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Sara Richards lives in Ōsaka, Japan. She becomes embroiled in the drama and comedy of clashing cultures, traditional philosophies and modern ideas as she is reunited with the past. She struggles to navigate the tempestuous waters where East meets West and a love lost but not forgotten that may never be regained, while keeping her eye on the one point in the sky that can lead her the peace of dry land. Her Bright Ōsaka Star.


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Published: April 05 2011 Updated: June 27 2012
Story Notes:

My submission for the Baby-Fic challenge. Even though its not really about the baby.

1. Actors & Actresses by puertaobierta [Reviews - 31] starstarstarstarstar (6 words)

OMG! This was even harder than writing the story!

Anyway, here they are!

Junebug66 is a Goddess among mortals

(Thanks so VERY much for all your help)

2. Ichi (1) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 48] starstarstarstarstar (2390 words)

Yukata - Informal Japanese garb (much like a simplified kimono).

Senpai - Honorific suffix for someone higher than you. 

Bunraku - Tradicional Japanese puppet show (very intricate/complicated and beautiful).

San - Honorific suffix (general).

Dogi - Aikido uniform.

Aikido & Jujitsu - Two different forms of Japanese martial arts.

Manju - Traditional Japanese sweet cake filled with sweet bean paste.

Udon-chiri - Chicken, seafood, vegetables, and udon noodles cooked in a boiling stock.

Sofu - Grandfather

Sobo - Grandmother 

Please forgive any errors in translation or identification. 



3. Ni (2) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 26] starstarstarstarstar (4665 words)

Here we go folks. Thank you for all the votes of confidence and support. I was quite overwhelmed with the response.

I've been working on this a while and I have to admit that I'm not gaga over it. I'm not sure if its because I'm caught up in my other very intense story and this one is lighter or if I'm doing a bad job at writing.

Anyway, I wil rely on you.


Umeda - administrative/commercial center of Osaka.

Shinsaibashi - Luxury shopping district

Go - a traditional Japanese strategy game (loosely similar to checkers, the board is larger, the pieces smaller and nothing gets stollen or Kinged). Its a lot of fun.

Kanji - traditional Chinese characters used in modern Japanese

Hakama - formal Japanese male garb

Kimono - formal Japanese garb worn by both males and females

Washitsu - traditional Japanese room with tatami mat floor

Tatami - floor mats made of straw

Obi - wide sash

Genkan - entrance area where shoes are deposited

Zori - tradition shoe, usually formal, worn with kimono (much like a flip-flop)

Please excuse errors, I know they're out there.

4. San (3) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 25] starstarstarstarstar (4179 words)

So many reviews! I am so glad you are enjoying this story. I think I've gotten used to it now. Anyway, I VERY much appreciate your encouragement.

*sets wood box in the floor and steps up on it*

Ehem...I feel it incumbent upon me to say a few words here. First, I am not an expert in Japanese linguistics, etiquette or culture. Second, this is a work of fiction, which means I use my artistic license a bit. Thirdly, I welcome any and all corrections or suggestions as to things I may have penned wrong, however, I reserve the right to change them. I'm just throwing this out there, make of it what you wish.

Please excuse all errors in translation/explanation/usage

Ubune - small Japanese flat bottom fishing boat

Bentō - home-packed meal consisting of rice, fish or meat and pickled or cooked vegetables, placed in a box shaped container in order of consumption.

Domburi - portion of white rice covered in either meat, chicken and egg or tempura

Shitajiki - soft black mat used for Japanese calligraphy 

please excuse my writing errors too. 

5. Yon (4) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 12] starstarstarstarstar (4332 words)

At last! Sorry it took so long ladies, but I thank you for your patience and reminders. I love your enthusiasm. It is very motivational.

If you didn't notice, I added cast photos. I have two added below as well. I also changed the story Summery. So.....

Please excuse errors in translation/explanation/usage

Ramen-ya - a ramen restaurant(ish)

Dōtonbori - famous tourist district in Ōsaka

Asahi - a brand of Japanese beer

Shari - cooked vinegared rice

Itadakimasu - "Let's eat" or something to that effect

Batata vada - potato and other vegetables dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried

Naan - flat bread brushed with ghee or butter, cooked in a clay oven (similar to peta, but better due to the buttery melt in your mouth goodness)


please excuse writing errors too :(

6. Go (5) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 28] starstarstarstarstar (3798 words)

A promis is a promise. I said it would be soon so here it is.

I don't think I need to explain/translate anything.

Thank you for your wonderful/hilarious/serious reviews! :)


7. Roku (6) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarhalf-star (3908 words)

Hello ladies! Thank you for your reviews, as always.

If you make it to the end, I have a little surprise for you in End Notes

There are no new terms this go round.

Please excuse errors though.

8. Sichi (7) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarhalf-star (3916 words)

Wow! I think I rewrote this one five times and then deliberated over it for a few days. At any rate, here it is. I hope it is satisfactory.

A few terms:

Note: The Aquarium in Ōsaka is the second largest in the world (I believe still) and focuses on species from the Ring of Fire (Pacific Ocean).

Tempura - Vegetables and/or meat battered and fried

Tempozan Ferris wheel - was the larges ferris wheel in the world for two years (90s)

'Gold coins to cats' - Japanese idiomatic phrase meaning: give gifts to those who don't appreciate them (or something similar).

