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what's in that head of hers? What will she create for us next?

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1. hi~ by DarkandLovely

2. LIFE by DarkandLovely

3. BUNNY by DarkandLovely

4. IMAGINARY by DarkandLovely

5. PANDA by DarkandLovely

6. LUDA by DarkandLovely

hi~ by DarkandLovely

hey loves~

 I wanted to do a cumulative writing schedule for this upcoming year hehe

 I wanted to do a cumulative writing schedule for this upcoming year hehe. 












some of these I've already revealed and others I haven't. I will go into detail of them and see how you all feel about them. Hopefully this way, all of my ideas don't bleed into the rest of the works I'm currently focusing on. There IS a definite separation and line between them hehe. 

What say you hehe? have a blessed new year hehe and I will see you soon~ 



LIFE by DarkandLovely




BUNNY by DarkandLovely





this explores the reality of 'idol' life and the entertainment industry. drugs, sex, etc. 

kang bon-hwa (lee yunji) (27) 

Bon-hwa is a man who carries many weights on his shoulders                    

Bon-hwa is a man who carries many weights on his shoulders. Being an idol, he constantly feels the heat from the spotlight as well as pressure from his company on a consistent basis. His image is squeaky clean and he's marketed as the innocent child-like member. His truth though far from it. His personality and that of his persona clash and he struggles to gain hold of and diffientiate between the present now and the two 'him's. 

Born to an affluent family, doctors lawyers and even musicians it seemed like his life in the entertainment business was set from before he was born. And yet through all of the madness, the memories of her seem to comfort him. She was the one person who hadn't treated him any differently... they were the same... Can this 'bad boy gone good' accept who he really is away from the spotlight or is it fated that he lose himself in the midst of it all? 


Reabetswe Fila Ranamane as Supernova 'nova' washington (26) 

@filah_lah_lah on instagram

@filah_lah_lah on instagram                    



Nova was different. That she knew. She didn't see many other girls with her complexion at the many tennis matches or at the soirees. She was lucky they said. Lucky to have come from an affluent black family. Lucky to have been raised by two parents, still happily married, by the way. She knew that her life was one they said 'was out of the ordinary'. In high school she meets this bright outgoing kid, much different than her. His name is bon-hwa but for some reason he gets stuck with the nickname bunny. A teenage romance ensues between the two of them before it is brutally ripped away from them as he returns to Korea. She is shocked to see him on her television screen one summer afternoon and she hardly recognizes him. 

Knowing that her connection to bon-hwa was still very much alive, it curiously happens that she starts to receive random messages from a stranger on the korean messenger app Kakao talk. In sparking conversation she begins to learn the secrets of the industry and how unhappy the guy is not knowing that the guy is bon-hwa.

Bon-hwa and Nova begin to rekindle their romantic feelings through text and once they meet face to face... it all crashes into a wonderfully terrible mess of memories, unspoken emotion and passion. 

Will Nova be the one to provide Bon-hwa with his safe haven? Will she be able to accept him for who he really is behind the persona? 

IMAGINARY by DarkandLovely

what if your imaginary friend wasn't imaginary?                    

what if your imaginary friend wasn't imaginary?

Grier is a woman who tries to make the best of what she has... in every season of her life. After years of fearing and facing rejection, people and confrontation, she decides at the fresh age of 28 years old to take her mental health more seriously. All the while, she never quite retired the childish habit of talking to her 'imaginary' friend. This friend she could see sometimes, and others she couldn't. But she always knew he was there. He had been since she was a child. When ears turned away from her and arms rejected her, his covered her in safety and love. 

She always just thought that this was a figment of her imagination... something that her mind had created to help her deal with her deeply rooted traumas. Until she is surprised one winter afternoon when a man shows up on her doorstep. 

@hathfury as Grier Smith (28) 

@hathfury as Grier Smith (28)                     

 @jjinnno as Eli Seong (32) 

 @jjinnno as Eli Seong (32)                     




"He's not coming." 

"He promised. He promised he would."


"He said if I got all A's on my report card that he'd buy me a Gameboy Switch." Solemn brown eyes watched as the girl sat by the window, looking out over the parking lot. It was already half past 3 o'clock but he gave his word. He said he was gonna come today. 

