The Hot Spot by FranklinsMuse
Summary: A is a series of hot one-shots (LEMON SHOTS) featuring various IR **BW/WM** TV and Movie characters that I ship.
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Pairings: Male/Female
Warnings: Adult Situations
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Story Notes:
The various fics have little plot, but in it's place is a plethora of fluffy, sexy lemon-filled fun. Most are inspired by songs, and love quotes, so I will post the lyrics to the song that prompted the inspiration to set the mood.

1. The Wolf Wanted by FranklinsMuse

2. Sweet Dreams by FranklinsMuse

3. Eyes On Fire by FranklinsMuse

4. Reunited by FranklinsMuse

5. Handcuffs by FranklinsMuse

6. Ten Questions by FranklinsMuse

7. I'm Latching On To You by FranklinsMuse

8. Always Yours by FranklinsMuse

9. Red Light Special by FranklinsMuse

10. Soft Shock by FranklinsMuse

11. Viking Invasion by FranklinsMuse

12. At Last by FranklinsMuse

13. Cold And Loveless by FranklinsMuse

14. Help Wanted by FranklinsMuse

15. The Viking And The Goddess by FranklinsMuse

16. Fuck Your Dog I Got A Wolf by FranklinsMuse

The Wolf Wanted by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
A True Blood - Alcide/Tara LEMON SHOT A/N: Dedicated to the sexiest bodies on True Blood - Joe Manganiello and Rutina Wesley
Song: Animal By Maroon 5

So if I run it's not enough You're still in my head forever stuck So you can do what you wanna do I love your lies, I'll eat 'em up But don't deny the animal That comes alive when I'm inside you...




The moon was full and bright as it illuminated the impenetrable forest. The lovely woman noticed the dense bushes violently rustle causing an unsettling chill of apprehension to run up her spine. The dark-skinned beauty walked in hast down the path. A guttural growl caused her to come to an abrupt halt. A pair of glowing amber eyes peered at the now trembling woman. Her entire body froze with fear, she was certain this was her last moments alive.

Her thoughts were confirmed when a white wolf stalked from the bush. Instincts told her to step in reverse as the huge animal pursued towards her. The back of her sandaled foot crashed into a large stone and she toppled backward, crashing to the ground.

The sting of her foot and her now aching back did not register. Her doe eyes widen as the large, daunting beast crept dangerously closer. Tara helplessly curled her petite figure into a tight ball on the ground and began to pray for a quick death.

The wolf began licking her bruised ankle and made his way up to her hands. The tongue was soft and gentle. It downright tickled and the young woman found the courage to spread apart two fingers and peak out at her attacker.

Its fluffy white tail was wagging! Quickly she managed to gather her wits again.

"Good doggy." Tara wheezed out in relief, her freight slowing waning. "You really scared me there." Her brown eyes remained locked onto its amber ones while cautiously uncoiling from her balled position. "I'm gonna go home now." She slowly stood to her feet, then looked down at her still trembling knees. She let out a deep exhale and forced her feet to sprint forward. She had only managed to walk a few feet ahead when she heard...

"Wait, Tara..." A familiar voice called out. "Wait-baby, it's me..."

Tara turned and gasped. Her boyfriend Alcide stood, naked in place of the white wolf. He blinked large, impossibly dark eyes at her, his mouth hanging open.

"What the hell...Alcide...What the...That was you...Oh My God! You're a werewolf!" Utter confusion prevented her from responding coherently.

"I didn't know how to tell you." Alcide uttered. He continued to stare dumbly in her direction. "I was out huntin with the pack when I spotted you. He let out a long-suffering sigh. "I figured this was as good of a time as it'll ever be."

"So you were out huntin..." She crossed her arms over her chest. "What the fuck do you hunt wolfman!?"

"Not people, if that's what you're thinking. I hunt rabbits, squirrels, possum, raccoons, but not people."

Tara's stern expression softened. Her beautiful muscular man was standing there, completely naked, and not showing a hint of shame over it. He had nothing to be ashamed of. He was stunning, man or beast.

She surveyed him for a moment longer before extending her hand out to him. He hesitated and then inhaled shakily before placing his fingers on hers. Leaving him with no doubt, his girl loved him, all of him, completely.

Tara adopted as innocent a look as she could muster. "Shift and let me pet you."

"You want me to shift?" His eyes widened in a downright comical manner.

"You heard me. I'm not walking home with a butt-naked man." Tara threw back her head and laughed. "Honestly, Alcide, I don't want anyone seeing that big dick of yours."

Smirking at the manner in which he was blushing, and there was little else he could do but acquiesce. He shifted and Tara gasped at the magic that just happened right before her eyes. The wolf nudged against her and she palmed his fur rubbing and petting his head earnestly. She leaned forward and nuzzled her face to his. Her wolf is soft to the touch, his fur tickled at her bare skin. The beautiful woman and the white wolf walked down the moonlit path, side by side all the way home.

The moment she closed the door to their home Alcide shifted into his human form. Tara was slowly removing her jean shorts and the tank top. He cleared his throat and cast a lustful glance at her. She stood topless with only a pair of white cotton panties on. He shivered, though this time it was because of the crush of her breasts against his chest.

His mouth found hers and she met his movements with her own until they found a perfect rhythm with one another. Intense heat rippled up her spine.

He needed a moment to catch his breath and he pulled his lips from hers. "I'm sorry baby."

"What are you apologizing for?" she admonished, shaking her head and brushing errant strands of hair out of his eyes. "This is an entirely new situation for both of us."

"But I should have told you sooner..."

Her hands slid down the meaty muscles of his back and cupped the hard curves of his buttocks drawing him closer.

"Is that what your instincts told you?" She purred in his ear. The tease was worth it when he began to sputter incoherently.

" instincts are saying that it's time to stop talking," He smiled and leaned down for another kiss.

The kiss was soft at first, transitioning fluidly into a more passionate one. A low growl vibrated against her lips, inflaming her. She pulled away for air and nuzzled her nose against his. He pressed his forehead against hers. His eyes so deep and warm, she could drown in them.

She blazed a trail of hot kisses from his mouth across his bearded jaw to his ear, where she nibbled at his earlobe. He was just beginning to relax when he heard Tara murmur, "I need you to take me right now."

A savage groan emerged from his chest. He forced himself to find gentleness. He lifted her and rushed to their bed. Lascivious yearnings consumed him as she took in her beautiful dark form. Her cherub face glistened with lust. Alcide responded by stretching his muscular body atop her; an insistent knee parted her thighs. The sensation of her skin against his was nearly too wonderful to bear, and he made a low, pleased sound when her lips grazed against his collar.

Contours of his muscles gleaming black hair in wild disarray, the mouth was swollen, bright eyes flashing amber. Experimentally, she rotated her hips, startling a gasp out of her lover. She moved forward and began the process herself. He was so big, she cried out sharply when they were connected, her nails digging into the flesh of his back hard enough to draw blood. He showered her face with kisses as he pushed inside her wet center. He plunged deep and she gasped as a warm rush spreads inside her.

They moaned helplessly, consumed by wild desire. They exchanged bites and scratches as often as kisses and caresses; for Tara was, at her heart: a wild creature (as was he), but the battle for dominance eventually ended with Alcide as the victor. She screamed as her body trembled and erupted in an earth-shattering orgasm.

She sensed the tension quivering his body. She felt it in the tempo of his thrusts. It felt as if her body clung and suckled his invading presence, bathing him in her arousal. His muscular body jerked and he uttered a sound like a sob. He lost himself to her liquid arousal and his thrust grew deeper, harder. He came roaring, violently spilling his seed into her still quivering sex.

When Alcide woke the next morning, he was aware of one thing. Tara was a vision while she was sleeping. At some point in the night, he must have turned so that he was facing her, because there she was before him, with every inch of her shapely form on display from the waist up. Her thick dark hair was falling over one slim shoulder and, unable to resist, he reached out and took a strand within his fingers, reveling at the soft texture.

He couldn't help his smile when she sighed softly and shifted towards him, her free arm draping over his waist as she snuggled nice and close.

He was certain that the dark and lovely woman was doing this on purpose now. He thought hazily as he brought his hand up and ran his fingers slowly along the skin of her arm, dipping his head and nuzzling against her hair and inhaling her sweet scent.

"You know for someone who doesn't hunt people, you sure sniffin me like I'm a piece of chicken," the object of his affections murmured, effectively jolting him back to reality.

"It's not my fault that your scent is alluring," He laughed sharply and trailed his fingers along the shape of her jaw.

"Am I that irresistible to you?" she chuckled, making his senses reel when she began to stroke lazily over his hardening cock.

His dark eyes glinted with mischief and she shrieked happily when he twisted and pinned her beneath him. "I want to explore every inch of you Tara Thornton, let me discover you."

She moaned quietly when he settled on top of her so that every inch of their bodies was touching. He brought his eyes to hers, and the look in those brown, glittering depths told him that she was more than ready to continue.

Of course, it was not long before she turned the tides and pinned him under her so she could do some discovering of her own, but he wasn't about to complain about that. Not one bit.


Sweet Dreams by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:

AN ICABBIE (Ichabod Crain/Abbigaile Mills) LEMON SHOT

After a tumultuous night of fighting Moloch's minions, Hessian soldiers, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills finally made it to the safety of Trout Lake.Being in constant battle with the forces of evil has residual, if not life-altering effects. Tonight Abbie and Ichabod must face them...

Song: Sweet Dreams By Eurythmics

Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world And the seven seas, Everybody's looking for something.




After a tumultuous night of fighting Moloch's minions, Hessian soldiers, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills finally made it to the safety of Trout Lake.

Although exhausted, Abbie found the energy and rushed to the shower to wash away some of her troubles with hot water and suds. After a full thirty minutes in the shower, she changed into comfortable satin pajamas shorts and a white cotton t-shirt. As the dark-skinned beauty plopped down on the couch propping her feet up; she let out a chuckle listening to Crane fumbling around in the kitchen. For a passing moment, she thought about giving her friend a hand, but before she could force herself up from the couch the adrenaline rush ceased and the young woman fell fast asleep.

A short time later, Ichabod emerged from the kitchen with two cups of freshly brewed chamomile tea, a smile, weary but bright crossed his lips. The tall man was relieved that Abbie was able to rest after such an ordeal. Although exhausted himself, Crane was still, restless and unable to sleep. The handsome man took a seat on the recliner and sipped his tea hoping it would calm his nerves. After several moments he decided to light the fireplace. The flute had not been primed for some time; so it took him a moment to get the fire started. He clicked off the lights and was pleased with the soft warm golden glow cast about the room.

Crane swallowed hard and a deep sigh slid out of his mouth.

Lieutenant Mills was a vision while she slumbered, a divine cascade of supple brown skin that glowed beneath the natural light. He could not take his eyes off her. Her long lashes fluttered, her pert breast steadily climbing and falling with each intake and exhale of air, every inch of her shapely form on display. Thoughtlessly and for a moment, he shut his eyes in an attempt to shake the impure thoughts that invaded his mind. He was losing the battle of restraint. Boldly, he neared the sleeping beauty and fell to his knees, his face a mere inches from hers. Her scent washed over him making his eyes closed of their own volition. He listened intently as she whimpered and sighed prettily.

"Oh Crane, Oh yes, yeah..!" She whispered in a soft and seductive voice, her hands adroitly caressing her own breast.

Is this some sort of foolery.

For a fleeting moment, Ichabod thought he was mistaken, that she did not just say his name. That was until she said it again.

"Oooohhh Ichabod yeah...!" she purred again. "Mmm, yeah," Her hands slowly inching lower and lower.

Completely stunned, he couldn't believe what he was seeing...hearing... his entire face burned and turned tomato red. The hot burn of his cheeks rushed straight to his cock. He became hard instantly.

"Oh god Crane...yeah!" she continued to sexily croon, he moans getting louder and louder.

Oh my! She's dreaming...of me...

He thought hazily as he brought his hand up and ran his fingers slowly along the smooth skin of her arm, dipping his head and nuzzling against her hair and inhaling her sweet scent. Her thick dark hair was falling over one slim shoulder. Unable to resist, he reached out and took a strand within his fingers, reveling at the soft texture. Crane could no longer contain himself and through his own raging lust, he began to undress, quickly removing his shirt and shoes. He covered Abbie's body with his own. She lifted her head to look up at him, sleep mixed with desire as she smiled at him. To Crane, her lovely full lips looked so soft and inviting. To Mills, his eyes are so deep and warm, she could drown in them. For a long moment, silver-blue eyes hungrily peered into dark sultry ones.

Losing all control, Ichabod crushed his mouth into hers, immediately swiping his tongue inside hers. She gasped with the suddenness of his invasion and it took her but a moment to catch up. Soon, her lips and tongue moved against his just as eagerly, one hand sliding up to caress the side of his bearded face.

"Abbie" A savage groan emerged from his chest. Mills gasped at the feeling of his erection pressed against her thigh.

"Mmm, Abbie, Ohhh", he chanted her name, layering every seductive tone in her ear.

He gently removed her thin cotton t-shirt and her little silk shorts unwrapping her like a precious gift. He gazed at her breathtaking form worshiping every inch of her flesh. His hand dipped, long sensitive fingers stroking her entrance. The wet sounds were evidence of her arousal. Her cry was so sweet Crane lost himself to the beautiful song. To Abbie's surprise, Crane settled between her thighs and set his mouth to her moist center. The pleasure he imposed defied description.

An aching throb soothed and drove her mad all in one flick of his darting tongue, his skillful tongue moving in and out, up and down circling her sensitive nub. The pleasures crashed, tighten in a coil and snapped. Her fingers dug into his scalp as she sobbed with desire. As he rose to cover her body Abbie took the moment to admire his long lean, muscular form. His lustrous dark hair wild in disarray, bright eyes flashing, and his body looked dipped in gold as the fire-light burnished his sweat “dewed skin. They worked in harmony pushing down his trousers, freeing his rock hard dick. Abbie swallowed hard. Crane looked ...big. She wrapped her hand around his swollen cock. The swollen head dripping with clear pearls of fluid.

Crane sucked in a ragged breath muttering expletives. Amusement washed through Abbie. She had never heard Ichabod curse before. He gently removed her hand from his throbbing cock and engulfed her body with his. She parted her legs and he entered her slowly, savoring the exquisite sensations of her drizzling tightness. He moaned the sound more animal than human. Like a wave, his length washed over her as he pumped in and out. They shared breath looking deep into each other's eyes, marveling at the beauty of their joining.

"...Oh, Ichabod... Oh! Oh yeah..!" She cried losing herself to him.

"Lieutenant, Lieutenant..!" He called out and she finally snapped awake. Ichabod is sitting beside her on the couch.

Abbie sits up with a loud gasp, her eyes are wide as they dart around the room. She looks at anything and everything but him.

Crane cannot contain the grin from emerging across his lips. He goes a beet shade of red that he hopes she can't see in the darkness.

"What's the silly grin all about Crane?" Abbie asks, knowing full well she does not want an answer. She'd rather just slap it off his face.

"You were calling my name in your sleep." he helpfully informs her, suppressing a chuckle.

"I “I had a bad dream," she mumbled her fib, holding onto the small possibility that he actually believes her.

"It did not sound bad at all Lieutenant Mills..." He says seriously, boldly meeting those soft brown eyes." As a matter of fact, you..."

"Oh never mind Crane, I'm going to bed now." Her cheeks burned with embarrassment. Her whole body burned, she'd never had such a vivid, erotic dream. She stood and quickly pulled down her t-shirt that had rolled up exposing her taut belly.

Crane's dark brow arch involuntarily, he could not deny her beauty.

"Goodnight Lieutenant..." His bright blue eyes practically sparkled with mischief as he smirked playfully. "Sweet dreams..." He chuckled vigorously.

Abbie snatched a pillow from the couch and tossed it at his head, he ducked just in time. She could not move fast enough as she rushed out of the room. She made sure she slammed the door, which caused Crane to slightly jump at the sound.

But it didn't stop him from smiling.



Eyes On Fire by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
A BAMON (Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennette) LEMON SHOT

Bonnie is on a quest for happiness and is about to discover so much more.

"I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close."


From her balcony, Bonnie gazed at the alabaster glow of the moon illuminating the hills and treetops. A cool, soft breeze swept in, wistfully blowing the silken fabric of her ceremonial robe. The soft silk brushed against her sensitive nipples sending a slight chill up her spine.

She beamed, letting out a deep satisfying breath.

The spell worked; she could feel it. Soon, her true love, her soul mate, the one born to rule at her side was near and this would bring him forth; it was the beginning of her future; a new era for her kind.

The sudden fluttering sounds of feathers pulled her from her thoughts, she whipped around eighty degrees to meet the disturbance. A large black crow soared, landing gracefully on the opposite end of the balcony. Bonnie knew it was one of the many vampires of Mystic Falls. But which one and why was he or she there?

"Reveal yourself," she demanded.

The crow was unmoving, eerily staring at her. Bonnie met the gaze of the creature, unaffected by its menacing presence.

She held her hand above her head, summoning the powers of the moon, earnestly chanting an incantation, which would dive into the mind of the creature, revealing which vampire was hiding inside.

But before she could do so, the crow flew off, leaving the doe-eyed beauty to her thoughts. In haste, Bonnie gathered her priceless Grimoire, her treasurable Bennett talisman, the Ancient Athame, and all the candles and stones, she'd used for the binding spell.

She set the items on the fireplace mantle and re-lit the white ceremonial candles. She grabbed a burlap sack of Dead Sea salt and sprinkled the large granules at every single door and window in her home.

She chanted an ancient antediluvian protection spell in every single room. Whoever the creature was, he or she would be forced to show themselves in vampire form and face her, and even then, they would not be able to cross her thresholds without invitation.

Eventually, exhaustion began to take over her mind and body and the raven-haired beauty made her way to her bed.

