NEW YEAR'S EVE WALL FLOWER by marchpisces92

There was a wall between Bart Yeager and his assistant Ruby-Jean Washington. He didn't like it and he was going to do someting about it.

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1. SOLID WALL by marchpisces92

2. CRUMBLING WALL by marchpisces92

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SOLID WALL by marchpisces92



"Morning Mr. Yeager"

It was the same stiff greeting every morning.

The same monotone voice.

Very Ruby-Jean Marie Washington.

"Miss Washington" Bartholomew Malcolm Yeager greeted back as he walked up to her desk.

Ruby-Jean simply went back to typing away on her keyboard as if Bart wasn't there; refusing to acknowledge him past the initial greeting.

Bart wasn't having any of that today and he promptly cleared his throat making Ruby-Jean look back at him. The blood from Bart's northern region rushed down to the southern region. Now was not the time to be getting an erection but Bart couldn't deny his deep-seated attraction to his assistant.

She looked up at him with concerned yet slightly annoyed brown eyes. Her eyes were almond shaped complementing her heart shaped face so well. Honey brown roasted skin and plump pink lips. Her hair in a messy braid out of dark reddish brown corkscrew curls paying homage to her namesake.

Ruby-Jean had been Bart's assistant for the past year now; she was an excellent and hard worker and always did her job with no trouble. However due to a little incident that revealed a rather personal aspect of her life that he wasn't supposed to know; Ruby-Jean kept things very cold and detached between them; at the same time professional.

"Yes Mr. Yeager?"

"You can call me Bart you know"

"Is there anything you need Mr. Yeager?" she stubbornly insisted

Bart needed Ruby-Jean loosen up that what he needed; more specifically with her legs spread hot and ready for him. If only she knew how badly he needed that.

"This isn't necessarily a need but a request" Bart said, "you got the email for the New Year's Eve dinner party at my place, right?"

"......I noticed it"

"Well as you know the RSVP date is quickly approaching" Bart went on to say "in three days December 23rd to be exact before everyone leaves for the Christmas holiday"

"RSVP are usually done by people who wish to attend" Ruby-Jean said politely and firmly

"And reminding someone of an RSVP are usually done by people who wish for said people to attend" Bart subtly challenged her "hence my reminding you"

"It's pretty bold of you to assume that I'm just free to attend" Ruby-Jean replied "suppose I have plans for New Year's Eve"

"Key word being suppose Miss Washington" Bart caught her "which tells me that you don't. At this point folks already have New Year's Eve plans"

"That does not mean I have to spend my New Year's Eve at your residence" Ruby Jean said polite but brisk as the same time

"It doesn't" Bart partially agreed "I would just hate for you to have to spend New Year's Eve alone"

"That's not your concern Mr. Yeager"

Bart had plans to make it his concern

"You have three more days to make your final decision" he said "and I do hope you consider attending"

"May I please get back to my work Mr. Yeager?"

"Yes you may Miss Washington" he said a slightly teasing tone turning

Ruby-Jean closed her eyes and sighed. She wasn't going to that damn dinner party and if Bart thought that she would he had another thing coming.



"What do you mean you aren't going?"

"I'm not going plain and simple"

"But we're all going"

"And I'm not stopping you" Ruby-Jean insisted "I'm just saying that I'm not going that's all"

Ruby-Jean was now regretting her decision to just go out for a few drinks after work. Apparently, Jackie, Melanie, Christie, and Leah were all going to attend Mr. Yeager's New Year's Eve dinner party; so it was a genuine shock to hear that their reserved co-worker wasn't going to.

"Ruby come on" Melanie Jones pleaded with her "it will be fun"

"Will it?" Ruby replied sarcastically

"Yes" Leah Jamieson chimed in "everyone knows Bart Yeager throws the best dinner parties"

"Not to mention he's sexy as sin" Christie Adams swooned "isn't he still single?"

"He's our boss" Ruby-Jean said trying to reason with her co-workers

"And I have eyes he's fine as hell"

"I have to agree with them Ruby" Jackie Williams the only other black woman in the group said "and I usually don't find white men attractive, but I'd drop my panties in a minute for him"

"Stimulate that bank account and that G-spot!" Leah laughed and the other ladies couldn't help but to chuckle all except Ruby-Jean of course.

"He's alright" Ruby-Jean said stubbornly "I don't look at my bosses or mangers that way"

"Ruby, I feel like this is personal" Melanie said trying to get down to the nitty gritty "did something go on with you and Bart?"


"Girl you heard her" Jackie teased "you are his assistant after all"

"I know if I was his assistant, I'd be bent over that huge cherrywood desk everyday"

Ruby-Jean bit her lower lip a little; Leah's comment made her a little comfortable but a little giddy at the same time too.

"Nothing happened" Ruby-Jean replied "I just think that Mr. Yeager is arrogant, and we all don't have to kiss his ass"

"It's after work hours you can call him Bart you know"

"I know I would be calling him Bart if he was filling me up" Leah said "balls deep---"

"Okay Miss Heather Hunter" Christie laughed

"No, but seriously, Ruby did something happen to you and Bart?" Jackie asked


"You sure about that?"


"Well then come to the dinner party then" Christie insisted "it will be fun. We could make it a whole girl's night it's New Year's Eve after all"

".......I'll think about it"

"Ruby isn't New Year's Eve your birthday?" Jackie pointed out much to her dismay

"Your birthday? sounds like a yes to me" Leah said "in fact let's put in an RSVP together as a group---"

Ruby-Jean perked up at this as she saw Leah clearly pulling up her email on her phone

"Leah no----"

"Too late!" the perky blonde laughed as she had obviously hit sent.


"Ruby calm down" Jackie gently patted her on the shoulder "it will be fun plus I need another sista to come along"

"But I can't"

"Why not?"

"I just can't"

"Mr. Yeager......Bartholomew---"

"Bartholomew?" Christie teased Ruby-Jean a little "nobody ever calls him that do you like him?"