Eyes opened and her chest felt heavy. Like it held unshed tears and pain. She glanced down at her body, covered in a pastel yellow lounge set. Sighing, she buried her face into the pillow and bit her lip. She felt like that same little girl who sat by the window waiting for a father who never fulfilled his promise. Once again, she'd been foolish enough to trust... foolish enough to believe that for once someone meant what they said. 

"I'm such an idiot." Sighing, she lifted up and came to sit on the edge of her bed. 

"Don't you think I'm an idiot Eli?" Turning to look at her pretty pastel bedding and few stuffed animals that laid against the headboard, she lifted frustrated fingers to rustle her silvery strands. 

"I'm still the same little girl waiting..." A soft gentle breeze filtered in through her sheer curtains. The breeze was a gentle caress against her skin and it brought her comfort. Eli was listening. 

"You probably think I'm dumb. A grown ass woman having stuffed animals and girly things. A grown ass woman who gets hurt by the littlest things. Who cries herself to sleep when her asshole boyfriend doesn't keep his word." Her breath was angry and yet her eyes filled with yet more tears. 

"I'm pathetic." The breeze teased her shoulders as if it were a hand sliding across the flesh. Sniffling, she plopped back down onto the bed, grabbing hold of her small stuffed bear, one that was gifted to her when she was a baby by her grandmother. 

"You always take care of me Eli. You're always are there to listen. Thank you." 



"Ms. Grier Smith?" 

"Yeah, that's me." Standing, she looked into the face of a friendly woman who appeared to be of brown descent. Relief flushed her. Somehow, she just didn't feel comfortable unpacking her entire childhood with someone who didn't look like her. 

"Hi darling. It's good to see you. I'm glad you decided to come." She swallowed. She'd been putting this session off for years. 

"Yeah um... sorry...about um always cancelling."

"It's okay love. Really. You and you alone know when it's time for you to start your healing process. You can't rush it." 


"Well, come on back to my office. Let's get started." 


It was so cold when she left that even through all the layers she had on she still felt a chill dance upon her spine. Somehow, even though she'd intended to start her first session talking about her childhood, she spent more than half of the time talking about Eli; embarrassingly. This seemed to pique the interest of Dr. Asana and she asked more in depth questions. He was nothing and nobody she explained. Simply a figment of her imagination that her adult self had yet to let go of. Sighing, she shut the car door as she finished her commute home. Locking the door, she quickly scurried into the house. Not even twenty minutes later, a knock sounded at her door. Pursing her lips, she finished slipping into a light brown satin set and put a pretty plum robe on. So, now he wanted to come huh? Well, she wasn't going to make it easy for him. In fact, she had half a mind to make him suffer. Gripping the doorknob, she took a deep breath before pulling it open. 

"Sam, you're an asshole you know th-" Her words died on her tongue as she took in a person who most definitely was not Sam standing in front of her. Almond shaped eyes stared back at her, a pretty russet brown. Winter had sucked most of the color out of his face except in his cheeks, lips and nose, a charming red. He stood at least a head or two taller than her, wearing a heather grey longline coat that emphasized the length of his body. He wore a matching heather grey hat and a scarf around his neck. The only things uncovered was his hands, which were covered in tattoos she observed. The cold winter air seemed to jolt her from her shock, her mouth having been agape as she took in this very unfamiliar man. 

"Um....w-who are you?" She asked, reaching to close her robe. The cold air had frozen her bare skin and brought her nipples to painfully stiff points. He licked his lips and sighed. 

"This is going to sound really strange but... I'm Eli. I'm your imaginary friend." 


"So you're not some mystical creature from the blue lagoon sent here to destroy me?" Hands took hold of a warm mug and smooth full lips smiled. 

"The blue lagoon? Really?" 

"Well shit you gotta explain how you're here somehow! I need some type of rational explanation because you being here and existing is something that is most definitely NOT rational!"

"Why isn't it?" He asked, lifted his deep hooded eyes upward. That smile from before had turned into a smirk and his eyes twinkled with mischief.

"You know the answer to that."

"You don't believe there are other realms in existence but this one?" He teased further, lifting his mug to take a sip of black coffee. 

"I'm... not saying that...I just...it doesn't make sense." 

