What's Done in the Dark by DarkandLovely

The Houses of Leon and Rothchester are at war. Enmity has existed for centuries between them.  One Lady Seraphine of Leon is sent to assassinate the future King of Britain Lord Julian Rothchester but things go terribly wrong...


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1. foreward by DarkandLovely

2. 01 by DarkandLovely

foreward by DarkandLovely

Hey y'all. So, I literally spent all day (Saturday) writing this short story/one shot hehe. I was inspired after listening to a dark royaltycore playlist by oliviaalee. (If you never heard of her playlists, PLEASE GO AND LISTEN NOW. THEY ARE PERFECT FOR WRITERS/CREATIVES) hehe. It's something fresh... something new hehe. I hope you guys enjoy it! 




Mackenyu Arata as Lord Julian Rothchester (26)



Lupita Nyong'o as Lady Seraphine of Leon (26) 



01 by DarkandLovely







The violins strummed sweetly as silk, taffeta and lace swished around the floor delicately. Man and women servants stood oft by the door, each holding a sterling silver tray of wine flutes and other small tasteful bites. The faces of the men and women were covered, each in a different sort of mask. Masquerade. Feet stepped lightly in dizzying circles, fingers of hands pressed even more lightly against the small of backs. And yet, her eyes found his. uncovered by mask. Though he wore one, a mystifying half...black and solid...powerful, his lips seemed to smile at her approach. Her own replied with a small smile of her own and accepted with touch the outstretch of his offered hand. 

"Lady Seraphine."

"Lord Rothchester." At her formal curtsey, he pulled her flush, fingers not light against her back. Rather, they seemed to hug her. He said not a word as he began the waltz, leading confidently. 

"I didn't think you would show." He mused in amusement as they twirled. 

"Why is that? Am I not the Lady of Leon?" 

"But of course. It's just...you never were fond of these sorts of events." She left that unanswered as they danced and she was all too aware of the way his hand seemed to slip a tad further down her back then what was appropriate. 

"You should know better Julian. Duty always comes before one's personal want." The handsome laughter of the tall forward bastard taunted her and his full lips smiled. 

"I'm more than aware Seras." Keep composure. Don't give it away. Her throat was tight as they twirled once more before falling into a formal bow and curtsey. 

"Surely duty dictates you to arrive with a mask. It is a masquerade after all." He said smoothly as he resumed his full height, the very whole of it seemed to loom over her much smaller form. 

"Why then have you not Seras?" It was the condescending way he said it, so brazen and disrespectful. It was the familiarity and knowledge of her childhood nickname that caused her chest to burn. He'd lifted her gloved hand to his mouth yet did not grace it with the press of his lips. He held her hand much tighter than what was appropriate. 

"I wasn't aware that I needed your permission to dress how I please." The silky laugh that drifted up from his throat made her swallow thickly. 

"Surely, you knew I would say something about it. Your...rebellious behavior." 


"Perhaps you wanted me to." Snatching her hand away from him, she scoffed. 

"Don't delude yourself." Another little chuckle escaped him. 

"My, look at you. You've certainly outdone yourself tonight." She curtseyed low and bowed her head at the approach of his mother, Empress of Rothchester. Stiff-necked as ever, she pointed her nose down at her with shrewd almond-shaped eyes. 

"You are entirely too gracious Empress." Sneering, she glanced over the younger woman's appearance. 

"I believe the neckline of your dress is a bit too low for tonight's occasion, dear." 

"My sincerest apologies if it displeases you."

"Hm." The hand of the older woman lifted her chin and her eyes met those of her and her son. 

"Why have you crept so far away from your little pigsty, my dear? You are a long way from home." 

"I came to honor your request. On behalf of my family the House of Leon."

"Pity they sent one so ugly. Perhaps your sister would have been better suited." At that, she kept quiet, her eyes lowering once more. The woman let go of her chin and sighed. 

"Things of the dark are better left kept in the dark. Remember that, child." 

"Yes, my Lady." 

"Julian, don't spend all night playing with your food. Hurry along and meet some of the eligible girls I brought along." 

"Of course Mother." The two of them remained still as the woman walked away. Slowly, she stood and lowered before him in a curtsey. 

"My Lord."

"Going so soon Seras?" 

"I've done what I came to. Show my face."

"Among other things I've observed." He said, eyes dipping to the swells of her bosom. 

"Careful my Lord. Your mother watches with the severity of a hawk." Standing to her full height, she began to turn just as the strings began to play another waltz. His hand reached out and grabbed hers, stopping her. 

