NO HIDING by marchpisces92

It's always hard to move on from tradgey but the one thing we can't do is hide forever.

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ONE by marchpisces92



"Anything else?"

"No that's everything"

"Nice place you got here"


Micah Simmons didn't know what else to do or say. Thatcher Montgomery had done more than enough helping her move into her new apartment on the cold windy November day.

"I almost forgot" he said breaking the silence "these are for you"

Micah took the large dark green shoebox and pulled out a pair of well-worn mountain boots.

"Used them for hunting and fishing" Thatcher explained "put them outside your door every night"


"Folks will assume that a man lives here and won't fuck with you" he explained bluntly


"Oh is right little lady"

A little embarrassed Micah stubbornly said "I'll be okay"

"I know you will" Thatcher replied "it's a precaution Simmons just take it"

A clap of thunder boomed and lighting flashed then the rain began to fall

"Looks like you won't need to do that tonight"

"You're staying?"

"You putting me out in the rain Simmons?"

"No" Micah said a little too quickly

"Just teasing Simmons" Thatcher chuckled

"I mean I already took up your afternoon" she tried to insist "and what about TJ and Hudson?"

"I told you the boys are with their grandparents for a few days" Thatcher reminded her

 Even five-year-old twin boys couldn't save from her alone time with their father.

"Hungry?" Thatcher asked "I couldn't help but notice the two steaks you put in the fridge I could cook those up"

"......Yeah I guess I am hungry" Micah caved in "I have some frozen home fries too"

"Steak and potatoes it is then" Thatcher said peeling off his leather biker jacket

Micah was a little distracted by how well Thatcher's grey long sleeve armor shirt fit. She knew he was a gym rat but damn his abs were the definition of washboard. Watching Thatcher move around in her small kitchen made it looked like he lived here too.

"Thanksgiving is in two weeks" Thatcher said taking note of how bare her food storage was "planning on going to family or are you ordering greasy takeout?"

"Haven't decided"

"You haven't?"

"That's what I said Montgomery"

Thatcher let out a low chuckle as he lit the stovetop

"When is your birthday again?"

"April 25th"

"Ah a Taurus" Thatcher said pouring oil in a pan "no wonder you're as stubborn as a bull"

Micah rolled her eyes as she took out a cutting board for the onions and bell peppers.

"It's bold of you to assume that I even celebrate Thanksgiving"

"Most Americans celebrate it"

"I'm not most Americans"

"Are you telling me that you got some Native in you?"

"I might" Micah said she chopped into a bell pepper "who knows given the history of this country. Did your boys go to school dressed as Natives for a program?"

"Well actually TJ was a Pilgrim and Hudson was a Native" Thatcher said humoring her


"Well if it makes you feel better we typically just focus on the togetherness of the holiday not the dirty history"

"That's nice"

"If you're not going to family and you feel like being social you're more than welcome to come to our Thanksgiving"

"I'll think about it"

"So it's a yes"

"It's an I'll think about it"

Thatcher carefully placed the first steak in the pan and a nice sizzle sounded

"Just so you know I do hunt my own turkey"

"You hunt turkey"

"Did I peak your interest Simmons?"

"I mean is that even legal?" Micah asked now peeling the potatoes

"It is" Thatcher reassured "I have a license for it. Nothing like having a real fresh turkey on Thanksgiving Day"

"The same day? Do you even season it?"

"Of course, I season it" Thatcher chuckled "I also have to chop it's head, pluck it's feathers, and gut it's----"

"Okay I get the picture Mr. Hunter-Gatherer"

"Just giving you my credentials"

The rain began to fall harder as the drops hit the window panes with unbelievable force.

"No way in hell I was going to drive through all of that" Thatcher said as he flipped the first steak

"That's only because I let you stay" Micah pointed out

"And I'm forever grateful" Thatcher chuckled "you sure are a block of ice Simmons"

"No I'm just being honest" she said "I'll make some sweet tea; the steaks should be done by then"

By the time everything was cooked it was going on nine which was pretty late for dinner; but the two had spent all day moving.

"This place allows pets right?" Thatcher asked cutting into his steak

"Yes but I'm not---"

"Sarge's mother Bluebell just had a new litter. They'll be ready for adoption in a month or so-"

"I don't want a dog"

"You don't like dogs?"

"I didn't say that" Micah replied "I said I don't want one"

"You need one" Thatcher said "you're a single woman living by herself"

"So?" Micah frowned "I'm just as much of a police officer as you are"

"You know what I mean" Thatcher said "you would get a German Shepard like Sarge"

"I love how you assume that I have German Shepard money"

"I can help you with the finances" Thatcher insisted "food, vet bills, etc but you need a dog"

"So, what about the boots?"

"You use those too but the dog is going to help a lot; especially as it gets older and bigger"

"Even with all that; they probably don't allow that breed"

"They can make an exception"

"You sound so sure"

"You must be forgetting that as a fellow officer I have some authority on that"

"Montgomery please don't get me evicted over a dog I don't even want"

"You won't get evicted"

Micah rolled her eyes stuffing her mouth full of home fries and Thatcher chuckled

"Do I at least get to pick the puppy myself?"