"I know. It sounds crazy Grier. Fucking insane." Placing the mug back onto the table, his eyes drew hers in, teasing sucked out of them like wind. 

"But it's true. All of it." 

"Dr. Asana is never going to believe this."

"I'm sure she won't. Nobody will." She watched as he let go of his mug and reached for her hand. Eli was one of the only people she felt comfortable enough to do what she wanted and say what she wanted without fear of judgement, rejection or hurt. He'd been that safe place for her since she was a little girl and now... now he was flesh and blood... here sitting across from her like he had been doing so her whole life. It made no fucking sense. Her fingers gently glided across the plethora of tattoos that decorated his hand, from his fingers to the back of it. 

"Do these mean anything?" Smiling, he closed up her fingers inside of his palm. 

"Of course they do. They all come from you." Lifting her beautiful brown eyes, she gawked at him, waiting for explanation. 

"Every single tattoo I have on my body is directly related to you Grier. Whatever you felt...pain. Hurt. Abandonment or self hatred. Hope. Joy. Love. Every emotion in your heart I have had permanently put on my body." She took her hand back suddenly and for the first time, she didn't want to touch him...

"Why...why would you do that?" She asked quietly, ignoring his gaze. 

"You and I are intertwined Grier. Spiritually. Emotionally. You've needed me to fill so many roles for you and I've taken great pleasure in doing so." Reaching for her hand, he gently squeezed. 

"But what will bring me the most happiness is seeing you heal from all of this. When you heal, everything will go away." Her eyes appeared wet like she was tearing up. 

"Everything will go away?"

"You'll see soon angel. You'll see." 


PANDA by DarkandLovely



a russian-korean spy seeks revenge on the mob after a deal goes wrong and members of his family are taken out one by one. When his long-time girlfriend is threatened, he all but makes it his mission to eliminate the bastards before his next assignment. 

park yury as aleksandr kim (28)

                   precious lee as winnifred paterson (25)

precious lee as winnifred paterson (25)

precious lee as winnifred paterson (25)




The cold was brutal, it chilled the bones, liver and heart. The sharp wind cut through the skin like millions of tiny blades and a luxurious white covered the plethora of old churches and abandoned buildings, their round bulb like steeples capped in snow. 

"Aleksandr." Lifting eyes that told of his Korean heritage, he gazed into another face, one familiar and one that always seemed to bring death along with it. 

"Chto eto takoye?" (what is it?) He asked, voice firm and unflinching, the language on his tongue belying yet another heritage of his, one that seemed to run just as deep. 

"Oni nashli devushku." (they have found the girl.) Large shapely fingers brought a cigarette to cold blush pink lips. 

"My budem dvigat'sya dal'she. V lyubom sluchaye, u neye nebol'shiye raskhody." (we will move on. She is nothing but a small expense anyhow.) The older man chuckled and lifted his gaze away from the young man, eying the expanse of the frozen bitter cold, the city encased in ice. 

"Ty pokholodel Aleks." (you've grown colder Alex.) The younger said nothing else, simply watched the man finally walk away from him, cheeks red and lively. In this life that he had built, in this hell that he found himself drowning in, being cold was merciful. To become immune, he had to become not cold. He had to become lifeless. 



"Aleks! Is that you?" The place felt warm and cozy and he felt he would never get enough of it. Smiling handsomely, he nodded his head as he came towards a petite woman, both short in stature and physicality. Smooth toffee brown skin clothed her and a big friendly smile danced on her lips. She opened her arms to which he stepped inside of and knelt down some to embrace her. 

"It's so good to see you baby. It's been forever since we've had you over for dinner."

"Yes ma'am. It's so good to be back." The woman kissed his cheek and let him go, turning back towards the stove, greens cooked nice and slow on one of the burners. 

"You just come back from Russia?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Business trip?"


"Well, you know that this is home away from home. If you need to relax while here in the States here's a good enough place as any. We have more than enough space." Laughing gently, he lifted his hands in a kind but small shake of refusal. 

"Ms. Paterson I couldn't do that. Really. I'll stay at my hotel while here." Smiling at his thickened Russian accent, the woman didn't argue and kept stirring those greens. 

"Winne'll be happy to see you." That seemed to make the young man grow tight...curiously. 

"Win's home?"