She undressed, hanging her ceremonial robe across the divan at the foot of the bed. She slipped into the welcoming softness of her bed, pulling her blankets over her nude body.

Although drained from spell casting, she found it difficult to sleep. She gripped her treasurable protection amulet, pressing her fisted hand close to her chest. The crow/vampire thwarted her, she felt an unexplainable sense of conflict. Its sudden appearance hindered her sense of assurance. She didn't understand what could have gone wrong with her spell.

After tossing and turning for several moments, the completely exhausted young woman closed her eyes and within minutes she was fast asleep...



 Sometime Later...

...Bonnie snapped awake to the sound of her double balcony doors opening with vigor.

Oddly, nothing but the moonlight seemed too had penetrated the magical barrier she'd forged. Perplexed, she sat up, resting her elbows on her pillow. It was not the sound of the doors opening that had woke her from the peaceful slumber. It was as if the whole atmosphere had changed.

No doubt, something was amiss.

The winds are stagnant, not even the sounds of insects or animals could be heard.

How did the locked, double-paned doors blow open with such force?

Her question was answered when a dark figure emerged from the shadows in the far corner of her room. The figure moved forward, stepping out of the darkness.

"Damon Salvatore!" Bonnie gasped. Completely stunned, she could only assume her protection spell failed. Still and silent, he held the caramel-hued woman with a steely gaze.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Her voice laced with confusion.

Confusion gripped her, she wasn't sure how long she'd been asleep or why Damon was standing in the corner of her bedroom, ominously silent, with nothing on but a pair of black jeans.

He moved slightly and the glow of the moon made him more visible to her. She gasped at the sight of him. His expression was feral, the flesh around his eyes appeared reddish and bruised, and his normally sparkling blue eyes appear amber in color. The tiny blue veins running along his jawline of in his pale skin are prominent.

"Damon..." She called out, unable to control the trembling in her voice. "Are you okay?"

Forgetting her unclothed state, Bonnie stood on shaky legs, with a firm grip on her Amulet, praying that ancient, magical gem provided her some sort of protection against the strange acting vampire. Damon growled at the sight of her beautiful nude body and closed the space between them in less than a second. He pulled her into a firm embrace, dipping his lips to hers, kissing her sweetly and running his fingers through her hair.

When his tender lips brushed against hers. The familiar taste of coffee and vanilla woke what had been sleeping in her and she realized what has happened. She could feel his emotions, they were connected.

Damon Salvatore is her bonded. How can this be?

Her mind reeled as Damon nuzzled against her neck, leaving delicate kisses in his wake.

"Do you know why you're here?" She whispered, leaning back to appraise his reaction.

She could see something shift in his eyes and for a minute, he looked completely panicked.

The frenzy she felt that had once been lustful was suddenly replaced with complete turmoil. He was scared. Damon, the king of confidence, was terrified out of his mind. It was an expression so unfamiliar to his face that Bonnie almost didn't recognize it for what it was.

"I need to explain something to you," she said breathing heavily, her heart pounding hard in her chest.

And just like that, his expression shifted again. That savage, hunger-filled gaze resurfaced, leaving Bonnie speechless, even if she could speak, she wouldn't know what to say.

He moved quickly and quietly, picking her petite body up and tossing her as if she was no heavier than a rag doll. Bonnie landed in the center of her bed and in the blink of an eye Damon was on top of her.

A trail of wet kisses made its way down her neck, over her collarbones to her breasts and then past her bellybutton. Warm breath hit the inside of her thigh and she sucked in air, anticipating what was to occur next.

Penetrating her slowly with his tongue, he lapped at her sweet folds hungrily, until her legs were spread wide and her head thrown back, her hips pushing up against his face in search of more. Her whole body sung, every stroke of his tongue transformed into sparks, making her wetter, slicker.

When his mouth retreated, she gasped, her body relaxing, falling back to the pillow, and she was panting desperately.

He slid his kisses back up her belly, his mouth finding her breasts again, teeth nipping harder at peaked nipples this time and making her cry out.

He licked his lips as he stood up and quickly, eagerly, shimmed out of his black jeans. Her brown eyes widened at the sight of his huge erection as she watched him just as eagerly.

Damon fell into the cradle of her hips and realized how incredibly wet she was. What little control he had left was seriously strained.

"I'm yours, Bonnie," he whispered against her skin and then kissed her neck. His cerulean eyes like fire and ice, burning his way into her core.

Damon pressed his head into the crook of her neck and drew in a sharp breath, reeling in her fragrant scent. His two fingers found their way into her core and she positively jolted.

Stroking her, rubbing his palm into her aching bundle of nerves, she didn't even realize her bonded had bit into her and was drinking her blood. She moaned with unrestrained pleasure, her body arching into his touch, her nerves sparking, her senses reeling.

Bonnie's hand had a hold of his cock, her hand moving between them gripping and stroking him with her adroitly.

Their lips crashed together. She grunted with the force of impact but her lips never left his. She swallowed the growl that escaped him, his hips thrusting against her hand.

"Need you... Need you now!"

She heard him moan, the sound more animal than human, the heat, the touch...the desperation. They filled him, consumed him, slew him.

She repositions his throbbing cock so that the head was pressed at her entrance. Damon shuddered at how hot and tight she was as he slid into her slick folds, gathering her wetness.

He sank completely into her and stilled for a moment, giving her a little time to adjust before pulling back and plunging into her again. Her mocha fingers dug into his back for just a moment before making a trail down and settling on his ass.

Her hips rose to meet him; her hands pulling him deep inside her. Over and over again he pumped into her, his lips and fangs going anywhere they could on her body.

The full realization of the magical bond that they now share gripped them as they matched each other thrust for thrust, possessing them as they made love. They held each other tighter, kissed each other harder, compelled with the hunger to devour one another.

She moaned loudly while he bit his lip to keep from driving into her with all his might, the way he so desperately wanted too. She licked the small trickle of blood that slowly dripped from his lips.

With his forehead pressed against hers, he whispered, "Come with me, Bonnie."

Those words pushed her over the edge and she exploded from the inside out, a split second before he lost all control.

He shuddered, and pumped with vigorous, erratic strokes cumming deep inside of her quivering sex; all the while struggling not to drop his full weight on top of her petite body, although she would have welcomed it if he had.

Bonnie was still shaking when he rolled to her side, spooning her into his arms and kissing the column of her neck.

"Are you okay?" The way Damon looked at Bonnie was beyond intense. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"I feel great," she smiled over her shoulder at him and her hand came up to touch his chiseled jaw. "Are you okay with this?" she whispered in a sleepy voice that made the vampire smile against her bare shoulder.

Damon sat up slightly, propping himself up on his elbow. "Hmmm, well..." he playfully cleared his throat.

"I've been magically betrothed to the most beautiful, kind and powerful woman on Earth," he kissed each one of her fingers and then said, "I'm more than okay with this." she giggled when his chin brushed against her ticklish wrist. Her heart, her soul could feel his sated emotions as they washed over her. At the same time, his mind was bombarded with her amazement and overwhelming joy. Neither of them opposed, both of them welcomed their fate. Damon and Bonnie shared a supernatural bond, chosen by a higher power, which bound them together for all eternity.



Reunited by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
A RICHONNE (Rick Grimes/Michonne) - The Walking Dead - LEMON SHOT
Song: Reunited By Peaches and Herb

Reunited and it feels so good. Reunited 'cause we understood. There's one perfect fit. And, sugar, this one is it. We both are so excited, cause we're reunited, hey, hey...


I did it without thinkin. Without permission, I kissed her. I startled her. I floored myself. It wasn't a regular kiss. I planted a good, wet- tongue, passion-filled one on her.


She felt better than I'd ever imagined she'd feel like. Her softness took my breath away. I can admit, I got a little weak in the knees. A minute and a half had passed before I needed air and had to unlock my lips.

I can't believe I kissed a woman who carries a sword and knows how to kill you quickly. She looked shocked for a moment, it quickly melted into her sexy, dangerous, signature scowl, but that quickly faded and her beautiful, megawatt smile emerged.

Damn, she has a really pretty smile.

From my hairline to the neck, my face was tomato red. Her big brown eyes just gleamed at me. "I missed you too," She said to me and those toned arms gently wrapped around my aching waist, while she pressed her soft body close to mine. Does she even know how tempting she is? I wanted to kiss her again. But I didn't press my luck. I figured she allowed me to kiss her due to all the excitement of our reunion. Besides, we both needed a moment to digest it all.

We'd all been through so much. But even in these tough times, good things can happen. Afterall, she found us and I we're more than thankful for that. Carl was beyond happy to see her again. With her around, I don't have to worry so much about him or anything else for that matter. With her, I didn't have to carry the entire burden. Now that she's back, everything will be better. She's my partner and together, we make a good team.

"How are you holding up?"She asked him, her voice full of concern while pulling him into our arms; now we are all hugging each other. Carl's entire world lit up and he smiled so big at her. Something, I hadn't seen since the last time she returned to us, we always hate when something, anything takes her away from us.

"Pretty good" Carl fibbed; unless he thought his old man almost dying on the couch was 'pretty good'. Honestly, we've had a rough time out here on our own.

"Good." She said, taking a look around and appraising us, she knew he wasn't being totally honest, but understood why. She knows that now that she's back, everything will be better.

We didn't have much daylight left, so we started our task. We scavenged for food, Carl, found the largest can of chocolate pudding I'd ever seen, Michonne found a box of crackers and granola bars and I procured the best part of them meal deviled ham. We lit a few candles and boiled some water and settled in at sunset. In the glow of the candlelight, we mourned our losses, reminisced about the world that does not exist anymore.

It was well into the night and after so long Carl had fallen asleep. She lay close beside him, just as she does when we are exposed to little or no shelter. She'd nod off only to jump awake at the slightest sound.

"Chonne, go rest, I'd be up for a while."

She agreed, grabbed a pillow and covered herself with a blanket.

I left the slumber party so that I could tend to my wounds. I was just a stone's throw away in the next room, I didn't want to disturb them as I rip and replace bandages. Despite my discomfort and vulnerable state, I still had a sharp ear out for any sounds of danger. I'd taken the last blood-soaked bandage off my hand when she popped her head into the entrance.

She had that 'I know all the secrets of the universe' smile on her pretty face and a kettle of hot water in her hand. She set the water kettle down on the table and threw her bag on the bed. Immediate, she began to assist me with cleaning and redressing my wounds. Afterward, she dug in the bag and pulled out a bottle of shaving cream, a straight edge razor, a few hand towels and some aftershave.

I smile at her not saying a word.

She'd been asking me to shave for weeks now.

"Are you just gonna stand there grinning or are you gonna sit down in that chair and let me shave you."

My mouth dropped open. I thought she was gonna have me do it myself, but I'll be damned, she wants to do it for me! Shocked, I stutter on my own words for a good minute."I -umm, well ..."

"Trust me; I am very good with sharp things." She pointed to the chair and scuttled over and parked it. I've never had a woman shave me before. I've only had it done at the barber a few times. It's such a delicate procedure; you really have to trust the person with the blade against your neck.

No doubt, I trust her. And I'm gonna prove it to her. I watch diligently as she prepares. She pours the hot water into a bowl.

"I learned how to do this on a few trips I'd taken to Morocco back in late 90's. The men can shave a full beard in a matter of minutes on a crowded street corner."She wraps one of the towels around my neck."

"You've been to Marocco?"

"Back in 97 and then in 99."

She nodded and I let out a profound sigh, there was so much I wanted to know about her. But I still could not summon the courage, I didn't want to open any old wounds, so I sat quietly, listening to her talk to me and like a kid at story time, I listened attentively.

"You have to make sure the skin underneath the hair is wet. That opens the pores and allows a smooth shave."

She dips the towel in the water and brings it up. She wrings the towel out and places it over my entire face. Damn, that feels good. Instantly I relax, my eyes close instinctively I exhale. She let the hot damp towel stay on my face for a moment and we just enjoyed each other's presence. The look in her eyes, so warm and inviting,

After a moment, she grabs the can of shaving cream, gives it a few shakes and pumped a gob of into her hand and gently slathered it all over my face.

I leaned back so she could get my neck. After I was all lathered up, she wiped her hands with the wet towel, then dried them. When she giggled like a little girl I knew I must look like a starving Santa Clause so I gave her my best 'ho, ho, ho' and we both had a laugh.

"I guess since your Santa, suppose it's okay to sit on your lap."

She caught me off guard when she lifted her leg and straddled my lap. It felt like the air had left the room and the atmosphere was replaced with something else. Face to face, eye to eye. I try to focus and think about stuff, things. But nothing can take away the feeling of her soft round bottom sitting right on my manhood.

And that part of me has a mind of its own. I stifle a moan as I feel all the blood in my blushing cheeks traveled straight to my cock. Without a doubt, she felt my hot hardness pressing against that soft mound between her legs.

She pays it no mind and continues on with her job, starting with the sideburns; with short, firm strokes in the direction that my hair grows she shaves and hums. She really does know what she's doing. With that beautiful, concentrated scowl, a look that may intimidate most, but it fucking turns me on.

She continued to wet my face, and apply more shave cream as needed, she dipped the razor in the water often to remove the whiskers and shaving cream from it. She did it all in cool silence unless she was asking me to turn my head.

After she was done she wet a fresh washcloth with the warm water to rinse my face.

"Finished..."She cheered as she playfully smacked my face with aftershave lotion. Her warm breath felt great against my cool clean-shaven skin.

"Thank you Michonne, I..."Before I could finish thanking her for making me feel like a new man again, she started kissing me with that soft, sweet mouth of hers.

"I missed you too," she said.

Goddamn, she's driving me insane with lust. My hands skimmed her side, waking the skin underneath her clothing. I let my hands roam caressing the material that hugged her perfect ass. I eagerly kissed her and slowly glided my hands up from her firm thighs and let my hands stroke the exposed sliver of flesh above her waistband. She let out a sexy little moan, letting me know she enjoyed the contrast of my rough callused hands as they tickled her soft skin on their journey over her sleek back. She shot up quickly and removed her pants. I followed her lead, on shaky legs I stood up and I pulled my boots and jeans off. In less than a minute we were practically nude on the bed. I palmed her beautiful pantie clad pussy and lightly thumbed her noticeable clit. I needed more, so I yanked the panties down and she let out another beautiful moan of pleasure. She whimpered as my fingers circled and caressed her swollen clit. I kissed her hard as my hands continued to roam. Her hand gripped the head of my cock and a surge of heat bulleted through my system. I unhooked her bra until I had full access to her beautiful tits and began to suckle her. I knew how to make her impossibly wet, to make her whole body surrender to me until my needs were her own. She licked her lips and closed her eyes to the electric feeling that my hot mouth, hard body, and the touch of my hands delivered.

We radiated through our whole being, from fingertips to toes, our touches made us forget everything else. We could be anywhere at this point, all I knew was the moist heat of her mouth, her skillful tongue, her experienced hands and her expert touch made me forget about the despair and anguish around us.

She worked her hands up and down my shaft moving and touching me in the way I'd never been touched. I moaned in vibration against her breast in response. She ever so slowly stroked my impatient cock. It twitched in her hands and longed for entrance into her. She rubbed my cock against her slit; she was so unbelievably wet. She did it a few more times, stroking my cock over her slick sex. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Please, Michonne" I begged, my voice trembled, I need you!"

Finally, she let me inside; I easily slipped into her hot pussy. She was softer than I thought possible, tighter than I could take. I could live inside her, and for a few, hungry, mind-blowing moments I did. Our bodies quickly were in sync as she slips up and down my hard pole, working her hips and ass slowly at first and then faster, pressing me, contracting her muscles around me, keeping me deep inside her as physically possible. I thrust my hips with all my might taking over her sensitive area and driving her to a shaky orgasm. Soon I was there too, tightly holding her as I reached a violent climax. I groan out her name, over and over as I gripped her ass and I found my blissful place within her. I need her, she's my partner, my lover, now that she's back, everything will be better. No doubt about it, I'm in love with Michonne.

Handcuffs by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
Alternate Universe:Ricks Been A Very Naughty Cop... Quote: ***'Don't tie me down, handcuff me to your heart and I'll do a life sentence.'***

Rick slowly entered his dimly lit house. He could smell the faint aroma of his missed dinner as he swiftly passed his kitchen and continued to make his way towards his bedroom. He tiptoed as he entered the darkness of the room, using his familiarity of the area to guide him in the pitch-blackness. He was over two hours late for a planned romantic evening with his wife Michonne. Instead, he got dispatched to Smugglers Bar and Grill to handle a domestic disturbance call.

He and his deputy Morgan Jones made a few public intoxication and disorderly conduct arrest as well. The Sheriff of Kings County Georgia was so busy with processing the detainees; before he knew it, it was 10 PM and he was in big trouble.

She'd told him before, if something like that happened, the least he could do was call. She didn'twant toworry about her beau.

He understood why she worried so much. His job is risky. Michonne, being a savvy lawyer, knew first-hand how dangerous and ruthless criminals are.

She cherished every single moment they had.

Rick, determined to keep his marriage to the woman of his dreams strong and healthy, no matter what bullshit the world might throw at them.

The thought made him physically cringe as he imagined how upset his sweet wife must have been before she went to bed.

Quickly he undressed down to his boxers, making sure not to make a sound as he placed his weapon down on the nightstand. He lay down to the comfort of his bed, squeezing his eyes shut tight, willing away the anxiety and welcoming the exhaustion to take over.

Precisely ten minutes later…

Rick snapped awake to the familiar click, zzztttt, sound of handcuffs. His arms stretched above his head, he is bound by his own handcuffs, locked around the wooden bedpost.

"Michonne…" he rasped, alarmed with eyes as wide as saucers, he helplessly calls out in the darkness.

"Yes, baby." Michonne calmly answers back. He assumes by the sound of her voice she is over by the vanity across the room.