"Of course, as long as it's a male"

"What if I don't want a male?"

"A male German Shephard will be bigger and stronger especially if he's not fixed" Thatcher explained "Sarge is trained to kill if needed"



".... I'm not sure how I feel about that"

"I'll tell you what I'm taking the boys to see the puppies the Saturday after Thanksgiving" Thatcher said "you can come with us"

"Montgomery, I don't want the boys to be confused"

"What do mean confused?"

"You know what I mean"

"They're five years old Simmons" Thatcher said "they're just learning to write their names"

"Kids are smarter than you think"

"Their mother died a month before their first birthday" he went on to say "they don't really know what a mother is"

"I'm sorry"

"No problem" Thatcher said "my boys like you and they aren't confused about anything"

Micah didn't know what to say about that other than sorry. Thatcher rarely ever talked about his late wife and she couldn't blame him.

While the first-born twin TJ was his namesake Thatcher Bronson Montgomery Jr; the second born twin Hudson Lawrence Montgomery was named for Lorraine Hudson. A beautiful nod to her maiden name and masculine version of her first name.

She would never be forgotten, and Thatcher always made sure his sons knew the kind and loving woman their mother was.

"If anything Simmons I'd say you're confused about us" Thatcher continued

Micah snorted in response knowing full well what Thatcher meant by that

"Don't flatter yourself Montgomery"

"You don't think I'm handsome?"

"You're my coworker" Micah said "besides I'm not attracted to white men"



"Interesting" Thatcher chuckled "you just let a white man move you into your new apartment and cook you dinner"

"You helped" Micah corrected him "I wasn't some damsel in distress"

"Nothing wrong with being a damsel Simmons you're still a woman" Thatcher said "besides maybe there's a white man that's attractive to you"

"Doubt it"

"You'd be surprised"

"Are you attracted to black women?"

"I am"

Micah wasn't even sure how to address that so she tried to flip the script on him.

"Is that why you helped me?"

"No" Thatcher chuckled catching her game "you're my coworker"


"You are very beautiful woman though"

"Did I ask you what you think of me?"

"Didn't have to you were clearly fishing for it"

Micah bit her lower lip but didn't say anything further.

"Still confused about us?"

She looked up from her now empty plate to see Thatcher looking right back at her with his sea green bluish eyes

She didn't answer but instead eyed the clock and the continued rain outside.

"It's late"

"Nine-thirty is late for you?" Thatcher chuckled

"It is after moving shit around all day"

"Good thing I moved most of that shit around"

Micah ignored Thatcher and made her way to the sink.

"I'm sleeping on the couch?"

"Not sure where else you're going to sleep"

"I remember setting up a king size bed---"

"It's a queen"

"I'm just teasing Simmons"

"Well you tease too damn much"

"Ah there's the stubborn Taurus" Thatcher chuckled "do you have an extra blanket?"

"I'll dig them out"

Thatcher got up and joined Micah at the sink

"You're leaving first thing in the morning"

"That's a shame I was hoping we could do breakfast since we made dinner"

"Pick up a bacon, egg, and cheese from Dunkin' Donuts on the way home"

"Wouldn't be the same"

"I don't give a damn"

"Well I do give a damn"

"Give me your damn plate so we can both go to bed"

"So I am going to bed with you?"

Thatcher grinned and Micah took his plate and gently dunked it in the soapy water

"You're impossible" she grumbled

"You're my best friend too Simmons" Thatcher replied


After the dishes were washed and cleaned Micah went to dig out one of her many blankets and pillows for Thatcher to borrow.

"Alright Montgomery this my favorite blanket so please don't drool---"

Micah stopped mid-sentence when she walked in on Thatcher pulling his shirt off in the middle of her living room.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting ready for bed"

"By taking your clothes off?"

Thatcher chuckled "It's just my shirt Simmons"

Micah didn't why she felt her heart jump slightly when he said that but it did.

"You were saying that this is your favorite" Thatcher said taking the dark green blanket from her

"Yes it is" Micah replied "don't drool on it"

"Oh I would never dream of doing that sweetheart" Thatcher said teasing her a little

"Just keep your saliva in check"

"And you have a pleasant sleep too Simmons"

Micah simply nodded and left Thatcher to settle down for the night.





Thatcher immediately sat up and looked over at the clock he put on the wall.

It read two fifteen in the morning


Micah's cry cut through the entire apartment. Pushing back the blanket Thatcher got up and quickly made his way to Micah's bedroom. He came to see Micah thrashing about almost fighting the bed sheet back.

She was having a nightmare.

She was reliving her twin sister's death.


Thatcher's heart sank. He was on the scene the say Simone Simmons's body was found. Beaten and battered with her throat slit. Murdered by her own fiancée.

He remembered having to hold Micah back the whole time.

Although not appropriate any other time; Thatcher made the quick decision to pull the bedsheet back and lay down next to Micah. He gently gathered her in his arms; she still sobbed and fought him.


"No" Thatcher said gently but firmly "I got you Micah. I got you"

Micah froze in Thatcher's embrace; he rarely ever called her by her first name.