"I'm not finished with you." 

"Oh, but you are." Taking her hand back, she lifted her eyes upward. 

"Though we belong to rival families your eyes betray you, my Lord." He stayed quiet as she continued, 

"You may play with me in your gaze but your fingers never shall." Though his eyes were dark and smoldering, his cheeks appeared boyish in their color. 

"We are enemies. Don't forget that."

"I'd offer the same advice to you." His smooth silky baritone replied and once again those lips of his smirked. Without another word, she left from amidst the swirling dresses, intoxicated laughter and expensive parfum. 


Quiet filled the space and she managed to sink underwater with a breath. She mustn't fail. She must keep focused. Coming up from air, she gasped and leaned her head back against the rim of the tub. Biting her lip, she cast a frustrated gaze towards the door. Oft in the distance the music of the night still carried on and she could envision the royals of Rothchester carrying on without a care in the world. How filthy the noble family was... how their hands were all stained with blood. All...including Julian Rothchester. Turning eyes up towards the ceiling, she sighed before closing her eyes. 

Julian Rothchester. 26 years old. Born into the Rothchester family, lucky to have been born a boy. At the time of his birth, his Japanese mother was not yet Queen, a foreign princess sent to the Crown. A political match to Queen Dowager's favored grandson Theodore. Though she was foreign, she impressed the former Queen so much that she urged the two to get married. Marry they did and thus began the new bloody reign of Rothchester. Lifting up in the hot water, she pulled her legs up and pressed her forehead against the tops of her knees. 

From the time way before hers, that of her mother's and her mother, the House of Leon-a House of mixed Moor Spanish and Welsh blood- and the House of Rothchester were in enmity. The vile rats didn't consider her and her family 'true' and 'real' royals. Because of this, brutal wars between them had been caused, fought, won, and lost for at least four centuries. 

They'd always known that they were enemies. From the time they were children, their parents had raised them to know. To hate. She hated the very blood running in his veins. For it took away the men of her family. تذكر والدك. (Remember your father) That of her eldest and middle brother. تذكر د…اء شعبنا البريئة التي سالت. (Remember the innocent blood of our people that has been spilled.) The voice of her mother's husky yet warm Arabic filled her mind. 

The House of Leon was strong and stubborn and even though a woman now sat on the Throne where once a man ruled, they had no choice but to survive. Already her youngest sister Hannah had, at 15 years of age, been married off to a German-born prince and talks were underway of a marriage prospect for her youngest brother. She needed to prepare herself. Closing her eyes, she slipped fingers down in between her legs. It wasn't often that she pleasured herself but tonight was a special occasion. She had been sent here for a purpose more dangerous and deadly. Willingly, she had allowed herself to be used as a scapegoat...a sacrificial lamb for the good of her House. Gliding a finger across her aroused nub, she gasped softly before biting her lip. Gently, she played with it until it nearly drove her crazy. 

This night, the eldest son of Rothchester was going to die. Every part of her needed to be ready to complete this assignment. Even though it meant that her maidenhead was to be ripped away from her....all prospect of marriage ruined...it....it didn't matter. As long as she took down the bastard and all of his family with her. Opening her legs a tad wider, she began to dip a finger into her wetness when voices cut through her and she turned her ear towards the door to the bath chamber. One of her maids, Josefa, had her voice raised and what sounded like a man argued back. Drawing up from the now warm water, she ran wet fingers down the thick braids that fell to the small of her back. 

"Maria," She called, now standing shivering by the rim of the tub. A fresh-faced girl of only 14 summers slipped into the chambers, her body language nervous. Her eyes flittered around and her hands could not keep still. Frowning, she watched as the poor girl struggled to hold her robe steady. 

"What is wrong?" She asked, voice calm and soft. 

"It's.....the son of Rothchester my Lady. He demands to see you." Heart thumping wildly in her chest, she licked her lips and took a deep breath. It was happening so soon. He'd fallen into her trap and his lust and desire had led him closer towards death's gate. She grinned deviously and lifted a hand to pause the robe. 

"Is Josefa the one arguing with him?"

"Yes, my Lady. It's not polite to intrude a Lady's bathing chambers..."

"He's an animal that knows no bounds. Etiquette does not apply to him." The girl kept quiet. 

"Let him in." The girl's eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped at the command. 

"M-My Lady..."

"Do it." Slowly folding up the robe, she went to the door, each step full of dread and opened it slightly. 