"Yeah she got back couple days ago from school. She's off for the summer."


"Go see her Aleks." 

"A-ah... sure. Of course." Humored eyes watched the poor boy move through sludge and high water up the stairs, almost as if he dreaded and anticipated the meeting at the same time. They were no longer children. It was clear the two of them had feelings for one another. If they needed a little push she'd gladly help. 

He couldn't remember the last time he truly felt nervous. But by God above his hands were sweaty and he felt like he was going to throw up. It wasn't that he didn't want to see her. Okay it partially was. And it wasn't even because he didn't desire to. No the desire was very great. But what tore at his mind was the actions that would result from him seeing her. Winnifred Paterson was no more an ordinary girl but she was like an angel to him. She grounded him and saved him from this drowning hell that threatened to submerge him with each waking breath. She was a light in his otherwise dark dreary world and by God he didn't want her to be sucked in. Knocking gingerly on the door, he tightened his jaw and his heart stopped for the briefest of seconds as it opened. Beautiful tawny eyes grew wide at his appearance and her mouth dropped open. 

"P-panda?" She asked, too shocked to move. Smiling bravely, he cleared his throat and slid his hands into his pockets. 

"Hi bunny. It's been a long time." 



A heated gaze slid down her body, focusing on one piece of the puzzle at a time. He shouldn't. Shouldn't want to feel those thick luscious thighs around his hips again. Once was enough. Should have been enough. But then again... it was Winnie. Of her, he feared he'd never have just enough. He wanted more and more, needed to feel her soft smooth skin underneath his fingertips again. Last time... it...it was a mistake. More precisely, it was filled with intoxicated kisses, hazy movements and a lake of blurry memories. But the next time, though there shouldn't be a next time, he would be sober. They would be sober. He watched as she laughed and let his tongue slide across his bottom lip. 

This was why he had tried... so hard to separate himself from her... not get too terribly close to her. But damn it... damn him for his crack in the armor. Now he was in deep. Had been so fucking deep within her with no ways of escaping and God it had been amazing... incredible and simply magnificent. His little bunny was perfect though she tried to hide her imperfections with baggy clothes. She was far from a size 2 and had always been insecure about her features. But he loved everything about her... the way her breasts filled his palms, the small rolls of cellulite that hugged her back, the stretch marks that led him closer to the ecstasy promised between her legs. Even the soft belly that hugged her front. She was exquisite.



"They're trailing her. One at 2 o'clock." Eyes now sharp, they turned to view an unmarked car up ahead from where Winnie and her friend were, lights off and car unassuming. 

"Don't make any rash movements."

"What're you going to do?" Swallowing thickly, he reached for his glock and tucked it underneath his waistband. Opening the car door, he got out against the better judgement and advice of his comrades. Heading right for her, he glanced ahead towards a set of eyes covered by dark shades.

"Aleks? What're you doing here?" Turning a surprised face towards him, Winnie dove right into his arms. 

"Oh my God Aleks...you ain't have to come get me." Smiling, he pressed a kiss against her crown. 

"I was in the neighborhood and figured I'd stop by anyway."

"I'm a big girl you know. I can make it just fine around without you." Smirking, he lifted her chin. 

"That may be. But you're still my little bunny." A cute red blush came to her face and she allowed his lips to press against hers. 

"You girls hungry?" He asked, glancing once against at the men watching them.

"Hell yeah! Win, you hungry?"

"Yeah I could go for somethin."

"Alright then. Let's go." Slipping an arm around Win's waist, the two men made eye contact. He opened his mouth and said something the two of them would understand and started for the car with the two starving girls. 

"Vy budete pervym, kto vstretit svoy konets." (You will be the first to meet your end.) 

LUDA by DarkandLovely



my take on blood + 

what is blood + you ask? lol one of the greatest anime ever created LOL. if you've never heard of it, PLEASE go look it up and watch it! It's rated MA and is of the horror genre but omg it's so good omg. 

melvnin will play my version of Saya. Her name is Luda, a mysterious woman whose origins are unknown. She lives in splendor amongst royals and aristocracy in 1800s Russia. 


kevin sun will play my version of Hagi                    

kevin sun will play my version of Hagi. His name is Anatoly an Uzbekistan-born serf who meets her in the Romanov palace. 



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