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Rating: MA, mature situations, sexual content, profane language. Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Alan Ball, HBO, Charlaine Harris and such. Just my spin on things. That's all. Purely for entertainment purposes. Nothing else. Author's Notes: Hope you'll enjoy the start of the new segment filled with new adventures and fun. Sorry for the long wait. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

CHAPTER 1: Tears of Joy


It was as if everyone had their bladders at their eyes the night they were all gathered in Marvin and Morgan's living room. Even Sam, typically a strong silent manly type, the type who never openly displayed his emotion was showing yet another side of him. A side that Tara had never seen before but now appreciated and treasured.

When they both ended their long kiss, Tara opened her eyes and saw that not only did she have tears rolling down her cheeks, so did he.

“Sam, you're crying.” Tara remarked cupping her soft hands over his wet cheeks.

He did not try to hide it nor did he act embarrassed. No longer was there a need to pretend. No longer was there a need to lie. Finally, he could be his true self around the one he loved. The expressions in his eyes showed her all this and she didn't know it was possible, but found herself falling in love with him all over again.

“It's the happiest day in my life.”

And that he was, happy.

As though a tremendous weight had been lifted, he wrapped his arms securely around her thighs and picked her up high, reminiscent of the time she first told him “I love you” on the dance floor at club Assassin. As he looked up at her smiling face, dark dreams of losing her were now a thing of the past. Setting her back down on her feet, he kissed her and said, “I love you Tara. I love you.”

“Heheee. Look deh, big man like yu a bawl.” Marvin said lumbering over to where they stood. Giving Sam a big albeit playful slap on the back caused him to stagger. Giggling, Tara had no alternative but to step aside and give the boys some room.

“Oh shut up. You shouldn't even talk. Don't think I didn't notice you and Martin wringing out your handkerchiefs over there moments ago.” Sam laughed wiping his eyes.

“I so was not crying.” Martin interjected with his hands set vehemently on his hips and his face set serious as a judge.

“Oh? So what is dat yu have balled up in yu hand?” Marvin chuckled while pointing at his twin's hand.

“Mi hankie. So?” Martin answered with a straight face then with said hankie dabbed his eyes once more. Needless to say his theatrics had everyone roaring in laughter.

At a distance Tara stood laughing at them. Just like in the picture hanging on Aunt Vie's wall, there was Sam standing in between the twins with his arms slung around their necks. Brothers they were. All three. Seeing him surrounded by people who loved him unconditionally, filled her with gladness.

Meeting Tara near the picture window, Morgan said, “finally he came out huh.”

“Yeah. Finally. But look at him. Look how happy he is. I've never seen him this way before.” Tara said smiling while she watched him lifting up Aunt Vie.

“True. So true.” Morgan giggled on seeing him spin Aunt Vie around.

Tara turned around and looked out the large glass window. Watching a blond woman in her black track suit jog by with her yellow ponytail swinging side to side made her think of Sookie. It took her a long time to understand why Sookie was so head-over-heels crazy for that vampire called Bill, but, whenever he came around Merlotte's, he'd look at her golden haired friend as if she was the only woman in the world. This then made her think that perhaps there was more to Bill Compton than meets the eye. That perhaps vampires are capable of loving. If Sookie could get past Bill's cold skin and sharp fangs all because of love, then Tara could more than accept Sam for all that he is, which was what she did.

Morgan looked out the window before moving her gaze onto Tara. Just from seeing the side of her face she could tell that there was something else gnawing at her and having been in similar shoes, she knew there could only be one burning question in her mind.

“You are wondering about seeing him change.” Morgan stated.

“Yes. I am. Were you scared when you saw Marvin shift for the very first time?” Tara calmly asked.

“The very first time was in this room the day I came back into his life. At first I was startled but when I looked into his eyes, I saw only him. When he shifted, it's hard to discribe, it was...beautiful.” Morgan said smiling with a sparkle in her hazel eyes. Even the tiny freckles dusted across her cheeks seemed to dance.

Giving Tara a sideways hug, Morgan chuckled and said, “Don't worry Tara. It will be alright. You'll see.”

Confiding in Morgan always did make her feel better. There were times when she'd ask her out of the blue what's it like living with a shape shifter. “Haven't you noticed. The sex is fucking great.” she remembered innocent looking Morgan saying to her over mugs of coffee when they once met at a cafe. The sex part, how could Tara not agree.

Don't get her wrong but Tara did have heart-to-heart talks about Sam with Sookie. Sookie knew all about her crush and falling in love with him. During their breaks, they'd share events of their dates. But there were other things she didn't feel it was in her place to disclose to Sookie. For instance about him being a supernatural or that he grew up with the Thompsons. She felt those two things were his and his alone to reveal to anyone else in his own good time.

For the past few months of dating Sam, she'd turned to Morgan for advice and was glad for her guidance and support. Since meeting her at the club, it didn't take long to regard her as a friend. They had lots of things in common. They both liked to sew and had similar taste in movies, books, music and general outlook on life. Most of all, they both dated shape shifters.