"No it's just---"

"Aww she's flustered" Melanie said

"Ladies we have a connection we have to make on New Year's Eve" Leah said "you two would make a cute couple---"

"He's our boss though"

"Yeah he's still a red blooded heterosexual man too with a dick that's probably huge"

"We get it Leah!" Jackie laughed "let's focus on Ruby and I've got the perfect dress in mind that Bart is going to love her in too"

It looked like Ruby Jean would be at her arrogant boss's New Year Eve dinner party after all.


 One Year Ago

 Ruby-Jean hung up on her last client as he finished climaxing and looked over at the clock. One more hour to go. Ruby-Jean was still surprised that the phone sex industry was still going strong in the social media age; but she supposed that some things never really change.

 While Ruby-Jean couldn't pleasure men physically; she had a way with words that made any man get brick hard; she happened to be the most requested call girl.

 Her line rang again, and she mustered up her sexy voice for one last call.

"Thank you for calling Cumming Happily Ever After" she greeted "how can I be of service to you?"

"Funny you've been in service to me for a few months now"

 A chill went down her spine. It couldn't be.....

"Mr. Yeager?"

"Miss Washington or should I say Red Velvet Lotus 88?" he chuckled a little "fits your actual name pretty well; red is definitely your color"

 "Mr. Yeager it's not what you think----"



"I want you to call me Bart" he said, "since you're going to make me cum"

Ruby-Jean was stunned. She had just spent three hours sexually satisfying other men but the fact that her boss from her full-time day job was on the other line requesting the same was too much.

 Her very attractive German American boss.

The same boss that she had growing feelings for; he wanted her to make she couldn't do this and she broke out of character.

 "Mr. Yeager----"


" Mr. Yeager.....I um I can transfer another call girl"

"No" Bart said firmly on the other line "I want you Ruby-Jean"

 There was silence for a moment until Bart chuckled again "I know it's you Ruby, the business card fell out of your purse as you were leaving the office this afternoon"

 No she couldn't do this. No matter how attractive he was to her; no matter how many times she had touched herself thinking about him.

"Ruby" he uttered her name again and she swore his voice had dropped a little lower

"Mr. Yeager I'm going to transfer you"

"Ruby wait---"

 Too late Ruby-Jean quickly sent her boss to a different line to another call girl who wasn't his assistant in the daytime.


"Snow should be starting at around ten this evening and will continue until twelve noon tomorrow" the weatherman said "not too bad for two days before Christmas so it might be a white one after all"

"Of course, this means no school or work for tomorrow as we all should get our driveways and rooftops for Santa"

Bart looked down at his laptop and pulled up his email. He was going to have to send a mass email to the whole staff to not come in tomorrow on the 23rd due to the inclement weather.

It should be received positively it meant that they would get an extra day off in their holiday break.

Tomorrow was also once again the deadline for the RSVP for the New Year's Eve dinner party. So far Bart was impressed by the amount of people that said they would attend so it should be quite the evening.

Of course, Bart was looking for a particular quest to see if she had confirmed her RSVP; she was pretty stubborn and he had a feeling that she was going to stand by her word.

The first email that was in his inbox was from Leah Jamieson confirming her RSVP.

Bart chuckled of course Leah was going to attend she was always the life of the party no matter where she was. What caught his eye was the rest of her message.


We're all coming as a group. Me, Jackie, Melanie, Christie, and Ruby-Jean. New Year's Eve is Ruby-Jean's birthday.


What a twist of events.

So New Year's Eve was Ruby-Jean Marie Washington's thirty-first birthday. It shouldn't surprise Bart that a gem like Ruby-Jean was born on New Year's Eve. A strong Capricorn goddess. It also happened to be her golden birthday. It's not everyday a person turns thirty-one on the thirty-first.

It also was a reminder to Bart of their nine year age difference as he himself had just turned forty in October. So when he had called her number on that hotline she was only a month shy of turning thirty.

A part of Bart regretted ever dialing that hotline because it did add another brick to the wall that Ruby-Jean built between them; however a part of him was also intrigued and a little bit alpha male.

The alpha male part came in because Bart just couldn't stand the idea of Ruby-Jean seducing and talking sexually to other men even if it was over the phone. Yet Bart was not given that luxury because of his status as her boss; as if being her boss made him untouchable.

Bart didn't want to be untouchable anymore.

He didn't want that damn wall between them anymore.

It would end now.


Ruby-Jean was hoping; no she was praying that it would snow again on New Year's Eve just like it did last week right before Christmas. It didn't because of course it didn't and Bart's dinner party was still on schedule for tonight.

She rolled over in her bed it was already 12 noon and the dinner party was scheduled to begin at 7pm. Time was moving by pretty damn fast today and her phone was blowing up with texts about the agenda for this evening.

Ruby-Jean hadn't responded to any of the mass emails that Bart sent out because it was just a reminder of how she would have to eventually face him.

Jackie said she'd come over by 4pm to help her get ready with the dress that she claimed that "Bart would love her in" as if she wanted to impress her boss. As if there weren't going to be other men at this dinner party. In fact Keith Brown who worked in the stockroom had been making small talk with her lately so perhaps she could impress him instead.

Keith Brown also didn't know out about her former job as phone sex operator unlike some bosses that she knew. Ruby-Jean stopped working at Cumming Happily Ever After soon after Bart called in that one time. The first few weeks in the office with him was also awkward as hell but the job paid well so she sucked it up.

It's not like Ruby-Jean actually liked Bart she mostly chalked it up to lust. It was probably hard to love a man like Bartholomew Yeager because he came off as a physical only type of man. A dick with no heart. He'd be a good fuck and nothing more.

Besides there were tons of other women in the company who were vying for Bart's attention; why be caught up in the reserved black assistant? Ruby-Jean always thought that a woman like Leah was his type. Tall, slim and fit, and bubbly blonde full of energy. A woman who wouldn't bore him in bed.

Ruby-Jean scrolled through the texts once more when she got a notification from Jackie

"Girl I'm a little bit early but I got the dress and some Dunkin' Donuts we're going to get you ready birthday girl"

"Ugh don't remind me"

"Last I checked you're still young plus it will be fun I wish I was still thirty-one"

"I guess..."