"Baby, what's goin on?" The lamp on the vanity clicked on giving the room a dimly lit glow.

"I handcuffed you," she helpfully informs him.

She stood from the vanity bench, dressed in a red lingerie set, lacy baby doll camisole with little g-string panties, a mesh lace garter and thigh high lace stockings.

'Goddamn', he mouthed between gritted teeth.

Michonne knows what thigh high stockings do to him. His eyes sparked hotly with lust. His wife is so beautiful, it was ridiculous, the way she turns him on. Michonne loved that after three years of marriage Rick still hungered for her, just the same as when they first met. He pulled at his cuffs, painfully the cuffs tightened.

"Are ya, gonna tell me why you handcuffed me?" Refusing to blink, he drilled her with a sarcastic stare.

"You're smart Rick; you'll figure it out soon enough." Challenge sparked hotly in her eyes. "For now, you should try not to struggle too much and figure out a way to convince me to release you."

Rick's forehead crinkled with confusion. His confusion is lost to lust when Michonne begins to slowly and ever so gracefully saunter across the room towards him. Big cerulean eyes boldly meeting those soft brown eyes in a fiery gaze. She's so close he can almost count her eyelashes even in the shadowy dim light. She leans in and softly kisses his lips.

He wanted to turn his head in protest. But he could never be resisting to Michonne showing him affection, even if she was doing so in such a bizarre way. She realized his lips had not puckered to meet hers so she deepened her kiss. Rolling the soft wetness on her tongue and making his entire body jerk and twitch with need. A clipped gasp escaped his lips before he could wrench it in. He relented and fairly devours her mouth as the tent in his boxers becomes more and more noticeable. She broke their kiss, needing to catch her breath.

She gazed at his raging hard-on and smirked.She tugged at his black boxers and threw them, barely missing their cat Hershel. Freeing his red-hot member she gently tugged it, initiating a guttural moan. He hissed loudly when she took his length into her mouth.

"Fuck..!" He yelled.

His head pressed back into his pillow. It had been a while since Michonne had gone down on him. She was so good at it; he wanted her to do it all the time. But Rick was a gentleman, he never asked. He always wanted her to want to do it.Now his entire world narrowed down to the delicious sensations between his legs. Now he was unable to think about it. How she moved, how she sounded, how she touched him in ways that had made him lose his mind. Then she does something with her hands and tongue that makes his body seize and his eyes fly wide open and he can't even find the air to gasp at the immense pleasure. He wants so badly to touch her, to please her the way she's so effectively pleasing him.

And then she stopped. His lower lip stiffened, but he refused to let it tremble. He realized now that his sweet baby was going to make him suffer. He pictured his balls being obscure blue by morning.

She smirked, knowing that Rick has figured out what she was planning to do. "Before the night is over, you will be begging me to give you release." She wagged her finger at him, then backed away from the bed a few feet so Rick could get a good view of her. Achingly slow, deliberately she undressed, first the camisole, next to the panties and garter belt, she kept on her lace thigh high stocking. She sauntered closer to Rick.

He inhaled desperately wanting to smell her sex, he could see it glossing with wetness. Michonne's breathtaking naked body had burned itself into his brain. His eyes were greedier, fuller of lust than any man she'd been with. Heavily lidded, glazed and sapphire, there was no doubt he wanted her as much, if not more than she wanted him.

"You know what I would do if I wasn't handcuffed to this goddamn bed." He growled deep in his throat, purring to her, trying to communicate how fucking deliriously happy she made him. How fucking insane she drove him.

"I know..." His harsh honesty made her body scream with longing. She languidly climbed up his body, sliding her hands on his belly, his chest and ruffling his dark curly locks with her fingers. She gently straddled his face. Her legs open wide. Her sweet, wet, bald pussy landed softly on his lips.

She moaned at the feeling of his lips. Rick peppered her clit with soft kisses. He needed more. So he licked her sweet chocolate-colored clit hot and intently, sucking the tender bud in-between his lips, while the tip of his tongue rhythmically darted in and out of her honey pot.

She looked down then, catching him with his eyes closed, just drinking her in. Continuing to flutter throughout her body, from chest to toe and he drew his skillful tongue in and out, not stopping it until he had milked every last drop. It was the most erotic thing she'd ever witnessed. It washed over her suddenly and hard. Breathlessly, battling between clamping her thighs together to quell his teasing, her eyes fluttering closed at the sensation. She was clenching, coming, slick wetness pulsing down her thighs and over, into Rick's mouth. She screamed, her orgasm increasing tenfold. She slumped over him, her hands propped against the bedpost while she caught her breath. Unconsciously, Rick sucking his lips along with the evidence of what he'd just done into his mouth.

Shuddering, she slowly slid down his body. She reached between them and gently drew his raging hard cock two inches inside her. Instinct took him hard and he thrust his hips, trying desperately to bury himself to the hilt. Immediately, grunting loudly as she lifted up. Her sex just inches away from his painful erection.

Rick's eyes widened in disbelief at the sudden abandonment, "Michonne, please..." He begged, his voice trembling with desperate need.

The look in his eyes was heartbreaking. She wanted to torture him more, but he needs her so badly and she wanted him just as bad. So she relented. Michonne takes his massive dick deep inside her womb and hums around him. He hisses and thrust furiously into her and watches as she takes up a sinewy rhythm. His hands are balled into tight fists as his hips buck frantically and all he can do is lay there and feel. His shaft frisked along the top of her core, right along the nerve endings that led to her clit. She threw her head back and palmed his chest to brace for her impending climax. She sobbed at the incredible stimulation his cocked offered.

"Come for me, dammit. Right now," Rick hissed at her and thrust up and she slammed down harder on his hips. His southern drawl sent chills of pleasure down her spine. Her womb clenched and pulsated as she came with passion.

"Aaah..!" Tossing his head, his mind going white as he comes hard, grunting as he pulses hot fluid deep inside of her eager body…He groaned at the feeling of her orgasm, clutching deliciously around his member. "I love you so much Michonne." He gasped softly.

Years of loneliness had evaporated the moment she came into his life.

He whispered softly, still catching his breath, "I promise to call the next time I'm runnin late ."

Michonne rolled her body off him, still panting heavily.

"You better." She fluffed her pillow and pulled the sheets over her body.

"Will you un-cuff me now." Rick was certain Michonne must have forgotten, "These things hurt like hell." He winced in pain as the cold metal dug deeper into his skin.

Michonne rested her head on her pillow, facing away from Rick. She was hiding the hilarious grin on her face and desperately suppressing a giggle...


She loved him with all her heart, but tonight, she would make him wait for her. This was payback for making her wait for him without a call for the past three weeks in a row.

Ten Questions by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
A super-short hot RICHONNE (Rick/Michonne) LEMON SHOT...*** Rick and Michonne make the most of the little precious peaceful moments in the Zombie Apocalypse.***

Song: Sex and Candy by Marcy's Playground

I smell sex and candy here, mmm Who’s that loungin' in my chair, mmm Who’s that castin' devious stares in my direction? Mama this surely is a dream, yeah Yeah mama this surely is a dream, dig it...

Rick playfully implored, "Just a few questions and I promise, I'll quit askin. He was dying to know any information Michonne was willing to share.

"Fine, I'll allow you to ask me ten questions."

"Are you for real this time, ten questions?" Rick was ecstatic. Finally! He thought to himself.

"Will you actually answer me? Will you tell me the truth?" He continued to probe.

"Yes, yes and yes... You have seven more questions left." She countered playfully with the warmest smile. Her smile was contagious, Rick found himself smiling too.

"No fair! That shouldn't count."

"I don't see why not, those were questions asked to me and I answered them."

"Could you stop being a lawyer for one damn minute?"

His face lit up with amusement.

"I could," Michonne answered her face seem to glow, her smile was alluring, genuine, and Rick felt himself becoming aroused.

"Six more questions, Grimes."

"Fine, how does this feel?" Rick drew her to him, holding her firmly against him. But Michonne continued to tease him with a slow sensuality that was sure to drive him insane with need.

She smirked, "Your erection feels huge."

Rick was completely enchanted by the way her lips moved; he had to kiss her. Unable to wait, he went in to capture her lips hungrily; Michonne erotically flicked her tongue against his own and moaned wantonly. Rick felt his cock harden impossibly further and he turned Michonne around roughly. His hands found her breasts and he kneaded them with the perfect amount of pressure. His touch was so sensitive and experienced that Michonne cried out and ground her firm ass against his, determined to drive her as insane as she made him. He gently pinched her nipples over and over, alternating between pressing down on the dark brown buds and rotating them in a circular motion that caused her breasts to bounce and sway as if in an erotic dance. Rick could hardly stand his need for her, and he reached one of his hands down to gently circle her perfect chocolate colored clit. His hands were large enough that he was able to continue pressing down on both her nipples with one hand as he flicked her clit gently over and over with the other.

"Am I makin you cum Michonne?"

Michonne cried as she struggled against him, unable to move in his vice-like grip against his hand as she so wanted to.

"More!" She begged in a low sensual whisper, Rick removed his fingers from her folds and brought them to her lips.

"Does that taste good?"

She was surprised that tasting herself on him only increased her desire. Instead of stroking her, he swiftly and repeatedly tapped her moisten clit with his fingers, sending bolts of pleasure throughout her body.

"Please, Rick..! Oh my god..!" Michonne bit back a scream when he finally entered two fingers roughly into her opening, which was more than ready for him and dripping with wetness.

Rick stroked her g-spot, all the while continuing to press down on her nipples causing her full tits to bounce. Michonne arched against his hand and screamed as she came, her pussy throbbing and contracting around his fingers.

Oh... Rick that was…"

She sighed, at a loss for words at how to describe the best orgasm of her life, which it hadn't even taken full sex to reach.

"So what type of girl were you in school?" Rick asked.

"I was the weird smart girl." She replied, still slightly out of breath, "This is your last question officer."

"How did you become the beautiful dangerous woman?"

Michonne just smiled.

I'm Latching On To You by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:

Would if you read the tabloids and it says True Blood stars fall in love.***NO! Not boring vanilla Anna P. and her old-man Stephen M...Fucking YAWN... I'm talking Alexander Skarsgrd / Rutina Wesley...

***Inspired by the adorable picture you see here... Song: I’m Latching on to you by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith

You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down You, you enchant me even when you're not around If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down I’m latching on, babe, now I know what I have found Now I've got you in my space I won’t let go of you (never) Got you shackled in my embrace I’m latching on to you (never)

We sank into the back seat. He put his strong arm around my shoulder as the limo pulled away. The tighter he held onto me, the more the thoughts raced through my mind.

I rested my head on him, breathing in his familiar scent. I realized that I missed it when it wasn't around. When we weren't together, I ached for him. I closed my eyes and stayed like that for a while until I felt him ever so gently kiss the top of my head.

I wondered if I'd imagined it for a while, then he moved my head slowly to look up at him. Our eyes met and for a while, we just stared at each other. He moved toward me so slowly, his pink lips brushed mine softly at first, then a little harder, until I felt his peppermint tongue gently circling inside my mouth. The taste of him filled my senses, and I passionately kiss him back.

Alexander Skarsgrd had asked me out three months ago, just a month after we finished filming the final episodes of the show. He had a crush me the whole time, innocently flirting, but never actually making a move. He respected my marriage. Even though I knew my marriage should have ended a year before it did. Now I realized everyone else knew Jacob and I wouldn’t last.
Alex hadn’t had the best of luck in love either. As soon as Kate found someone richer and more successful than Alex, she broke it off. He was crushed.
The night Alex and I went to dinner and a movie. I figured we’d go on a couple of dates and possibly have sex, but nothing more would develop from it.
But after our first date, I realized there was so much more to Alex. He listened to me, he asked me about my childhood, what I wanted out of life. He wanted to know me.

After a few dates, I knew I was falling for him. After a few months, he introduced me to his father, sister and two brothers. They admire me and my feelings are mutual. My parents adore Alex too.

Alex said he not only wanted me as a lover, he wanted me to be his friend, his companion. We spent every available moment together, talking, holding, touching, but never having intercourse.
Three months later and all my primal urges to jump his 6'4, muscular body and bang him harder than a hurricane does a screen door finally reached its peak. I'm positive the wait has been just as excruciating for him too.

He closed the door behind me, in an instant he had me pressed against the wall in the corner.

I kissed him and it caught him by surprise. But he got over the shock very fast, responding eagerly. There was no gentleness in the kiss. It was pure stark hunger.

Alex moved slightly, and my thigh brushed against his manhood. I felt him tighten. Without a word, he removed his black.

I sucked in my breath at the sight of his beautiful exposed chest and willed myself to be calm. I pulled away from him only to have him pull me back. Now his embrace was tighter and his wanton need could not be denied.

His mouth came down to cover mine, savage and hungry like a starving man at a feast. I felt so good being kissed so forcefully by Alex; like he was staking his claim.

"Wait," I pleaded, afraid, to give in just yet. The last thing I wanted was his mother or father to burst into the room and capture me in a compromising position.

My Swedish boyfriend smirked at me as I cautiously looked over his shoulder at the front door.

"Father and Bill finally went home. We finally have the place to ourselves." He reassured me.

I chuckled. "I like your family, but I thought they'd never leave."

"They like you too better than any of my other girlfriends."

"You've had so many; I'm surprised they're able to keep up!" I jest.

His eyes narrowed, he has the most expressive eyes and I realized my quip bothered him.

"That was my past…" He said firmly.

My eyes dropped, I didn’t mean to doubt him. He's been so good to me. I get the nerve to look up and gaze into those wide blue eyes and lose my words for a moment. But I've been hurt so much. I thought to myself. And as if reading my mind he replies.

"I promise baby, you are the only one. I love you, only you Rutina." He declared his devotion to me.

"I love you too Alexander." And I'm ready to show you.

Desire just wasn't a strong enough word to describe what coursed through us. It seemed to him from the moment he saw me, he had to possess me.

"Then come with me," my sexy blonde demanded, as he took me by the hand and lead me up the stairs. I knew where he was taking me. A trail of rose petal scattered the hallway as we walked to the master bedroom.

The moment I stepped into his candlelit room, the sight of it made my heart flutter. In the far corner of the large room, a large black oak mirror and a matching dresser adorned with red roses. Crimson-colored, satin covers made up the bed, the pillows upholstered in the finest of velvet and silk. I blushed inside.

Was all this fuss for me?

He playfully lifted me off my feet, cradling me in his chest before gently placing me on the bed. He watched as my body bounced and then settle as my petite frame splayed across his bed. He swiftly pounced and covered my body with his.

His sapphire eyes roamed over me, and I could see they were burning hot, like fire.

Alex slowly worked me, softly kissing the shell of my ear, licking my neck. He tugged at my designer dress until the thin material was down and exposing my pert breast. His tongue flicked over both my ebony nipples until they stiffened. My body trembled and my mouth fell open forming a perfect 'o'.

With his free hand, he gently yanked at my Donna Karan dress, pulling it to my hips, his hand slowly moved down to my lacy Victoria Secrets panties, pulling them completely off. His fingers lightly touched my wet swollen mound making me shudder and moan like a cat in heat.

His muscles work beneath my sweat-glistening skin which made his mouth water and his cock twitch painfully in his pants. His head fell forward and he groaned while stroking me with his talented fingers.

His voice was husky with lust, "Spread your legs," he urged his mouth next to my ear.

I did as I was told and in less than a second he was down there, licking my labia before darting out to tease my sweet clit. His fingers crept up my thigh, moving to caress my swollen flesh, while slinking along my heated skin, his tongue lapping at the sweat droplets beading there.

"Alex," I whimpered, pushing my hips towards him. I desperately sought release. He teased me, feeling my body inch towards completion. His hands cupped my breasts, gifted fingers tweaking my straining nipples.

I moaned with unrestrained pleasure, my body arching into their combined touch, my nerves sparking, my senses reeling. He licked his lips as he stood up and shimmied out of his black jeans. My brown eyes widened at the site of his huge erection.

Wanting to taste his arousal, I instructed him to lie next to me. As he lay beside me, I flicked my tongue, lightly brushing the head and delightfully watching his cock jump. I licked him again and again, tasting his leaking tip, capturing the pearly liquid, until his fingers knotted in my onyx hair.

I heard him moan, the sound more animal than human, the heat, the touch...the desperation. They filled him, consumed him, slew him. I brought my fingers to my lips and savored them. Humming in pleasure I swirled my tongue around my fingers. He rolled me onto my back and covered my body with his. I moaned into his mouth as his length stretched me. His hips met mine and I felt him pressing into my clit deliciously. He withdrew slowly, enjoying the feeling of my tightness as my inner walls caress every inch of him. Pushing back inside, his muscles twitched. A loud keening sound filled the room and it took me a moment to realize it was me.

Alex began to lose himself in me.

He continued to push inside with long even strokes; just then my pussy pulsed around his cock, squeezing him, stroking him with every swell of my occurring release Alex gritted his teeth trying to remain in control. As my orgasm seemed to calm to small ripples, he began to move faster, stroking in and out of my tightness, deep and smooth.

"Rutina," he muttered roughly, his pace becoming more and more frantic. He drove into me, feeling that electricity we shared snapping around them. Building and building, urging him harder and deeper until we both cried out.

Just as I was about to plummet over the brink, Alex turned my body over. Now my back faced him, his legs nudged mine apart, his erection, hard and hot against the moist fold of my sex. So I parted my legs even wider, begging him silently to enter me, to bury his self so deep that we are one.

He obeyed, angling back to penetrate me with one stroke, deep, hard and so, so right. My aroused body reacted instantly, my cunt clenching him, pulsing and vibrating, releasing a violent thing that I couldn't harness. I cried out, my voice breaking at the height of my ecstasy.