Suddenly embarrassed Micah tried turning away but Thatcher wouldn't allow it.

"Look at me Micah"

There was some hesitation but eventually she did look into his eyes

"Do you always have nightmares about your sister?"

".... I miss her"

"Of course, you do" he reassured wiping her tears with his thumbs

"EH! YOU DONE SCREAMING LIKE A FUCKING BANSHEE?" The neighbor next door snarled


"Montgomery please don't" Micah pleaded knowing how her work partner can get


Thatcher was going to say something back but Micah gently squeezed his hand.

"I'll talk to that asshole in the morning"

"I have to still live here" Micah reminded him

"Forget about him; are you okay?"

"....I'm fine"


"I am"

"Okay Miss Stubborn" Thatcher chuckled gently "you want me to stay or back to couch city?"

".....stay please"

Thatcher took the comforter and pulled it over both of them

"....thanks" Micah whispered despite hating how vulnerable she was right now

"Try to go back to sleep"

It did take a while for Micah to fall back asleep but when she did Thatcher was right there.



TWO by marchpisces92



A throbbing headache greeted Micah as she woke up a few hours later it was already almost ten in the morning. She lazily rolled over to reach for Thatcher but was surprised to not find him beside her. Micah sat up and looked around her to find herself in her new bedroom in her new apartment as if having to gather her thoughts together and remember where she was.

The smell of bacon cooking brought her back together and the radio playing some random Billy Joel song told her Thatcher was still here. Micah felt stuck now because walking into that kitchen would mean acknowledging what Thatcher witnessed just a few hours ago. Her stomach didn't seem to give a damn though as it pestered her to get up and go to breakfast.

Although she was still in her pajamas Thatcher was fully dressed again which meant him putting his shirt back on. It was a good thing because Micah planned on kicking him out as soon as breakfast was over.

"Morning Simmons"

Micah gave an internal sigh relieved that Thatcher went back to calling her by her last name.


"Looks like I'm staying for breakfast after all"

"And that's the last meal you're staying for"


"You'll live" Micah said sarcastically as she went into the fridge to take out some orange juice

"It's going to sting my heart for a little" Thatcher teased her placing his hand on his chest

Micah rolled her eyes taking down plates and pulling out silverware. She figured the sooner they ate breakfast the sooner she could get him out of her hair.

"Did you sleep better with me beside you?" Thatcher asked as he scrapped hot bacon, pancakes, and eggs on to each of their plates.

There was no beating around the bush with Thatcher much to Micah's dismay, but she couldn't lie to him either


"Does that happen often?"

Micah squeezed the syrup bottle a little too hard giving her more syrup than she indented.


"You weren't supposed to see that" she said cutting off what he was about to say.

"You're right I probably wasn't supposed to see it" Thatcher said partially agreeing with her "but I did and I'm not going to ignore that"

"It's not your problem"

"Missing your sister isn't a problem Simmons it's normal. You're grieving"

"I just...I don't want to talk about it"

"Why don't you use the bereavement to find someone to talk to about it?"

"I'm not crazy"

"You're not" Thatcher agreed "you are stubborn as hell though"

"I'd rather use the time I have off to get settled"

"You know you're not due to come back until after New Year's, right?" Thatcher said "that's plenty of time for you to seek out counseling"

"Does it really matter?"

"I want my partner working at the best of her ability like I know she can"

Micah did her best to ignore the tone in Thatcher's voice...he really did care about her.

Micah and Simone were foster kids their mother died when they were only five years old and their father or rather sperm donor was never around so he might as well be gone too. Simone was the only biological family she had growing up and lucky that she had never been separated from her.

Micah did her best when she could, but she honestly did not know how she was going to live without her twin sister. She had her former foster parents she still contacted periodically, and they had attended Simone's funeral but that was about it.

Micah had only been working with Thatcher for two years and they kept things professional, so she was a little thrown off by him saying things like he just said.

"I'll be fine Montgomery"

"My offer still stands about Thanksgiving weekend"

"I can cook all that stuff right here myself"

"Sure you would" he teased her a little "I have a strong feeling it will involve calling seven digits and greasy brown paper bags"

Micah snorted at him and Thatcher chuckled. He knew her all too well.


Before Thatcher left he made Micah promise that she'd put his old pair of boots outside her door in the evening. To which Micah sarcastically responded "Yes Montgomery, God forbid I didn't"

It was time for him to go pick up his boys and he was also mentally preparing himself for any questions that his parents were going to have for him regarding Micah.

Thatcher had told them that he was going to be helping Micah move into her new place. Ever since Lorraine passed away his parents were always encouraging him to find a new woman to love. Thatcher knew that no woman would ever replace Lorraine as the boys mother and he wouldn't mind finding a new love but with the boys he would have to tread lightly.


Thatcher's heart melted hearing his sons call out for him as he got out his truck. TJ and Hudson ripped across the yard into their father's waiting arms and Thatcher swung both of them up.

"How are my two big guys?"