"Josefa, the Lady grants him entry." She heard the shocked protest of the senior maid but nonetheless, she reluctantly stepped aside as the door opened completely. It was a moment before he stepped inside but when he did, all time seemed to stop. His eyes didn't hide their surprise at her nude body and as they slipped down the entirety of it, she stood still allowing him to look. 

"How dare you." In the heat of the room, beads of sweat dotted his hairline and his skin appeared pink as a newborn. Dark intense hooded eyes lifted from her ankles nice and slow, almost as if it were his fingers trailing the skin. His tongue wet his shapely rosy lips and finally, their eyes met. 

"How dare I?" He chuckled lowly and in the dim light of the room, he appeared threatening...menacing. Dangerous. 

"How dare you." He tossed back effortlessly, lips now sneering. 

"For a royal son, you have no manners. Barging in on a Lady while she bathes is sacrilegious." He said nothing as he stared down at her and the silence was unnerving. Get him into the bedroom. 

"Did they not please you? The poor whores foaming at the mouth to enter your bed?" She questioned, turning to walk to the vanity. Leaning down, she grabbed the neatly folded robe left by Maria and turned. Still, he said nothing, the sharp lines of his jaw tight and clenched. His eyes however narrowed. 

"Watch your mouth Seraphine." 

"Why should I? It is you who have intruded on my bedchambers. And for what reason I wonder, my Lord?" Breezing the robe across her skin, soaking up the droplets of water from the bath, her eyes defiant kept his gaze. 

"Did the wine lead you here to the bed of your enemy?" She asked, keeping her voice light and soft, slipping the robe in between her breasts, water droplets gone. Lifting them up to brush her nipples, she gifted him with the sight of them now erect and aching. 

"Or perhaps..." The silk breezed past her stomach and down towards her triangle. 

"Perhaps the aroused manhood that's risen to greet me led you." Gaze now seductive and lidded, she slipped the robe in between her legs, her breath hitching in her throat as it caressed her engorged clitoris. His eyes, beautiful and roused with desire, lifted from her now squirming hips back up her body. Up past the smooth dark skin of her stomach, past the hard little black nipples and small plump breasts. Up the little throat dotted with droplets of water still from the bath. The shapely ample lips, button nose. Up to her maddening eyes. Eyes that challenged him... provoked him. 

Slipping his damp onyx hair back from his face, he finally moved. His approach towards her was full of swagger and the masculinity that seemed to drip off of him made her womanhood throb severely. He said not a word as he grabbed hold of her jaw and forced her up onto her tiptoes as he pulled her in for a kiss. She tried to turn her head but he quickly put a stop to that, sinking his teeth into her bottom lip. Gasping into his mouth, she couldn't stop his tongue from invading her mouth thereafter; his kiss hard. Forcing her mouth back away from him, he allowed a lone hand to slip down to grip the back of her thigh. Gripping it firmly, he lifted it up, up and across his forearm. 

"What are you-" The question died in her throat as he pulled her up, letting her legs dangle over his elbows. Before she could even process her next thought, he grabbed hold of her buttocks and guided the head of his cock to her feminine opening. In one swift movement, he penetrated her and she cried out loudly in pain fingers gripping his shoulders tightly. A rough grunt left his mouth and with flared nostrils he gripped her cheeks tighter as he began to move her, bringing her bottom to a sharp violent bounce. Sounds of pain filled the chambers and tears prickled her eyes as the pounding continued. 

"Julian...." Having pressed flush against him she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her mouth against his ear. 

"It hurts...please..." A sharp inhale tickled her ear and grunting again, he let out a shaky groan as he brought her ass to a stop. Breathing harshly against her, he grit his teeth, lifting her up once more. The action made her mewl, her arms tightening around his neck. At once one of his hands let go of her cheeks and slipped up her back, his touch surprisingly gentle and soft. 

"You...were untouched..." His voice confirmed his surprise and she took a shaky breath before lifting her head. Their eyes met, their cheeks both varying shades of pink and red. His fingers took hold of her braids and fisted them as he brought her mouth to his own. Angry. He was angry. Furious actually. She could feel it in the way he gripped her bottom. As if should he not be holding onto her, he would turn the hand palm side down and slap the cheek of flesh. Blowing hot angry air out through his nostrils, he softened his mouth and to her surprise began to kiss her much nicer...softer. Down below, he moved her ass again but this time it was slow and gentle. 

Sweat dripped down his temples and misted his neck, chest, and biceps, thick veins in them bulging at the strain. For a moment...she was lost and the heavy sword of velvety steel inside of her stabbed her sweetly, sending her very body into the blinding captivity of pleasure. Her body no longer fought him. It seemed to open and relax around him, her warm wet channel squeezing him nice and tight. 

