you ever been on a sleigh ride before?"

"With horses?"


"No but I want to"

"That's what we're doing on Christmas Eve"

"Christmas Eve is my birthday!" Demetria lit up at that

"It's my birthday too!" Noelle chimed in as well "I'm going to be four!"

"I'm going to be five!"

The girls continued to chatter happily amongst themselves now their upcoming birthday and Sabrina looked over at Pier and he gave her a reassuring smile.


"No problem" he replied "she doesn't need to be worried about him and neither do you; once we leave this house and get packed into my truck we don't have to mention him for the next week"



Sabrina felt cozy in the passenger side of Piero's Ram truck and hearing Demetria laugh and giggle in the back with Noelle gave her comfort.

She knew Piero told her not to worry about Trent but the reality was this Christmas vacation wasn't going to last forever; and she would eventually have to figure out what she was going to do.

"The cabin isn't that far from a little town" Piero spoke up "I figured after we get there and get settled we could take the girls to go pick out a tree"

"Oh they still have trees available four days before Christmas"

"Of course in the mountains there's access to plenty of freshly chopped trees" Piero explained "I have some ornaments at the cabin; we can decorate the tree with the girls before their bedtime"

"They'll love that"

"There's also a little toy shop in that town too we can take the girls there to pick out a present for their birthday after the sleigh ride"

"I guess that comes with the territory of having children born on Christmas Eve"

"Funny how that works"

"Piero how are we going to make Santa work? I haven't been able to go Christmas shopping at all---"

"Shh" Piero warned her gently "I got it all under control; I'll show you after the girls go to bed"

Sabrina nodded; Piero was just full of surprises and surprises.


The cabin was gorgeous and looked like it was something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting. Sabrina stood in awe as the girls quickly ran up to the front porch to look at the plastic reindeer by the door.

"Breathtaking isn't it?"

"It's beautiful"

"Even more so in the snow" Piero chuckled "come on I'll show you inside"

It was like coming home the minute they all entered the cabin. Sunlight spilled into main living room from from the huge window that overlooked the forest and the mountains. A cozy fireplace with a tall stone foundation with that had a flat screen television over the oven. A green furniture set with thick red blankets the perfect Christmas colors.

There was a catwalk on the second floor that overlooked the living room. It was perfect for two little girls who would be looking down from it with excitement come Christmas morning.

The living room led to a small dining room with a chandelier made from deer antlers adorned with garland. A modern kitchen with an electric stove and a fully stocked fridge; it even had four cartons of eggnog.

There were three bedrooms. A main bedroom, a room for the girls, which had a bunk bed set, and a guest room. Overall it was a pretty decent cabin. Rustic enough to rough it in the mountains but also modernized to enjoy things like watching holiday movies on the television above the fireplace.

"I want the top!" Noelle said already claiming the top bunk as she claimed the thick log like ladder

"You can have it" Demetria said squeezing Sabrina's hand "it's too high and scary"

"No it's not Demi come on"

Demetria shook her head confirming her preference to have the bottom bunk.

"Alright bunk climber" Piero chuckled reaching out to gather Noelle and bring her back down "let's go get us a Christmas tree"


The girls scampered out of the room and made their way down the hall along the catwalk.

"Well at least we know the girls like their room" Sabrina said "and the beds"

"And how about you Sabrina do you like your room?" Piero asked

"It's cozy"

Piero could see the slight blush rise in Sabrina's pretty brown cheeks and he was willingly to bet it would be even cozier if they were sharing a room. He swore he was going to have a major case of blue balls for the majority of the week.

He wanted Sabrina in every way but he was going to wait for her. Piero definitely didn't anticipate Sabrina being in that guest room for long as they were in for some long winter nights ahead of them.


Sabrina was amazed at how generous and nice Piero was. It must be the Christmas spirit. Both Demetria and Noelle found a tree they loved at the tree lot and instead of making the girls choose he brought both of the trees.

Sabrina could understand Piero paying for Noelle's tree but Demetria was her daughter; so when Sabrina tried to pull out her wallet Piero stopped her.

"I got it Sabrina"

"Piero I can't let you pay for Demi's tree too"

"Yes you can and you will" Piero said gently "I got it Sabrina besides we have at least three containers of ornaments might as well put them to good use"

They definitely were lucky little girls as the other children at the tree lot had parents who would only allow them to have one tree; then again most of the other children had birthdays that weren't right on top of Christmas.

The first night at the cabin was nice and cozy, as Piero had made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, which the girls loved, and they began to decorate the trees.

The girls talked about how surprised Santa would be to see two trees and they also talked about all the goodies they were going to leave for Santa too.