"We missed you Daddy!" Hudson exclaimed

"I was only gone for three days"

"Pop let us ride the tractor!" TJ added

"He did? I wasn't allowed to do that at your age"

"Nana let us make crusts for the Thanksgiving pies!"

"Sounds like you two were busy!"

"They were"

Thatcher let the boys slide down so he could greet his parents Bronson and Edith Montgomery; sensing it was grown up time to talk the boys scampered off to go play for a few minutes.

"Long weekend?" his mother asked

"Yeah and most of it wasn't even spent at work"

"How's your friend doing?" Bronson asked "she all moved in?"

"For the most part she's on bereavement for next month so she has enough time to get things together" Thatcher replied "I'm more concerned about her mental state"

"Losing her sister was probably a lot for her" Edith insisted

"Yeah I know" Thatcher agreed recalling Micah's episode from last night and his mother seemed to pick up on that

"You seem to care about her a lot"

"She's grown on me" Thatcher said "she's as stubborn as a bull though"

Bronson chuckled at that and playfully nudged Edith and said "Sounds like your mother; us Montgomery men just have thing for women like that"

"Oh Bronson stop" Edith laughed and a blush came across her face.

Watching the sweet moment between his parents made Thatcher miss Lorraine and also had his mind entertain what it would be like with Micah. Thatcher knew he shouldn't think that way about her because it wasn't professional but the way he felt when he held her last night....he hadn't felt that way in almost six years.

Thatcher wanted to feel that special kind of love again that only a wife can give.

As much as Thatcher wanted his boys to know and remember who Lorraine was; he also wanted a mother who could be there for them now.

Hell he wanted more children. Before Lorraine died they had discussed trying for more especially a daughter after having two sons.

"It will happen again son" Bronson said reading Thatcher's mind

"I know Pop....just taking it one day at a time"

"Probably sooner than you think" Edith added using her maternal intuition

"The boys and I are going to get going now" Thatcher spoke up "I'll let you know what the plan is for Thanksgiving. Some of the guys from the station and I are going to hunt the turkeys at sunrise that day if you want to come Pop"

"I sure would" Bronson agreed "I'm looking forward to the day we can bring the boys"

"Let me get them to their double digits first Pop"


Despite being sarcastic with Thatcher earlier, Micah did indeed follow his advice and placed the boots outside her door before that evening. Her new neighbor warned her not to be screaming late into the night or he'd file a noise complaint to the landlord.

She didn't really get much done today after Thatcher left because she ended up flipping through an old photo album. Most of the pictures were from her childhood growing up with Simone.

From their newborn photos, them as happy chubby babies being bathed in the sink by their birth mother. Pictures of them as five-year-olds both at their birth mother's funeral and first day of kindergarten the following month. Tenth birthday party when Micah wanted a Pokémon theme and Simone wanted a Cheetah Girls theme; their foster parents happily split down the middle.

The summer they were thirteen and went to both overnight camp and went canoeing. Junior prom when both chose not to have dates but just go with each other and it just be a sister's night. High school graduation cap and gowns, Micah's induction into the police academy, Simone finishing up grad school. Even pictures from their golden twenty-fifth birthday from five years ago were in there.

Micah quickly wiped away the tear that rolled from her face down to the photos; she didn't want any memories of her twin sister damaged. She felt rage build up inside her when she thought about the fact that Simone's ex-fiancé was still on the run. There was still an ongoing investigation as to where he was, but Micah wanted Keith Jones to pay.

"I miss you Monie" Micah whispered lightly grazing her fingers across the photo with Simone's smiling face "....I don't know if I can go on without you"



"Alright boys time for bed!"

Usually Thatcher would hear both of them whine from the living room to have ten more minutes so the lack of response made him investigate.

With the Lego movie still playing on the television both TJ and Hudson were fast asleep with Sarge snuggled in between them on the carpet. The German Shephard raised his head when he heard his master come and wagged his tail.

"You're the perfect babysitter Sarge" Thatcher chuckled scratching the dog's ears and he gave out a yawn in response. Since TJ and Hudson were already in their pajamas getting them in bed would be easy. Gently scooping up each twin Thatcher slowly made his way up to their bedroom without waking them up.

The boys bedroom was a dual theme with TJ's side being Batman and Hudson's side being Spiderman. Thatcher tucked the boys into their respective beds and gave them each a kiss on the forehead. Making his way down the hall to his own bedroom Thatcher pulled off his shirt to get ready to take a shower.

After his shower Thatcher pulled on some loose pajama pants and laid across his bed. His hand ran on the empty side that once belonged to Lorraine. It was cold and barren as it had not known the presence of a woman in almost six years.

"Our boys are growing up so fast Raine" Thatcher whispered as he looked out his window into the night sky "we named Hudson perfectly he looks just like you and it's almost scary how much he loves Rocky Road ice cream just as much as you did"

"TJ has your eyes but he's definitely a wild card and he's going to be the one giving me gray hairs sooner rather than later probably before I hit fifty"

Thatcher took note of how the branches of the tree outside the window slightly blew in the wind; he took it as a sign that Lorraine was listening from heaven.






Thatcher followed Micah's cry as it cut through the hallway to her bedroom. He came to see Micah thrashing about almost fighting the bed covers back.