Please excuse errors in any respect.

9. Hachi (8) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 22] starstarstarstarhalf-star (3955 words)

Since there was such a dry spell before.....

Thank you for your reviews and I am sorry I have failed to answer, but will do so shortly. There were so many lovely reviews and again, I thank you.

Some terms and what-not:

Nihonshu - what the call sake in Japan (rice wine)

Yubune - a Japanese tub characteristic of its form, deeper than weastern tubs with steep walls. They can range in size but are usually rectangle or oblong in shape. Tradicionally made of wood, more are made of acrylic these days. The water is kept in the tub heated to a certain degree. Usually the whole family will use the same water - as cleaning the body is done separately - and it is recycled the next day.

Tokkuri - what the vaselike bottle is call which sake is served in.

Choko - the cuplike vessels the sake is poured into.

Yuvā guru - young master in Hindi

10. Kyu (9) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 16] starstarstarstarstar (3651 words)

This chapter took on a mind of its own as I was writing. It is not as I planned, but it is what came out.

Terms and what-not:

Hankyu International Hotel - Luxury hotel in Osaka

Shinshoku - Shinto priest

Genki de ni! - Good Luck(for the future)!

Please excuse errors :)

11. Jyuu (10) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (3265 words)

Hello all! Please forgive my absence. I apologize greatly for not updating more frequetnly, however, have been in the middle of a bit of family crisis. I can only beg your forgiveness and post an update.

I hope to be better about updating this story because I love it and because of the overwhelming emails I've recieved from you the readers. I am gratified that you have enjoyed it so and so to please you all as well, I will try to get myself together enough to be more regular.

Thank you for your patience and kindness.


12. Jyuu ichi (11) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (4244 words)

Thank you for your forgiveness and positive reviews. You guys are great! :)


Yakisoba - A noodle dish

Tennoji Park - Large park with temple and zoo in Osaka

Yubune - wooden tub for soaking in water after bath

Ryokan - Tradicional Japanese Inn

Onsen - Hot tubs or springs where the Japanese go to relax

Nabe - A hot pot meal usually like a soup consisiting of various foods

Shabu-Shabu - Nabe in which the meat and vegetables are dipped in the boiling soup then in a vinigar or sesimee sauce like fondue

Please excuse errors :)

13. Jyuu ni (12) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 21] starstarstarstarstar (4653 words)

So, got a lot happening this chapter. I'm all over the place. Thanks for the reviews too, I will be starting on those soon, replies that is.

I don't think there is anything new here that needs to be explained.

Thanks for reading my story and please excuse my errors.

14. Jyuu san (13) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 11] starstarstarstarstar (3920 words)

Please put down the bricks and rotton tomatos. Sorry it has taken me so long to get this up. I thank you all for your reviews. I will try and answer those soon. Also, I don't think there are any new Japanese terms that are not explained in the reading.

I'm sure this is riddled with errors in my haste to get it out to you ladies so please overlook them.


15. Jyuu yon (14) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (3820 words)

Hello! I know, these long dry spells. Well, thank you for sticking with me. 

Kawaii - cute or hot

Please escuse the errors. Tried to catch as many as I could.

16. Jyuu go (15) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (3878 words)

Okay, so here look! A quick update. I know, so sorry. Thank the rain. Its been doing it so long the roads are washed out and impassable. So I finally had more time to sit and write. 

Thank you for your reviews too!

Things to mention:

Daisho - a set of samurai swords consisting of a long bladed sword and a shorter bladed sword.

Katana - the long bladed samurai sword

Wakizashi - the short bladed samurai sword

Aregato gozaimasu - thank you very much

Okashi - funny, rediculous

The root questions of children - a Japanese proverb that means children always ask questions that get to the root of the matter (Kodomo no nedoi)

Think that's it.

Please excuse errors.

17. Jyuu roku (16) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarhalf-star (3688 words)

I noticed that this story is being spotlighted this month. I am very thankful for the request. Whomever you may be, thank you very much!

There are no terms that need to be explained. I probably should read through it again, but I wanted to get it up so please excuse my errors.


18. Jyuu sichi (17) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (3408 words)

Thanks ladies for the reviews! I will be getting to those.

So now everything is starting to hit the fan...

Excuse errors please.

19. Jyuu hachi (18) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (3279 words)

I have to say, I love all your reviews, but I liked this one the best this time: I think it was Jovan who wrote, "Sara acted like a lady, but thought like a man." Many of your reviews are very insightful. I know the general feeling about Kamir - but I can't help it. I like him! EEK! (><) Thank you for the continued encouragement and for sticking with me!

So we continue.

Fairy Tail is a Japanese Manga about a club made up of members with special powers. It is silly and fun and entertaining. There are currently 23 volumes dating back to 2006 I think. If you'd like to take a peek click Fairy Tail Manga. (the link leads to translated versions)

Tried to catch the errors, but I'm sure there are many still present. Please excuse.

20. Jyuu kyu (19) by puertaobierta [Reviews - 20] starstarstarstarstar (3985 words)

So I've been sitting on this chapter for a while. I re-wrote it a couple of times. I stared at it, re-read it, huffed over it and finally finished it. 

Well, anyway, here it is. Sorry I've been so stingy with it. So I'm guessing things will get interesting from here on with our little couple. Depends on the muse. He's a squirrelly little sucker.

No new terms.

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