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Not many customers came to his cash register, but when they did they'd give him awkward stares,and disgusted looks. Or sometimes they were the kids from school who stopped to swing by and call him Grandpa, old man or saggy face.

Everything about him was normal, except for the fact he was skinny. But so were a lot of kids. Maybe not as skinny as him, but some were pretty damn close. The only thing 'wrong' in his opinion was his face. The way it was you could tell he wasn't really an old man, but some how he just looked liked one. He didn't hunch,he didn't wear "old man" clothes, he didn't do anything an old man would do, and yet he was classified as one.

Tom groaned as he saw Joe Johnson, his frequent bully, walked to his register.

"Hey, gramps!" He dropped his items down on the counter, before grabbing a candy bar. "So what's it feel like being old and dying? Can you tell me? I wanna be prepared for the future." Joe sent him a charming smile and ran his fingers through his hair.

Tom ignored him and continued scanning his items. He stopped, however at a small box of condoms.

Joe came in and bought them at least once week. Surely he didn't blow through a box of condoms that fast. Especially when they had 30 in each box.

Tom thought, well maybe it was possible. But that was just a lot of sex.

Tom blushed.

"Hey Williams! Stop day dreaming you're not getting any younger."

"S-sorry...I." Tom just closed his mouth before he said any thing really embarrassing. "Um...that'll be 14.78 like always." Which was true because Joe always got the same thing every time he came there.

"Credit card like always." Joe smiled handing him his card. "So...I heard your kind die of kidney failure. How's that working out for you?"

Ignore him Tom. Ignore him. Tom chanted quietly in his head.

"Oh and my favorite! Blindness. Are you getting there yet? Diabetes maybe? You do have that right?"

Tom handed him back his credit card before giving him his bags.

"Thanks you for shopping at smart's. Have a nice day." He said urging Joe to leave.

"Whoa not so fast, hermit. I asked you a damn question. I asked you about six questions! And I kind of expect an answer from you."

"Joe, I really don't want to do this right now. Please just stop." Tom said forcefully, almost on the brink of tears. He was usually strong against Joe and his questions and teasing, but today he couldn't handle it. He was tired of it.

"So when's a good time? I mean your funeral is right around the corner Gramps. I'd think you'd want to discuss this matter now." Joe smirked.

Tom closed his eyes tightly, trying to focus on anything else.

"I'm sure me and Lung can knock some since into you later, huh?" He smacked the top of Tom's head. "Huh would you like that?"

Joe grabbed Tom's hair, pulling him forward. "Listen, since you're dying already, why don't you just off yourself right now, and do us all a favor."

No one helped him. Especially not his fellow employees, god forbid they help. Customers spoke no word of it, they just gave the two a glance and kept walking. If he was a normal kid and not an "old man" surely they'd be to his rescue, but he wasn't normal. At least he never felt that way.

"Tommy boy you in there? Are you listening?"

From the corne of his eye he saw the black woman that that came in every once and a while. She was heading to his lane! His register!

"Tom." Joe pulled his head to the side, causing Tom to yelp. "I don't think I've made myself clear."

"I think you made yourself clear enough Joseph." She spoke and her voice was silky smooth. It caused both boys to stop. "Still a bully I see." She arranged her items carefully down on the counter. "Tell me. Have you been held back a fourth time?"

"Who. What...Sam?" Joe let go of Tom, who sighed in relief. "I haven't seen you in forever! How've you been Babe."

He moved for a hug but she pushed him away.

"I do believe you lost all rights to calling me babe."

"Since when?"

Tom began scanning her items, trying not to seem nosy, but in reality he was listening to every single word.

"Since you got held back the third time."

"That's why you stop calling me and shit?"

"Yeah that's exactly why! If you were gonna take our relationship seriously you'd want to do better for me. Instead of partying, and cheating and having sex!"

Tom stood there awkwardly, not really knowing what to do.

"You said you didn't care what I did as long as I was back in your bed by the night."

"Exactly, but 'whatever you want' doesn't mean fuck other girls Joe!"

Tom blushed lightly. "Um excuse-"

"But I made you feel good by the end of the night, right?" He smirked at her.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing! His beautiful dream girl was involved with Joe the jerk face.

Sam smiled back, which made Tom's heart break a little, totally killing his mood even more.

Tom was upset now and he just wanted to go home. "Ma'am. Are you paying or not?" he asked irritated.

"What crawled up your crusty ass and died Grandpa?" Joe smiled. "Hey babe." he whispered to Sam, but Tom could still hear it "Call me tonight. Alright. I miss having my chocolate princess in my bed."

"Don't count on it."

"How long you staying in town?"

"The rest of summer."

"Same house yeah?"


Joe smiled before giving Tom hard slap upside his head and walking away.


She finally looked up at him. He cringed waiting for the look of disgust to cross her face.

But it never came...

She looked at him as if he were normal.

"Here ya go." She handed him a ten dollar bill. "Sorry for the wait. I must of held up your customer flow..." she laughed

"You and Joe are the only ones that will come through..." he mumbled to himself.

"Sorry, What'd you say?"

"Your change is 2.32"

"Oh thank you."

He gave Sam her bag and sighed. She turned to leave, but stopped mid-step, and turned around.

Sam began digging through her purse, finally pulling out a pen.

"Gimme your hand."

Before he could do anything she took his hand hostage and began writing her number on his hand.

"If Joe bothers you again call me, okay? I'll beat some sense into him."

Her smile made his heart flutter and he felt like dancing. Tom wanted to scream for joy.

He watched her leave.

It was defiantly a confidence boost when a beautiful girl gave you her number.

"Joe stop." Sam giggled. They both laid in the bed naked, but closely pressed together.

"I just wanna kiss your lips the ones between your hips." He sang to her softly.


"I'm ready for you." Joe made faces when he made faces as he sang this time.

She climbed on top of him kissed him.

"I've missed this a lot." He admitted. "No other girl has made me happier than you."

"Do you use a condom with other girls?"

"Of course babe."

"So I'm the only one you don't use one with?"

"Yes Sam." He reached his arms around grabbing her butt, giving it a squeeze. "So when's mommy dearest gonna be home?"

"She's on a cruise or something." She whispered.

Sam scooted down further on Joe's body rubbing herself against his erection.

"Mmmm...will you uh...wait...babe."

She ignored and instead she went slightly faster.

Joe put his hands in her hips stopping her.

"What about us? I mean what exactly are we?"

"You want to discuss this now?"

" don't know...look I just-"

"I love you Joseph Joe Johnson." she leaned down and kissed him.

"Of course you do...I love you too..



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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.