It was déjà vu all over again.

She was having that same nightmare.

A nightmare that would forever be apart of her

 Not caring if it was appropriate this time; Thatcher pulled the covers back and lay down next to Micah. He gently gathered her in his arms; she still sobbed and fought him.

 "I got you Micah. I got you"

Micah froze in Thatcher's embrace; he rarely ever called her by her first name

"Look at me Micah"

There was some hesitation but eventually she did look into his eyes

"I got you"

".... I miss her"

"Of course, you do" he reassured wiping her tears away with his thumbs "I'm here for you"

 Thatcher leaned and gently kissed Micah's forehead which confused her at first but felt good at the same time.



 He continued kissing her moving from her forehead to her nose, to her cheeks, to her lips.

"I'm here" he kept repeating between kisses "I'm here Micah"

"Stop kissing me" Micah said trying to push him away "I have tears falling---"

"I don't give a damn" Thatcher said sincerely "I'll kiss all those tears away"

 Thatcher took Micah's hand and pressed it to his chest and whispered, "You feel that?"


"How about this?"

The next move was bold; but Thatcher needed Micah to really know how he felt about her.

It was deeper, it was physical, it was carnal, the most natural way a man can feel for a woman.

 Slowly Thatcher led Micah's hand down to his crotch and surely enough even through his sweatpants he was fully erect. Micah gasped in surprise.... she had a feeling that he well-endowed but she just wasn't sure how much he was packing....but now she knew.

 "I know you felt that" Thatcher said "Micah, I want you and I know you want me too"


"Let me in Micah let me heal you"

"Heal me with your dick?"

"Ahh there's my sarcastic stubborn Taurus" Thatcher chuckled kissing her "lower your horns for me; you can be vulnerable with me"

 Micah felt her heart flutter and speaking of physical wanting she could feel her own arousal.

Warm heat pooled in between her legs making her folds slick and ready and moist.

Thatcher took note of how Micah's pupils began to dilate, and he knew it mutual; but he had to ask.

 "Are you wet for me Micah?"

"We can't---"

"That's not what I asked you little lady" he cut her off gently and firmly and slipped his hands underneath her pajama tights and into her panties.

Micah let out a sigh of pleasure when she felt Thatcher's fingers explore her moist folds and even teased her clit.

 "Looks like your pussy answered for you" Thatcher said leaning his forehead against hers "don't think right now just feel Micah"

Micah felt like putty in Thatcher's hands both literally and figuratively; but he was right she needed to just feel.....she needed him.

 It was suddenly a blur of both of them quickly getting out of their clothes. Thatcher was in awe of Micah's raw beauty; she was always beautiful, but he had no idea that she was hiding that curvy body underneath her uniform.

 "Beautiful" Thatcher murmured pinning her down "you're so beautiful Micah"

"....I do want to feel" Micah said succumbing to her own carnal needs "...I want you"

"You have me" Thatcher promised her "you have me and I'm going to satisfy you"

 Spreading her thighs Thatcher quickly and swiftly entered Micah and took them both where they wanted and needed to be.

It was the closest thing to feeling heaven on earth.



Thatcher woke up to a brick hard erection and it was a little surprising; it had been years since he had morning wood. Looking under his pajama pants he could already see precum sprouting out from the flushed mushroom head of his dick.


His wet dream had been all about her, which wasn't surprising since he had been thinking about her a lot for the past few days. It was the same scenario when he had to go comfort Micah from her nightmare only to end up in between her thighs.

It was already quarter to six which would give him enough time to take a cold shower before waking the boys up to get ready for school, feed and walk Sarge, and work his shift. However, at the same time Thatcher was curious to know if Micah in some way had the same wet dream.

Before getting in the shower Thatcher decided to text her:

"Morning. Sleep okay last night?"

After getting out the shower Thatcher checked for her response:

"Your text notification woke me up; but it was okay why do you ask?"

Thatcher: "I wasn't there"

Micah: "Wow Montgomery I'm glad you think so highly of yourself"

Thatcher: "Love you too Simmons"

Micah: Insert eyeroll emoji

As much as Thatcher loved Micah's sarcasm and witty dry humor, he knew most of the time it was just a defense mechanism. 

He wanted her to be vulnerable with him.

He wanted to be the closest thing to heaven for her.











THREE by marchpisces92



It had now been a full week since Thatcher helped move Micah into her new apartment. He hadn't heard from her since except from the text he sent her the following morning. He knew that she needed space but he also hoped that she wasn't purposely blocking herself off from everyone.

"It's supposed to be seventy degrees on Thanksgiving"

"Really? That's mild for the end of November"

"You're telling me"

Thatcher sat at the main table in the lounge area of the station with six of his other coworkers. Without Micah being there is was always easy to forget that their department was mostly men; she was the first female officer that was hired in decades.