And still, he moved inside me, his movements forceful, demanding, rocking me toward another powerful release. And another until I couldn't tell where one orgasm ended and another began.

Finally, he joined me, groaning, quivering, and his own release spurting warm and deep inside, his dick pulsing in response to my body's rhythm.

He collapsed beside me. He brought my fingers up to his mouth kissing each one. After a few moments, he tucked me tightly to his side.

"Rutina, I don't understand what you do to me."

I didn't understand either. I just knew I had to have him.

Always Yours by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
Being married to the president of the free world is a journey filled with uncertainty; can Fitz and Olivia survive the storms ahead. Will love concur all? Fitz and Olivia's journey if he was already divorced when he began his campaign for the presidency. (Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant on the ABC show Scandal

"My love for you is a journey starting at forever and ending at never." Song: That's Where It's At" By Sam Cooke...



She stood in front of their bedroom window staring at the snow-covered landscape that cold January morning. It was approaching midnight when Fitz arrived home.

The door opened behind her and she half turned. Fitz stood in the doorway, light from the hallway silhouetting his frame and she was in awe of his handsomeness. He reached her in a few strides and pressed his body against hers, gliding his hands around her waist. She sighed and leaned back against him. He nuzzled her neck and she tilted her head to give him better access.

"I missed you Liv." His voice rumbled low in her ear, sending involuntary shivers down her spine.

"I missed you too Fitz." She replied turning into the circle in his arms she slid her hands up his chest.

His whole face perked up and he pulled her even closer, kissing her tenderly before trailing his lips over her cheeks and brow then down to her ear.

She brushed her hips against him already feeling the evidence of his arousal.

With a growl, Fitz began running anxious hands up and down her back. Oliva, reciprocated, pulling his shirt free and working her hands beneath the material. His skin was smooth and warm against her palms, the muscles shifting smoothly. Eager to feel flesh against flesh her hands slid around his waist to his belt, fumbling with the clasp. Once it was free, she undid the button. Slid down his zipper and worked her hand inside.

Fitz shaft was hot and firm against her hand and she stroked him. His hips involuntarily flexed in response while his fingers dug into her upper arms. Capturing her mouth with his, Fitz kissed her deeply, his tongue plundering her mouth, mimicking the actions with his lower body. It seemed to go on forever until the need for oxygen had them pulling apart, both flushed and breathing heavily. With frantic hands, they quickly disrobed and Fitz scooped Olivia up, carrying her to the bed. He placed her onto the pillow-soft mattress and then settled over the top of her. She loved the feeling of his weight pressing firmly on her, dominating her. She moved her hands across his broad shoulders wanting to feel every inch of him and her foot hazily slid up and down his thigh while her nails traced the path of his spine. Her hands skimmed his waist and then she squeezed and pulled at his buttocks, urging him to move closer to her aching center.

As she explored his body, Fitz tenderly kneaded the soft flesh of her breast, thumbs flicking her nipples until they stood at attention only to replace his hands with his mouth, biting and suckling first one and then the other while Olivia whimpered in pleasure.

He moved up her neck while she moaned and raked her fingers through his hair. His breath was ragged against her ear and she shivered already close to the edge.

Fitz raised himself from his elbows, looking down at her, brushing an obsidian lock of hair from her face.

He whispered against her lips before sliding to lie beside her. Gently he trailed fingertips the length of her body, causing her to shiver with delight. Picking up her arm, he brushed delicate kisses down its length until he reached her hand. Then one by one he sucked each finger. His tongue teased the sensitive skin of her breast, all the while intense blue eyes deeply gazed into her deep brown ones.

He worshipped her toned flat tummy and moved down to her legs, trailing butterfly kisses up her calves, across her thighs and then back onto her stomach. His tongue licked the entire surface of her belly and traced the shape of her navel. Fitz gently bit at her waist and hip bones then soothed the skin with tender kisses. Finally, after having laid claim to almost every inch of her body he pushed her knees slightly apart and moved so he sat between her legs. He stared into her dark eyes, desire making them appear black.

"Open yourself to me." He whispered to his dark-skinned goddess.

Knowing what was to come, Olivia raised her knees slightly and spread her legs wide, flatting her back against the mattress so that her hips were tilted upward. Lying there totally exposed to her man she could feel the tremors already building inside of her, her juices flowing, preparing the way for his possession. The thought of what was to come had her hips moving restlessly, begging him to take what she offered.

Fitz slid his fingers over the sensitive flesh that dipped the first one then two fingers into her, causing Liv to clutch at the sheets. Rhythmically he moved his fingers in and out of her, while his thumb brushed against her swollen nub. With each stroke, her breath hitched, and she struggled to hang on. When his hot tongue began to tease her tender flesh, she knew she was lost and tumbled over the edge.

Her heart hammered in her chest and she tried to catch her breath, but Fitz wasn't about to let her rest yet. Rising to his knees, he gripped her hips.

Slowly he thrust himself into her, relishing in the incredible sensation of her tight wet folds. Liv whimpered at the sensation of being completely filled by her lover as he began to rock against her, the tension immediate began to build.

Fitz relished in the beauty of her dark shapely body intertwined with his pale muscular form.

Both were beyond control, they desperately sought release.

Words failed her and she was unable to speak.

She wanted more, needed more, she could feel it building inside of her, inside of him.

Liv cried out as she came, her body clamping down, around his. At the same time, Fitz gave a guttural cry and emptied himself inside of her as he tries to find the strength to move. He begins to roll over and she stops him.

"No don't." She managed to say while wrapping her arms around his sweat-soaked body.

"But I'm crushing you?"

"I'm fine, it feels good."

So Fitz relaxed, burring his face in Liv's hair as she leisurely rubbed her hands up and down his back.

He was still inside of her and she wished they could stay like that forever. She felt so possessed by him, she never wanted them to be apart.

After a few moments, Fitz withdrew himself and collapsed hard beside her. Only a second passed before he rolled over and scooped her up into his arm, drawing her petite body close to his chest.

"I'm always away from you, and I hate that." He said letting out a deep sigh of regret. "Our life is under constant scrutiny, the reporters and their innuendos ...fuck...sometimes I want to just give it all up and run away with you..."

"I'd be lying if I said it was easy being married to the President of the United States." She let out a small giggle. "But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."

"... I was overseas for three weeks. Liv, I almost went mad, I missed you so much."

Running her fingers through his curly unruly ringlets she whispered. "I'm here Fitz, and I'm not going anywhere."

She knew her words settled him and she feathered kisses along his jaw and side of his neck. When she opened her eyes to look back at him, she noticed he had a mischievous twinkle in his baby-blues and she knew if she kept going round two would begin soon.

Rising slowly from the bed, with a little extra sway in her hips, Olivia walked to the bathroom. After a second the bathroom door swung open and her head popped out.

"You know, I could use a shower. Care to join me?"



Red Light Special by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
A/N: Maggie Greene arranges an unconventional birthday present for her beautiful, yet reclusive - workaholic friend Michonne Wright.

The day could not get any shitter. I thought to myself as my bastard client Phillip Blake screamed at me through the phone.

"I'll see to it, Mr. Blake."

Although my voice sounded confident on the outside, I cringed inside like a mouse to a snake. After he hangs up in my face, I slam the phone on the receiver and massage my aching temples. I was already behind on my daily task. I'd spent most of my morning explaining to my very rich and aloof client that as his lawyer, some of the processes he requested were in direct violation of a strict code of ethics that I swore to adhere or face possible disbarment. I explained to him how the litigations process worked and assured him that I would be at his side during any and all interrogations.

My cell phone abruptly rang, as I reached for the device, I accidentally knocked over my cold cup of coffee.

"Shit." I snapped, quickly swiping away my client's wet file, I grabbed my cellular just before it got soaked too.

"Hello," I growled into my phone.

"Well don't you sound pleasant?" My free-spirited friend's voice chirped on the other end.

"Sorry M-G, today hasn't been going so great." I sighed heavily. I love my best friend of 15 years Maggie Greene, but the girl has no idea how hard it is to be me.

"That's because you work too much Chonne." She responded boldly, "You never take a day off…or go on vacation…I'd be a hot mess if I didn't take a break sometime."

"There is no break when you do what I do."

"Oh yes there is." Her voice was full of enthusiasm. "It is your birthday and you need to enjoy it. Come have a happy hour drink with me." She giggled mischievously, "I have a surprise for you."

I sighed again; I'd forgotten my own birthday. Still, I have legal files to prepare tonight. But Goddamn…It's MY birthday for crying out loud! And M-G is right, I deserve a break… I'll just make it a very brief one.

"Fine," I relented, "I'll see you at Lew's Bar for happy hour."

Maggie let out an excited squeal and hung up.

I chuckled and got back to work.

Several Hours Later…

At our favorite casual dive, we ordered the usual refreshing Mojitos, mouthwatering prosciutto, lobster bites and Queso Dip.

Not a second after the waiter leaves, we began discussing the latest gossip about our friends and peers. Maggie works for an investment firm and she seems to know a copious amount of scandalous dirt on all her coworker's personal lives.

"Shane and Lori have only been married for two years and he's already screwing around with Andrea."

I didn't know Shane or Lori, but Andrea Harrison and I worked on a discrimination case together a few years ago.

Without warning a few waiters, waitresses and the owner Henry Lew approached our table with an enormous chocolate cupcake, adorned with a single red candle.


They all sang loud (Maggie was the loudest) and off key and after thoroughly embarrassing me, I graciously thanked them all. And about two hours and several cocktails later, I am ready to go.

"I gotta get back to the office." I cheerfully inform my friend.

"Oh no you don't Miss-Work-Too-Damn-Much, She perched forward in her seat. "I haven't given you your surprise yet." I was confused, I'd gotten the serenade, she'd already paid for our food and drinks; I figured we were done.

"Here." She waved a red envelope in my face. "Your appointment is at 7:00, and then you can go back to the office and work yourself to death." There was an unmistakable look of mischief in her eyes. Back in college, when Maggie peered at me like that, debauchery was soon to follow. My eyebrows lifted in scrutiny as I appraise the red envelope that says Gemini Massage in bold letters.

"Really Maggie..?"

She nodded matter-of-factly, gave me a hug and doing her best Dave Chappell/Rick James impersonation, she uttered, "Enjoy yo-self."

Thirty Minutes Later…

I take a deep breath and push open the door, peering cautiously in the lobby. My exhalation flows slowly past my tinted red lips as I take in the soothing dcor. Adorned fixtures and tapestry of cerise and gold, the scent of potpourri and candles, the sounds of trickling water in a large fish tank all meet my senses.

The place checked out online, nice website, lots of good reviews, and the two proprietors even have their pictures up. Just as I recall the images, my rumination was broken as I hear the sounds of someone approaching on the opposite end of the lobby.

Two fine looking men emerge from behind the door. And then I realize, their online picture did not do them justice.

They are both insanely gorgeous in person!

A sinful duo of chiseled features, tan skin, dark hair and stunning cerulean eyes...

That is where their similarities end.

"Hi, you must be Michonne Wright." The one who introduced himself as Rick had a sweet southern drawl. He's cleanly shaven; his head is full of dark unruly curls. And he appraised me with the most tasteful dirty smirk on his kissable lips.

Unable to catch my words, I nod dumbly, my big brown eyes hungrily drinking them both in.

"Nice to meet you Michonne," The other man's voice is fervently raspy, he introduced himself as Daryl. His hair is straight, falling sexily over his brow, ear, and the nape of his neck. He has just enough facial scruff to give him the classic bad-boy look.

They both approach me to shake my hand. I quickly shove my phone in my purse. Extending both of my hands to theirs, I smile coyly, my hand firming up a little at their warm, strong grips, and I engage more fully in the moment.

"I-I never had a sensual massage before," I admit in all honesty.

"That's perfectly fine Michonne, we'll take good care of you, and you can end the session at any time." Rick drawled, as he caresses my bare forearm with his free hand, leaving every little hair standing up. And I do my best not to let out a moan as my belly flutters. I haven't been touch by a man in a very long time.

My words are still lost, so I simply hand Rick the red envelope, causing them to smile.

"Are you ready to begin?" Daryl asked and after I take a deep breath, I look into his piercing blue eyes.

My brow knitted for a moment, I wondered if we would be doing this right here in the lobby. Rick chuckled and gestured towards the door he and Daryl had emerged from.

Daryl pats my hand but does not pull me forward, giving me the choice to stay where I am or go further. With as much courage as I could muster, I nod yet again and walk forward with the both of them.

I'm led to a room that is furnished with opulent colors, even more so than in the lobby; onyx, deep violets, and crimsons, with accents of brass. Daryl lights red candles on the wall-mounted shelves while Rick hands me a cloth bundle. I'm unable to register what Rick gave me, I'm not looking at either man. All I can focus on is the bed covered in a crimson duvet in the center of the room. The bed is enormous, clearly big enough for three people. My cheeks feel as if they are set on fire and I hug the bundle of cloth close to my heated chest. Trying to relax, I let out a breath slowly and peer at the bundle in my arms. It's a bathrobe, and I look up at Rick who is patiently waiting for me.

"There is a bathroom where you can shower and if you want to make yourself more comfortable. When you are ready, come back and sit in the center of the bed wearing only the robe." He smiles that sensual smile then leads me to the bathroom door. The entire time Daryl continued to prepare the room with candles, scented oils, and mood music. I close the door and let out a shaky breath. I'm not really scared, I have keen street smarts and if I felt any sense of danger, I would have high-tailed it long ago.

It's just that I've never done anything like this before and that fact alone excites me. I stand by the sink I slowly slide my right hand into my slacks and underwear feeling between my thighs…

Oh My! I'm already so wet. They haven't even touched me. How did they do that? I usually take a while to get like this.

I'm so tempted to get myself off just to relax, but I contest the urge.

Maggie paid those two hot guys to relax me, so I might as well let them do it.

I take off my designer heels, and strip, folding my Armani suit neatly on the shelf. I take a quick shower, towel dry and slip on the plush white bathrobe.

I step out of the bathroom feeling like a new and calm person.

Both Rick and Daryl are shirtless; their bodies are fit, smooth, with muscles sliding smoothly beneath their golden tans.

My god!

I sit down in the center of the lush bed with my legs crossed upon the crimson satin sheets. I shyly tug at my bathrobe, coyly trying to cover as much of my petite frame as possible.

Daryl stands at the foot of the bed and smiles his wolfish smile at me. "Very good Michonne," He murmurs lustfully. "We'll begin now."

I nod.

Rick's voice chimes in like velvet, and I turn my head to him. "I'm going to sit behind you now." Before I can react, he slips onto the bed behind me as his hands slowly massage my shoulders.

Oh goddamn, he's fucking good. I shudder with relief as his hands help work out my tension. The contact felt absolutely spellbinding, and my center instantly moistened. Daryl slips onto the bed in front of me and through heavily lidded eyes I gaze up at him as he settles onto his knees as well. He just watches me as my breath catches and the clutch of my hand at my robe loosens. I can feel the warm terrycloth slipping down my right shoulder, but I didn't care. With each glide of Rick's hand in tandem along the nape of my neck I arch my back a little more, my eyes threatened to close. But they can't close all the way; I refused to take my eyes off of Daryl's heated gaze. His calm slow breath is contagious, soon my own pulse is calm, and my respiration is slower, steady.

"Good Michonne." Rick purrs in my ear. Their touching me all over, I'm pleasantly trapped in the biological rhythm of their touches. The contact is perfectly aligned with my breathing and heartbeat. Daryl's gentle fingertips press to the spot on my forehead between my eyebrows and the contact makes my eyes close, it feels positively electric. His touch prevents my brow from furrowing and all the muscles in my face go lax. My robe slips further down my back and I wonder comfortably why being exposed in front of two strangers is not bothering me.

"Are you feeling relaxed Michonne?" I nod as Rick's soothing baritone flows into my ears, his fingertips sliding slow circles at the soft skin beneath my ears on each side. I lean back more heavily on Rick's body and he himself leans back to support me as I slowly recline, my bare shoulder blades against his chest.

The bathrobe slips away exposing my breast, but I don't care. I feel like I've melted into Rick's warm body and Daryl's attentive caresses feel so good. My arms are draped loosely by my hips as Daryl's hands slide up and down my stomach to my hips, the belt of my robe is undone that slight tightness and restriction removed so he can guide my legs to stretch out. Skilled hands massage my thighs and calves and all the while they both take turns speaking to me in calm, gentle, relaxing voices; causing my libido to do jumping jacks.

"Your body is so soft, Michonne." Rick crooned.

"Thank you."

"Are you enjoying my touch Michonne?" Daryl rasped.

"Yes." My voice is breathy and barely there when I ask them both for more.

Daryl's lips press against my neck and it feels like golden fire, my lips parting in a soft sigh.

I'm pleasantly ensnared in the rhythmic motions of both men.

My eyes set onto Rick's stunning gaze and I lose myself in them. His eyes devour me, memorized by my reaction to him he swoops down stealing my lips in a lust-filled kiss.

And I kissed him back with a passion I didn't know I had.

Daryl gently shifts my foot, pushing my leg towards me to bend it at the knee. My heart hammers freely in my chest and for once it doesn't feel like a heavy weight is on it.

Daryl's voice is smooth and steady. "Open your legs for me Michonne." His melodic voice commanded and I positively submitted to him. His soft lips start at my breast and trail down my stomach, until he's feverishly kissing my quivering thighs. He growled as the taste of me exploded on his tongue. I swallow, arching my back slightly. I watch through blurry eyes as Daryl licks and kisses my inner thighs, his dark hair falling over his eyes. Daryl's elegant mouth dips down to suckle my swollen bundle of nerves.

My body is no longer my own, I'm apart of them and them of me. I flush hotly, my moistened flesh shudders with need.

I should feel like a slut offering myself to two men, two strangers, I don't even know. But I don't care. I want them both. If I could spend the rest of my life being their lover, I would want for nothing more.