“Hey, come with me to the fabric outlet store. They're having a huge sale. It's only ten minutes from here.” Morgan said when they turned back around. She knew how much Tara loved to sew.

“Sure. Actually I do have a few things I've been wanting to get. How about we go on my day off this Saturday?” Tara face lighted up.

“OK. Meet me here after lunch and I'll take you” Morgan said smiling. Meanwhile Aunt Vie began to make her way over to them.

“Here sweetie, it's for you.” She said to Morgan handing her the cordless phone.

“Thanks Auntie.” Morgan took the phone and made a bee-line for the bedroom away from the laughter and noise.

When Morgan disappeared down the hall way, Aunt Vie said, “I've known her since she was a likkle ting. She's like a daughter to me. Lord knows she's been through a lot. I'm just glad she's here with us, that she and Marvin are back together again.”

It wasn't so much what she said, but there was something else in Aunt Vie's voice that stood out and had Tara's wheels turning. Knowing that this was certainly not the time to stir things up and start asking questions, Tara decided to let this go, for now at least.

“Yu know what? You are di bes' ting that has ever happened to Sam. Thank you for coming into his life.” Aunt Vie said turning to Tara. She looked up into Tara's eyes and smiled warmly then gave her an equally warm hug. Touched and totally at sea for words, Tara hugged the dainty woman right back.

Sam finally broke away from the twins and went over to join Tara. Standing beside her, he held her hand. They both spoke a little with Aunt Vie before she clapped her hands and said out loud, “Come on guys, let's eat” then rushed off to the kitchen.

“Hey Tara, I'm setting a place for you right next to me. Yu stayin' right?” Marvin called in her direction while he cleared the dining table.

“Yes she is staying.” Sam piped in before she could answer.

“But, I have to get back, Arlene...” Tara began saying as she looked at Sam.

“Hush now. You don't worry about Arlene. Besides, Matt was already on his way to the bar after you'd left.” Sam said hugging her and planting a kiss on her head.

“OK. I'll stay. Besides I'm famished. I haven't had a thing since going to the dentist.”

“Mmmm, mmmm, something sure smells good!” Tara cried out above everyone else then headed for the kitchen.


Two hours later.

“Thanks again Aunt Vie for the lovely dinner and see y'all Sunday.” Tara shouted waving to Aunt Vie, the twins and Morgan who were gathered on the porch. Holding hands with Sam, they both made their way to their cars parked out front.

“Hey Merlat, remember to wear yu pants wid elastic waist.” Marvin laughing shouted at Sam referring to the up coming Thanksgiving Sunday dinner at Aunt Vie's.

“I guess I'll have to borrow one of yours.” Sam retorted with one arm around Tara's shoulder as they both neared their cars.

After everyone exchanged their final goodbyes and the four finally filed back into the house leaving Sam and Tara alone outside, Sam said to Tara while closing her car door once she was properly seated and belted behind the wheel,

“Pity we have to head back in separate vehicles.”

“Sam, it's only a thirty minute drive. I think we should be able to survive being away from each other that long.” Tara winked at him throwing the ignition key.

“Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?” Sam said leaning on her window with his face just inches from hers while Tara's engine hummed.

“Everyday, handsome. Everyday.” Tara replied softly then kissed him on his lips.

Reluctantly breaking away, Sam said, “See you at the trailer” then hopped into his '68 and turned over his engine.


Leaning against the pinto, Tara and Sam kissed like there was no tomorrow. He held his woman securely in his arms and as he did so, gone were those dark clouds of despair and hopelessness.

Finally coming up for air, they hugged for a while under the bright flood lights, his trailer just steps away.

“How do you feel now that you've told me?” Tara asked with her cheek on his chest.

“Like the world is no longer ending.”

Then he told her about the dream he had when they were at the inn and how for months it had been plaguing him to tell her his secret but couldn't for fear of losing her.

“Tara, I don't know if I could ever go on without you had you..” Sam trailed off.

Tara looked up into his eyes and lightly put a finger to his firm lips.

“, never talk that way, ever”, then she gave him an unexpected good pinch on the meatiest part of his arm.

“Owwww! What was that for?” He yelled out pulling his arm away.

“For tailing me on the highway. You thought I was going to take off, didn't you?” She said folding her arms under her breasts.

“No. I never thought such a thing. Jeez, I wasn't even driving that close behind you” He replied rubbing the sting out of his arm.

“Dude! You were all up under my bumper and shit. The whole time too. From the time we left Marvin's house until we got here.” She said with her eyes narrowing.

“Hmm, I would love to be up under your bumper.” Sam growled twirling her around, holding her by her hips and pulling her backside up against his erection.

Not that she was complaining, but, she always wondered about that, his ability to be turned on so readily, whether it had anything to do with him being a shifter. Reserving her questions for later, she had a score to settle.


“Owww! Do you mind not doing that!” Sam cried out again, this time rubbing the other arm.