"Perfect weather for turkey hunting"

Jonathan Peters turned over to Thatcher and chuckled "You would say that Montgomery can't wait for you to show us how it's done"

"You'll never buy a frozen turkey from the grocery store ever again"

"Since we're going to be hunting all these birds why don't we have a big Thanksgiving over at the social hall" Frank Willard suggested "we can invite some of the fire department too make it a friends and family dinner party"

"That's a great idea maybe all the wives can also cook some of the desserts and sides too"

"We can have some activities for the kids" Victor Perez added "it will be warm enough for the bounce house to be up"

"We could have you dress up as a turkey who also helps the kids start writing letters to Santa" Logan Walker suggested

Everyone laughed but they all knew how animated Victor was and it would definitely be a hit; plus with the way the Christmas season has started to slowly but surely creep into Thanksgiving why not?

"Why don't you invite Simmons?" Jonathan suggested to Thatcher "I'm sure she could use the social interaction and we can see how she's doing"

"You must have read my mind Peters"

"Perhaps but I think all of us know how special Simmons is to you" Jonathan teased him

Thatcher would have normally shrugged off his coworker's comment; however he found himself thinking about his pint sized coworker damn near all the time now.

"Think you can get her to come?"

"I can see to it" Thatcher said "I might have two little helpers too"


"You're up next ma'am may I help you?"

"Yes can I have a quarter pound of the Swiss cheese, quarter pound of the smoked turkey, and do you have any more of the buffalo chicken? If so I'll have a half pound of that"

"I'll have to get the buffalo chicken from the back ma'am be right back"


Micah checked over her cart once more to make sure she had everything that she came into the store for. Her intention was buy enough so that way she didn't have to deal with the massive Thanksgiving shoppers in the next few days. She had all her staple food items as well as things that she craved like sweets and junk.

All she needed now were her sandwich staples; anyone that knew her knew that she knew how to make a bomb sandwich. Her first job as a teenager was working as a sandwich artist at Subway. Micah was really hoping the deli clerk could find the buffalo chicken lunch meat; she was looking forward to making some of her blue cheese chicken sandwiches.

She had already been lucky to get two tubs of Rocky Road ice cream and three tubs of Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream.

"Miss Simmy!"

"Miss Simmy!"

Micah's ears perked up she had come to know those two little voices all too well. Two balls of energy known as the Montgomery twins came running over and latched on to Micah's cart.

"TJ! Hudson!" Micah gently scolded them but couldn't help laughing "you know the grocery store isn't a playground you shouldn't be running you could slip and fall"

"We're okay Miss Simmy" TJ insisted

The boys knew the pronunciation of Micah's last name but calling her Simmy just stuck and how could she say no to the sweet term of endearment. Since the twins were here she knew Thatcher would be close by so she would have to inevitably face him.

"Boys where's your father?" Micah asked "he's probably worried sick"

"Picking out vegetables" TJ replied sticking out his tongue in disgusted

"I don't see any vegetables in your cart Miss Simmy" Hudson said inspecting the grocery haul

"Oh there in there somewhere trust me"

"Is that Rocky Road?"

"Yes it is" Micah smiled "it's one of my favorite ice cream flavors"

"Mine too!"

"It's his only favorite flavor" TJ rolled his eyes "I like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough"

"That's a good flavor too" Micah chuckled

"Boys!" that familiar voice called out "don't you hear me calling?"

TJ and Hudson giggled and scrambled to hide behind Micah as Thatcher made his way over.

"Simmons fancy running into you here"

"I can say the same for you Montgomery; picking up some lunch meat?"

"Not quite but you see I have two loaves of bread to make some pb and j sandwiches, but both the peanut butter and jelly slipped out of my cart and ran off somehow"

The boys continued to squeal with laughter behind Micah as each of them clutched her legs to try and fool their father. Micah was thankful that the boys were here to distract from what she was sure Thatcher really wanted to talk about instead and decided to play along.

She had noticed each of the boys clutching a jar of each of the condiments in their arms when they ran over to her. Thatcher was all tough and hard as iron when he was on duty but off duty he was a big teddy bear when it came to his sons; firm but loving.

"That's unfortunate" Micah chuckled "can't have pb and j without peanut butter and jelly"

"I know what I am I going to do Simmons?"

"Well since your two main ingredients just sprouted legs and ran away you might have to consider other sandwiches"

"Like what?"

"Yucky ones that only grown ups like" Micah said "like tuna fish, egg salad, and veggie"

The boys could be heard making disgusted noises at the sandwiches they found distasteful.

"I don't know Simmons those don't sound good to me"

"No they don't too bad your peanut butter and jelly ran away Montgomery"

"Yeah but you know since I'm at the deli maybe I can pick up some cheese and make some real yummy gooey grilled cheese sandwiches instead"

That was all it took, and Thatcher had the boys on his hook just like that; line and sinker

"Daddy!" TJ exclaimed springing up from behind Micah's leg "let's have grilled cheese for dinner please!"

"And ketchup soup!" Hudson added following his brother's lead

"I think you mean tomato soup buddy" Thatcher chuckled "we'll swing back around that aisle and get a few cans of it"

"Yeah and can we have ice cream for dessert?" Hudson continued pointing to Micah's cart "Miss Simmy got Rocky Road"

"We already went through that aisle; they didn't have that flavor remember?"

