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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to all. Charlaine and Alan...all the way.  

The new season isn't far away and yet I just can't stay away from these characters. They haunt me in my sleep...Anyway, here's my attempt at a sorta romance type ditty with Tara and Eric...they're both broken in a way and her going to him is only a dead end...literally. Let's see how this works out?

Author's Chapter Notes:
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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Tara huffed as she stared outside of the window in Gran's living room. The milky curtains swaying gently in the summer nights breeze. She had just taken a nice cool bath and was waiting for Sookie to come home. She'd gotten out the ice cream and some of their favorite movies to watch just for the hell of it. It was becoming rare that they ever got to see each other and even though they worked together, between the patrons and the supernatural things going on in their lives they were practically ghosts to each other.

The phone rang twice pulling her back from her reverie. She sprang up reaching for it, a familiar voice laced with guilt came through the receiver.

"Hey Tara, it's Sook." the voice sighed

"Sook, is everything all right?" she questioned getting herself all worked up now. "Did you're car konk out on ya? Want me to call Lafayette?"

"Tara, calm down." Sookie giggled on the other end. "I'm fine...I just. I just. Well, I just wanted to tell you not to wait up for me tonight. Bill and I are going out. So, you can have some alone time."

A little disappointed now, she tried to hide it from her voice. Sook deserves some happiness. Sook deserves this. She thought to keep herself from just hanging up.

"Fine. Where y'all gon be at, so I can know who to stake if you don't come home?"

"Tara, you know Bill's not like that." she admonished trying to make Tara really see that he was different.

"mmhmm. As far as I'm concerned they're all the same, he's just got manners."

"Alright. You'll be the first person I call if something goes down, okay?"

"Okay. Have fun safe. Say a prayer or somethin', will ya?" she sighed heavily rolling her eyes in the same breath.

"Yes ma'am, bye girl."


'I hate this supernatural shit.' Tara fumed staring at the phone with enough anger and disappointment to melt it.

She got up walked to the coffee table in front of the television and snatched up the ice cream and the DVD s she borrowed from Lafayette. As she reached the kitchen, she suddenly didn't feel like watching the DVD s anymore and the ice cream had lost its appeal the moment Sookie called. She decided to go sit on the porch and just gaze. She hadn't done that in a while. Yes, maybe a little time in the night air would give her some peace of mind. Alone again...

She put on a pair of flip flops near the front door and stepped over the threshold, stopping short when a rush of cool air washed over her. It was almost perfect but almost doesn't count. It never did. Just as she sat on the steps leading up to the porch a sudden wind shook the trees causing her to look around her heart beating a little quicker as she scanned the property.

A tree to her left caught her attention.

'Who's there!" she said in her sternest voice. "Don't play wit me. If you're here for Sookie... she ain't here so just leave." She finished staring wildly as things calmed down. A couple bats flew from the tree and she exhaled, feeling quite stupid now for having yelling at some bats.

She looked down putting a hand over her mouth and laughed. When she looked up again at tall blond vampire met her gaze. He was wearing a black tank and some loose fitting slacks with some Sperry s.

'Shit!' she jumped back up a couple of stairs, putting a hand to her now heaving chest. 'Dammit, didn't you get the memo? Sookie ain't here." she said standing and backtracking towards the door. Realizing who this vampire was and all he'd done to Sookie's life, a grimace marred her features.

A small crooked smile crept over his face as he stared down at her.

"Yes, I see she isn't here."

"Then why are you still here?" swiping some loose braids behind her ears. "Ya can't come in, so take ya dead ass on home."

"Someone's in a sour mood." he said now making quick work of the few stairs leading to the door. "Perhaps, I could be of some assistance...Help you alleviate some of that tension."

"I don't need none of your help. You're not fooling anyone looking at me like that." Growing bolder , she took a step forward and began craning her neck at him and her trembling hands curled into fists that slammed into her arms which she put across her chest. Images of a tortured and terrified Lafayette ran through her mind.

You know what? Don't even look at me. I know the shit y'all like to pull, glamoring people and shit like that. Then, you drain em' and leave em' for dead. In fact, Sookie's out with your friend Bill, right now. I bet he's just itchin to drain her, she should've listened to me when I told her to stay away from y'all.

Something in Eric's demeanor changed as sped closing the distance between them instantly. A piece of his highlighted hair fell right in his eye, fangs fully bared his cold breath fanned right on her neck as she looked away from him defiantly.

"You've made two mistakes tonight. One, comparing me to that pathetic excuse for a vampire, Bill Compton, and two, implying that he and I are acquaintances." visibly cringing at the image of Bill with his unskilled hands over Sookie he added, "He's something to be exterminated."

" Well, now we've got something in common but you're all the same to me, even better when you're dead."

" Our mutual distaste in Compton has me seeing you in a different light." staring at her with an almost understanding look.

He was having way too much fun with this particular human. He sensed the melancholy and strength that was in her. So sad and bitter but he bet if he drank just a little of it, it would be sweet because under all the sadness was something luscious . He realized he shouldn't have skipped dinner cause Tara was looking more and more like a quick meal at this moment. He caught himself staring, retracted his fangs and stepped back allowing her to get free. She looked into his icy blue-gray eyes as she fumbled behind her back for the door handle, once free she sidled inside and shut the door fast. He watched her, her pulse moving seductively in her neck the pace quickening then slowing as she fought for words to say. Oh, the tangy sweetness that could be his if only...Breaking his train of thought she spoke up.

"Eric, you should just come back when she's here. Any business you got with her is something I want none of, so be off."

Walking up close to the door his face nearly pressing against the screen. Hands in pockets and another crooked smile splashed across his face.