“And THAT was for scaring the hell out of me phoning me sounding all serious and shit. Man, I thought something bad had happened.” Tara scolded referring to his call earlier telling her to immediately meet him at Marvin's house.

“How else was I to ...Tara.” Sam said with a pleading look in his eyes.

“Hey, I'm just kidding.” Tara giggled playfully slapped his shoulder.

“Oh are ya now?”

Sam picked her up clean off the ground and hiked her small frame high over his broad shoulders. Tara, kicking, laughing while yelling in vain, “hey put me down”, was then carried up the steps of his porch and straight into his trailer where he held her captive until the the next morning.


1:45 AM.

“Sweet mercy! So that's what conscience-free sex feels like!” Tara exclaimed breathing heavily rolling onto her back six orgasms later.

“Sometimes you say the darnedest things.” Sam said lying on his back on crumpled sheets. Feeling a little drained he weakly chuckled and closed his eyes with one hand under his head.

They basked in their after-glow with thin veils of sweat on their bodies from making love all night long.

“No, seriously. This time around it felt...different.” Tara said turning onto her side to face him.

“Different? How so?” Sam felt it too, but still asked turning his head in her direction and popping his eyes open and looked at her.

“It felt like that time in the fields right after our picnic...except...more intense.” Tara ran her hand over his chest.

Turning on his side to face her, he weaved his fingers through hers.

“Hmm, I could never forget something that beautiful as was last night...and this morning. I want us to do that again. Make love in the outdoors. What do you say?” Sam buried his face in the side of her neck making her smile.

“Maybe... Oh, OK why not. As long as it doesn't involve people within feet of us.”

Tara wasn't into any voyeuristic shit and thought that their lovemaking was something special and should be kept private, not for any Tom Dick or Harry to see. As she reflected on that day, them making love underneath the pale blue sky with no one around and feeling euphoric, uninhibited and free, she thought that maybe another picnic was long overdue.

“Outdoor sex and having sex in public are two different things.”

“I know silly. Just making my point clear. No people around. Period. I'm not having another 'breakfast at Jameson Inn' incident, please.”

“Aww, come on. No one saw.” Sam ran a finger along her smooth arm sending sweet chills through her.

“But what if we were caught? You know how fast news travel in this town. Yes, it was nail-bitingly thrilling and exciting, but, I don't think I could do something like that again.”



“Not ever?”

“Not ever wanting-to-go-to-jail ever, no..”

“OK.” We'll see.

Switching topics, Sam asked her how she knew so much about shape shifters.

“For years I heard rumors about the existence of supernaturals until I met Abe.”

Abe, the man she met while volunteering at a nursing home four years ago told her her all there was to know about shifters, well, almost.

She began her story about Abe. Of how he was once an upstanding doctor, happily married to his high school sweet heart for fifteen glorious years. Martha, his psychologist wife, and he a surgeon, had both delayed starting a family to build their careers. Their sizable incomes was reflected in their lifestyle. Expensive cars, sprawling mansion, vacation homes, the works. Until one day his wife said she wanted them to have a baby. So, he told her that he was a shifter and should they have a baby, warned of the likelihood of it becoming one like him. She took the news badly. In a frightful rage, she packed her things and left him not even looking back once.

Divorced, alone and depressed, he turned to the bottle, made mistakes on the operating table and got slapped with medical lawsuits. Losing his practice and license wasn't nearly as devastating as losing his Martha. Well, so he thought until one horrible night it all came crashing in. Driving drunk, he lost control and ended up thrown from his car when it smashed head on into a tree. A broken back and damaged retinas later landed him in the very hospital he once practiced out of. The hospital was gracious enough to waive his bills but no matter what they did, they couldn't give him his mobility nor his sight back. A blind paraplegic for the rest of his life, he checked himself into Vaughn Nursing Home where Tara volunteered reading to the residents.

“Sam, I cried after he told me his story. To have everything one day and then lose it all in a flash. All because he told the truth.”

“What happened after that?”

“A few years later, he moved out of the home. He learned to read braille and went back into the medical profession as a lead researcher at Murphy University in Ohio. He re-married and now has two kids.”

“Kids! Wow! But does his present wife know?”

“Beverly, yes. He told her everything on their second date. Turned out that her best friend is a werewolf so she was cool with it.”

Then there was a long pause. Sam remained silent with a distant look on his face until Tara finally broke the silence.

“Baby...why the long face? I'm sorry if the story made you sad, but, at least it had a happy ending.”

“It was quite a story. I'm glad you shared it with me and that everything worked out in the end for Abe. Just that... Are you mad at me for not telling you from the beginning?”

“Sam, I'm not mad at you. I perfectly understand what you were going through. I was tempted to ask you myself but I wanted you to come out and say it on your own."

“Thank you...for being patient, understanding, for loving me.”

“Oh Sam, I should be the one thanking you, for all you've done. For making me the happiest woman alive.”


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