Hudson's face fell in slight disappointment and that made Micah feel a little guilty. Did she really need five whole tubs of ice cream? She could survive with just Strawberry Cheesecake.

"Hudson you can have mine" Micah said carefully placing the two tubs of the boy's favorite ice cream into his father's shopping cart

"Really Miss Simmy?"

"It's all yours kid" she said "share some with your brother too though okay?"

Hudson clapped his hands in excitement and which inspired TJ to also ask for a dessert too since the bakery wasn't that far from the deli in eye sight.

"Daddy can I pick out a donut?" TJ asked

Thatcher looked Micah right in the eye and she quickly averted his gaze because she knew what was coming next; he answered his son at the same time though

"Why don't you and Hudson each go pick out a donut and I'll be watching you okay?"


With that said Micah watched as the two little distractions she needed to keep her from confronting their father left to pick which sticky donut was going to satisfy their sweet tooth.

"That was nice of you" Thatcher said once the boys left

"What was nice?" Micah said trying to be detached

"What you did for my boys Miss Simmy" he teased her

"Montgomery it's cute from them to call me that because they're little you're a grown man"

"How about giving up your ice cream?"

"Less money I have to spend and more room in my freezer which isn't that big" Micah shrugged

"You stayed with them" Thatcher said liking how sensitive she was towards his sons

"Obviously because I know them Montgomery"

"Would you do the same for a child you didn't know?"

"Montgomery stop you know it's in my job description"

"You're off duty though"

"Any decent person would help them find their parent" Micah challenged him back wondering what was taking the deli clerk so long now

"And you know based on that same job description that those decent people are far and few in between now" Thatcher said not backing down

It was clear now that the topic was now going to shift from the boys to Micah instead

"How are you holding up Simmons?"


"Still putting those boots outside your door?"

"Yes Montgomery"

"Good I don't want anyone fucking with you"

"Nobody is going to fuck with me; boots or no boots"

Thatcher watched Micah's eyes light up as the deli clerk finally came back up with what looked like a huge chuck of the product she wanted.

"Sorry for the wait ma'am got your buffalo chicken right here; half a pound right?"

"Half a pound"

"You got it"

"Buffalo chicken lunch meat?"

"Don't knock it till you try it Montgomery"

"I'm not just never heard of it"

"Would you like a bit of slice to try sir?" the deli clerk asked reaching over the counter to hand Thatcher a small sample in some wrapper

Thatcher bit into the sample and immediately got that slight spicy savory taste that reminded him of buffalo wings but also had the texture and feel of your average deli lunch meat.

"This is amazing!"

"Would you like a half pound too sir?

"Yes please"

"Was your whole world just changed Montgomery?" Micah chuckled

"Do you get that regularly?"

"No it's a treat every once in a while I'm in the mood for my blue cheese chicken sandwiches"

"It's basically the buffalo chicken lunch meat, lettuce, a slice of tomato, and blue cheese spread on sourdough bread"

"Sounds like you would make" Thatcher said "I'd like to try it sometime"

"I literally just said the recipe you can make it anytime you like"

"It would be sad enjoying something that good by myself" he teased "my boys wouldn't go for it a yucky grown-up sandwich like that"

"Yeah, I suppose it is an age required taste"

"Daddy we got our doughnuts!" TJ announced proudly as he and his brother came back over "I got chocolate and Hudson got jelly; the bakery lady put it in these baggies for us"

"Oh did you remember to say thank you?"


"Good" Thatcher said making sure he was raising two little gentlemen

"Here you go sir your half pound" the deli clerk said "and your half pound sir thank you for your patience and you have a great Thanksgiving"

"You too" Micah said although he wished he hadn't mentioned the holiday at all because Thatcher was going to ask now

"Daddy are we done shopping now?" Hudson asked "we're hungry"

Much to Micah's embarrassment her stomach loudly growled loudly as well

"I think all of us are hungry right about now" Thatcher agreed "in fact boys why don't we help Simmons take her groceries home and have dinner with her?"

"Oh yes Miss Simmy please can we come over?" TJ pipped up

"Please Miss Simmy!" Hudson added along with his brother

Micah shot Thatcher a bit of a look because he knew damn well she couldn't say no to the boys

"Sure why not?"


"It's a school night Simmons" Thatcher reassured her "we won't stay long"


"Now when you spread the blue cheese make sure you kind of mush the chunks"

"Like this?"

"That's right"

An hour after getting back from the grocery store the Montgomery men (including the twins) helped Micah unpack her groceries and made dinner. TJ and Hudson were already at the kitchen table happily chowing down on the grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup Thatcher made for them.

Thatcher and Micah were at the kitchen counter as she was showing him how to make her signature sandwich; so that he could also make it at home as well.

"I like to use freshly shredded lettuce and cut tomato for this" Micah continued "two or three slices of the buffalo chicken; and to actually fit the sandwich in your mouth you're going to want to slice it in half"

Micah carefully cut the sandwich in two and poured each of them a glass of the lemonade she made earlier.