Rick's fingers dip down between my thighs, and groans at his discovery. I'm soaking wet and the feeling of my hot wet pussy engulfs his senses. I can feel his erection pressed hard against me.

And we all fall into the abyss of passion, devouring each other in the most carnal manner.

I'm free and I love this feeling. I'm loving my body and this glow in myself.

One Hour Later…

I feel buzzed and relaxed and just plain giddy. Everything has a lovely haze around it including myself as I smile in the mirror.

After another shower, twenty minutes later I'm fully dressed and ready to go back into the office to prepare my files for tomorrow's litigations.

As I enter the lobby I'm greeted once again by the sexy duo. Both are showered and fully dressed in fresh clean clothes.

"Thank you, both, so much." I smiled confidently.

"You're welcome…" They both chime in unison.

Rick's clean, firm fingers press a card down in the palm of my hand.

And I grasp the card eagerly.

"Michonne…" Rick began his expression for the first time looks unsure.

Daryl picks up the slack, pulling his card from his pocket. He too looks a little shy.

"Michonne…We'd like to see you again. For a date, if that's okay."

My entire face went taut as I positively beamed.

"I'll call you this weekend."

I told them as I pushed the door open and left.

This is the best birthday ever!

Soft Shock by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:


Soft Shock By The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs:

Unknown, talk to unknown
Ever, lasts forever
Well it's a shock, shock to your soft side
Summer moon
Catch your shut eyes in your room
In my room...In your room...In my room


In the room that is twilight and shadow, Rick stands silhouetted against the open doorway and from his perfect outline I know he isn't wearing a stitch. We're aware of the electricity in the air; I don't remember feeling this way with any other man. Perhaps this is what it's like when people say they feel fireworks going off.

He's fresh from the shower, still wet in places, but still so warm. With one kiss my ambivalence shifts to enthusiasm. He's the only man on earth for me, the only one who can breathe fire into me even when I'm cold. From this moment on my clothes are a hindrance, but he solves the problem in under a minute.

We lock eyes for just a moment, just enough for us to feel safe with one another. Then he's all business, undoing my jeans, pulling them off, kissing from my toes upward, slowly, his hands on my legs, always just a little higher than the kisses. I feel my back arch in anticipation, knowing where his fingers will soon reach. My head rocks back against the pillow as he does, the first moan escaping from the pit of my core. I emit a tiny gasp when I note the familiar glazing over in his eyes.

He moves in closer, close enough for me to breathe in his scent. His arms wrap around my back and in one gentle pull, our skin meets. He whispered my name as our bodies touched. "Michonne…" His hand languidly glides, from my back to my ass, how he loves the softness, feeling it bounce as he releases it. Then his hand travels up my back to my neck. As if he can't quite believe I'm not part of an almost forgotten dream; that's when the passionate kissing begins and we start to move like partners in a dance that is written in our DNA. Slowly, we became entwined moving against each other, feeling each other.

Before I can draw in the air my body needs I have melted into his form. I can feel his firm torso and the heart that beats within. I can feel my body shake, crying for the missed time we will never make back, trying to release the tension of these three long years.

Crying was all I could do. I can't be angry with him; none of this was his fault. It was all in the cards we were dealt. So he made the choice, the sacrifice for us all. One of the men in our household had to enlist; it was either him or Carl. He did what he felt was right, what he had to do. And in doing so the world is a safer place.

The pain came from not knowing if I'd ever see him again. So many men had left to build the barriers, half of those men never return home. Now that he has returned to me, the pain stopped, he is my medicine, my healer.

When he kisses me this time it's sweet, gentle, and it tastes of my tears. Our lips fitted perfectly- as if they were meant for each other. I want to speak but all I can do is cry, "Don't ever leave...I don't know if I can take it again." I breathe out and his mouth paints a soft smile, his sensual eyes gazed into the depths of my soul. He nods once before folding me in his arms again.

"I thought I was stronger," I began, but my voice kept hitching and I was unable to form my words.

He pulls his head back and wipes the tears with a calloused finger, "Don't cry baby, I'm here now..." even this roughness brings more relief than my heart can hold.

"Nothing could ever keep me from you." I heard the words before he said them. Rick's hand had migrated to my hair, pushing it back from my face.

The feelings rock my head backward as he resumes kissing my neck and pressing his body into mine; the feel of his warmness against my skin caused an uncontrolled reaction. Not seeing him for three years had been tough enough, but seeing him again brought back those feelings I had hidden deep inside myself. Love, lust, and passion; no man had been the object of my desire the entire time he was away. I had put love from my mind discarding it as though it was nothing more than a pair of shoes that I had outgrown, but now here I am, walking barefoot. I never knew that missing someone could take over every fiber of your being and wring you out like a wet sponge every day.

"Michonne..." He leaned back to appraise me again, my face holding such an intense concentration that it could have been mistaken for anger. "Did you hear me?" He asked me. The thoughts consuming my mind, Rick would have given anything to be a part of the questions I was asking myself.

I dropped my gaze before meeting his, "Rick..." I whispered so low the sound was barely audible. I trace his lip lightly with the tip of my finger. It pouts slightly, and I have such an urge to bite it, to kiss it, to wrap us up in our quilt and listen to our gentle breathing. His lip feels slightly chapped under my feather light touches but I simply cannot bring myself to give a damn.

"I missed you so much...Not a single day went by that..." He began, even as his lips trembled, he refused to look away. "I love you so much." His shoulders heaved with emotion, unwilling to back down. His dark lashes brimmed heavy with tears; his hands clenched into shaking fists, in a desperate battle against the grief. A lone tear traced down his cheek, and just like that, the floodgates opened. He wept, tears streaming from his deep blue eyes, loud, heaving sobs tearing from his throat, and still, he did not look away.

The walls that hold me up... make me strong just... collapse and I know we are both sobbing in each other's arms. That does not last long, somehow our passionate grief shifts to passion; raw, stark and primal passion.

His eyes roamed over me, and I could see they were burning hot, like fire. It's like I've just enchanted him, ensnaring him with my gaze.


I'm glad I don't dream now because my dreams always end in the same nightmare. But when I wake I remember that my nightmare was both real and worse than the patchy reenactment my brain offers. Instead of relief on waking I get the trauma made fresh and raw.

I stepped into the shower, toes flinching as they touched the chilled ceramic floor. My mind was in shreds; I turned the dial, old and metallic, releasing thousands of lukewarm drops, darkening my hair and trickled down my back. My eyes fell closed over and over, each time showing me the images like photographs... the camp being overrun, men dying; the sounds of death will forever remain etched in my mind.

Still, I'm thankful, the sensation of the steamy water calms me; it takes my mind off things. All the things I honestly don't care about. In the water, my mind swirls, and it's like I'm standing under an everlasting waterfall.

There is something so disarming about seeing Michonne naked. I thought to myself as I entered the dim room. There's vulnerability in her eyes I can't resist. Her eyes had asoftness to them; there was something so welcoming in the rich browns, eyes so deep they penetrate into the depths of my soul. I felt just a little more lost, a little more at home, each time we share these moments. She has a way of loving me with her eyes as much as her body, our souls mingling in the quiet moments of action and stillness.

My eyes travel from her beautiful face to her collarbone, delicate in the semi-darkness, then to her breasts, unbelieving of how incredible it was becoming reacquainted with them. Without her lingerie they sit lower, more natural, each so perfect and molded to her form. I don't linger too long, just enough for her to see how beautiful she is to me. It's her eyes I want to see and my hands can tell me the rest.

And then she kissed me. She kissed me with a passion I'd never known. Slow, sensual, she captured my lips with hers, slipping her sweet peppermint tongue into my mouth and swirling it around. I groaned as my cock painfully hardened.

One touch and it was over, it was always that way with Michonne. The feel of her warmness against my cool skin caused an uncontrolled reaction. My body shook and my cock stiffened even more.

After a few more blissful moments of sweet kisses, she leaned back to appraise me, her big almond eyes gazed into the depths of my soul. "Don't ever leave...I don't know if I can take it again..."I thought I was stronger..."

For a split second, I thought I misheard her. And then like a bullet, my emotional barrier had been shattered into oblivion and the magnitude of her pain seeped into my gut and I became rapt in her emotion.

"Michonne..." I call her name out between ragged breaths. "Don't cry baby, I'm here now...Nothing could ever keep me from you." I glided my hand over her skin to her face, brushing away a lock of hair. "I love you so much..."


She fanned her fingers in my hair and softly pressed her sweet lips to mine and then she placed her hand over my cock and began to rub my rock hard erection.

"I missed you so much...Not a single day went by that..." I growled against her lovely dark skin. Gracefully she maneuvered her curvaceous legs and wrapped them around my waist; the way her legs moved caused me to fall under her spell.

I lowered myself, forcing her thighs apart, and I gazed at her wet folds for only a second before I dove in for a taste. I already knew by the scent I would like what I found there but I was still amazed someone could taste so perfect. And Michonne gasped as my mouth was all over her, tasting her sweet honey pot like someone who had been starving for ages. Her whole body was singing, every lash from my skilled tongue transforming into sparks, making her inside wetter, slicker… My fingers found their way into her wet folds and she positively jolted as I gently stroked her, rubbing my palm into her aching bundle of nerves.

Already so slick and wet I thrust into her sexy little body and she shivered and came. Her inner muscles almost forced my own orgasm from me, but with all my might, I held back. I'd be damned if I would be that fucking quick. As soon as I managed some control I started moving. My thrusts were slow, steady and deliberate. I wanted her to come over and over. But I knew I couldn't hold out for very long.

I started pounding into her with a force and speed I didn't know I possessed. It wasn't long before her searing hot walls were clenching down around my dick, squeezing it securely. I began pounding her rhythmically, hitting deeper every time, bringing her higher, closer. With skill and poise, my angel matched me thrust for thrust. I could not recall ever feeling so completely seized. My lover unleashed her orgasm with a violent surge of heat, coursing through every limb, forcing her to bury her face in my shoulder whimpering as my movements had her contracting around my cock in pleasure.

Nothing had ever felt as perfect as fucking her did. I was lost in the sensation; lost in her. When she spread her legs wider, I didn't think I could hold back for much longer as I sank even deeper inside of her and we both moaned again. It threw me right off the cliff behind her, I heard a sobbing sound and it took a moment to realize it was me. I came, shooting a seemingly never-ending stream of cum inside of her, and she was still shuddering. It's hard to hold back, to make the moment last. Isn't it always that way, so caught between the intoxication of the climax and extending a moment we never want to end?

We lay naked in the moonlight, my arms draped over her waist. After a few moments Michonne leaned in and kissed me, it was the kind of kiss you wanted to last forever, but after a time she withdrew to gaze at the face she loved so much.

"They'll never be another; I would've waited forever for you, so wrap me in your arms and never let me go, keep me safe and warm."

I nodded, smiled and did as I was told. "In this entire cold universe there is only you I can truly love, I'll never let go of you, I'll always love you, defend you, and keep you safe."

Without her I'm not me anymore, I'm a broken shell of someone. She knows that if she ever left me, she'd take the best part of me with her.

Viking Invasion by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:

A TARIC (Tara/Eric) LEMON SHOT. Eric is a Viking and he is used to getting what he wants. Tonight he wants Tara.

Song: Robin Thicke - ***Blurred Lines *** OK, now he was close Tried to domesticate you But you're an animal Baby, it's in your nature...

She was trembling now, and she gasped as Eric closed the distance between them to mere inches.

The whole situation, the danger of it all hit Tara like a fist. She tried to run away from Eric but she knew better. His long lean body blocked the front door. Her heart was pounding madly and the air grew steadily harder to breathe. She shut her eyes tight.

Quicker than a heartbeat he spun her around and pitted her tiny body against the door. Every trace of mannerism was gone from his face, now she could only see him, and it scared her, captivated her. His mouth was slightly open, baring his fangs. His cerulean eyes were like fire and ice, burning their way into her very core. And now, she realized what he was doing. The thousand year old vampire bit into her. She screamed out, his bite stung her flesh like a thousand bees.

She bellowed out in pain.

He licked his lips as her blood trickled down his chin. He smirked and it pissed her off, but she was still very afraid of him.

"You got what you wanted- son-of a-bitch..! Now leave...” she said, but it sounded more like a plea than a command.

The silence was numbing. For several seconds, all that she heard was her own frightened intakes of breath. Then, two big hands landed softly on her shoulders. Long fingers caressed her onyx hair, baring her neck… and her whole body beckoned to his touch. The strings of energy were magnetic, making her arch her back to meet Eric's muscular chest.

Eric moved both of his hands up to Tara's beautiful face, and his eyes widened fully. Tara felt the defense she had fought so hard to maintain crumble and vanish like leaves in the wind, his energy swept into her and she was hit by a wave of arousal so hard that she whimpered out loud.

"Please stop glamoring me, it's fucking up my mind…" she said, suddenly aghast.

Eric was merciless, the way he invaded her mouth, soft and hard at the same time, she was being conquered and she grasped his neck for support. Strong arms wrapped around her waist, scooping her up and bringing her back up against the dusty wall.

Her nails clawed marks on Eric's long torso under his black t-shirt, and he paused to wrench it off, baring his beautiful chest covered in a shimmer of blonde hair. Tara took advantage of his position and enclosed one of his nipples with her abused lips. Eric tossed his head back and pressed her harder into the wall. Before Tara knew it he had ripped her cotton shirt clean apart, pulled down her bra and exposed her perfect breasts.

"Really, Tara…Would if I told you that I stopped glamoring you after I had a taste of your blood."

No, that can't be true! What the fuck am I doing then? She wondered to herself.

“That's Bullshit!”

His pale body moved in between her dark legs, forcing her thighs apart, and Tara gasped as his hardness pressed firmly against her mound. He was so hard, and she found herself clenching her thighs around his hips, drawing him in. A groan escaped Eric's lips as she rocked against him with small thrusts.

"You must be doing something, you sneaky bastard..." she said just as his lips pressed against her collarbone. Eric brought his mouth back up to her ear.

Tara had never been so aroused in her life, it was a primal, carnivore lust, and she had never needed to be fucked… badly…

"You must understand I am used to getting what I want… and what I want is you." His voice was hoarse now, ferocious.

His mouth was all over her, tasting her sweet ebony skin like someone who had been starving for ages. His cool breath hardened her nipples and he sucked hard, his fangs scraping her just barely and Tara moaned in ecstasy, tangling her fingers in his wild hair. Her breath hitched in her throat.

"Eric… need… you...oh shit...need you now…" she murmured between her gasps.

Her whole body was singing, every stroke from the vampire's tongue transforming into sparks, making her inside wetter, slicker… Somehow, she managed to unfasten his jeans as he did the same to her shorts yanking off her panties. Two of his fingers found their way into her wet folds and she positively jolted. Stroking her, rubbing his palm into her aching bundle of nerves, Eric pressed his face against the side of her neck and she felt him draw in a sharp breath. He withdrew from her somewhat and the look on his face was stern.

"I told you, what you're feeling is real!" he hissed and heaved her up.

Tara yelped as he buried his fangs in her neck again, at the same time grinding forward, upward, entering her with a single, smooth stroke. She threw her head back against the wall and locked her legs around his waist as he crashed into her, whimpering as his movements had her contracting around him in pleasure.

He was huge; she could not recall ever feeling so entirely filled, so completely seized. She was angry at herself for enjoying his evasion so much. Tiny beads of blood poured down her burning skin to her cleavage as Eric was drinking and licking her wound, a low, guttural sound in his throat. It seemed to take all his power to tear his mouth away and when he did his face was flushed and no longer pale. He pressed his forehead against Tara's and begun pounding her rhythmically, hitting deeper every time, bringing her higher, closer…

"Oh Tara…Oh!" he breathed, almost hissed, his blue eyes piercing with hunger and something lingering that she could not define. She stroked her fingers against his lips, feeling his fully extended fangs.

Suddenly, Eric's pace quickened and her orgasm rose uncontrollably, building a fire in the pit of her stomach, lashing out on her throbbing mound. Eric pressed her tightly against him and she could have sworn that she felt his heart race.

"Oh Yes…!" she gasped, exposing her neck to the still hungry vampire.

Eric tilted his head, and with a snarl, his mouth was on her, his ivory blades leaping into her skin, his hardness at the same time hitting deeper into her than ever before. It hurt, but it was a pain that made her feel everything twice as intense, and it unleashed her orgasm with a violent surge of heat, coursing through her every limb, forcing her to bury her face in Eric's shoulder to stop herself from screaming as she quivered around him… and it didn't stop.

Eric drank with a low moan, clutching her against him, his cock moving fast and smooth, pounding her, fucking her… and all the time she was cumming again, she trembled and came, trembled and came…

Quickly, he bit into his wrist; his blood flowed into her waiting mouth until his wound healed.

Tara closed her eyes and a blur of images started to flow her mind. She saw a snow-fallen landscape, pure white-out. In the near distance, a hand carved wooden bed covered in deer hide. Their nude bodies fall onto the bed and settle as he peers at her with joy and wonderment…

When Eric lost it he threw his head back, his blood-drenched lips parted in a ragged groan, his forehead bent down onto her chest. He thrust into her hard and true one final time, and she was still shuddering.

This all could easily be a dream, but she didn't care anymore. She didn't care about anything other than this...

At Last by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
My Dedication to the long-awaited highly anticipated Richonne Ship. This one-shot is the extended scene of 6X10. I shall never look at a pack of breath-mints the same...


This was the first time in months, Daryl and I came back from a supply run empty-handed. But this is also the first time in months we've encountered anyone too. And after my talk with Morgan the other day, I realize that he's right.

We should start looking for people to bring in.

Michonne walked into the front room breaking me from my thoughts. She brought the monitor and I chuckled while watching little nugget squirm around in her crib.