"Ruby don't sound that way" Jackie encouraged "like I said I'm way over and we'll get you already for tonight okay?"



"You look beautiful Ruby!" Jackie exclaimed with glee looking her friend up and down.

".... thanks. I um had a dress already" Ruby-Jean insisted

"Ruby that dress looked more conservative than the dresses you wear at the office"

"But this one it---"

"It's fine if it shows a little shoulder Ruby" Jackie insisted "like I said you're still young"

Ruby-Jean found herself rubbing her strap less shoulder of the dark wine red off the shoulder dress that Jackie was giving her to wear. Jackie had really did a transformation on her between the dress, her makeup, and braiding her thick hair into a neat halo braid; Ruby-Jean really felt like Cinderella.

"You nervous?"


"Ruby don't be nervous"

"Kind of hard not to be when one week you're telling your boss that you aren't coming to his dinner party and then the next week you are"

"We're going to have a great time" Jackie insisted "Bart's obvious attraction to you is a plus"

"What do you mean?"

"Girl you know exactly what I mean" she said, "don't you know when a man is into you that he is putty in your hands?"

Ruby-Jean supposed that Jackie had a point; it was obvious that it was the reason that Bart did not fire her; especially after the whole hotline situation.

"You couldn't do any wrong in his eyes as far as he's concerned"

That's what Ruby-Jean was very much afraid of.


CRUMBLING WALL by marchpisces92



By seven forty-five the guests had filled Bart's mansion up to full capacity. It was a mix of everyone from the company. From the stockroom to the main office to the top floor. Anyone who was anyone attended the Yeager New Year's Eve dinner party.

Speaking of dinner Bart decided that everyone would be seated to eat by eight giving the last-minute guests time to arrive. The guests would be eating in his grand hall at the long dining table; there were just enough guests for everyone to have a seat.

Tonight, would technically be a four-course meal. The guests that were coming in were now enjoying hors d'oeuvre which was shallot and pancetta tortilla chips. Once everyone was seated, they would be having stuffed mushrooms with cheese, garlic, and breadcrumbs.

The main course a choice of roasted duck with orange-ginger glaze, grilled flatiron steak with rosemary potatoes, or stuffed lamb breast with lemon, ricotta, and oregano.

Dessert would be a variety of four cakes to choose from. German chocolate cake, Carrot cake, Red velvet cake, and New York cheesecake.

"Nice spot you got here Yeager" one of his male collogues Victor Hughes complimented "passed down to you right?"

"Yes" Bart replied "from my great grandfather to my grandfather, to my father, and then down to me"

"You got a son you plan on passing it down to?" Trevor Null chimed in "it would be a shame if this place was lost after you pass on"

"No son yet" Bart said "working on it though"

"Oh and what do you mean by working on it?"

Bart simply smirked and the other guys knew exactly what he meant. On a serious note Bart knew that he would have to settle down soon. He had often thought about children especially a sons to leave his home, business, and assets to. Any daughter he might have would be given enough money to complete college, grad school, and a down payment on her first house.

Bart supposed that the reason why he didn't have children yet was because he still craved to have a genuine connection to a woman first. Sure he had indulged in sex all his youth but he wasn't an idiot and knew better than be reckless with his sperm so to speak. He wanted the mother of his future children to also have his last name. He wanted a wife.

"We can get everything started!" a familiar voice belonging to Leah Jamieson shirked as she an and her party entered the main door "the VIP guests are here!"

The other women who were already in attendance came over to excitedly greet them.

"Well at least we know Leah's here" Richard Collins chuckled.

"Damn is that Ruby-Jean?" Keith Brown admired "she's looking fine as hell"

Bart immediately shot Keith a look; since when did he care about Ruby-Jean? Keith was usually the type of black man who only seemed to have a thing for white women.

"Why don't we go greet our guests of honor then?" Victor said because he along with the rest of them could feel Bart watching Keith like a hawk. It was an unspoken knowledge that the men in the company knew their boss had a thing for his assistant; in the rules of man code that meant that Ruby-Jean was off limits.

Bart went to greet Leah's party welcoming the ladies into his home. Bart couldn't help but to admire Ruby-Jean. He saw her trying hide and make small talk with Jackie but he had already seen her.

Ruby-Jean was looking like a real gem tonight. With her wine red off the shoulder dress that hugged her figure a like a glass, silver dangling earrings, and her usually corkscrew curls were braided into a halo braid. Her skin glowed and her lips were moist and glossy with the earth toned lipstick.

"Good evening Jacqueline" Bart greeted Jackie hoping to break the ice

"Evening Bart" Jackie replied "I was just telling Ruby that your place is gorgeous"

"Really?" Bart said amused "this house couldn't hold a candle to Ruby-Jean especially tonight"

Bart sworn he saw a slight blush rise in Ruby-Jean's cheeks

"Thank you, Mr. Yeager,"

"Girl seriously?" Jackie chuckled "we're not at work it's okay call him by his first name"

"I'm sure as the evening goes along, we'll all be comfortable enough to go by first names" Bart insisted "now that we have everyone here we can get seated to eat"



Ruby-Jean found the seating arrangement of the very long dining table to be quite interesting. Bart was at the head of the table rightfully so since this was his house but her seat was literally only four or five seats away from him. Meaning he could look up from his plate or easily turn away from one of the men he was talking to and focus his attention back on her.

It was hard to focus on her delicious stuffed lamb breast when her boss kept glancing at her. Why was his fixation on her so damn much? This is why she didn't want to come. It was her birthday for crying out loud why did she have to necessarily be here right now?

"You look fine tonight Ruby"

Ruby-Jean looked up from her plate to see Keith Brown sitting across from her smiling at her as he took a forkful of steak into his mouth.

"Thank you Keith" she replied giving a little smiled back "you look pretty good tonight too did you shave?"

"You know I wasn't about to come up in here with skuzz all over my face" he joked "probably would have been violating a dress code"

Ruby-Jean chuckled and she could still see Bart watching her and Keith converse intensely. What was with him?

"Well you cleaned up very nice" Ruby-Jean complemented

"Oh I cleaned up nice huh?"