"Mm" Thatcher moaned his seal of approval enjoying his first bite "wow this is good"

"I'm sure you're just saying that" she said modestly

"No really Simmons this is probably one of the best sandwiches I ever had" he insisted "you've been hiding this gem all this time?"

"I guess you could say" Micah said "this is probably the first time I made it since Simone died"


"Yeah" she admitted "I used to make them with her all the time; she was the only other person that liked them"

"Until now of course"


Thatcher watched Micah quickly squeeze her eyes to stop any tears from forming.


"...I'm good"

"Miss Simmy can I have some more lemonade?" Hudson asked politely stepping between the two adults; Micah was thankful for the distraction

"Of course you can" she smiled down at him "how about you TJ?"

"I'm good Miss Simmy"

"Last cup buddy" Thatcher told Hudson as Micah poured him the drink "we're not making any stops on the way home"

"Okay Daddy"

Thatcher had caught on to how his sons made Micah happy even if it was only in brief little moments; she seemed to tolerate their company more than she did his. Then again maybe she understood the boys as she used to be a twin herself. TJ and Hudson were literally attached to each other, so it probably been the same with Micah and Simone.

"Miss Simmy do you really live here all by yourself?" TJ asked as he scooped up the last of his tomato soup

"Yes I do" she answered honestly and patiently

"Do you get scared and lonely?" Hudson asked innocently

"Not scared" Micah said "but I do get lonely sometimes"

"Why don't you have anyone to live with you then?"

If these boys weren't a chip off Thatcher's block; maybe it was Montgomery male thing.

"Some people have to or just like to live alone"

"So do you like it or do you have to?"

"A little bit of both"

"I don't think I'd like that" Hudson said "I like living with Daddy, TJ, and Sarge"

"That's good" Micah encouraged "you're blessed to have them"

"What does blessed mean?"

"Hudson you know what blessed means" Thatcher chuckled "you hear Nana say it all the time"

"Yeah it means thankful" TJ spoke up

Apparently thankful was the magic word because it made Hudson's eyes grew wide with excitement.

"Oh Daddy! is Miss Simmy going to Thanksgiving with us?"

"Huh?" Micah asked confused

"Daddy you said we were going to have Thanksgiving at the firehouse"

"It's going to be at the social hall and some of the fire department will be there; so yes there might be firetrucks out for the kids to get on" Thatcher clarified

"Miss Simmy is coming though right?" TJ asked "we don't want her to be lonely"

"Well boys that's up to Simmons" Thatcher said "she has to decide if she want to come"

"Daddy can't you make her come?" Hudson asked innocently not knowing the double meaning behind his question

"I could make her come" Thatcher boldly looked Micah in the eyes teasing her "but that wouldn't be fair she has to want to come"

"Do you want her to come?"

"Oh I'd love for her to come"

Micah had some colorful language to share she wanted to say but held back for the sake of the boys. She saw exactly what he did there. Thatcher was a little amused that he had his Taurus bull corned now not knowing where to point her horns or what to say; but at the same time he wasn't dismissive of her slight discomfort.

"Alright it's getting late and we have to get going; bathroom and wash your hands" Thatcher said breaking the tension a little and ruffled Hudson's hair "especially you Mr. Two Cups of Lemonade"

Once the boys were down the hall and out of earshot Micah let their father have it

"Really Montgomery?"


"You know what"

"Again Simmons they are five years old it was an innocent question"

Micah rolled her eyes as she went to get the boys dishes off the table and into the sink to wash all while Thatcher watched her amused.

"The invitation is open though" he said "the guys are planning a police and fire Thanksgiving at the social hall in the town square for friends and family"

"That's nice"

"Would be even nicer if you would consider attending"

"Montgomery please....I's...."

"It's what Simmons?"

She didn't say anything

It was like pulling teeth with Micah sometimes, but Thatcher knew she was only doing it to not seem vulnerable he was patient though.

"Look I know I was joking earlier but the ball really is in your court Simmons" he said sincerely

"I need to think about it" she replied "if I do come it will only be for a minute for the boys"

"That's fair"

"I mean it"

"I understand"

A few tears managed to escape from the corners of Micah's eyes.


"Please don't Montgomery; it feels weird when you call me by my first name"

"Did it feel weird that night I held you?"

It didn't but Micah didn't want to give Thatcher that satisfaction of knowing he was right so she didn't answer. It was none of his business anyway.

"If you haven't noticed my boys are just like me" he went on to say "I don't want you to be scared and lonely either"

Micah silently thanked God when she heard TJ and Hudson make their way back to the kitchen; and Thatcher helped them get their jackets on.

"Boys what do we say?"

"Thank you Miss Simmy for having us for dinner" they said; it did tug at Micah's heartstrings

"You're welcome" she said giving each of them a hug "I loved having you over; you two are the perfect little gentlemen"

TJ and Hudson beamed with pride and blushed a little.

Micah brought her attention back to Thatcher their eyes locked for a moment. When it started to feel a little too intimate she quickly blinked her eyes to break that tension. Thatcher allowed it and was forgiving; Micah did manage to give him a little smile back.

"Goodnight Simmons"

"Goodnight Montgomery"



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