As always she asked me about my day, but I didn't want to talk about it right now. All I wanted to do was enjoy that comfortable silence that Michonne and I often shared with each other.

I handed over the only piece of merchandise I managed to salvage today. I innocently placed the tiny pack of mints in her hand. The softness of her touch and warmth drew me in like a moth to a flame. I found myself wanting to linger in the comfort of her hold.

The act was simultaneously intimate.

All of my aches washed away when our finger entwined. The atmosphere between us changes, charged with an electric, exhilarating anticipation.

My plan had been to tell her how much I love her, that I've loved her for a very long time, but the minute she smiled that amazing, inviting smile all that went out the window. Energy, I didn't know I had shot through me as I leaned in to kiss my angel. The feeling of her soft sweet lips awakened every inch of my body.

"My Michonne."

Her soft, sweet tongue caused an involuntary moan to escape me and she giggled at my excitement. Somehow we manage to get to her room where I ordered her to undress me.

"Get me, naked baby," I demand.

The look in her eyes slews me; so expressive. I could see the quiet storm of lust rumble within her, churning, powerful and so dangerously captivating.

"Yes, officer."

She unbuttoned my shirt and I removed it, but not before I removed hers first. She unbuttoned, unzipped and tugged down my jeans, all the while we kissed and caressed one another. I nibbled at her bra strap, pulling it over both shoulders with my teeth, perfectly masking my fumbling with those troublesome hooks in the back.

At last, we are both naked as the day we were born.

I fell back onto her bed and for a moment I was immobile as her flawless body slinked towards mine. She crawled to me on all fours, her magnificent ass raised high, swaying to and fro in the most sinful way, as she propelled herself forward. I whimpered helplessly when she licked her lips and took hold of my rock hard cock. I couldn't let my angel do what I knew she wanted to.

"Lie down on your back pretty woman." I had to please her first.

She happily did as I ordered and I began kissing her ankle, calf and the swell of her thigh. Bending her knee I gently hooked her toned thigh over my shoulder. Now I'm nestled perfectly between her thighs. I took a deep inhale as I gazed at her beautiful pussy. Her scent, sweet, strong, yet feminine, nothing obvious or common. I kissed, licked and tasted every spot of her sweet honey pot.

If she'd let me, I'd spend hours – even days tasting her sweetness.

I was becoming high off her nectar and the sounds of her moans. She was writing, moaning and begging me to grant her release. I lapped up her sweet waterfall and she graciously accepted, parting her legs wide, she shivered, moaning out my name while fisting handfuls of my hair.

"Rick! My goodness!"

Her hips thrashed, her legs tried desperately to force my head where she wanted it. I held her hands as I pleasured her with only my mouth loving the intimacy of her fingers entwined with mine.

"Rick please!" she panted in a low sexy rasp. "I want to come for you! Ohhhh…please make me come!"

I couldn't deny my love and with a flat tongue, I licked her from asshole to throbbing clit. I released her hands and used one arm to brace her, holding her perfect ass with one hand, my other hand slowly running through her folds seeking entrance.

Granting her wish I sucked down on her throbbing clit while sliding my thick finger into her tight pussy. She positively jolted, her hips tossing from the bed. Her inner walls twitched rhythmically as I added another finger and curled them. I knew I found her spot when her entire body began to shutter, with a loud intake of air her walls began to pulsate around my digits, her face a mask of unspeakable pleasure, and she let out a melodic high-pitched moan.

Michonne is the single most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

I watched captivated as two tears fell from her eyes as she trembled and came. I lapped her up, savoring every drop before placing a final kiss on her sensitive mound. I could no longer wait and in desperation, I crawled up the length of her body. I claimed her lips with mine and just as the tip of my throbbing cock nudged her entrance, she pushed against my chest.

I fell back onto the bed and she was on me. She guided my cock inside her heavenly gate before she was fully straddling me. I groaned helplessly as her heat consumed me, sending shockwaves throughout my body. My hands grasped at her hips, desperately, inch by inch I sank into her until I could go no further.

Buried deep inside Michonne, surrounded by her heat is where I found my salvation. This gorgeous goddess owns me. Heart and soul tip to testicles. She swiveled her hips and her walls fluttered around my aching flesh at a fevered pace, her gorgeous tits bounced erotically and she was coming again.

"I love you, Rick." My angel cried out to me.

"I love you Michonne."

My hips began rocking of their own accord as my hands pressed firmly into the curve where her bottom met her thigh. I was engulfed in her waves of pleasure, my hips bucked violently, my eyes rolled, my lips parted, making for yet another unmanly mewl that scratched its way out of my mouth. And I came harder than I've ever come in my life, her tightness milking me dry.

For several long seconds, neither of us moved, panting for air attempting to regain control of ourselves. After a moment she slid over slightly. Her legs still tangled with mine. I covered her with the sheet and fell back onto the pillow. This has been a long time coming, and now I'm finally with my other half.

My soul mate, my Queen.


I heard Rick enter the house just as I was putting Judith to sleep. Baby-doll was a little restless tonight, but she always settles down if left alone for a while. I mosey downstairs and Rick is taking up all the space on the couch as usual.

"Move." I nudge his hand.

"Hey." He leisurely sits attentive and upright.

Neither of us wanted to talk about our day and that's not necessarily a bad thing. In our life, that means there were no tragedies. It's been good for a few months now and I can certainly get used to this. He handed me a roll of mints and I laughed. I'm flattered that he thinks about me when he's away. I've found myself thinking about him more and more each day too.

When he placed the mints in my hand, his touch lingered, intertwining his fingers with mine, I felt a jolt of energy course through my entire body. I'm sure my expression displayed my surprise. His remarkable blue eye sparkled as he gazed into mine and I smiled at him, a true smile. For the first time in a long time I've allowed myself to explore this part of myself, in turn, I discovered what I wanted.

I've never been surer in all my life.

And by the way, Rick is looking at me right now, he wants this too. He didn't waste any time, he leaned over, softly kissing my lips. Our lips brushed together gently at first, the shyness of our kiss was almost comical. I supposed our mutual, trust respect and admiration was the cause. This was the moment we took our love to the next level.

"Mmhmmm…" the way he purred took me by surprise and I giggled.

Almost instantly I was flat on my back, with gorgeous Rick hovering over me. His lithe body pressed against mine every inch of him precisely aligned with mine. It truly felt like we were exchanging electrical currents, he moaned when I raised my hips to meet his evident arousal.

My breath hitched as I felt the size of him, grazing my aching sexy through my pants.

"My Michonne." My name fell from his lips like a prayer, his mouth barely leaving mine to speak.

Our hands roamed each other's bodies, unhurried, relishing in just feeling. Our kisses continued endlessly through our breathing, eventually growing into quick pants in our growing desire. His skilled tongue caresses my bottom lip requesting access, which I granted.

I'd never deny Rick.

We made our way to my room, his eyes were feral with desire when he ordered me to undress him.

"Yes, Officer." I positively melted at his command. I'd never felt such a desire before.

I felt a longing I didn't know I possessed. I let my fingers explore him. His adorable ass, back around to his toned stomach, up to his manly chest. His fingers pressed firmly against my skin and he snaked his hands beneath my bra, his stubble tickled as he nibbled at the straps. Our mouths barely left one another as we worked to get each other naked. He groaned like an animal as he divested me of my clothes. He took his time, slowly peeling every piece of cloth from my body. I was barely able to speak through the pleasure I felt as his fingertips grazed my harden nipples. Leaving a trail of gooseflesh in their wake.

I crawled towards him, determined to blow his ample size cock into oblivion, but all of that went out the window when he asserted his dominance over me again and demanded that I lay on my back.

And of course, I yielded to him.

His amazing mouth provided the most exquisite torture. My legs somehow managed to wrap themselves around his head. I didn't even notice it until he was trying to pry them away from his temples. My body felt like a live-wire only responding to pleasure. Every part was aware and sexually heightened, my body quivered with need. Rick continued extending the pleasure until it became so intense that I couldn't breathe.

I cried and begged for him to give me what I needed he finally granted. I had the most mind-blowing orgasms I'd ever had in all my life. And after pleasing me so well, I'd certainly repay him by riding him six ways from Sunday. I pushed his muscular chest which was covered with a fine sheen of sweat and climbed on top of my cowboy. When we joined it was slow and tender. There was a languid exploration of each other's pleasure and the basking of each other's love.

This was more than just sex for him…for me. This was something that transcended our bodies. His eyes are dark and stormy, and he rumbled deep in his chest when he pushed himself all the way inside of me. The pressure exploded in a magnificent way that left me trembling and panting for air.

"I love you, Rick." I let out a satisfied sigh as I came again and again.

"I love you Michonne." Rick began to lose himself in me as he continued to thrust me with long even strokes. My core pulsed further, squeezing him, stroking him with each recurring orgasm.

Rick whimpered and gritted his teeth trying to remain in control; his pace becoming more and more frantic. He drove into me, feeling that electricity we shared snapping around us. He came spurting hot and deep inside of me.

For several long seconds, neither of us moved, our heavy inhalations echoed throughout my room. Rick gazed at me, his eyes conveyed a mixture of desire, happiness, and love. Reaching up to stroke my cheek, I turned and kissed his hand before sliding off him and lying next to him.

We're both completely spent. And after only a moment we'd both fallen fast asleep.

Cold And Loveless by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
Tara finds herself back in Bon Temps after running away nearly a decade ago...

Song: Undisclosed Desires by Muse

I know you've suffered But I don't want you to hide... It's cold and loveless I won't let you be denied... Soothing... I'll make you feel pure... Trust me...You can be sure... I want to reconcile the violence in your heart... I want to recognize your beauty's not just a mask...I want to exorcise the demons from your past... I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart...

Eric Northman POV

I patiently waited as the sun dipped below the horizon, I felt eager to start my night. I had received a tip that a Coven opened a Wiccan novelty shop in the town of Bon Temps. This would be of no concern, but this particular Coven is rumored to be powerful enough to control the dead. The leader is said to be a formidable voodoo priestess from New Orleans.

Needless to say, this is a serious concern; I needed no invitation when I arrive at the shop just before it closed.

As I open the doors and enter, I am immediately struck by the fragrance of honey, skne and pure sunshine. I paused in disbelief.

Could it be her?

It's been nearly a decade, but it would take centuries for me to forget a creature so enthralling. My question was pleasantly confirmed when my beautiful long lost Goddess emerged from the back of the shop.

When our eyes met, I knew she had not forgotten me. My fangs dropped as I took her in. Her smell was inebriating, filling the room as she approached me.

"Eric Northman?" The beauty gazed at me bashfully, my stare causing her sweet smelling blood to rise to the surface.

"What brings you to Moon Goddess?" She questions me from behind the counter. For a fleeting moment, I'd forgotten why I was there. I wanted nothing more than to become reacquainted with my sexy runaway lover.

Alas, as Sheriff, I must first uphold my duties.

"Your coven has taken residence in my jurisdiction, tell me why." Her rich and smoky doe eyes narrowed, showing her displeasure.

"Is it a crime to open up a Wiccan supply shop here?" She wet her plum fuckable lips, then bit them inwards, peering at me with disapproval.

"It is a crime to practice necromancy on Vampires," I answer, while eagerly awaiting her response.

And then she giggled...she fucking giggled. I had tried to erase her adorable laugh from my memory. But I quickly gather, I will never forget anything about her.

"I don't know what the fuck you talkin about Thor! My High Priestess only conjure spirits of recently deceased." She callously rolled her almond-shaped eyes. "Humans…that's our main source of money. People wanna know about wills and buried treasures and shit."

Her heels clicked as she saunters around the counter and pressed her backside against it giving me an eyeful of her dangerous curves.

I'm in awe, after all these years she is still breathtakingly beautiful. She wore a sexy little purple corset -blouse, giving me a perfect view of her luscious cleavage. And skin-tight black jeans that hugged her shapely hips. She looked fucking edible.

"We haven't the power or any reason to summon vampires. Hell, we can't even get Ole Uncle Bob to speak with us most of the time. The spirit must be willing."

Oh the fire that burns within her. Fucking hot...After all this time, nothing has changed.

I listened intently, surveying her eyes for any signs of dishonesty, listening consistently to her heartbeat. Her pulse remained calm, steady. She was telling the truth.

"Why did you choose Bon Temps as your place of residence..?" I questioned, still inspecting her face diligently for any signs of deception.

"I never told you Blondie, but I was born here. Not Shreveport. My friend Holly sold me this shop for a very reasonable price. It was practically the only thing the coven and I could afford."

"I see," I nodded and after brief contemplation, I had come to the conclusion that out of all the unsavory things that surround me constantly, Tara Thornton and her Moon Goddess Emporium was not one of them.

"I forgot how beautiful you are," I admit, unable to bite back my signature dirty smile.

"Still the charmer I see," she replied shyly. My flattery caused her heartbeat to hasten. In response, her breath quickened and she swallowed hard, she shifted her neck in the most alluring way.

"I was just about to close the shop and make the night deposit." Her scent splashed over me making my eyes close involuntarily.

I stifled a groan.

"Then let me take you home," I suggested, and then I closed the space between us. Moving at vampire speed, I was in front of her before she could blink. Now, I was inches from her face, but she didn't move, and I inhaled her sweet scent again.

"You think you gonna get some tonight?" she tisked, looking up at me through long, fluttering eyelashes. She took a few long deep breaths, enchanting me with the rise and fall of her bountiful breasts as she did so.

"I only want to make sure you arrive home without harm, you are alone with a bank-bag full of earnings," I said innocently.

"Oh, well, I thought you were…Never mind" She said, her eyes darted away from my face. I was thrilled when I saw a hint of regret cross her face.

My mind raced with the images of her completely nude, her shapely legs spread wide and her searing pussy glowing with wetness as I thrust into her without abandon.

"Tara," I said trying to sound offended. "Were you implying that my act of kindness was a ploy to get you home and have passionate primal sex with you?" Against my will my voice came out rasping, loaded with desire.

"Don't even think about it Viking." She sassed, but her body could not lie. The sweet aroma of her arousal was undeniable. I had to clamp down on my straining bulge. I purred, knowing full well it would be a pleasure if she yielded to me. Of course, I would never touch her against her will. She would give herself to me willingly. And I gave her an unmistakable leer, letting her know I was not leaving her side until she was safely home.

She arched her raven brow and then smiles and hands me the red bank-bag. My fingertips lightly brushed hers. Her skin was still soft as silk and I found I hungered to touch more of it.

"I'll take the money to the bank in the morning. I'm just ready to go home, relax on my porch and drink frozen margaritas."

She leaned over the counter giving me another wonderful eyeful of her stunning backside. My jeans tightened even more. She grabbed her keys, purple clutch purse, and black jean jacket.

"Alone?" I ask, as she locked the shop and set the security alarms.

Her mahogany eyes coarsely rolled. "Yes, alone Northman, no boyfriend, if that's what you're fishing for..."

I had figured that much. Only a foolish man would allow a woman like Tara to be alone at night. We stepped outside and I opened the door to my Corvette for her. The drive was brief and silent, she lives less than a half-mile away from her shop.

I walked her to the porch and as she unlocked her door, in my mind, I questioned if this would be goodbye again. She turned to me and I handed her the bank-bag.

"Thank you." She murmured coyly.

We stared, locked on each other's eyes for a moment and I wondered why she had left me with no explanation.

We were so great together.

I had met Tara about a month after the launch of Fangtasia. It was 2000 when she came storming into my office just an hour before the club opened. The alluring, woman was upset, screaming at me, demanding that I stop glamoring her roommate Ginger for her mind was turning to mush.

She was bold, foolishly so and in all my years, I'd never come across anyone that smelled as sweet as her. Out of all the beauties I've known, Tara Mae is certainly a sight to behold, sultry eyes, which hold wisdom that one so young should not carry. A long, wavy, raven mane falls seductively down her back and her petite, yet shapely curves commanded my attention.

Simply put, her ass is fucking flawless.

It is ridiculous what she does to me.

I licked my lips and spoke. "Let me in Tara."

She pulled her lip between her teeth and stepped away. "Why... so you can have primal sex with me?"

My cock throbbed and my fangs ached at the thought. "You'd rather be alone tonight with alcohol?"

Like me, Tara has locked her emotions away. But no matter how many women I bed, Tara's face will always be the only one I see. After a long moment, which felt like time without end, she inhaled a shuddering breath and said, "It's better than spending my night falling in love with a vampire."

I could have sworn I felt my dead heart flutter in response to her confession. Only Tara could draw such a reaction from me.

She's afraid to fall in love with me.

Is that the reason she ran?

"You were the one who demanded the no-strings-attached deal."

"You wanted a blood bond…" she sighed heavily again. "I-I wasn't ready."

I did not blame her. Being at my side would come with challenges. But I always believed Tara could handle it. She's beautiful, clever, and formidable.

Fuck, she's practically a vampire already.

"Are you ready now?"

End Notes:
The is chapter one of a short story Titled: Someday You'll Find Me. It can be found on Wattpad, A03, and hopefully here soon!
Help Wanted by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
With a loose-limbed naturalness, she conveys naivet, intellectual curiosity and romantic yearning. The vampire shows the unassuming Tara a newfound thrill at being seen, however, complicated the man holding her in his admiring gaze. She's open and vulnerable but no fool. Best of all, she embraces her paradox: She snickers at Eric's predilections, but they also turn her on...


I keep having these dreams; they seem so real, so totally bizarre. I've had them for as long as I can remember. I've never told anyone, never really had a reason too. The dream starts out well enough, I'm swimming, I love to swim, but that is a luxury I have little time for in my crazy life.

In the dream, I jump into the clear, cool pool, immediately it changes into the dark, icy blue ocean. I can feel the coldness of the water as it chills my skin.