"Does Santa like chocolate chip or sugar cookies?" Demetria wondered

"Chocolate chip" Noelle said "but my daddy likes sugar so maybe Santa will too"

"Let's leave out both"


"Santa's going to get a tummy ache eating all those cookies" Sabrina chuckled

"He'll be okay Mommy" Demetria insisted, "Santa loves cookies"

"Don't forget milk too," Noelle added, "we should have some cookies for the reindeer"

"Reindeer don't like cookies" Piero pointed out "they like vegetables like carrots"

Demetria and Noelle scrunched up their little faces at the mention of vegetables.

"Alright you two little elves just a few more ornaments and I think it's bedtime," Piero said

"But Daddy we want to finish tonight" Noelle said

"You'll both have time to finish tomorrow Ellie Ladybug"


Once the girls were put to bed and fast asleep it was going on ten o clock. Sabrina found herself getting a little tired. It had definitely been a rather eventful twenty-four hours.

"Piero I think I'm going to call it a night too"

"I have something I want to show you first"

"Another surprise?"

"Oh you're going to be quite surprised Miss Ellis"

Sabrina followed Piero down to the basement where the firewood was stored and her mouth immediately fell open.

Piled up next to the firewood were a mass amount of toys, games, and stuffed animals. There were so many that all couldn't possibly be for just Noelle...

"Piero....I...I don't know what to say"

"Well you did ask me how we were going to make Santa work"

"Piero you made Santa work" Sabrina smiled tears now falling down her cheeks "I didn't do anything"

"You did a lot Sabrina" Piero said sincerely "all of this wouldn't be possible without you"

Sabrina knew Piero was referring to saving him from jumping out the window and she was touched; but she also tried to humble the situation.

"Piero you didn't have to buy Demi's Christmas presents" Sabrina said, "I'm pretty sure shopping for Ellie was a lot already"

"She deserves it" Piero insisted, "she's a good kid"

Sabrina was moved by the love that Piero was showing her daughter; it's not like Trent ever went out of his way to do something like this for Demetria.

Piero gently squeezed Sabrina's hand and whispered

"You deserve it too Brina"

Did he just call her Brina?

That sounded a little too intimate. Looking into Piero's eyes Sabrina swore the color got slightly darker.

"... thanks Piero" she said "I um.... I guess you're going to need help wrapping them?"

"I could use all the help I can get" Piero chuckled "we don't have to start tonight if you're too tired but we only have three more nights until Christmas"

"We'll have to make sure the girls are actually asleep each night first" Sabrina laughed "but sounds like a plan"

"A plan" Piero agreed. He would definitely have to be more careful with calling Sabrina "Brina" it was definitely too soon. At the same time Piero found himself becoming more and more drawn into Sabrina.












FIVE by marchpisces92


December 22nd 2019

Piero couldn't wait any longer; he needed to be inside of her now. It felt like he'd been waiting forever to be joined with her. Piero slid inside of Sabrina with ease, she was already so wet.

The slick friction made him groan. Piero dipped his head and kissed Sabina before he pulled out and then pushed his way inside of her again.

"Yes" Sabrina moaned, her head thrashed around on the pillows

Piero picked up the pace, driving into her deeper and harder.

It was clear they were both working through pent up sexual frustration. Their sex was so primal.

Sabrina rode Piero like a bucking bronco; neither of them could get enough.

"That's right Brina. Ride out your frustration on my dick"

Piero gripped her hips and slammed his dick upwards into her pussy, again and again, as she moaned in pleasure

"Take it all out on me"

They came hard together.


Piero woke up to his erection standing at attention causing a tent to form under the sheets. Sabrina was going to be the death of him he swore; or at the very least the case of his blue balls. He never had sexual frustration like this before. At this point the only thing that would make this erection go down would be a cold shower.

After that cold shower Piero dressed and made his way downstairs. He noticed that it was snowing outside and it was coming down quite hard; judging by the amount of snow already on the ground Piero supposed that it must have snowed overnight as well.


"Morning Daddy!" Noelle greeted him, as both she and Demetria were busy decorating their trees.

"Mr. Morrone can you help us put on our stars?" Demetria asked "it's too high for us"

"Girls I'm pretty he'd like some breakfast first" Sabrina said from the kitchen "come get this french toast while it's still hot"

The girls excitedly ran to the dining room table where their plates were.

"French toast?" Piero smiled

"I always make French toast on snow days" Sabrina blushed "it makes good use of the extra milk and eggs"

"No I like it" Piero insisted piling some of thick slices on to his plate "I'm going to need all the energy I can get to go out and shovel that snow"

"I just have to clean the kitchen up first and I'll be able to help---"



"You heard me," Piero repeated chuckling as he took his plate to the table to sit with the girls "I'm the man of this cabin so I'll do the shoveling"

Sabrina blushed she couldn't even remember the last time she felt like a woman being cared for by a man. She supposed it had to do with her being alone with Demetria for so long. It was just temporary though she knew there was no point getting used to it.

