The Turns Life Takes by yhh

The death of a Harmony resident sends the lives of the remaining residents into a tailspin.

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Chapter 1 by yhh
Author's Notes:

I found this story laying about and thought I'd post it.  I hope you enjoy our adventure in Harmony.



The still body jumped on the table, but it was still flatlined.


"Again. Clear!"


The body again jerked, yet the line remained flat.


"Calling it. 11:50 PM."


Quickly, quietly, and efficiently the nurses worked to restore order in the cubicle.


The doctor gently removed the incubation tube from the deceased's mouth and the IV the paramedics had placed in the arm.


The nurses finished, left. The room was frightfully motionless and calm as the noise of the ER permeated around them.


Dr. Eve Russell brushed the hair out of Tabitha Lenox's face that had been amazingly unmarred in the horrific car accident that had taken her life.


She could easily imagine Tabitha and Timmy together again now, laughing and sipping MarTimmies.


Poor Kay, Maria and of course, Endora. Motherless at such a young age, her father not in the picture, what was to become of this little girl?


While Kay had matured and come into her own as a mother to Maria, Eve didn't think she could handle rearing two infant girls on her own. Tabitha's only family had been Timmy and vice versa, and now they were both gone.


Taking Tabitha's cold hand into her own warm one, Eve made a vow to Tabitha. "I promise to help Endora in anyway I can from now until the day I die."


Eve then leaned over and kissed the older woman's cheek. "That's for Endora."


She moved up and kissed her forehead two times. "And those are for Kay and Maria."


She gently laid the still hand down and with much tenderness; slowly she raised the sheet over the face of Tabitha Lenox.


Giving the ecletic woman one final touch, Eve left the dead behind and took on the task of informing the living.

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