Even though my local pool had turned into the vast ocean, I still feel at home. My surroundings are still familiar to me, and it wasn't because I'd had the same crazy dream so many times. It was as if I'd actually been there like I belonged there...

I continue to swim even further out to sea and that's when things really get strange. I feel a change deep within myself, it's hard to describe other than my whole body feels like it's transforming...

The wildlife is such an amazing sight; I see exotic plants and colorful schools of fish. I swim over, under and beside cute groups of dolphins, large and small turtles, long eels and frightening stingrays.

As I submerged deeper into the depths of the sea, my eyes began to adjust to the darkness. I venture even further into the abyss, my soul is telling me I have a destination and to use my heart as a compass. Now it is completely dark, but I'm not afraid, my eyes are now completely adjusted to the pitch blackness, and I see unique creatures that illuminate light from their own bodies.

I twist and turn about in the water, observing the different sea animals as they curiously approach me.

Out of nowhere, I'm attacked by these things.

They move so fast, all I see is a blur and I can't tell how many of them are attacking me. I feel arms grabbing me, pulling me, hauling me off and away from their world and before I can blink I'm being shot out of the water like a missile.

That's when I wake up to my wretched, depressing life...

My love life consists of screwing my boss Sam Merlotte. What I like about him most is that he made my crazy ass feel times. And, I truly believe he's a good guy, but I really know little about his past or where he came from. He just showed up a few years ago and bought the local bar.

Recently, I gave Sam my two weeks' notice and he seemed okay with that. I'll always be grateful that he was nice enough to give me a job when all of my opportunities had run out.

I know Sam is still in love with my best friend Sookie Stackhouse. They dated when he was new in town, but she was never happy with him. For over a month now, Sookie's been dating a vampire named Bill Compton. I'm not sure what to make of that mess. She said she's happy, although I can't see how she could be with a vampire; still, I wish her the very best.

Sookie and I grew up in the prejudice, racist town of Bon Temps as an outcast. I'm an outcast for obvious reasons, but for Sookie...She has this strange ability. She can read people's thoughts and that really freaks people out.

I don't mind her though.

Sookie's brother, Jason, and grandmother Adele (Gran as she would have me call her) are like family to me, I cannot count how many times Gran Stackhouse has taken me in, fed me, and clothed me when my mother was too drunk to even get outta bed.

For as long as I remember, I went to school hungry and dirty. As a young child, I got taunted and teased because I always looked a mess. That's because my mornings were spent cleaning up Mommas puke off the floor and helping her piss soaked ass in the bath.

Now, I'm done taking care of my pathetic excuse of a mother and after another fight, I'm forced to leave home. Well, it really wasn't a fight, because the drunken cow hit me in the back of my head with an empty Captain's Morgan bottle. Wish I could say that was the first time I'd been assaulted by her.

Needless to say, after twenty-five years, I'm fed up with her constant physical and verbal abuse; I don't think things will ever change either.

My dad left my mom and me when I was seven, so I ask my one and only cousin if I can stay with him for a couple of weeks.

Thankfully he agreed and welcomed me in.

A week later my mom tells me she's a religious woman, who found God. Well good for her, cause she's lost me.

My cousin, Lafayette Reynolds is a handsome, strong black man with a heart of gold. He's cool, sharp-witted and I love him with all my heart. He also wears makeup that would make Ru-Paul proud. Don't get me wrong, La-La is nobody's fool and he'll beat your ass within an inch of your life if you disrespect him in any shape, form or fashion.

Still, you can just imagine the bullshit he's dealt with on a daily basis in this hick-town.

A couple of weeks spent at Lafayette's have been a real eye-opening experience. He has this webcam and the things I've seen… Christ, I so wish I hadn't. One day I saw fine ass Jason Stackhouse dancing in a George Bush mask with nothing on but tighty-whiteys...

That was some crazy, freaky-shit.

Staying with Lafayette allowed me to save up enough money to get me to Shreveport. My cousin wanted to know why I was moving so far away. I voiced to him that I honestly feel that I've no life in Bon Temps, never had much of one, to begin with. I for damn sure, have no future here.

I felt the need to go away in order to find myself.

He kept asking me to stay, but I flat-out refused, my mind was made up. So my cousin gave me a big hug and promised to keep in touch and he has. He calls me every Monday.

Now that I'm living in Shreveport, I plan to find better work and save more until I can finally settle in New Orlans. My plans are to further my education at a university and eventually have a respectable career; I've always wanted to own my own business...

I'm just hoping one of these places will hire me. Nonstop I've been busting my ass looking for a job. But none of my previous employers besides Sam will put in a good word for me. Not that I'm surprised, I hated all my jobs and the only boss I ever liked was Sam. He told me he did the best he could when one of these bigoted business owners called him for a reference.

It's been three months since I left Bon Temps and my money is running low. My car broke down last month, so I scrapped it in order to pay rent. If I don't find a job by the end of this week, I won't have money for food and barely enough to pay rent this month.

The only place I haven't tried is that vampire bar.

The place has had a 'help wanted' sign up for the past two weeks. I've heard so much about the nightclub from my new neighbors, the weird, the bad and the totally fucked up. But at this point, I've run out of options.

So I'm going tonight...

Club Fangtasia, Shreveport Louisiana


Despite the fact I no longer needed to, I took a deep breath.

Unbelievably, I could smell the familiar aroma of the Baltic as she walked in. I could have sworn I felt the sweet mist of the sea fill my lungs and the cool ocean breeze becomes entangled in my hair. I focused only on her as she strolled her way through the crowd of my club; her unique scent reminded me of a time long ago. Pleasant memories filled my mind, visions of my childhood days spent fishing with my father, glimpses of my baby vampire nights along with fond glances of Godric as we sailed the night seas in search of undiscovered lands flashed before my eyes...

How can this be?

All humans have a natural scent, some better than others, but nothing like hers.

Why does she smell so fucking good?

Her scent is so unique, so tantalizing, not even her cheap lotion and perfume could mask it. My eyes fixed only on her as I observed the mystery walking closer towards me. She moved across the floor as graceful as a ballet dancer.

The lights above played with her long, raven mane, such a rich shade of onyx, just as the moonlight shines upon the dark waves of the night sea; her eyes, framed by long dark lashes fluttering against high cheekbones. With a perfect nose and full rosewood lips- she seemed the picture of perfection. I admired her supple curves and smooth, mahogany-hued skin glistening with perspiration.

I cursed the gods for making her skin so beautiful.

She appeared to be alone and out of place, yet, I was pleased to observe the young woman giving a valiant attempt at not showing it. She was tough, strong in body and mind, definitely more than any human I've encountered in ages. She didn't seem to be looking for a vampire and no one, human or vampire seemed familiar with her.

Why is she here?

Entranced, I continued to regard the lovely woman. My eyes flitted over her lightly clad form; she wore snugly-fit blue jeans, a black midriff-baring tank top, and high-top tennis shoes.

A pleasant change from the countless pale and sickly thin humans who lined up for me, she was closer now, her enticing scent filling my body with arousal. At the same time, the lovely woman was becoming more conspicuous; other vampires detected her scent. They wondered which lucky vampire she belonged too.

Including my child; Pamela Swynford De Beaufort.

I used my ability as her maker and called upon my progeny through our blood bond, I was able to stop her just before she neared my guest, but not before I noticed her lustful gaze. She was certainly about to come on her. Instead, I gave her the signal to summon the raven-haired woman to my side. No one was going to talk to the mysterious beauty of my club before I got a chance to do so first.

Tara made her way through the bar; unsure where she was going, she searched for an empty seat to rest after her long walk. She wandered with caution, uncertain about who to approach or how to ask for a job in a vampire bar. She was halfway through the club when she was unexpectedly approached by a tall blonde woman. The golden-haired stranger was strikingly beautiful, dressed in a shiny black leather cat-suit, her lips and nails were fire engine red. Tara thought her whole look screamed 'vampire' until she realized she was a vampire.

"You've been summoned Cupcake," The blonde drawled apathetically as she stood with both hands on her trim hips. Lustfully, she ogled Tara from head to toe, at the same time indulging in her amazing scent. The former Madame felt an instant attraction to the pretty, doe-eyed human and hoped that her Sire was willing to share.

"Excuse me?" Tara defensively scoffed. She had no idea what the dead-chick was talking about, none the less, she did not like the sound of it.

"See that fine vampire sitting up there, Cupcake." The leggy woman turned her head towards the stage.

Tara turned in the same direction, his green eyes locked onto her brown ones.

"Yeah…" she mumbled unable to remove her eyes from his. He was the first 'thing' she noticed when she walked in. It was as if his very presence commanded a response from her. He was impossible to overlook. Pam was not surprised by Tara's reaction to her maker, lots of women and some men have similar reactions.

"He and I own this fine establishment," she drawled dryly "so if you would kindly join us."

Tara figured the owners would certainly be the best ones to ask about the job. "Uh Okay..." was the only words she managed. She was a nervous wreck, her heart beat rapidly accelerated.

"My name is Pam, what's yourname Cupcake." Pam's icy blue eyes peered unblinkingly at Tara's cleavage.

"Tara..." The petite woman replied with as much attitude as she could muster; she was taken aback by Pam's bold behavior and annoyed at being called 'Cupcake'.

Pam liked the name 'Cupcake' better than Tara; she said nothing more as she made her way to the stage. Tara hesitantly followed.

As she got closer she noticed the expression on the pale man's face, it was that of one who had been mildly inconvenienced… Like a customer waiting for a tad too long for a servant to return with some fetched item. His long legs stretched out in front of him, a lazy, sexy slouch filling the seat. He wore dark jeans, a black wife-beater, and biker boots. For a moment, she ogled the strange little talisman on a cord around his neck and upon looking into his big, jade eyes, they told her a different story, he wanted something from her, but what?

Tara squinted and cursed to herself. Goddamn, he's sexy.

"Eric, this is Tara, Tara Eric." Pamela drawled lazily, pulling her from her thoughts.

"Please be seated ...Tara..." The way he said 'Tara' was slow and deliberate, his voice was profound.

As she primly sat in the seat on his left side, without thought, he reached over and gently grabbed her hand. He pressed his lips against her indulgent, fragrant scented flesh and a blast of desire coursed into his flesh, her heat transferred directly into him; he felt a warmth, which he had never felt before.

He wondered how a mere touch would have that effect on him. Jag vill ha dig…

When fully aroused, it was in a vampire's nature to feel pure animalistic lust, involuntarily his fangs fell. Although difficult, he resisted all his primal urges.

The vampires' kiss and the site of his fangs caused Tara to gasp slightly. She was surprised his hands were not cold to the touch, but that did not stop her whole body from shivering. Her cheeks burned and her stomach did somersaults. She gulped, placing her free hand on her chest. Her heart was beating at such a rapid pace. The feel of his smooth face and cool soft lips on her skin gave the young woman cravings she did not want to have towards a vampire. She felt foolish letting a vampire touch her like that and even more foolish for enjoying it.

Pam was hysterically staggered by the scene. Her thousand-year-old Sire just 'dropped fang' like a horny baby-vamp. She was beside herself with amusement. She smirked, self-gratified that her nickname for the new human was a perfect fit.

Cupcake- Sweet, little and just plain sinful…One bite is never enough.

A mortified Eric could feel Pam's overexcited hilarity from within. She didn't need to laugh or say a word out loud, her expression showed it all. He was just as surprised as her at his involuntary reaction and with a low grunt he retracted his fangs.

"Pam, would you be a doll and get Tara a drink," he asked without taking his eyes off the dark-skinned beauty.

"Fine," Pamela drawled as she rose from her seat. "What'll ya have Cupcake?"

"Uh, umm, I'll have a vodka and cranberry."

Now that Pam was gone the Norseman planned to glamor her; he glared into her big almond eyes. The vampire's gaze was unwavering, his stone cold stare and silence made her uneasy, causing her to shift awkwardly in her seat. Her throat was suddenly dry, she didn't realize how dry until now, she could barely swallow. She could have sworn that Eric seemed to be totally aware of what he was doing to her. He had an all-knowing look in his eyes and a devious smirk on his unbearably handsome face. They eyed each other evenly for several moments, or so Tara assumed. Eric was relentlessly attempting to glamor her. Tara sullenly, glared back at him, with one eyebrow cocked as she fidgeted in her seat.

"Tara, what brings you to Fangtasia?" He asked; masking his confusion by breaking the silence.

The ancient vampire was not sure what to make of this human puzzle.

"I saw the 'help wanted' sign and thought I'd ask about the job," She answered, however, unsure if she still wanted the work. The whole vampire scene was too strange for her liking. But this was the closest she had gotten to an interview since she arrived in Shreveport.

"Are ya still hiring?"

Eric recalled Ginger's whining about needing help with her daytime duties. He believed Tara's peculiar admittance and inquiry, even though he was unable to glamor her into knowing for sure, he could sense the woman's sincerity.

The Viking mused at the notion of Tara being the first human at Fangtasia who wasn't seeking a vampire for sex or blood. He presumed she had never been with a vampire before and actively thought about changing that.

Before Eric could respond Pam was back with Tara's drink.

"One vodka and cranberry for Cupcake," Pam handed the glass to Tara and sat back down beside Eric, her eyes returned to Tara's cleavage. "I made it myself," she added.

"Thanks," Tara mumbled as she took hold of the cold glass. She was too thirsty to be offended by Pam's bluntness. Her lips quickly wrapped around the red straw as she sucked in the ice-filled beverage. Shutting her eyes, she allowed the refreshing drink to ease down her throat, gulp after delicious gulp.

Once the glass was empty, she opened her eyes.

Startled, she flinched at the sight. Several vampires had all gathered around the edge of the stage, peculiarly staring at her; she was rarely without words, but for the first time in her life she was shocked into silence. All of the vampires in the bar had congregated in the general vicinity, silently gawk at the startled woman, their eyes voracious and immodest.

Before Tara could think otherwise she blurted out. "What the fuck are ya'll lookin at!?" She quickly took her free hand and slapped it over her mouth. She cringed inside at her outburst.

Great, you're yelling at the customers already, they're never gonna hire you now…

A humiliated Tara glanced at both Eric and Pam. They were smirking, eying each other, genuinely amused by her actions. Tara's outburst had sent the other vampires strolling away from the stage and back to mingling again. The tall blond vampire found himself in a rare place, unconditionally intrigued by her. Eric stood from his throne, as he did; he extended his hand and without thinking she took it.

She couldn't resist touching him once more and her stomach did that funny thing again. Her heat surged through his body and all his cravings began to evolve a new. The pale man positioned himself dangerously close to her. He beamed two large, emerald eyes, filled with hunger and lust for her. She made an unsuccessful attempt at not looking back at him with the same hunger and lust and found herself out of breath when he smiled at her and was floored when he said; "Tara, you're hired."

End Notes:
This is actually chaptering 1 of over 25 chapters and a 74,000-word book titled TWO SOULS ONE HEART. If you are interested, all you have to do is look me up, AO3 or Watt Pad. Simply search the title Two Souls One Heart by 'Blkgurlsmuse' and you can read the rest there. I may post the entire story here but until then...Happy Reading!
The Viking And The Goddess by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:

Would you let me kiss you there?
You know, down there, where it counts?
I'll do it so good... I swear I'll drink every ounce...

Her long silken, raven hair and dark, shapely body lay sprawled out next his pale, solid form. The vampire groaned; like a starving man at a feast, he hungered for her. The amulet he gifted her with lay nuzzled in her cleavage. The talisman that protected The Viking for over a thousand years, now protected a Goddess. 'My beautiful Aether, a goddess who would be envied by all a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, she is still beautiful, still strong...'His hand adroitly caressed her shapely hips then migrated to her thighs as he admired her stunning curves...'I digress, how could I be any clearer? How can I show you that I want to reconcile the undisclosed desires in your heart?'


His head shot up at the sound of her melodic voice and he met her gaze. Her sensual heavily lidded eyes examined his perfectly chiseled face. As he listened to her steady heartbeat and appraised her calm expression, the vampire waited for the dark-skinned beauty to scorn or seduce him. He prayed for the latter while fighting all primal instincts to take and devour her. She pleased him with a beautiful smile, those long butterfly lashes fluttered seductively at the smitten man.

'Could this mean she is thankful I had survived unharmed? Is she pleased to be at my side?'

“Both…” She answered, effortlessly reading his mind.

He had no control of the intrusion of his mind and even if he did, he would not have resisted her.

'And suddenly, as if batting a fly, the mahogany-skinned goddess waved her hand. Her magic ignited the fireplace; the flames crackled and set the room aglow. I cleared my throat, still unable to grasp what had just occurred. My Tara has risen anew, powerful and definite. Her appearance, even more, beautiful than the night she walked into my bar.'

Eric was jolted; Tara was the only woman who’s ever rendered him speechless. They both chuckled for a moment, but their laughter soon subsided. Neither of them was accustomed to being at a loss for words. Yet, they found themselves regarding each other in an awkward silence that had become all too familiar to them.

“What do you want from me Eric Northman?”

Her eyes narrowed while she nervously fondled the talisman. He peered into her big doe-eyes, frustration washed over his face.

“Tara Thornton- I want you to be mine- only mine -completely... But you must give yourself to me. I won’t have you any other way.” He gently confessed, his tone contradicting his fierce look.

Tara smiled coyly and replied, “I don’t wanna share you either Eric. I’m willing to give myself to you, only if you promise that you’re done with that fang-banger Yvette and that blood-whore Dawn. And no more fighting on my behalf either. I can take care of myself now.” She lowered her eyes in embarrassment, realizing how demanding she sounded.

And so he replied, “Your conditions are within reason.”

From there on in it was all passion, intense, intoxicating... It was their release, her escape, his drug... His wanton need bubbled like a cauldron, and he moved forward, gently kissing her neck, collarbone, down to her taut belly. His blond hair fell forward, tickling her, along with the stubble of his chin. Her body tensed as she suppressed her giggle. He kissed his way back up to her sweet honey lips and whispered. “I am yours...”