"Daddy can Demi and I play in the snow?" Noelle asked

"Not today Ellie Ladybug" Piero said "the snow is coming down too hard wouldn't want you two getting lost out there"

"We wouldn't get lost Mr. Morrone" Demetria insisted

"You wouldn't?" Piero humored the little girl and gave Sabrina a wink and she was touched. Just in the past two days she was moved by the equal and same amount of attention that he was showing her daughter. Hell Piero was being more of a father to Demetria than her own sperm donor had even been

"Nope" Demetria said confidently "we can find the North Pole in the snow"

"Yeah!" Noelle agreed, "let's go find the North Pole!"

"Girls you can search for the North Pole tomorrow" Sabrina backed Piero up "besides once you two finish decorating your trees we need to start baking some cookies to give Santa"

The girls squealed in delight.


Sabrina kept an eye out on Piero from the window while she supervised the girls as they were now placing the rolled their balls of cookie dough onto the sheet for the oven. He had already shoveled the porch and was starting the walkway to the truck.

"Mommy this is fun!" Demetria giggled

"When can we eat them Miss Ellis?" Noelle asked

"You girls make sure you're getting those dough balls on the sheet and not in your mouths"

Sabrina turned her attention back to Piero; she couldn't put her finger on it but she found herself enjoying watching him. It made her feel like she could rest in her femininity that he was out there shoveling the snow. He was protecting her and the girls. It was a feeling she didn't get with Trent at all.

It made her feel loved. To her surprise Sabrina felt her heart beat a little and heat rise between her legs...was she getting turned on by her boss? Granted the last time Sabrina had sex was when she was still with Trent and that was almost three years ago now. It wasn't good sex but it was still sex.

She couldn't

Sabrina had enough issues to worry about with getting away from Trent and focusing where she and Demetria were going to live. She didn't need potentially getting caught up with Piero.

"We're done Mommy!" Demetria announced breaking her from her thoughts

"Good" Sabrina said "if we get them in the oven now they should be ready by the time Mr. Morrone is finished shoveling"

"Yeah my daddy loves cookies" Noelle giggled

Sabrina smiled. The girls were definitely a positive distraction from the mixed feelings she was having about Piero.

"Mommy will Mr. Morrone let us play in the snow tomorrow?" Demetrio asked

"We'll see" Sabrina said "why don't you and Ellie wash your hands and we can paint some gingerbread houses"


Piero shook off the access snow off his back as he stepped into the mud room/laundry room. At least there were safe walkways for Sabrina and the girls he would of course have to salt them in the morning. He knew how much the girls wanted to play in the snow what kid wouldn't?

Piero shivered the cold off of him as he felt the warm air draft in from the kitchen and his nose was greeted to the smell of fresh cookies as welcoming him. However the first thing Piero saw when entering the kitchen was Sabrina bent over taking cookie sheets out of the oven.

Sure the cookies smelled delicious but the sight of Sabrina's ass poking up in the air was more enticing. It was so plump and ample even in the slightly baggy sweatpants she was wearing.

Piero was convinced that there was no article of clothing in existence that could hide Sabrina's curvy figure; it was her Judas and it would always show no matter what. Piero swore he could feel all of the blood in his veins go down south and he found himself becoming erect once more.

Piero cleared his throat to get Sabrina to turn around so his dick would calm down

"Oh Piero" Sabrina said a little startled "I didn't hear you come in"

Piero felt like an idiot. Of course she didn't hear him come in because he was too busy admiring her ass.

"That's okay" Piero replied now saving face "the snow is shoveled and the cookies smell delicious"

" the girls wanted to make sure they were finished by the time you came in" Sabrina said blushing a little "as soon as they cool off we can have some along with some milk too if you like"

"I'd like that"

There was a pause for a minute as the two of them looked into each others eyes. Piero's heart lept when he saw his desire reflected in Sabrina's eyes. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. The sexual tension between them was so thick it could be cut with a knife. Piero wanted more than milk and cookies.

"Daddy! Miss Ellis!" Noelle rushed into the kitchen "you have to see the gingerbread houses we made!"

If anything the two adults were relieved by the distraction because they were about to kiss or if anything at least start making out.

They followed the excited toddler to the dining room to see the rather extragant gingerbread houses that the girls made

"This is really neat girls," Piero said in amazement "wow Santa is going to forget the cookies and want a bite out of this gingerbread house instead"

"We have a story that goes with it too Mr. Morrone" Demetria said excitedly

"You do?"