"Don't get cocky" Ruby-Jean chuckled "I'm not used to seeing you without your stockroom uniform"

"I'm not used to see you runway model dress" Keith said flirting with her now "didn't know you had a bubble"

"A bubble?"

"You know that bubble" he said frankly "I didn't know you were packing like that"

Bart then cleared his throat "More drinks? The open bar is right next to buffet table"

"Word" Keith said "you want anything Ruby?"

"I'm fine"

Ruby-Jean glanced back over at Bart as Keith made his way over to the open bar and her boss gave her a look back. She didn't know how to explain it because the look Bart gave was both stern and protective at the same time. Bart held Ruby-Jean's gaze until he joined some of the other guests at the open bar.

"You know Bart did that on purpose right?" Jackie teased

"Not sure why" Ruby-Jean said

"Well he probably wouldn't have if Keith hadn't started flirting with you heavy" Melanie pointed out "he started talking about your ass"

"You do have a nice bubble" Christie chuckled

"Mr. Yeager still didn't have to act like that though"

"His house his rules I suppose" Leah said "just let him be Bart tonight Ruby"

"I'm not calling him that"

"Again it's easier to call out Bart than Mr. Yeager if you know what I mean"

"Yes thank you again Leah" Jackie laughed

"Better get used to Bart interrupting you and Keith for the rest of the evening birthday girl"



Keith Brown was skating on thin ice as far as Bart was concerned. Flirting with Ruby-Jean was one thing but blatantly making comments about her body. He didn't like another man trying stake his claim on his woman under his roof.

Bart also wanted to assume that Ruby-Jean was just being polite because that's just the type of person that she was. Once dinner was finished everyone was in the main parlor mixing and mingling and dancing; burning off calories to make room for the various cakes for dessert.

At about ten-thirty the dessert cakes were served as guests settled down again; after all there needed to be some rest for the midnight drop to bring in the new year.

"There he is the big man of the evening"

Bart looked up from his scotch to see Sloane Carroll standing next to him with a smirk and her own glass of scotch in her hand. He had been avoiding Sloane all evening and was pissed she had shown up since she didn't even work for the company anymore.

It had been at least two years since the fling that he had with Sloane but apparently she couldn't move on although he had made it abundantly clear that it was a strictly physical relationship they had and nothing more.



"Oh that's cold" Sloane said snidely "you used to utter my name with such passion"

"That was then and this is now" Bart said "why are you here Sloane?"

"It's New Year's Eve isn't it?" she said twirling a strand of her blonde hair between her fingers "I know we've had a rough patch in the past but this is the start to a new year after all is it not?"

"You're not on my list of priorities for the new year" Bart said bluntly while looking over the party guests. He had lost track of Ruby-Jean. Where was she?

Sloane noticed Bart ignoring her and decided to dig in a little deeper

"Well shouldn't your priorities be getting a wife?" she asked "you aren't getting any younger"

"I'm assuming that you think that you are wife material?"

"I think Sloane Yeager has a nice ring to it"

"Carroll suits you better" Bart said rejecting the silly notion that he would ever take a whore like Sloane as a wife

Sloane scrunched her nose up at his rejection "What is your definition of wife material?"

"Not you" he said "don't come back to my house after tonight Sloane"

With that said Bart dismissed Sloane and went to go search for Ruby-Jean.



"It's a little chilly out here Keith" Ruby-Jean said now rubbing her bare shoulder "actually it's a lot cold out here we should probably go back inside soon"

"Relax" Keith insisted "it's not that cold out here; besides I've been wanting to get you alone all night"

It was just a little bit after eleven now. Keith and Ruby-Jean were out in the hallway just a few feet away from the main parlor talking for a little bit and slow dancing for a little bit too. They were all alone and nobody had come to check on them yet and would soon be time for the midnight toast to a happy new year.

"Just for a few more minutes" Ruby-Jean said cautiously "I don't even think Mr. Yeager wants us out here---"

Keith chuckled as he swayed Ruby-Jean back and forth "Mr. Yeager. Good old Mr. Yeager. Tell me Ruby you like being the boss's pet?"

"I'm his assistant"

"Assistant huh?" Keith chuckled "you sure about that?"

"I'm sure it's nothing more I swear"

"Everyone has seen the way that man looks at he owns you or something"

"Well he doesn't"

"Yeah well he wouldn't know what to do with a fine sista like you anyway; he's just another entitled privileged white man"

Keith ran his hands up and down Ruby-Jean's arms sending goosebumps through her whole body.

"Yeah if it was up to me I'd have you all to myself"

"Keith I think we should go back inside now"

"What's the rush?"

Keith leaned down and kissed Ruby-Jean on her neck and his hands moved down her body caressing the fabric of her dress but still feeling up all her curves. Ruby-Jean gasped as Keith gripped her ass.

"Keith I'm serious"

"I'm serious too" he replied "I want what Yeager's been hiding up in his office all the way on the top floor from everyone else"

"Keith please stop---"

Keith cut Ruby-Jean off by silencing her with a harsh kiss on the mouth. He began bunching up her dress as she felt the cold night air on her thighs. His hands sneaking up under dress near the apex of her thighs.

Ruby-Jean began to push and fight back but Keith was too strong for her "Keith stop it!"

"Come on" he said gruffly "I know you want me just relax"


 "What you yelling for?!?"

"I don't want this Keith!"

"You'll want it once I get your pussy wet---"

Keith was suddenly cut off and Ruby-Jean felt him being yanked away from her.

"What the---"

Keith was punched in the face square in the nose and was tossed to the floor. Ruby Jean saw the bright red crimson blood flowing down from Keith's nose now. Bartholomew Yeager towered over him looking down Keith as if he were a roach.

"What the fuck man?!?"

"Get out of my house now"

"It wasn't what it looked like" Keith said pathetically as the blood dripped in his mouth and on his suit shirt "she wanted it---"

Ruby-Jean watched Bart yank Keith up by the collar of his shirt and got in his face

"Really? I heard Ruby-Jean loud and clear when she told you no"

"I bet she wouldn't say no to you" Keith sneered "she probably always spreads her legs to you---

Keith couldn't finish his sentence because Bart twisted his wrist and he yelped in pain

"You want me to make something else bleed? You're fired. Get the fuck out of my house now!"