And Tara kissed him back with a passion the thousand-year-old vampire had never known. When the beauty came up for air the vampire smirked then said: “…and you are mine.”

“Then drink from me.” She responded without pause.

She was ready for him, as ready as she would ever be, so she turned her head exposing her neck. Involuntarily he let out a soft whimper and his ivory blades clicked.

“I want to taste you there...” his voice was low and husky with lust.

She watched his gaze slowly lower to her pert breast. A shiver traveled through her and her eyebrows arched inquisitively.

“Where..?” She whispered.

“There...” he growled, causing Tara’s entire body to respond to the sound of it.

Her body was positively screamed at him. She nodded, biting her bottom lip.

The tips of Eric’s fangs skimmed the skin of her neck, trailing his mouth down until he found the perfect vein. He covered her body with his own and bit down, moaning against her skin.

She hadn’t realized he’d bitten her until she felt the small trickle of blood sliding down her chest.

Without warning, he felt a surge of warmth enter his body. It was the feeling of pure sunlight on his skin. He lifted his head, groaning, and his eyes fluttered, dense with pleasure, as he savored her sweet nectar.

With his mouth by her ear, his fingers slid against the hem of her lace panties, the Viking stroked her moist folds with his talented fingers. Tara wanted to scream in frustration.

“What does it feel like Tara,” he whispered, and at the same time, two of his fingertips dipped into her wetness, his palm rubbed firmly against her bundle of nerves and Tara moaned helplessly.

Something flared in Tara’s chest; her heart skipped a beat in confusion. An unknown urge compelled her; she wanted to taste him too.

“I want you inside me, Eric.” 'What would ancient vampire blood do to Aether?'

Her words caused him to halt his erotic actions and their eyes met in a passionate gaze.

“You shall have my cock buried in you all night Goddess,” Eric assured her, while his manhood ached with anticipation.

“I mean your blood…Eric, can I drink from you?” she smiled.

Eric’s dead heart clenched at the idea of having his blood coursing through her veins... He wanted nothing more than to bond with Tara. “Yes, Lover…”

The vampire did not hesitate and quickly bit into his wrist, and then placed his wound to her waiting mouth.Her passionate seductive gaze causes the blue-eyed Norseman to become impossibly more aroused as he watched her greedily sucked his flesh for a few moments until the wound sealed. Eric regarded in wonderment as the black of her pupils become so enlarged that the brown was nearly engulfed.

Tara closed her eyes and a blur of images danced in her mind; stormy seas, snowy landscapes, and raging fires. The violent northern winds whipped Eric’s wild flaxen hair and bearded face; a clan of Viking warriors stood by his side, dressed for battle, yielding axes and swords. But one image was more vivid, and that was the one of Tara herself, she and Eric sound asleep, naked in the dense and snowy forest... in daylight... Her eyes were dark with intoxication when she kissed him.

In the twilight room, their fingers caressed each other’s skin as if afraid a heavier touch would break the heady magic. They became one, one mind with one goal and purpose, each utterly drunk with love for the other.

“Your world was so amazing Eric, thank you for sharing with me.”

He nodded and palmed her flawless ass.

Tara believed Eric’s fingertips were electric, for wherever they touch her skin tingled in a frenzy of static. As his hands move over her skin, her body has a transitory paralysis, her mind unable to process the pleasure so fast. His head moved around to her left ear and he whispered what’s coming next.

Suddenly her body was off pause-mode and she pulls back for a kiss that’s both soft and hard. Both of them move in an intoxicated dance of limbs, never making the exact same moves twice. She lifted her hips and Eric slid the tip of his hardness against the moist fold of her sex, rubbing his head over her clit, over and over again, teasing her, trying to make her longing and frustration equal his own.

She positively jolted, “Oh goddamnit baby!” she cursed in frustration her hips bucked uncontrollably, “Fuck Eric -Please don’t tease me.” She pleaded.

And just like that, his resolve was crushed. He surrendered to his lover and slowly pushed inside her heated folds, shuddering at the sensation of her young tight muscles drawing him in. He pressed into her deeper, moaning, cursing in his ancient language.

“Ohhh, s otroligt…” He’d never felt anything so perfect.

After a moment of adjusting to the incredible feeling of being inside of her, Eric began to thrust, sending waves upon waves of pleasure into Tara’s body. He became intoxicated off her moans as he thrust into her searing hot pussy without abandon.

“Jag lskar dig, Tara min vackra..!”

“I love you too Eric.” She purred softly.

Clutching her against him, his cock moving fast and smooth, pounding her, fucking her... and all the while she screamed coming again and again. She trembled and came, trembled and came. It felt as if her body clung and suckled his invading presence, bathing him in her arousal. His muscular body jerked above her and he uttered a sound like a sob. She sensed the tension jolting his body; she felt it in the tempo of his thrusts. When Eric lost all control and he threw his head back, his blood-drenched lips parted in a ragged groan.

“Ahhhhrrruggggg...” His forehead bent down onto her chest and he thrust into her hard and true one final time when he came hard, roaring, his moans sounded more animal than human. Spent, he collapsed beside her and after a few moments, spooned her close to him, kissing her forehead as they basked in the moonlight. A few more moments passed before either of them were able to actually speak.

“My Goddess,” he purred. “I don’t remember the last time I lost all control.”

“My Vampire,” she hummed. “So are you saying I’ve got some good sex?”

“Indeed, min vackra,” He kissed her forehead again, while languidly rubbing her shoulders.

She gazed dotingly into his eyes while running her fingers through his flaxen mane and she smiled.

“I am yours, Eric,” she assured him.

“We are one Tara,” he proudly declared.

His hand had migrated to her hair, pushing a lock back from her face.

“Now rest beautiful woman, you may have caused me to come faster than expected, but that does not mean I am unable to recover quickly.”



We gave each other unimaginable pleasure. I’m only alive in the present, all thoughts of past melted away when Eric let me into his world. I can’t describe the connection between us. All I can say is the passion was intoxicating, the laughter soul uniting, the high- jinx, hella crazy. There’s something about Eric Northman that lights me up from the inside, there’s something about me that melts his confidence to nothing at all. Touching him is like being handed the holy grail like my heart is mended even though I never knew it was broken. I’m his cat-nip; he’s my whiskey on ice. And just before morning we finally collapsed from pure exhaustion.

As I slept, I had my bizarre dream. I’m hovering above the ocean and the winds violently swept my hair. I felt a presence, so I looked for Nora, Naomi, or any of the other witches from my Coven, but it wasn’t them that infiltrated my mind. With a blink of my eyes, the scene suddenly changed. I was alone in the darkness of a vast and empty void. I blink again and suddenly I was floating in the dark, moon-lit sky.

“Aether...” A voice called out, I couldn’t see anyone and I didn’t recognize this voice at all.

“I’m here,” I holler back. “Who are you?”

“My name is Isabelle; I was once an Elder, now we reside here.”

She said we, but only one person was speaking, but I feel the presences of others.

“Where is ‘here’?” I asked.

This is odd; no one has ever visited me in my dream before.

“In the light”, the voice said, “We are always with you Aether... You and you're bonded... In darkness and in light...”

The voice echoed out to me and before I could ask what the heck -that means. I was back in the bedroom, in the bed next to my sexy-sleeping vampire. He looked perfect submerged in a bed of designer sheets. Why couldn’t I have a hot-vampire-blood- induced- sex- dream like everyone else? I huffed and went back to sleep.

When I awoke hours later, it was well into the late afternoon and he was still dead for the day, so I tested myself to see how much strength I had to leave his side. After a moment, I kicked off the sheets and dragged myself to the shower. I hesitated at first because I didn’t want to wash his scent off me. But once the hot water hit my aching muscles I welcomed it. I showered until the water turned cool and I stepped out into the steamy bathroom. As I dressed I realized how much I cared for him, how much I accepted him, how much I cherished him. How much I loved him...

Crap on a cracker!

I love him!

I’m in love with a vampire!

Damn, no one ever accused me of being the brightest light on the street.


Strange, interesting flashes of light danced in my eyes. In the near distance I can see my Tara, the moment I blinked again, my sweet angel was gone. A peculiar black cat stood before me. I was unaware of my surroundings, however, I am no longer in my room and the ‘cat’ before me is not really a cat at all. The stench of decaying flesh reeked around me, the smell emitted from the creature. The being’s eyes were completely black, perhaps hollowed out. It leered at me unmoving and I impudently eyed it back. And then utter darkness met me. My mind is taken over by animated flashes of blood-red.

“Eric...” I hear my Angel call out to me. I remain unmoving until my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

“Tara,” I called out.

“Tara is human, unworthy of the power bestowed upon her.”

It spat out the word human as if it was something vile. Now the creature that had appeared before me as a cat shifted into Tara’s image. It was attempting to fool me, but it cannot. Whatever it is, it is not human or Aether.

“What are you...?” I look into the emptiness of its eyes.

“I’m the one who belongs, not Aether. This is my world. She shall be vanquished.”

“Never...!” I roared. “How dare it speak of Tara that way?”

I felt heat surge through my body and faster than light, the entity was gone and I was in my bed. My body indicated it was dusk. Weak artificial light seeped into the room from the lights in the hall and landed in my eyes. And I took in an unnecessary sigh, my beautiful lover was gone. The pain was almost unbearable. I searched for her through our bond and although her alluring fragrance lingered, she was no longer in the house, or outside. She was already in Shreveport. I reached for my cellular, and I took the time to check my voice-mails. There were no messages from Tara, but several from Pam and others. And then I notice the note on the nightstand...

Dear Eric Northman,

A gift for you, my sexy, Viking, Vampire, Sheriff...


Tara Mae

I open the little red velvet bag and my dead-heart clamped like a vice as I pull out the small, gold-linked, Vesica Pisces medallion. I lay complacent for a moment, reliving our spent time, longing for her, irritated at how much power she has over me. The only thing that mattered was touching her more, kissing her mouth, her stomach, her breasts, I was enslaved by her and foolishly, I didn’t want to be released. I called my day-workers and gave them their orders. Tara would be taken care of in my absence. After that business was completed, I showered, then dressed and left.

End Notes:
This is the final Hot Lemon Shot that I will be posting on this site. Just as a reminder the story you just read is a chapter in the story titled Two Souls One Heart. You can find all of my stories on FF.NET, WattPad, and AO3. Thank you for reading, voting and commenting.
Fuck Your Dog I Got A Wolf by FranklinsMuse
Author's Notes:
This was supposed to be a one-shot, but I've gotten some requests for more. I told myself if I get at least a dozen in a year, I will do another little ditty. Well, just last week I got my 12th, and what a coincidence, it is a year to the date since I've posted this. I hope you enjoy the Alcide/Tara - wolf/human lemon!


Tara should be ashamed of herself. But damn it, she was just fantasizing. It wasn't like it was actually happening. And she couldn't get it out of her head. She compared every single man that walked into Merlotte's that night to her man, and of course, none of them measured up.

Alcide Herveaux, the man, the werewolf was handsome from the depth of his dark eyes to the gentle expressions of his voice. He was handsome from his generous opinions to the touch of his hand upon her own.

Alcide has ruined me, in the best possible way.

She thought while walking home still thinking of her sexy beast who'd be waiting for her. How careful, even tender, he had been last night when shifting into a wolf and back to human as he licked her heated center.

He wouldn't be harsh at first. No, Alcide wasn't the type who liked to hurt; more like the type who liked to tease her mercilessly.

At home she showered, washing the smell of the fried bar food from her skin and hair. She took her time preening and braiding her thick hair. The young beauty smiles at the sight of her hard-working man kicked back on their California King, shoes on the floor, his dark, wavy hair cascaded his forehead as he slept.

Oh shit, how long was I in there?

She took a moment to admire him. The huge imposing man, a wolf, looks like an angel when he sleeps. He's on his back one of his arms is lying across his stomach, the other tucked under his head. His mouth is parted slightly and she can hear soft snores.

He's just beautiful and looks sexy as hell laying in our bed. He looks fucking edible, I am ruined... ruined…

She quietly moved around the room looking for a comfortable garment to sleep in. She slipped on her form-fitting pristine white nightgown. It hugged her shapely hips like liquid silk. The silk caressed her soft skin like a cool autumn breeze.

She leaned forward and placed a tender kiss to her sleeping beau's lips, revealing in the taste of his flesh.

"Take that sexy little thing off before I rip it off," Alcide said as he lifted his head from the pillow and peered at her firmly. The way he'd spoken to her, his voice rough and gravelly against her ear, so close that his scruffy beard tickled her cheek.

Tara quickly slid her nightgown off entirely and chucked it to a corner of the room, taking the opportunity to kneel on the bed and watch herself in the mirror over the dresser, full breasts bouncing slightly and nipples already taut. She was rougher on herself than Alcide would have been. He'd handled her like a flower, careful not to break her, but she knew her body well already; knew just where to touch and how hard to tug on her nipples until she started to go a little breathless, cheeks flushed, lips open in a soft little "o".

She felt sexy that way, on her knees, eyes on her own body in the mirror as she slid a hand over her panties, rubbed slow circles over the fabric until it started to go damp, little noises caught in her throat.

"Take those sexy little panties off before I lose my fucking mind" He growled.

He never took his eyes off her as she slipped out of her panties, in his nightstand he pulled out those white fuzzy handcuffs.

Tara Mae Thornton, the rebellious bartender that even the local cops were cautious of, bound prettily for him, showing him her waxed lips like a prize. He smiled wolfishly, taking a second to appreciate the delightful picture.

Warm, strong hands trailed along her hipbone, his hands still had that firmness, that certainty about them as he touched her to make sure she was okay.

She spread her legs much wider as his hands went everywhere, anywhere, stroking all the sensitive skin he could touch. Her stomach, lower and lower; the dip right below her hipbones, her ass.

He'd love that, watching her writhe in need, her beautiful face, pleading, her body begging, becoming more and more sensitive as the effects of touch took over.

"Alcide, please…"

She needed more, but he wouldn't touch her there yet. She wondered how long he'd tease her for, how much more she could take.

Only when Tara had really started to squirm would he finally touch her between the legs, slower and softer than she'd like - not because he was scared to hurt her, no; he'd want to drag it out as long as he could, wanted to make her wetter, needier, slick dripping down her thighs. He'd stroke his fingertips so, so lightly over her swollen clit, making her shudder and clench her legs together to keep his hand there, to no avail.

This time Tara didn't hold back a soft moan; he cupped her ass with his palm, watching her grind against it, drawing the prettiest sounds from her before pulling away again. He swung his arm and smacked her shapely bottom making her cry out in surprise. He smacked her ass a few more times, harsh impact contrasting with the soft caress of just a moment before, making her whimper.

Her sexy groan sparked a fiery passion in him and he growled. His dark eyes sparkled bright amber and he howled.

The scent of her arousal permeated from her flesh, "You smell good enough to eat, pretty girl," he growled.

Her almond shaped doe eyes rounded with a mixture of excitement and lust. Just like the night, the dark-skinned woman learns her man is a werewolf.

His hands glide over her stinging flesh and he rubs gently.

"If you're a good girl and cum for me I'll give you my cock," He whispered.

With two fingers, he rubbed insistently at her clit before pushing in slowly, wanting to draw out the moment. He knows how hard or how soft.

He lowered his bearded face to her thighs as he put his mouth to her pussy, sucked on her clit hard and fast and rough, just the way she liked it, her thighs shaking.

Alcide pumped his long digit in and out of her, knowing exactly when to curl his finger to hit that secret spot inside of her. His skilled fingertips move quickly over that magic spot inside of her, making her gasp.

"Oh. My. God," Tara panted as the pressure begins to build rapidly.

Her walls begin to pulse around his fingers. She let out a soft, breathy moan, quietly chanting his name as her orgasm paths its way through her entire body. She shook, arching her back and panting to catch her breath.

"That's my girl," Alcide praises his mate.

He wouldn't be able to hold out without giving his poor, hard cock some attention, she knew it; the bulge in his jeans must be nothing short of torture.

So, he'd pull his jeans down, tugged his cock out of his boxers, hard and leaking for her already.

Her legs are thrown back as he gently settles his muscular body onto her petite frame. His thick tip pushes into her with slow shallow thrust.

The lovers beam at each other with a sultry smirk as he drives into her slippery center to the hilt, making her gasp, their entire bodies shutter at the sensation. His cockhead bumped against her clit with every thrust. Their bodies glistening with sweat.

He could feel her wet walls clenching around his member, "You better not come yet," he hissed.

Tara's eyes slam shut, her entire body shakes as the waves of her approaching orgasm nears.

"Good girl," he kissed her neck affectionally.

He wouldn't let himself come, and she knew why. Knew what was next. Loved every moment of it. He made her ache for it, arch her hips, needing more.

Alcide would know when she'd had enough of his teasing. She was getting close, really close, the pleasure building up inside her.

His mind half human half beast formed mental pictures, dissolved into half-formed thoughts, snippets of fantasies he couldn't hold out long enough to make into a coherent sequence.

So close. So close.

The tip of that thick cock pressing into her, her muscles spasming around his ample member, his whole body covering hers as his hips moved of their own accord -

Just a little more...

"Come for me, Tara..." He moaned in her ear as he spilled inside her, filling her up, and then she was coming harder than she ever had before, clenching around his pulsating cock, hips bucking wildly with the intensity of it.

The sound of Alcide's voice still echoed in her mind as she came down from the high.

The handsome wolf took good care of his mate afterward, the young beauty was all blissed out and loose-limbed, unable to do much more than slump against him as soon as he untied her wrists.

He made sure the shower was nice and warm before getting in with her. He lathered their bodies with soap, gently washing the cum off her thighs before wrapping her up in a towel, kissing her wet hair and leading her to their bed.