"Yeah sit down. You too Mommy"

The two adults felt relieved and welcomed the distraction of the girls telling their gingerbread story and were genuinely entertained but they knew that they wouldn't be getting distractions every time they felt sexual tension.


The snow finally stopped by nightfall. Piero would have to go out and shovel just a little bit more but other than that it would be safe for the girls to go out and play in the snow tomorrow.

Sabrina had a fun time convincing the girls that they had to settle down to sleep if they were going to have enough energy for snow activities. Eventually they did settle down.

Piero was watching from the doorframe as Sabrina wished both girls a goodnight. He thought it was cute that she gave Demetria a kiss and her daughter gave her a kiss right back.

Demetria was adorable and was the spitting image of Sabrina so it warmed Piero's heart to see them together. Fuck that Trent guy he didn't deserve either one of them.

What happened next pulled at his heartstrings even more. Sabrina gently spread Noelle's comforter over her making sure she was snuggly and warm and Noelle giggled. Sabrina gave Noelle a kiss on her forehead and wished her goodnight.

Piero was genuinely touched by that sweet gesture it had been well over a year since Noelle had felt that type of motherly love. For Sabrina to show his daughter that love meant a lot to him. As if he wasn't already attracted to her enough already.

"That was sweet"

"Piero you scared me!" Sabrina chuckled as she came out of the room

"I'm serious Brina" he said sincerely "the last time...the last time Valentina tucked Ellie to bed was the night before the accident"

"Oh Piero I didn't mind" Sabrina insisted, "Ellie is a sweet girl"

"So is Demi she looks just like you"

Sabrina blushed at those words and Piero couldn't help but to imagine what a child between them would look like.

"You want to wrap some more presents tonight?" Piero asked "we still have two more nights if you want to take a break"

"Actually yes" Sabrina replied "the girls kept me a bit busy today with the cookies and the gingerbread houses"

"Well we could have some quiet adult time in front of the fire" Piero suggested "a cup of eggnog for your thoughts?"

"Eggnog sounds good"


Piero couldn't help but admire the way the flame danced and shined on Sabrina's face and it made her skin glow. The two of them were sharing their favorite memories of their daughters first Christmas.

"Valentina and I didn't have to worry about presents the next day" Piero said, "Ellie literally was our present it was a low-key Christmas"

"Was she born before or after her due date?" Sabrina asked curious

"Actually she was a week late" Piero chuckled "Valentina's water broke that Christmas Eve morning and she was born at 6 in the evening"

"On the dot?"

"On the dot" Piero replied "what about you? How was Demi's birth?"

"Well Demi was actually a week early" Sabrina explained "she wasn't due until New Year's Day"


"Yes" she admitted "my water broke the night before and Trent....he um....he wasn't at the birth"

Piero thought he was hearing things when Sabrina said that and felt the need to clarify this. He couldn't imagine not being by Valentina's side as she gave birth to Noelle.

"What do you mean Trent wasn't there?"

Sabrina looked embarrassed and sad at the same time. Piero gently placed his hand on her hand.


" neighbor at the time I had to call an ambulance for me.....Trent was out drinking"


".......Trent lost his job....he drank a lot during my pregnancy"

"So the ambulance took you to the hospital instead of your husband?"


A few tears slid down Sabrina's face "Demi was born at 6 in the morning so I spent the whole night in labor---"

"By yourself?"

"Piero I wasn't by myself the hospital staff was there"

"Sabrina you were by yourself"

"....I suppose I was....I had to have a C section with Demi because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck"

"So her birth was difficult and her father couldn't bother to be there?"

"Trent came to the hospital later that afternoon" Sabrina explained "he wasn't really all that excited"

"Not excited? By his first child being born?"

"" Sabrina admitted, "Trent wanted a son which is understandable most men want a son"

"That's not excuse," Piero said angry at that son of a bitch "Demi is his child period it shouldn't matter that she's a girl"

"I know" Sabrina said sadly

"Brina...did....did you suffer from postpartum depression?"

"...yes" Sabrina, said now fidgeting "actually Piero can we talk about something else? Don't get me wrong I love my daughter but her first year was a lot and Trent almost shook her to death---"

"Almost shook her to death?"

"Demi had colic really bad as a baby and would cry a lot" Sabrina said "she had a hard time sleeping all the way through the night; Trent being drunk wouldn't stop shaking her...I had hard time pulling Demi away from him"

"Shh it's okay" Piero said wrapping his arm around her "you and Demi are safe here"

Sabrina did end up crying as more tears fell down her face. However Piero was there to comfort her; gently rubbing her back in smooth circles.


Eventually Sabrina fell asleep on that couch in the arms of a man who actually cared about her and her daughter. Piero stayed on that couch with her all night. 

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