Keith was now reduced to a bumbling idiot as he scrambled up on to his feet and shuffled his way down the hall to the backdoor to leave.

Bart didn't care his concern was Ruby-Jean. She was shook up by Keith's assault.

Bart wanted to kill Keith on the spot because it was clear what his intentions were. The bastard had purposely isolated her from the rest of the party. What if he hadn't gotten there in time? Not only was he fired but Bart already made a mental to make a police report first thing Monday morning.

Bart took off his suit jacket and placed it on Ruby-Jean's shoulders and she kept her eyes down.


She hesitated for a minute just like Bart expected but eventually she looked up at him

"Are you okay?"


"I saw Keith's hand up your dress" Bart said "it's okay if you're not okay"

"'s almost midnight" Ruby-Jean said trying to brush the issue aside ".....maybe we should go back for the toast"

"Do you want to go back to party?" Bart asked her knowing damn well she wasn't okay; hell she was still shaking

"Yes" Ruby-Jean said a little too quickly still processing what just happened "I want to find Jackie and the rest of the girls.....they're probably looking for me"

"Okay" Bart replied gently "let's get you back inside and warmed up"

Ruby-Jean tried to give Bart back his suit jacket but he stopped her

"Keep it for now" he said "I want to talk to you after the toast when everyone leaves"

"Mr. Yeager---"

"You're not in trouble" Bart confirmed putting her at ease "but we're way overdue for a talk and you know what I mean by that Ruby-Jean Marie"

The bricks of the wall that Ruby-Jean built between herself and Bart was now tumbling down.


NO WALL by marchpisces92




"Ruby are you okay?"

"Where were you?"

"Isn't that Bart's suit jacket?"


Bart watched the ladies gather around Ruby-Jean in concern and comfort. It was already eleven-thirty, and the guests were getting ready by getting their glasses together for the midnight toast. Thankfully nobody was questioning Keith's absence; good the bastard didn't belong here anyway and didn't add anything to the atmosphere.

Bart had all of the guests gather in front of the steps in the main parlor so that he could address them with a little speech with that midnight toast.

"If I could have everyone's attention, I know we're all pretty excited about the midnight toast but I'd like to say a few words before we ring in the new year" Bart announced "I have this annual New Year's dinner party each year to show how much I appreciate each and every one of you"

"I know that my reputation says that I'm a cold boss who only cares about work and work all the time but that's simply not true. While it's in the Yeager blood to be hard working we do take the time to acknowledge the important things in life as well. Recognize your family, friends, and collogues"

Ruby-Jean felt Jackie gently squeeze her hand but she couldn't help but notice Bart's almost direct eye contact with her as he spoke. The message of course was for everybody but Ruby had a strange feeling that this was mostly directed towards her.

"I actually do this in honor of my late mother" Bart continued "you see she loved the holiday season but she especially loved New Years. She taught me that it was a time to be reflective over what you went through over the year and to look forward to what's to come in the next coming year"

"So I guess you could say I've taken positive traits from both sides of my family"

"When are you going to get started on your own family Yeager?" one of the guests joked and everyone laughed which made Bart laugh too.

"Well that could be one of the things that I can look forward to in the new year"

Bart searched the crowd for Ruby-Jean again and when he gave her direct eye contact this time

"I'm hoping that some people become a little more open about themselves in this new year too"

It was now eleven fifty-eight.

"I sincerely wish all of you a Happy New Year and be refreshed to come back into the office on Tuesday" Bart closed his toast "and yes I'm allowing you to have Monday off so please rest"

Everyone chuckled and raised their glasses.














Ruby-Jean was getting nervous watching all the guests start to leave in droves as she stood awkwardly by the large staircase. Most of the guests booked a hotel nearby which was the smart thing to do considering all the drinks they consumed; guests who lived closer and didn't drink as much were going straight home.

"Ruby, do you need me to give you a ride home?" Jackie asked

"Actually, I'm going to ask Mr. Yeager to give me a ride home" she replied

"Ohh what does that mean?" Leah leaned in amused "I see you still have his suit jacket too"

"He just wants to talk to me" Ruby-Jean insisted

"He can't just talk to you when we go back to work next week?"

"Leah has a point Ruby" Melanie added "talks after midnight tend to get steamy"

"Hey if you don't want to stay and talk to him I will" Leah insisted jokingly

"Okay Leah let's get you home" Christie laughed gently gesturing her friend to the door.

"You sure you're going to be okay?" Jackie with concern

"I'll be okay" Ruby-Jean reassured even though she doubted it "he seemed serious, and I want to keep my job"

"Call me when you get home then okay?"


Once her friends left Ruby-Jean made her way to the closest restroom....well the first one she could find in the massive mansion that was Bartholomew Yeager's.



Ruby-Jean must have washed her hands at least four times. To be fair she really did have to relieve herself but a part of her was stalling herself from facing Bart alone with nobody else.

She took a deep breath and reminded herself that while she was intimidated and infatuated with Bart she knew he wouldn't try to hurt her. The man saved her from sexual assault just an hour or two ago.

The restroom she was in was gorgeous and made of what she assumed was the finest materials because the man was a Yeager after all so why not? Turning to exit Ruby-Jean remembered to put Bart's suit jacket back on; she swore he gave it to her on purpose.

When Ruby-Jean stepped out of the restroom she was greeted with complete silence. Everyone had left; well everyone except her of course. She had to go so badly that she hadn't necessarily been paying attention and realized she was in a hallway full of walls with classical art.

There were so many classics like Gustav Klint's Kiss, Johannes Vermeer's Girl With A Peal Earring, and Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus framed beautifully. Ruby-Jean would have never pegged Bart to have a thing for art and she found herself admiring his collection. As she reached the end of the hallway there was an oil painting that made her stop and had her intrigued.