"Fuck...." He growled, now gripping her ass firmly. Bringing her to a hard fast bounce, he felt the onslaught of his climax upon him as he fucked her in frenzy...in desperation. Her moans now turned into sobbing screams and she could barely speak his name. Head tossed back, eyes rolled back her fucked out expression made him grunt in a short shaky laugh. Already she was coming, the tightening and squeezing of her channel begging him for seed. At once, he brought them to an abrupt halt. As strong as he was, the strain on his biceps now brought a burn and he knew it was time for another position. Panting, he began to walk them towards her bed-chamber, throbbing within her as she bit into his neck. Bed in sight, he panted once more before letting go of her. 

Watching as she fell below him and hit the bed harshly, he took that time to lift his nightdress up and over his head, revealing the totality of his naked body. He didn't stop her hands as they shot forth and touched his stomach, the tight rows of muscle shiny with sweat. Smoothing his hair back from his face, he licked his lips before kissing his way up her body. Tongue here. Teeth there. Call him a possessive bastard but he wanted to see her marked. He wanted to be reminded of this night every time he looked at her. She didn't fight him, arching her back as he squeezed her breasts, soon kissing licking and sucking on the tiny nipples. 

"Julian..." He hummed against her and let go of her with a lewd 'pop'. 

"All you had to do was ask Seras." He hushed against her collarbone, letting his tongue trace the length of it. 

"You would have fared much better asking nicely than pissing me off." Her lips smiled as he sucked on her jaw. 

"This was much more fun." His hand grabbed her throat and tightened his fingers slightly as he kissed her. 

"You cause yourself unnecessary pain I'm afraid. My anger comes with consequence." Letting go of her throat, he reached down and took her by the ankles. Pulling forcefully, he brought her closer to the edge of the bed. Forcing her ankles back, he held her legs apart as he eyed her womanhood, messy and wet from his earlier beating. 

"What a pretty pussy..." He said, a gentle lick to the folds following after. A slight metallic taste met his tongue and he for a moment inhaled her, shocking her with dare she say sweet kisses. 

"Even your blood tastes sweet...fuck..." He growled, pressing his face against her. She bucked up against his tongue as it slipped into her delicate little opening. Sliding her hands down, they buried themselves in his hair as he made a mess of her once more, the wet sloppy sounds of sucking and the vibration of his low soft moans making her climax, her eyes once more misty with tears. Drawing his tongue away he breathed against her, sucking here and there lazily. 

"We are both past the point of no return I'd say." His voice was conversational, casual even as he lifted his head. Panting, she left her hands right where they were as he lifted up, his big hard beautiful body pressing against her flush. 

"I've wanted you since we were but sixteen suns so I could give less than two fucks about it." Breathing against her mouth, he took her bottom lip into his mouth. 

"I hated you for the way you made me feel....hated you every time I stroked my cock at the thought of you." 

"Do you still hate me?" She asked, lifting her legs to rest against the backs of his thighs. 

"I'll never stop hating you." He said with a kiss and she wrapped arms around his thick broad shoulders. 

"Neither will I." Reaching slowly to the side of her, her hand slipped underneath her pillow. Finding the hilt of the dagger she'd kept hidden, she tightened her grip. 

"A man's heart is foolish..." He lifted one arm to rest them above her head and reached down below to align their lower halves. At a slow entry, he groaned openly and gripped her side. 

"I hate that I fucking love you..." He panted and she tightened her legs around him, leaning her head back as he stroked deep inside her. 

"Julian....oh God....Julian..." She moaned, biting her lips in a smile as he groaned again, more than pleased at her testament of pleasure. 

"Say it again. Louder." She obliged him and began to lift the blade slightly. 

"It's good to me too baby...so good...fuck...." The bed beneath them began to rock and squeak and she forced herself to take her eyes away from the ecstasy building on his face. Swallowing hard, she brought the dagger down into the awaiting flesh of his back. A surprised moan of pain interrupted those of pleasure not a moment before and he reached for her hand, shoving it back roughly against the sheets. 

Damn her heart for twisting as the look of betrayal, hurt and disbelief looked down at her. Groaning, his entire body stopped moving and she felt tears well up in her eyes. She instantly felt as though she couldn't breathe, his body heavy and suffocating. Lifting hands, she pushed him to the side, breathing hard. He grunted as he tried to get up, his blood soaking the silk underneath them. Nostrils flared, he groaned in pain teeth grit as he reached behind him and pulled the knife out of him, tossing it away from them. 