"I now think I have business with you, Tara Thorton."

"The hell you do Eric!" she said locking the door and moving back to close the main door. "Just cause we both hate Bill, doesn't mean that I still don't hate you for what you did to my cousin and all that you're still doing to Sookie."

"Aw, don't be that way. I think we could get along famously. Your 'I don't give a fuck' attitude will be the glue that holds us together." he said trying his best to put on a friendly face.

Feeling much braver behind the security of the doors she looked him square in the eye. "mmhmm, just leave. And when I re-open the door your ass better be gone. As in not on this property. I got a gun and silver bullets. I will shoot a mutha fucka in the ass. If you don't want it to be yours, you'll leave.

"As you wish but I'll be back, we've got unfinished business. " He turned around and headed towards the stairs when he reached the last one he was fully immersed in the moonlight, which added a sultry look to his features. He turned back a last time nodded and was gone.

"Ugh!" She exclaimed as she slid down behind the door hearing the wind swoosh in a way that signaled her that he was finally gone. She got up slowly feeling a little giddy from the series of events. Well, she had wanted company...not his company...but it was still company nonetheless. He was right though, they both hated Bill and that was a plus. To Tara, anyone who hated Bill, was a friend of hers but why did the only other person who could do something about it have to be a vampire. A tall, good-looking, smug, asshole of a vampire. Her head drooped in contemplation. It wasn't that serious Tara. Get a grip. He was just trying to get you to let him in. You did good. What does he mean he has business with me? I'm not going outside at night anymore. Fuck, I gotta get some silver, that'll fix his ass.

She wanted to call someone now and tell them about her encounter with Eric. Someone who had dealt with him before. She didn't really need to know more about Eric, just more about how his mind games worked cause, he was definitely trying to pull some Jedi-mind trickery shit with her tonight. The only person she could turn to was Lafayette. She went to her bag on the sofa and pulled out her little cell phone. Flipping it open she scrolled through the few contacts until she found her cousin's number. Chewing her bottom lip in hesitation she furrowed her brow and with a shaky resolve pressed the send key on the pad.

"Speak." He said on the other end. With some low-key music in the background, his zebra robe loosely tied around his waist and his pink fuzzy slipper clad feet up on the table.

"Hey Lafayette!"

"Yes Tara what's up, girl?" He said opening a soda on the end table near the sofa.

"Um..nothing, I'm fine I swear."

"Stop playing and spit it out, hookah. You don't sound fine." Getting a familiar feeling from the sound of Tara's voice he sat up and took a sip of coke.

"You know that vampire the one that kidnapped you-" a long silence followed.Great way to word that, eh Tara. she winced at the tone of her last remark. Then he breathed deeply.

"Trick, you better not be talkin about Eric Northman. He is one bad mothafucker and yo' ass need to stay the fuck away from him, okay?"

"He came over here looking for Sookie. I didn't invite him in or anything. So, don't stress."

"So, then what are you callin me for if nothing happened, hmm? Don't let him fool you, he is a manipulator and once he has something in his sight he doesn't it them leave..."

"How do you know all this?"

"What didn't you get about a basement...watching people getting eaten up...and praying you weren't next didn't you comprehend." She was now biting her nails too afraid to say anything else for fear of bringing back those horrid memories that he held. "Look, I'm supposed to have your back, and you got mine. I can't watch your ass if you keep putting it in danger."

Feeling a little better now he took another sip of coke and let his body sink back into the plush material of the couch. So trust me on this and when he comes around looking for Sookie, just play like you don't know nothin and he'll leave."

"Okay, that's all I needed to hear." she sighed peeking out of the now closed window.

"Why? Did he say something to you?"

"No, I just told him how I much I hate vampires, especially Bill."


"And he agreed. Then he started talking about business."

"Bitch, stop right there...that's a red flag...that's the little person screaming DANGER DANGER. Now you definitely need to stay the fuck away from him. I mean it."

A loud rapping came from Lafayette's door. He shouted away from the receiver, "I'm coming, hold on." He placed his mouth back to the receiver and lowered his voice, "I don't have anything else to say. And someone's knocking on the door. I got a customer...I'll call you back...Just do what I told you."

"Yeah, Lafayette. I promise."

Lafayette's PLACE

"I'm comin'. I'm comin'. Damn." he yelled

The incessant knocking continued. When he finally opened the door his face went flush. His heart dropped into his stomach and he felt instantly nauseous.

"Is that anyway to treat a guest?" The voice asked dryly

"Um..I invi...come on in." He said looking through the door and through the guest to see what he might have done today to warrant a visit from Satan, himself.

"That's better. You've nothing to worry about. I'm not here to collect any money. I need some information."

The tall guest ducked through the doorway and looked around. The décor of this home just oozed cheap to him. A thousand years and he'd never seen so much faux fur and smelled so much incense and weed. He decided to stand because what he wanted really shouldn't take all that long to get.

"Um, have a seat." He pointed to the couch where he'd been sitting only minutes earlier.

"I think I'll stand." The guest retorted.

"Fine, so what can I do for you, Eric, sir.." he looked around wide-eyed and trapped.

"Tell me everything you know about your cousin, Tara Thorton."

"Wait....whatever she did, she won't do it no mo'. Imma call her right now and set her straight and then-" Eric cut in.

"That wasn't a request. I've got a business proposition for your cousin and I need to know more about her before I make another move. So sit, get comfortable and start talking."

A terrified and still queasy Lafayette sat down on the couch and put his face in his hands. Looking up he sighed in defeat.

"What do wanna you know, bossman?"


Chapter End Notes:

....Eric's hot.

Thanx for reading.

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