Ruby-Jean let out a gasp of awe at the large-scale was rather intimate, an erotic piece of art. It was two lovers, but you couldn't see their faces. The woman seemed to be the main focal point of the paint with her gorgeous brown skin, her curvy hourglass figure, and her wild corkscrew curls.... curls that were like Ruby-Jean's and just as dark reddish brown.

The contrast in color came in from the man. The woman was sitting or rather straddling the man's lap as it was obvious that he was buried deep inside her and was worshipping her as he cradled her. His white hands clutching her possessively with one hand resting at the small of her back and the other one clutching her ass.

Ruby-Jean oddly felt a little aroused by this painting and there was something very familiar about it at the same couldn't be.... could it?

"I see you've found one of my most prized possessions"

Ruby-Jean nearly jumped out of her skin hearing Bart's low and deep voice; and low and behold he was right behind her standing in the frame of the doorway.

"I had that commissioned about a year ago" he went on to say as he walked over to join her "the artist is very talented and captured my vision perfectly; I may have to contact him again for future commissions"

"It is beautiful" Ruby-Jean admitted "it's rather blunt though"

"Sometimes I like and appreciate when things are straight to the point; I'm not one to beat around the bush" Bart replied


Damn this was awkward

"Come" Bart said breaking the silence between them again "I've been waiting to have a word with you all evening"

Bart had always had a rather authoritative but gentle tone to his voice and Ruby-Jean couldn't help but take notice to it tonight.

As Ruby-Jean began to follow Bart she remembered his suit jacket and she tried to return it.

"Are you cold?" he asked not accepting the return just yet

"...a little"

"Hold on to it for a little bit" Bart insisted "I'm going to light a fire in the room we're going to so that should warm you up"



The room that Bart led Ruby-Jean to was very cozy, small, and intimate with it's red and gold décor. The colors were a comfortable and lazy post-Christmas vibe with it being the wee early hours of January first. There was a large window with a gorgeous view of the city skyline in the distance as snow gently fell from the night sky.

Just as Bart promised he got started right away on the fire and the flames gave the whole room a warm glow.

"Have a seat" Bart insisted gesturing to the couch "would you like a drink or a snack to calm your nerves?"

"I think I've had enough drinks and food for tonight but thank you" Ruby-Jean said sitting down on the couch.

Bart sat down on the couch next to Ruby-Jean and she couldn't help but to ask " could you tell I was nervous?"

Bart chuckled "You've been working for me for a little over a year now; you don't think I know how to read your body language by now?"

Ruby-Jean felt herself blush "Yeah I guess that was a stupid question"

"No question is a stupid question don't you know that?"

"I know what you mean I just....never mind"

"Well let me ask you this did you have a nice birthday tonight?"

"I had a nice time" Ruby-Jean said carefully "you have a nice place and the party was fun"

"But it wasn't how you were planning to spend your birthday though"

"No" Ruby-Jean admitted

"I'm pretty sure you didn't anticipate being harassed by Keith either" Bart pointed out reading her mind again.

"Well I guess it was kind of my fault too though" Ruby-Jean said "I was engaging with Keith to avoid you"

"I appreciate the honesty" Bart said "that still didn't give Keith the right to take advantage of you; so no Ruby it's not your fault; I'm filing a report to the police next week"

"Thanks for stopping him"

"No problem, I wasn't going to allow him to do that"

"I'm actually glad you brought up the topic of avoidance ironically enough" Bart chuckled "you seem to be a professional on that"

"Mr. Yeager---"

"First off we are not at work. It's after midnight and we're in my mansion" Bart said gently and firmly "you call me Bart or Bartholomew but no Mr. Yeager right now"

"Second yes like I said you are a professional at avoidance or am I lying?"

".... what is this about?"

"I think you already know what this is about" Bart said simply looking her in the eyes.

Ruby-Jean quickly looked away from him and kept her gaze on the fireplace, but Bart wasn't having that, and he gently turned her face back around to look at him


".......I don't work there anymore"

"You don't work where anymore Ruby-Jean Marie?"

"I don't work at.....I don't work at Cumming Happily Ever After anymore" she confessed

"Why did you stop working there?" Bart asked knowing full why but wanted to hear her say it

"I wanted to"

"Don't lie to me Ruby"

"....I stopped working there because you called"

"Who called? I'm sure this ‘you' person has a name"

"It was you Bart" she said finally using his name "you called"

"I did call" Bart confirmed "I'm glad that we have now established that"

Ruby-Jean frowned a little and said "You shouldn't have called in the first place"

"Did you tell your other clients that?" he challenged her

"My other clients weren't my boss from my main income job" Ruby-Jean said "I suggested another call girl and I transferred you"

"You did" Bart said "she wasn't you though and I couldn't get into her because she wasn't you; I wanted you Ruby-Jean"

"It wouldn't have been professional" Ruby-Jean insisted "I couldn't be your assistant and talk dirty to you"

"Was that your main concern?"


"Well you don't work there anymore so what's holding you back?"

"You're still my boss"

"Does me being your boss stop you from being attracted to me?"

"I'm....I'm not attracted to you"

"You sure about that?"


"Look me in my eyes and tell me that" Bart said turning her attention back to him "you're a terrible liar Ruby-Jean"

"I'm not though" she said stubbornly although her body language said otherwise

"I've caught you stealing looks at me in the office sometimes" Bart added "looks that linger a little too long for you not to be attracted to me"

"There are plenty of women in the office that look at you that way too" Ruby-Jean pointed out

"Now you're deflecting" Bart chuckled "but I see that you're no longer denying it either"

Ruby-Jean bit her lower lip in embarrassment and Bart caught that; he didn't want to feel ashamed he just wanted her to know that the feeling was mutual.

"What do think of that painting you came across?" he asked her

"....the one with the two lovers? I thought it was blunt like I said earlier"

"Did it feel familiar to you?"

"....oddly enough yeah it did"

"I had the painting titled Meine Liebe Rot"

"What was that?"

"Meine Liebe Rot" he repeated "it's German for My Love Red"

Ruby-Jean gasped in awe, and she could no longer be in denial. Ruby was the color read after all. Why else would her boss commission a painting of a black woman with reddish brown corkscrew curls being made love to by a white man cradling her? That woman was her and that man was him. Bartholomew Malcolm Yeager was attracted to her and perhaps was in love with her.