Regret. Regret flashed her in the form of tears and chills and she shot up as he staggered, his steps uneven and heavy. To her horror, blood began to stain his pale skin, dripped down the whole of his back, and began to pool underneath his feet. Openly sobbing now, she dashed up from the bed and grabbed whatever was nearest her. Groaning lowly, he tried to take another step and faltered, soon falling to the ground. 

"JULIAN! I'm sorry....oh God I'm sorry..." She sobbed, lifting the robe to press against his back. 

"MARIA! JOSEFA! HELP ME." At once, the doors opened and at finding the bloody mess in front of her, Maria grew pale. 

"Get a doctor. Send for him discreetly. Go now." Josefa ordered her and the girl was glad to turn and run from the scene. The older woman watched the younger sob and cry against the man and swallowed thickly. 

"You couldn't go through with it could you..." Spoken quietly, the statement itself was full of judgment and resentment. 

"S-Seras...." Now cradling his head and neck against her, she bit the inside of her cheek as his hands reached for her. 


"Shh.... don't....don't speak...just....hold on." Lifting eyes up towards the bitter eyes of her maid, she swallowed tightly. 

"The doctor will be here soon. We'll go on from there okay?" She spoke quietly, running fingers through his soaked strands. Tears still on her cheeks, she motioned for a clean robe and Josefa went, albeit reluctantly, to grab it. Helping her into it, she closed it shut and touched the sweaty flesh of his back. 

"Julian?" His breath answered her against her knees and she took a shaky breath. The door to her chambers opened abruptly and the doctor came in, shocked at what was before him. 

"Hurry...he's lost so much blood..." She snapped, not taking her hand away from him until he knelt in front of him. 


"What are you doing to do now?" Arms crossed and focused eyes watched the doctor bandage the wound. The man she'd attempted to kill was conscious but barely, in a pain-filled sleep. 

"I'm thinking about that..." 

"You cannot return home without his head."

"I know that." 

"Come daybreak, all of Wales will know what you've done. What are you doing to do?" Turning irritated eyes on Josefa, who looked at her with contempt, she bit the inside of her cheek. 

"Draw a carriage." 

"Where will you-"

"Do as I ordered! Now!" She hissed at the woman and at once, she and Maria went to it. Slowly approaching the doctor, she gripped her sides. 

"Will he survive?" Already he was pallid and pale, his once lively blushing lips devoid of any such color. The veins in his neck, arms, and hands appeared blue. 

"The wound he sustained was deep but it managed to narrowly miss any arteries or organs. Should he rest and not exert himself, he will recover." Nodding, she knelt beside him, gently brushing his hair away from his eyebrows. 

"Julian....Leaning forward to press her forehead against his, she let tears come to her eyes once more. 

"I love you too habibi..." Sniffling, she cleared her throat and sat up, eying the doctor. 

"Let's get him dressed shall we?" 


The click-clack of the horse's shoes pierced the night and the chill from the cold made her shudder. Giving a short rap on the horse's hind, they continued on, deeply twisted trees and pitch-black guiding their way. Her heart beat in her chest and she tightened her grip on the reins as the beast led them further and further into the abyss. She didn't know where the two of them would go but it had to be far away from either House. She'd be up all night racking her brain for an answer. Make do as you go. She lifted shaky hands and turned to look back towards the carriage. Was he still sleeping? She'd tasked Maria with his care until they could afford to stop. 

Josefa she'd had to leave back at the Castle. It pained her to know that the woman that had once nursed her could no longer be trusted. Perhaps now she was just like the rest of them. Blood now on her hands. Water on her hands as she held Josefa's head underwater. Red as she lifted the dagger and plunged it into the doctor. It's for my survival... it's for our survival... She reasoned and lifted a hand to brush the tears away. They'd make it through this... they would live and the two of them could be free of their families. Without anyone, they could perhaps find that love was better than hatred. Silently crying, she led them further and further away. The dark would soon become their friend. Enough until they could live in the light. As the Empress had told her, 

Things of the dark are better left kept in the dark.

She'd heed her advice well. 

End Notes:


A/N: Whew this was a ride lol. What do y'all think? hehe. 

May I say that Lupi is just GORGEOUS. Like bruh. She's unreal. Mackenyu too. OOF. That man is one of America's finest. LOL. If you haven't watched any of his movies, GO DO THAT. He is PHENOMENAL! One of my favorite actors to date! 

Thank y'all for reading hehe


habibi-my love in arabic 


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