"You don't know how long I've been waiting for you to say my name" he confessed his voice dropping a few octaves "I want to make you say it over and over"

Bart reached over and slowly slipped his suit jacket off Ruby-Jean's shoulders and chuckled at the slight goosebumps on her arms

"Surely you must be warm by now"

"...I'm getting there"

"Well let me help you get there"

Before Ruby-Jean could say anything further Bart's lips were on hers bringing her into a kiss. Her breath hitched in her throat for a minute in surprise but eventually she fluttered her eyes closed and leaned into the kiss and gripped Bart by his shoulders.

Bart released her lips and quickly dove back in this time his tongue pushing into her mouth for the first time. Ruby could taste the faint alcohol from the drinks earlier on his lips and she moaned.

Bart then gathered Ruby-Jean onto his lap; looping his arms around her waist. Ruby-Jean slipped her hands under Bart's shirt sliding them along his sides. She pushed her hips into his and she could feel his muscles flex underneath her fingers.

Bart's fingers on the other hand sent electricity through Ruby Jean as they skirted across the fabric of her dress on her stomach. Ruby-Jean broke their embrace when she felt herself jump at his touch.

"Are you okay?" Bart asked concerned "is this moving to fast for you?"

"No, it's fine" Ruby-Jean insisted "it's just.... it's been a while"

"What does a while mean?"

".... I haven't had sex since I was twenty-one" she confessed

"Ten years?"

".... yes"

"That is way too fucking long to go without someone worshipping you" Bart said kissing her cheek and jawline "who was it some selfish boy from your college days?"

"Yes, it was a little embarrassing" Ruby-Jean admitted "I didn't cum, and he came too fast"

"You don't have to worry about that" Bart promised "I'll make sure you cum and many times too; you are first tonight"

"I want you inside of me Bart" Ruby-Jean confessed

"And how can I say no to a request like that?" he said kissing her.



Bart then took Ruby-Jean into his arms bridal style and carried her into the spare bedroom that was adjacent to the cozy living room, and he left the door ajar for the heat from the fire to come in.

He switched on the small lamp on the bedside table to bring some light into the room much to Ruby-Jean's dismay.

"I need to see you" Bart explained "all of you, every inch of you"


"Don't be shy Ruby" he said "don't recall your last time I want you to be comfortable; that asshole isn't here but I am"

Ruby-Jean was completely vulnerable now and at the mercy of Bart. He continued to kiss her while gently pushing her down into the lush king size bed and proceeded to push down the straps of her dress. When he discovered that she had been braless this whole time her breasts were revealed to him.

Nice, round, and tipped with dark brown nipples. Bart cupped both breasts gently and Ruby-Jean gasped a little as the pads of his fingers grazed over her eager nipples; making them prickle and harden even more.

"I've been wanting to take these tits in my hands since I've laid eyes on you" Bart confessed to Ruby-Jean giving her breasts special attention "I love the way your nipples respond to my touch"

Bart continued to peel off Ruby's dress until she was down to her panties and nothing else. He planted light kisses on her belly causing her to moan more

"Oh God you're so beautiful Ruby" dragging his hands up and down her body "look at all of what you've been hiding from me for the past year; you're even more than I imagined"

Ruby-Jean could feel her arousal dripping from her pussy and onto her panties now and spoke

"Bart....can I undress you too?"

"I thought you'd never ask" he chuckled "the way you were feeling under my shirt earlier you seemed pretty eager"

Bart laid out on the bed and pulled Ruby on top of him so that she was straddling him. The only barrier between them was his suit pants and her panties and she could already feel the growing erection underneath him in his pants.

"I'm completely at your mercy" he said gently "you can touch me"

It suddenly clicked for Ruby-Jean about what exactly she asked to do and it was sinking in now.

Bart read her like a book and took her hands and his and motioned her to unbutton his shirt.

"Is this how you're going to be?" he teased "playing shy and being horny at that same time?"


"I can feel you getting wet Ruby-Jean" he cut her off "you're practically soaking my pants; you can't lie to me anymore when your body is your Judas"

With those words of encouragement Ruby-Jean she reached for the bottom of Bart's shirt and tugged it up and helped him shrug it off. She ran her hands all over his washboard toned abs and she wore he had been sculpted by the Greek gods.  

Bart had a lot nerve to talk about what she had been hiding from him for the past year when had all of this going on. Then this man had the audacity to have the sexiest happy trial she had ever seen. Usually pubic hair was gross but with the landscaping that Bart had going on it was a garden leading to his belt buckle.

"I see that smirk" Bart chuckled "what are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking about everything you've been hiding from me for the past year too"

"Well you haven't seen everything yet have you?" he said referring to his lower half "unbuckle me and you'll see"

Ruby-Jean unbuckled the belt of Bart's pants and proceeded to fight with his zipper; all the while her breasts jiggled much to his amusement. As soon as Bart was completely out his pants and boxer briefs Ruby-Jean gasped at Bart's jutting dick that was standing at attention for her.

Now Ruby-Jean figured that Bartholomew Yeager was no small man, but did he really expect her to take all of that into her body? He was rock hard, and the veins were pulsating; the mushroom head was blushed red and he already had precum pearling at the tip.

"It will fit" Bart reassured her reading her mind

"But I---"

"No more avoiding this Ruby" he said softly sitting up "I can't go on without having you"

Bart looped his fingers on the sides of her panties and proceeded to pull them down while stealing a few grasps of her ass. He whispered in her ear

"I can't wait to see your beautiful pussy; I already know you're wet Ruby-Jean" he said "don't deny it anymore"


"Soaking wet from just a few words and caressing those tits"

As soon her panties were off Bart spread Ruby Jean's legs apart and gave out a moan as her pussy was finally revealed to him. It was neatly trimmed and covered with a soft dust of curls. He loved it; she was beautiful.

Bart was so used to being with women who had the tendency to completely shave themselves including Sloane Carroll. Most of the time he was the only one with pubic hair. Ruby-Jean didn't have too much pubic hair but it wasn't too little but it was just right. It showed that she wasn't ashamed of being a grown woman and he had to admire that.

"Bart!" Ruby-Jean gasped as he dived his fingers inside of her and stroking her now engorged walls "that feels so....ahh!"

"Oh I know" Bart replied speeding up the motion of his fingers now "I know it feels good baby you're dripping all over my fingers"

"I....I don't....I don't want your fingers" Ruby-Jean managed to moan out "I want your dick"

"I know you do" Bart replied loving the back and forth between them "you have to cum for me first then I'll give you all of my dick"

The only sounds in the room now were Bart's fingers going in and out of Ruby-Jean's slippery wet pussy, her moans of pleasure, and his low grunts.

"I feel you" he encouraged her "I feel you tightening around my fingers; cum for me Ruby"

Ruby-Jean bit her bottom lip now wriggling around trying to push Bart away as her pussy was becoming way too sensitive now.

"Don't fight it Ruby" Bart growled in her ear lowly "you're fighting it and you need to cum"

"Bart I can't---"

"Yes you can" he said "cum for me Meine Liebe Rot"

 With the slip of his German tongue and a few swipes on her clit with his thick thumb; Ruby-Jean did cum and she came all over Bart's hand as if it were his dick. Bart gathered her in his arms once more as she rode out her orgasm.

"Stop, stop it Bart!" she managed to moan as he still teased her now overly sensitive clit

"I can't stop" he replied kissing her neck and jawline rocking them back and forth "you have no idea how long I've waited to make you cum"

"How long?" Ruby-Jean dared too ask

"Way too long" Bart growled back "you have the most beautiful afterglow and I want to see it again and again"

"You're going to make me cum again?"

"Yes" Bart said "with my fingers, with my dick, with my tongue---"

"With your tongue?"

"Of course---Ruby-Jean you never had a man eat you out before?"


A part of Bart was relieved by that because it meant that he would be the one to introduce her to that pleasure at the same time it made him sad that no man granted her that pleasure.

"Looks like I'll have to eat you too then" he said "you'll feel so good"

Ruby-Jean blushed at the thought of Bart doing that to her and she swore her pussy got even more wet than it already was.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it" Bart said interrupting her thoughts "right now I'm going to give you my dick"



Ruby-Jean's heartbeat fast as Bart flipped her back down on the bed and he pinned her down getting in between her legs.

She felt him fully grip her ass as he lined up the tip of his dick against her slit.

Bart gave Ruby-Jean a reassuring look and caressed her face and gave her more kisses too.

"I'm going to go slow first okay" he said "it should go in easy because we already got you ready just relax and I promise it will feel so good"

".....I trust you"

Bart slowly and carefully eased himself inside of Ruby-Jean as he fully penetrated her. In response Ruby-Jean gripped Bart's back as the feeling of a man inside of her for the first time in over a decade made her almost feel like a virgin.

Bart gave Ruby-Jean some time to adjust to his girth because it was a lot to take in as she was taking all of him in; at the same time he was determined to give her the pleasure that full penetration had to offer.

Once Ruby-Jean got adjusted; feeling pleasure instead of discomfort she moved her hips as a signal for Bart to speed up his pace. She grasped his back hanging onto him as he drove into her deeper and harder. Bart began to move his hips in the same rhythm as Ruby-Jean's all the while keeping a firm grip on her ass as if it was his stake of claim on her.

Bart peppered hot wet kisses all over and between Ruby-Jean's breasts as he murmured words in German that she could understand. The only phrase she did understand was Meine Liebe Rot.

 It felt good, he felt good, Ruby-Jean never imagined that sex could feel this good. Just like that Bart read her mind again as he pumped into her, he murmured "You feel so good Ruby, so good wrapped around my dick"

He slipped his hand between her folds and massaged her clit as he continued to drive into her.

Ruby-Jean clutched the bed sheets as she met each of Bart's thrusts and her breasts bounced. The main sound in the room was the skin between them slapping and the bed springs now squeaking.

"Oh God!" Ruby-Jean groaned "Fuck! Bart"

"I knew you had a dirty mouth" Bart chuckled "that's what I wanted to hear when I called you on that hotline and that's what I'm hearing now"

Bart's thrusts were long and hard; pushing deep into Ruby-Jean's pussy, hitting all the walls that had been long ignored for well over a decade. She loved when Bart grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard; she loved the chill and thrill she got even when she felt his fingers spreading her cheeks apart and teasing her tight hole.

"You have such a tight pretty pussy" Bart praised her "I'm tempted to take your ass too"

Bart nipped at her neck with his teeth as he grabbed a hold of one her bouncing breasts tweaking her nipples again. He panted in her ear saying more dirty words; some in English and some in German.

"I'm getting ready to cum" Bart said in a low voice "and when I do I want you to cum with me Ruby-Jean"

"Make me cum" she challenged him

"Your request is my demand"

Bart quickened his pace and snaked his hand between the two them and gave Ruby-Jean's clit one gentle tap and just like that her orgasm took over and she moaned out. Her body tensed and shuddered as the orgasm ripped through her and pussy convulsed, and her clit tingled like crazy.

Bart wasn't that far behind as his voice got deeper and gruffer as his strokes got harder and faster. As Ruby-Jean was still coming down from her orgasm; Bart came spurting his seed deep inside of her. It had dawned on Bart that he hadn't even bothered to use protection or ask Ruby-Jean about birth control.

He could say it was the heat of the moment but at the same time he had wanted Ruby-Jean for so long that all he thought about was having her raw. The primal part of him wouldn't mind seeing her grow big with his child and he had never felt that way about any other woman before.

The two of them collapsed on top of each other and held each other close and basked in the afterglow. Bart pushed Ruby-Jean's wild hair out of her face and caressed her face as she gave him a smile and he whispered in a sing song voice


"Meine Liebe Rot"

"Meine Liebe Rot"

"Meine Liebe Rot"


With all the energy drained they both fell asleep quickly. The morning would bring what the morning would bring; all that mattered now was that they finally broke down that wall. The wall that separated them for the past year.































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